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    Has Man- Paid-in-Advance Subscribes In Hay wood County Than All HV.'A lwSppe,s Combined
NO. 50
.ast Minute Preparations
Are Made For Observance
New Presiding Elder
Locals Show Superiority In
Every Department 6er
Canton Team.
Of Day.
('resident Hoover Issues An-
nual Presidential Proclamation
U Lact minute preparations were be
g made for the annual observance
,f Thanksgiving Thursday in Way
esville and the county today. Many
ousewives were busy with their
oking while others were on the
l.reeta making last minute purchases
om local grocery stores and butcher
Iiops. Many merchants reported that
key had sold out practically their en
re Btock of Thanksgiving fowls..
'! any local hunters were planing
inting trips to the nearby forests
hile many were planning to make
ips to different part of the country, I
ther to visit relatives and friends!
" attend football games.
The churches of the city are plan
ng to have a union service at the
ethodist church. The services will
Hgin promptly at 8 A. M. The Rev
. W Baucom, pastor of the Baptist
mrch here, will deliver an appro
iate Thanksirivintr address. The
oirs'of the city are to render spe
ll music All local pastors are cx
cted to be present and a large at-
indance is expected.
''in the afternoon the local high
ool football team will meet the un
One Of Largest Crowds To
Witness Football Came
In This Section
Horns tooted, whistles shrieked amid
the plaudits of some and the dissen-
I lion oj otners, according to what -ute
ol the fence you were on, at the an
nual Waynetville-Canton football
classic played in Canton last Fnda
The final score was 20 to t in faot
of the locals.
ThP game was as exciting as could
be expected and fully came up to the
fondest expectations of the spectator
It was a fight from beginning to end
with several persons on the side lines
joining in the fisticuffing. The most
ardent of the fans engaged in the
bellit 'ose bouts on the sidelines were
promptly parted by onlookers and the
Canton police department, and then
told to proceed witnessing the foot
ball clash of the century that was
taking place before them.
Captain Cabe made the first tally
of the game for Waynesville in the I
first quarter when he scored a punt
that was blocked on about Canton's!
thirty yard line. Canton came back
wild in the second quarter and scored
on a long beautiful run over the goal
line, the player had stepped out of
bounds, however, and the ball was
brought back to Waynesville's twenty
five yard line. Canton was not to be
denied the score though and made
the touchdown on t hie following two
310NDAY, NOV. 30
Hon. Judge W. F. Harding, i
Of Charlotte, Popular In J
County To Preside.
Kt. L. 11 UWlf,
:One of the Heaviest Dockets
j In Many Terms. Many
I Cases Caried Over
I C runinal Court will convene here
I Monday, November JO, with Judge
W'. F. Hariiini". of r)i;i,l.if nr.wi.n.i.r
One of the heaviest dockets in many
terms is scheduled to come up at this
time. Many cases will not be tried
because of the unusual heavy docket.
Three murder eases are scheduled
for this term. David Hvatt is chnrir-
ed with killing his brother, Iiuel Hyatt.
I.uke Smith and Kd Smith charged
with murdering Horace Brock. Dob
Kiche, colored, el ged with murder
ing liennie Drake, colored.'
Three manslaughter cases are also
scheduled tried, those being
Jack Wells for-killing his child in
I"11 "UHMiiimiJo -wrecK. I om l ope is
I n i . . i i -ii . . . i
At the last confer,,,,;. -nt iW ""v "u l" nuV1' !''' an
Southern Methodist the Rev. L. U."TM' am m',lon "M,i
iui u, incii on mat count. Robert
Pipes is also charged with killing a
mail in in, iieuiei siv inn with -in
Rev. L. B. Hayes To
Take Charge Work
Here Wednesday
Recognized As One of Great
est Church Workers in
The State
FIRE WARDEN RE- ,""",-v 1Ias -N" "Motions
PORTS NO FOREST, Sc. s""' auhu Iet Any
nut m county jN0T IURR M0NEV
t 'Tri" "V ('on.sona.ivo ..fnc.a.s and
In Recent Fires.
Damage Reporcd.
Practically AH Fires Were
On Cut Over Land. Rain
Aided In Fight
Prompt Payment Of 1931
laxes Is Reason
Hayes, was appointed 'presiding elder
of the Waynesville District, to suc
ceed Rev. C. M. I'ickens. Kev. Haves ,,
comes tv this community with the
highest of recommendations. Where
ver he has held pastorates he has
won for himself the distinction of Ink
ing one Kif the most alert and a per
son that every community will like.
