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11 Churches of City Co-operating.
Large Cast
Taking Part.
inal Rehersal Will Be Held
Friday Night. All Choirs
of City to Take Part. .
A Christmas and Missionary pa
ant, "The Lipht of the World,?! will
given at the high school auditorium
Sunday evening, beginning at 6
lock. -
AH churches of the city are partic
iting and the combined choir cf
a city Will furnish the ir.u;.ic.
Approximately 100 persons, frun
various churches will be in the
geant. j
The theme of the pageant ;s imbud
I in the title, -center..ig m he new
rn babe in the manger, where
ristianity was born. The eomiait
k, Mrs.'W'alker of cite Presbyterian,
rs- New of the Episcopal,, Miss Bes
)! Boyd of the Methodic, uVnl Mrs.
lUcora of the Baptist are putting
rth much effort to mawj the pa
nt this year a succe.. a.vl urge
jit all anembers of c-acii dioir in
to' give them their support.
The final rehersal Mil lo h.'.d at
. school auditorium Iiulay night
7:30.' . '
f TItif1niiirnf) ict
mj, Ajituct. nuuu 19
Claimed By Death
i, IT. Underwood died at his home
e last'Thursday morning after an
leas'of. many months. Funeral
vieea-w' conducted at the First
iptist ejhurch Friday afternoon 'at
10 o'elotk where he has been a mem.
? f or a number of years. Rev. H.
Baucom conducted the services
listed by Rev. A. V. Joyner, of Can
I, -and former pastor of the de
ised. ":
tfr. Underwood was a member of
Si Masonic Order and also the Junior
jder -United American Meeani
ft- He has lived here all his life,
'd was regarded as one of the out-
(nding citizens of the community.
3e is survived by wife and seven
Wren three daughters and four
is, as follows: Jarvis, Carl, Rob
, , and Wilkins of Elizahethton.
nessee, .Misses Ginsie, Pearl and
elyn .
.hool Holidays To
Begin Friday, To Re
sume Work January 1
According to Superintendent B. D.
Inn, the Waynesville schools - will
niiss 'for the Holidays on Friday,
cember 18, and not resume work
ti lMonday, January 4.
Practically all the' out-of-town
ichers will go to their respective
mes for the holidays.
Up to this time the school year
a been a most successful one. No
rious delays or epidemics have
de their appearance and much
a been accomplished during the
st semester.
The athlectic department, under
e mrectron of Coach Weatherby has
nstantly held the name of the
iool before the . public and has
ought back to Waynesville much
veted records
rar Veterans Call
Special Meeting for
Saturday Night, 7:30
Special attention is called to 4-11
orld War Veterans that there will
a special call meeting Saturday
Jht, December 19, at 7:30 P.M. in
s Veteran's hall over the W. W. N.
Cafe for the purpose of voting on
s Paying off in full of the adjust-
service certilcate, or bonus.
Tbis meeting is said to be very im
rtant and every World War vet
n is urged to come and take part
d vote. .
This meeting is sponsored by the
aynesville Chapter of Disabled
nerican Veterans of the World
W. -,: , ; : '.-'.
Junior Order To
Install Officers
Tuesday, Jan. 5th.
Local Lodge Now One of
Largest in Order, Mem
bers Here Active
' The local chapter of" the Junior
Order United American -Mechanics,
now the largest in this district, which
consists of Haywood, Buncombe, Hen
derson, Polk and Transylvania coun
ties, elected . officer a .few weeks ago
for the first six months of the com
ing year. The local lodge is rated as
one of the most active and progressive
of the nibsi' active and progressive
in the entircOrganizatiOn. 't''1'
The officer; recently , elected who
will be installed ion, Tuesday night
January fith, are as follows:
Clarence Barnes, 'Councilor.
Frank Tucker, vice-Councilor
W. A. Grahl, Recording Secretary. 1
K. H. Knsley, Assistant Recdrttirg
F. A.Burgin, Financial Seretary.
W T. Mehaffey.Treasurer..
