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    Has More Paid-in-Advance Subscribers In HaywooJ County Than All liVcA Xeu spapets Combined
NO. 48
REV. W. 0. G00DE
Rev. L. B. Hayes, Appointed
Presiding Elder for Way
. ; nes ville District.
Thirteen New Pastors Are
Appointed to This
fuJ Preparing Iain 'CANTON TO MEET
Hundreds of Visitors At
tracted To Lake During
the Last Ten Days.
To ObserveTIianksgiving so li fo !i p a r k ! WA YNESVILLE If
.; Approximately half of the 23 minis
ters in the Waynesville District were
changed by appointments read by
Bishop Edwin D. Mouzon at the close
of the annual Methodist Conference
held in Asheville last week.
Of outstanding interest in Western
' North Carolina is the appointment of
the Rev. L. B. Hayes from Central
Church, Shelby, to be presiding elder
of the Waynesville district, succeed
ing the Rev. C. M. Pickens, who goes
to the handsome Pilworth church,
n Charlotte.
Ur. Watson C). Goode returns to
i First Methodist church, Waynesville
for hist second year's pastorate to the
delight of the whole city. No man or
minister is held .in. higher . esteem' by
the entire community than is Pr.
;! The complete list of appointments
and changes in the Waynesville 0 s-
trict is as: follows:
'.. Presiding elder, the Rev. I.. B.
Hayes, who comes from Central
- church, Shelby, to succeed the Rev. C.
M. Pickens, who goes to Pilworth
church, Charlotte.
J Andrews, the Rev. W. J- Miller, not
i Bethel, the Rev. G. N. Lulin, not
Bryson City, the Rev. P. J. Jones,
not changed,
f Canton, the Rev. (I. A. S'ampcr,
who conies from Centenary church,
-' Greensboro, to succeed the Rev. Car
i lock Hawk who goes to West Asheville.
Cherokee, the Rev. William Horn
buckle, not changed.
Clyde-Junaluska, the Rev.
Dryman, not changed,
t Cullowheo, the Rev. M. Q.
not changed.
: Dellwood, the Rev. A. B.
who succeeds the Rev. T- S.
supply, who goes to Araat
Airy district.
!? Fines Creek, the Rev. 'Bryan Shauk
kle, who succeeds the Rev. R. K.
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Bream and Other Game
Fish Are Carried to
State Hatchery.
The task of draining Lake Juna
luska was completed yesterday morn
ing when the last of the water esean-
ed through the flood gates. For
ten days the water has been slowly
draining. Monday efforts were made
to open the flood gates by using a
heavy truck and block and tackle to1
lift the gates but they were stuck and!
all efforts were futile. I
Tuesday noon, while hundreds of I
interested persons looked on a charge
ui guanine was placed under
gates. The gates opened readily when
the charge was set off.
As is the annual custom in Way
nesville the four churches will hold
union services Thanksgiving morn
ing at the Methodist church. Ihc
services will begin promptly at S A.
M., Rev. H. W. Baucom will deliver
the sermon. Special music has been 1
arranged by the different choirs of:
the city. I
An offering will be taken which will j
distinction of being one of the few
teams in the state this year that havu
i,ot been scored on.
Many families will have reunions
lure Thanksgiving. With students
coming home from school and rela
tives coming home there will prevail
a real spirit of thankfulness in J I is y
wood county.
Thanksgiving, the season when all
tie equally distributed among the four! mankind rejoices and gives thanks
churches for the support of the or- f unto the Lord for the fecund harvest
phanages. Persons wishing to make! and mercies of the year, has been
a contribution to any special institu-1 observed in America since the time of
turn can do so by enclosing it in an the New F.ngland colonies. It lias
envelope and plainly marking the i long been the custom to make the
name of the orphanage on the cut- i dinner of Thanksgiving day one of
side, r the most bountiful of the year. This
The union services will be the i year shoppers in Waynesville will iind
only formal program in the city
until the afternoon when the high
school foot ball team meet the strong
Mars Hill high school team. This
game is expected to draw a large
the! number of fans. Mars Hill has the
interest has been shown in
Iraining of the lake bv the rmm -
ber of visitors that were attracted to
the scene. Sunday hundreds of visitors
visited the scene and hiany wandered
over the part of the lake bottom that
had been drained looking for what
ever the lake had been holding to it
self for a number of years
-Fishermen from every section of
Western North Carolina were on
hand to catch the earn that were
the lake off i
were catching
decided pleasure in buying accesso
ries for dinner at the local store:;, for
prices are much lower than last
year, and harvests are of such a
ture this season that a big liiincr
can be. afforded.
