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Jimmy and his father were passing
t'-e "Haunted House" of Barnesville,
on Oak Street. It was a desolate look
ing place. The paint which had once
been white was now dirty and peeling
off The green shutters were hanging
on one hinge. The weeds had grown
cd around the steps and between the
-ones in the sidewalk. Most of the
windows had been broken by small
mischievous boys. But desipte all
this one could tell that it had once
been a beautiful house.
"Daddy," said Jimmy. "Why do
they call that a haunted house?. It
doesn't look haunted to me."
"I don't know, son," replied Mr.
IVownlow. "People say that old g-ran-.n
v Becker used to know the man who
l:'ved there. .Maybe she could tell you
about the house. Let's not talk about
it now. Did you have a good day at
school today?"
"Yes, Sir," replied Jimmy.
They talked about school during the
rest of their walk home.
The next morning was Saturday.
Jimmy didn't have to go to school so
he decided to go to see granny Becker.
Granny lived alone in a little white
cottage 'on the outskirts of Barnes
ville. It was a pretty little cottage
with roses climbing the wall. In' the
little .garden- were hollyhocks, pinks,
ami sweet alysuni.
When Jimmy arrived granny was
making doughnut-. She was a littb
woman with hair as white, as. snow.
One could tell that she had once been
a beautiful girl though she now hail
wrinkles in her face, Granny had on
a little white cap, trimmed in very
pretty lace, a black dress with soft
uowy collar and culls and a .-lilt white
apron 'with ruil'lc around the bottom.
She wore silvor-rimniod spectacles.
She was glad to see Jimmy ami im
mediately gave him some doughnut
which he took with delight. When he
iitid eaten three of the delicious dough
nuts and started, on'. a fourth he asked,
'Ginnny. why is the house On Oak
S: i eet haunted ?"
Jf Jimmy had not. been so young
and so anxious to hear her story he
would have seen granny's merry little
grey eyes fill with pain.
"My dear '"child," she said, "that
house 'is not haunted. If you will
keep it a secret 1 will tell you about
the house and how 1 came to know
that it is not haunted. I had. a very
beautiful daughter named Phyllis. She
went to school in Philadelphia. While
she was there she fell in love with a
young man and he loved her too.
When she consented to marry him. he
built that house on Oak Street. Neither
of them were strong, but they loved
children and decided to have a child
ren's home. When Phyllis had gradu
ated front school she and John were
quietly married, and after a short
honeymoon they moved to the new
house. They were very happy in their
lovely home and I grew to love my
new son-in-law. lie was always so
considerate of me.
"About a year after her marriage
my poor Phyllis fell down the stairs
and. broke her hip.. Nothing- could be
done for her and after three months
ol intense suffering she died."
Here granny's lip quivered and a
tear ran down her cheek to be quickly
brushed away with a dainty handker
chief which she pulled from the pocket
of her little apron. .
"Phillis' death," she continued, "was
a great shock to her. husband. Has
health, began to fail. He shut himself
up in the house and refused to see
anyone, I offered to stay '.'with him
but he said that he'd rather stay there
alone. He was heart-broken.
"Two months later I went to the
house to take John some doughnuts.
I called him several times but he did
not answer. Then I began to search
for him. When I looked in the room
which Phyllis had occupied before her
death a horrible sight met my eyes.
There, lying across the bed was John
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dead. The room smelled strongly
of chlorr-jrm. On the dresser I found
this note:
'Dear Mother,
I can live no longer without my
Phyllis i
am sure that you will for
give me for doing this for I am going
to be with her and I would not have
lived much longer anyway. Please
forgive me.
"After the funeral someone thought
he saw, through a window of the
house, two white figures walking arm
in arm. Of course it was his imagi
nation. So, you see, my boy, the
house, which was. to resound with the
patter of small feet and the voices
of many small children, is not haunted
but broken hearted."
A noted Presbyterian, preaching
one Sunday in a western town, was
asked by the soprano for his subject,
so that she could select an appropriate
solo to follow the sermon, .