George MeElroy, Conductor.
Thomas Smith, Warden.
W. C. Medford, Chaplain.
John C. Kerley, Outside Sentinel.
Otis Burgin, Inside Sentinel.
J T, Noland, Trustee.
The lodge now has a membership ot
over SOOaetive members.
Local Man Suffering With
Pneumonia Has Passed
' Crisis, "
George Sherrill, local photographer,
was reported to be huich improved
Wednesday afternoon. Mr. Sherrill
has b'en critically ill with pneumo
uia.for the last two weeks.
Although he is nfltch better it will
be several weeks before he will be
able to get out again-
Duke Alumni Meet
At LeFaine Hotel
Local alumni of Duke University
met at a banquent at .tVe LeFa'ine
Hotei last Friday evening in onscy
vance of "Duke University Day," the
seventh anniversary of. the creation
of the Duke endowment indenture,
Christmas colors were used i. the
table appointments.
Mr. Bonner Ray, retiring presi
dent, presided over the meeting and
acted as toastmaster.
Members of the alumni and alum
nae groups each arose at Mr. Ray's
suggestion and gave their names and
the year of their graduation. Dr.
Tom Stringfield, class of '97, remin
isced of the old days when Old Trin
ity was located near High Point and
Mr- F rank Miller told of later days
soon after it was moved to Dui'ham.
Both Dr. Stringfield and Mr. Miller
played on the varsity football team
during their college days,
Mr. Carleton Weatherby told of
the changes that have taken place
since Trinity became Duke, and of
the ideals and aspirations of the new
university. Mr. Weatherby also
spoke of the new system of athletics
under Wallace Wade, He said that
Mr. Wade's idea was not just to pro
duce a winning football team, but to
develop each student in some form
of physical education.
Mr. Frank Ferguson spoke briefly
on the purpose of the alumni asso
ciation and Dr. Cline of Canton gave
a history of the local organization
and brought out the advantages of
Duke Summer School at Lake Juna-
At the conclusion of the program
the following officers were elected for
the coming year- Mr. Carleton
Weatherby, president; Dr. Cline, vice
president; Miss Janie Tucker, 2nd
vice president; and Mr. -.Hugh-.' .No
land, secretary.
Three Deacons Ordained
By Presbyterians Here
At the regular morning services of
the Presbyterian church service last
Sunday three additional deacons
were ordained, and installed; These
new officers are Messrs. W. A. Grp.hl. interest in his service station in Can
L. M. Black and Albert Abel. tan to Wade Rhea. 1
Three County Poultry Rais-j
ers Lead State in Pro- ;
duction During Year
County Agent, J. L. Robinson, stat- i
ed last week that Haywood county is
becoming one of the leading poultry
raising counties in this section of!
the state. He pointed out the .':u-t
'. that this countv was especially suit- !
able for poultry raising, despite the j
fact that many were of 'the opinion i
that it was not-
Mr. Robinson gave a few facts and
figures of three Haywood poultry va:s- :
ers in comparison with the cither;
raisers cover the state and it seems :
that the Haywood men are in the le:ul. '
Three Haywood poultrymoti, Van
C. Wells, Glen 11. Smathers and E.
J. Pinner were among the 1211 in the '
.u.v vliv.i vviiii,ivivi nil- .vein KK
record of their poultry fhx'ks.
It is interesting to note the com
parison of the combined record of
these three and that of the entire
group in the state. The Haywood menj
averaged. .'170 birds per, farm, in the,
state the average whs 194. The Hay
wood men averaged 159 egg . per;
bird, the state average was 147.
difference of a dozen eggs per hen is
a very material advantage.
Perhaps a large part of this ad
vantage is gained by the extra feed
consUpied, 7C.U lbs per bird by Hay
wood birds and 7:3.i lbs. per bird over
the,i -state. It -took 5.0 lbs of feed to
produce a dozen eggs over1' the state,
but here only. 5,7 lbs. This looks like
the. Haywood men are pretty good
f eedtt .
