North Carolina Newspapers

The Best Advertising Medium In Haywood County Published At The Eastern Entrance of The (ileal Smoky Mountains National Park Head by Thinking People
NO. 41
tflhiia Show Draws
mium t.. J
loroe Itowas; lveyi
Wins Sweepstakes
Lake Junaluska and
-v -l the swesnstakes at
ahlia show held here
n. sponsored by the Wo-
I E.
vase fy cue uuu.
...wdi attendee the show
-hp rain. The show was
L s
' P
l !
L.i Tuesuay night and a.o
i.iav morning.
, were as follows:
1 The largest and best dis
. .i-ihlia; first prize, large
in.!.,; given bv J. B. lvey
J. 15- lvey.
2 Best display of dahlias
i Haywood County outside
a f
-vile township; hrst prize.
; . to the value of $3.00.
r Clarence A. Campbell;
-re dahlia tubers to the
si d0- won bv Mrs. Frank
(:- !. For display coming long-
( .' .::ce: dahlia tubers to tht
. iS-J.OO, won by Mrs. . B.
: ....... ,,r Marble, N. C,
-. !. o. Ihe most artistic vase o;
,,i dahlias; tirst prize, dahlia
., 'ht. value ol s-2.00 won by
! i-. second prize, dahlia tube.
.ilue ol $100, won by Mis-
N. Barber.
. i . . i. . i
C'u-- 7. ihe best vase or us,Kei
pmk dahlias (5 or more blooms;,
i;u tubers to the value of )j2.00.
,-,n bv .1. B. lvey.
Clu- s. The best vase or. basket
f yellow or bronze dahlias; nist
inzc. tubers to the value of !t2;0U,
r.Ti iiv J n. ivey; wiuhu !""-,
ahci-s to the value of $1.00, won by
P -' ampi'eil.
ri o. I h best, vase or basket ol
hi dahlias (5 or more blooms); hist
dahlia tubers to tne vaiue. oi
nil wnii bv Mr. W. B. Bishop; sec-
lyize, dahlia tubers to the value
won bv J. B. Ivey.
Class 10. Best vase of decora
te i ah has. dahlia . luoers io v,u
alue ni" $2 00. won by J. B. Ivey.
Class 11. Best vase or basnet; oi
.im- dahlias hrat prize, uan ua
to the value of ?2 00, won by
B. lvey.
'la-s 12 Best vase ol peony
first nnze. tubers to the value
ifH.ob. won by J. B. lvey.
Class 13. Best display 01 pompon
JaMias; 4first prize, tubers to the
al of $2.00 won by J. ts. ne.v,
mm prize, tubers to the vaiue oi
won by -Mrs. frame iivmj.
ias 14. Best pink dahlia bloom;
it prize, dahlia tubers to the value
of s. mi, won by W. rs. rsisnop; secouu
prize.' tubers to the value of &1.00,
m bv J. B- lvey.
Class 15. Best white danna uioom ;
: prize, tubers to the value ot
hi won by VV. B. Bishop; second
prize, dahlia tubers to the value pi
Si nil won bv J. B- Ivey.
Class 16. Best red dahlia Dioom;
; prize, tubers to the value of
.' won b J B m. second
ize tubers to the. value . of $1.00.
m bv W. B. Bishop.
t'h-s 17 Best yellow or bronze
lianiia bloom: first prize, tubers to
t nf si 00 won by J a ivey
cum! tii ize. tubers to the value of
?Uni. icuti bv W. B. Bishop.
( i:r. i. sj TVic hcit lavender or
Durtvb. ilnblia hloom : dahlia tubers to
i 1 1 if S2 00 von b J. a ive.
Uas,- 1'J. Best bloom of any other
:r iii' specified; first prize, tubers
the v Jue of $2 00, won by J. B.
.v; sond prize, tulfrrs to the
'i-ti, -1 00 won by Wr. B. Bishop.
Uas- 120. The largest and most
ptriect dahlia bloom; tubers to the
va.ue of 2-,00. won bV'AV. B. Bishop; prize; tubers to the vaiue oi
fi.ul), won bv .T.B ' Ivev.
C lass Ttpsf rollertinn of old
'hint dahlias; fir-t prize tubers
o jrte Value of $2.00, won by Mrs. K,
V Barber;- second prize, lily bulbs to
t valui- of $1.00. won bv Mrs. Taul
a t
Piedmont Hotel.
