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The Best Advertising: Medium In Haywood County Published At The Eastern Entrance of The tireat Smoky Mountains National l'ark-
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I - ' : --
i 1 1
National Fire Hero
., i,i Idaho were the
j -tates to vote for re
".'h i'h Amendment. These
w - ' , .. ... 1 r. Vi rp-
.av- vouc. - iu w,e
f ,tv air.ii'iimeni. in ureu cicv-
. i ,uis H. uine, Democrat, and
; ii.ii iii.nn fiican. ooth oi
,i:e elected as delegates
,,.,. ,: -. of Bueombe coun-
collision near Lenoir
the life of James A.
ai-olil cashier of the
Hank of Morganton
,mv seriously injured,
near Lexington Sun
1,."00 feet, carry
;!n!i youths to their
r- were John Crimes
viaiis. Grimees was':. which hit the count
. , .na Saturday- center
; ."A Bern, took the lives
,'r ..!:.-. ami did about $2,000.
:,i: of damage to that city and territory. Warves,
i' ami houses were wash
y f.y the highest waves seen
.,( for years.
f workers are busily engaged
if those suffering 'from the
Fear was expressed by medi
liiies that the spread of dis
tW stricken area was theart
Th.'us.inds of. fish were wash
re during the storm, and num
Hvwtvfk were drowned in tho
Warn 'i 1 ues. iw.nn i hive ear oh '
yoi'.ih ..' Clliu. .VC h., lias select
oil as America's ..Histamine.:; lire her.,
by the National Firemen's ussoi-iai i.c
lull's, who saved s! children :mtl '.
V.irl, liltoon. from death in a lire lie.
years ago, which resulted in one fa
lality, went (o Washington as the cen
tral figure in the eleventh annual lire
nieu's Labor day parade. lie is an
unemployed chauffeur and former mes
senger boy.
Literary Digest
Publishes Article
About New College
Xation-Wide Publicity Is Given
To This Immediate Com.
munity And College
Repeal Chairman
ast week's issue nf Th., 1 o..i-mvv
Digest, the following article was car.
ned about New College, which is lo
cated at Springdale. the 1S00 acre
fa ; ni. belonging to Lenoir Uwyn.
The article under the heading
"l'litting College Students On Farms
lo 1- it 1 hem lor Life
lows :
reads as to
A new no:e to college
oil this -umnier when ?
dents and inst ructors of
a training-school for tea
ci.l with I'eaehi rs
l'ni eisity. opeiti-d
ty in .Wa t h t 'ainiii
I o
a a
a 20-hour search, the body
i- lioiiiinitd, of Asheville,
'ound in Lake Lure, near the
lieCi hi rut. T-vhlno-pd into the
Bunday afternoon. It was thought
tire blew out causing me car
the highway- two tires
h when the car was brought
urfiu'c of the lake.
oun(r woman and her family
the car shortly Deiore u
inoi tK.. luke Shp saw the
through the rear view mirror
Mountaineers Ready
For Hard Game With
Andrews Here Friday
Local Players Are .Slow' Getting
Into Shape. Andrews Team
Rated As Good
a .
I n
1 1 nci .i,
.'iial pi
life was add-ixty-tive
New ('ollegi'.
eachers alliliat.
liege.' Columbia
farm comi.nuni-
.. rcguhir par!
New (
r! u i ,
ft :u
w lien
pi. red
ice I.
who ii
the a
..i tin ;:.
i retai y -of
'-eiico in
famous Fleetwood ftotel, lo
on Jumn Off Mountain, near
hrsonville.. was sold at public
thi. week for $75. The sale
raadp subject to $15,500 in back
The hotel was started in 1926,
m t have been a $2,000,000
7- ll is la stories high. All
mc in of the two ton stories
he C rowds Are
Daily Attending
Methodist Revival
Luther 1 ridges Is Bringing
hnw Inspiring Messages
At Services
?t au if nce composed of all de
a'!"T.s ha'. v been . present at
3ir,n,ing an,! .evening services
w'si.-h started lan Sun.
