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Ibis ifcspilSlIBifi
Hs Mors PaiJ-ln-lJi'Jtlce Suj.nvr. In Hajuool County Than Ml kl fiA; Xeuspapcrs Combined
Till RSDAV, APRIL Li. 19:5:
NO. 1
Naming Of Superintended
ducaiion Causing Much
Three Candidates Are Seeking
Plate From New Educa
tion Hoard.
IV h p- 'the mot-t discussed topic i 1
,- .lav m Haywood county D "who
gng to be county supermtendo.u
of education'.'"
III ri ':
eva ry
It 'na-
lb. .1.
I ma r.l
r .he oa'-t Wcio-. in.i
; -..I --intf about he t-.
i- the in :i in mmc '
l'ouo of Haywood
, al"V-t
citizen -.
ipic and
the beer
discussed dcprcs-M:').
''-al Assembly i- expected
in, the throe numbers of the
wio were electid last Jane
I'll The members elected primary wrc, H. Arthur
., Canton; R. T. Messer, Wav
.i.i d Ihiin. r Cngle, Cant"li.
,, .nber .d' the board stated in
U,-ia! capacity that he expect
hoard would meet about
; Monday in May to take up
u i- of naming :h. county sun-lent.
the it
he 11
in rin
It has 'ids.
a movement
been runrorim neiv mat
is under way to get the
from Haywood in the genci-
al assnibly to Ket a bill through which
would provide for a members on the
iKiitrd instead of the three elected.
There seems to be little possibility
o! this beinjr done, according' to state,
mints t'rum those closely connected
with the two representatives, hach
of the three candidates stated that
they were also opposed to any such
... The office of superinlenednt has not
been declared vacant, but the ambi
tion ot several for the office has
brought about the discussion.
Those now in the race lor the oflice
includes, the present superintendent,
Homer Henrv; . Thomas Reeves,
principal of the Saunook school: and
Jack Messer. teacher in the bylva
The person named as superintend
ent by the board of education will
take office July first.
All three members ol the board are
beinK approached daily bv interested
jiartus urging that their favorite
man ue ffivc-n the office when the
board meets. Just what effect this
will have, n anv. will not be known
until alter the board meets. As far
as thai Koes.. the board has not vet
been confirmed but there have hut few.
if any cases in the state Where the
.legislature did not confirm those re
ceiving: the largest number of votes
in an election. .
. It has been expressed that, there 1
.a. posaitlity that the confirmation of
the board be withheld by the legisla
ture, t'tit there is little probability of
that, it seems, and it is onlv a matter
of form before the three elected mem
bers will be officially named a-? mem
bers of the board of education and
bcfrin their duties in that capacity.
And of course, one ol the first duties is
.that-of nannnir of a superintendent
of education.
It will be remembered that during
the primary last June that this mat
ter was brought into the tight and
some campaigning made along this
Quite a bit of campaigning is now I
being done by some candidates fori
the position, both personally and
through friends. Ono of the candi
dates was asked if he had a state
men; to make through the columns uf
(. ontinued on back page)
iarse ElectricaF Sign
Point Entrance To Nation
al Park.
Mucn interest has been create"!
here , m the park entrance sign on
Main street since Oscar I. Brigs, sup-
pnntcnHnllt . Af ihei .it.... wnt..i. null
street department, erected ai miniature
sign in Massie Furniture Stwp win
dow -showing how the proposed park
sign across Mam street at Depot
street would look.
Plans are already underway to raise
funds to erect a sign lust like the
..miniature one. which is electrcally
equipped and built so as to attract
the attention of everv motorist driv
ing on Main street.
The sign is to be the width of Main ;stated '" '""
street and 25 feet above the street. ! - Funds for ercctm;; t.y-.y.-.i. -The
arch will have the words, vfcast-iraisc-d by. nopular .sub ; : i; , . . n
ern F.ntrance To Great Smokv -Moun-; Mrs. Hedwig Love, city cleik
bdn a heen named treasurer for the
1q rrrn n ,rritf nK'rMin. ,);n,r hlniv ' anil
pointin1? down Depot street will have
"Soco (lap 14 miles. Highwav 281."!