One of Strongest Teams In; Mayor "and Aldermen De-
and some had
Western North Carolina
Not Been Scored On
This Season.
eide Discontinuance Re
cause of Finances;
Requests .
being given away by
rials'." The fishermen
them With their hand:
Fishermen, stickers of fish that
receding waters had brought h
and hundreds. 'of spectators lin-
lake shore and bridge over
seen flash-j Mif
nun ,iui ni t ion
At the regular nneting of the hoard
of Aldermen last Thursday it was
agreed and -decided by that bony !i
discontinue the sanitary, truck from 1 tracts which
ed the
4 1... ...... .
uie .nam. lanterns were
ing along the shore line
the middle of the lake be
of Tfople huddled closely
were seen by cam pf ires counting
their "catches,' anil talking in happy
tones regarding their good luck.
Every conceivable sort of contain
er was in evidence at the l ake nml
I used as receptacle!? for the fish. Peo-
F. n
. Tutlle.
. Ko:e:i,
, Mount
Santa Claus Coming
Here November 30.
In Letter to Mayor Howell
Santa Promises a Gift
to Each Boy and Girl
In Way ties ville
Mayor Howell yesterday afternoon
received official word from Santa
Claus that he would be in Waynes
ville November 30 at 12:15 P. M.
Santa wrote Mayor Howell telling
him of the date and has asked him to
Be to it that every boy and girl in
Waynesville to be on hand at that
. time.
Santa also stated that he had a
nice "sweet" present, for each boy
and girl. From the description Mayor
Howell said he just knew it must be
a ..stick of that good candy like they
make at the North Pole. Watch next
weeks paper and it will have, more
about Santa's visit to Waynesville. '
pie came t-o the Assembly Grounds
on foot, some horseback, and others
used bicycles,' trucks and passenger
cars. Flour bags, burlap sacks, tin
tubs, milk cans and beds of trucks
were used to carry the fish homo
and to market.
A large gold fish was displayed in
a glass jar in Jerry Liner's store
that had been caught in the lake.
Fish "stories were going the com
plete route regarding the size of fish
that had been caught. It was report
ed that carp weighing over thirtv
pounds were taken out of the waters
and eFght pound bass were common
place; Thp storios were tupported
with proper evidence in most cases
as it was quite improbable that the
"largest fish' could get away since
most of the fish were floundering
helplessly in the canals and along the
bank of the lake.
Local football fans will have the
opportunity to see two uf the best
high school football teams in Western
North Carolina, in action on the local
field here Thanksgiving day. Coach
Weathorhv h:i jtrrjinir.i.i ,,.ni,.i ,,-wi-.
the undefeated Mars Hill high school j1" Va.""?,vl,I,,i
team for Turkey Day entertainment.! 1 lu' Honrl hi"1 "d the matter
The Mars Hill team has not. been!'11'1' !"lviMl1u',lt for s,mi' ,l,mV
1 on this season. Thai in its-! "vrl''t'l llls! Ihursday 1o take
truck off the regular schedule of
le ting the city's waste matter.
strongest teams of theis section
ing the last few weeks.
Providing that his team comes contended
110,000 Acres Have Been!
Acquired Hy Federal Gov-1
eminent From Slate.
Government Expects To
Have Title Remaining
Area In (JO Days
iNwth Carolina needs approximately
ll,())() acres of land to reach its quota
of 214,0(H) acres for the establishment
of the Great Smoky Mountains Na
tional Park. Of the HO.OOO acres yet
to be bought nppioxiniatoly 40,000
acres f the proposed park is in Hay
wood County. Tiactically the entirt
northwestern seclios of the county
is included in tins park area.
