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Has More Paid-in-Advance Sub.icnb.n In Haywood County Than All ItVvA.'i .Wu'.r- p, is C r;ih?
NO. 51
Local Football Team is New Champion of Western North Carolina Will Play
Weaver College In Charity Game Here Tuesday Afternoon On Local Fieldj
aywood County Is Expect
ed to Lead in Poundage
in Western North
op Expected to Bring:
Farmers of County $50,
000 Before Christmas
IiV Robinson, county -ami agent.
1 The Mountaineer Wednesday at
noon that the quality of this sea
's. tobacco is much higher than usu
He continued, "there is litle barn
nt or green tobacco. The fine
ither ''-during September and Octo
- ripened the tobacco."
Lr. Bob in son estimated that ap
icimately $100,000 will be brought
this county from the sale of to
coo this year. It is expected that
,000 "worth from here will be sold
re Christmas.
Approximately 560,000 pounds of
ley tobacco was raised in Haywood
year," George A. Brown, a pro
jsive farmer of the Fines Creek
ion and official representative of
Saunders Tobacco Warehouse,
eville, said.
ceording to Mr. Brown the crop
year is about 50,000 pounds less
J last year, but the quality more
i makes up for the number of
nds lost. As a whole the couitty
very good crop and will pc-r-5
lead all other Western North
olina counties in the number ci 1
nds this season. I
T,' Brown is very optimistic over
prospects for (rood prices this
y especially since the rains the
of the week will enable the farm
to grade the tobacco. The burley
cq depends largely ori the weath
and the dry weather lately has
e this year's tobacco crop rather
and crisp and hard to handle,
ie tobacco market is scheduled to
i December 9, and with pretty
ther it i sj expected that a large
oivt will be placed on the market
flrtt few days after the opening.
Brown would not give any fig
as to what he thought the tobac
rould bring this year, but inti
d that he thought that the prices
!d'be higher than the farmers
i expecting.
le following figures were given
paper comparing this year's crop
other years.
5TO If f r;&gm
iSM- fh Ot A Q a
I w f n
sw saws sw-i mm. .
T? l Am
Over 21)0 Defendants Pres
ent for Trial; Unusually
Heavy Docket.
Cases Beinjr Tried Expidite
ly and Throujjhlv; Court
House Halls Filled
Above Is pictured the Mountaineers of Waynesville who claim the Western North Carolina "grid title.' Front row, left to right: 1'., ll.nvi ll
C. Wyatt, PYancls. Brenrile. Stiller, Bathbone, Atkins and Manager Henrtrlck. Second row: Brummltt, Captain Cube, Murray, Smith. Huiinmrrow'
Bryson, Bridges. P. Davis, Reeves. Back row: Coach C. E. Wiatherby, Pat Urn, Ruff, B. Brysoa, Oleuu Wyatt, Garland, Davis. Greenwood, Kutcliffe,
Carver. Haynea, Strlngfleld. .
Sewer Disposal Dispute To
Be Brought Up. Waynes--ille
and Hazelwood
- m
i o .
640 277,120 23e $60,966
780 421,980 23c $07,055
725 665.550 16c$107,819
700 560,000 ...
account of court, the tobacco
ing scheduled for Friday will be
at the Waynewood theatre in
I of the courthouse.
8 Rev. W. O- Goode, pastor vf
ethodist church here ha& planned
special sermons for the people of
jesville. These sermons have
i quite a bit of thought and prep
n by Rev. Goode and promise to
neficial to the eongregatiori. .
e first of these will be given Sun-
moraing at the regular church
:e, and is especially for men. The
ct Will be, "The world's bid for
the following Sunday morning
Goode will preach a companion
n specially for the women when
abject will be, "The world's bid
i public is extended a most cor
nvitatioti to attend both of these
:es. :'". .. ' .
W Wright announced Monday
he has opened a plumbing and
i(f fchop on East street.
.Wright has been in the plumb
asihess here for a number of
He was formerly connected
;he Kuykendall & Son firm.
The case of Lake Junaluska Meth
odiH Assembly, Incorporated, versus
the Town of Waynesville and the
Town of Haielwood is scheduled to
be triel in Supreme Court l)ecember
The Lake Junaluska corporation
brought the case to court here last
May and Judge John H. Harwood,
presiding judge, ordered that Way
nesville and Hazelwood within twelve
months stop emptying their sewerage
into Richland, which creek flows into
Lake Junaluska.
