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The Best Advertising Medium In Haywood County Published At The Eastern Entrance of The (Jreat Smoky Mountains National Park Read by Thinking People
NO. 3S
l iii'HSDAv, u ;i st 21, 1933
r 1
"Buy Now And Save"
Trade Event Is Being
Put On This Week
Many Bargains Are Being Offer.,
ed Before Additional Rise
In Price
- jf -in an cnort to give me uumg i'uu-
r iw. ,f !,;. .,., en-it in'v an onnor-
JIL .'1 tllUlllt, ..... - J
tunity to supply themselves with
merchandise before the cotton pro
fess tax goes into offoot. and the gen
eral advance' of price., in all lines
make further increases, the merchants
of this community are this week-end
oH'ering many inducements through
advert;- nu-nts appearing in this
paper today to the public to take ad
vantage of rise in prices by
f rise in prices ty nuyiny
nlv are tile inercnanis maivin-g
e .merchants making
sp.cia! inducements, to the buying , Tii;"r'i" U jM,.-
public, '.ut they are al-o co-operating! - jV. , ,, hl,.h ,hov ,.,..,..
with the M:. pi oKi-am and the trade-! wi ;R. ;(s l0iK,v: Freshmen on Men.
jubilee' 1, more or less general, Auu1 .js;,,. .ll,h,tu,u. . im
Uiioughoul the slate 1111s week-end. iTui-Juv Augu-t Ibbh; .Junior- and
Wi-h cm in all line.- of mcrchan- j s.,m rn y, diu-dax'. Augu-t IUhh.
dise rising as a lc.-ult ot increased . (;u!:, , aa-.-o- ,.,. ;;ni ;U.
commodity pnees and higher wa- ,, ,au.. ,.,1(tki, n .TiUI,.(av and
scales, the merchants are otlermg a ; .;,!tv. .utfiist '.l-t and September
special opportunity lor everybody I'rmcipai- and teachers' of the
supply their needs at prices which in ( (,,(1,m,llta,.v rh,,.s l, j their
a few weeks will look rematKihly i - ui; ()jni, .;i(,ndav. August 2Sth. Any
low. It is recognized that the price j (lU,,,tiun ,,, tlu, regrst r;tt ion of olo
level of the immediate past, ami lo a , nH,.-VAVy u,p-;l, ,uav he referred di
large extent the price level still j , ,v. lv f,. the elementary principal,
isting. is abnormally low." and. this., state School Co-mini -ion has
Week-end is very likely the (mat passed l wo i egulat ions which it deems
chance of profiting by -it. 1 important and necessary for ctliciont
This now-paper urges that you lllan;ll;,.-,m;nr i.f schools under the prcs
read with care the atlvert isnients ap- ( u i(,n A child niu,-t
t tirir.g in lhis issti.1, ami .that y become si vears ,if age before N--.ert
your spending power to the lull-! V( nu.,. , ,-, jp;j:j. jK.f,.,. . ,.., K. en
est during these three days. It lsi rolled in a 'public chool. Cl) Cliil-.
a most inviting .opportunity to- '-; dieii living less than two miles from
-pleuish personal and hou-ehold needs, j , )u, ,.,, ,,,1 t,,,v alv ,,, at tend ctinnoi
and also an opportunity to back the f ..( M.UH, "i,"us;;-
elforts of the national government to-! , chilil 'must attend sehio' within,
ward restoring prosperity.-. '. -his district, in no case will a .child
The cotton ..processing '.ax ot. fur a(,,wed t o ;nroll in one school and
and one-h;ilf cents will go into ell ee.t ; , , ..lns-4,,. '.,' another, within the town
September first, together with t,;p, withou' an .cxwlh-nt reason. ,
creased code costs, winch are being. There will be no change in the high
added daily. . i school textbooks this year There is
In an 'interview. with .Wayn.esViile'- diange in the fourth 'ami sixth
leading merch;vnts. ,it was found '. hat j elementary geography, and ' in the
merchandise has advanced during the ; arithmei ie for grades for;- six. and
past few 'Weiks as miich as 1 P1'!' ficv'n. The elementary textbooks will
cent The cheaper staple aiucie- " ,
advancing faster
than the higher
priced items because of the increase
in wagxv under the N1IA for null
workers-'' Hotter grades of merchan
dise can still be bought at old pnu'es.
