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Volume'XXX VIIL Number's 46-47
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Cferistaas I lifjj j
Seals OxjwwwO
LY .-
Rev. John P. Yorboro, Father of Lo
cal Woman, la Stricken With
Heart Trouble.
Asheville Times. -
Written by the late Mrs. J.
Winldck (Wash.,) New.
The Rev. John P. Yarboro, aged 74,
father of Mrs. Ray Sweeney of Win
lock, was stricken suddenly with heart
trouble at his home at Napavine last
Fi iday evening. ' : The aged pastor
died while preparing a sermon which
he was to have preached Sunday.' He
had been a resident of Lewis county
since 1904 'and at one time was pas
tor of the local Baptist church. Since
leaving here he had always been a
frequent visitor. Mr. and Mrs. Ya' '
Mboro celebrated their golden wedding!
': anniversary two years ago. -In ad-
dition,to the widow six children sur-'
vive, Marion Yarboro of Olympia,! vy n'o iie ui vv. utility w-. rj ry i , .
of Galveston, and cpntribd by her JS? 22. T' J.
dauber, Mrs. A. M. Beville ,f R Jy - ;
wayncsviiie. ' . Carl Miller of Waynesville, N. C, and
The writer is very muchr indebted Mra B M. E,.-w of Sylva N c 0re
10 lurg. Annie raeiniosn nevnie or
son died in youth.
John Pinkney Yarboro was born at'
Waiinnainila XT f VT.mVAh E IOCS I
settia which she has preserved for "-.." , ,xoUo
i. i He was married to Margaret Kilbv en'
contribution to this Department for
the beautiful Legend of the Poin-
.... ... .... umiiicu vu
manir uoqrt ir homer a liroyopv mi
duction of her moth. the late Mrs. f ber 15' 18741 -Y?l d
r,...u been a member of the Baptist church!
num m. winy 01 uaivesion. ir. . , . . - i
from the time he was 16 years old!
and -he had been in the ministry for!
i r w. U . . A( IT' I i 1
self a Georgian by birth, is greatly in , ' ,ca"", ",s. '"V .reu-j
, ..... i:. '. Tu:.v Isl Pastorate, wss held in Arizona,
Beville, who has been a resident of
North Carolina for many years, her-
love with things literary which per
tain to the life of our own Southland.
She inherited the taste for the beau
tiful in the world of language. She
has given to this work several poems
of considerable merit among her
best being:
"The Violet," "Twilight Time,"
"When Autumn Struts Her Stuff."
For those who have been interest-
in the various
where he went' On account of the ill
health of his wife. In later years he,
withdrew from' active work. He wasj
supply pastor at Gate, Wash., at the!
time of his death. ' j
The funeral w3 held Sunday after-;
noon from the local Baptist church,!
with Rev. A. J. Pierce, local pastor.i
and Rev. J. T. Cowlyof Nnpavine as-'
sietmg, and with the Rev. Mr. God-1
, i j . . i. ' win of Chehalis preaching the funeral
poems and legends which have been , "
deemed suitable material ' for this
Department, 1 wish to express my
sermon, funeral arrangements were'
in charge of Cattermoles of this city,'
ItV CAIIICOO 111V .,l 1 i i .
r . , lit I It Kllfl l I Im tUh A.
appreciation to Mrs. Beville for these "c
contributions and for the . preserva- Among those vj8iting Ashevil!e ,
tion ; of the beautiful Legend of the j..s( Tj,udliy weie; Me3,imts .W. L.'
Poinsettia, which wal dtScoVefed' W Haidin.-S. T. Neal, C. M.Dicus J. R.'
828 by J. Robert Poinset, himself a xhomas, J. P. Dicus, K. L. Withers'
native of the Carohnas. . Thackston, R. H.,Blackwell, T. L.'