The two towns were granted an
appeal and the case has been carried
to supreme court.
The case grew out of the fact that
Lake Junaluska claimed to have been,
damaged to the extent of $150,000
by the sewerage that the two towns
have emptied into Richland Creek,
which supplier-.the .lake with water.
The claim of the two towns is that
they acquired the right to use the
creek ior such purposes long before
th( Methodists developed the Lake
Junaluska as a Fummer resort.
It has been intimated that, if the
court upholds the ruling of Judge
Harwood that the towns will have to
build a disposal or filtering plant,
either of 'which is estimated would
cost approximately $175,000. It if
suggested that filtering plant or dis
posal plant would bp much cheaper
thsn laying a pipe line to Pigeon
river because of the rocks and num
erous hills between the city and the
rivtr. ' .
Attorneys J. R. Morgan and Joe E.
Johnson are expected to go t'i Ral
eigh to appear for the defendants.
Attorneys Alley and Alley, local law
firm, and Judge T. D. Bryson, mem
ber of the faculty at Duke University
represent the plaintiffs. .
Another case of interest to local
people is the case of justice versus
the Junaluska Supply company. Mr
Justice claims that his neck was
broken while employed by the defend
ants and is suing for personal dam
ages. The exact date of this rase
was not learned.
Federal Officers
Make Waynesville
Their Headquarters
Prohibition Officials For
Haywood, Jackson and
Transylvania To Make
Home Here.
Messrs. R. C. Reese and R. C.
Forbes, federal prohibition agents
for Haywood, Jackson and Transyl
vania counties, have made Waynes
ville their headquarters. These two
officers were sent to this trrritory to
take active charge of enforcing the
prohibition law. They have been in
this sfction for several months, but
most of the time haf been devoted in
aiding in the prosecution of the al
ledged violators.
Both these offictrs are experienced
in their work and come here after
proving their ability in enforcing the
law- Mr. Reese in the interview. with
The Mountaineer stated that Hay
wood county is producing just a little
more whiskey than the average coun
ty and for that reason they were sent
here in a effort to make this county
a little dryer. In speaking of their
work in the past few months here,
the officers have captured quite a
numlier of distilleries and many gal
Ions of rum destroyed, September
was the biggest month with 19 dis
tilleries destroyed and 25,000 gallons
of berr captured. October was Iess
with only 45 gallons and 8 distiller-ie-.
During November three weeks
were spent in the federal courts, but
2 'stills and 10 gallons, of whiskey
were captured. November also saw
14 people arrested for violating the
prohibition law.
The largest single raid that has
been recently was in the Fines Creek
Section where 1,000 gallons of icach
mash was captured and destroyed.
Mr. Reese was asked concerning
this work if any person giving ar
officer any information were liable t-1
be called into court to testify against
the alledged violator, he said, "not in
the least, everything that is told us
is kept absolutely confidential. Why
evrn a man's wife could tin us off
that be was making rum and he could
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Junior Board of Stewards
Organized By Methodists
Game Scheduled
Here Tuesday for
Benefit of Charity
Pondy' Poindexter, Weaver
( ollctfe (oach Is Popu
With Fans Here
A meeting- held la ; Week at the
loial Methodist church was marie v..
of the local young men of the i!.-h .
for the purpose of -'o'rganizin;;' the
Junior Hoard of Stewards.
The purpose of the'boairi is io
assist in carrying on the work of '.In-
.W..;,- ,)..rtai,i.,i . - ' 'Vciiant.v..loUMiIl game will be
-The', board-is 'combed of the f ol- ' ',,;lVfMre next. Tuesday afternoon
lowing young- men of Waynesville: M i- '',.w,'n "'e local, high schmd teani,
II. Howies, Ilenrv Francis, 1 . K. Alley, :'h""1,"on v,f Western North Carolina
Jr., Francis Massie, Carhon Wea ,h' 8W'om,ary and the strong
erby, Benj. Sloan, Wil ford Rav, U! ; . . , aV7 Coll('Ke The game will
Hovd." Raymond Hyatt, Frank Fergu-: " """" )f Unocal post
on, Jr., David Hyatt, James Queen and
Thomas ingfield.
The next meeting of the .huuo.
Board will be Monday' evening I'ec-
ember 7th.