On the Tennessee side approximate
ly ,'10,000 acres is yet to he acquired.
Park otlicials of the two states be
lieve that all lands will lie ready to
turn over to the government within
the next (it) da vs.
The two largest tracU yet to lie
acquired arc owned by the Suhcrost
and Haveiisford Lumber companies.;
These tracts comprise more than 50,-!
000 acres, most 'of which are in Hay
wood County.
tine to lio.mio acres, in this state
have been turned over to the Federal
government for inclusion in the park.
The tw largest tracts yet Ut be
acquired arc owned by the Siincrest
and Haveiisford Lumber companies.
These tracts com prise' more than 5.0.-.
000 acres. There arc also 12 small
Both Teams Offered Valu
ab'e Frizes Ry Merchants.!
Eah Confident of Vic
Hundreds of Local Fans
Expected To Go Over
To Support Team.
scored on this season. Thai in its-
is a record faking into considera
that they have met some of the
d u r-
to be uenuired.
.All lands not purchased by the
tin except one tract of liiy,22!, are
and I under condeinnatiiin . proceeding
through the Canton game- in good
condition, Coach Woatherbv feels cer-
anai:ements for The disposal
their own garbage and didnt feel
The Hoard acted in this matter up
on the request of some citizens who
they had satisfactory
tain that on Thanksgiving night the paying taxes for the purpose of hav
Mar.s Hill tea hi can boast of not being in. -their .neighbor's garbage removed,
scored on but once during the season The board of aide mien decided t hat
and that was by that powerful little it was costing the town of Waynes
Waynesville aggregation. The local j ville Urn 'much to operate t he sanitary
team feels confident that thev will at I truck on the regular rounds for the
least score
don't win.
on Mars Hill even if the v
All bream and other game fish
caught are being removed to the
State Fish Hatchery at Balsam where
they will be kept until the lake is
refilled. The lake will be completely
restocked with bass, trout, and other
game fish after the bottom is clean
ed and the lake i- refilled.
Final Red Cross
Drive Saturday
City and County to Re
Thoroughly Canvassed
to Reach Goal.
collection of garbage, and in order
to satisfy the citizens who -.objected to
the taxation that the snnitarv truck
uimor opnon. j tract ni acres"
belogning to the Thomas Hyrd estate,
has been purchased hut title is being
held up pending settlement of. 'mineral
Title to lXl,H.l:i acres of land in
North .'Carolina and Tennessee were
turned wer to! Kay Lyman Wilbur,
secretary of the interior, in Wash
ington,. I .('., early this month. This
transfer made a total of i'!)7,7 111,70
acres turned over . to' th government.
The federal government will not
start ;devolopinent of tin park area
until the minimum of -127,000 acres
One of the days that ranks alon.-H
with Christmas, Thanksgiving, Fourth!
of July and Faster in Haywood Coun-I
ty is the day each year that Waynes-J
ville and ( anton lock horns in ilu-irl
annual football tussle . This event
uikos piace on f ridav and inl
Canton, and is being eagerly b ikedi
forward to by thousands of f;rv.--
the county.
1 his game is one that is alwav fuiil
of thrills and practically every known!
type of football is used at s mi" limnl
during the game, it iin teams work!
harder in preparing themselves fori
this particular game th in anv other!
that they play during the entire sea
I Ins year both teams Irive c(.mo
llirougn t lie seRson wi: tiout any c-l
riotis injuries. Several players on!
both teams have been kept 01'V the
loam at times liecause o niinor ln-
jui'ii". nothing -,r;on:;. For t
ga.nie .niuniay notn teams win lip nil
til st class !! 1 1 i t ion.
I'vr this special occasion 'I he Moiin-
lanif'er lias . arranged Willi leauirigi
merchants and business men here andl
n- t'
give a r.ri::e,to th ; ' diffcr
on loth teams lor out'
ling feats pcrfornuMl. The Can-
(I'.-i'cr that is iu-lgod to be thcl
aM-round player ,;' I he game witJ
C'iw as -a token d anpreciat'611
' in 'Muder I'Urnrturc i'ompany, oil
I'lloti, a genuine all-leather $''-i.0(
' ti
have been deeded to the 'government-.."