"'I 'will continue two weeks at
church.; '
Luther B, Bridges, of Gaines
n'k':ri. f remost evancelist is
, 1'-' the revival assisted by
"ant- J,.;.; .,,. pastor of. the
.'f fvie. s are held twice
"'P SMurdav.. at 10 a. m.
P. nr .
r?dav ...... i . .. i.. ' .
. ' ""Kni; -Morauty or
wntch or hoth?" :
L,, ' nmuianees oi
eveninK "Where are the
fe'S "The Church-the
h kv,.,j i v nas the modern
" tr,'a'i f r the hnntrrv'"
I . morning "Prerequisites o
v-rt:r.rf -The lure of the
1 he: iiynesville Mountaineers, led
by Yancey Bridges, went -01 rough
their final hard workout Wednesday
afternoon in preparation for the
game with Andrews on the local field
Friday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock
Little is known of the Andrews team
except that they have a heavy fast
The Mountaineers .have been rather
slow in getting into shape this sea
son, and many new candidates , will
be given a trial for the firs: string
positions in the opening game, ac
cording to Coach Weatherby last
The probable line-up as given out
by Coach Weatherby follows: Pat
ton, left end; Ruff, left tackle; Fran
cis, left guard; Burgin or Patent,
center; Liner, right guard ; ..'Garland,
right tackle; Ross' or Hill, right end.
The backs that will be seen in action
are Reeves and Khune, quarterbacks ;
Wagenfeld and Smith, half hacks;
W'yatt and Bridges, full backs; and
Atkins and Summerow., half backs.
Present iindiicatiions are that alarge
number of fans will turn out to see
he first game of the season, and also
thP first to be played on the local field
since it was rebuilt last fall.. The
field iiow compares second to none
in Western North Carolina. ,:
mining-;. "To them that
4 f4fni "Laborers togeth-
-..evening "Opportunity
:ri f ae i nm- pporlunity
tLv''rT'g "The Price of
'W.? v?n Below, widow of
d'a a lraI Hans von Below,
i',--' 2 here in August.
- D. r hr home in Wash
h?, bdy of the general
:'-l r,r v nere since his
-s.r. i t'v ake" from here
' ihi r, dy was embalmed
Garrett Funeral Home.
Bank Officials Tell
Why They Cut Rate
Since the First National Bank here
started making a charge of five cents
on all out of town checks up to five
alollars and ten cents o nail above five
there has been quite a bit of comment
and objection on the part of some depositors-
The bank officials told The Moun
taineer yesterday that they got their
authority to mak(. this charge from
the New Banking bill tnat was pass
ed by the last' 'Congress and went into
effect June 16th.
Another subject that has caused an
unlimited number of objections has
been the reduction of the interest
rate from four per cent to three per
cent. This was also provided for in
the bill. All members of the Federal
Reserve System are not .allowed to
pay any other member interest on
demand deposits, except in the case
of savings deposits, then only one
per cent is paid.
The officials of the First National
Bank here started in July paying
only three per cent on savings- The
Federal Reserve Board has requested
that all banks make this change be
fore October first, and gave the
banks the right to make the change
immediately after June 16th.
The greatest amount of criticism
comes from individuals that only have
a small check cashed occasionally, and
not from the large depositors who are
paying as high as $1.50 a day to get
foreign checks cashed, it was stated-
! ll,. U-ll.
It e.jH'l:
.lie cuia. t -. . 1 1 ! : 1 1 1 j 1 1 ; t
i oui'-c. irtcidr rtallvt ' i
: h,. ! 1 1 : i 1 1 ana- tea: i
i i t n t inn.