Three six-inch steel posts will be
erected and the sign suspended from I
them. Posts will be placed at . the-!
corner of the bank and at the court-1
t In This Comity
Heads Kotarians
i 1) 1U N
B. D. Bunn Elected
Rotary President;
Dr. Gay Sec-Treas,
New Foard Of Directors
ed F" or ( omin ear
Hecent Meeting.
At 11. 1). Bunn, superintendent of the
WaynesyilI.e township schools, w.i
elected president of the lo.'ii! R'llary
Club last Friday by thiv newly elect
ed board of directors wdio were 'chosen
the week before.
According to Rotary rules, V. I).
Smith,, present piesident, assumes the
duties of vice president.
Dr. S. P. (lay was elected secietary
treasuier. t0 succeed . I.. I.aiiipkm.
The board oT directors elected were:
1.1 1). Bunn, Dr. R. H. Stretcher, Ern
est L. Withers. W. T. Kainer, . ( .
Russ. and Dr. H. P. (fay.
The local club was one of the strong
contenders for the cup which is offer
ed each yetir for the best attendance
in the district during the year;
Among the 'many thing- sponsoic !
by the dub is the young people's work,
Hoy Scouts an 1 (fil l Scouts work. ' ,
There are at pn-ent alnut t'b inem
bt'rs in the club.
Local Man Gh's
formation 0t Bev
The first direct :n.i
e ! for" on peer in
was brought back, by
e-n, local mail c irtier
in lio;. ' receiv
lihcVn .statcs
H Mi( i ic' -
.and -r
V. C. McCratken. .wito haw
turned from AVashrig' i.i.
- G.;II. McCracken sai,i."
i -. ini posiiile for -anyone 1o ;,
on the .'!.2 per cent n- er.. I i!
J Us
believe it
rti drunk
id lii.t Pfc
a Oiunk person
!! " he lime I was in
V i 1 i nt, ton "
"Women, and young gil ls
ing it-, tea, at nil cafes, ami e
s- ems satisfied with it. . I
hurting the 'bat-wing' ha-'
concluded. ,
; dri'.ik
1 dv
in i
h '
e curb, .'while the third will he
on the curb just in; front cf Waynes
viile Pharmacy. 1 r,e sitni will ne 1
shape, crossing Depot street anfl.;.t!so.
main street. -
Mi Briggs estimated the osi of
building the sign of. stiel and sheet
iron, and painting .'would be S-.-' Tb
sign will be erected by the env under
ti-- dnecion of Mr. 1
ggs. 1 ne citv
to also furnish Itee the n"ht--, .So
charges ar(. to bo made for the cr-tve-tion
of the sign by the city force. ;
It is the intention of Mr.
1). p-in woik at mice anu have it com
pleted by May . first... . . '.'.-.',
Calhoun and. Davis, local s:-n paint
in? cencern, painted the stvmti'f sign.
and have contracted .'to: pair '.' tlte large
ign at a minimum
cost, .ir.. j:
1 "L
iii !)
, and
..nair-n. and anyone wishing to (loii.n
towards the project should leve the..
donation with her at the citv hall o.
send check made payable i0 Mrs. JAe.
The American Legion donated Slo
towards ' the fund at, their -egular
meeting last Monday night.
; , if
S- s s v
.Methodist Cor.t'vreiue Women
To Mold Three-Day .Meet
in;: Here Next Week
'! ' -d ; Monarv
Mchodi; church
ia-t minute plans
for the Western Nc
feience which vy.!l
r-.H-.-J. y. Wedn. son
;y . i
tth i
is busy
arolina Cor..
1 i here next
Mrs. J
tka let;
M. Long reported ye
rs had !. n iv.-civ vd
'IV I -.1H!,
- chain
n' v -
hoivi. - '
el.i ' M
. to at
- nuii
v ma I
I I ;)
: una
1 .Mr-, i .
.ii ia
da . ,i
I to t
I 1.1; -e in
laiio: Dr
s Naomi
Mi-. W.
Ii 'J 1
-.'K. '. 1:
Mv.'iee. arl Mi'
l!ui how, China;
of (Ireensboro ; '.
: - vill-; Mr
mill., a:
v M
t m . Mrn.