V "Legend of the Poinsettia' ;. Gwyri., J. L Wav Jr., Bess 'fenny;'
The plant in appearance is a mass Misses" Jean West, Jane lov Mitch.:
of long, slender stems surounded by ell and Diana Black
large,, blood red blooms. ,
i ' ' - V v 1 i " i. . -'? .: ;5
BUY Joji K
Christmas JS
JJlra. E. I McKee, of . Sylvay, President of the North Carolina FedV.Ation of Women's Club
: Buying the First. Christmas f Seals in -.the 1926 Campaign flrom Her Little Niece
,. . j ", ... . .juikv uiiis weaver,
The annual sale of Christmas Sea
The Christmas season, that period
of the year when joy and happiness
should reign supreme and gladness
never be dimmed by accident or ad
versity, is now knocking at our doors
and will be here almost before we are
ready for it.
j At this time, before we enter into
j the preparation for the holidays and
I before the time We will be permitted
to participate in the various Christ
I mastidc events it may be well for us
I to stop and think quietly just a min
ute or two over some simple rules
for safety.
That Christmas Tree: Do not dec
orate it with filmsey material hung
too near candles or lights. Don't
, decorate your tree with paper, cot-
ton or any inflammable material.
Use tinsel or other non-inflaminable
! material for decorations and be sure
t to set the tree securely so that the
children and even the "grown-ups"
I in reaching for things cannot tip it'
j over.
Do not use cotton to represent
snow. If you must have snow use
powdered mica or asbestos fibre.
! Do not use candles, where elec
tricity can be substituted. Kven with
the use of electric batteries they ..
would be far safer thnn the use of
candles. If candles are UJed let
only the utmost caution prevail. Do
The singular'- narfc 'ahmif .thmut. an. . " beautiful flowers. ; The little heart enlisted always the Interest and
parently gorgeous . flowers is that thrilled with love and holy desire and hearty co-operation of North Carolina
they art not flowers at all, but only 8ne Jnged for just one fine flower V."" ' approacning t.
the C Hi row of leavesthat, without fnat sne 8180 m,g"t , give something
'f'rByme 'Bf - reason" ' have suddenly to the Messed infaftt.' But he was too
taken to themselyes a glory; that P001 ' Not( on penny did she own
fcomes why and how jio man -can say -t0 buv 8 "bloom, and wild things that
The' legend runneth thus: she could iflvck were not fit to give
Manv ' Inno vpnra jitrh hafrwa' thu Him! . ,
poinsettia received the name by Evening Had Come
"-which we know it as their Christmas At last evening had come and the
flowr. and attaining its perfection chiId tlH weP because the beauti-
; I .neaT great feast of the nativity fuI thing she craved could never be
it . is ' wwdLjm quantities to decorate nels-
-v the churches and chapels. Not al- Suddenly her 'grief was stayed, lor
- .Ways, did the plant bear on its reed- an angel stood beside her and asked LETTERS TO SANTA CLAUS
-! likescanes heads of brilliant bloom, why she was sc unhappy when peace - ' ! 7"
for once it was a common weed, hav- and joy and good will to. man should Clyde, N. C. Dec. 1". V. ?.X ! The year nineteen
inir as- "4 flower onlv little bunch fill the lnjiUP'wC1tet d'rtiSming or Dear Santa Claus: twenty-six is drawing to a close and
of yellow c:d3 that these dai' 1rixUtimiltS)Sil'V!M did not 1 sin a little girl nine years . old goes down in
. the .oi tna splendid "CJilfmaHHt'OMehow she felt com-and in the third grade. 'of the prosperous years in decades.
. ... rose." ;. r . . r -J- JJfteCSfd straightway toM the cause I have been a good' girl and helped We have not been visited by any se
, ' The special Christma's'-tide", 'at ofL her sorrow. The angel said, my mam so maybe you will come to jous epidemics. The agricultural
which the poinsettia- received its f1 . P'ant tnat grows Dy w? ', . 1 want a uuie aon ceo ani interests have been blessed with an
tlde season .brings again the opp(if
tunlty of taking an active part in the
splendid work which the Christmas
Keal represents. Indeed, the 1928
campaign holds a special appeal to
women, as the work this year will be
centralized on children.