$40,000 THEATRE
j Work is Kxnected to lie-in
i at Once. Ruildinir Locat-
lieitiTs will be in the field to
a. thorough canvas 01 every, per-
Inter - City Meet
Civic Clubs 19th.
Been Taking This
Paper 55 Years
W. R. Mauney of Canton, R. F. D.
2 called at The Mountaineer office
yesterday to renew his subscrip
tion for the fifty-fifth time. Mr.
Mauney states that he has been
a subscriber to this paper 55 years.
tie first subscribed to the Waynes
ville News and has seen it make
ttiany changes since that time. Mr.
Mauney franldy states that he likes
the present paper better than any
of the past. .
The I ivitan Club at Canton' will he
host Thursday evening at sever
'"lock ct, a tri-city club -."meeting,
i.aving as 'their guests the Rotary
ctub ot Waynesville and the Hooster V
club of Hazelwood.
Thit meeting is being held to fur
ther good will and fellowship between
s 11 the civic clubs i a Haywood county.
The clubs hope to promote and fur
ther the interest of Haywood county
projects, and realize that much can
be accomplished by united co-operation
between the clubs, in matters that
pertain to the county's welfare, than
working single handed on those af-i
The meeting wnll be held at the
Imperial hotel in Canton and a large
number of club members are expected
to attend,
Mr. T. I. (ireen, chairman of
Red Cross Roll Call committee, an
nounced yesterdav that final drivel
would be made Saturday by- his work
ers for the purpose of raising the
alloted .quota for the Waynesville
Chapter. Rene wed effort will be put
forward to reach this goal before the
end of the drive Thanksgiving Ilay.
.Waynesville- and immediate vicin
ity have been divided into a number
of divisions and a sufficient number
' son in the city.
As. has irra explained before. 50
j Vents of each subscription goes to the
i ".'Xatioha! Committee and the remain
; ''(';- i- . : home; for local relief.
Mr. dreen urges that every ntizcn of
.Waynesville- bo. prepared to give!
their membership promptly to the
worker. He further stated, now a
rover nefore is the Red Cro is doing
.rnore . for humanity than at any time
Mi me i a m ni iy years. i ne call 1
greater and this great work must V.
carried on.
; Attention is called to the- -subchair-men
and group captains of the dif
ferent communities to try to complete
their work and make reports as soon
as possible and certainly not later
than November 2R.
It must be remembered that gar
bage cannot be disposed of by burn
ing it in certain zones of the city.
There is a tine of fifty dollars for
violating this law. .
Certainly some way can be devised
SO thflt. th( frilfb -fin Kf nnj.rOxl .,,i.l
the disfmsal of garbage maintained j t'd On Maill Street.
as it has in the past. A plausible way
might be for the citizens that wished
I for a continuance of the garbage ser
vice, pay their pro-rata share of the
cost of operating and maintenance of
the truck.
I he Waynesville lad linking thd
fir it touchdown will have the ehoic
if .'iiy tie in McCrncken CIothmg"o.
in addition to a nice box of chocolate:
ottered by Aliel s Carage. The. )layei
iir 'i:.- second score of the game!
for Waynesville will receive from ihi
Ji:ei! Aiotor- ( omnanv a JI40.00 nil
, .............
j i 'C unci- on anew Ford. While ther,
j awr.-ifs fir the third score-maker
j : if'. t-t to the local theatre
i n. ...... i. ..i.. ' ,
io i-.h n pmycr mailing a score Oil
I point after the third touchdown will
.1 'ort.'h-e. a six miih-'hs subscription t
..The 'Mountaineer free.
