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The Best Advertising Medium In Haywood County Published At The Eastern Entrance of The ureat Smoky .Mountains National Park Read by Thinking People
NO. 43
i; says
Lai Jourist Is Vigorously
-. i ml-
Fitting Kepeai ui me
1 Sth Amendment
vs militant and un-
: .'. u . Jo,.. r,f 190S when
,.w a in ." - ------
"lirni- hi influence toward mak-
Xvrth Carolina ory . .. .
117 wm?n ne wivie
', n i .niVirwttH in eon-
,,,,), with Senator -iorns onep-
Texas the 18th amendment
Cvr:itution of the United
"i Yates Webb of the
'.' ,i...rkt of North Carolina,
X'rt "himself into the fight to
. :.;,-t. t. reposed repeal of the
nii nt in the election to be
" x.'h i arid in a November 7.
.."m using his vacation period
ions of federal courts for
V: 'mv nation, he is taking the
' ;. r exhibition.
; .. .ii'.l ,unty is going dry by
' said Judge Webb in
-., .i:: Inquiry as to the stt-
;! - native heath. "And
ilia can be carried by the
l.uge majority, if the
..' : inhibition bestir them "In my opinion
rut majority of North Caro
. ;i!v ;il! in .favor of prohibi
aiM ..uainst liquor and all its
' ct!tinul the judge,
Vtt nights ago, one of the hot-
oii'hr . -of ihe .summer, Judge
,. addressed a crowd that packed
city auditorium at Hickory. He
aiiilressi'il other crowded audito
:;i.vhis section
ed as- to what the effect would
I our present dry laws, in event
wets carry North Carolina . No.
r 7. J urine Webb said, "If the
riof North Carolina on the 7th
Wn'ttiiber vote to repeal the 18th
iilment. within a year from that
a wet '(.'L'islature will be elected
leiiislaturp will destroy all our
libition legislation and in a short
there vi he onen barrooms and
ilized distilleries in many of if not
il the counties ot the state.
'onstantly for the past three
-ai .IihIwp Wehh. "this coun-
has been flooded with propaganda
tiring .the repeal of the lXth
-raiment. Never before has this
nth' seen such wide spread per
never-ending propaganda in
r uf a cause. This propaganda.
iiMi thr.iughouU .has been . ft-
'td largely by the brewers and
Mi ot this and otner counties
bv tht- vi rv wealthv who believe
revenue derived from taxation on
mating liquors will lighten their
Miden .ip avenue oi approacn
e American mind has been omit
y th,. 'wet, propagadists. They
used the- moving picture, the
sheet, the legitimate stage,
papers, magazines, the plaform
i pos-iWo; means of influencing
" opinion."
Vhat: do our wet friends offer to
people ot North Carolina in place
prohibition?" "asked : Judsre Webb.
;.ave never yet seen a statement
i ioiy ot their literature or irom
adv.x-a'.e of repeal of the 18th
raiment as- to what, svstem oi
r. eon; vol Or sale thev propose
"stall in North Carolina. The
ieof i his state may as well make
:keir minds that, if the wefts- win.
old open saloon, with all of its
-.wing- in will he hacK
Hi".-- God pity North Carolina
r$.S.l). Hamilton.
Died MonHa v Was
HI Only Short Time
idfnt Of Hazel wood Buried
Wednesday Morning At
Tu, pin's chapel
-. ,r nuspiutl .lon-
A. D. m. after' a brief , ill.
o: M'alysis. Funeral services
oIm u' 'Wednesday morning
i 1 1, tne nome at f airview,
ic. Allen -i Ti..
. na-, in tnarge. lniei-
l!ai' Ha'le "in the family lot at
u...t';r v,rve cemeterv.
'US H Tn-a- . - " .