K. I... McKoe. Miss Margaret (.r-y. ot
W in-toii-Salem : ami Mis.--es Ruler and
Floyd, of Brevard Institute.
The coniiiiittee in charge of enter,
tainnteiii. with Mrs. J. Harden Howell
as chairman,' announced that a recen
tiui will !e held for, the visitors in
the dining room of the church imine-.
-ii t.elv following - the. first session j
Tuesday night. .An automobile ride'
through the apple -orchards .and'.;
(.Continued on oack page)
Way nesville District Chamber
Of Commerce Is Organized
Mrs. W. H. .Matthews Is Fleeted
Secretary Of .New Hod v.
Action taken last Friday night at
tile second mass meeting AtaveWay
nesville allij siirr iun ling tei ritoiy
anothi i Chamber of Cuii'merce. .The
new organization being 'known a- the
U iiynesville 1 Msli ict ( liambi-r of Coin-iiie-rci.',
and organizi d fn'r the p;;! .;.; -';
of advi rt isine ihi- 'ciii; mini itv an :
tiling a b-.'tti r ;
v 1. 1 ! ; i. n -
he nie'-tiriL; Fiidac night, C. M.
!'. t
- wa ' I'lei'li'd jij ('--iib-nt and Rii-'l-
X . Uarbf-V, - Jr... va - named vw'
I At ti s-pecia! meeting tu Id Weiilie--I
day af -ernoa:i at t he LeFiiiric Hotel,
'at, W-hh-h' .'!;" "were pr.ent, ! epre-1 oi ing
1 th" ditrerent organizations .and bus
iness enterprises ol the Communily.
i.rgahization of the Wiiyne.-villi' l).!.i'
trict Chamber of C'onime.rc!: got inrfer
way'.' ' '".-' "''".
Mrs. V. B. Matthews was electeil
Kccrcttiry iif the oigaliization, but at.
her request, this was Jo ft. open until
she -could confer with the newly .elect,
e.l bo .rd of governors.
The meeting Wednesday. adopted the
e.-ns; it niton and by-laws drafted by
toe 'K. .'Johnson, V.. B. Ferguson, ami
VV, A. Braiiley, vhb . were named on
thiv "-coni-rtiittte last Friday night.
.larvis Allisotti (ilenn Boyd, aiid R
. M, i'ergu.-oii. iill farno rs in tii.- ui.-.
1 1 i. t . were named to. form, an organ
za! ion. jiithidr respective cn.mniunitics.
; :. Others named to represent difTer groups, or organizations included;
Paul Hyatt;, . hotels; Mrs. tSoDe!
Ga'-rett, boarding houses within Way
nesvi e .ill'-. I ail .iieiuoiu, iiiiaiuniE
ii , ' 1 M. Ir 1 .......
I'i,n'i Xn ' tlni torrirorv outsidn ofi
V.'ayne.-ville; James Atkins, to repre
sent Lake Junaluska.
Plans, are underway: to make a
:."fm .vsiiio drive in the near lutuio.
Other . committees appointed were:
( anvassini' . cornmit'.ee: Lee Dav. -.,
Hichard Barber and Jarvis Allison.
I'.udgcL committee:.' jtiuy Massie,
Mi--- ('- F. - KirknatricK : and : Paul
Hyatt;' :''-. '' -..-.'.'- v';
A week ago last Friday the plan
was presented to a mass -meeting,, and
after much -, discussion the , plan wa
a-lnpted. but at the reomst oi the
minority, no oflicers. were . -elo ic-d in
order that the matter be pie
sented to the diret'tois of the Yaynt'
ville Chamber of Commert'O in, the
hops of getting the two organization?!
together into one organization. The
diie'etors of the old ( hamlx r of
merce could not he gotten together
because some wore s;ek and others
were out of town, but a stau-mem. vvas
sought from each and ihe K-neial
oninion was that the old Chamber of
ftommerce continue under the same
charter and under the same organi
zation set up. . "
Under this situation, tne mass meet
(Contmuod on back page)
Atkinson And Y, T. Shelton
Kate For .Mayor. I'. V. Mas-sex-
Ami lh.vk Tuipin For
l p Until Wednesday 110011. 'J cu
ilidates for mayor and 2 for members
of board of aldermen had tiled or an
nounced that they woul he candidates
in the city election which will bo held
011 Tuesday, May
Mayor ('. H. Atkinson is a candidate
I., succeed himself, and V. T. Slu Uc
ue'l known, business man aunounccu
in the column-' of ilv... pajicr tliul lie
' ; cat-uiidaie for the ntlice.