Music Teacher To
Open Studio Here
" ' o M. Crocker ha openel
(Miipicd by Dr. Way on Main street
h,n J. 1 . ... . - . . '
s'n.ani w cnv iccsiinc in Time
..... ..uvi.o ... r-r-
Dsann. . nnH ArpViAst.rnl lnstru-,... (vip!in lnewi ,.,,11 Via mivon flfl
'I,.,,, ivoouiio vv in v, f,i , i ii v..
f if - . Bantist rVinrpVi orcan. Miss
:;'-''' fla- been named oranist of
in captist church and wiu oe
CriartTti r-f tlio mnam
;- "!- (- rocker comes to Waynesville
-"ini-imoa as an outstanding music
d or 6 vpars sh was head
,; ""' "igan and violin department
br.;iV,rier College, at Lewisburg,
' ane taught lor some time
; d"".oa State College, for Women,
'i !o Ala.; at Bethel College
y wjiviiii3 , iiici 1VJ. .
,.-' - ( rocker announced that the
. V," tr.e studio will be from 9
. .': 'i.tne morning and from 2 to 4
"v fuiernoon. .
-r- r, , . -. . '
Hpt. A IT l -VT- , ,
j, -- mwn iew, itector.:
i LJne Holy Communion
A. .M. Chnrpt, cv-w,i
if ; ; tnurch school.
!.' -tvensong at "St. David's
-;' Valley." Cullowbeen. -
;r body, cordially invited
One Half Of Tax-
it nj
papers nave raiu
1932 Countv Taxes
It was lea rue j at the tax cvl-le.-tor
s ofhce this week that ap
proximately one half of the
JOO taxpavtrs of this county
havp paid their ltt.52 taxes
These 4.01HI taxpayers have paid
in practically 75 per cent ot
the $iii0.000 tax assessment lor
the past year.
Since it was announced that
property would be sold tor taxes
soon, there has been an increase
m the receipts or tne treasurer.
Splendid Program
Heard At District
C. Of C. Meeting
h(!it Pointed Talks Were Made
At Banquet Meld In Masonic
Tuesday night about "0 members
ot the avnesville District t hamber
ol (. omnierce met for a supper-meeting
in :he Masonic Temple which was
a -''get -together affair lor the mem
!'i's ot the organization and at
which time a formal program which
had been prepared by Mrs. Helen C.
Matthews, secretary of the organiza
tion was rendered.
Those attendinir were enthusiastic
over thp outlook for this 'community.
and a spirit ot optimism was shown
throughout the entire meeting.
The program as carried out was
as follows:
Introduction of Mr. Stentz by
President C M. Dicus. Mr. Stentz
led the members in singing and acted
as toast master of the occasion-
The invocation ws given bv Rev.
II. . Baucom.
1 lui nflii'iMl welcome invert bv Press
ident Dicus was followed by short
talks on the following subjects:
"A .New Chamber ot Commerce,
bv Harry M. Hall.
"A New Civic Ideal." Mrs. Mat
"A New Park." W. D. Smith.
"A New (Future) Wavnesville,"
C. K. Ray. Jr-
"A New 'Bird' " Mrs. Matthews.
One of the mo;-t eiiovable featuies
oi the evening was a debate by two
f W.avnesville's young lawyers, on
the querv: "Resolved that a wide
awake District Chamber of Com
merce is of greater benefit to this
section than the Great Smoky Moun
tain National Park." illiam Merl
ford spok0 on the affirmative and
Lee F. Davis on the -negative.
Following the debate the audience,
led bv Mr. Stentz. sang several pop
ular sons.
Dr. Linton, of New College, made
the closing address of the evening.
Mountaineers To
Plav Andrews On
Friday, Sept, 22
Team This Year Is Same Weight
As Last Year. Touh
Schedule Ahead
1 he Wavnesville Mountaineers will
open their football season here Fri
day ''afternoon. .September zliml witn
the strong a nil last Andrews team,
nlavinc on the new held. 1 ho An
drews team only lost one game last
Dunne- the nast ten days the
Moiintaineers under the direction of
Coach Weatherbv have been nut under
severe drilling and are beginning to
show sicrns of a winning team, which
i, being built around five regulars
from last vear s team.