' nron was before her mar
Altha Reed. She had been
,c4n lor
e'l -a stw,Vo
some time. She
of paralysis at
ir-.!vil!e ixhvr
Q cha rtrats vlQiriTlC
rr o
"' who is m cnarge oi a
.r carrtD at that place- She was
::v w : :V 1"ushed io the Haywood
"ital wherp she died Mon-
Harniltnn is survived by Tier
!. Mr . c r. ...
B'ai iiamuton iour
t,i -Forms. Forrest, and
'"o -"laORhtersi-.-Mrs;- Frank
! Horothy, The beautiful
t,; '".t.r showed how the de
Jteemed by her commu-
h'l iIrs- Eest Ganshaw and
i fr" ave 'n Wilson. Mew
VrnSC?e ' -.time. -' returned, to
'lifr'v ,ast wek and are mak
:';; P;0m -at the Shelton aprat
4;:i5eo? ftret. Mr. Ganshaw
? w,tn the Kirshhoff Glad-
Price's Animals
May Be Disposed
Of, Says Davis
LeRoy Davis Jr., an intimate
friend of Thomas Price, told The
Mountaineer last night that he
believes that when Mr. Price's
personal papers are probated
there will be found in them a
provision to dispose of all the
animals that Mr. Price had on
his estate on Lickstone Mountain.
During a recent visit at the
cabin. Mr. Price told Mr. Davis
that he did not want the animals
in "anybody else's hands." He
intimated to Mr. Davis that pro
vision had been made for them
in some legal papers.
Mr. Piicg was very fond of
animals, and kept two horses and
a Belgian Police dog there all the
time. One of the horses was hi
pt isonal saddle horse and the
other was one ho bought to get
away from a person who had
been mistreating the horse- .
Mr. I 'avis spent 'much time
with Mr. Price' during th,, pa-t
summer, and often took rides
with him over the trail-; mi the
Mr. Price -taye.i, .alone m
the cabin for a long time, but
his wife finally persuaded him
to get someone to sleep there
with him." Mr- Davis stated.
Asheville ..High To
Play Here Friday.
Expect Biff Crowd
Local Team Is Determined To
Win (iame. Have Been
Working Hard All Week
Ilaviiu' run ii score of ,r).' to 0
up on the strong Andrews team last.
Friday, the Mountaineers completed
the final hard workout yesterday af
ternoon for the Asheville High School
game which will be played on the
local field Friday afternoon Irefore
what is expected to he the largest
crowd of the season.
Tho Mniintninprs are determined to
take this game this year, as it was
the onlv pnmp thev lost last year.
then by only a small score. The
Asheville team is hot rated as good
as last year's team.
The local boss ar not over con
fident, but are determined. During
the past few days Coach Weather-
by has been trying out new comers
in the linP and also working on sev
eral different plays.
Line up for Friday's game are as
follows: Patton left end; Run", left
tackfl; Liner, left guard; Pte"'
center; Francis, right gaurd; gar
land, right tackle; Ross, right end;
Reeves, qurterback; Smith, half back;
Sumnlerow, hall back; Capt. bridges.
f.,i w
Thp following firms have agreed to
close their places ol business.
illp Pharmacy. Smiths
Drug Store, Royal Ice Cream Par
lor, Taxi Stand. S. H. Kelley.bunch
Room, W. V. N. C, Cafe, City liar
ber Shop. Champion Shoe Shop,
McCracken Clothing Co.. Service
Shop Shop. Sanitary Barber Shop.
J. C. Rose Grocery Co., Ann "D Drr's
Alnssip Furnituio Co.. W, T- Denton
Sluder-Garrett Co., Smoky Mountain
Tire Shop, Clyde H. Ray, Jr.
Bradley-Davis Buys
Dr. Allen Office
Kinrllpv-Davis Company, real es-
tnt,. anil insurance agents, purehas
pd this week the former Dr. R. L.
Allan nffici. on Main street here.
Thp nurchase price was not made
Th 1-.u;iilinr iu now occupied by
the law firm of Queen and Alley.
