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.Vor, uf.n..4d,nceSHftrrw Haywood County Than All H eeU,, Stwspapcrs ComhineJ
-' i . , -ti - MiB ft a Mai
NO. 48
lobert R. Reynolds Heard
In Address At High School
By Large Crowd.
ity Decorated for Occasion
Jfarade, Football Game
Banquet Part of Fete
iVith ideal weather, and a spirit
patriotism in the air, Waynesville
I Haywood county celebrated the
rteenth Armistice yesterday,
rmal celebration started with a
ad that formed at the Gordon
tel'and marched up Main street,
s following civic organizations par
pated: Drum and Bugle Corps,
ne Guard, American Legion, East
jmsville school and then private
! decorated for the occasion. At
idemy and Hay-wood streets the
ftde was halted for a few minutes
allow the Elementary school to
a In line-
he parade continued to the high
ol auditorium where a large
rd had assembled to hear an ad-
by Robert R. Reynolds, Dem
tjc candidate or the United
eg Senate.
le invocation was given by the
R. P. Walker, pastor of the local
byterian church. Rev. Walker
tribute to the World War dead
invoked Divine blessings upon
families and the families of
living ex-soldiers,
the afternoon Waynesville and
on City played their annual foct-
ame on the local field here.
6core being 75 to 0 in favor of
e final activities of the day wa
jiquet at the Methodist church
g room sponsored by the Hay-
rpost of the Amcncin Legrn
ar holiday hours
'closed in the afternoon.
Pinkney R. Young, One of
Most Respected Citizens
of Western North Carolina.
Mr. Pinkney R. Younir. Confederate
veteran was killed last Thnrd.,.
afternoon by a Southern Railway pas
senger tram at Canton.
In the passing of Mr. Younn-. West
ern North Carolina lost a good citizen.
ne always stood for the unbuild!
of his community and was a staunch
supporter of temperance and nioralty.
aa Mr. loung lived to the 17th
of this month he would have been
88 years old. Most of his lone- life !
was spent in Haywood and Buncombe
counties. "Uncle Pinknev" as h w
generally known, was a loyal Con
federate Veteran and took great de
light in telling of his reminiscent
ot tne days of '61-'65.
In his younger davs Mr. Ynnnn-
taught school in this county for many
years, and was known as a very effi
cient teacher.
Work On New Court House
Is Going Forward Rapidly
Locals Smash Through Visi
tors Line to Score at Will;
Final, 38 to 0.
Foundations up to The First
floor Level Practicallv
Completed. Average of 35
Men Employed.
Franklin High School football team
came over Friday and met the locals
on the gridiron in a friendly battle,
losing by the one-sided score of 38 toO,
Waynesville was too much for the
To the pu'blic it may seem that
work on the new court house has
been getting along slow for the last
"" i inspect tne ouuamg more
closely will reveal that the work has
been moving along rapidly
With the detail work out of the
way the contractors intend to pour
the concrete on the remainder of the
first floor, providing the weather does
tuneral and interment took
place in Candler last Saturday, he
last rites being largely attended. Rev.
J. C. Bennett of Candler Baptist
church, officiated.
visitors and outnlaveH th
ttt ' -.. .'utiu( uwini ill c
department of the game. Waynesville practically finished up to the level of
to rranwin and the ball( lne nrsl noor.
was returned to about the thirty yard1 Last week the elevator that will be
line. Franklin made ree trials fori used in carrying materials to the top
first down and punted. Bridges re-, of the bnildi
turned the ball to the thirty-five vard necessary mnMiinerv ..ii.i
line and on the first play Reeves, starland it is all ready to start carrying
Lake to be Cleaned of Debris
And Sediment; Many Carp
to be Given Away Saturday.