"This vpar's schedule is the tough
est schedule that we have had since
T havp een here." Coach Weatherriy
said yesterday. The schedule includes
Asheville. High, Christ School. Ashe
villp School for Bovsv Hendersonville
Havesville and Canton. (J:her games
are pending.
Th five regulars that are fighting
hard for berths on this year s team
;n.l,lo PHnn pn : dar and. t acKie ;
RrrrWe;. halfback: Khune, halfoack
and Reeves, quarterback.
Other players that are showing up
well in practice and will likely see ac
tion are: Atkins. W agenielt bummc-
row Wyatt. Justice. Kuykendall, and
Garrett Reeves-
The men in the line that are at
present playing outstanding ball in
clude: Liner and Francis at guard,
Ross. Hill and Hyatt, at end ; Phillips
and Ruff at tackle and Rurgin and
Mack Davis at center.
Coach Weatherby stated that tne
team would likely average 145 pound.-.
This is the same weight as last jear s
"The Moumameers only .hope for 3
food season depends upon the lojalty
of the good citizens of the community
who in the past have yelled and pulled
the Yellow Jackets from . a stinging
defest. The team and I heed
. your support.''
vtN s i s- 5 v ivs
Dr. Luther
$125,000 Allotted To
Park Roads-Trails
Ihe lederal emergency ad
ministration of pub::c works an
nounced last week that 125.0(10
had been allot ed for (ire trails
and m the (treat Smoky
Mountains National- Park in tins
state and 1 eniwssi e.
William A. Johnson,
73, Buried Tuesday
I'uneral service for William A.
Johnson. 7.1 who died .Monday lift
his home in the Hvder Mountain sec
tion ol Haywood countv. were held
1 uesdav morning r.t 10 o . luck at
the Hyder Mountain Methodist church,
f which ho was a faithful member.
Mr. Johnson is survived by his
widow and the following children:
Mrs. ( . A. Greer, of dastoma; Mrs.
1 Ii Henrv. of Union. S. '. : Mrs.
Ralph Halev. of Charlotte; W. 1'.
Johnson, of Paw ( reek ; and one
brother. 15. M. Johnson, of Kanapo
lis, and several grandchildren.
Clvde Chief Of Police
Court Under $1
George Rogers, chief of police of
( lyde. w s hound over to the .Miveni-ber-I
i( ceinber term ,f Superior ( oui t
under a Sl-OUO bond charged with
assauttmg Wayne Medford on the
streets -of ( lvde late H the afternoon
of. September ,rth. Hugh Rogers,
deputy policeman of Clyde, and son
of the chief of police, was not. held.
He was charged with aiding and abet
ting the assault.
I he hearing was nem oel ore .Magis
trate (t. . Hall at th,.-court house
here Monday morning. The hearing
consumed over two hours and the
magistt ites court room was practi
cally filled to capacity with interested
! rem the evidence, it was shown
that some young men of Clyde , and
vicinity have been in the habit of rid
ing through the streets of Clyde and
calling Chief Rogers names- It was
said that the night --before the al
leged assault txk place that a car of
young men passed by Chief Rogers
and called Turn the names he re
sented. The next afternoon, as Wayne
Medford was leaving the store of
Edwin Fincher and Company with
groceries, going to his car in which
his wife was waiting. Chief Rogers
called to Mr- Medford to wait as he
wanted to say something to him.
Medford waited and Rogers accused
him of calling him names. This was
denied t.V -Mediord and tnen a was,
witnesses testified, that Chief Rogers
began hitting Medford with hi, fist
and then his blackjack.
Mrs- Medford testified- that she
a fhi.f Rogers not to hit her
husband but arrest him Chief Rogers
told her. according vv tier testimony,
that "I don't want to arrest him. I
have nothing to arrect him for- I
want to kill him."
During the course of the fight. C hief
Rcger- i- -aid to hat hit Mtdford be
tween 15 and 25 time? with his black
jack Medford used his. fist freely dur
ing the affrav, and C hief Rogers suf
fered -'several bruises and cuts, m his
fa'-e The -bruises could be -clearly
seen at the trial Monday morning.