Djtfing January and February t.hq
Haytvood poultrymen 'were 'quite a bit
aboie the state average in percent
pioijtibtion' or eggs per bin!. Through
Marcli and April they fell1 just about
as much below, were -equal in May
andlthen were far ahead through the
summer up to Oct. 1, when the re
cord was completed. At least the
last part of this, the. --high -production
through June to October, was the
same as loi- last year, l-ronamy our
cooler climate enables the hens to
continue laying during the hot months;
The fact that this period also corres-;
ponds to our tourist sPasou and a re
latively high price of eggs ought" to
enable Haywood poultrymen ti plan
and take care of our tourist -heed .
at. this time.
From November -through April the
cost .of eggs for the Haywood men
was considerably higher than for the
state. From then through the bal
ance of the year the cost was less
than for the state. Probably warmer
weather through March and April in
the tower sections of the state gave
them an advantage, causing their pro
duction to run above ours and the
cost below.
This does not explain, however, why
the Haywood costs should have been
from one to over five cents higher
per dozen eggs, from November 1 ?o
March 1, when our production was
equal or better than over the state.
The eggs in Haywood sold for one
cent more per dozen than over the
state and this advantage was gained
late in the season. The return above
feed cost for the state was $1.39 per
bird, while in Haywood it was $1.48
per bird.
- The October reports show the same
comparison as for the late summer.
Our men produced oyer three eggs
per hen more, at a cost of fpur cents
less per dozen than for the state.
Student Night To Be
Observed By Baptist
On Sunday night, December 27, the
evening services of the First Bap
tist church here will be given over to
the students from the various col
leges that are home for the holidays.
This has been a custom fo- several
years. .. :
Rev .H. W. BaUcom p'ointe 1 out that
this year 17 members of the church
were attending ten different colleges.
N. C, WTest, owner of the West Mo
tor Company of Clyde, has sold his
Don't forget your Christmas
Seals! You need them and the
'und needs your support. Sue a
i demand for the light against tu
beivulosis! Not a penny is wasted
in handling this campaign. The
wuker give their time, and 75c
of every dollar is kept right here
in Waynesville. JJ5 is sent to the
N. C. Tv B. Assocjaiton to carry on
clinics andt preventative measures.
I.e.-,-- than thirty-five dollars worth
were svld here last year. Tha
chairman sent less than five dol
lars to the State Direcor and
about twenty dollars has tyeen
used lure in helping four families.
Childien get the , first claim on any
funds available.
Fee of 55c Per Hundred
Pounds With Minimum
Charge of $12.50 Is
New Basis.
Plans and (ftdicies covering the is'
suance of 19.'f2 state automobile li
cense plates were outlined this week
at a meeting of Carolina Motor club
branch managers,.' headquarters, and
state officials according hi F,. C.
.Clark, manager of the local motor
club office who attended a regional
meeting at Morganton. He was ac
companied by Miss Lassena ('lark of
this office. ,
License plates are now -available at
Canton in Chamber of ..Commerce of
fice.' ;
Manager E.' E. Clark said that in
view of the fact that next year's li
cense fees will bp based on weight
rathw than horsojower special ef
forts have been made by motor club
and state officials to take every pre
caution that will add to servicing ve
hide owners.
The local motor club manager
made an especial plea that vehicle
owners ..preserve the white legist ra
tion card mailed from -.Raleigh.-' I'lc
state law requiies tat any vehicle
operated on the highways after Jan
uary. '1 must carry lil,'i2 license plates.
Automobile license plates will rmt
have lashil'ication letters, but niai.-s
!for pneumatic tire trucks will have
the letter "T" and . tags for solid tire
trucks will carry "TS"'. Fee '-for .'auto
mobiles is 55 cents per hundred
pounds with a minimum fee of $12.50.
Truck plate fees are; computed ac
cording to chassis weight, plus rated
carrying capacity, plus overload, at
the rate specified for gross weight.