V:y." Itowell has issued an o.flicial
l'pro;c!?.niatio'n for the. game. . AIs
i . ..Mfiyo.i- Kerr of Canton has, oIlicialKl
invited the: people of Waynesville oveil
j the
,(. Williamson, t raffle manager of
Asheville ofTice of
l ransport i
ruerts at th
the .
w l -club
ne (f
at their
regu.'ar meeting last Frid;y. ; The
meeting was well attended and . the
matter of securing an air line V run
through many of the towns i:i this
M C. Sprinkle, of ( 'an, on. o'viier
of; the Canton I. am: iry. Kri.-;.y !. :
contracts for the erection of ri new
theatre building in Canto, i. . ,; ,
J. G. Robinson and ('. M Keevi i-.
Ixith ; of Canton, were awarded the
contract for the labor. (',. ':. Vonng,"
of ..C .nton, was awarded the."r;ontr;t'et
for plumbing, and the X I'i-ei.-i) The-.-t
re Kujiply. company, of -A t lur: t ji V U;l..
was awarded the contract fi: the
heating and cooling systems.
Other, contracts, will bo lc', siiortl -,
e ' i . .. :. . ' , , , . . .
iojj,owi(ig wnirn worK ;.; t
st -rt a' .:nce Plans call th.
'' the game. I: if
hundreds'of local f;i.
. Canton Friday-
expected thar
will motor oveii
pect' '.'.'! t;.
ayi(f vil.i won the games in . 1920-
.i.i.ri.s-iy5;i.. i anton won last yearj
Additional information about ; the
". c- ;r-j-s ot hoth , teams will he found!
pace-: -1 and 5 f.f this issue of Thel
M "''Jntaineer.
Baptist Pastors
Exchange Pulpits
Defective Flue Causes
Little Damage Sunday
The local fire department was call
ed out' Sunday morning to answer a
call at the home of Mrs. Annie Deville.
A defective flue caused the fire, the
damage being about $5.
ft inn- was discussed.-
Conner Ray. Ralph N'ollnf i. Mid
Krnost L. Withers, popular arid effi
cient secretary of the Waynesville
Chamber of ( ommercc, were app'imt-
" t i i imiiiiwee to onng a leiega
tion to Asheville and meet with other
delegations from adjacent towns "". interested-in
the proposed uir line anr
help secure the air pa.' scne-or-ntpi
through this section.
Delegations from '''.(crested towns
will meet in Asheville when Captain
Thomas D. Doc, president of E. A. T
arrives there. The lefinite date for
the meeting will not be known until
the exact date of Capt. Doe's arrival
is known.
Miss Susie Fisher, who has just
undergone an operation in Newark,
pletion of
ing days,
building, w
. . The building
Main street on a
used recently for
The theatre wil he ope
G. Odum, of Canton.
building in TOO work.
timate.d ; h-i:
cost Ix-'tween .-Ki.Oiifi a-id
will be erected
lot that. has.
a . miniaturri
y A.
The Gordon Hotel, local rewr
hostelry, was sold under mortgage
me uciR-iauii Duinnara I, lie lnsu-
ianee company or oreenshoro hi t it
Late Wednesday it could not !
learned who would be manager fo
the coming season, but it is prac
tically assured that the hotel will
reopen at the usual time next sprin
The hotel closed for the winter
about October 1.
ore, !
of :
Rev. H. W. Ban
the: Baptist church
pits next Sunday r
V, Joyner, . pastor
Raptist church.;
Rev. Joyner was pastor here
."bou six years. Hi-' many fr
will look forward to hearine-.
again. The evening iviie- wi!
gin at 7:30 p. m.
'. ' ;:"'.'.t' pu!-
'vith I f i -V . A
the ' " u:t in I
. for
Next Week's I'aper
Prints On Tuesdav.
The. Mountaineer will be publ'sb.
ed next Tuesday instead of Wod-
.iicsuaj.---me puonsners are nomg
this so everyone in the countv will
I receive their paper Wednesday be
I fore Thanksgiving " instead : of .hav
ing to wait until Friday. The staff
of this paper urges all advertisers
to please have their copy ready by
Tuesday noon. All news should bo
sent in by 10 A. M. Tuesday. Your
Cooperation will be appreciated.
X. J., is convalescing nicely.
- Ic ' -

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