- Three hundred thousand under
nourished school children in Norrh
Carolina, and each one. of them a prey
to and a carrier of every communi-
; not permit children to light or re
light the candles. They frequently
'set fire to their clothing instead.
1 Don't leave the niHt.nhn.i with rMnh
cuoie aiseasei ,'inis .astounding .fact solely on the gross am rant of your of the children. Candles are meant
5!"flWHSt0 w.?.r.Cri f mi"e-' l--;n other words, upon your own to be lighted and If children can get
dtate action What a wonderful, what .. ' . , .. .... . .,
a Messed thing it lWihrough the! atehc8 lU "P.mct with
fchHathi;!!. SpI'Sh1o w I... : '41ub v;!lne:i. this hu ifddcn onnor- them. They imitate their elders..
the walls for relleviiiK, In a large
measure, this distressing situation.
Three-fourths of the proceeds from
iu Btuea are reiuiueu ior local use.ifor the sale ol l hiistmas seals
provioing rresn mint ana Hot lunches
for these school children in order
that they may be brought up to the
proper standards of health. The
amount you have to spend on the chil
dren in your own community depends
"unity, to stive tho-e little' ones, and Better caution "Dad" and "Orolher"
in thoir name I urge you to put your to be careful with cigar and ujgar- .
best efforts into the 1926 campaign ette stubs too.
Do not allow trees to remain in
side of building after the holidays.'
1'ic iiiolit North Carolint Fed of Women's Clubs.
.'"ijlni, North Carolina,
Du'Civ.ber 2nd. 1926.
The tree ignites readily vhen leavoi
and blanches are diy. A large nam
bcr of tires occur in January from
this cause.
Do not use decorations near open
gas iels or too near lights of any
' "crown 6f glory, was fast approaching your door and 8,ve that to our Lord." trunk and a toy. stove, some candy,' abundant crop on all products of the
.asd the faithful in all the land were - un S8ia child, her tace again r.urs oranges, oananas rbu a pin
Jlreparihif to pay homaee to the na fc-w.i!g sad, "I can not lay a-weed PPle.
"'"''tivirv of Christ. ' :, . among the sweet flowers at the Now Santa you mflst 'eeme in the
ure up to the standard of some of kind.
his nredecessors. he touches on most Examine the wiring which leads U
hundred and .important questions and offers some 1'ghts used for decorative purposes.
timely suggestions which we think oee 10 11 lnac ls saie. ,
history as a whole one would be well for the Congress to let. the "ome, church, school or
seriously consider trom a r.iore par- w. iw.vw;
lisair sianapoiiii aim uuilfuic uic umc ' - -t
away in minor matters which would H ANNAH EN fERT AINEl
not benefit the people as a whole :
Sherclv Francis was taken to thit. - . .
, . , , -n . i-... luiiy entertained at nor home on '
Meriwether hospital at Asheville last
week where he underwent a very se
fiy chuich had-a nook where urth-" And the vision poke, font door as ou'eMjnnsy Js too
losing Tjands.. had built" a crib and
Fear not to make your offenng, small for you to come down.
laced.thercih an image, of an Infwit' poor,thouh i' -em8.'to tis no
-Mo make, as realistic as possible the
Tf memory .'af . the birth supernal.
A" through the hours of 'this eve
' of theTjJessed day the streets. of a
-Your little girl, . .
farm and as condition as they now
exist if the people will use good rious opperation of the head
judgment and economy there is seemed for several days there was
plenty stored' "away to carry them5 wjJittle hope of his recovery, but.
through another year wthoutf'going
me beau.y of the gut, but the love
tnat prompts it that leases that . -. ''!'
jeea ficai t.' - . . x 1 W aynesville, 'NX, Dec. 13, 1Q2(I.
