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Dr. LaRue To Spend
Holiday In Georgia
Mrs. James Caldwell from Cata
loochee entered the hospital Sunday
for treatment.
Miss touise Edwards, who is on the
faculty of the Waynesville Township
Hih School, underwent an operation
Monday morning and is getting alomr !
nicely- ,
Mi. s Mildred Benett of Franklin is !
convalescing following an operation j
Tuesday morning. I
Miss Ruth Hampton had as her j
guest last week-end her sister, Mrs. ;
Ernest Boone, from Cauley Bridge, j
West Virginia.
Wednesday evening at 7:30 there
will be given a big church social at
the First Methodist church for the
entire membership and friends of the
congregation- A program of unusual
interest will be presented to the de
light of everyone present. Delightful
refreshments will be serverd by the
refreshment committee.
This will be the first of at least
four social events to be given in the
church this year. A full attendance
of the entire membership is desired
and expected.
Mrs. C. M. Dicus and Mrs. J. P.
Dicus were joint hostesses at a de
lightful bridge party at the home of
the latter Wednesday afternoon, en
tertaining in honor of Miss Gladys
Barefoot of Hallsboro, a sister of
Mrs. J P. Dicus.
The living rooms were thrown en
suite for the occasion and artisti
cally decorated ' with autumn leaves
and flowers.
After several progressions :he top.
score trophy, a picture, was present,
ed to Mrs. Ernest Hyatt. Mrs. D.
D. Perry received a lovely vase for
having made low score, and Mrs.
Hilliard Atkins was the recipient of
a double deck of cards as consola
tion. The hostesses presented the
guest of honor with an attractive
hooked chair seat.
As the concluding feature of the
afternoon's entertainment a salari
course was served-
The guests included Miss Barefoot,
Mrs. W. F. Swift, Mrs. J. M. Long,
Mrs. E. J. Hyatt, Mrs. R. L. Prevost,
Mrs. Rufus Siler, Mrs. William Shool
bred, Mrs. John Shoolbred., Mrs. S.
P. Gay, Mrs- Ben Colkitt, Mrs. Ger
ald Colkitt, Mrs- N". M. Meciiondj,
Mrs, R. H. Strecher, Mrs. C. F. Kirk
patrick, Mrs D. D. Perry, Mrs. J. R.
Thomas, Mrs. R. R, Campbell, Mrs.
Hilliard Atkins, Mrs. Hugh Massie,
Mrs. Guy Massie, Mrs. C. C. White,
Mrs. Clayton Walker, Mrs- E. L.
Withers, and Mrs. J. W. Seaver.
Mrs. Joseph Johnson and her moth
er,' Mrs. Woodward came in for tea.
Samuel Knight, little son of Mr.
and Mrs. Oscar Knight, entertained
a number of his little friends Frida
November 20, in honor of his sixth
'birthday anniversary. Various in
door and outdoor games were playeW.
The youngsters were then called into
the dining room where a white birth
day cake, decorated with pink hearts
and six blue candles, lighted the
table. Cake and fruit punch was
served- Those attending the party
were: Katherine Blalock, Geraldine
and Buddy Parris, Merrill Green,
Nancy and Laura Winchester. Billy
Robinson, Helen Davis, Mildred Camp
bell, Vivian Clark, Mildred Gaddy,
Elaine Queen, David Putnam, W. T.
Deweese Frederick Vaughn Earl
Rudisal and Mildred and Eloise
Knight. Mrs, Knight was assisted in
entertaining the .little guests by Mrs.
W. H. Gaddy and Katherine Knight-
The Woman's Club held it 'Novem
ber meeting at the home of Mrs. J. H.
Howell, Thursday, November If. Mrs.
D. M. Killian was associate hostess
and Mrs. C. F. Kirkpatrick, the presi
dent, presided.
The program was in charge of Mrs.
W. B. Mathews, who had a most
interesting paper on "The American
3ome." The club was fortunate in
aving. Prof. B. D. Bunn as speaker
" the afternoon. His subject was
Leadership for Life."
Plans were made for the club to
ponsor a Community Christmas tree
otd a weekly story hour.
A delightful music program was
Siven by Mr. Paul Fry and Dr. Byron
La Rue. Mr. Fry gave two piano
selections, "Humoresque'f and a med-1
ley of old Southern, anil Dr.;
La Rue sang '-Mauvorneen" and "Onj
the Road to Mandalay" accompanied j
by Mrs. Mutney.
Mrs. Rog'.-rs o: Charlotte made a
delightful talk or. club work. " !
lusion music
Miss Katherine Queen was hostess
to the Margaret Stringfield Junior
Music Club on Saturday afternoon,
November 21, at 3 o'clock. After
all business was transacted and the
roll called the following delightful
program wts given:
Duet: "Dance of the Rosebuds"
Misses .Stringfield and Queen.
Piano Solo: "Dance of the Leaves"
Katherine Martin.
Readin: "Story of St. Cecelia'
Abbie Fay Henry.
