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    THURSDAY, AUGUST 10, 1953
Page 8
Mrs. James Kuykendull and small
son, Jjniuie, are visiting the former's
parents, Mr. and .Mrs. McLean, at
liev. and Mis. O. C. I-andrum and
children are visiting relatives and
friends in Kentucky.
Mr. ami Mrs. Lawrence Davis and
Kinall sun, Dcrrell, are visiting rela
tives in Greenville, S. C.
The 1 lazelu noil llcioster Club will
hub! "their usual monthly meeting
Thursday night at the Hut. Mr. C. S,
AValter, vice-president of the Carolina
Power and Light Co., will be th
speaker of the evening. Special music
will be rendered by .Mrs. Florence
Bowles and Mr. C. Mclnm-s. Mrs. C
& Walter will sing and -Messrs
-Snake" derringer and Harold
llayncs will give exhibition dances
This plans to lie uuite an interesting
nrogi-am and a large attendance is
vi:iiig hkli.s
alurday, August 5, was unite an
important day ill I lazelu ued, beinf
a day of three marriagi s. The wed
dings were .solemnized at Clayton, (la.
and were as follows: Mis.s Cla.lya
MrLln.y and Mr. ,1 .( '. I Uirrcl. .Mr.-'.
Jiurrtll is the youngest daughter of
.Mr. ami .Mis. .1. It. MeKlroy and .Mr.
Luriell is the youngest son -of .Mid
Ad. lie Hun-ell. . . . t i i ed' Hazvlu .il. d. -.
.Mi.--.- Kvd.'.n iii- Ireeame tile l'li'lu
of .Mr. Karl l:i-.ln!i. .Mis. j:i.-eii..ll'
is lie -.e.aei da H:-liii-r . i' Mr. and
Mis. T. . I lavis of I !.! .-. I. S1k
is a gi.iduale of Wiiyii'.-vilic T. c.-. nsb i p
ll-b S. .in. 1. 1. Air. r.i.-eh..if e.ine- lo
lla.el, I in. i, i. .Mount 'lb. dl.'.. V .1
M i 1 1 a by Ti ii n t a ii, I .Mr. I. ill In-:1
( illtila lid 'A ele ;l!.-" la. II led ".1 Se . -ill.
1. 1'.. .Mr-, l.ilhliinl i- lie ...'I'l'iii
la';. r of Mr. and .Mrs. Go-tye
'i'laui! .Mr. Cillilnnd i 1 1 1 . -..i: of
.Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Cillil.nid ami is
an elil il,.. ee of 1 biyle-I 'i I ki ngt ' hi Co.
Hazelwood Wins
Bleacherv Game
Last Saturday at I laz. lw.niil 1 lu
local c.lub nose, I out Snyles. IMeacH
ery nine in a elo.sely I'oUglu contest,
:i to s,
W .-Morton led the Saylos baiters
WJtL three fur live, "while Fisher ami
Price"two hits each.
Saturday ot'"t1ii.s week brings llca
con .Miik- to Hazelwood. The gam
Will be called at :;::!
KAVI.L.S " l; II U
Lance, :'h. . - j ;j j
lll.lil n. i f. . . : . . ..V 1 .1 0
Landretli. ns. -SL ". ..... . ,4 n o
W. Morion, ir ..... . ... a 2 .3 0
L.Mla. lb. . ' .... ... . .5 .1. 1 0
V. Morton, ef. 111 .'..'; ...... a 11 10
(larrisoii, . .3I1. .'.........In 1 u
I lo!:,:. e. . , . . ........ I o H 0
DaUdsoii. p. ......... . .4 1 2 0
10 ; 13 1
ii.xi;lu'( kid ai; k h is
Queen; ss. 4 2 1
AVyatt, i f. , ......... . . . 2 1 u
Fisher, ;'l. .4 2 2 it '
iiobes. .11. ii., . 1 3 0
Burrell. 3b. . ........... r, 1 1 1 i
Pi-iCe. c. . a n -1 0 1'. . ..... , . . . . 4 n l 0
Putnam, p. . ) i 10
Knykondall. rf. . ..... . . . 2 n n 0
Sanders. V. rf. 2 u u 0
In '.t 13 2
(',) Went n for Ku kendall in ."til.
