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BEVERLY HILLS. It's surpris
ing h&w little money we can get along
on. Let the banks never open. Let
script never conic. Just everybody
keep on trusting everybody else.
Why, it's such a novelty to find that
somebody will trust you, that it's
changed our whole feeling toward hu
man nature. Whv. never was our
country so united, never was a country
so tickled with their poverty.
For three vears we have had noth
ing but. America is fundamently
sound." It should have been 'Amer
ica is fundamentally cuckoo."
The worse off we get the louder wc
laugh, which is a great thing. And,
every American international banker
ought to have printed on h's office
door, "Alive today by the grace
of a nation that lias sense of humor."
inauguration, bank holidays and
all conic so fast on us in the last few
weeks that we have had plenty of ex.
citement. I wanted logo to Washing
ton to see u Democrat take over the
Country, but we was trying to pick out
a story to do for my next movie.
This thing of getting stories is more
of a job than making 'em. But don't
take this as a plea and start sending in
some that you have written, send 'em
to the studio but don't send 'em to me
Outside of some that wants you
to recommend him for the Post Office,
there is i, i pest as great as the per
son :liat has written a scenario that
will "Just Kit You." They talk about
all of monev wasted in the movies.
Say its wasted .in the paper that
scenarios are written on- 1 don't
mean that there is not maybe sfome
good ones, hut they are mighty scarce.
You just can't become a dramatist over
night. Hut it keeps people out of
some other devilment, so 1 guess no
harm is done. Send 'em to the mag
azines, there just don t seem to be a
story so bad that some, magazine ain't
bad enough to tit it.
Speaking about the movies, we all
took it on the chin in the way of a
volunteer layoff for a while. That was
in addition to practically all of us who
are not receiving what we used to,
which of course we don't expect. I tell
you with all the knocking and abuse
we get from some of the jealous and
envious writers who are always telling
whats the matter with the movies,
they have got a mighty loyal bunch of
people working for 'em. When you
read some blab about somebody telling
how overpaid the movie stars are, in
the first place our salaries are always
overestimated. But they don't stop to
think that a movie star is one person
that can't be overpaid, that is not for
long. There is no other business in
the world where the company you
work for know just to a penny just
what you arc worth to them.
Is there any way checking uu on a
bank president, or vice president to see
what he can actually by his own ef
forts draw into his bank? Is there any
other business you can think of out
side of stage or screen where they
know just exactly how good you are
to them in dollars and cents? Greta
Uarbo don't get that dough because
he is a long tall Swede, she drags it
into a box office and they know just
how much . They can tell you to a
dime what Deitrick can draw into a
box office. So they are all worth what
they can get, and they can get what
they can draw. There comes a time
soon enough in their lives when they
don't, don't get it. And then you must
remember that at the present income
tax rate the government takes .r5 cents
of every dollar from any of the high-
priced stars. You see that hires many
a politician, and gives some of us a lit.
tie license to holler how the govern-
nient is run, even if its only a holler.
Now get this in our laws, if we
derived the same amount of money
from investments in government r
municipal tax exempt bonds, why we
would not pay a cent to the govern
ment. A movie star getting $300,001
a year would be taxed over half of
it Hess their exemptions) which a fi
nancier receiving $,'!00,000 a year in
interest from that many tax exempt
government bonds wouldn't pay a cent
to the upkeep of his government from
which he not only received protection
for himself and family, but also his
government guarantees him his orig
inal investment, and gives him in ad
dition $.'100,000 for which he does
nothing- . Now think that over a bit
and wonder wnat is tne matter witn
the country. Its tax exemnt bonds is
the biggest thing, m the world the
matter with the country. So instead
of writing a scenario, write to your
Congressman and tell him to do away
with tax exempt bonds.' Then you
will get some money in circulation
Remember, write to your Congress
man. Even if he can't read, write to
McNaught Syndicate, Inc.
Painting Time
Palmer Lipe
P A I N T II K A I (J I A K T E It S
Invites you to see them before buying your Spring Fainting Require
ments.' The most up-to-date line of Paints, Enamels, Wall Paper and
Kalsomine are carried at prices uncqualed. Our salesman will esti
mate for you without obligation.