No Change In Policies To Be
Made As Result of Recent
Gov. Gardner's Red
Cross Proclomation
200,000 Now Without Work
In State, Immediate Re
lief Necessary to Prevent
RALEIGII.-rGovernor c..v
"Red Cross Roll Call" r,rn,.i,t;
banks and post office observed L C"s' the corporate Good
holiday hours. Manv stores ,mantan wnlch r nfry years has
...,,,. Uj, iw wounds of war,
is preparing to muster in its army
ior peace.
quanerDacK lor Waynesville, went
over for a touchdown. The fun start
ed and continued until the final note
of the timekeeper's whistle brought
the contest to a close. Reeves made two
other touchdowns during the game
for long sensational tallies. One run
was 45 yeards and the other one for
25 yards.
Wyatt, Bridges and Haynes made
the remaining touchdowns for Way
nesville. Coach Woatherby made many
substitutions luring the game, the
second and third teams getting an op
portunity to show their wares. They
made a very good impression as to
their ability and with a little more
experience in the game and training
by W'eatherby, promise to develop in
to teams that Waynesville will indeed
be proud of in the future.
The Franklin team showed a splen
did spirit if fight and good sports
manship throughout the contest, but
were up against too strong a team.
the concrete and tile for the walls and
flooring, as well as other building
materials. It might be interesting to
note that the elevator is approximate
ly 12 feet higher than the building
will be when finished, this gives an
idea of the height of the building.
There has been an average of. 35
men on the job .since the actual con
bt ruction started some (i weeks ago.
iTOOP IS ACtlVe "umani,y a11 f us are to answer its
. roll call. During these fifty years
Pine Tree Troup of Waynes- " ' . ? l tne . maimed
, x , UUL a" tne irontiers with its char ties
Girl Scouts of America, is com- , , , . ' luei'-
! - . u Long before it took the form of a
of a most. nrrnnn I 1 a
1. ' ...J.- Urrtat organization Victor Hugo look
i- n m!;v. tv,J .i. i., H over the battlefields of the world
r IS t,JllllblJi llll-.-l tiuo iiaivi , , ,
. ... ,. ,1..., ana "ail ot tnese war workers. 'Yon
nee a week for about three
have armed humanity, and you have
j i , - ... , , nave armed I
b and have been very faithful. , ,.,
, , . . ' - , , . served liberty
kI standing at National Mead- "The Red Cross today undertakes
rs, in New York City. the most dificult tasks of peace. In
; Girl Scout organization Ihas the United States seven millions of
: object the general welfare of our citizens more than have enlist
giving them thorough whol- el in all the wars of our country' in
ileasure, those habits of mind one hundred and fifty years are with
Ht wViir'Vi will rrta tllpm uep- I OUt. Cmnlovment flnH tViorofnra nri'U
sponsible, ready and willing to out the chance to be redeemed by their
i. i il. . l. I iimv.1. A ..... I C ...-1T ,
oenrine pai;u in uie iiome, civrc, numcr uvu iniiiion are Dut
tional affairs of the countrX- Pal'tially engaged and therefore are
tivities are designed to bring easy prey to all the disease which
girls the. opportunity for an come from inadaquate housing and
id life, indoors, at home, and in feeding. In our own State 200,000
nmunity. Woman is recog- are idle through no sin of their own,
s a producer, a consumer, and and almost a like number have only
in the Girl Scout is trained sporadic employment which hardly
jnese ends. throughout all manes tne oread that they need
out activities is the definite The Red Crogs has fhosen
character building. period between November 11th. and
, are Girl Scouts in almost 26th for its roll call. During that
ition of any importance in the fortnight it calls upon the citizenship
In the British Empire there nriJoriv rmi;,,t :i
I Guides, which is a similar this vast philanthropy, with half a
ition to Girl Scouts. century of Bcientific direction and
i Pine Tree Troop there are managment to its credit. There is in
Population of
County is 28,273
According to the official l'.KSO census
Haywood county has 2H.273. Of this
total approximately 18 percent of the lis said.