Vehicle owners may procure li
cense at any Carolina Motor club of
fice by . presyi;ting the prorf-r fee
with application card issued by the
motor vehicle department. Owners are
especially cautioned to retain the ap
plication card but if it is lost or de
stroyed license may be issued upon
presentation of title to the vehicle.
When license is secured on a- title for
a new or u.sed tar or truck it is .nece's?
sary that a temporary application
card be filled iut and license appli
cants will save time and inconven
ience by preserving the white appli
cation card mailed from Raleigh.
North Carolina's 'X',2 plates will
reverse the 19.'1 color scheme and
will be black numerals on a yellow
blackground. Plate numbers for 1932
have been classified as follows:
N'os. 1 to 1 00, without letter, re
served for state officials, beginning
with governor; 101 ta 9,999 for. hire
cars; 10,001 to 11,500, dealer plates,
11,501 to 13,800 highway commission;
14,501 to 19,500, public owned; 22,
001 to 22,100, solid tire trailers, 2r',
101 to 27,500, trailers; 28,001 to 28,
500, tractors; 29,001 to 29,300, boat
trailers ($1.00 each); 30,001 to 31,
000, solid tire trucks; 31,001 to 80,000
truck plates; 100,001 to 400,000 auto
mobile plates.
.-',' . HONOR ,..: ':
Miss I'earle Justice of Clyde has
been elected critic in the Columbian
Literary Society at Western Carolina
Teachers College. V
Mrs. T. L. Bramlett
Buried Here Tues
day, Dies Suddenly
Native of Haywood County
Passes in 62nd Year. Had
Many Friends Here.
Funeral services for Mrs. T. 1..
Bramlett were held Tuesday after
noon at home, with the Rev. W. O
Goode, pastor of the Methodist church
here, officiating.
Mrs. Bramlett has luvn in ill
health for a number of years. Sat
urday afternoon she called a physi
cian to her home, upon his arrival
he advised her to remain in bed atnl
be quiet. She took bis advice and
before the physician could get back
to his office she -suffered an uccue
heart attack, which brought on im
mediate deuth.
Mrs. Bramlett is. survived 1 v
husband, an employee in the local
postoflice and four children,
daughters, Mrs- Josephine l-Mwan's
of Loraine, Ohio, Mrs. Dav K. ,
Greensboro, Mrs. Robert J'uvkr 'if
Chapel Hill, and one son, T. "... .Ii.,
student in the high school hert.
Mrs. Bramlett was !2 year-; ot .'ige
and had lived in c un'y
practically all her life. She the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob
The following , wen- ac.i.v.e -all
I carets: T. I. (ireeu, .!. K. IJoyd, ,1.
M Mock, -J-.. 11. Howell, F. W. Mil
E. I.. Withers.
Honorary pall bear's were: T. N
Massie, ('. II. K.iy, K. , lllackwell,
Tom: Stringticld, Hugh Sloan, ,) 1
( 'alie, .1. U. Tliomas, ( '. .I ric'us, K.
P: Martin, J. W. Shook, K. C. Moody,
Hr. S. j. Stringfield. V. '.. Alley.
Wade II. Noland, P, I. Turbytill, O. 1.
Shelton, F. A. Burgin, , A. (irabl,
J. M. Long, J. K Hipps, John M,
Qui en, W. A. Hyatt.
Varied Weather
Recorded Sunday
The weather man gave Waynes
ville and Haywood ' county a, vaiie l
weather menu during the hist week
end, especially on Sunday when all
kinds were presented. .Sun. rain,
f' , cold, heat and even" thunder anil
lightning were all witnessed in less
than 12 hour.s
This fall has been one of the warm
est ever remembered by residents
here. Practically no cold weather
has .been' experienced tV date. One
or two cold days last week is aboiu
all and then for only a short while
and part of that time the thermom
eter was above the freezing point.