J. M. Newton Better,
Suffered A Stroke
The many friends of J. M. Newton,
owner of the Waynesville Insurance
Agency, will be glad U learn that he
is better after suffering from a stroke
of paralysis, Mr. Newton is better.
but he. is still unable to use his right
limbs, although he is out of danger.
During his illness, his son, James
A. Newton, of Bostin, Mass, will
en i ry' on the business of his father.
Mr. Newton'; -..other children visjted
him during his sudden illness, but
have now returned to their homes,
with he exception James A. 'i,
Thos.(. called home were: Mr. an I
Mrs J. M. Newton, Jr., and daugh
ter Juliadelle. -of Greensboro, N. C.,
Mr and Mrs. R. T. Newton and
daughter, Jane, of Harlan, Ky,. R.
K. Newton, student of Wake Forest
College. Wake Forest, N. C.
Ex-Convict From Here
Kills Man In Raleigh
Word was received here this week
that Jake Jones, colored, who shot
Wallace Ward here about four years
ago, for which he was sentenced to
the state penitentery, was arrested int
Raleigh for killing a filling station
operater of that city.
Jake is said to have bee a short
and very black, hardly : five feet in
height. The crime had puzzled the
Raleigh oficers for some time but
they traced him by a peculiar heel
tap on one of his shoes. When arrest
ed he had two pistols under his pillow
and a rifle by his side. The crime he
commited here puzzled local officials
for a time but he finally confesed.
The district meeting of the Ameri
can legion will be held in Canton
Tuesday night, December 8. This
special meeting has been called by
District Commander McCracken.
This is a call meeting of all posts
of this '-'district and it is urged fh'it
all that can attend this meeting.
of the American Legion
All procrt'ds realized from the game
will ! usel in charity work here in
Waynesville and immediate vicinity,
according to J. C.-' Patrick, command
er of the loeal post.
The American Legion will cooperate
with the other charitable organizations
of the -ity and see that the funds
are given to those needing relief the
The strong Weaver College team is
j-courhed by "Pondy" Poindexter, coach
here during !I2!, '27, "H. It is ex
M'(tel that a large numlx-r of fans
from this sect ion will turn out to see
,-iie same calibre team that lie turned
out while in Waynesville.
I he spv.Msors of the game are try.
ng to get the business houses of the
county to close for the game.
The Weaverville team has b-en
one 'f the best prep school teams in
V.s seetion this year. They expect t
b:cak the wining streak of the locals,
who havt been playing superior ball
ior me last tew games.
The game starts promptly ;,t ,'i I.
M. at the local field.
The Waynesville Pharmacy is mak
ing a window display of a miniature
football field with the high school
colors in appreciation of the work of
the Waynesville team in giving their
services to such a worthy-cause.
lu'i c
i' I 'ii -ember teini
lor llaV(uiii (.
Moiniuy iiuM iiih)
l upen.ii-
a i ui the 1 1cm-
Episcopalians to Have
Music Service Sunday
The district stewards meeting of
this district was held at the First
Methodist church here Monday morn
ing with the Rev. L. B. Hayes, presiding--.
.. . ''
A progressive program for the com
ing year was discussed and plans
made for them were perfected.
The meeting vl-a-s addresed by the
Presiding Elder of this district, Rev.
L. B. Hayes, who brought a forceful
and helpful message to the stewards
an 1 laymen present.
Rev. M. A Plyles, editor of the
North Carolina Christian Advocate,
was also present and made a short
talk . '-. '; - - . ". ' ' ,
At the noon hour the ladies of the
church served dinner to about 75
preachers and delegates- '
A special "Choral Kvensonc'' wiil
be held at the Grace Episcopal church
in The Mountains with the combined
choirs of St. Andrews, Canton, and
vesper service in its full setting.
Solos will also be given by Mrs.
Smathers, of Canton, and Miss Mil
dred Crawford, of Waynesville.
A short address will be given by
the Rev. G. L-Granger, rector of the
St. Andrews.
Rev. Albert New, rector of th"
local: Episcopal church, cordially in
vites the public to attend this service.
The annual Christmas Tuberculosis
.Seals are being sold in the county this
vook. All funds collected from these
oals ar used in fighting tuberculosis
in North Carolina.
Mrs. Tbos. M. Sea well is chairman
of the local work, and urges that mor.
seals be used than ever before, as th
need is greater.
