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A pretty young woman iinds her
self in a taxical) jn New York wifch a
fctr;uiKe man who addresses her en
deanngly and .-peaks of "an awful
"nun iie leaves ner lor a
moment at a drug store she drives on.
JUI 'ears mm. She stop at the
jjntuioie, Him wondering v.ho .he is.
Her memory gone. From the evidence
01 ner eiotning and wedding ring, in
scribed L. V. to I). M., May 19,
lt);j2," ,.-he concludes she is married to
a wealthy man. At the Biltmore the
nameless .girl meets a young woman
who speaks of her desire to go to
Reno lor a divorce, it she can get the
money. The woman vanisnes with the
namelu s girl's purse, and !!)00.
An elderly woman, Mrs. Oscar Du
Val. cordially greets the nameless girl,
.luuicssutg ner as ".Doris." ' wife of
Mrs. JJu V'al's soil. Kocky. Rocky is
al-ioad, and Doris, still hewildered, is
taken to the home of Mrs, I)u Val and
her sculptor husband, (Kcir. Duris
falls 111 love with Kocky's phoi: ograph
but cannot remember having married
1 1 want to show it to them."
This was pure inspiration. Mrs. Du
Val clucked RVmn;it.hoHnr,n,. o....u
roobery. A dress in an expensive shop
like anpA pnmii,,, , 1
iv i - vVUUik vui ai uie seams.
Ve must certainly speak to them. Did
you bring the dress with you'"
"No 1 didn't think"
"Oh, dear oh dear. We should have
UIO Ue.Ss. Ion Tmnfml,r... . il.
cleiK that waitei nn -im. t .:ii
ju. i win give
her a talking too. But we must not ev-
;.tc sucn a time." xhe said with
.... U1 '.emu-mess, "Are von nr
."! tui: 1 IL If il Mil" IT I in .., f
W hat nivstenoiw .iiim,,,,. u.
supposed to have? She saw t.nin..
uncei'n in M t's. Du Val's small brown
,, U't'1 vv,'y well." she said.
iiall we go hrst to the dentist'"' we sii, ,,. 'r. ,,..,.. , ,
Jst run in lor a mum,.,, .,;i,
""l the car. 1'n, sllr, U'h(,n r f.a
thin, about the dross ,i..,, 7
" " J i -I ll l I V I II.
NOW 0() ox wiiii
d -tomorrow J r;U'i ..end
it 1U
Mr-. )u
I heri' is
lllllOU.-llll' rolled mini nmi.l,
ei - the white pavements, her heart
was beating more quicklv. If she were
to go Tango's and liml out that,
after all. .,e was not Mrs. Rocky Du
V.i - .then what would she sav to the
little l reiieh woman?
A l,vei- ot ice seemed to go down
: her sne. Hut that was nonense.
Never! Iw.L... . .1,..
Y ,u "m"t mid out lot'
cwtain. I hi- problem that confront..,!
Her was how to leave Mr,. Du Val for
vv moment,. M1( had an idea that
tile ! rench woman mean: to stick to
Her very persistently
lhmJp''1 dU to 1,1
Ti"1'1"1"''; to a ,ho calkall
'a.lge, I ,()la,h, d ((u, tjitui fhit
..., v.y"e out at one of the
Val, "we
jlenty f
us it, am
to them
"No, no,"
Will go toit
""'! I- : de,pe,aU.. I'a.ue wa"
";"U:h'n '-''' heart. She wanted
"'" than anything else to prove that
she was Mrs. Ro(.ky u V;li ut
had (. .(, in that store alone. She
'h'termined on new ta. tie,. "1 llaV, ,
make," ,(;V'..i
I : . j i ' ,L. l" lri,rt me. You said a
'''V-'hllc ago tha, you ,jd. I l,avt,
;'"''''"!, up tin, ,llu
.torn at the so:nn. I. ' , ... i
" mto Taiige', aone r
'Hl't tell von m,, I,,, . . ',,
l"'"'"lse you I'll oniv ,
lit iFr( J
' ? I l Ji ( III
But .nstead She Slapped a Highly Manicured Hand Over Her SaSaifl Lips.
um-iu-Mw io let vou: I
that it."