When he hesitated, she said: "Never
mind; I'll listen carefully, and before
you get- through I'll have something
The sermon ended, then camp tho
selection, "Sometime, somewhere, we'
Under ami hv virtni. of thu ;i nt lot, i
conferred by Deed of Trust executed
bv ItOe Smith and wile. Dot ho Smith
dated the loth day of January, 1 S2t
and recorded in Book 22. Pa ire 3iH.
in l lie Ollice of the Kegister of Deeds
for Haywood County, J efter-on E.
(wens, Substituted T 1 ustee. will, at
i twelve o'clock. Noon on
j THURSDAY, APRIL I;;.. 1933
at the t our! House D.'or of Haywood
j County in .Waynesville, North Caro
jlina, sell at public- auction for- cash to
jui.e highest bidder, the following land
to-vvit :
BEGIN XING at a stake hi-the
Western margin of Balsam Street, 150
feet North u the Northeast intersec
tion of Balsam Street and Carolina
Avenue, and runs thence with the
lines between Lots Nos. 22 anil 23,
N. SI degtees 30 minutes W. l..'. feet
to a stake; thence N. 8 degrees ;iO
niinutes E. 50 4'eet to a s.take; thence
S. 81 degrees Jill minutes E. 1 ; 1 1 ) feet
to a stake in the West side of 'Balsam.
Street; thence with said margin of
Balsam Street S. 8 degrees ;!( min
utes W. 50 feel to the BEGINNING.
BEING Lot 'o t" in Mli-1( VII af
Grimball Park, as per survey and Plat
of J. . Sehoolbred, recorded in Map
Book "B", Index "G" Record of Maps
of Haywood County, North. Carolina,
This sale is made on account of de
fault in payment yf the indebtedness
secured by said Deed of Trust,
A live percent t -V i ) cash deposit
will be required of the highest bidder
at the sale.
This the 8th. day of March, li).'!:!.
Substitute Trustee
No. 35, Man l(-23-30 .Apr. (i. .
As required by Section o. Chapter
BIO,. Public Laws of 1027, notice is
hereby given that application has been
made by George II. Bramlett, for a
Franchise Certificate, authorizing the
operation of motor ve'nicles for trans
porting passengers between Waynes
ville and Mt. Sterling, Highway No.
284; Bryson City and -'Newfound Gap,
10 and 107; Sylva to Topton, 10; Top
ton to Topoea, 108; and Topoea to
Bryson City, 208, over the public high
ways via the intervening towns of.,
and that
the Corporation Commission will hold
a hearing on the said- application in
its office at Raleigh, N (.';, on Tue's--day,
March 21, 1933, at 10.00 a. m.
& Tlt&t
At a meeting of the Mayor and
Board of Aldermen of the Town of
Waynesville heJd at the Mayor's offi
ce in the Town of Waynesville. on the
second day of March, 1933, it was or
dered: That pursuant to statute an
election be held at the usual voting
place, to-wit, at the court house in
the Town of Waynesville, for the
election of a Mayor and three Alder
men, for the Town of Waynesville,
on Tuesday following the first Mon
day in May, 1933. to-wit, May 2 1933.
It nis futrehr ordered that Frank D.
Ferguson be and he is hereby ap
pointed Registrar of said election and
J. C. Patrick and W. J. Campliell are
appointed judges of said election.
It is futher ordered that said Reg
trar proeevd to open the books-1 for
the registration of voters, as provided
by law, and thai said Registrar and
judges conduct and hold said election
on the day hereinbefore set forth, in
provided by law.
This th'tth day of March. 1933.