Jeter Hawkins saw the men fighting
and thought .that he policeman .was
trying to arrest Me'tnird until . he
beard Mrs: Medford call to tne -officer
15. I5ri(ie.-
Truck Load Of
Shipped Saturday
The lir.-t truck load of tomatoes
1 o leave this countv for tht -Morula
market is scheduled to leave here
Saturday night and reach M-iU'lda in
time to unload early Mondav morn
ing. Tile shipment is lieing spon
sored bv th.' V oeiitionul Department
of the Township- school under the di
rection ot W . 1 . Smith.
Ihe tonin;oes will be shipped green.
It l- expected . that several other
tiuck loads will be .shipped from bel'e
(lining the next lew weeks.
Mr. Smith said yestentay that there
is still liMim on . the ' truck for a tew
more tomatoes and all those who
would like to get in on the-shipment
should get in nmcli with him at once.
1 wo i ciit - per pound is IxMiig paid
tor th,, tom.un'.; at the truck.
Mr. am) Mrs. VI I! Owen, of At
lanta, (iii'igta. who have spent the
past uiik at the home ot Mrs. S. I
(iiat -. relur.ned to then home Ihurs
dav... Is Bound Over To
000 Bond for Assault
not to hit htm but to arrest him.
Hawkins 'estilied that hief Rogers
told Mrs. Medford that he was going
to kid .Medford Witnesses stated
thai koeis cursed Mrs. Medford as
well a. her husband during the course
-ii ; he scrap- .
Hiii'li Rogers, deputy policeman of
( lvdet and son of the chief, arrived
at tne scene and told Hawkins not to
i itie r his father and Medford.
ou-ng Medford was accused of reach
ing ) his hip locket at th,. time he
made the statement.
Ldwin bincher arrived at the
scene a: thu point and succeeded in
getting Medford and Rogers: sepa
rated. Mr. I- incher stated that the
men offered little resistance and
seemed willing to be parted- . Mr.
Mneiier also stated that, Rogers
struck Medford while hc. (Mncher)
w .: trying to part them-
Mos lierdina .Mooney wa sitting
m a -car which was parked in front
the .Medford car. She testified that
Ropers hit Medford first and that he
also cursed Mrs. Medford.
A trial was held P ridav Ix'fore
pom ,. judge, F. h. Haynes at Clyde,
and . nicer Rogers was fined $25 and
$7-.:o cost for assaulting Medford. The
case was then brought here to be
tried and Rogers was bound over to
.Superior court-
Tr.e defense in their argument,
sh' wed that Chief Rogers was not.
ttving .to kill Medford as had been
aceused as he only used his fist and
blackjack, where he had his pistol.
T'e defense also fhowed that Med
fnrdi a: not seriously niiured as a
! -uit of the affra.
The defendant did not take the
?and. He was represented bv J. R.
Morgan and Alvin T. ard. The
plaintiff .was. represented by W- T.
Shortly after the court had made
known it decision rumors spread that
Mr. Rogers would resign from his
position as chief of . police- Mr.
Rogers, in answer to a question by
The Mountaineer, stated that hp was
not -resigning from-his office. He has
! e- n chief of . police of Clyde for Ihe
i fr r n ien - ID- s, n ha been
''epu'V policeman for the past. several
vtars. if.
Dr.Luther H. Kndfres. Ontstand
in; Evangelist, To Con.
duct Services
Dr Luther li. Hndges. evangelist,
will be the preacher ill a series ot
avangelistie meetings which begin
Sunday morning September IT- m
the Methodist church- Services will
be held twice daily. The morning
solve will be at ten o clock and the
evening service at scvn-thirtv o'clock.
Dr. bridges is one ot the toremost
iViingehsts ot the Southern Metho
dist church. He was the tirst man
to be appointed a genera! evangelist
ot the church. II.. has bold suceess
tu; revival nicotines m every type ot
chinch in the connection He i a man
ot wide and varied experience. Sev
eral years .go he was selected bv the
late liishop Heauehanip to accom
pany him to l.ui'ope where he assisted
the nishop in tomiilinu- the Helgiuni
i tirki Slovaki i and Poland missions-.
1m,- pastor ot tlie Methodist church,
he Kov. Wade has assurance
ot the -nppe.ri and cooperation ot the
pasids i i the city in this reviv al An
oainist invitation to tin' general pub
lic is cvteiided to attend and help m
this meeting.