The angel-disappeared as the last "ear ''anl laus
somewhere else for their home sup
plies, thus enabling them to lay up
something, for a . rainy day, and in
case of emergency, it is true, some
at last report his chances were very
hopeful. 'tf
.Mr. Horace rancrs who hold;
a position in the JBovernaient riosj i-
tal at Oteen is spentug a lew uayi
at hime. '
Wishing tlie Mountaineer anj afi
. . J." . . . .... . m 1 1
1 Mexican town were filled with er was uttered, but the child - I'm a little girl eight, years oldro 's, or uuiy "
r7 i...ti:A... .v. . . . . . . :7-sb.-Hintlv -ath.rMl '.ih' ,. iroin to schoo . I want vou to brim? visited oy siorms ana noous, carry.
' fragranfflowera ft, deck the sacred ded "era.y to the chuifl, again, 8 biff doll, set of dishe,, a kitch- W much destruc ion of property and ,ts readers . merry Chnstmas and a
' edifices, children followed thidS It'ws-brantly rt now and filled M cabinet,., stove, doll bed and doll loss of , life while w. as people of happy New ear.
ders, carrying their sweeV offerings v.-hSp bJt she looked not earrfag,, . ring, storybook, candy, the thj,h -TLESDABrTd7.E tUB MET
to lay' before the crib. 'They could to the Wht nor the- left. Straight 8"K, bananas. Bring anything weM duected hand of Ian alwisc prov- TLfcSDAY BRIDGE tLl B MEr
not give too L'ch devot on to the the place, vhere the else Santa you will bring.' Don't "eh, we have not been visited by Mrs. Ma, garet Holland was charm-
t rJ,Z. - - - T ? 10 . .p AfaY.t-Savin .'tv knA ffc.f .h foimt the other little arifls and bovk serious calamities. All of which ing hostess to the Tuesday Bridge
Zil 7;Vl -he mula WW Mi ;ut eVhu; I -ll be od until yoJ get hare.- "' " .&hT.ot parents, Mr.;, Ben Ray.; Francis,
e"v . . . . ... . ' . . . . , & a Hfnfr nnui .a .w4K' And "wnirier nnrn H im rino ravprsna in nri't M m .l H. b rannis. I ho hanio " i ... ci.-n mr - . ......
of all children." cam and broutht lc the njd.t oX tiwt mass o.' oAiumic-iiflvKn ; , " . rv t-;- - - . - . - V.BI(;6 onrn'4niases iiomna Mil ur,.
. ifU andal 2CI'w topical -bloom! V . I ' - zA '4'': H,s mamfold blessings was artisticany decorated with holly Sara Thomi8f Gl,ce Hipp5( T:d)th
- -,,-,r-- , j.i , f w a vnootri a im -w.w M(,ir t --i -rwuvii r n a i hb nna crrunTwi linifi nu . wrnflrna r rnn winnnwi nnri vhxhi n w i .
tent her head and whuptfred r enn'n. - -1A , - , ; ;t kvi. Za : Aftfi - : .-V - y AIlomH3--: ,
; 4 j-rvai. wnnva vrawr:'" ' . . - v , ai c hub 'Tii;tMiiv iuu hiiumvi vi nutty tniu iniauwi ", u v av.ii w . - .
I'rh.a Ktcle'girr.fottjwlcas bid. I Christmas holiday and we as a Christmas tallies-were, presented the WAYNESVILLE COUNTRY CLUB'
Friday afternoon with three tables' of
bridge. The occasion being the cele-:
cbvntioti of her birthday. The home .
was beautiful in Its decoration of
white roses and potted plants.
At the conclusion of the game Mi-3.
Hniiy Hall was holder of high" score
and was presented art attractive card
holder and trump indicator. -. Miss
Saia Thomas was lucky in cutting
the consolation and was awarded
dain'y handkerchiefs. ."
Mrs. Hannah served he giuejti
with a delicious salad course with' it i
; i'panitmcnts. . . . , i '
Those accepting Mrs. Hannah's
hospitality - were: Mesdames J.- R.