Town Clerk,
No. 3.; Mar. 9-1(5-23-30
Tkrsri-:i-rs sai.f
By villuo i)t the power of sale con
: .tiled in a certain Deed of Trust
made by C. C, Medford and wife,
M a del .dedferd to Wachovia Bank
and Trust Company- Trustee, dated
May .". 192S, and duly registered in
the ollice of the Register of Deeds for
Haywood County, N. C, in Book of
.Mortgages and Deeds of Trust No. 22,
a. pa:i Til, to which reference is
n.M-cliy made; and by virtue of the
: -i :i; : ,t aijon of the., undersigned- as
i'lti-Jie effected by a paper writing
! faring dati- June 1st, '1!32. and rc
cordi .1 in said ollice of the Register
of iiiv'i- for Haywood County. N- ('.,
".i-ii uo-titution having been ef-'Vc-vo
i:: the mannei- provided in said
'id ol trust, .undersigned Suc-c.--or
Tni.-lec will on Friday, March
'-'I i- H."3, ;tt Twelve O'clock Noon,
.! a: vnUVw au.-tion, for cash, ill the
House Door in the city of Way-
-. vilie, County of Haywood, and
Man- of North 'Carolina, the follow
ing lands and premises, situate, lying
:i':d -in -inji' in the Town of Canton,
County of Haywood'. Slice of North
Carolina, to-w'it.:
lid, INNING a stake in the
South margin of Boxwood Avenue,
and the- Northwest corner. of Lot. No.
8. a ml ; uns t hence with (he line of
Lot No. S S. 2 ' :i.V W. 12. feet to a
stake, tile common corner of Lots Nos.
! and b; (hence N. 87 2.V W. 70 feet
to a stake in. the East margin of Bix
wood Avenue; thence With the East
margin of Boxwood Avenue, North
two -degree's 3o minutes Fast to the
curve on a radius of 20 ; thence con
tinuing along and with the margin :of
Boxwood Avenue to the Beginning,
the Northwest corner of Lot No. 8.
Hi tug Lots Nos. ti and 7. of the W.
S. Martin Subdivision of the M. J.
Mc.ars Kslal.e, as per survey made by
J- C. Haynes in 1-1125 and designated
as "lio.wood Terrace" and recorded
in Map Book "B": Index'B", Record
of maps of Haywood County, North
Carolina, to which map and Record
reference is made for a full and com.
jilele description of the -sanip. Being
the same propcrtv convoved to the
said C. C. Medford by W," S, Martin
and wife. Mary Martin, by deed dated
May 2ith, l'2(5 and .recorded in Book
72, pagi 35(5, Records of Deeds of
Haywood County, North Carolina.
This sale is made after default in
the compliance with the terms and
provisions of the deed of trust above
referred to, whereby the power of
sale contained therein has become
operative and after failure on the
part of C. C. Medford and wife. Madel
Medford, in -complying .with the terms
of a stipulation dated September 20,
1932, entered in an action pending
in the. Superior Court of Haywood
County, N. C., entitled "C. ('. Medford
and wife vs. George II. Wright., Suc
cessor trustee, et al" .whereby- the
power of sale contained in said .'deed of
trust has become absolute. : ,
Successor Trustee,
Februiiry 28th, 1933.
No. 2:)-Mar,. 2-10-23-30,
On; Monday, April 3id,, : '. . . )
eleven o'clock, a nr. at the .-court liouse;
door in the town of W'ayriesvilky Hay
wood County,, North Carolina, 1 will
sell at public, outcry, to the highest
bidder . for cash,, the following, tracts
I,- parcels of land lying and being in
Ivy Hill Township,. Haywood County,
North Carolina, and more particularly
described as follows:
Fork Mountain and on a stake, old
hickory - corner ,of Boyd Grambell
tract , and runs with the line South
16 poles to a branch corner of Sheiton
boundarv; thence up the branch with
thV, Sheiton boundary, N. 30 : K. I'i
poles to a spruce pine; thence N. 40
E. 54 poles t0 a birch; thence N:-23
E. 40 poles to a balsam; thence N.
5" W. 11 poles; N. 10 E. 20 poles;.