Mr. Hai
Teachers ( ',
ti: .'..llou-,
Kuiope oi Mr.
del;. -aid the
ty w as m kc , piiiu' wit 1 1 the general
policy of lifting the students to lifu
situations. .The college requires that
each student -pern! a year of study
in Europe, and the traditional point
and credit system poCuli i r to virtu
ally all schools has been abolished.
Students are also icquired to spuud
a period of several months in .-ome
industrial experience.
It was a Mipreme compliment
viuiii Carolina wnen mat Mate was
chosen as the ideal region for , the
community. According to Mr. Lin
ton. "The mountains of North Car
olina were favorably considered be
causeof the remoteness from the
hurry, hustle and strain of city life,
the admirable character of the climate
of southwestern North Carolina, and
the rich biological, botanical, geolog
ical, geographical ami sociological
resources 'of. this areu, The State
provides not only the greatest va
riety of fauna and flora but also the
best examples of each to be found
within a like area in the United
Dr. I) M.Davis As
Their Delegate
State Makes Drastic
Cuts In Allottments
For County Schools
Proposed Health
Zone Will Include
Haywood Count v
Dr. ZnnliT Says It Would Mean
S.iO.OIIO A Year l or
Vavius illi'
r. M
inn id'
lie ..I.
New College seeks to
perior young men and
interest them in
fessional career.
education as a
' Mr. Lin-ton
nnd pro-ex
plained "Special emphasis is placed
on :a broad cultural foundation which
is permeated by a professional view
point. To this end each student is
urged to have as many contacts with
life situations as possible. The cur
riculum is a broad and instructors
are learning first hand what rural life
is like in the attempt to establish a
community life with an educational
program. Here sixty-live students
and instructor's --divide their time be
tween . study-, ind work. Th(. commu
nity is located on an 1 NOO-aci o farm
in the Blue Kidge mountains, eighteen
miles from Waynesville, alxmt the
same distance from Canton, and np
prtixiniMtely thirty-live iniles from
"Most of the Work of the .'commu
nity' .is done by student- and faculty.
Students of household . aris plan-i
menus, purchase." prepare, and serve
the food. . All cooperate in planting,
cultivating ami .harvesting the garden
and -.field crops, and in caring for the
ehickf ns. pigs- and cow- which furn
ish food for the group Others cut
and brjng. in the the wood, which. is
the chief fuel for cooking, while som0
assume the cafe of buildings and
The tables are turned in this in
formal academic environment. Student-
and instructors exchange places,
and any .one who know- 'something
that .others do not may become a
teacher. Much of the supervision is
done actually by the students.. The
community is permanent and will le
open all the year round. :
1). J. Kt'iT, Also ol ( anion. Is
Xanu'il rerntanont Chair,
man Of County
Mr. l-'.M Mai ..f Canton, was
r.aiiicl as the can.ii ; .!,. for t b,. re
peal I'oices of 1 he eeuilty aiul M. .)
Kerr, also uf Canton, wa - named
permanent i nunt y ( h i i rnian of the
organization at a nice'ting held a;
the court house her,, last Saturday
afternoon. Over.v precinct of he
county was repri'seenteii except three.
There 'Were about aO present at the
Wjiter Crawford, of this city, was
t.iumed secretary , of the organization.
Mr. Keir niade about a ten niinnte
talk on. the 1Mb Amendment and the
reason why .lie was in favor of it..
SiHn after the election of Mr. Mavis,
which was 'Unanimous the petition
which is required to have '200 sig
natures, was 'circulated. The 200
names were secured soon after the
adjournment of tin1 'meeting.
Officers of the repeal forces stated
that the .meet ing would be called with
in the near future at which time plans
would be made for the coming cam
paign. The airy forces completed their or
ganization in the. county about four
weeks ago. .1. T Hailey. of Canton.