Th. mas, M. H. Reeves, Harry Hall,
J. W. Soaver,
jood, or trieoVto' bR irr the long year -She
v just gone?,', --eos. many nght',eyeair;.K. tie prayer, then1 1
7 and flushetU happy' Tacawexe (We! tpees'to, retire. ; For; a
bui ai uie ena 61 the town, where UF"ey;.' restea on
rose from her
mi ment her wnnt yj to pleasd'JBfiitf ne' a tri- Christian nation t should : realjze the guest.- . -
pt. wheie She -VI.B J,".r,nj XL', 'Alah'ai W(lln' irat imnnrlanrp nf this -ovenf. hpn ,. A'Aer' neviral
. j - - , . v.w .ww., u ..... . . Ull..,,.. D ' I " - '
' -n . r The Waynemlle Country: Club
rt! u tie!'-1" e mjserae - hd l,ia her glft. What miracle wa oabinet, ifiFiL blocks. wfth, A. on the greatest proclamation that was. prise was won by Mrs. J. , Hayes rieW sta9v are being built. New
gioir where dwelt the versToor. one this ?; The weeds indeed.' were there, .v JT.ft-.t. t ,... . j.i.-. .1 . a it .ku . . i ' Hr; ., 5. .
,.. .. . . , - . . , , . .. .. iiiciif, sL;y.uui una uon v . lurirc& even ucn.cicti u imnwn v, ncj, mui v3 ainvj iiBiiunci- Kivvr 'ruaav-jki oin mi iaie I'OAd ci
v r little heart?, wn Wtf xtnfh . Ariniu.Jili timmrl tnmr Rmnll vol In,., Antur. . . l . . ' ' ' .... ..... ...... . ... i 1 ,
. ... " . ' - " ni v IitrlA . Ui.i A futr .
tWO soft black, evpf wprt Vimi the "slender ff-reen lnavel hA hwnmd
,. . .. , " . , , .... ' i gei. we ar ai-gwmamotner-ren
vti mat. wvuiu noi oe sTi!i- vtviu icu. mBRiiiK a. gorgeous ,,j t'W -,.t,: ' -,
' very deenwas "tBe "e-riof that bloom that'added the crownino- irlnrv ... s . . . .
m mil, iiu 11 trnnn nrTia mi
sorlne. 1
. and
. wi
caused them.' - ' ' ; - - to the beauty of the holy
Early, in 'the day-' a little-girl',v Te this day the glory is remem-
poorly dressed, timidly entered a : beredffn"d the. fine red. blossoms" are
. .church - and -while she . knelt she prized above all others for, decora- Montreal i
little. l!;i sister, and dont for "Peace on - Earth' and good will to ch.ief.t-W . . - to the club house have just been com
land s men ana. we as. a people snouia ceii- iu:s. iiouana, .assisiea oy ner sis- pietea.. . .- tw ; .'.:.'
ebrate this event in a . manner be' ter, Mrs. Penny, served a tempting A New YeHr's Eve pnrty and o'-f
fitting the solemnity, of-the occasion, salad course.'., . .;, : ',-.'. , time barn dance or square dance will
LENA JOE FERGUSON., 'when the great sacrifice was made . Those "playing were: Mesdames. be 6he br the' attractive features of '
T '! to redeefn fallen, humanity. .' ' V Hayes-'AHey; John Swift, JrV Mar--the Yule, Tide reason.' -
Miss Nancy Crockett, a" student at Congress hfil met in accordance to garet Holland, Tom Lee, Jr., . Misses, v Invitations" are beine mailed t
spending Christmas the requirements of the constitution. Elisabeth .. Smathers, . Janie .Reeves, many guests. ; .; - . - ; , ' '
watched, with eager eyes those who.tions the churches at the "holy with her parents, Rev. and Mrs. R., The .president has seoVjn his annual Jane -Love .Mitchell
-w v.cDvj vim. wiiii uie uiieruiBS vutuiK-uwb v i ' ;- Crockett.'
. message. "..'While-it does , not meas-
and Dofothy .The invitations are iiv demand as
: " .'r o. admi.tcnce win be by card only. , -

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