N. 5 W. 40 poles! thence N. 80 W.
40 poles; thenceN. 5 E.. 80 poles, to
two birches at forks of branch; thence
up West fork, N. 40" W. 40 poles;
thence N. 4.5 ' W. , 74 poles over , the
spring head and up the, hollow to a
stone pile in a rocky branch below
Indian Spring Tract; thence with the
same, S. (50 W. 20 poles to a small
white oak by the trail on the East
side t the ridge, corner of the Moun
tain Fork tract; thence down the ridgo
with the said tract S. 30 E. 80 poles
to a stake in a field near a scrub lo
cust; thence with another old line of
said tract, S. 22 W. 127 poles to a
chestnut on the West side of ridge
and trail;-thence down the ridge, S.
53 poles to the BEGINNING, contain
ing 136 acres, more or less, said tract
known as the McGee "Tract.
the corner of Indian Spring tract at
a small mountain oak, and runs S. 30
E. 80 poles to a stake; thence S, 22
W. 127 poles to a stake; thence N.
30 W. 80 poles t0 a stake; thence N.
22" E. 127 poles to the BEGINNING
containing 50 acres, more dr less.
This tract is known as the Fork
Mountain tract.
Being the same two tracts of land
described in a deed from R. T. Boyd,
Commissioner, to Claud T. Francis,
dated December 23, H'20, and record
ed :n Book oS, page 545. Record of
Deeds of Haywood County, N. C.
Sale made pursuant to power of
sale conferred upon me by deed of
t.u-t executed by Claud T. Francis
and wife, Leo Francis, dated Auffust
;i. i;i27, and recorded in Book 24, page
J., Kccout of Deeds of Trust of Hay
wcod County.
i ,"id day of March. 1933.
No. 32- Mar. i-li-23-:iu.
On Monday, April 3, 13.13, at elev
en o'clock, a. m. at the court house
diior in tile town of Waynesville, in
Haywood County, North Carolina, I
will sell at public outcry, lo the high
tst bidder lor cash, the following lot
of land lying and being in the town of
Hazel-wood, and more particularly de ibed as follow s :
BKH1NN l.(i at a stake at the
Southeast margin of Slate Highway
No. ID, 117 teel m a Westerly direc
tion from th0 West margin of the new
street, and runs thence with the line
between lots Nos. 2 and 3, S. 3! 30'
K. 1 lo feet to a stake in line of lot
No. 25; thence with said line, 51 W.
12';, feet to a stake; thence with the
line between lots Nos. 3 and -1, N. -12"
MO' W. 1-io feet to a stake; thence N.
)1 K. with the Southeast, margin of
said Highway, b feet to the BEGIN
NING, being lot No. 3, of the Pre
ost Park Addition t() the town of
Ha..elwood, as per survey ami plat of
I. V . Seaver, made March, l'.'2t, and
recordetl m Map Book "C" Index '1'"
ollici- of Ihe Kegister of Deeds of
l:a wood County.
:-a!o inade pursuant to the power
of conferred upon me by a tleed
of (rust executed by Jere Davis and
wife, l.ula Boyd Davis, date( April
21, l',2li, and recorded in Book 17, at
page 2tU), Record of Deeds of 'Trust
of Haywood County, lo which refer
ence js made for all the terms au.l
conditions of the same.
This 3rd dav of March, 11)33..
No. ;i;i -Mar !)-n;-23-:;tl Trustee
i hi Moiitlav,
April 3, 1033, at elev
en o clock, - a. in. at the court hoiisi1
door, in the town of Waynesville, Hay-
wood County, Noith Carolina, 1 .will
sell al public outcrv, to the highest
bidder lor cash, the following lands
and premises; lying and being in Cecil
Township, I lav wood County, North
Carolina, and more particularly des
en bed as follows:
A tract of land known as the Thus.
)rr place, fully described in a deed
from W. J. Haynes, Commissioner, to
W. IS. Ferguson, recorded in Book 27
page -105, Record of Deeds of Hay
wood County, and the same land .con
veyed to V. D. and Lon Rogers by
deed from W. T. Blaylock, Admr. et
al., dated September' Hi, 1012, and
recorded in Book 30, page 2(i(i, Record
of Deeds of Haywood County.