Kev. Hayes comes to Wnvnesville
jjfeated Mars Hill high school team.J:,, favor of Waynnmlle
Waynesville outplayed
from the Central Methodist ,hiir,h t
Score at the half stood 7 to fi j Shelby where he has been pastor for
I 1 itr i i t .. . . .
acn vveameruy ieeis tnat nis war-
ir will at least score on Mars Hill
ich no other team has been able tc
this year. The Waynesville play
came through the Canton game in
- - - - ""h'v I'njKiiJiif;
j give local fans the best game of
p Season Thursday.
president Hoovwls -Thanksgiving
fl.'.' Proclamation
approach the season when, ac
'Hine custom dating from the
rnerine of the first, hnrvpst w m
'refathers in the New World, a day
vSet apart to give thanks even amid
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hildreh's Book
? Week Is Observed
Canton in
the i'econd half and ran over two
more touchdowns. Hayncs and
Biidges accounted for the second and
third scores. Captain Calx? won the
tie that McCracken Clothing Co. w
offering for the Waynesville player
f coring the first touchdown, and also
a box of chocolates that Abcl'p Gar
age offered for the same feat. Haynes
won the forty dollar allowance' on a
new Ford that Mizell Sales and Ser
vice offered, and Bridges won the
free tickets to the Waynewood Thea
tre for scoring the third touchdown
Coach Weatherby evidently told his
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ur thoughts this week are with
i children of the nation, for once
ijn -we are celebrating Children's
)k' Week.
libraries all over the country are
esving it in various ways. It has
n the etistome of the Wavnesville
rary for a number of years, at this
son, to place as many new volumes
poSftible on the shelves of the juve
i department, and also to renew the
favorites those that have literal
been read to pieces but this year
;haa' been found impossible to do
'thing requiring financial outlay,
towever, since the object of . Book
ek it to foster the love of reading
Mig children and to awaken par
jj and the community at large to
importance of providing children
i access to good books and in every
'stimulating their enjoyment of
ling, the Book Committee of the
ary desires to call the attention
he public to the nation-wide cele
;ionf in the hope that there may be
e among us who can donate a
I or two or even make a enntri-
on to the fund for children's books
Health Officials
Sponsoring Health
Campaign In County
ml Hunters Bag
A 600 Pound Bear
'lie days ago, a party of hunters
ting of Dr. B, ,F. Smathers.
rt Boone, of Waynesville, Judge
iam H. Smathers of Atlantic City.
; Joe Dill of Miami Fla., John
'thers,' of Atlanta, Will Smathers
sheville, Mr. Calhoun, of Sylva
perhaps others whose namej we
no learn, enjoyed a bear hunt in
Great Smokies. Two bears were
red, one by Robert Boone and a
PPer? weighing six hundred
ids brought down by Mr. Joe Dill,
Hami, Fla., perhaps th? greatest
hunt of the season so far.
The Board of Health of Haywood
County, is putting on a campaign for
better sanitary conditions in this
county. Homer Henry, superintend
ent of the Haywood County schools,
is co-operating with the board of
health. Pamphlets were sent out
through the rural schools with ques
U'onaires pertaining to the sanitary
conditions of the homes and premises
of the families of the rural commu
nities, i
This work is being done in co-operation
with the Statp Board of Health
in its effort to have every - home in
North Carolina sanitated in
1932. The local officials hope that
Haywood will be the first to receive
this honor.
Mr. R. L- Crookp local sanitarv in
spector, will be glad to give any in
formation to those wishing to im
prove the sanitary condition of their
premises. .
The officials sponsoring this work
will not be able to make a report of
the results for about two week, but
they are optimistic over the response
they have received.
2 years. Reports .coming- from She!
by are that they regret ' giving him
up and that he has accomplished much
in his work there. Rev. Hayes, went
to Shelby from Greensboro. Rev.
Hayes married Miss Margaret Rog
ers, of Franklin, daughter of Judge
The presiding elder and family are
expected in Waynesville Wednesday
and will make their home on Branner
Avenue. They have a small son.
In speaking of the recent confer-!
once and Rev. Hayes, Rev. W. O.
Goode, pastor of the local Methodist!
church in an interview vrsterdav!
said: . ;
The Annual Conference just heldit',at Sheriff IxiWe has had given to
in AsheviHe was unusual in many l)m to report for jury during Mondav,
respects. A larger number of men I Nwmbr U0., for the 'first week:
were superanuated than usual. There I I!t'av('r,l&ra S- I- Allen, B. J,. Wright,
were more locations than at any pre-1 Charlie Fish, J. B. Vance; ('cii: W.
vious conference. More 'rhnno. nflM, Green: ('Ivde: Cnrlcr Kluimn T
R. Terrell; Crabtree; R. L. Kusell,
I. I. Noland; Fines Creek: J. K. lUnh
morid, Jesse Mooney, Carl Green;
Iron Duff: R. F. Davis; Ivy Hill: S.
