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RJ CroM nutritionists have taught Little Miss Muffett proper food habits.
At right, this little girl's best friend Is the Red Cross Publie Health nurse.
E gfav Dseessity (or the protec
ts of children's and mothers'
th. It good physical standards of
American race are to be main-
kd in the future, is l"ustrated In
sties made public by the Ameri
Red Cross in connection with its
!b services in Red Cross Chapters.
the 45,000.000 children in this
ry, only about 35,000.000 are rea
dy normal. The greatest menace
lildren's health is through ma!-
Uon; G.000.000 children are shown
Improperly nourished. The see-
Inost proline defect is in impaired
nK-3.000,000 children suffering
this. Weak and lamaged hearts
(iefective speech affect one million
jren'each, and lesser numbers are
ed by being mentally retarded.
rcular. crippled, blind and deaf
or from behavior problems. The sta
tistics are from the report of the
White House Conference on Child
Health and Protection.
This report also shows that tubercu
losis Is the chief foe of women, and
the second greatest death rate among
women is in childbirth.
The Red Cross health agencies have
attacked these problems from several
angles. Through Its Publie Healih
Nursing Service the largest employer
of rural nurses in the nation the Red
Cross reaches mothers in their farm
homes, and children through the
schools. The Red Cross Home Hygiene
and Care of the Sick Service teaches
home sanitation and simple methods
of home nursing and care of Infants.
Its Nutrition Service reaches thou
sands of children through schools, and
7 in 1
Being in Crabtree Township; Begin
ning at a stake in Pigeon Rrver op
posite the mouth of a small branch ;
thence up said branch N., 64 degrees
E. 397 feet to a stake: thence N. 80
degrees E. 95 feet to a stake near the
head of said branch ; thence X. 57 de
grees 30 minutes E. 200 .feet to a wal
nut; thence N. 45 degrees 45 minutes
E. 493 feet to an apple tree; .thence
X- 38 degrees E. 26S feet to a stake;
thence N. 37 degrees E. 221 feet to a
stake; thence N. 33 degrees 45 min
utes E. 275 feet to a stake on top of
ridge; thence N. 21 degrees V. 025
feet to a stake on said ridge in J
Kinsland's line, said stake being 205
feet from Kinslami old corner; Uience
with said line S. 89 degrees E. 205
I leet to saui Kinslami old corner;
! thence X- 3 degrees 30 minutes E. 85S
ieei u a siaKe in Long liraucn; thence
with said Long Branch '! cafls: S. l!3
degrees 15 minutes E. 231 feet S. t!9
degrees 'Ml iniiiutes E. 2ti4 feet X. SO
degrees E. 105 feet to a stake at the
mouth of a small branch or iliU'h;
thence with the same S. 20 degrees
E. 2S0 feet; thence S. IS degrees 15
minutes E. 132 feet; thence S. 7 de
grees 30 minutes V. 271 2 feet;
thence S. 18 degrees 30 minutes K.
148U feet to maple; thence North
04 degrees 30 minute East 123 lu
feet to a White Oak, Potson
corner; thence S. 1 degree 30 minutes
E. 478 feet; thence S. 9 degrees 30
minutes W. 404, feet to a stake in
the edge of field; thence S. 5 degrees
30 minutes W. 10722 feet to a stake
on side of the ridge; the'i S. 21 de
grees E- 1039 feet to a Black Oak
(down), Terrell's cornev; thenep S.
mothers throii.'i cdua classes, teach
ing proper food i-!e;tlon and fond
habits. The 709 Red Cross publia
health nurses made 1.338.550 risllt
during the past year.
This highly important work by tn
Red Cross is supported through
resulting from the annual roll call
for members, which occurs front
Armistice Day to Thanksgiving Day
By enrolling as members In Red Cross
Chapters, all citizens participate it
this drive for better health fc J
mothers and children.
. i. Brack James, a leading
r of Crabtree, was here Monday
(trover C. Haynes, for several
an employee of Edwin Fincher
!j)is now book keeper for the
1 of, Clyde,
or', Thos. M. Sea well was in
Jast Friday' afternoon. After
)j with him for a while we were
wed that the new managers',
Deavon and W. C. Russ would
ue to make the Mointaineer
the best County newspapers in
J country.
A.C Downs came home a few
ago from the Haywood .County
hospital whore she underwent a very
serious 'operation three: or four weeks
At a recent meeting of the board
of Aldermen, Mr. Wr. V. Bobinsan Was
appointed to collect the town taxes
for the year 1931.
Mrs. CHas. A. Mooney left Clyde
last Friday for St. Paul, Minn., where
she will spend several weeks with her
jnvalid mother whom she hitis not
seen for eight months;
The box supper at the High School
building last Friday evening resulted
in $13.50 for the benefit of the bosket
ball club. The box prepared by Miss
Elith Snyder and Miss Ruth Morgan
sold for most and was bought by
Tom MeCracken and Jim Fish. Boone
Cagle was auctioneer.
'Let Us Plan and Print Your
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ght and delivery made on time.
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Waynesville Printing Co.
S Lessees of The Mountaineer
f Waynesville, N. C.
Rev. F. O. Dryman, who has been
pastor of the Clyilo and Lake .luna
luska churches during the last three
years, preached his last sermon this
last Conference year in his Clyde
church last Sunday morning to a large
congregation. His sermon was very
helpful and instructive.