W.clc- Game
Hazelwood entertained the Balfour
ball club on the local lie-Id last Sat
urday ami helil them down to . defeat
of 15 to 0. I'utnam. local "south-paw.''
pitched exceptionally g-ood ball, allowing-
only -ix hits and striking- out
ten Balfou,. batters. He pitched. him
self out of a bail hole in he fourth
inning, when two hits and a walk
filled the bases, he struck out the next
two men and the third ground out to
. Rc'.nnson at tirst- Alderman Provost
."tarred ot the bat with five;. hits and
live runs tor live trips to th" plate.
Dock Queen w-as next with two doub
les and .wo -ingles in :six tries, An
dy Wyatt arid Alderman .Fishe,. also
hit safelv three time in six tries.
Brevard led the visiting batters
with three hits in four times at bat.
Parker, visiting hurler. who occu
pied the mound at the beginning of
the game, was pounded lrom the box
in the second inning bvn barrage of
live hi:s. Hammond, who finished
l.he game, displayed better ability but
did not receive the support of his
Saturday of this week Hazelwood
will play Saylos Bleacherv on the
Hazelwood field. The game-will be
calld at d: 30-
Capps, ;;!. ............ .4 0 11
Hammond, lb. . ..4 0 0 0
bright. If.. . . .........4 0 2 1
Brevard, ss. . ; 4 0 2 2
Ash. cf. . 3 0 0 0
Bentley, :2b. . .4 0 0 0
Heaton, rf. , .... ......4 0 0 0
Brown, c. . d 0 0 0
"arker. p. . .... ....... .0 0 0 0
Stewart. (Z) lb. ....... d 0 0 0
Erwin, (ZZ) cf. . . . . 2 0 0 0
33 0 6 4
(Z) Went in in 2nd inning.
((ZZ) Wem m for Stewart in 3rd
Queen, ss. . . . . ; 6 3 4 1
Wyatt. ef. . . ...6 2 3 0
Fisher, 2b. : . (1 l 3 0
Robeson, lb. . ...........5 0 2 1
Burrell, 3b. . ....... ...4 0 0 1
Putnam, n. . ...... .....5 110
Prevost, If . . .......... 5 5 5 0
Sanders, rf 1 0 0 0
KuykendalL, c. . 5 1 2 0
Pice, (ZZZ) c. ....4 2 1 0
(Cantinued from Page 1)
J5 Lest collection of sweet scab-
20 Lest collection of sun (lowers
21 liest collection of roses:
(a) First
(b) Second
1.0 0
L'S liest collection of wild Mowers:
(a) First 1.50
( I. Second "5
L".l - --liest colleetioii of Hydrangeas .50
3u liest entry outside of Way-
nesville township
31 liesl display of flowers never
before e.xbibited
31' Most attractive and best con
structed bird house (must
be made by inhibitor, either
boy or girl under sixteen) ..
33 Most beautiful and outstand
ing exhibit ill show
1 .00
For further in fi nation i oiuern
iJt.u the sli'.w call any of the foHouing
members of the committee: Miss Car
oline Alsieatter, ebaii ina n, Mrs. James
.M. Long. Mrs. liufus Siler, .Mrs. ,1.1'.
Dions, Miss Alice (Juiulan, Mrs. ('and
Dell. .Mrs. V. T.Slieltori. Mrs. La.Milonil
..ill. and Mrs, T. Lenoir
Short Measure
Found In Beer
Complaints are .leaching C. I), liau
in. jie.i l ol' the S'.aC ilr,i-ioii- .
eiglil ,il..l mrasini'-. tliat la-er i
1 1 .a li i n g- dealers it, '.hi.. Stu'e in bai
m U .-'hurt as much as three and hall'
gallons of the .specified contents.
Mr. liaiti-oni -aid tiiat he was noii
I'io'I ye-1 ei day by a dealer thai lie hail
bought a band supposed to contain
1 "'. s .gallons " beer, which upim be
ing emptied and i milled with water
actually would hold onlv 12 gallons.