I'll;- two that have tiled for. bourn
:iM, i mill are "I'ock" Turpin ana
i-'-ev. Abimt
ted that ibey
do.i ii othl -
end t" ciiU'i
iae ill' i t hi'"
:.i :l .. iinouiu enieiit.
w i'-hine' in i'ii!
mayor or a ulci nu i
. !leilwb: l oe. clorli
e.-; ..-II'-, on or Ue.t'0!
!v !i ice i one
a1 " . , 'for tiliuK
I;1rsl Vzr (V- Mini
Shipped Wn!?ie&::;
i id
1 wo )i ;
idv or
.Moved I'lom
; : ( ars Are
. r
i. of the Kui'Oku
Mica Company, announced Wednesday
that the lirst car of mica was shipped
yc-terday afternoon. The car had
about ol) tons in it.
M r. T.owi stated that two other cars
were ready for immediate shipment.
Tin" mica is being mined at the
(ii'.i-sv liidge .Mine near Balsam. This
is cue of the county's newest enter
prises, and the prospects are very
encouraging, according to those en
gaged in the work.
Mrs. Coolide Is
Visitor At Lake
.Mis. Calvin
I idge, widow
ident, who is
at Tryon ami
f the late ex pre.
pending .s-o met ime
i Western
North Carolina with
, was
ka la-
it 1
( 'ooliil'.'e di.ove around
and told Jam's Atkins,
and manage!.,, that I In
Mie- !:IK
-i.ilic p'u
t v was .'i'' beau" ;
t nemploved I rom Eastern, l.ities
Will He (iiven Work In
Park Area.
.' .I.. i:!i.-' 'Kiiki'n.' suiierintcuden: flf. th"
'Oi v it - -Siiioky . .liiuntain . Nation.-il
i'Hi k ii.liH ned lo his hetiduuarteVs; a t
'(iatliijgb'iiitg this ; wickt. from Wadi
ii'gfoii to- preiiare - for the CoJislriictiosr
of four laliur relief camps in the park.
(if which: will be
;or::Ui .( arolina
..One -.of the ciimjis will be built .at
Smib'ur-t- "-hear hero, and another ut
;.! . Sterlinir Host oilice. , These sites.
I have been selected by the park official ;:
'.,4- U...... ... ...... i'.ux,. Kir 'riill I'll
.'ui nan: n ut oi'i"""" " .
Koosevelt'..' 'nut it is- certain that . h
certain that
W ill follow t he rec o m m 1 d a t i o ; , o f t h e
park service.
Meii will 'he brought from the cor).
gcstc'd (astern cities Mid given work
in these camtis of reforesting the Park
and national''. forest.- areas. . Before
the -men are sent- to the camos they
a: e given several weeks training at
army headiiuarters to get them in
shape lor, the work.
The men will be given their board
cl d i ilirv of S'O i month Of thi
amount between $20 and $25 will be
sent direct to relatives for support
while, the work is being done.
It is the purpose of those at the
hi ad of the work to have about 250,
OdO at work bv Mav D. Of course a
few hundred will be worked in each
Mr. Fakin stated that about- 8 Per
fit ef tbe la'ior used in the camps
v.-m'd be local labor. Th" local men
iv-ud1 act as foremen of the work.
Tie nl-o .staged thit the farmer-- would
find a market, for their pr . 1 w f-tbe-e
A numher of camns will also. If
e-tnblisbed in Tisgah National Forest.
Commissioners Call Meeting
Of Taxpayers To Discuss A
Revaluation 01 Real Estate
Commencement Speaker
:''.-.'Xi wA' a?-".'