Work was started Monday on drain
ing Lake Junaluska, a 250 acrer body
of water belonging to the Southern
Assembly of the Methodist Episcopal
church south. ,
It .is-expected to take approximate
ly a week or 10 days to drain the
lake. It will be drained gradually
in order that the fish will not be
washed down stream. The fish in
the lake include large bass, bream
and deep lake trout. The fish will
be gathered and cared for at thetate
hatchery at Balsam for the winter.
According to lake officials there are
thousands of carp in the lake welch
ing from 10 to 20 pounds which tlicy
wish to dispose of. The carp will be
given to any persons coming f,. them.
It is thought that it will be Saturday
before the water will be low enough
to seperatc the earn from the desira
ble fish, and ,then (lie ,;n
pass out to the public all the car)
I he last time the lake was drained
many ttishoniien took advantage of
the opportunity and came for mile
to get their share of the fish.
It seems that .sediment has amnnu-
lated in the botomn of the lake and
that this is to be removed' and tin
banks cleared. ..While the lake is
drained the danlfili be insneWe,) rr
1 17 T
Subscription List and Adver
tising: Contracts Will Be
Carried Out.
icans. The lake' has not" been
thoroughly cleaned of sediment and
debris since it was built, in I'inr, il
population of the countv live in town! The Inkr
or in villages ami the remaining SHI drained for about threi
ex; f'ct.ed to remain
percent live on farms.
Haywood county ranks nineteenth in
the state as to the total population
and the percentage living on farms,
whether they follow farming as a liv-
lihood or not.
is I'stimnted that it will take
I weeks weeks for he lake to refill
Splendid Prize Potatoes
Produced at Max Patch
A box supper, sponsored by the
Parent Teachers Association, was
given last Saturday evening at the
Junaluska Elementary School. The
supper was given for the purpose of
. . . . t
raising fujids for the hot luncfces. Mountaineer, hroughUo this oflW last
which are being served to the under) week four potatoes weighing an av
nourished children in the school. t rage of one pound, nine and-half
Home made candy, ice cream, boxes, ounces. The lari'est f ' tlw.
rt - - , ,'.ru
and cloths which were donated by measured nine inches in length 'by
mcmpers.ot the J'. I. A., were sold . four and one-half inches in wulth .-.n,l
in large quantities. about three inches thick.
About $00.00 was realized, which! The iiotarnes f v, i.i:.,..
will aid in the success of this work. , Kose variety and were grown" on Mr.
Brown's mountain nl
The American Red Cross has been
assigned a definite place in the n:v
H,..,..l ..I....
,, k 1 " 1,1 winter relief Mr
tieorgcf A. Jlrown of Fines (.i. c.,. - , , . . ' '
one of thlest subscribers ,r Tlie ' mi V explaining
Red Cross Must Further
National Relief Plans
Last week the owners of.The Moun
taineer, Messrs. Thomas M. Se,n
and W. T. Belts, leased this paper tv
Messrs. W. C. Russ and P. D. Deator.
This lease was announced in the last
issue of the Mountaineer.
On Monday of this week J. S.
Goode transferred his interest in the
Haywood News to Mr. R. M. Hale,
wno thereby became sde owner of
that newspaper.
Following these deals and at tho
suggestion of friends of both par
ties, a conference was brought about'
between the lessees of The Mountain
eer and Mr. Hale. At this confer
ence all parties Inn!.- ini, , c.i
consideration the fact that only one
newspaper is needed in Waynesville,
and Mr, Hale agreed to come ;nio the
lease with Messrs. Russ and Deaton
and discontinue the Haywood News
on condition that the lesseees ctrray
out the existing paid subscription list
and advertising contracts which tho
Haywood News then had. Thiough
anagreednient the people nf the
county will continue to get th; best
newspaper in its history.
There are only three partner to
the lease agreement with The Moun
taineer, despite outside rumors.
These are W. C. Russ, K. M. Halo
and P. D. Deaton.
The Mountaineer and the ilavwoej
News were not consolidated. Mr.