I'.easiuse none of the beer is manu
factured iir barrelled in North Caro
lina, Mr. Lauren) yesterday sent the
complaints to VV. ' 11. Fisher, U. S.
district attorney at Wilmington, ash
ing Federal action in tracing' the al
leged beer shoi t-ehani -to s.
He .-aid that sinre beer his been his department will coope
uite in 'enforcing' the i.iw againsl
shf i t measurements just as with any
ut her c-oinmodily.
STATi; OF NuUTJi I A I il i L I A .
Ci 1 1 XT Y (IF 1 1 A V '( K ( J .
-U persons will hereby lake notice
that Wade McDanicl Who Was con
victed of manslaughter at. the duly
Term, J ! 3 1 of Haywood Counly Su
perior Court, and sentenced to the
State Prison, will apply lo the C.ov
ernor of Xorlh Carolina for a pardon
or parole at an early date.
All persons who oppose said par
don or pa role will forward their pro
tesi to the ( iov eriior sv ithoui delay.
This August 1 1133.
wadi: Mi Daxii:l.
No." '.mi Aug. 1 Ii-1 7.
(1 H I ol llllll s s 1
):t Monday, August 1-1, llloo, at
eleven o'clock, A. M., at the court
house door in the town ot aynes
vii li-. Havwood Couniv, North Caro
lina, I will sell fit public outcry, to
the highest bidder for cash, the fol
lowing described property:
Being in Civile lownship. Havwood
County, North Carolina, Adjoining
the lands of .J. A. Collins, J. L Mor
gan, and. BLCilNNINti at the. center
of a bridge in the eetKor line of State
Highway; thence with the center
line ot said State Highway, live calls
as follows: N. 71 .40' W. 148S.5 feet
to a stake: thence N. K7" W YY. 127.5
feet to a stake; thence S. 7S" 4!)' V.
20.D feet; thence N. S4J 2S' W. .157.3
Lit, Ihtnu N .1 1 W 1 w 0 fut
to a stake: thence N, 2L W F. '-'S..O
feet to a stone: thence N. 10' 00' F.
)2.,0 leet to a stake (B. C). gone);
thence 22' 00 F. (iiiS.2.) feet to a
hrge YV. O.; . thence N. SS3 00' W
-7..i feet, to a stake in the
enter of a .small branch: thence
with the center line of said branch, N.
W 00 V. Ifio.O feet to a stake in
the center of Pigeon River; thence
up the center line of said river, Nine
calls a follows: "N. 87J :00' V. 190.0
feet to a stake; thence . 64 3rr K.
22...00 fecet to a stake; thence S.73
10 F 2)0 0(1 fct to i s iki, tlu nee
S 1') 20 I 20)00 ft t to a sfike,
thence S. 08" 2.Y W. 27,").()i) feet to a
stake; thence S. 403 00' W. '430.00 feet
to a stake; thence S. 13 4.V K. 150.00
feet to a stake; thence N. 72" 50' E.
615.12 feet to a .stake; thence S. .17
12 h. 10.36.7 feet to a stake opposite
a small branch; thence up said branch,
two calls as follows: S. 41 00' W.
1.3o.00 feet to a stake in the center
lino of said branch; thence K. 24 o0'
W. 270.00 feet to the BEGINNING,
containing fifty and mnetv-eight one
hundredth acres, (50.98).
.Second Tract: Adioining :hf pbive
named tract. BEGINNING on a
stake in the center of the State
Highway, and center of Tanvard
Branch, and runs S. 73 E. with said
State Highway, 36 poles, more or
less, to a stone in Pigeon P.iver;
thence down the river as it mean
ders to the mouth of said Tanyard
Branch; thence up the branch, as it
meande'rs, to the BEGINNING corner,
containing (2) acres, more or
Sale made pursuant to power of
sale conferred upon me by virtue of
a deed of trust executed by J. Emory
Rush and wife, Annie Rush, dated
June 24. 1924, and recorded in Book
10, page 219, Record of Deeds of
Trust of Haywood County.
This the 12th day of Julv. 1933.
