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    THURSDAY. MARCH 2, 1933
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I uncle Billy" Sorrells Found Woods
h Were Full Of Dead Dogs During Fog
1 teresting Events In Life Of Well Known Haywood Character
Is Retold By J- A. Francis. "Uncle Billy" Had Many Inter
esting Chats With Col. Love.
NOTE '.his
a -'out people
article .win o -
cncp vol spout.
v.,,-t week
nan whj stuck a
in- ujh his iot-
i- tMt second of a se-: leading up to the electrocution of trie
ot tnis I ni si wnue man in mo . taie, james i
Vinson, ol Asheville.
ieek beloro hut the Wayne-vi!le
I'roduce Company shipped over 3.000
i -en cjrjr. and on Wednesday of this
..-. ft a total of 12.10 dozen were
Imped, a record for one day's ship,
neat. Mr. Pearson and Mr. Davis
'.'..' the company.
?- !". (H)0 was "irouirht to The Courier
:it.- Monday morning to be cut lor
National Hank. the editor ,avs.
v lei: ouite rich lor a few nr.n-
, l;v J. A. Francis.)
.. ;;,iert-stinfr character was
i Piy -sorrells. who wa.s some.
- ,.voKPos.ticator and sport of
:,,i,f would agree with any
v:end on any suggestion that
ho tn
a-i n. Col- Ixive and some
. were sitting on the
j '.jo liif'e Houe and "Uncle
. 1 iP was known, came up.
.i, . usua' greeting, the old Col
,. .,-essed -Uncle Billy" stating
).,. ha 1 been studying about sow
i.:..- ield," which embraced all
I . ,f the Shelton Branch,
1 1 i av No 10 Fast of the
..! rlu.ling the spot where the
now stands, "in salt, and
jus own salt."
.. ;iHy remaruea, 1 va-s
. about that as I came up
. ' That would be a great
t people"
.,..-i,,,r oceas.sion, the Colonel
,.n his porch at home when
ir.ttv came -up greeting Col,
. -i 'he usual greeting and ask-h-a'th
and was given the
nigral', "Uncle Billy I am
rid do not know what to
Jilly was anxious to know
.. , -nid Colonel l.ove ntf ,t m-
- nc'Toes h;ul l.-f t the big
in i he caives had gotl'.'n
and eaten his valua.UO
- ' nele'' Billy remarket!.
' t tin ni damn negroes would
- gnei open and the calves
i ', : in and eat up that griiid-
.. .to occasion, he was with
! I'ti-s in the mountains near
1 1 i'l, f S-nnnjrs, when a toe; tamo
- , thick that, he could scarcely
v In some way "Uncle'
... ami' hvt: 1 rom the rest o4
. r:c .-1 n i in wandering he lound a
i: i wound the mountain.
!:v.''ii- i he trail he lound the
i. : deml dog.
. i- in.'! i:in'- several trips around
i i .. h.e ran (in the same dead
time, thinking it was a dif-
' , Mir.
i i ne got back to t,he party he
! iv vit saw so many dead dogs
p itch ol woods in myy life."
4 Years Ago
i ni' -vi
tile line-, ol v eo. -0
"A.ssemnly (ji'tmnds tot
Not Vet "Deckled Upon
.'lay Lose. . Statements m
'apors Slightly Misleading, and
, ol L an In iui v. '
e mp l'arton bitten ny a (log i
up. ob a t t .(1 t h tppen
iov, er plan..
.lUj iJ', el the graded scnool ob
. . Kington's bn'ihifav. with :tn
a. ;!() 'Glory, ' and " 1 he Bovk
L-lluil 1
held in
v. .1 Howell" Way
. -11 v ul tne Fri-State
a- .'ci.::;;on at convention
v iuii ics.on.-
ii. -I. K. Boyd, the efiit.-ient cashier
es Hie ( ommeroal Bank, spent .Sun
cay on Jonathan's ('reek visiting rel
atives. I-rank V: Miller is able to be out
aaiii alter a continued sick spell.
K. 1.. it hers spent Sunday in Ashe,
A new business concern has recently
lien incorporated under the name of
J. .M. Long Company for the purpose
ol handling general .merchandise.
Ah parties concerned are progressive
out!g men and will no doubt meet
with success.