K WOi. . Ki.iWA'V
hi; ii I ( mi l ii
exercises' wiM.i in,("H
'HIVI1'" 4 lHIi ' )6 ii' a .horizontal 'Vcductifti is .niadm
HlUnliM A I ML' that il is cstimatml thai tins iv
- i(ii'liuii would 1)0 hel ween anil
Misses Morrison And ( amphell.o-, U.'t(.n( Tin- revaluation "I
Keceive llth Honors In ! property in sonu' cases would noi
(ir-idnatiir' Class ol' .".I 'aitionut to thttf inurh in lmiu.-
( 'oiiimcnci nieiit exerci-
nf tn-.
AVayncsville .Tow iisbip schools will lib-
gin Friday. Aprir2S, with the : elc-
. i i . i. i i: .... ii,..;. i.tio.
ineaiarv -..I'lKiinr, u r
C-: t bat evenug
Tlie- lirst i vent ::i tne g,.:iliutmj;
ei icises of the se ibo i bt-s which
is ctimposed of bt emu.' w ill be Mil.
commencement serin ei oil .hm'h.y
eveiiiiig, April HO, ;,i ,h Ivh schotn
'auditorium, but Dr. O. .1. Candler. ;m
outstanding Methodisl preaiber of
Superinteiiileiii M I 1'u'io an
noimced thai Miss Morrison,
daughter of Mr. ami Vi . V. lb dar
i i our of Lake .1 una Ills I. a, b'al noolc
an avi'iagc grade o; SC',' for tbc four
year'- high si'lic! ;,n,i was naineii
All Marjoiie (.''a-oipbell. daiigh-'cr
,,f .VI r. ami Mrs: K. I '.. 'ainiibel, of
llazi luoiid. was named salu'.a .oriau.
M iss ( ':i inpbeH';; a ei age grade for the
ri.r ve:r.-; in. hiirli scbmil was : till.!)"'.
..:..:....; i: i . i. , ... . . ., , i . . , ,
i nose receiving iiunoi a me hh.mi
for their: four vearV average grad -
were Sam Carswell a nd ' "Kiigi-nia
This vear the two student.- in each
grade receiving the.' highest' average
for the year were named to serve as
marshal - at all t be coiiiinencemen!
eveici-i's. The chief marshal was
the -one receiving tin.' highest grade in
l!,.. (.ml 1, (Vriiile
.'I. ii .. ,
Those named as ..marshals were a -
; Ivighth (JradC: I'atricia Biaadt
' , Ninth (irade. Mary MedtVrrd am1
Miry Willi i Kobi
Tenth Orade. Abbie Fay 'Henry.
chief inarshall, ; .'Flora -. (libson aw
Niorine i.owe.
-. :.;:::;.ininaliius will begin ''li Weiira-.-.,
( Continued on ..;a"i; , iatt''4 ) :
'Swimming' Potd, lt;i Room And
.Tennis 'Courts Included In
.New Development.
(I v ( Mil M
One of the largest an1 most ii'-auti-fid
rerreation centers . in , Western
Xorth Carolina, is now. undo? const na tion
on the Belle -Mead holdings . on
the. -i.'ti! iisb'e of Hiizel vvnotl, adbbn
ing the Country .Club Golf Course in
one of the most , scenic settings to Ik
found, in the whole country. The pto
ieef lias Iieen '"under -wav for seVera!
months but has been kept quiet, and
is 1 a revelation, no w to anyone v. ho
visits, the place:,,
('. AL is the owner and pro
moter of the' development, that, would
do credit ao any recreation center in
the United States. The BelleMead
property of which this center is a
part includes all. the land on H igh way
No; 10 between Hozelwond and the
Country Club eighteen hole golf
rouse- The owners or Belle Mead are
( M Dku II I i k n J L lb
i f hark N l and T I dwvn
Mr. Dicus bought from them the prop
erty upon which he is now buikliiig i
All Interested Tai;i er-. Are
Trued To Attend '.e1iiit:
Here On lM.h.