..Mw.ii.fh his is iu-t for t ho present
time probably no longer than this
week-end some merehtint- statetb as i
many of their prices are less than!
wholesale prices for the same good-i
today- When the goods are repf.eed
a much higher pi n e will have, to . ae
paid for them by the merchant,
And iinallv according to present
market trends, it is no exaggei a, ..
to say that in all -probability no otnei I
such oiiportunity for real inoiiev- j
.avings wiil be seen tor years to come-.1
.' Buy and Buy Liberally, dyimg u'1 j
coining week end. ft.o.n.vnr,
On Thursday and r riday aftei nooi .
':: a . special matinee at the y,h
. Theatre will be given, featuring tnei
. hilarious comedy "Arizona to A oai-:
, way" and two musical comedo- .v.
i special admission price, ot two .aclplts .
for twenty-live cents and two cnjl-,
dren for ten cents has Wen mad. t, ;
Mr Massie for the first two. days o!
turing James Dunn. Joan Bennett and j
m.heu Mundm one ot the two
:i , . niiusieal comedies . iUu cs . ,,4
Crabtree Boy Is
Hurt With Rifie
''. - - - - :.. Captain Thomas C. Daniels, tio-year
'. Alvin Walker. -1,5,. "- of ... Crabtree, j0ld overseas veteran of" New Bern
son of X. T .Walker, , former clerk j w;is elected Commander .f the Anier
of superior court of this county, was jean Legion at the annua! convention
reported at the. hospital Wednesday j held last week in AVilmington. He
night as "holding hi own. but. still succeeds. Bryee P. Beard,: of Salisbury,
a serious condition" a- the. result of f . qreensboro was: . selected as the
'a 22-ritte- bullet wound he received 1 next meeting place, for the -convention,
when 'he "accidentally shot himself j "Miss Washington" won the beauty
while hunting squirrels Monday morn- contest and was named "Miss North
Using a . 22 rifle, young Walker had
fired upon and brought down a squir
rel from a tree. The ssuirrel was not
killed and the young hunter, in at
tempting to kill it- used the. butt of
hH rifle. While clubbing the squirrel
with the; rifle it discharged , accede
-tally, the bullet striking young. Walk
er in the right . side and pas.-mfe
mr s ,1eiw: niPROvn r,
It was learned Wednesday nigla
from the hospital. that Mrs. A. V.
Meade, who was seriously injured in
an automobile accident two weeks ago,
wa-s ' dome nicelv."
WayiieSVllie 10WI1-
chin Qlutnlc T t
Open August 31st.
Superintendent Bowles .Makes
Ttumal Statements Re
garding Opening
( l'.y Supt. M. . Bowles.)
1'lie Waynesviile Town-hip school.
, except ing t It. dist riels added this year.
wi!i open Timr-day August 111.-!. W.
1 .ire opening on this- date mi t ii.t t w.
mil.,. ,,,, . .;, . m . .In t',,i-
, -j , j , t ,v the waynesviile isook
I'areiits are urged toCnter their
children the' first, day school 'opens
and supply them with the necessary
bdpkand Working materials as soon
thereafter as possible.
iir II.,Vi:n Ir
. Li. Hill Ulllj J 1
jl( j. Qj .ln(flr J
? J t'(U!. :ldiSUdi ll
Oil p-rf Her?
V T II..,., Un Tv
is hc'i-n ap
.. . ..;, mt;;, 0f the hulk
iihii( i(. , S:....,,lrd oi (nipany
n(. X,w ,J(,l:.(.v. ,-ecentlv leased . used by ..the
VV(,s,(,,.n: , -aVolina Oil. Inc, which is
ioc.Ued oh Railraad street.
,.(,:nl " t reet -
wi;, ..,,,,;., -i, ,iis-
.(t with S)aluiar(i: ()if irolucts.
M IIardi js a member of the
a). vdermen- of this citv and
. connected with I'icus
r0ad contractors. ;
' '' ' .'' -."'''