Halo merely ceased publication of hi
paper as a part, of his personal agree
ment with his two partners in tin;
Apple Picking Season
Closes In Haywood
The regular I). A. V- meeting will
be held Thursday night, Nov, 12,at
7:30 P. M., over W. W. X. C. Cafe,
All disabled veterans of the World
War are invited to come and bring
their wives- Some auxiliary officers
from Asheville will he here to help
organize a D. A. V. auxiliary in
Patch, an elevation of 4,000 feet
Mr- Brown says that his patch of
a little over one and one-half acres
produced 225 bushels. of potatoes or at
the rate of 1.'15 bushels per acre.
neeosuiltr r... n.
K'cauy increased en-
rollmunt in the Red Cross locally (hi,
...'. '
i galled attention to th, fact Us, week marked the close of the
' VVa,u'r '"(lord, as Chairman ofPIlc picking season in this county,
i resident's Committee, has e-m-:
pluisized that the Red Cross Roll 'all
"-..i.i oegan yesterday to enroll mem.
hers for the comintr venr f;.i'- ...;,.'
and practically all of the fruit has
already been stored for winter keep
ing. The commercial orchards in Way
nesville township have had a total
of 27 C hands regularly at work gath
ering th,, apples and hauling them to
, the mammoth storage houses, located
! in -or near the orchards. .
.wenty-five active members,
ree patrols. Elizabeth Wil
leader of Sacajawea Patrol,
ebster leader of Quail Patrol
ry Medford leader of Owl
mmunity Club is the sponsor
:'ine Tree Troop
rls from ten years of age
eighteen are invited to join,
tings are held in the Agri
Department of the Central
ry School, Friday afternoons,
. '." ' " '' .' '''...'
ilen Bear Huntirtff
i Smoky Mountains
llowing party left Tuesday
dxT the Smoky Mountains
hunt: Messrs. W. A. Brad
u Lampkin, , Joe Hargrove,
!r, R. L. Prevost, Ramsey
tesville, and Stubbs from
all of our stripped fortunes yet an
abundance of food and clothes. Provi
dence : has distributed sun and rain
and crops have been beautiful. It
will be an everlasting reproach to our
country1 of through lack of feeding
one citizen falls prey t disease, it
will be a crime if one child cries vainly
for bread.
GARDNER, governor of North Caro
lina do proclaim November llth-26th
as Roll Call, and call upon our people
to give without stint to the Red Cross.
which is our league of love in actionl"
(Done at ur Capital Citv of Raleitrh
this twenty-eighth day of October,
in the year of our Lord one thousand
nine hundred and thirty-one and in
A group composed of Messers Roy
Francis, M. G. Stamey, Jack Felmet,
Claude, Reece and Guv Massie left
Tuesday night for the Rod and Gun
club at the head of Pigeon, rm a deer
hunt. After an exciting and success
ful hunt the party returned Thursday
with two six spike backs, each weigh
ing around two hundred pounds.
Saunook School Children
Visit Mountaineer Office
Mr. W. Thos. Reeves, principal of
the Saunook school, brought nine of
j his grammar grade pupils to Waynes
ville last i-riday on a visit to the
Mountaineer office. Mr Reeves and
his students were shown through the
different departments of the planf by
a member of the 'staff, the children
manifesting much interest in the lin-ot-ypos,
presses and other .equipment.'
ine names of the pupils visiting
with Mr. Reeves Vere: Edgar Me
hafTey, Aldin Rabb, Harry Swayngim,
Lizzie RufT, Marcia Arrington, Jack
Rabb, Charles Williamson, Ruth Trull,
Kdwin Karl Arrington.