J. Moodv: Jonathan: V.
eon Mormw; Pigeon: R. K. Cathey,
B. F. Murray; Warnesville: .1 V
The majority of the .cases are for
violation of the prohibition law, lar
ceny and minor offenses.
On Tuesday of the second week is
scheduled to be set for civil cases,
Those on the docket are as follows:
J. R, Morgan, adinr, vs. Met lee et al.
('iawft)rd vs. Travelers Insurance
Haywood Garage Vs. Howell.
Lilly vs. Knight.
Green vs. Ferguson.
Junaluska Supply Co. vs. Allison.
Junaluska Supply t'o. vs. Welch et
The mot ion docket set fur the same
day is as follows:
Blackwell-Hushnell Co. vs. Kirkpat
rick et al.
Mackey vs. Mackey.
Alley & Francis vs. Moody.
Alley & Francis vs. Moody.
Alley & Francis vs. Moody.
I he toIJowing is a list fif ii
rninisters--pronaDly halt of the con
ference membership were changed,
which always reflects a spirit of un
rest among ministers and churches,
as well as the supreme power that
always may be exercised by the pre
siding Bishop and his cabinet. The
last General Conference made it pos-j Bryson, Frank W. Leatherwood, James
Forest fires that have been raging
in Haywood and nearby counties ale
now all out according to Fire War
den G. W. Burnett. Haywood county
was fortunate in that, it bml fim- )'h-.
ami these did little' damage m-
pared with the large fires in other
counties. KiiC. Warden Burnett lias
been constantly, on the job and in sev
eral instances he and . his associates
have put out fires just as they started
and prevented large and costly ones.
Despite numerous reports that have,
been sent out Haywood County bus
suffered .very little. Approximately
1 (()) acres in all have been burned,
ami tne j; ten test part ol these ware
cut over land and the fire did little
ilumage. In a few instances small
fires killed the second growth tim
ber. According to Mr. Burnett the
argent fires of the county were in
the Soco (lap section where about .'i(H)
acres were burned and then another
that burned approximately .'100 acres
in the Sherwood Forest in the south
ern part of the rtiuny.
: The rain during the last .week end
helped the fire fighters extinguish
most of the flames.
Mr. Burnett said "I am personally
investigating every fire and intend
to put a stop as far as possible to the
forest fires in this -county."
No arrests have been made up to
Tuesday night, of those suspected of
starting the fires.
Santa ClausToBe
Here Monday Noon
Santa Will Present Each
Boy and Girl With
In an exclusive interview with The
Mountaineer Mr. W. 11. Noland, Hay
wood county treasurer and auditor.
said, "Haywood county is in bettor
financial condition than it has been
in years." Mr. Noland further stated
that he had been officially connected
with the county and its finances for
the last ten or twelve years and knew
whereof he spoke.
"Despite the fact." continued Mr.
Xolaiid, ''.that conity 'taxes have
been reduced 2:j cents per hundred
dollars, and the county had between
?:iO,00O and ft0,0K) moie maturity
due this year than last wi r. uiill
in better condition than in the.' oast
number ol years.
"We are able to pay all obligations
and still have a little left," he said
smiling. "I have a little note there
that has to be paid Saturday, its only
$10,(100 but we have the money ready
and we did not ha
According to Mr. Noland the coun
ty is not, borrowing any money on
anticipation of taxes. This momey
that the county has is what has been
paid in on taxes and has not been
Mr. Noland was asked to what did
he attribute the present splendid fi
nancial condition of the county. He.
made the reply that there were two
things, the prompt .payment of 111,'Jl
taxes by the citizens of the county,,
thereby getting a discount, and to the.
fact that the county officials have
been very conservative during the
last few years. The last fact waa
stressed very much.
It is not. officially known, but it is
believed that Haywood is one of the
few counties of the state that can
show that they have enough funds on
hand to meet all obligations and not
have to borrow money.
It also seems appropriate at this
Thanksgiving season that Mr. Noland
f-hould come forth with the very en
r.ouraging statement concerning the
financial standing of the county.
sible for all Annual Conferences
(Continued on page H)
McClure, A. V. Phillips, S. N, Liner,
(Continued on page 4)
Local Civic Clubs
Enthusisastic Over
Inter-City Meeting,1 Thursday, Mars Hill
11. W. Griffith Makes An In-j Best Game of the Season is
Seven Local Players
Hay Last dame Here
spiring Speech. Sizes Up
Economic Situation
Predicted by Officials.