Just when the new ownars will move
thai.- nffir-e from the Morgan and
Ward building to their new office has
not been , definitely decided, ,
Supervisor Here Today
S. S. Williams, field supervisor of
the Farm Credit administration crop
.fli.o annrtiinrpn this week shat
hp will be in Frank Ferguson's office
at the court house today at io:.ju io
meet anyone wanting to see nim.
Jack Messer. superintendent of ed
vucation announced yesterday that
there will be a meeting of all P. T.. A
presidents and principals of. the
schools that have parent-Vacher s or.
ganizations at his office onnex.
Thursday, October 5th a: 4 o clock-
' '.';' '.'.'''. -' -' !'.
At the meeting of the East Uaynes
ville Parent-Teacher Association on
last Monday evening it was decided
to hold the regular meeting on the
first Tuesday in each month. Fol
lowing this schedule, the organiza
tion will meet again on next Tuesday
evening. October 3; -at 7:30 o'clock a"
the school building-
;: i
fer "v4 I'M
I CfN4,i " t i 1 VI -
tlii - - x J iM
: 41")
) mmhm?UMmua!m
lhomas Price, who met death last Sunday attcrnooii, is
above With his Belgian Police dog "ljobby." Ihe picture was
on the front porch of the Price cabin.
Dan Cupid Had Rushing
Business Here Last Week
Applications For
Work On Dam To
Be Sent In At Once
Walter Hampton, of the Tennes-ee
Valley Authority, was in . W aynes-
ville last Saturday in the interest of
securing applications from families to
move into the Morris- Dam or Cove
( reek section in the near future,
where woik is now in progress '. tin
trie projects.
It is the .intention of the TV. A. to
employ men with families on this
project at this time, Mr. Hampton
saiil. Only men of good moral char
ncter ami those willing to work-will
be accepted.
Anplieation blanks niay
b(. secured
from the po-t office
in the project shouli
cation filed at once
All interested
get their appli
av the call for
the first 200 men
will be given out
within the next
days; Complete
information can b,, hi
at the reemployment
i by applying
'office at the
court house or
the welfare ofiice.
Pastors To Meet
At Clyde Monday
The regular monthly meeting of
thp Haywood Pastors Association
wrll convene at the Clyde Haptist
church on Monday evening. October
2 at- 7:30 o'clock.
Rev. R- P. Mc' lacker., secretary of
the organization stated that this was
an important meeting and that every
pastor in the county should be present
and bring along some of the leading
I vmen of his church.
I). A. V 's Will Sell
All disabled Veterans will please
notice, that the meetings of Chapter
No. 5 Waynesville. will If held at
the court house on the !a-t. P'riday in
each month in the futuie all Ex-Sol-dier,with
War service connected dis
abilities are cordially invited to at
tend the meetings-
The Forget-Me-Mot sale of flowers
will be on October 7th- in Canton.
C'lvde, . Waynesville. and Sylva. Any
young ladie who will volunteer their
assistance in thp Sale "f the Mowers.
tintifv' Commander Rhinehart.
Adjutant Smiley Carver. The
will greatly appreciate yr'U '
Mr f.r.d Mrs. E. G Lee and little
daughter 'of Asheville were week-end
guest? of Mr?. Lee'sc mother. Mrs.
E- S. Harrold.
Courtcsv Asheville t itizen)
, made
Dun "Cupid ignored all N'KA codes
last week when he worked many hours
overtime in getting six Haywood
couple to be united in marriage.. A
total of ciirht marriaife licenses were
issued by
Haynes la
the ci.tipl.