Capt. Daniels Is
( 1sen Commander
01 State Legion
Washington. N. C. (irl Wins,
iitie 01 -Mis onh ( .uo.
lina" At Wilmington
V cl 1 01 1 1 . . " ' s , J . it. . -
and will be given a trip to the World
Fair and will represent North- Car
olina there,'
Bass Fishing Will
Be Permitted. Here
County game warden, 0. W. Bur-
flrn.niini.fl Vlic.,' th fi f, ' tllP
i,. fi.Viinn- cnn ha hoen evtended
-in ,! a,1. t-lint. October first, would
he -the 'closing date instead of Sep -
1 ui-fiVet
xi,;.-. ,mti5" 'ln both large and
smaH mou'h bas; he stated.
Five Others Narrowly Escape At
I'rossin" Tuesday .Morning
.Mrs. Johnson Smith. of (.'anion,
was killed almost instantly and live
other persons had narrow escapes
from either serious injury or death
Tuesday morning at 11:15 o'clock
when a westbound Southern Railway
double-header freight train demolish
ed the automobile in which they were
riding at a trrado crossing near the
home of Vinson llayins. two miles
ea-t of Clyde.
Besides Mrs. Smith, the occupants
of the car were: Johnson Smith her
husband, who escaped with slight head
injuries; their two children, Kath
.line, and (ircta l'ean.; (ira.iy
Roger- and his daughter. Jane S.
.Mrs. Smith died of a broken neck ami
t-a.-'tre ,-t' the skull. None of the
t in i- - unit the ivpti it of M r.
Smith, wa- injured
y, r Smith who a, d r A 1 ng : lie
a ut . mobile, -aid tin- 1 1 1 lit t rain
fail, d to blow for t la- ei os .mi': He
d hi- a- w w .1 parti a 1 !y
and 1 1 . t w 1 1 1 n la
1 o . n:g be . aw t b.
A - he alt. 'opted
diove 011 to t be
'. pr. i.-i. hi nit t ram.
to ba. k the t-h.-
1:1. bine.
d. the
ea r
stalled en
the track-.
Ke.i..iug i hi 1 r plight, (irady Kogers.
It" w a- ri.hng. in t he rear -e it of
.-'dan wi ll Katlicrine Smith and his
small daughter Martha .la:!e to-1
i he t wo ehihlr. 11 1 hro'ugh ! ho open
window- of (lie auloniohih' to -,fe!
ju-t before the engine of the train
stiuek -the ear with, terrific impact
and Rogers savs he w:u .pinned be
1 wi en t he f 1 out and rear -eat .-. lie
. -..';:,. I . .-1 '", . 1
Program Announced I'oi- Kvent
To lie Held At Clvde
H:i1ist ( lun ch
Final plan- hac been made for
the iioine Coining Hay. at the Clyde'
llapti-t church mi 'Sunday Sepiember
it w 1-' announced this week All
former nieiltbers f the ''church and
Sunday -chool ;ire ins ited and ' ex
pected to attend
The. - lollowitar nroe ram has I
aiM.i unenl ' y lb'; progriim comniittei
1 1:0" Addre.-.. .
J. livers,
11:!.'. Kxerci-es.
,f Welcome by W.
by -oldest ami1
yotK':e.e.-t inifnber of the church.
.11:110 Sc-rni..ii by former pasfoi'.
J. R. C p en, Drexel. N. ('.
12:ll0-l-'ienic dinner -erv'd rm:
Children's terrace.
1:110 -Devotional period led by
foi'iner i'istor, 1 I!. While, Travelers
Rest. S. C.
It-la Looking b;iek over the road
our' church has traveled, by . J H.
o:ll0 Singing by. Christian "
niony Choir,
2 bid -Reorganizing visitors and
short address by them. ; .
A speci:! musical program vill be
ai ranged by the- chojr director, and
given.; v.:
yde Students
Xo Enroll Next
Tuesday, Aug, 29
Teachers And Hus Drivers 'lo
Aleel Superintendent On
Monday, Aui? 2S
: , Jack ,! Mes.ser, superintendent of
schools of this county, announced yes
terday that,' all. students of the Clyde
High School who ride the . bus are
requested; to; meet at the Clyde high
school for enrollment oh , Tuesday,
August 2:i, at !) o'clock, All other
high! school students of the school are
requested to meet at the -cool at
eleven o'clock the same (lay for en
roHmont. School will open at Clyde
on the 30th of August.
Another request from Mr. Mcsser
was that he wanted all bus drivers of
the Clyde district to .meet him at his
office on Mondav, August 28. at 2:.J0
P. M- for final instructions.
P. M! for final iristrnetinn,;
On Mondav. 28th. there will he ai
On Monday. 28th. there will he a
1 teachers meeting of all Clvde teachers
I at the Ch-rle school This meetin:'
has been called hv Mr. .'Mpssor and he
w-ill be in charge.