Teams Are Confident
Deputy Sheriffs
Confiscate Still
Monday afternoon the sheriff's cV
artment of this countv arror? .Tcc
Watts of the East Fork section on
harges of manufacturing whiske
"o whiskey was captured but it i
""Ported that Deputy Sheriffs T rt 1
Pless and dint Burness, officers mak
i.T the arrest, that Watts had a fire
inder his still and was nrenArW t
nake a run when he
Watts still was taken by the officers.
Last Thursday night the Canton , Seven local football stars of the
Civitan club was host to the Boosters I high school team will play their last
club of Hazelwiood and the Rotary j high school game Thanksgiving af
club of Waynesville. About twelve i ternoon on the local field when they
mpmTwre f i-Am lin -X7 o i 1 1 .. ,j . i . ....
....., -vnv ojruv.tvuir awi, uiiTi me stning unneieateu M?rr
iourteen irom the Hazelwood club I Hill high school team. The seven
attended. players are Cabe, captain of the !o
The purpose of the meeting was tnical aggregation and Murray, tackle,
get to know each other bette- and I IIyatt aTld wi'att backs, Ratcliffe and
have a better understandinn- nf i Brammltt en(is and Caldwe'I guard
community. The meetine- w4'w.
ed by those attending to have been
a most successful one.
Mr. R. W. Griffith made an out
landing talk. He sized ud theVn.
mic situation most norfwi,. "
Griffith told of t.ho ronH;t; 1
---- -'"wuo LJie
European countries as well as of
Amenca. He is a traveler and is in
a position to know where of he speaks.
Loeal Rotarians returning were
most enthusiastically inspired as the
esult of his speech.
The place of the next mm; v
not been definitely decided.
The Mars Hill team rome to Wav
nesville with the reputation of being
the hardest fighting team in West
ern North Carolina. They are dc
termined to win while Coach Weath
erby's pigskin carriers are more de
termined that Waynesville will win,
therefore the fans will have an oppor
tunity to see the survivest of the fittest.
The game will begin promptly at
3 p. m. Herman, Stretcher and Davis
Santa Claus is really coining to
Waynesville. This fact, is most cer
tain now since his mail has been for
warded to him here. Iast week little
Miss Lois Massie mailed him a letter
at the North Pole, but the postal
officials knowing of his intended trip
here sent it to The Mountaineer where
it has been carefully put away await
ing the arrival of the cheerful 0' i
Man himself.
Santa Claus will arrive in Wayiu .- ;
ville promptly at 12 :15 P. M. on next j
Monday. He sent Mayor Howell word i
to meet him and also told him of his
present for each boy and girl 1 .us
present, it was found out later, was a
nil large stick of good old North j
Pole candy. ;
Santa sent a map to show the route j
he was traveling to Waynesville i rem j
thf North Pole. He will stop over
in Asheville a few days then come on ;
to Waynesville and from here -he. will I
go to Sylva. Look on page two for j
Cullowhee, N. C. (Special to The
Mountaineer.) Hugh Justice of
Crabtree -has. been initiated into the
Alpha Phi Sigma, national honorary
scholastic fraternity, at Western
Carolina Teachers College.
With Santa's permission
th,- re
porter at The Mountaineer office open
ed the letted Lois wrote to Santa. We
will personally take it up with him
when he arrive& Monday and see if
we can't persuade him to bring just
what she wants.
Waynesville, N.C.
November 16, 1931.
Dear Santa Claus:
I am seven years old. Mother says
I am a good girl- - Please -brifig-'me
a little baby doll and some clothes to
go with it. With love,
! Our subscription: campaign in the
, summer closed with quite a large
J number of names on our list; in
' arrears. We have carried t!ie.;e
1 : names hoping that the subscription
'..would; be paid without much delay.
. We are now faced : with the alter
native either to collect or discon
tinue the paper to the address of
those in arrears. Please, there
fore, look at your expiration date
which is printed on every paper
that goes out from the office, ami
if you are behind, send in' the
amount and we. will mail you a
receipt. If we do not hear from
. you before the date of the next
issue of the paper, we 'shall take
, it that you do not wish the paper
to continue to your--address-. We
hope we shall not lose a single
subscriber this way, but we can
not continue sending the paper un
less payment is made or some ar
rangement made for deferred
Mr. W. C. Allen is the circula
tion manager and will be glad to
receive payments or arrange for
-"'TTient later, if you wish for
will be the officials.

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