Piano Solo: "Venetian Love Song"
Elizabeth Wilburn.
Piano Solo: "Aloho Qe" Mary Mc
Cracken. Piano Solo: "Little Snowman'1
Stacy Wilburn.
After the program musical games
furnished entertainment for sometime.
Delicious refreshments were served
by the hostess assisted by Miss Car
men Plott.
On Friday afternoon, November 27,
the second grade pupils of the Central
Elementary School will entertain their
parents. The grade will do this in
lieu of the half holiday they won by
having the most parents present at
the regular Parent-Teacher meeting.
The pupils will present a short pro
gram to the mothers after which re
freshments will be served.
Wednesday morning, November 25,
at ten-thirty o'clock, the seventh grade
will present a Thanksgiving program.
This program will come as one of
the regular weekly chapel programs.
Patrons and friends are cordially in
vited to attend.
The cafeteria in the school is prov
ing to be a great asset. Mrs. Coin
serves excellent menus at the most
reasonable prices. It is possible that
if the mothers investigated these
menus and prices there would be more
who would have their children buy
hot lunsches.
Citizenship activities for the month
of December will center about the
theme "TV i Care of Public Property."
This particular phase of citizenship
cannot be stressed too much a there
are thousands of dollars lost every
year in this state alone in damage
done to public buildings, careless or
wanton setting of forest fires, etc.
The students will make posters, give
reports and at least one talk by some
one outside the school will be given
and in general everything will be
done to increase respect for the care
of public property.
visions of the civics have organized j
as the Congress of the United States,,
one as the Senate and the ether as i
the Lower House. Some of Ihc bii:--are
killed by the Congressional ccm-i
mittt-e while others reach '.he floor foi j
lively discussion. !
The Woman Missionary Society
met for an ali day meellng with Mrs.
J. R. Uoy i. Jr. November 11th. This
met ting t.-.mbir.ed the regular month
ly program ar.J the week of prayer
The week of p;ayer program was
held in the morning at the conclusion;
of which the ladies enjeyci a bjun-l
tiful basket lunch.
In the afternoon the members as
enibled for the regular monthly pro
gram with the Pres. Mrs. R. W.
Howell presiding.
Mrs. Herbert Caldwell had as a vis
itor on last Sunday here mother,
Mrs. Sutton of Maggie.
Miss Mary Joe Howell has been
visiting her aunt , Mrs. B. P. Turner
of Ratcliff Cove.
Friends regret to hear of the se
rious illness of Mr. Erastus Parton.
Mr. Parton has been in ill health for
some time.
Mr. Way Kinsland of Canton spent
last Sunday with his sister, Mrs. G.
V. Howell of Jonathan Road.
Bird hunters are plentiful. Mr.
Grady Carver and Dr. Cox of Ashe
ville, Mr. Dennis Leatherwood and
Mr. Jackson of Greenville, S. C. and
Mr. Edd Winslow and party from
Asheville have been seen in the
Mr. and Mrs. Medford Leatherwood
and Mrs. C. M. Moody have been on
a visit with relatives in Greenville
S. C.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Messer and
small daughter of Sylva, spent last
Sunday with Mrs. Messer's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. L. B- Leatherwood.
Shady Grove church is glad to have
Rev, R. V. Masters returned for
another year.
Wedding bells have been ringing in
cur community recently. Mr. Robert
Boyd son of Mr- Dave Boyd and Miss
Cora Lee Davis fo Ivonduff were
married a few days ago.
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Rainer, Mrs.
E. J. Howell and Vinson Howell mo
tored to Newport, Tenn., for the day
on last Sunday
Mr. Dick Moody is home again af
ter taking treatment in the hospital
at Asheville.
o- - -o
Edwin Fincher and John W. Shook
went to Atlanta Thursday to attend
Shrine ceremonial.
Dr. D. K. Medford was an Ashe
ville visitor Wednesday, participating
in the Scotish Rite Masonic Reunion
being held in that city.
. Quite a number of Clydeites went to
Lake Junaluska last Tuesday and
Wednesday and brought home enough
fish for several days. G. M- Fish cap
tured more than one hundred pounds
of the aquatic tribe and put them in
a large 'barrel in his back yard and
extended an invitation to his friends
to go there and help themselves.
Mr. Loo per and Mr. Kitchens, Clyde
teachers and baseball enthusiasms,
motored to Cullowheo Friday evening
to see the football game between
Weaver College and W. C. T. C.
Under the ausrjecies of the Par
ent-Teachers' Association, a Mr. Real),
traveling magician and illusionist,
gave an entertainment at the Clyde
school auditorium. '
Miss Alma Robinson celebrated her
thirteenth birthday last Saturday af
ternoon by entertaining her following
young friendst Annie Jean an 1 Viv
a';an Swayngim, Helen Dotson, Mary
Phillis and Jenis Caldwell, Oma'.. Wil
lie .Mae, Margaret and Marvina Turn
er, Bettie Terrell,' Katherine Cockrell
and one honorable boy, Mr. Jack Dot
son. Mrs- Robert Cockrell of Can
ton assisted Alma's mother during
the entertainment which was greatly
enjoyed by every guest.