No. 82 July 20-27-Aug. 3-10.
T. N. Green Family
Holds A Reunion
iUy J. A. Francis.)
It was quite a pleasure to have the
privilege to attend the annual reunion
of the T. X. and Louise Green fam
ily on July 30, 1133, two milea west
of Franklin.
Leaving at six thirty, arriving at
Hazelwood at seven; leaving there at
seven-thirty and entering Highway
No. 10, we began to notice the many
changes that have taken place in thb
last fifteen years. First, we noticed
the improved roads, the means Ot
travel, the construction of more
modern residences, better equipped
public buildiiif-'S, and a more seien
tiliee method of farming as was in
evidence by the conditions of the'
farms and abundant crops that have
been harvested and are still standing
on the farms.
Arriving at .Mr. Lyron Waldrop's
at ten-thirty where Hie family and
friends were gutheriiiK for the occa
sion and for the further purpose of
ci'lehi-ating the sixty-eighth anniver
sary of their iieeting day. Lefore
'be noon hour we took occasion to
visit the cemeiery where the body of
tin- father anil mother were buried.
We could onl..- reverently' look upon
tin remembering t Ii Kind deeds ..i, ... I.'. . toil, and the many' hainl
ioaps I hoy underwent for Hot oilier
l"ii.os" Hi in lo pi. aid,- r..r their
cliil.lrei, and Ibe elevation ,,f buman
i I y,
"n iciiirn we found Miiilc a
- ' ''' -in;- iiss..,c.l. Th.- spirit of
!' -ndship in d cordial .r. ciipa u:l.s
111 iden.-e ,n . very hand. . i h,
m'm" ''"' "'' """ ' II"- nr. -I boiiiiiil'iil
'" '""" "f i ! Illilie.
v "ci . d i.. .in, in,, ai.. I, ii rnl i c and I
'"'' ''11, 1 the supply u.,, ,,ol 1
"'"'" ' 1 " had supplied their
Ur- 'b.ohll Ki.-lan;,!,. Ill,' poosl lu.iM-
'' '' "' Fianlilin. ealb-d on and
'"'"''' '""cly r.uarks after which T.
' ''-" ::'' - a short f k, e, ,," Ih"
11 - and Mrs. T. ,. (Ireen.
! one-1 h ll y the ,
for business. The s,
'I'gi luxation (net
ciliary and re
ord of last
vel r not being there, no
reports were made. .
-As Hi tvue of olheors had expired,
Good Food And Meats :
Must Originate Properly
Jar Rings 3 Boxes 1 Oc
Jar Gaps Per Dozen 25c
Bulk yinegar Gal. 25c
Pints 60c Quarts 79c 1-2 Gal. $1
Open Week Days 8 Until 6:00 and Saturdays Until 9:00
With You
Join In
Co Eo Ray9S SOOS Waynes, N. c.
B. & L. Official
Takes Own Life
Hestley Stepp, 47, secretary-treasurer
of the Labors Building and Loan
Association of Hendersonville, took
his own life Saturday by firing a bul
let through his head while at his office.
He did not leave any statement re
garding his act. It was thought that
ill health was the cause.
Youth Sentenced
To Prison, Released
"Xot a true bill," reported the
Guilford grand jury to the court which
Jud.;e Hoyle Sink was presiding, in the
ease of Hubert Vickers, 111, who was
charged with robbing a drinking
friend of
The "not" was written in such
small letters, however that the clerk
clerk didn't see it and Viewers went on
trial, was convicted anil sentenced to
I s to .'; "months in prison. The error
obeli. .n of ollicers for the ensuing
.voir nil" held, resulting in the election
of Thomas I.. Green of W'aynesvill''.
president. .Mrs. .Maud I Haiti, of Frank
lin, secretary.
flic six children, thirty-eight grand
. liil.ii en. and forty-two great grand
child nil pre. .-in all expl'ossi d theni
m v. immensely , and Imping
I . i loe, I next year.
fir-v";! by liiaok-Draught
(! eiibal to take Thedford's
Liaek ! Irauglit, ns I had been hnv
I !.; ' lions writes -Mr. ('Im.s.
