Hi ,o,v il-ln-AJ,-jrnvSulst:ribjrs In HayvjaJ County Than AH Weekly eus papers Combined XIV NO. 12 WAYNESVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA THURSDAY, MARCH .). 1932. ral For J. L. liams Held On inday Afternoon Jnown Resident Here bes Away After Heart Attack. services for James L. Wil were held at the First i TtM j... r churcn -uonaay micuioun, .ioode, pastor of the church, the services. Interment at the ureen liin cemetery. esuited from a sudden heart i!i he suffered early iamday illiams came to Haywood iny years ago from Buncomb j Jde has uvea continuously i i in Wavnesville. I ftnan Williams, of Rocking I Garland Williams, of Ral ilaughters, Mrs. Edith Nave, Tenn., Mrs. Mabel Weaver, frville, Mrs. Dorothy Wilson, 1 and Mrs. W. T. Lee, Jr., Jlorry liotha, Jr., ol Waynes- i surviving is ms wiuoyv, Miss Maney, of the Bam- ke-ction of Buncomb county. 'ail Williams, was killed in seas during the World War ballbearers were: C. E. Ray, Bovd, H. 10. Morris, Jim Dwell McCracken, and J. E. Honorary pallbearers were: Switt, Dr. isani Stringfield, rown, Roy Francis, Dr. Tom Dr. O. T. Alexander, and lltr; 'Beautiful" 10-Gallon Still Is Captured In Clyde Township Sun. Deputy Sheiiffs Muk Lcatheiwood and Will Caiver captured a M gallon i still early Sun jay lu.tfn'uiu ia the Clyde township. No uriesis were 1 Made o: whiskey captured. Visit To New State Prison Camp GivesjKSXE Ccj.1: Li I A D. COUNTY LATELY blaming ansigiii mio Lives ji rrisoners;( Sheriff L nve .-aid the sories captured with the f'.'w barrels only aar: 'till were Views Of New State Prison Camp Hie still which !.- ;il the i;iii aj, dp.-ciihcd hy She.-iir Lowe In one of the prettiest ones ever captur ed in thi- countv. NEWS BRIEFS ILI --.! i s Have Social ting Here Tues. iville Council No. oJ Jun United American Me et in regular session Tues :, this being the occasion et-to-gc-ther social meeting, ir C. W. Barnes presided ort business session after asked the chaplain, W. C. to preside. teting was feature:) by the r Jas- L. Robinson, county it, who gave the origin and ' the farm agents and what iU'g. len t: Creek qilsutot rendered fical selections and the Vo- Agriculture string band tal selections on the stringed ts.; George Garrett, one of Juniors in the .Waynesville ang his version of, "The the Man That Feeds Them Chaplain, T. L. Green, local , nir.di; a short impressive social lour the seventy lid the twenty guests enjoyed hywood apples which wer MARCH 2. HOPEWELL, N. J. Charles A Lindbergh, Jr., 20-months-old baby of Colonel and Mrs. Lindbergh was seiz ed from his crib where he lav ill with a severe cold last night and taken awa.v by kidnapers of whom no trove has been tound today. The kidnapers left a note in the crib demanding $50,000 ransom. Colo nel Lindbergh has taken personal charge of the irst ,-carch for the kid napers and it was understood he was attempting' to negotiate directly with I the kidnapers. ' Troopers and oolice search W fir.. . iviunupurs cxienuea over the entire Atlantic coast, the searchers spurred by knowledge that exposure may add to the child's peril. . New Jersey state police broadcast th following message relative to the Kidnapping .. ot Charles Augustus Lindberg, Jr. "Col. .Linbergh'ts baby kidnapped from Lindbergh home in Hopewell between 7:30 p. m. and 10 this date. Baby is 20 months and a boy. Is dressed in a sleeping suit." The baby is blue eyed and has f;.ir curly hair. Si, 11 i i,yiit 'SHANGHAI, Chines' defense troops evacuated their fortifications around Shanghai under a withering fire from the Japanese today nnd u- established positions miles to the rear lor another dogged stand. Chinese comanders of the 19th uoute Army, principal defense unit, declared "the fight is just begun" as troops completed an orderly ret 'tat to second defense lines. v Sinffiner 4 CJ---C5 hvention Will Ieet Sunday, 13 Hen, secretary of the Hay unty Singing Convention, this morning that the con ill meet Sunday. March I'h school auditorium at 10 vention has always created rest here and a large crowd it... - -' w to attend. jen saw, "we want every tie county to come and take believe that this will be f on vention we have had in rs," . .; Brackett To resent Haywood In tat e Convention fiss Juanita Brackett, 7 year per of Mr.' and Mrs. Zeb on in the stewardship cam Mucted by the Sunbeam or is of the Baptist churches of y and has been chosen to iiaywood countv in iha A V tision at the state meeting: t"h a iuisionary society m MAY FIND A ARGAIN INDEED Ie Who aro thnnff,,! to use the Want. AA L jto buy and sell things are people who are very picas nd fair to deal with. We iund this out over n neriod ' ... fn you answer a Want Ad n be sure that it is some fjust as it is represented, wnen you bvo our Want Ad, and inciden- u do immediately, you can tain it is from someone vou r Elad to deal with. J 137. SYLVA, A jury of 12 J i-.kson county citizens at noon today began deliberating their verdict Li he rase of Jim Bryson, 523 charged with first degree murder. They alsj had under consideration the fate of Ansel leo pard, who is charged with being an accessory. RALKIGH, March 2. Warning that many residents of Nix-th Carolina who never bel'-re had to mike an in come tax ret.irr. were it iiJ'.'e.l to do so this year was marU,- in a statement issued toda by A I. .Mixv.c'l, C.rm missionrr of Revenue. ASH EVILLE, March 2.