Was. named chairman and James. At
kins, 'of this litv, was named secretary-
Mr. Hailey told The Mountaineer
that the dclegat,. '"I' the dry organ
iztion would probably he -named either
today or toinorrow. The delegate
will 'he icinicd '.by oll'u lalsof the dry
Haywood Baptist
To Meet At Clyde
Tonight At 7::U)
V. '.eic ler ill i ,
i-ounty. hi.'.'clh w
t 'V e 111 IIM 'lit to!
a le.vni i-it
in- v'or.v much
1 ,..),., ! , I'
11. 1 wood J
:' ol dl
li 'I tlie
Sw .
1 1 .
i: of a
pi act a
slat i'd.
the ter
on and
ill b . one: and
t ! a in inc. M'hool
a! in-t I'licl inn
I'literinc thai
'I worl
I'ca a I.-
lhi' supi-rv isioi
i-1 li in, nt , and
the Federal g
Count v The
evpelisi'-. ou
ta'n would I
of the Fedi
. onld be pa ii
vernnient S
ountv's shar
I onh- be
e under gov-
for by
ate and
of the
Several Noted Southern Baptist
Leaders To Speak At Im.
portant Meeting
oiorv man wnat is now liemg appro,
priated to the Sanitaty Inspector.
If this project is completed, i:
would give to this territory two full
time sanitary inspectors, two trained
nurses and a full liiiie ibysician.
The cost ol the,, additional workers
to the county would lie only a slight
increase over tin' present cost ac
cording to K, 1.. llintim. sanitary
ollicei' for this count y . and with whom
Mr. Zeigler has been enn-ulting on
.the project.
The Federal government is anx
ious to establish such zones through
out fie country: especially near na
tional parks.
When tin: project is established,
the-Federal government would then
advertis,, the fact that a health zone
adjoining Ihe park under their su
pervision was being carried on, and
Ibis. would, within itself, according
lo those who have studied the matter,
lie a drawing card to t bis section
The trained nur-es would work
among the poor and needy of (he
county together with the doctor. The
sanitary 'inspectors' would do the
same Woi k now being done by Mr.
Ifint.nn. but in a broader field.
Mr Zeiglcr e-tima. ed that, at least
S::o,tMio would be brought io Way
nesville I'ach year by M mli-nt s coin
ing beii- for training In thai lii-b)
of w ork, -The M uih'iil - would remain
for six oi eight wed. -get t i'llg o ac- '
t leal t raining
Mr Zciglci' al o sla'ed that, he
and .other who now have Hire., 'else
where in tin' stato would spend much
of their time hole in -.( after the
woi k. and. in making ex pe ri incut ,'..
I'Miie- in I be con i t hoii-i woil'd
b;:c to bo piovnleil. it -wa-' .id but
County Hoard Of Education
Orders All Light Service
The state
year gave
al half .
upeiato mi
Haywood (
lion in eecutiv
day making -e
nawng all lie
of ill,. o.llli
the jii'iiiiipal
pi'l''ll; r,
and iai,. ,-n
for the
f what wa
whicli la
ounty Mo.-ii
board in making
coining sciioo;
count v oulv
e l'a I
-ITV. i,
t' each
d of
n her,
U'dei's. r
e III the
school -
for th,
-ary to
in the
lllllrs -
hall U.
light -
pa for
t.a-t c,a
si i:.'s.s
car t h,
couiily I
for al
le.'U ing
for ib
Me--e. .
v. b.
The stale
t ranspoi ta( ion
ty-three btisse
county, includ
iuiil was
; l'"f light- and water. This
aiii',.ni ial ton is SoS,".. The
oard found t hat th,, minimum
i f i the y. ar I- S Ifl'J L'L'-
l balance of the allotment of
which will just about
tlie tii.-l nionih's light oill
schools, accoiding 1.. .lack
county -upoi ini.e'"b"" It
a -' of this hat Hie iioard
o discontinue all light ser-
af no
a rea.
be l. ;t'Ii i ll:
: teis
count .
f.,i the
I'll is
l ll I I 0
A nie.
motion .
as-oeial . i.i
eons. hui
Sundav S
at''.: Clyde
the Sou:.