1 ;. :'l . . as, ,,f i -,,!i,n,l.i!s, hi. I. ' "Wli.-n
' :. . b.-HoHS. T I' I ;-l. -.';. and fired
;.( .', , n. .I f. ,- I;!?,, d-.i'.e li:" work
I , ,,',V,'d .v.isxv. I know til 'II
' t I l.a.i I, it' :- tale- s.ieiet! in"
.'ilfer I found h,.v.' g 1 l:laek-I ! niglit
I-. ".at Is ,f, i r I, "-. - !. I'
it , mi' of Hi" l.lle. fur T "!
i"i- don't feci I, lie I am 1 n , i . td 1 1 r
off to sleep ,.v.iv till,,' T sit cov.n.
Tl.nt, to in,', is n v -re bad fe, ling."
.Yroc i...,i . nt ii ' i:hick-Drau:lit i)t
thu fn'rin ot i hYi:b"iJ, lur Chiluukn.
We A re Cooperating With The NRA.
The Effort To Spread Employment
was discovered and Viekers went hie
way rejoicing.
Judge Sink said he had seen the
satne thing happen.
Vabbage and bananas should be
included in the diet of a two-year-old
child, says a speeiaMst in the U.
.S. liureau of Home Economics.
Humanity's Kailiest Ait. Wliy Md
the Prehistoric Man Ix-ain to Draw
KxifUcnt Pictures He-fore Making
ProiK'i" Clothes? See the Article Illus
I rated in Color in The American
Weekly, the Magazine Distributed
With Next .Sunday's Baltimore Amer
ican. I5uy it from jour favorite!
newsdealer or now.-ltoy.
WAXTKl) TO TRADK small fiive
room town house in south Florida,
presort: value S2,(KIU clear title, for
;i lies;) cable location in mountains
either With or Without building- If
iiiteie-U ii write, P. II. Jones, Home
X' . !. Kah igii, .. I . Aug. 1 Tit
I'OL'XM Illti k Lid right-hand glove,
di if. iil .'!' i'os'. tlliice. Kinder may
ha-, e ---fto'e by giving de-criit ion and
; ayin.- .for- this a.d. . Apply at The
.Modi,! .1 1 til I'l .
. T - One .Megaphone such ;ts ue.l
by Oichestnts, will; steel stand at
tached, b.dwecn Ashei!!e and W'ay
nesi!lc. llewar.l otrcred. Return
o; write to The .Mountaineer.
i i i:m 1 1 i oi: nam;
la-is. . liii; . .robe, vanity, dressers
si. .red in la-ior Mouse next door t'
Huniiaia House on .Main street. Mrs,
.Miller Ui stairs can show same. li.
( I. Stone.
- ' ' i " ' "
Sugar Per Lb 5 1 -4c
Corn Flakes And
Post Toasties
Tea 1-4 Lb. l Oc
Lard 8 Lb. Carton 7 1 c
Having- qualified as Executirx of the
estate of Mrs. Sarah K. Hay nes, .de
ceased, late o Haywood County, North"
Carolina, this is to notify all per.son.-i
having claims against the estate of
the deceased, to exhibit them to the
undersigned, on or before the 10th
day of August, 1934, or this notice
will lie pleaded in bar of their recov
ery. All persons indbted to said estate
will please Ynake payment immediate
ly. This 10th day of August, 1933.
Executrix ci the estate of Mrs.
Sarah K. Haynes, deceased.
Aug. 10-17-24-Sept. 7-14.
Tombs of Christian Kim?s Filled
With Slaughtered Slaves. How u
Stranse Lost African Civilization, lias
HiH-n HroiiKht to Light Is Told In The
American Weekly, the Magazine Dis
tributed With Next Sunday's Balti
more American. Buy it from your
favorite newsdealer or newsboy .
Free Truss
Iiy a factory representative
You are cordially invited 1c consult
this special factory representative
without any obligations to yourself.
Hospital, physician and sick room
i c o u r o n a t ia ii
2 for 15
47 15 21 3
(ZZZ) Went m in 3rd inning.

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