me Jierio.l set aside by the com-
mitioe lor raising relief funds in all
, urien also point, .,1 ii,.,,
Mr. fJifford has said that appeal, for i The c'ron m the Waynesville coin
funds from various relief sources are mt'rc'iai bt'lt this year is estimated
not to raise a national fund, but are i at ,W)'000 bushels, (the lilack and
"for maximum local funds." Harbor orchards alone producing a
In this connection he also cited a U'U1 of 1(',rfi( bushels. Mr. lilack
statement from James L Fiescr, Act- i(:stimitcs his crop at 90,(M)0 bushels
ing Chairman of the National Red j an(1 Mr- Barber's foreman, Mr. Hardy
Cross organization, who said : Sparks, says that the liarber orchard
"In considering plans for the emer- Wl11 Produce 73,000 bushels,
gencies of the coming year, the Pros- These orchards produced about an
xient and members of his Special I average crop this jear Mr Khck
Committee reafee that the American however, informs us , that the: quality
Ked Cross has a definite parr, to nlav of hi.s cron i ,..!,
1 n mf'O inn- th,. v,,,, i . i ... 1 i ' . , .
... ......v,..., intM,;, inxouRn l uwmg u damage by hail. Mr. Bar
The Force That Will Send
You Your Paper Each Week
The lessees of The Mountaineer F M Hi ;
--- -- io in coinpieu
have completely reorganized the I chae of the mechanical department
the carrying forward, of its regular
service program local, national, and
international. - This is in addition to
the special unemployment relict' work,
being undertaken by the: large nvnr
ber of our chapters in deference to
community requests. . Therefore nor
mal Red Cross operations must con
tinue without interruption. neo cross has a-vital - nart
ber's apples were not hurt by the
nan and his foreman informs The
Mountaineer that the quality is good,
Barbers storage . capacity of (15,000
bushels will; be more that taken .".this
year n:.d Black's two storae-e h,,n,.
holding100,000 bushels, Will be prac
tically , filled.
The price of the best grade, wind- ,
falls this year has hp. :w,,i r.n.
- . . v w 1 14 t j
to play m your community and in the ! Ppr bushel at the orchards. Apples
personnel of the staff and wish to ma
ke public the position each member of
the new firm will hold.
W. C. Russ will be managing ditor
which includes gathering all nws and
taking care of the business of both
the newspaper and the commercial
printing department- '
P. D. Deaton will have complete
u -. urn. aitu ill I - ' - ..... uu.c .uiiijj.'CIU
the one hundred and fifty-sixth year charge of the commercial printing de-
C.f A ,!.. T J . I... . V . I .n .m..l. TT -11 , ., ..
sf American Independence.)
Governor '
partment. He will also assist on the-
newspaper when necessary in either
- J A. . - . . I
Mr- Hale has had many years exneri
ence in this line, having worked on
some of the largest newspapers in
the south.
J.S.uoode, former editor of The
Haywood News, has bees employed as
advertising manager and will also
act in the capacity of associate editor.
Miss Eleanor Bushnell has acceDted
a position as society editor.
Prof. W. C, Allen will be retainer!
as circulation manager
the . advertising or .meclHinical .de I Other members of the staff will be
partment. - announced later.
Mr. Green made public a statement
by Mr. Gifford'in v.hich he said;
"The American Red Cross, through
its local chapters and the national
organization, has its usual and im
portant task to perform in meeting
the country's needs during the com
ing year. We must keep this great
national organization at full strength.
"As Director of the President's
Organization on tlnemnlovment Re
lief, I earnestly urge everv commu.
nity to give the greatest support to
the Annual Red Cross MemWshln
Roll Call. Every American should he
glad of the opportunity to participate
in the humanitarian work of the Red
Cross through individual member'
I i . 1 . . ..
ntve colored, well this , fall and .the
weather has been ideal for picking
and storing.
Thos. M. Seawell, formerly editor
of the Waynesville Mountaineer,
announced early today that he
has been made full time corres
pondent for the Asheville Citizen
in Haywood county.. He may ' be
reached at the Waynesville Cham
ber of Commerce, telephone 100,
where he will make his headquar-
r.pra . (

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