1: is the sincere desire ol the board
ol ilewards that as t ir as possible
no business or social engagements'
will be made m eonlliet with these
''Let n5 get together and have a
soiil-stirrnig. coniniuintv sweeping
old-1 ashionod. genuine revival meet
ing.' Rev. Johnson said yesterday.
22,785 Teachers
Allotted In State
Total of Teachers Allotted
For Haywood (ountv For
New Term
Allotment of L.7.rS teachers to
Sort b ( ilrohna's 1 till counties and tH
citv adininist rative units for the
scholastic year was announced
.Saturday bv th,. State School ( om
mission. The figure represented a slight de
crease as compared with the 2i.S07
tc icIhm's allotted in l'.iti2-.i.; but De
lov Marti-n. secretary of the sclnxil
commission, said it was anticipated
that other teachers would lie added
after the opening of schools n, was
done last yeat.
1 his will me,-. a. h,, said, thai the
total number of teachers allotted tins
year will m the end exceed last
year. '
.Meanwhile, Attorney General I len
tils G. Brummitt i.-s-ued a statement
explaining Tns ion,, vice m the State
Hoard of Edue-ition tor a ten per
eent increase m the salary schedule
for teachers, ranging from S 1 . to $'.10
a month for the eight months of the
State-supported term.
Ihe intent of th,. sale, tax law. the
attorney general said, was that i! re
ceipts exceeded estimates, teachers'
salines should bp increased, as tlie
will lie reduced if the levy fails to
laise sufficient funds.
He quoted States 1 .- has.
M Johnson as. saving .any surplus
collection, would be .pa-id . on the,
State s debt. Ihe revenue act,
mitt continued. ' lustities be view
that the -General -Assembly intettdeil
that the teacluos should ;;t least
share with the Ixoiilholders in antici
pated excess collections." lie pointed
to Hudget Bureau estimates of a -I
000,000 surplus tor the general fund
and Sll.000.0ini for the highway lor
this bienniunr.
Approximately 1 2.50(11)00. of the
State's $10 schoid fund will
be needed to nav the 22.,7.rX teachers
1 the salary scale adopted, which u one
of the low. in the history of the
Of the total number of teachers
(allotted. 10.20.) were for white
schools and 0 495 for Negro, schools.
The white schools were allotted S.
869 high '.school teachers and 12,094
elementary teachers, while nlv 071
of the Negro teachers were- high
school ami 5,824 for elementary
schools. .
Haywood, county was allottew 1.J4 ,
white teachers. 4 colored; making a j
total ot 1 ,H idu-i( of Riaverdam
In Re.avi rdam townsiiip.. which has a
charti r of its own, there was al
lotted o.ow'hite teacher, and 2 colored-
Th" total rn tins county is 20ti.
F H Pish h e and M
Rosa Hooper. Madison iMiinty.
Grady R: -Rogers. avnesyile. and
Iiso Dorothv Atkins : MeCi-.-tCften.
W avnesville.
Kd Hampton, A avnesvnle and M:s-.
Margie Wells, Wavnesville.
'-.J.. Willis Smathers ( anton. Route
.'!. and Miss Lou 1.11a Siruord. tan?
ton- Route ; !.
; William Clifford Johnson. ( ..-i:on
and Miss Pauline' -Robinson- Canton. .
Civil Court To
Convene Here On
Monday, Sept. 18
Larue Numher of Cases Are
Scheduled To Re Heard He
fore ,ludte Felix Alley
I he September term ot civil court,
will convene Monday. September lKth,
with Judge l-elex K. Alley of Way
nesville, as presiding judge.
According to the court, calendar,
there are t4 cases scheduled tor the
term, besides the motion docket and
case from the July term.
i ho cases scheduled m the calendar
are as tollows:
Monday, September In. 1 :",.!
Mull vs. .Mittoh.
Maekev vs. Ringhum.
Phillips vs. Pickens.
Phillip., vs. Justice.
Park t ommission vs. Grab!
Park ( ommission vs. Davis.
Park . oninussion vs. Mock.
Park Commission vs. Nichols.
Park ( ommisNion vs. Howell.
1 lies day September 19.
Medford vs. Liner-
Moody vs. Ray s Sons.
A. 11. Andrews t o. ys Phillips, et al,
Medford ys R. :. Sentelle, admr.