At the Baptist church last Sunday
morning the following deacons and
deaconesses were elected for the en
suing year: Thomas Rogers, Hurst
Justice, Guy Medford, Glenn Brown,
Gpover Haynes, Mrs, George Brooks
and Mrs. Ed Brooks.
J. H. Haynes was elected Cburch
Clerk, Guy Medford, Treasurer, G rov
er Haynes, S. S. Superintendent.
The Clyde Parent-Teachers Asso
ciation met for its regular monthly
meeting in the school auditorium on
Tuesday evening.
The main part of the program was
the talk given by Mrs. Clyde Freel,
district P. T. A. president from Can
ton. She made many helpful and in
spiring suggestions for I. T, A work
at Clyde, The plans for increasing
membership were especially good. The
president i Canton High School P.
T. A. was present and spoke also.
A report was made concerning the
playground equipment which the as
sociation is to purchase for the school.
The faculty play given recently for
the benefit of the P. T. A. added a
nice sum to the treasury.
The association at Clyde is wide
awake, and parents and teachers are
working together beautifully for the
good of the school.
Denver W. E. McLean, CI, was
killed when caught between the uppei
and lower sections of a folding bed.
Charging that his wife said she
"married him just for spite," W. !'
Hughes of Memphis filed suit for di- j
orc. -
Under and by virtue of the power
contained in a certain Deed of Trust
cbcecuted by Mattie Turner, and hus
band, P. D. Turner, to Jno. M. Queen,
Trustee, dated the 30th day of De
cember, 1926, and recorded in the
Record of Deeds of Trust in Book 19,
page 152, omce of the Register of
Deeds of Haywood County, North
Carolina : default havine been made ,
the payment of the notes and indebt
edness thereby secured, and the hold
er thereof having requested an ap
plied to said Trustee that said Deed
of Trust be foreclosed for the purpose
of satisfying said debt, the under
signed Trustee, will offer for sale and
sell at the front dobr of the Court
House in the Town of Waynesville, N.
C. (being at the Masonic Temple) at
12 o'clock noon on Saturday the 12th
day of December, 1931, to the highest
bidder for cash, the following de
scribed real estate, to wit :
I 53 degrees W. 222 feet to a hickory;
thence S. 65 degrees W. 140U feet to
ia Spanish Oak; thence S. 74 degrees
i W. 231 feet to a White Oak; thence
t S. 51 degrees W. 198 feet to a Spanish
Oak; thence S- 25 degrees W. 239'a
feet to a hickory; thence S. 3S de
I grees W. 36.3 feet to a Black Gum at
the branch; thence S. 52 degrees W.
CtiS'i feet to a Dogwood; thence X.
09 degrees W. 28$ feet to a -Maple
on the bank of the river; thence to
the corner of the river; thence down
the river; to the Beginning contain
ing 131. S" acres more or less- To
gether with a right of way for i road
for the use of the lands o ih.- ;:ud
Mattie Turner and Alelli-. ,lii,.n
from a point in the nrc-eiil road way
?" said Branch near ll;v '.n-inning
comer along said road way down the
liver to the present for. I of the civer,
which said road shall !-e I 1 leet m
width and across winch no fence shall
be built nor gates nor 'oars c ustruct - '
ed except ty consent .
This 12th day of Pec. l'.Cl.
JNO. M. iV KEN. '
Nov. 12-19-2t Pec. 3 TniPUe
NOTICE OF Th'l STl:r:S .s.W.-.' OF'
By virtue of power vested in the un-'
dersigned trustee by a ceiMm Peed
of Trust, executed on th 30th day
of PcHvniher, 1!2(. by I', P. Turner
and wife, Mattie Turner, to John M
Queen, Trustee as i cvoriled m the of
fice of Register of Deeds of Haywoo l
County, in Peeds of Trust Record Mo.
16, page 569 et seq., to secure certain
indebtedness therein set out and de
fault having been made in the pay
ment of the debt therein secured, and ,
having been requested by the holder '
of said indebtedness to sell said prop
erty to pay said debt, I, John M.
Queen, undersigned Trustee, will on
Saturday, the 12th day of Dec-, 1931.
at the front diwr of the Court House
in the Town of Waynesville, (the Ma
sonic Temple :iow used as the County
Court House. I at 12:00 o'clock mid
day. sell to the highest bidder for cash,
the following described tracts or par
cels of hind, to wit:
Being the FIRST TKAi T described
in saiil Peed of Trust, luinc a part
of the 'lurner farm near Katclirf
Cove, Beginning at a stake at the
edge of the RatclilT Cove Road, which
stake is at a point 9-10.5 feet from the
intorr.cet ion of the Western boundary
line of the Pritchard W, Ferguson
property and said Rat dirt' Cove Road;
then runniinr along the Western boun
dary line. S. I decrees 30 minutes
W. 1SSS feet to a stake, top of ridgo;
(hence S. To degrees 15 minutes E.
15 feet t a stake: thence S. 27 de
grees 30 minutes K. 20t!.25 feet to a
stake: thence S- 42 degrees. 15 min
utes E. 117.37 feet to a stake; thence
running S. 76 E. 130 fet to a stake
and cornel of No. 2; thence running
with line and lot No. 2, N. 4 degrees
.10 minutes E. 2250 ;'et ' to a stake at
said Ratclitl" Cove road; theive with
the said road, N- 87 degrees' 30 min
utes W. 378 feet to point of Begin
ning, Containing IS acres, more or
This 12th day of Nov. 1931.
Nov. 12-19-26 Pec. 3 Trustee
Starting Satoday, November 14
For One Week
- Zj .
Alt W Mk
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