The Dramatic Club, under the di
rection of Miss Naomif Crumbly, on
Friday afternoon gave a play before
the high school. In "The Family
Album," various numbers of the club
posed as relatives and friends pic
tured in the family album, to the
delight of the crowd. The two di-1
Rev. C. L. Allen, pastor of the Al
len's Creek Baptist church is now con
ducting a Revival Meeting at Beta,
N. 'C. Much Success is being had.
Miss Mary Bumgarner spent, her
vacation at home with her mother,
Mrh- Rachel Bumgarner last wek.
Miss Annie Leathrwood of Jona
than Creek spent the week-end with
Mrs. Rachel Bumgarr. r last week.
Friends of M. R. O. Allen ar sor
ry to hear that he is suffering an at
tack of tonsil itie.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Story and chil
dren, June and Robert of Atlanta, Ga.
visited Mr- and Mrs. C. L. Allen Mon
day. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mehaffey of
Waynesville visitad their daughter,
Mrs. Ed Bright Sunday.
Mrs. G. L. Allen is spjnding a few
days in Sylva with relatives-
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vote on the question of whether all
matters of a controversial nature
should be settled by the College of
Bishops as has been the case, or
whether by a Judicial Council, and
the Asheville conference voted al
most unanimously for the Judicial
Council as against the Bishops. The
vote stood 298 for the Council and
only 4 for the College of Bishops. Al.
in all the Asheville conference was a
constructive Conference. Dr. C. M
Pickens for three years Presiding
Elder of the Waynesville District,
goes to a great church in Charlotte,
while Dr. L. B. Hayes of Central
Church, Shelby,, comes to WaynesTflie
District. Dilsworth church, Char
lotte, will get a great preacher in Dr.
Pickens and W'aynesville District will
not suffer a loss in the coming of the
versatile Dr. Hayes with his charm
ing wife and little son.' For myself
and family, let me say that Waynes
ville holds us with a charm far
greater than could any other city or
church anyhere in all of North Carolina-
We are here with all our hearts
to stay and serve."
Cumberland County farmers will
pay 98 per cent of their government
seed loans this fall.
Dr. Bvir. La Rue left Waynesville
Tuesday for a week's visit with
Gjveri.or Roosevelt at Warm Springs,
Georgia, where he will attend the an- j
r.ual banquet of the Georgia Warm
Storings Foundation Sanitarium where)
Governor Roosevelt will give his an-'
nual Thanksgiving address and re-,
port the work accomplished during i
the past fiscal year. This is the third (
year that Dr. La Rue has been in-;
vited to attend these festivities which j
are very enjoyable a-1 well as instruc
tive and edifying.
Local High School
Faculty Give Play
Cullowhee, N- C. (Special t" The
Mountaineer.) Mirs Fannie Pearle
and Mr. James Osborne have been
elected recording secretary and corre
sponding secretary, respectively, in
the Hunter B. Y. P. U. Union at
Western Carolina Teachers College.
The faculty of the local high schoo
presented a play last Tuesday night
"Dost of the Earth," which was wel
received by a large and appreciative)
Those taking parts in the play
were, Misses Bessie Boyd, Charlott-:-Hatcher
and Bernice McElhannon,
Mrs. Kellett and Messrs. James Davis,
Edward Haynes, Richard Barber,
Paul Davis, Paul Frye- Miss Nancy
Crockett was in charge of designing
and making the costumes. Miss Char
lotte Hatcher and Miss Bernice Mc
Elhannon were directors of the play.
The sponsors of the play wish to
thank the Sluder-Garrett Furniture
company for their co-operation in
providing the stage furniture.
Phone 26fi-V
Reliable ocal man,
if really interested ;-. .
line business of your i
interfere with your pr-. -.:
stamp for instructive jv..
details of our prop .
tending out-door adwr::?
ing. American Advert;
515 W. Goodale St., (:
Coal Users Should Be
." . ''.','
for all this warm weather. Winter must be just ahead
and when it comes don't forget that we can furnish
you with the best of coal for your grate, stove or fur
nace. None better than our VIRGLOW.
Hyatt &Cor
Phone 43
Phone 43
I Hints For
Pitted Dates, ?f. 19c Iff
Grandmothers FRUITCAKE lb. 50c 2
New Crop
Mixed Nuts
lb. 19c
15 oz pk 1 Oc
Canned Fruits
Assorted Buffet
White House CIDER
Gal. Jug
Grandmothers BREAD
Full Lb.
Wrapped Loaf
' it
10 lbs
25 lbs
100 IbS. be
1 lb
8 Lb. Bucket for
24 lb. bag .
48 lb. bag .
98 lb. bag .
. ..$1.05
. ..$1.99
j i
A. and P. Fancy bit
No. 2 Can V
Octagon Soap
10 Cakes for 25c. R4t
Store closec
ATLAMinC & PACI PC S day Thursday

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