Will be pie:
ent subie. t;
1 hese .'
ing of th',.
a. mi it fee ,
-soci afion leaders
ieh ollicers.
Kxeeutive i'ro
if the Haywood'
together, w it h
including dea
I! V. P. ('. and
hnol workers, will be held
fl'aptist church t.night,
September at 7::!0
1 6:1 Income. Tax Returns
Filed From This County
J. C. Patrick, head of 'he reem
ployment office here, announced yes
terday that all ex-service men are re
quested to apply at his office on the
second floor of the court house for
application blanks for the con
servation corps
Mr. and Mrs. C N. Allen made a
brief business trip :o Knoxvflle.
Tennessee the first of the week.
Haywood county is credited in Ral
eigh with having sent in during the
past year I6H income tax returns.
This is an average of one income tax
return for every 1 1."! persons.
This countv ranked 30th in the
?tate. Mecklenburg led the state with
3,403. or onP return for each 37 in
habitans. while Jones county only had
2 returns, or 1 for each 5-124 inhab
itants. ..'''
All members of the local Junior
Order are requested to meet at the
hall next Tuesday-evening at 7:15 and
go in a body to the Methodi-t revival.
The member? are urged to be on
hand promptly at 7:15. .
. The' regular monthly meeting of
the local post of the American Le
gion will he held Monday night. Sep
tember 25th. at the regular meeting
ha'.!.,.. The meeting will V be called
promptly at 8 o'clock. .
t ration of:
Board of the
vention, and
tary of the
outstanding speakers of
hern Baptist e.rganizat ion
lit to iliscu-s the (iiller-
regarding . the work.
leakers include: Mr. ' lay l,
a--ocia' ional secretary of tbi.
Benson Phillips,
-et aside $'.! .(Ill for
for thi.s county Twen
s are operated in the
ing lleaverdam This
figure- ahou,; .ft !K) per child for the
school year. Beeaiue of the curtail
ment' of fund-, the state board order
dered that only student drivers drive
the busses and replace lb,, present,
adult drivers. The student drivers
are to; receive $7.50 per . month.
The Haywood County .School
Hoard, by cutting down on gas and
oil h'.ve ;ecn their way clear to
olfer 'adult drivers $12 per Month to
rem iin as drivers. This olfer was
only made Wednesday and ' none had
given their answer at press time
Wednesday afterniHin It is doubtful
whether they will remain at that
low figures, it wa- said. Last year
Hie 'drivers were paid from .$30 to
$35 per month.. The 23 busses in this
county cover !70 niiles H day, or an
averagi' of 1 1 5 ntMos each.
For instructional supplies $271 was
alb. tied, .or ahou! $2 per teacher in
t he county.
Th,, -alariei of full time janitors
was placed at $227-50 per year.
The salaries of the board of edu
cation last year was $100 each, This
year the salary fur the three mem
bers of tlie board is $100 m $.",.",.33
each. .This is the enlir,. ---alary and
nothing i- allowed for I ransportation
.as lii'ietofore
.Mr Me er -Cited tb.-r the only
way .(hi- coiinly could add additional
fund- (., those set bv tho state wa
I a s
peopl,. Voir
is- not fea i
he stated.
lal electron and base the
liow eve' .
nf time,
oi. cnui cn anminis-
the Sundav School
Southern Baptist (n
I'erry Morgan, .'sec re
lepartment of Sunday
Kunera'. -crviei - fm Kein-on Phil
lips, 70, who died Sa ulday at his
home near Canton, w.-ir . iduet' d at
the Liberty Method i; ! Kp: -copal
church, South, on I'e .v. i ilain. 'Burial
was in the church ci nieteiy.