-With be tween 12,000 and 15,000 acres, in cluding acres on valuable estates, burned over in Polk county, and with the Linville gorge, Upper Catawba river and other sections an expanse of smoke, flames, and charred trees,: western North Carolina today was battling against forest fires which threatened to attain the proportions of the Costly conflagrations which swept mountain forests last fall. y 1 -u j Abn f--lbe main building uhieh is fireproof, where the prisoners aie kept when not al woik on the roads. This budd ini' is nnidern in every respect. Supt. Cabe Tells How To Handle Prison ; ers Successfully Contrary to i lu- gencr il U.'iicr of. 'the public, c.-.i.nicts an l uitr-.dle.l 'lnore easily will: Kind w.u.l- ;1"d a! I kind undeitan.iin,4 hear, than ntii guns. This is the niihi I u.-vd t'.v . I J. F. Cabe, sujn i-inti ii.i' rf ilv in w i state priser. a' Ua.'.i i . e l. wliii-h va . ' completed ali.mt ::o days age. j i The prisoi. w ., evened Kebru.i ry j ; 10 and .'luring .ti.u r'n n.is reeeivi.lj Mi prisoners. .--! (!,.. pyUoucr., j I conlilH'd t tin e i-p ,,re Jioin Su a; n. I Buncombe, .lacK-i n. Henderson, llity- i wood and .Madis,n c anties. PuHiig; : ihe short time the viti h.t. Inn j open, Superintend 'in' l';ii e, railed! U'aiit'n by the convict-, has won lus 1 way int.i the hearts ei' 'country'-1 unfortunates," as !. e ,1's i'h in Mi.1 a per- en H interest ;n li.'iv I'u.iinl t ! i .it thev i o1h.v the rules set down 1..- hinr more ' readily than it lie did ii.n mis wdb ; them and be tlicir frn'Ui!. County Organized And Ready To Cooperate Farm Program.. ; Cabe has taken j each man and The last two commii.iity Farm meetings have been bel l and i very community in the county is now work ing faithfully with ;Uru committees hi an effort 'to make the Vi Year Farm program a 'success. The last two meetings ;i 'I'd weic at Crabtrce and Morning Star. The Morning Star meetm;; Ayis. held Monday night, with an enthusi astic audience present. it bur Os borne, regional chairman, .las 1.. 'Robinson, county aeerll, Mi-s MeF1 hannon and Mrs. .1 1!. itowel!. p. -entcil the plans 'for ihK program. The following were elected as nioi -hers of the committees: Mrs. John Klmdai mei', Vr s. .' . I'. Smith, and Miss ('onnie Wilson. The men were Turner Sxiatliei's, Lester Smathcrs, and John li. Sniatheis, Thi' vocational department siring band furnished music for the meeting. On last Thursday night a .-iniilnc meeting was '.'Id at Crabirec. A large crowd wa- pnri'nt and the I ! Left .'superintendent J F. tormer s ht-i-1 IT ol Hav County. Mr. Cabe's as- is Johnnie Ferguson. ! Superintendent 'abe w.i Iiaywood county for ' veil-;, I handling prisoners for ov and finds that the lie -it policy siienil of ha- I ceil !0 'ear.' . is r. vel IJottom-Kxtrenie leit, t'n laundry; the long building in the center is the moss hull and kitchen, lo the extreme right is the prison garage. A six foot wire fence surrounds the prison lot. Photos by Shei rill's Studio t i mn ii' Mmmmtmmmmmmmmmmmmmmtmmmmmmu i Mini in i 3 County Young People To Have Social Next Wednesday At Clyde Waynesville Teams In Two Tournaments The boys' basketball team is sche duled to play the strong Christ School team in the annual Western North Carolina Conference in Asheville Thursday at 5 p. m. Coach Weatherby announced the probable line up as follows: Forwards : Murray, Ross. Center, Helmick, guards Davis, Wyatt. Both teams will journey out to Cullowhee for the tournament. The boys play Andrews Thursday night at 9:30 and the girls play Rob inaville at 9 a. m. Friday morning. L. H. Harrell, state 4-H Club lead will have charge of the social meeting of the 4-H clubs and their friends at the Clyde high school next Wednesday night. The meeting is a get-to-gether affair and all young people 16 years and older are in vited to attend. A weiner roast and games will feature the social hour. The meeting will begin about 6:45 o clock, it was announced by Jas. L, Five From Haywood Attend Regional Meeting In Asheville The regional committee of the 5-10 Year Farm program met Tuesday night in Asheville. Those attending from Ha v wood county were Arthur Osbome.Mr. and Mrs ' W- D. Smith. Mrs J. H. Howell, and Miss Bernice I oner takes pride in his personal ap- i to treat a prisoner mean. lie 'lakes I the position if a prisoner is decent and is treated mean it makes him nnan. i and if a prisoner is naturaly iinan and is treated mean it onl. nmLes j him worse. Trejit them nice and ai I ways keep them in a good inimor i.nd you H have little trouble, is Ins .