Mrs. Y. T. Shelton Won Sweep,
stakes At Annua! Summer
1 lower Show
Mrs. W. T, Shelton, of Waynesviile,
won the sweepstake- Tuesday at the
(lower Show, held in the store next
door to the Waynowood theatre. She
won eight of the individual prizes
while her close competitor, J. B. lvey,
of Charlotte, took second place with
six prize-.. Clyde Ray. Jr.. was third
with live to his cre.ttt
The show wa - staged by I he gar
den d'e pa 1 intent, ot the Community
club of Waynesviile with Mi- Caro
line Alstaetter a- chairman. The
show, in be opinion of iudges. was
the be-t that has , er been held here,
tlr.e of the out -lauding exhibits,
thoue.n not intended to land for :
p: 1, u;i- ii: .: from VV. F. KirchhotV'a
.Ii. b 1 a 1 in- ll. ar h. 1 e. There w ere
ill : b e !a , 1, 0 I r, 'n In ba. e six
:mi'. , ,e .-!' I'oW The .iiidge--
,; :,, Mr . 'i'l.-.i .1 , ton an.i .Mh
M.irv Walter.. ,.f Fi inklin M rs.
I. . lielaii ,-i W.'.m ville.
( 1. .e much a. Inn 1 1 .! fea ', lire of 1 he
show wa- tin- l.i'i-i variety of wild
flow el- mi 1 x li ibjt ; 1 ! in, 1 e than e el
I , ' , . ' - . 111 i a 1 1 . : .; . '
The iiri.:e winne,
S .take M ''.
in all 1 a 1 1 1 v 1
as t.
II. 1 w -:
11 sil
or x a-.. ; c ni itta
1 no H I'doiiiinat iri.-iei-
e. Ii a 11. oils b. niipie
H ; -ecu lid Clyde K:
in'iin.-'tMi.i of Ihi'i
,,f two colors
I CUde Ray;
first .1.. It. lvey
oil cent--; be-t
Mowers, Civile.
li IV
! ; t collection of gladioli, .1.
I ( out liun d on 'page "' I
ai:e rr
ilci icti-e In A aluation And In
t cease hi l( nd .Maturities
( a use Ot Increase
The city board of aldernn-n .11 . e -:
loll l'i -I'eiit ly adopted a leiltativo
budget for I lie ei! - whieb ea
I'"" n
lax -fate of
Tie til . rale I
If. I mi valuation.-
'on -100 V.IU.IMI1M,
. . . . - 1
1 ..-ar was -i.mi on
' Tin i .ti e loi -tbi iii.ivn i' Win ill-
lilbu.ed to tili-ee n,.,r, tbillgo. a.'-
coiding to tin 1 in charge of ina k i ng
up the budit.i. 1'if-'. the .board of
Ci iinlv roiiiiiii ioia-r nae .a ten per
cent horionlal. ii-diieti.i,, in La! e
tat e. and t be, '.'. I,a ,' do been a shrink -
ace in 1 1 i, aieit v ' 1 r-t i 1U'-- lis
r'oiii pa rod wi'li 'hal of llk'lli;
Tl -.-' bu.leel.', wliieh is n, ' . 1 1 - 1 1 d -in
his paper, ets forth the . property
valuation for lid. city i'-.'SL"Joo.(lO'il as
,.,., wi. , $2 ..ij'.Ynno ' f..r la lb
-year. Tip- .- li i n kage In a . . . ! nl-
uaii.,11 i- tile main cause it wa - -aid.
'I'll - rale would have been only Sl.tlO
r,. year, if the valuation had "re.
jntaimd the -ami, or ?u t a ten cent
, . : , n, . y,.ar.
, Heavy: liond imrurities coming elue
Ihi-.v.' vi .-ii- .'in.l delieitis carried over
j-,,,,,, p,., year , are resptin-ible for t he
increase :s wa," poi lit e, . out .