Also a t ract of twenty acres of
land whereon the parties of the first
part now reside, conveyed to the said
Lon Rogers by J. F. Justice, by deed
recorded in Book 53, page 224, Record
of Deeds of Haywood County.
Sale made pursuant to the power
confei red upon me by deeds of trust
executed by Lon Rogeis and Wife,
Blant. Rogers, dated December 27,
1023, and recorded in Book 10, page
102, Record of Deeds of Trust of Hay
wood County, N. C.
This the 2th day. of 'February, PJ33,
NO. 3 1 Mar. 0--30. Trustee
On Saturday, 'April 1, 1933, at elev
en o'clock a. in. at the court house
.lo or in Town .of Waynesville, Hay
wood "County, I will sell at public
outcry to the highest bidder for cash;
tin following described lands and
premises lying and being in Wayni s
yill.e Township:
1st Tract: BEGINNING at an iron
stake, 3 feet . East of the Southeast
corner -of the J P. Dieus tract, and
running S. 80 10' W. 258.!) feet to
inr iron pipe, the Southwest corner
of the J. I. Dicus tract; thence N.
1 " 30' W. 115.2 feet along J. P. Dicus'
West boundary to an iron stake;
thence. S. 85" 3:0' W, 40 feet across
th,. end of Balsam Street to an iron
stake; thence S. 00' :8'. W; 204 feet
to an iron stake; thence S. 4 37'. E.
200 feet to an iron stake; thence S.
Si 3H' W. 513.3 feet to an iron stake
on thc. East side of Belle - Meade
Avenue; thence S. 4' 11' E. 102.0
feet to iin iron stake; theiice S..: 85
1H' W. 2435 feet ! to the center of Al
iens Creek; thence meimdering .the
center of Aliens Creek as. follows-: S
(5- 31' W. 20.5 feet; S. 38 29' E.
57 feet; S. (!!!" 2' E. 50 feet; S. 77
E. 44.1 feet; S. 80" 41' E. 71 feet;
S. 10 21' E. 83.1 feet; S. 0" 14' W.
35 feet; S. !) 52' W. fiO feet; S. 20
12' W. 125 feet; S. 7 30' W. 32 feet;
S. 23 12' W. 45 feet; S. 4 37' E. 140
feet; S. 30 48' E. 100 feet; S. ,85
12' E. 00.5 feet; S. 30 20' E.,50.1 feet;
S 3 3'- W 02.8 feet; S. 48 35' E.
51.2 feet; S. 25" E. 50.7 feet; S. 33
34' W. 50.1 feet; S. 40 4' W. 50.0
feet; S. 50' Ki' W. 50.0 feet; S. 3(5
!)' W. 40.3 feet; S. 29 53' E. 57.8 feet;
S. 12 10' E. 51.2 feet; S. 37 28' W.
62.8 feet; S. 8 12' W. 50.5 feet;. S.
11 20' E. 51.7 feet; S. 35 31' E. 01.(5
feet; S.4 3' W. 150 feet; S. 15 7'
E. 49 feet the. Southwest, corner of
the tract; thence S. 80 34' East along
the line of the Ed Bright heirs land,
1155 feet to an iron stake; thence N.
80 52' E. along the line of the heirs
land 200.1 feet to an iron stake;
thence N. 10 8" W. 2030 feet to the
point of BEGINNING, containing
fifty-seven and six-tenths (57.(5 acres,
more or less. Being known as a part
of the F. C. Welch farm.
2nd Tract: BEGINNING on an iron
stake, J. P. Dicus', Waynesville
Country Club and Bell Meade corner,
and runs with the said J. P. Dicus
1 line N. 80' 30' W. 270 feet to a stake
in the edge of the road; thence with
the said road S. 86 E. 180 feet to
a stake in the center of the county
road; thence with the center of said
road eight calls as follows: S. f0
E. 270 feet; S. 69 15' E. 145 feet;
S. 82" 30' E. 200 feet; N. 76 30' E.
250 feet; N. 61 30' E. 200 feet; N.