! K,is-i i:.
.1. H. t oil fa vs. Peuland-
.1. H. ( olt Co. vs. Burnett
.1 H.( olt ( o. vs. v ork.
i-dnesdav. Septcntbe- 20.
Hoi. and s holland et al.
Scales vs. l lark.
Georgia I' inanee ( orp- vs. Kir by.
McAliee vs. Hailev et als.
barmer s ! ederat ion ys. ( ouncil.
Mehatlcy vs. Metropolitan Life inc.
( ompanv
. U. Holier, adm. vs. Heirtlv.
Raid s Dept. Store vs. -A rile Smath
ers. Southern ( ooperative I'oundry Co.
vs. Smathers.
Kawleigh ( o vs. John i'. Ford, et al.
li iwleigh ( o. ps. I'ertha Ford el al.
! ratios vs. Rav et als-
Realty ( o. vs. knsleyct al-
i hursiiav, September 21-
Kaincr and wile vs. A i . W aid,
1 1 us, ee et al.
t usey vs. Great A A; I i ea ( o.
Liner trading a, Junaluska Supply
l o vs. daddLs, e( als.
Atkinson vs. ( ogburn.
I.eafherwood vs. ( arver.
. I ndei vvooil et al vs. Stanley trus
tee tor Mock et al.
Saturday September 211.
Ferguson vs. I'erguson et ul
U.irley admr et at vs Southern
Liner.- as .1 iinalu ska -Supply C o. v.
fenorii r ( ori-t ( oinpany.
Monday SeiitemU'r 25.
-Vciiew vs. I . lelegrajih Co..
(lav and Dudley ( . vs. Hampton
ft I:
t raiic vs Maekev.
I. M Reynold-; et ux vs. ( abe.
Pin r .. et ux vs. Lowe et al
Hank v.- Snell Metal Sign a. et als.
I abe vs N icllols:
P.ank vs.. J.M. Palmer et al.
Mtn key vs. Alackey et. nl:
1- riday, September 22
. All eases appearing on the calendar
pi nui o in,, the -July term are set for
this date,
Garrett vs. Hannah tit al..
Medford vs. Hill: :
Plott et. al. adnir. of M: Plott VS.
S ..'('" Plott..
,1. 1 t orp. vs. Osteon.
Israel vs. Israel.
lin ii U ,il vs Mull
Medford et al vs. Ford.
Sheirill vs. Receiver of Fed. Mort
gaged o. et al.
Liner vs Mehodist Southern As--ein.i'v
et ai-
St.ite of N (.".-on Relation of Walk
er vs. alker et al.
Smith vs. Smith.
Printing,! o. vs. et al vs. Sou. M E.
( battanooga Motors. In ys Phillipa,
U atts vs. Mathews,
Dicus et al vs- Ross.. .
Rlackwell-Uushttell ( o , Inc. vs.
I" is her ty. al.
Meadows ys. Junaluska Supply Co..
et al.
Hannah, admr. of A. i ,, Jolly vs.
Silas Jolley et al.
The following jurors have been
named to serve at the Septemln'r term
of civil .court which convenes here
on September lth. with Judge Feli;
L. Alley presidinir:
I-1 nes ( reek : R. Sparks. J. I..
Haynes; I!(i,i uu U H H irkiey
() H W'tl-o- D N Rugg J Rob
inson. F.ldon ( lontz... J. G. Rogers;
Jonathan:' N . W' ( arver J. R. Bovd ;
W -avnesville: A C . -; Arrington. Shu
ford II w. ' L Da i- J I M is
k V i i 'nt M i-m I J I' t li r
w i Wh 'i (ik I 1 (,Mc Ura
arsSn'oiigh- R. V. I' isher ( ;ark
M s,r, ( hdc T L Jdcko-i ( H
I; own. P ( . Mann.
. Second W eek . c
Pi .nr. in F F 1 i - W L
I'ehUnd M. K. Sm tt'ti i s. Kve -1 homp-.
n ( 1 Robit -. H M V Iford
i W C i- ty: ( K I H lavi es
Z. H. Briiwn: W avi e Havnes ; C rab- .
'u W V M I 'i i Ir n PuT:
1- ratiK Braasbaw : W avnesyitle:- F. A.
Ati( ' iie I f Pa G I W l',
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