U ve
Not over
no-, niaki
ten minute
up anv nn
tell me. Next time I will
is er;
-ear in
excited a.. Louis
front of the quiet
She slid p:,M (he
opening the heavy
1 r
or twi
-Mis. Du ValJ ,()u,( sliehtiv rulfled.
' ' ''-'"' hnunt ua ,uv M,l,l,Mg
--"-'lie kind of , r, lt
, , , i 1 iter
wrmk ( with ..,
v- ,- .. . uii at uie
I oil want I,. ..( ,
-- ti uvvav Kir
nn too much the bad
ind a -moment and I
"Oh no. Of eoui
b en darliiiL' to me "
Ui-i. )u V al patted her hand " All
1 li lit. 1. 1 I ,,..,,( .,, .:,i- ; .. , i...
. - ' ,,UL. L', 111 L I 1 V.
''"! ''! over ten minute-, n'o-t-ee
lias "
Jj atiirrv
Doris w
slowed the
I rout of 'J
doorman hastily
door herself.
Before she could formulate any plans
" -ae ion a girl came from behind a
ilosed door and same toward her
"'" ".h 'hat be wa ic(-
-' mouth opened, her brow,
"w together in a horrilied frown.
Mn- seem(:, to scream as if with ter
"" ,1'nt instead she slapped a hie-hlv
manicu red hand over her sage-lug lip,. !
. - 1 .mean Mrs. Val"
Jhen she stopped as if iara!ve(l. I
i Vou Know me." gasped Doris,
"n you poor kid: OI,i imi i,..i,.
Come quick !" I
"J diagging her across the room as
-lie mjokc.
"!!u. listen-- " port,
I here's Ho time."
'Imt whv 'should 1
'"'I' or (I d's sak(
.s,niii"one's is conim,,' '"
spiio oj. hoivelT fh
-nmiunicated it -elf t,
Itn1 iva,
mil hoi"'
ra:;:e oil
don't be a ion
I i-!ghiened tha: she beard
Moris said. He own words
i m .llori brealh-. Til I,,
j child" hidden from some unknow
nenl? Instead of leaving, her fright
was incresing- As always in her moJ
ments ot depression the vision of the
man in thp cab came To torment her.
Now his face floated before her, very
real, very menacing. Her imagina
tion unbidden, brought out a dozen
suggestions: supposing he were out
.here? supposing he wanted to kid
nap her? supposing he were a crim
inal, and she was his helnless tool a
criminal herself?
Her hand turhtlv onf f.JSm,,. lio
. .....v.j i.uivilil, LllV
broom handle, her reason telling her
that this was all nonsense, she still
felt wave ofter wave of terror plunge
over her like great billows knocking
her common sense over, ehokinc down
her efforts to be calm and rational.
The . salesgirl had recognided her, had
called her Val. Outsold Mrs To, 'n
was. waiting for her in the car. Every
thing was al! nirht. What. wa she
scared about?
Kverythmg was not all right. What
was me meaning ot the salesgirl tei
lor And why was she in this closet?
Ouris called herself fi.M P.n
had taken her kindle mt,, afo
haven where she could rest and be
...,. I 4. . t , -1 ,
eji treated until ner memore w.
turned. But she had not Wn
1. bhe had wanted -to i ctm-n n
alarming lifj she had once led. Whv
haun t she oeen content n'itli f..o To,
-. ..v.. i, ' ' ,11 ... L.
val m the country? She tried to
mink, hack to the immilsp ;rhnt tinrl
leu her to this place where girls
looked at her with stricken pitying
e.'.es and pushed her into dark closets,
She felt that if she ever got back ito
the country, she would never make
any effort to leave a train
After what seemed a very long time j
toi.ieu me handle ot the door and
li'OKed out. The small recemion room
" is empiy. kvnlentlv the salegirl
1 h-fl it so, that she' iniirht get
II .hide vou
louud herself o
closet with th
in here.
the inside ot
door lirmlv
a dar!
Vh;tt could he the meaning of
this. .She pia.ped. r,e hard cylinder
o'ooni handle was beside her'
a"d tin. ,;her shapeless hin Ua
I'lnlialdA a vacuum cleaner. Could i
that ''lie was i!riniiiM' T-h.. f..