Little ice has been seen here this
setvion- : '
Mrs MattieFerguson
Noland Passes
Mrs. Mattie Ferguson Noland. wife
of I.e Noland, of the Iron Duff sec
tion died at her home last Friday
after a long lingering illness, . She
leaves a husband and- five brothers,
Hob, Taylor, Orvii; and Hardy all
of Marion and Norman of Canton.
Interment was made at the Parker
Chapel cemetery on last Saturday.
Christmas Services
To Be Held At First
Presbyterian Sunday
Special Christmas, s irvics will be
held at the Presbyterian church f tin
day morning at the 11 )'i lock ser
vice, Hr. Walker announced '. jday.
The choir will give special music
and the pastor's sermon will b : ' The
Mission of the Magi."
A community service ' will be held
in Grace Episcopal Church on Christ
mas Eye (Thursday) at 11:30 p. m.,
when the Rev. R. P. Walker, Pastor
of the Presbyterian church, will
preach the Christmas Sermon. This
will "be followed immediately , by the
"Birthday Feast" of the new-born
King, or the Holy Communion.
-Special music will feature the ser
vice. Everybody is most cordially in
vited. '-
James Howell, Jr., and Eve
lyn Morgan Win in Dec
lamation and Read
ers Contest.
High School Gets to Keep
One Cup Permanently.
Both Students
Winning over representatives from
thirty schools in Western North Car
olina, James Harden II ovell, Jr., end
Fvelyn L Morgan, stud.'uts at the
Waynesville high school -brought.'
boine the two cups offered by Mars
Hill College for the Iwst declamation
and reading by high school students.
Thin is the second year that W.'iy
nescville high school has won the
declamation cup,, and the rule is tin
school gets to keep the cup perma
nently. -The declamation eonte-t was
won last year by Robert Lowe, of this
Miss Morgan won for VV c'ill
the first tune, 'the readers' cup. this
cup will remain in the posse of
the s-'hool until next year .in.! unless
won by some other school wi
main permanently in the local
i e
higli Moth these students
senior-, this'-
Miss Morgan is th" -daughter of
Or. Frncst Morgan, of W n'limto i, P.
C. She inakes her home with her
att.or:iey This is the third time;
she has represented Waynesville in
these contests and is an excptional
s.t udent. .
James Howell. Jr., is the son of .ua
jor and Mrs. J. H. Howell. Malm
i Howell is the oresent niavor of
Monilay morning the cup wu pre
seliled to the school during the chapel
exercises amid much cheering. Sam
Cahe also received recognition as -one
of the -outstanding fooj ball players in
Western.--' North Carolina at this ev-.
erci.-e. :
Woman's Club To
Sponsor Christmas
Tree Here Dec. 24
The annual community Christmas
tree sponsored by the Woman's Club
will be held on Christinas Fve in
M.'.iO p. m. on the lot onnosite the
iiost office.
Christmas carols will Y jim.; ac
companied by chimes, played ly Mr
Fred K. Seel, of Asheville. '1'he .-club
has arranged to have 1 50 lii-le I -lockings
to give to the poor children.
gin Bros. Erect
ing $1,500 Building
Hurst and Otis Burgin, ow ners aiiil
operators of liurginHrothers. local
department store, are. building a feed,
and warehouse combination, mi- the
vacant lot. in the rear , of their store
on Depot street. ,
The building is .'!0 by HO feet and
will cost: approximately ?l..r" ac
cording to the builders. The building
is lieing erected to take i are if the
feed and heavy groceries fur 'he
company. An increase' in 'nusiness iii
these lines necessitated the. erection
of the additional storage space.
The Mountaineer will be published
next Tuesday, afternoon instead of .
-Wednesday, the regular publishing
day. To do this the advertisers will
have an opportunity to get their
message u the public two days he
fore Christmas instead of a half day
if the paper was published Wednes
day. All advertisers will please have
their copy prepared a day ahead and
all correspondents please send in
their news on Monday instead ef
Tuesday. This will be the regular
Christmas edition of The Mountaineer.
: 1 :;:-:-

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