Mr. R. K. Osborne, Dr. J. F. Abel
and Dr. John Smathers went to
A -Ji'. ville ednesday to attend a Ma.
some- meeting. .
Mr. and Mrs. Bushnell have moved
-- ' til.' Hill cottage next door to the
I . , . .-; f T T.-l e
- .u, nci' oi dames rj. iarraway.
Mi. and Mrs. Virgil McClure spent
iay in Canton.
' ot ashington's birthday the
I' - x 'os:eil and the postofficc de
only one time. Otherwise,
s1. i"i a heavy downpour of rain,
1 i"- na nothing unusual in the day.
. v- .week's .local . maritet prices:
i ; s. extra fancy, 25c -per dozen;
m "tango- 25c per dozen; ba-
- ' - -per dozen; lemons 25c per
' ( t.- 2iK ; hens 10t ; bu tcr 20c;
- ' . Lie breakfast bacon 18c; pork
' ound steak . 12VL.e; tenderloin
. : " st ldc; liver l'Jc; sausage
i 1 prk au-age 15c, sugai
i iiam 12'ic;
-- 1 ' 1l'S ICO 1 HA) II OOl)
f!! .from the file of March ...
1 Smathers': house is destroveii
1 about SI 000. insured foi
All furnishings were destroy-
.,'.-II. Aay is named president
1 . lii-S.ate Medical association.
,.r ,!,!,, es "Western North Caro-
- secures Training School. Teach
' i this section will be greatly ben-.
' "'-d. $25.()il(. i. appropriated for
r' v school.
I'r.ijitrty will be assessed at its
t'ue.alue, reads another headline.
A long article describes the events
,ir. B. J has returned from
a visit with relatives in Georgia.
. '!'.. J. F. Abel was hostess to the
Bi'i,:ge Club Tuesday alternoon at the
Hon Air.
i.v. Jamc i Massie spent Sunday in
,.: nilantown.
!.. B. Camo went to l ruso Monday
on business.
(Continued tram oage 2)
rt.-hes. It may or mav not be able t.i
!,and the two-null ton-dollar tiaiisfe'
oioposed by the 1 ax Commission. It
is too early to b(. dogmatic.
Fax Commission iYop:a!s
The Fax Commission assumes a de
licit o! twelve and a h.n: nidlioii -.H i
lars, and piopose:: tit halanc,. the
budget by:
1. A reduction in itvr.era1 tunn ex
penditures othe tli in oe.'ilt .: vice,
mainly bv roducme- s.ihifies. inree
million dollars,
2. Divert two m:!h,n il"ilar n v.i:t
f i om the hiiinvav lund to
The comiU'te dr:.v
t milling ot general lund ;
ties tor the next t wo
and business and license tax rates, ! One must agree with the Tax Com-1 in his state are paid bv white people
and the lowest average property taxi mission that if new sources of revenue The 1930 census shows that the white
1933-34, $1,150,000; for 1934-35, $1,- than in, any other state in the Union, have been achieved over long years i Mr. W. G. Query", Tax Commissioner
738,000. If we now have approximately the of bitter struggle. j of South Carolina, estimates that at
4. Replacement taxes on various , highest income, franchise, inheritance, , Sales Taxes j'.east 85 percent of the luxury taxes
..r . i Hn,i n npj nni i('ina lav raTna '
llttiMra Ol ta.payrI5 LU Illitht' up xur
the $3,850,000 to be lost by removing
the 15-cent property t3X for the sup
port of the six-months s.'tool term.
These replacement taxes are to be
derived by:
1. 1 he expansion of the scope of
licen e taxes under schedule B: mainly
jy incuasiiig the license tux on iha:n
stores, taxing tourist homes and
a m .is;
ictu:e .-
tx; and
'is. ton
net easing privilege tax on
r.-.iws an.i producers ot soft
it.'i e.ismg" mercnants' license
a drivers' license fee ol one
i ht, Budget Advisory Cora
re. .immeiuls that the mer-
rate in the United States, wherefore 8re to be employed, then some form
the demand for still lower property I f sales tax is the only important
taxes and still higher taxes where , ...arc to which w can turn Th
1 1 ates ate now the highest ? In view people must decide whether or not
ot tne pagnt ol the state treasury they want governmental seiviees If
and the tacts a;out property taxes, they demand the services, then the
to nif.ny it. looks h.? tolly tj jeopard- entire population must come forward
ue state nuances by . removing this ( amj pay its just part. In working
tax. It is proposed as a measure to i ourselves out of the situation that
he tyriniT. l-armers h.-ive re-, ...t,v.- .,.,., ,,,x
. I ,,, . i , . , s li.t ... 1 1 1 ki . S 1 e U I ' 1
prejudices and adpt the war-time
:eve the tanner, farmers have re-,
:0'o less than one-tilth ot uio tehet
alteady been adonied prep-
than one-Iiii
".It hui f'
rt-eur to to
n I
.nan! .icense tax
ne-.t nth ol one
. :v. -- o i. n, ie:c nt. I
" i
2. Increase rates m s.heiiulc C,(
ta.u-n. taxes: inert ase Dam-htse. i .