I he Rev. M . ' '. I: rer nian
was in ciiargc, a--i-t''d by
C. Ilryman pasior of Long'.
ani the Rev. Ca rlo, k Hawk,
the West Ashev . a- Met ho.
copal church,' South- Mr,
was a memlM'i of the
church for more than 50
of l h
t Wh.t. ell'i
have . on I b
.1 woi k 'can If
t inie but all
e school work
tbi. v can uu
!e.:,.: -aid.
i t li,.- eui I ailinen'
ellii'iency of th.'
' be di lerinined at
teachers and beads,
are carrying on a j
c i re ii in .-1 a net's .
Schools of the Bap-ist -tate conven
All per- ti- included in the groups
named above are requested to he pres
ent and notify others, of the import
ant me ting. -
Vocational Boys
Are Hard At Work
In tie past week the vocational
boys of Waynesville. gathered up
among themselves enough tomatoes
to make a truck load, which was
about 120 bushels, and took them to
the markets of Florida to see if there
was any market for them.
The boys received two cents per
pound for their tomatoes, and if they
find this to be profitable an effort. will
be made to ship more.
The hovs held their first tegular
Aggie Club meeting since the begin-(
niing of school on Tuesday morning.
Septemr 19. The program w-as
well carried out, and every 1kv ook
a part. They hopP to carry on their
meetings, having better success the
coming vear -ran tney nan in me past.
is Reporter.
Rev l
- ( hap. I
pa-tor of
list Kpis-I'hillips
vcars He
was a son of a .Metbodi-t minister.
Surviving an- his widow, who- be
fore their marriage, was' Miss Jullia
Reno, two daughters Mrs. Ropert K.
Russell and .Mrs. Narvel J Crawford,
of . Asheville one sister .Mrs. J. (',.
I'lemmons. and several grandchildreri.
The pallbearers were nephews of
Mr. Phillips.
Civil Court Is
Disposing Of A
Number Of Cases
j .Most of Cases Heard So Far
j Have Heen Small. .Number
I Divorces (Granted .'
Marriage licenses have been is-ued
during the past week to the following:
Robert Brown and Edith Barton,
both of Jonathan's Creek.
Berkley Cagle of Lake Junaluska,
and Annie I'e Moore of Waynesville.
Wrong Emblem
Seeing President Roosevelt pictur
ed at a desk whereon an elephant
stood. Representative i Virginia
Jenckes. of Indiana, sent him a pot
tery rooster.
"Last November, the rooster put
the elephant out of business-'' Mrs.
Jenckes. reminded the President.
"Thank you much for. the pottery
roo-ter I shall surely make
for it on my desk," he replied.
September t. M m of civil court,
is In'ing . presiding over by
Felix F. Allev. convined hen-
Monday morning. A li rg,. mimivr
of cases had been disposed of by
Wednesday afternoon. A number of
cases that were carried over from
the last term of civil '.'court were dis
posed of the first of the week.
Ther,. have been few cases yet to
come before the court (hat has caused
much interest. A -number of divorces
have been granted
The jury cho-.-r: 'o serve for the
second week are:
; Fines Cretik: Z. R. Sparks; J. L.
Havnes: IVavepiani: W. H Barklev.
Q. B."'JVfs.'nvr;. N Butrg. J. V. Rob
inson K'ion Clontz: J. G. Rogers;
Jonathi i'' N. W Carver J. R. Boyd;
Wa vr,e-vil!e: : A '. Arrington. Shu
font H iwell. L N- Havis. J; E. Mas-;
sie ; V iudney Masey, E. J. I'nder
wood; White ak:, f. T. Creer Ora.
Yar'iVrotigh. E V. Fi her Clark'
Messer; Clyde: T. L. Jackson, C- H."
Brown. P C. Mann.
Georire '.I. Southe: land, rector
f the B'ack Mountain f'piseopal
church wi'i t reach at the local Epis-
room c pa! church Sunday morning at 11 .
.. c
'' 'tl'.:
a :
' '4';
' K
. x: i
."' i '
& -
;p- -
i i
:Pj !
1 " '
: s1

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