I i,V
he r
vou. (J,,t
Jflrl. had
girl e. mi 1 1
mg her li
al ' then :l-
ft : a wa v
Or po.. sj,v L, s.
;i w.'s I ions mad
I bat insane people -
1 ei .v one in thi
Mli, i l'.,N ll. 1 III
amazement deeoened Th,. ., .. ..... i T , T:"" '". i H
' he, l,j the am, and ; , ' , ,. ",","" ",,ol,lg. Why
i?- mu i v I 1 1 :t ( 1(1,1 'i .iwwiii
in Ik
name. Miss, I
. he sur-elv had
bo crazy push into
- el .v like a dream.
-.le.-g! rl was mad.
Mie remembered
"omtimes thought
world was criev
of the closet
And oiu.side sitting placidly in her
lii"U.-ine was Mrs. Du ral.
Moms stood m the center ,,f the
';"" n;';'t-'ting. Try as -lie would
she euuld not summon her resolution
to go (ill. On! in 1 I,,. , 1
11 I 1 ' MUlllV.
".-t. peae-. It she went in airain arid
"'"Ium.! up that salesgirl she did no
r " wlia. would happen, but w
tould feel the terror the girl had
-pieail like a contagion
Mi is Knew -he was being cow-
iid . hut sire could not belli herself.
hili .she rcmeinheeod H..( ti, had used the word Du Val or ...
;'- t sne had said it so quickly that
Val,soniethmg was all Doris 'heard
i-U. it - must l,e Du Val. Wha- else I
.t he . And after all (hat was i
r ' In- had coim, I,, fnl. Some proof I
: , ( nif I'll v ais. jn
' ' ' w-)MI oi , ,al,,t.,,r. sl,ul
he enough.
M,e -ducked ou; the door and
1 "' J'athlt.sslj to th. cu.b. Sh(
t ua.t for I.ouk to cit don
'",in ht' '' 'ut got iiiMde
luukly and sank down on the s0ft
springy cushions.
was beginning to worry," said
Mrs. Du Val. "I did promise Rocky
not to let you get out of my sight "
As the ear rolled up the avenue
Doris pondered this- Did Rocky know
of her danger whatever it was, arid
had he left these strange injunctions
about her for her own safety?
Her mind went over and over thc
inctdent. "Miss." thp Vio ,(..,. ,
"m oiaiieu
to say, as if she had known Doris best
for a long time as Miss Somebody
Then she had remembered nnv.,c, ..J
herself and said Mrs Mrs. what? Oh
iv muss nave oeen JJu Val, but in the
excitement of the moment it had been
said so quickly that Doris could not
be quite as sure as she would have
She wa pale and exhausted from
the fright. Mrs. Du Val was quick to
notice this.
"Doris, the trip into town is a mis
take. You could no: stand the dentist
could you, today:'
Doris looked at her thankfully.
" 'Whatever happens,' she says. You
you and be grateful to you," she said
"Such thoughts!"
"I mean it. You have been wonder
1 ul to me."
" 'Whtaever happens.' she says You
must not worry so. You are going to
be all-right."
Dori looked anxiously at. Mr. Du
Val. What did she mean hv th5if
She spoke as if she knew' of thf
strange thing that was hanging over
her. Sureiv she could nnt hnvo l-nnn.r.
that a salesgirl would push her into
a closet and call her a poor child.
Doris' head was buzzinc. Tf Khn
could only talk to someone nfinm nit
She found herself fall linn ,hj!r.t- nn
her old hone: tomorrow she would re
member. She had had a shock today
that ought to bring memory back.
( To Be Continued. )
,ive l eat lire about thu property is
that you have, a delightfully amiable
neigh'or next door, who is the pos
sessor of the very best set of ga'den-Hiu-
tools in the district."
Noting Man (to jeweler): "Will
ou take back this engagement ring?"
Jeweler: "DoesnV it suit?"
Young Man: "Yes but I don't.
Legion Weekly.
H. . "Can you come to the jeweler's
tomorow, Sweetheart? I'd like to
hae ou select the engagement ring
!sbe: "In that case, don't you think
w.u had better .keep saving up a little
hover, dear?''
the way, remember the !1() you
borrowed six months ago?"
"You said you wanted to borrow it
fan- but a short time:"
"That was the truth- I had it only
10 minutes."
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