79 " 30' E. 200 feet; N. 50 E. 100
feet to a stake in th0 said road op
posite a locust; N. 32' E. 200 feet;
X 25" E. 125 feet; N. (53 E. 100 feet;
S. t 30' E. 075 feet; S 25- 45' E.
100 feet; S. 41 W. 77 feet; S. 82
30 E. 22(5 feet; S. 72 15' W. 7S feet;
S. 52 30' W. 23!) feet; S. 35 W. 17S
feet; S 1 30' E. 1410 feet; S, 74"
50' W. 72(5 feet; N. 10 8' W. 2030
feet to point of BEGINNING, con
taining (il.3 acres be the same more
or less.
Sale made pursuant to power of
sale conferred upon me by deed of
tiust dated September 11, 11)28, exe
cuted by Waynesville Country Club,
Incoi porated, and recorded in Book
of Deeds of Trust No. 22 page 202,
Ollice of Register of Deeds of Hay
wood County, to. which reference is
made for all the terms and conditions
of the same.
This .March 2, 11)33.
ATW-Attv Trustee
NO. 30 -Mar. -30
Having 'qualified as administrator
of live estate of F. ( . Haynes, deceased
of Clyde, N. C. AH persons having
claims against said estate present
them to the undersigned at Clyde, N.
C, on or before March I, 1034 or this
notice will be pleaded in bar of their
All persons indebted to said estate
will please make pa'vmont al once
W. V. Ilav'nes
A. T. Haynes
Ereoutor of I-'. C. Haynes estate,
NO. 28 Mar. 2-0-H5-23-3o". April 0.
.lt.l.'.VS't'.r'A'A' .V077C-.'
I be undersigned having qualified as
.aiumibt rat rix of the estate of Joshua
Fitzgerald, deceased, all persons hav
ing claims against said estate are
heteby notified to present duly sworn
-t-i'.eim nl-- of the same to the under
signed on or before March 2. 193-1.
or ibis notice wiil be pleaded in bar
nl' tht recovery thereof. Any persons
indebted to the said estate are hereby
notified to.. pay the amount; of said in
debtedness to the undersigned at once
This the, 2nd day of March, .1933.
Mrs. Charlotte Fitzgerald.
Administratrix- of Joshua Fitzger
aid, deceased.-
No. 27 - Mar. 2-9-1 i'.-23-30-A pr. 15.
,1 ,l,7,S"7i'.-l 77i7.V VD77( '.'
The undersigned, having qualified
as administratrix for the estate of J.
L. Palnier, deceased, hereby notifies
all persons having claims against said
estate to present verified -..statements
of the same to the undersigned on or
by February 10, 1931, or his Notice
will be; pleaded in bar of their re
covery. Persons indebted to the said estate
are hereby 'notified to pay the amount
due to the undersigned at once.
This (he 10th dav of February, 1933.
Administratrix of the estate of J. L.
Palmer, deceased,
25 Feb. 23-Mar 2-!" Hi-23-30.
Having .qualified as ailministrator
of the e-tate of W. M. Francis, de
ceased, late of Haywood County,
North Carolina, this i.s to notify all
.persons having claims against the
estate of the deceased to exhibit them
to the undersigned at ( lyde, North
Carolina, on or before the 18th day of
February,-. 1934, or. this notice will be
pleaded in bar of their recovery.
All persons indebted to said estate
will please make payment immediate
ly; This the 18th day of Feburary, 1933.
Administrator of the Estate of W.
M. Francis, deceased.
No. 23 -Mar. 30.