a.-; fiom ?!.2.) to $1.7; per ' .
ati.tal st.! :iius :ir.:l undivid.ea prints; .
:ii:.e r:i:e uii jr'v.'s -, tpts ! do-!
:;,.-ti.- ani iorearn msa.a'i.t nnioa- J .
I'.es and - on pn-tinums tor l.abaitv ! :
untie r t!u. WotKinen s I '.nupen-ation .
it- 'n ease franchise tax on rail-1 ,
roads, electric liirht, power, can. anti'
telephones, increase rates on gross i
r.ceipts ol motor basse- and trucks. .
3. Increa-e income ta:: on domestic'!
and foieign corpora; ions ) rom o'.
t jn'iceiit ol net income.
It. is anticipated that these mc;
ed rates wii! rare .so iO.ouO, or
iiiititint hist bv abolishing the lo
in opertv tax.
I he Proper! v !ax
It .max satelv bt, assumed that
X H 1 I
1 I
M t O I
t a
the i
t 1
1 I'el't
man v
.f v,
m j will get 1
. any further relief granted property i
ixfavei.-t. Non-taim property Has
'tun the lion's share ol tnis relief, j
. toe lo-ceiif. tax is removed, farm-1
' . .viu be relieved by much less than
ie million dollars. 1 nev now pay not'
f ie !h:iii eight million doilais ot
. .' ,. i-t c taxes. 1 ne rural people ot I
o-'th t a.'i.hnu get six montiis ot ed.;-i
:t;o:i at much the unsesi cost to
urn ot any state m tne Union Kveo
th,s were a farm rehet measuie, r.
oul.l not tie eiiuitnble. It is tne big
.vi'.trtv nober and those who are
.'.pairing property through ltircclo
,.ies who aie most insistent, on lower
I'.ipertv taxes. i he oiry broad tax in North I arohna today is the
onertv tax. It is inviting disaster
abandon this source tit revenue,
-v.ociallv since equity does not de
:and it.
Ntittn I' i:.' a imal. small-!
At,, small-hlisint ss-tvn.t slate. It'
.'s i.lieadv aborted a revenue scsteni
.tie!- suited to a more urban state.!
i.r :in jms.'s to go turthei in this I
any tn oan A: : ,. has ,
1 lie it .: : .v i oar . !.o e
1 1 om retat ivciv a mad. .
an and m.liiM rn! t i - 1
i a:: t anno; be . .-,( ... :
. I 11. t
; -pint. It the essentials
I governed state are to
thev must be paid for.
Various sales taxes, as i
st venue measures, are beimt
r he News Jitter does nt, a
opposed any tax scheme. It
to pi est nt lads ami let tne
liUi them what thev p;e:isi
i'lii' we are subinittiriu' ! ue
estimates tt revenue thai
snles tax and luxury !.i
in North t arolina. One
tstimaie. 1 he value ol n
in North ( arohna in l'.!,2 w
otio million nollais. 1 liu :
cent retail sales tnx. wuh ,
toi exemption:", an! e.vasic
have raised at tour n
la ; s last year; a , v. o I'e
ot a decently
be pieserve.l
ivocate or
p. pulation ot North Carolina is 2.4
times as large as that of South Caro
lina. There are, in addition, about 10
percent more Negroes in North ('aro
lina than in South ('arolina. From
the racial approach t is conserva
tively estimated that North ( arolina
sjemls two-an J-one-half times a
much en luxuries as .-south arohna.