The rate for deb;, service fund last
year was $1.:!.") and for t he coming
year it is $ .SO'..' while not liiiig . ha i
berri .-'added for '.the street fund this
yo i,r and -fifteen cent s was included in
la .(" year's inidgef
. The budget as publisbed elsewhere1
iii tliis p:.i per will remain, on file at the
cb rk' i.lliee for. 20 days for inspec
tion by the public before the'! final
adoption by the bo;ird of aldermen.
Sethel V. l A. To
Meet On Friday
i'iii' a- -. patrnn.-. and friends of
Bethel High School are. cordially . in-,
vjtbd ..'to.' .attend the! fir-f regular meet
ing o f the. Bet h cl I 'are n t-Te;tc he r's."
AsSofiatiofi oft Friday! August 2olh,
at l!:.".o I'. .M. in. the auditorium of the
1. If vou- are no', already a
ntcmlirr of the association, they will
le glad -to ; receive your membership
at that time.
The. following program will be refi-
dbi'od :
.Topic: Know Vour School.
iK'votionai: I'aU'lin" ' .Sentelle. '.
How Our School .May be Improved.
Mrs. J. B, Mann.
The Curriculum and Objective of
. Education. Anne' P.owe Ferguson.
The Preparation for the Child in
Home for Schofd. Mrs. J. G. Abel.
Home for School. Mrs. J. G. Abel. 1
T- -.-
I Misses Ldwina and Marian fJ
! Dowell snent last Thursday afternoon I
I in Canton and attended a party given
bv Miss Margaret Hencter-on.
$27,407.31 To Be Paid To
Citizen Bank & Trust Co.
Depositors Today At Bank
County Teachers To
iMeet Here Saturday
About llT) Are Kxpeeted Here
Tor I iist Meelinj; Of
School ear
Mr. Jack Mcs.-vr, -up. 1 intendent of
. tin!) ' -eiiools 11a- -'called a meeting
f al! llayw.-o.l . ..,'ni;y (caeliers- for
: uib.i',. Am u i :.'b, ai the W .ev
il - elemental-) School, at '. ::'.(
in iiiif w ill ill, itide ap
' .' lea, -hers .from Va
in tin count . all of
, I.
n ,. 1 , 1 . .pie - ted (.. be pie cr.l
le in , 1 a 111 ;,i- 1 be da is. a , li
1 .
0 . M
. in. all.
A 1
! : b A. M. A 11110111
l a 1 1 1 .'-111 I 'e I 1 11 1 etldenl .
10:10 A. ,)l. ( li j;-., urn lie
port of iio'n 1 nat 1 11.1: coin m 1 1 . . e.
II. ( lioiip :lei t mg lo;-;n- .. M.
Sltaiiimviil 111 a i'i"ii.-. . clu e! u b
.1, els.
A. Ide in.-iit a 1 -y Ibiily Scheiluv. -m.
Al 1 How le-
a. Ilb.'lll A. ,(. iveading: I'lllie G r.een.
b. 10: IP A. 1. Spelling: M r W . !..
Mi Crackeii,
. c I li-Ml- A. M . I .alienage: Al r. I I10111
ir law :u.
,1. II :IHI . M.W 1. 'ti ;.;: .l.oi"s Mc
( racki'ii.
e. 11:10 A ,l. A 1 it limel-ie: M 1
Tom. Ree e -. .
I . I 1 ::lil ,. M. I'liVsical Kduc .tfoii
and Ilea Ifli;- M r. I'aul lleaiu.
. g. ll:oo a. Al. loiigrapny: Air, 1 aui Tf,,. .amount collected
Crog'an. ... ., s: ii i"s l'i
It. High School. Oir,ani.;aliou Ml'., - ' '.' ' " '" . '
( ';. C. Il:in. nil. I .
a 10 -ill l-biglrli: Air. l-'ied S.f- . . ,4 i"l . tl. K i,v . .
,,.,( 11 i. t. li) opoilAOi
h. 10;Kl Math: I'ri.l'.. K..,J. Ronesoii. ,, ,. ' :, -.''.. ' i ,. bi".-S.
c. Il.bail II. -or : Ibol W. C. Allen.- 1 S'vl fU kl i . Ult" Tli'tOay
' ,1. I I ;0U Cit ii'.. 'n- liip: M r. S.' I-! Con- j ';'..
nat - er. e --u: I aughi-er., of ' t lie A mei lea n
e. 11:10 Seleliee:: .Mrs. ; ",1. ' (..- j..;vlluij will pi-1-.-en: a group, of
S'-'i '""' "New Colbate indent . 111 .. niu.-ieal
f, lltl-ll foreign Language; f.Velyn I.,,.,.,.,, ,. , .. ... , ,;..., ,,w
. . . . . . , , 1
,e -neatioiial ralucaiioii aiui
its relation to 01 iu-i -unjecf-':' Air. vv.