On Monday, March 27, 1933, at 1 1
o'clock - a. -ni..,: at the courthouse door
in the Town oT Waynesville, Haywood
County,. I will sell at public outcry to
the highest, bidder for cash, the fol
lowing described lands and premises
lying and being in AVaynesville Town-;-hip':
BEGINNING on a stone in the
F'rancis line, corner of. Lots Nos. 4
an I and runs thence with the line
of Lot No. 4, N. 18 deg. E. 1520 feet
to' a rock near the branch ; thence N.
14 deg. 30 min. E. 55 feet to a stake
n the branch (at the junction with an-
.,:her small branch) ; thence S. 42
deg. 15 mi'i, F..; 335 feet to -a stake-;
thunce N. 79 deg. 15 min. E. 40(5.5 feet
to a rock in the Reeves line;, thence
with the Reeves lUie South 168 feet.
more or le. s, to a stake (Reeves South
west corner m line ot Lot No. 6) ;
thence with Reeves line N. 88 deg. 30
min, E. 4(54 feet, more or less, to -a
stake (Northwest corner of Claud
Medford. 37.6, acre tract) ; thence S.
1 deg. 20 min. W. 1200 feet with line
of. said Medford tract to a stake in
Francis line; thence with Francis line
N. 87 W. 1417 feet to a stone (black
oak gone) ; thence S. 70. deg. 30 min.
W. 152 feet to the BEGINNING, be
ing Lot No. 5 and part of Lots Nos.
3, 0, and 7 of the Hardy Liner, Sr.
lands near Lake Junaluska as re
corded in .Map Book "A," page 45 in
the office of Register of Deeds of Hay
wood Couty,.
Sale made pursuant to the power
conferred upon me by deed of trust
executed by Hardy Liner. Jr. and
wife, Bessie Liner dated September 1,
1928, and recorded in Book of Deeds
of Trust No. 22 at page 275. Office of
Register" of Deeds of Haywood Coun
ty, to which reference is made for all
the terms and conditions of thc same. :
This February 24, 1933.
J. R. MORGAN. Trustee.
No. 26 March2-9-16-23.
On Monday, the 20th day of March,
1933. at 11:00 o'clock A. M. at the
courthouse door in the town of Way
nesville, Haywood County. North Car
olina, the undersigned, Trustee, will
sell at public outcry to the highest
oiauer lor casn, tne lonowmg de
scribed lands and premises, lying and
being in Haywood County. North
Carolina, and fully described as fol
lows: BEING lot No. 3 of the W. L.
Hawkins Addition to the Town ot
Waynesville, N. C. said Map recorded
in Book No, 30. page 446, and de
scribed as follows: BEGINNING on
a stake on the North side line of State
Highway No. 10 and runs N. 2" W.
150 feet with the line of Lot No. 2;
thence N- 88" K. 50 feet to a stake,
corner of lots Nos. :; and 4; thence
with the West line of Lot No. 4. S. 2
E. 150 feet to a stake in the side line
of State Highway No. 10; thence with
Highway No. 10 S. ss . 50 feet to
Being the same lot of land hereto
fore conveyed to Albert and Gilbert
Reeves by deed dated November 24.
1925, and recorded in Book lit!, page
373, Record of Deeds of Haywood
County, North Carolina.
Sale made pursuant to, under and
by virtue of the power of sale con
turned in that certain deed of trust
executed by Albert Reeves and Gilbert
Reeves to Union Trust Company of
Maryland. Baltimore. Maryland, and
the Insured Mortgage Bond Corpor
ation of North Carolina. Trustees, and
bearing date of May 1st, 1!)27, and
duly recorded in Book of Deeds of
Trust No, 21, page 07, Ollice of the
Register of Deeds of Haywood Coun.
tv. North Carolina, to which said
deed of trust and record reference is
hereby made for all the terms and
-tip illations of the same.
This the 15th day of February. 1933.
Insured Mortgage liond Corpora
tion of North Carolina, and Un
ion Trust Company of Maryland
Baltimore. Marv!and. Trustees.
No. S -Feb. Hi-23-Mar. p.-.l-H!