82 Pat ton Avenue
Asheville, N. C.
wfr , , 3
ML msw .-'J:
CIAM FLINGURS i,i mo midst " l?. '
m the e.Tthouake at Los Anoelesyg - I Wm Jkfjl
s;h t!a::-. is distributing Ate XJ i,r'" 'Xtt&
-4.'o:::; for the morning's $ f r- gjLBas -.
vorkout. l. to r.: Spencsr, 0 n i mi...:.. jjar3,MT ' 'WSvl V J "
uque. Fitzsimmons, Shores, ffix W WW " oh"' ' ,"t h 5
vlarke. fell and Sch jmachir. ''V$'X ' 1 l-' w :-
vyA W m&ton' New Yo,k' 2 " ly
" Vv M woman chef in N. N . jpo t
; jf '" ":. -Sfcfe t ' idSl -!it an increasing nu-m er
I , j I '-' Pi.-one. influenced Uy
fit .' "y flMWpIjt'ff 1 -Jf I ::-ws th. t c. -cd pine.-;, its
K f ooic dietetic
fit t.n 4S. J ifv X ' t"-"1 fit.
! ' k . Wb UvHfitJi' irg that fruit dailv
ifefcvU' f?f MEN OF TWCJn
Vsv-6&fSS -k i: I i HOUR Our President f f ' Wr -
'r(Wi I ll J Tre.ti,rySeCretary " " f x ;
y" FIRST LADY knits while Lw,f ' 'fofOL .'1
Want, I
YOU WILL find our lines of fertili
zers can be depended upon to brisg
results. Get our prices. Hyatt u-m
Co.. Phone 43.
FOR SALE Fresh milk cows. Pri.t .
reasonable. . W, T. Shelton. "to;
covery by new machinery i'rw:
stream beds and ' placer deposit .
Gravity' separation devices handl
eight yards of gravel, the equiva
lent output of eight men duils
Illustrated bulletin free to fan.,
owners. Henry Talbot Sharp, rep
resentative of Mine and Smeltsi
Supply Company, New Meditai
building, Asheville. N. C, Ph.r
FEEDS. , Feeds of all kinds, but vnii
one quality the better kind, ami
at popular prices. Hyatt and C...
at the Depot.
e-l.THQUAKE SUFFERERS - Lineup irt'Vhe exe'cJ'
iting to be fed at the Long Beach can tjve box in the House,
teen erected to feed the Homeless. during opening of special
sessicn of 73rd Congress.
Besides Mrs. Roosevelt Is
Mrs. H. Morgenthau, Jr.
m, X 9 , V W tl'.ff'H Mrv T v 1 III
. ' "i '
. The renowned
Vanderbilt Hotel In
New York City has
installed full equip
ment for the return
of beers and light
one lightweight delivery wngm.
Rock Hill make. In good conditio;
and at a bargain. See Ilernuii
Kinsland, Route 2, Waynesville.
C. Mar. it-pi- j
FOR SALE One good horse- M
cheap, would consider good ir.ilcl
cow as part payment and possibly
would accept other cattle as trade
in. See W. L. Hardin, Jr., or .
telephone 147, Waynesville. N.t'. (,
SPRING time is painting time. W;
have perhaps the largest stock -?
paints west of Asheville. Sec- m
line. Hyatt and Co., Phone 4:;.
To establish and conduct Rawleicrt:
Routes in cities of Waynesville.
, HaZelwood, Counties of South Jack
son and Swain. Steady workers car
start earning $25 weekly and in
crease rapidly. Hustlers on similar
routes do $5,000 annual business.
Some established .'50 years. Reply
immediately giving age, occupation,
references. Rawleigh Industries.
Richmond, Va., Dept. NC-5-T. It.
FOUND small black pig at my place
Owner can get same by paying feed
and cost of this ad, W. H. Hol
lingsworth. Route HI. Waynesville.