-e gan. The Capt'n believes in usi.ii;,' loni- inon sense and lus tongue more' than his pistob He mixes with them and always has time to listen to their troubles and in many instanei ; he carries thctn lo ihe'ofliec ami gives them advice that will prove .profita ble' after they finish scrying their term. When asked what was his advice to young men, Mr. Cabe remarked that there was one thing to remembered: once a convict, you can never live it down. No matter what the nature of the crime, a convict is always looked down upon. No matter how far a convict goes from home after serv ing his time, it always comes out sooner or later that he is a convict. No prisoner is ever given any priv ileges without lirst showing that he deserves them. Then their privileges are limited' When given a foot, the1 average convict usually takes a mile; The superintendent does alb the locking up himself and every pre caution is taken to see that no 'es cape is made. The prisoners arc al lowed visitors. All visitors are watched closely by the wide-awake guards on duty. Marly convicts re ceive packages, but in every instance they are carefully inspected before being handed to the prisoners. All I cakes are cut open several times be- fore the convicts receive them, to see that no saws or weapons were used j in baking the gift. All mail i read that is sent or rr reived at the prison. Quite a num ber of romances are being carried on through the mails, it was said One of the most impressive fea tures of -.the prison is the sanitary condition. Capt'in Cabe, remarked that he was the best "dirt finder" in the state. He insists that every pris- ' tollowiug presented ! he I'l'.'i.ini: Mr. Osborne, W H. Smith, da- . I.. Robinson, Mis. .1. II. Howell, and Mrs. W. II. Smith. Mr. .MeClani oek .delivered a very intciesting lalk on I vegetables and their value. The fol lowing were elected as leaders i:i this I farm programs Mrs. Frank Med ford. Mrs. !' A. I " '' 1 .Miss Kthol Best. I he men wer.' F. A Justice, K. F. R-ogeiv .. and Roy Med for.l. E. ARRINGTON. JIO, BURIED TUESDAY One of County's Oldest ('iti .ens. Lived in Saunook Section. Elbert Ai iini'ton, !I0, of the Sau nook section passed away Sunday afternoon after an illness of several months. Funeral services were held Tuesday morning at the Richard Arnngtoii cemetery in the com-munily where Mr. Arrington hail lived the greater .purl of his life. He was one ol the 'County's oldest residents and was a respected and up right citizen He took much pride in civic work and was always doing Ins part to make the community m which he lived better. Mr. Arrington is survived by three sons a lid one daughter. Two .sons. Kli and .Charles live in this county. L. L. Arlington lives m Lenoir. The only daughter, Mrs. Surly Smathcrs also lives in the county. Poultry Car Will Be Here Second, Fourth Fridays McElhannon. A very inspiring and interesting meeting was held. Robinson, county agent, who is work-JMaglCian To Appear ing up the details of the meeting. A 4 ITIn-U C.kwvl Hamriclo Elected Director Of Baptist Organization Honor Students Receive Reward Each year at the end of the fust semester Dr. E. W. Gudger of New York City awards a one-half year membership to the Wf.-n.;sviilc Li brary to the six fudents a: tK- Way nesville High Sch iol three boys and three girls who have the highest average in their work. Each of these must be taking the full regular course. This year the winners of the Li brary Memberships were Kathryn Queen, Mary Medford, Annie Peck, Ernest Withers, Griffin Haye?, and Ralph Moody. ' L. E. Hamric.k was elected director of the a Y. P. U.'s of the First Bap tist church here last Sunday evening. This organization is composed of the young people of the Baptist church who are given special training in church leadership. Mr. Hamrick succeeds Mr -j. P I Beam, who resigned several weeks ago because of other church duties that kept him from devoting the time '' quired of the director. Ledbetter Back With Sluder-Garret Co. A. P. Ledbetter has returned to SIuder-Garrett Fumitnlre Company and will have charge of the undertak ing department of that firm. Mr. Ledbetter