1'iti' tli'.n'il i' ( ''iiy-'t '.iiinu---.--iniH'i';-
iii -I'l'i'ia! -i'.--ii:. ta'tc
I'm sd iy ilt'i'iilci! tu call ,i ihmss
'lie.-; in;.:' !' t he volers id" 1 lay
, mill ( 'mutt -at Id u'i li'i'.. 'I'iii's
il;.y, A ; il ii IS. in iii: rutin - mmi
I ' l , -Mil - : 1 1 . 1 1 I ', , til 1 i 1 1 1 1 i i 1 1 1 '
J i:'.:, ! !,! ! v. iii'1 In r t to tt. ojil.- i.
(tip: ''' t ut .1 til :.; ri vain;1 lion n
j i .-'."I 1 ,' in I !'.i m ' - . - -
I !,i i i "i,;;!! i-i'ii,i 1 it'!.
I ! ' i . ; : 1 1 'i i i . -. i i
m i
m.ursi' llii'V sit best, Imt tlx
l!:: c !"' ' 1 ' t . ' "i-::
Ihe mass iiiceliii. al which tmm
tJiev can ili'lormiiit' t i i ; sonti-
tton anil more in oUlci
I Al ter I I'v de'.ds
,f the
in ini-
, 1 i . :. . i, .. .1 ;,', I t he
, "')"!l'.', , ; j ni known, the gene; id ex:
,..,),, ,- U(,.; ibat it was a '-spleiidid
1 1 j . . ... . .i, .,
I.--,, e i.i I Heir I ia 1 1 pi I'.i'i C"i l"'."l"
!)., ''.'..,ii.ruii!l.s- to voii-e tbt ir opinion
i be mat ti:. "''. .. , ,
Some counties i Western Nortn
Carolina have already: made a hoio
zontal reduction, some amounting t"
2" per cenL and niore.
The hoard of commissioner:, stres. -,.,
the fact that they are an.Mous tha'
a large number of taxpayers be iire--ent
at this meeting and heln determine
the best way to go about the revalua
tien of real estate in the county. ;
The ollicial statement of
siimers reads as follows-
"Tbe- Boar.l of County Coniini sioii.
,,is have announced that a public.
.,-: ing will be held in the i ou it f.ioln
at Wavnesville, a:. 1 0 o'clock a m on
Tuestlav, Ann! IS, P.i:!:!. to. determine
whether- there shall be a levaluation
,f rial est ate in 'Haywood county, or
i I ,,- li , 1 1-i 1 1 1 it : 1 1 reduction. Ihe Ala
.y ; ,, , i IC
1 cl: inerv Act recently iia d l .tu
leneral As-cmbl v niak' s it . -optiona
bwitb the Board id' ('oiiii.iis-ioin-rs ,t
IIUISUI'-- I'lllll'l . .MO "I"". ""'' ""
inissimers are anxiou- to ascertaii
.1,.... ,.,,.1 I,, i.i -in I in I'lllll
the wishes of the neooJ. with regard,
to a revaluation. All .inti -re-ted tax
payers are urged to ai 'id t it; - meet-.
( Signed ) Board "!' '. oi! 1 '"-nimi-
.. .
. Sionet
i ' - ' -- -. :
I ')!,j jyy j.f-" jj)'p. 3 ,
- ' 0 . .-.'.,, ' , , J Ct
.'M,:. I)If lis .Nhi h
; .Miter,
, -id. an-:,
a';'.;;': The
l. . .. T:l .o-
, I .'.'hi feet
u -. in a:nd -
O C ' I' t'K
:: : and
h ad,' the'
, ; ; . i -. s ?.'-
;t-'"-h:r by
l o
:n r:;te to
.-: wo for.
.on thirty
.-and the
depth of
Fach se,r:
pool, 1."."
wide, with
wal's bi:i!t
ock. .Is 1
cacl-e t vi
Way; V'tin.
, f hild: i n
; v
M.ii! seven-' to
ion- is -en.. ;
ia :by.- an irmi
( )n tho' u;ipe
:'-.,,i nlot .fo r.
V. ' l It : '.:":.' .-..- l'OU'.V
id'; - , . .10 - ?.: -SUS':'
;'.::-.g s-.i iiig---. i'md othc:
;;imci;.t; that chiljre:
no: thcast side of" th
ikes ('in
i bath house, two stories h-ijr.v,
"miti-iV. Stone, with two cotr.-
v -

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