N. C. 'JU
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;:;-vAT :::: -WO--h
Deeds of Trust
Chattel Mortgages
Warranty Deeds
State Warrants
Civil Summons
W. K. Sheffield. .1.
Curtis, D. H. Harris. Dan Wild. J.
Kirkpatrick, J. H. Rhodarmer, i
R. IS. Overton.
Surviving nre the followinc c
(iron: Mrs. J. B. Smathers. Mrs. I,
-Miller, Mrs. Holland S. tiell, R
.Mease, J. N'. Mease. Jr.. Frank
MeasC. and Hugh Mease, all' of (
ton. One lu-othen Loran;-a Mease,
of ( anton. Route 2. also survives. V.17717-; or hay wood
Judge Mease was born jn the Hen
son Cove section, four miles south of
t anton. m 1S.:. 'Educational opiior
tunities in that (lay were extremely
limited, but he was educated at the
old Pe:ibody school in Canton, then
Pigeon River Academy, and at Way
Among the many features, of his
long and useful life. Judge Mease
served as chairman of the Haywood
county board of education for 12
years with unusual efficiency. Novku
of his activities- were iiolitioal. Ho
was the first Master of the Pigeon
River Lodge of Masons, and at the
time of his death was a ,'12nd degree
Mason. He took this decree in Ashe-
vile in 1911. and was a member of
the Asheville lodge at the time of his
death. In 1874 be married Miss
Nannie C. Reno, who died 2(' years
ago. :
limelight ii possible, her outstanding
talents and ability always made her
a leader among those with whom the
associated. She made the highest
things of life her aim and ever car
ried the principles of her Christian
faith into her daily life and at all
iimcs in her gentle way was positive
in her consciousness of dutv and
the right-
Miss CJw'yn was the daughter of
Mrs. Amelia Foster Gwyn and the
late James M. Gwyn. owner of the
Springdale Stock Tarms, who came to
Haywood county in 1877 and was a
pioneer in developing the cattle in
dustry in this section. She was de
scended from a long line of distin
guished ancestry and was prominently
connected throughout the state. She
was u lineal descendant of General
William Lenoir and Col. Waightstill
Avery, two of North Carolina's most
Jones: "How do you spend vbur i
come?" Smith: "About 30 per 'cent t" '
shelter, 30 per cent for clothing.
per cent for food and 20 per cent t' i
Jones: "But that adds up in .U1
per cent."
Smith: "That's right."
illustrious heroes of devolution fame:
She is survived by her mother, and
the following brothers and sister? :
Mrs. Carlton C. Curtis, of New York
City, Mrs. Fred Pedon of Canton. Mrv.
L. W.Shook of Taboro. James A.
Gwyn of New York City, and T.
Lenoir Gwyn of Waynesville.
teiv. 'ni rrninftii j
Miss Mary Gwyn
Died At Her Home
In Canton Thurs,
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ing class in niano niinils.
She graduated with high hours from
Lonverse college. Snartanhiii-tr. S C
and later studied music for several
years under the foremost teachers of
New York City. At one time she was
co-principal and one of the owners,
of the Gwyn School of Spartanburg,
conducted by the Misses Gwyn, which
was later bought and taken over by
Converse College, as a unrt of its
institution.' After the World: War
she .-adopted a French orphan, whom
she .supported' for many years and
later visited the child in the villiage
in France in which she lived, She
had traveled extensvely and possessed
exceptional literary ability. She was
the author of a number of poems,
which have appeared from time to
time in various periodicals, and
which are marked both by literary
merit and depth of thought. Re
gardless of her naturallv retiring ;- i
To Be Given Away
Ashevilles So.
SIX DAYS-Mch. 27 to Ap ri l 1
Leading Retail and Wholesale merchants of
Asheville have planned to make this THIRD
"Trade Expansion Jubilee" the greatest of all
. . . in point of VALUES for shoppers, as well
as the CASH PRIZES to be given away ! Plan
now to be among the throngs! Low Railway
and Bus rates and other advantages. Watch
Asheville papers for complete details.
And Six
Cash Prizes
' -.: , -i
Trade in Asheville- .... . and Win!
position and her desire to shun the

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