XDTiCh: (! s.
1 77-:
or i;i:al
I tefau it ba ing oeei
pa nieiit of Die indebt
made, in the
Iness : ecurod
h- a cor
ifV tie- I
ileeil ol l rust exeeuieu
t National l o., of Dur-
hani, 1 nt
and Ihe Union Trust Com-.
"OMI. .', ,. ,1 IK I l Of
pany of Araryland Trustees on the first
day of J uly, '-11(28.' by (i. M. I'agle ami
wife, Ellen Cagle, on Ihe lands here
in described, said Deed of Trust be
ing, recorded --in Book 21, page 526
in the .-.ollice..'- of Register of
Deeds for Haywood County. N. C, the
undersigned will, having been so re
quested by the holder of said indebt
edness, offer for sale at public .auc
tion lo the highest bidder for cash av.
the Courthouse door in Haywood
Colinty, N. (',, at twelve o'clock noon
on Monday, March 20th. 1;)33, the
binds described in said -deed of trust
HKGI NNI NG at a lake at the in
tersection of the South margin of
Norlh. Main: Street; with the West
margin' of Newfound Street and runs
with North Main Street South S'J
degrees West 134 feet to a stake;
thence South 1 D- degrees West 120
feet to a slake, the corner of Lot No,
li. thence with, the line of said Lot
South 7 '.' degrees East 130 feet to
a slake, another corner of Lot No. 6
in the. West margin of Newfound
Si root ; then with said street North
IJ'.i degrees Fast 179 feet to the
The purchaser at the foreclosure
s b' assume the payment of all un
paid taxes and street assessments
against the property.
The Union Trust 'Company.' of
Maryland having resigned . as Trus
tee, as in said Deed of Trust pro
vided, the sale is being advertised
and conducted by the undersigned
This 14th day Fehruarv. 1933.
W, G. liramham and T. I.. Bland,
Receivers, First National Com-
pally-, of Durham, Inc., Trustee.
No. 21 - Feb. 23-Mar 2 9-Hi
Default haying been made in the
payment of the indebtedness secured
by a certain deed of trust executed
to the Firts National Co.. of Dur
ham, Inc., Trustee on the first . day
of September, 1928 by Paul Camp and
wife.'.- Edna Camp oil the lands here
in described- said Deed of Trust being
recorded in Book . 21. Page 49.4, in
the office of the .: Register of
Deeds for Haywood County. N. XV, the
undersigned will, having b.-en so re
quested by the holder, of said indebt-.
edliess, offer for sale at public auc
tion to the highest bidder for cash at
the Courthouse - door in Haywood
County, N. ('.. at twelve o'clock noon
on Monday, March 20th, .19:!3, the
lands described in --aid deed of trust,
to-wi: :
BEGINNING at a stake on the East
side of Oak Street, which said stake
stands South 40 (legs, 30 niins. .West
150 feet from, the intersection of As
sembly Avenue and Oak Street and
runs thence South -19 (legs. :!0 mins.
East 100 feet to a .-take in James It.
Thomas line; thence South 40 (legs.
30 mins. West 100 feet, to a stake in
James R- Thomas line; thence North
19 degs. 30 mins. West 100 feet with,
said Thomas line to a stake in the
side line of Oak Street; thence with
the East side line of said Oak Street,
North 40 degs. 30 mins, East 100 f eet
to the Beginning corner.
., Being the same lot of land convey-,
rd to Paul Camp and wife, Edna
Camp, by deed dated November 23,
192(5, and recorded in the Register of
D Is office in Book 71. page 228, :
to which reference is hereby made for
a piore perfect description -of .-.-said
lot of land.
The purchaser at the foreclosure
sale assume- the payment of 'all 'un
paid taxes and street assessments.
This 14th day February,
W. G. Bramhani and T. L; Bland,
pany, of Durham, Inc., Trustee.
No. 20 Feb. 23-Mar. 2-9-1G

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