1 1 .S11ii1.l1.
I nn. h will -.-ive.l oy the I 1. A
HI- M'-elllle of II Igll School lr,m
' 1 paj - --I :!! I'. Al.
IV. I'logram ( onrniil tee Meetiny; -
' '' "-'"
V ( one ra I Al i ng L:00 I . M. ...
1 Speaker: f rom , the -following oi-
e a 11 izal ion-wi I, m- pi eseni ,
ill I
I. County ( 'ommi-sioner -
1. County Hoard of l-iduaii ion.
II. School ' ' 1 1 1 1 nut teemen.
1. I'iirent Tea. !;. 1 A ". ia'- ion
li. Home I lemon -I ration Agent 1
Ml I .:. ..i I .
b. I in 'i; I leinon.l r it ion AgeiiL-
Jlf. W. I. Smitli. j
TCniify V..-!f ie ilepartnieiit. j
S County 1U alt li IieparfmenC Mr.
I-.. I .. Hi.uto.n. 1
- ' " "-.'''
, l?x,.t n I?kkll'muV I t
!i (Uin JUIIIOH y
Be Held Sunda
The llvii: reunion will lie ileal
Sunday. Aiigu-t rh ,t we-nty-.-evelit li
ii.t the U'll'lviin- old homo, place on
l'la-1 Ko.rk iibou' two iniles. above
Wood row. This reunion, has - been held
annually for the pa -b several - years on
1he Iu-t Sunday in August.; All reh'i of the family are reiiuestj'd to
iii' there. .There will be dinner spread
on. the ground and plenty for every
body.! ' -.-'... '.,
.' Kir (! I I "I'll' I II I'' II
11 , .'. U 1 1 1
I hi Po I Ihonn llo'n of
the Church of t be l.edeeme.r. Sa rasota,
Florida, will Preach in "(irace Church !
in the Mountains,'- on Sumhiy inorn-!
ing. Augu-t 27th. ; at eleven o'clock;!
Mr. !Thimas. ,vho . is a niitive of j
WalCs ,. was! ordained in 1927 and is
, a pieacher of unusualability
Lvervbodv. is cordially invited t'J
hear this gifted speaker. Special mu- j
sic will feature the. service.. . !
Dr. and Mrs. II. J. I.angston and
daughter Miss. Caroline, of Danville,
arrived Tuesdav for a brief visit to
Mrs. Langston's sister. Mrs- II. AV .
Haucom. and Mr. Uaucom. They ro-1
turned home Wednesday, Mopping en.
route in Ridgecrest where Dr. Lang
-"ton made an address. The Langstons
were accompamed -Jiwmc by Mr.-.
Roger Pittman, who has spent the
summer with her sister, Mrs. H, W.
Baucom. ! :
Amount Is More Than 2. l'er
Cent Of Deposits On Hand
hen Hank Closed
Depositor, of the Citizens Hank
ami Trust Company will be paid
If '27.107.,'! I unlay, according to a state
ment from A. M. Hum-, J r , li.p.ii.kit
ing agent for Western North Caroline
banks and Mr. Wiley Marr assist
ant liquidating agent.
The ljL.'7, 107.111 represents er -
per cent of t ho SJPL' .'.iP'J.-lii w liu h was
on deposit when the bank closed on
Sept; tuber 17. I'd
The depo-itor.-i iiae -il'lied agree
liie!'.!- whereby they will take a !" ';
of '.'.") per cent of their dep.-::- while
ll, I 1 111 .iil.b r ol 1 he dope- it - will
be ; : k. n ea re of b ca - b av.-i no!
. w ':e.l ,,.y tile bank.
The . e w e re bet w . 1 n ti 1 and - i x
lnvridivd depo-itor- of the bank when
It wa - ed ill Sep;, inln r 1'.' I'.b
l'n mill! of lb.- Sl!7 U; w ii! be
ma,!.' aci or.l 1 ng to a -ii.r'd grei uien.
ma.'e -I 'V t he ib po i t or . ; be I apnda' -in'.-
a'-eiit la-; Mav.