is a licensed embalmer, hav ing graduated from one of the largest schools of embalming in the south. : Twins Born At Hospital Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Cathey, of Can ton, announce the birth of twins, both girls, on Monday February 22, at the Hoywood County Hospital The moth er and two daughters are reported as getting along nicely. At High School Friday Friday night at the high school auditorium, Wallace, the celebrated magician, will appear and put on a display of wonders and unbelievable things right before your eyes. Mr. Wallace has the reputation of being one of the country s most fa mous magicians. His show has many new features and an evening of en tertainment is assured by the spon sors. The proceeds from this en tertainment will go to the library fund. Fire Department Makes Two Runs, No Damage Th local fire department answered two calls this week. No damage was done at either call. An electric motor in a shoe shop was the cause of one run, while a roof blaze in Hazelwood necessitated the other run. Since neither fire resulted in any damage, the local fire department is still on the honor roll. Bonner Ray In New York Bonner Rav left this week for New York and other northern markets to buy merchandise for C. E. Ray's Sons. which is one of the largest department stores west of Asheville. Mr. Ray expects to be out of the city about ten days or wo weeks. pcarance and cleanliness. The bar racks are- equipped with mof'rn shower baths which the men are re quired to use often. There happens to be a good barber in the prison now and he keeps the lxys "trimmed" and he seems to enjoy his "inside" work immensely. The prison laundry is kept going full time. Everything is laundered quite of tern, even to the mattress slips which are furnished v lean each week The mess hall and kitchen would be a credit to any average, restaurant ; although the "boarders" have no choice of food, they get all the whole some food they want. Being a guest for supper, the writer had the opportunity to sec that they lost no time in eating practically all that was put before them; which proved that they had put In a hard day's work on the roads. Their sup per consisted of beans, boiled cab bage, half an onion, a large slice of corn bread, and a cup of coffee. Iso sugar or cream was served with the coffee. The guards eat in n small room adjoining the mess hall. To get a vivid idea of th; life of a prisoner it is only necessary to mingle among them for a few hours, because every day to them is the same; with the exception of Sunday and rainy days. Rainy daya to them are holidays. The day begins by arising at 5:30 every morning. A thirty minute period is allowel for dressing and preparing for breakfast- Promptly at six o'clock they march from the barracks to the mess hall, two and two, and always under heavy guard . In the mess hnll they remain standing until the blessing is asked, then they sit doWn to a plate which has been served (Continued on page 4) The poultry car yyhieh has been running through Waynesville every second and fourth Saturday has been changed and will come through here eveiy second and fourth Friday. This change was rtyide in order that the car might stop in Asheville and finish londing before going on to the northern markets. Jas. L. Robinson, county agent, re ports that the local patronage to the car has been good, although there was room for hundreds or more of the fowls in each car. Prices are holding up line, it was reported. Small Crowd Attends Prohibition Talk By Congressman Small Less than fifty people were present at the courthouse Tuesday night to hear Congressman John H. Small dis cuss the prohibition question. Mrs. W. A. Hyatt, chairman of the woman's organization for prohibition reform, introduced the speaker. The speaker went into detail ami discussed the different phases of the 18th Ammendment and set forth his reasons for an appeal "Public opinion voted the 1Mb Am mendment into the Constitution, and it will take public opinion to appeal it," he said emphatically. He read many statistics .and 'figures" relating to the amendment and his reasons for the reform. John Wilkes Buried Tuesday Afternoon Funeral services were held Tues day afternoon for John Wilkes, of hunburst, 42, who died Sunday after noon at the Haywood County Hospital here. -'. Interment was- made at Green Hill Cemetery, Mr. Wilkes had been in ill health for several years:. He had been to the hospital about six months prior to the last time and was thought to be on the road to recovery when stricken with a relapse. The deceased is survived by his widow and two children.

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