Not only is the seal for a charaitable
purpose but it is more attractive thai
usual. -
The Rotary Club wilr observe ladies
night Friday evhninrr at 7:30. Specia?
entertainment has been planned by
the program commmittee. All P.otar
ians and their wives are un;ed to be
present . '.
One Is Released, One Held
On Forest Fire Charges
Two men, were arrested last week
here for setting' forest fires in this
county. They were tried before Jus
tice of Peace Frank Ferguson. Henry
Embree was bound over to court. Wit
nesses claim they saw him set the
woods on fire, Walter Rathbone was
released when the witness was not
sure that he was the man she saw
setting the woods in her neighbor
hood. .
.rable W. K. II.: rding. judge prc-d i .
ilig. ' .lllilge liardllig clui ncil to
V;ij in s llle lei try thi;- teiMi oi cciur:,
facing an uiiMially criided .unl eon
gested cb.c-kct. Sciluitor ,ln... Al.
.' ii - ti is pushing the ca -e- bel'm-e th;
colli: and trying them eruditely and
w it h much dispatch.
Honorable J no. M Queen, 'Soliciti'r
I'oi- thin district, has been engaged so
far in this term of . court with tint
misdemeanor docket. Over i-'OO crim
inal defendants face this term
court. Solicitor Queen i. trying to
finish the 'misdemeanor docket this
week. Probably over one hundred
cases will be disposed die first
week of court. The case of the Statu
vs. Tom Cope will be called for ne:H
week. In the case of the State vs.
Robt. Pipes for manslaughter, tho
solicitor took nol pros with leave
owing to the fact that the defend
ant .is supposed to be suffering with
serious mental' disability and is now
detained at a hospital.
The homicide cases that i.'mam to
be disposed of are the State Vs. J. A.
Welch, and the State vs. Tom Cope,
both indictments charging iran
slaiighter. The murder cases for tiia!
are the State vs. the ' -vo SmithV,
'State vs. David Hyatt, and the State;
vs. Rob Ritchie.
In the matter of the State vs.- Tuu
and Ken E. Browning, charged w:lli
assault with a deadly wvapo.s,-. Joe
Browning plead guilty and Ken K
Browning was found guilt and tl.o
mercy of the court wa reconitnenderi-
Elbert Amos and Edward lfuyno,,
charged with breaking, enti riu? nii'i
larceny, the jury .returned a wr
ilict of "guilty " They were pentenej
to be confined in the common jail oi
the ciunty for two years, and to bo
worked out on the state highway,!
at call.
The Grand -Jury returned a 'rue
bill ugainst David Hyatt for murder.
The cases disposed of until tho i;a;x r
went to press are as follows:
Shuford .'Grooms, murder, - pray -i
for judgment continued. Capias to
issue for judgment oti motion of the
('. H, Hyrd. IIiirtmaii Fanner ar,,!
Joe Liner, charged with ''operating';
slot machine, plead guilty. Judgment
was suspended upon payment of the
COSt. . ;.. .....
Lloyd Trantham, driving auto
drunk. Found guilty, judgment sus
pended upon payment of the cost.
Dewey Henson, entered plea of
guilty for carrying a conce ile i
Champ Buchner was found guiltv,
of v- p. 1. . .
Wm. .Mitchell was confined to the
common jail in the county fur . i
months, to be assigned to work on
state highways at call.
DeVoe Medforri, operating s
chine, case continued for defcHian.,
C. R. By rd and Jnc Dr..kc, o:
ating slot machine, ple;ii c(Uii;y ;,n i
judgment suspended on payimiiL O:
the costs on recomniendatioii of the
Charlie Byrd, operating slot "ma
chine, dead guilty, judgment sys
pended upon payment of .the. tvst.
: V. Hoyle, violating ; proh;i!it; ,r
law, good behavior shown, ecu. ;
under former order.
Roy Wilson, charged with v p- ! .
continued for defendant.
Roy Whitesides, injury to prop
erty, defendant plead guilty.. Judg
men suspended upon payment o ;
F"red Smith, forcible trespass
plead guilty, sentenced to four month..
in the .common jail, to work on staU
highways at calL
Frank Downs, driving Tec'ilcsly.
plead guilty, fined $25 and co--t
Champ Buckner, v. p. 1., confined
to common jail for six months, to
work on state highways at cail.

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