It is well known that urban -people
. ,h nd more on luxuries and otherwise
inan do laim dwellers. Uroan people
.-n;oi.e niiiii', go to movies more fre
i,jeii;l, think more soft di inks, eat
.an,, high-priced candy, etc. Our
.oia; non-iurni not -illation is nearly
t . ice as ia:ge us outh i arolina s
I . .it more sum Us. ant l- the lact t
i ! oe
white uni.-iii population ol North
a i
ne p
nt an
popular ion t
a in n a uiiea
x ti i v tax ohm wi!
."mitt levemi'- m
n .soctn ( arohna.
.. South ( arohiin
rse.l 5i,t.22i !.. It we
i index tor Nortn (arolina ovt
( arohna. we tind thai he
, I
i Oil
eight million dollar.
il! ra
.in i me,
il year,
tint a to
n l
I t
. Ii
iirv t.M.N
eo ,11 (hi
e .South
! a ko tn(. av.
A tnr,e veai;
stntativo ot
.. !;! ' . i n v, 1'
have r.ii.Fd $7.!f!t7,0(iu.
t in Nfvrth ( arolina
n Soul h I arolina.
eaiinr mo-re -rapidly
no win So lhaa t ne
t is evident that, t he
., ct u..l;v. bu.sin.
1. ti t'ai
o .Milanon is in
1 1 ct nd.i ions ge
te:-e m i:'.)l-.2.
Sou:", t arohna luxury plan
raise fi'.mt mihion doluns- in
,1 i i h;t e
are pattt
mi plan.
tonne !o:
I .ot
! 11.'
1 he
and ow
h i
'. 'l Ui I a'.,' i - i
c up olid Imd
t lieiirt Ives to i
particularly i
' il I'-ains that
iliat the
uoi ti
, irolnia. Seten million are certainly
a minimum e-timate, based on wha;
:'. "neiii- t i he the facts.
i in" . i - a en eat ,ea I to t.itK alwnn
!:i!H'in." tne luidget, i.nd pi eservin e
' eo .1., ol the slate I'l'.'ict leallv
v. n!".'i!";il to liahiricr 111,, huneel
: ivs i .- ; m' nnsh it .'ininiv by n
..oiii" o '.n."s. a. though n,n mncli
.; ;: ..! ;.-'.. . e iticmi' serviie-. l'.verv
mucii t,
I' ui-tlie:
11. t
N !
il: Cat
II. il.
m will -- x !4;-!" , I
i J
'The Oriental girl reclines on a sheet of plate
glass supported by two slaves, I he magician
. waves a white sheet in trout ot ihi: pretty
maiden ... pronounces a few magic words-...
Presto! fehe has disappeared in thin air.
' Disappearing ' acts arc among the nwt popu
lar in the repertory of the magician. Dogs,
horses, girls, whole rooms disappear whisked
into wings, dropped through trapdoors, hidden
by mirrors. J5ut this "disappearance is a hit
different.One of the "slaves is a hnlhsiv dummy.
When the magician holds up the sheet the lithe
little ladv disappears completely into the con
venient figure of the dummy.
Iris fujv ro be jFoozeb
. . . it's MORE FUN TO J(iVOIV
There is also a trick of cigarette adver
tising, whereby a few magic words are
used to create the illusion of "Coolness."
EXPLANATION: Coolness is determined
by tltc speed of burning. Fresh cigarettes,
retaining their full moisture, burn more
slowly ...smoke cooler. Pa relied, dry ciga
rettes burn fast. 'I bey taste hot.'l his makes
tiic method of wrapping very important.
CjrltUt, It J lit -fn 1 e m iHJ" , . 127
" " : . :4.? u.v,-,'.i'-- it ip-
Improperly wrapped cigarettes begin to
dry out as soon as packed.
Camels are cooler because they come
in the famous Humidor l'ack of welded,
three-ply,.-MOISTURE-PROOF, cello
phane . . . and because they contain better
A cigarette that is fresh, full of natural
moisture, 'and blended from choice, npo
tobaccos tastes cooler than-. one that is
harsh and acrid. For coolness, chunvj
a fresh cigarette, .made from cosi-ltcr
It Is a fact, well known by
leaf tobacco experts, vnct
Camels are made from finer,
MORE EXPENSIVE tobacco', '.-tin
any other popular brend.
Try Camels . . . ivo your taste y i
to sense the difference. You il
ate it!
V T7 TV-

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