1 1 ,-1,
III..' :
'" !i;iV''
,11. realty for .ir--
'. . en i. .;.,! Kill- .11. 1
j t ribu lion a ; the Ci 1 i.-ei
llank and
i Tins' Company.
! It , -. ev peeled by ! il-.'-i.' ill charge.'
that praot ioally . everyone having a
depo It III t ill': bank ' lie I line. 'it:.
closed would he 011 liand to receive
1 their eheck. which represents, the
. li i-v and -final -ett lenient-, a the re-.
inain.i.'i- eif the 7" O'C ei'lif ha bei"'!
Itikeii care of by notes aliil .other
1 collateral owned by the b ulk.
... - At t he' tipie the hank eld-ed t h . re
' ,. ., i'l 'll.rilll! o, i.,,.... ,,.,,1 .lisOoniit
.,.,, I,,',,, A, "';.. . s,-::,. ,, , in
' , ...
,,; ., ,,, 1 , , ,,,, , , . . iY,it ra! KU
1111 nt a ry . Sell. 1. l,
.This- eoinedy was pre-eni,-d :it New
('ollege a few week- ago and wa iiior-o-iighl.y
. i.'ii'joyed by a la rg. 11 lid ieliee.
I'll" part...' are played with unu-uai
.ability and ) h. production i-' liisthly
. iiterfaiiiiiig' f r on -et.-irt, to I'uil. h. Tlie
' ndeiit- have kindly eon-enled to give
a ii-ond pert'oriualiee tor .the Oeuetit
of t be 1 1. A . R. and ;i small adnii- i.'ii
w ill bf-: -e'barged. IVnceei'!,- wil.l go
o , be lb ' X. li i-hapt. r for Hi- I" -1
1 lot ie I'ldnc.-i! ion fund, .
I'leeeedillg the pe r I'o 1 ma 1 fee t he I).,
i 1
1 ;ri 1 1 V i- will- entertain the ca ,t
a biill'i-t . supper a: t he . Iioin.
'Hi,, iirogram vmd call follow :
1 .. Bra ver. Hf Thanl. -giving. Net her
.nil .'k Tune.
...v What a Bi-iiiti h v,l lie.'ui'y
I '' aet ertil . '..-.
- ' l. I'.OW U Void' to lle;iv'.)l i-.Snlllliv
ing, Ben niailsky. .
New College Churn!
- fil l) 1 rd Wel l liman. iiecienpaiiist
l;Cs tVeyla'.
. 2. (.) .du meiii hold.
(T-ethe K;ening Star.. .: from T'atut.
' . Ilnuser. I
II. M.-ine. I.a i'-n I My S,,i:g),
I'rahni s. ;
. I. Aul' rage ( Message-1 '.'Schumann
. .Ma:... I'lxner, liiirit'ine.
I'. 1 e.i . ! 'WeKt'h!iian..'.A;.'-cJ:!n'-p.Ani.'-t.,
1 I I I'MlK
"Trial by iu .y"' '
'l'i! and Su . in 1 'iiere'
Mi reeled bv Vii'tir iielinn
. si ! i:
A -London' Law Co : t.
Tin Nineti ellt h (.'e'.rf.ilV
' Til I" CAST
I -h(i Willi m X I 1 . b 1
Mefendant,. .Mirx Kxner. .
I .lac ' y.
J in ig". 1 1 arris in Card il
Counsel, . Victor H. Jiicoby;
I'l aint iff. Rut h Bo rn hi a 1 : n .
liarbara Sttihtdii. ,nr.e-;.e .V.v.'yian.
M ui-iel St ruiniif . 1 lari'ic; ; I ti'eden.
1 lo ir (in' M n r 1 f 1 -
n :i mi
Foreman. Miintgomerv -i i n en.
In in C!i. n'i L 1-. P b1 in,
Elaine Panfell . l.dith
John Sudowskv.. John Lock. Adelai.lj
Ram(Irni.-' Lelnv R-.i'im. I ncite
Shapiro. Helen ;WLsoti. Louis'.1 Rich
F.dith Goldhloom, : Helen Lader,
Elinor. Kuttner, Ehzahth Ld-
na Saphore (irace Moyer Anna
Kabey. I'.eubih (.oldstein.
,1 :-'
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