Register of Deeds Kilwin
st week. Six of them wen
cum; y couples. Three of
s wele lliairieil here Sat-
The J.n gist, wedding as far as at
tendiuit - were coiiceriied. . was per
haps that of Mr. flei belt Smuttier
and Mi--- Agnes Lindsey.. of Canton
here Saturday at the Royal. Ice ream
I'hiIhi- and Peer Harden on M.iin
street, l b,, young peojde were unitei.
in niai riML'c hv ,1 ustice of the Pence
M L Swearineen, who i. manager
of ihe 'place of business. About '-!
or -10 inteicsted 'SM-c-tators crowded
iiri.iind the tables and the bar to
witnes- the ceremony
: Iniincdnrelv after the ceremony the
couple was served with the best beer
th,, lii in had a-; a wedding gift
Th. ,,,oil h.iu.-e. was the . scene of
.. .-. naee... Tbe.-e were perform
ed l.v Justice of the , Peace H M.
LeathVi wood. ; This is the most mai
riages performed by him in one day
in ihice vears. Mr. Leatherwood
c-fT,.,1 TH.. i .mule, married by him
i h:irlie Dotsoii a nil Miss Hal
riett .Mehalfey, both of f anton and
Mi.-s Aflie Knitrbt of this city be -came
he. brid,. of ,L Vernon Anders,
also .- Wayne-ville. in a" ceremony
perfoi n 1 by Mr. Leatherwood-
()..,. .-.uples si'curing marriage
license .hiring the vs-eek Were: Rob
ert . !'.,un. J.inutliaii s reeK anu
Ertilh. Parton, Jonathan':
Berkley ' airle, Lak
Junaliiska. and
Annie 1 ie Moon
Waynesville., Wal-
ter C.
ed M
him "
wed .: "!.
Allen f -anton. and Reve Ellis.
an iage . at the Royal let
Parlor last Saturday remind-
. Sweantigen 'hat about a
ago a young couple came to
he married but refused to be
:he. front of the place of
-o the ceremony was pci -tun
the back porch. The names
rou file were not mad,, public.
of ti
Methodist Meet
ing To Close On
Friday Evening
Dr. Luther B, , Rridges, who has
been conducting a revival at the
Methodist church for the past ten
day. will close the meeting Friday
Services will e held Friday morn
ing at 10 o'clock and at 7:00 Friday
The interest and the crowl.- hive
!.cen increairg st each service, and
fc.r "he last of the. services large
crowds are expected to attend.
Potters And Ledford Will
Be Given Hearing Today.
Price Buried In N. J. Wed.
Noted Railroad Man Slain
day Afternoon While
Horseback Hiding
Last riles weiv held yesterday in
South Orange. N ,1. for Thomas Price,
til retired societal, of the I'liion Pa
cific Railroad, who a- -slain Sunday
iifloinoon on Lickstone Mountain
about ei.rht miU- I'roiu lu'ic. Lour
men ai0 in the lLiywood county jail
hold in connection. vi
i ii
I, mica
Iter, 11,
11 .!' the
( lareue
M, n.
an. I t
1 , Ml. i.l
: ter
nut tool. p;a.
1 cep
, Mi
V i a on ! . I , k - 1 1 1 : . o Mountain, I
Price .no luc- contpamou were en
loo -e!.. .. K li'liiie: down a trail-
I'1:. te we'e two eye u it no --o- to
(he hooting. Mitchell M. Hampton,
ol a nes lile. ami San Ininan, of
Sunhiitil who woie caring for -uine
.-heep along the inoiintani side when
someone u hi'-tele.t to them.
When the 1'. .tiers saw IL.niptoii
an. I lnmau. one of tilo rollers w his
led .and niotioued them back, saying.
"Doll'! go any farther. " One of fnc
1'otters said. ' Sit down." Hampton
said hi' ami Inninn obeyed orders,
and it was from that point that they
witnessed the shooting. Ham plop
said he was about the same distance
from the loiters that the rollers
weie I rum I no I 'rice pariy.
Whin Mr. Price and Ins two com-
iianions came down the Vrail, me
Potter-.jumped from behind a
1 100
mil sliouten. i mi yc gone
enough.' Mr. Price
and one replied All
said "WW
of you." and
with thai remark Dewev Potter ti nil
twice at Mi Price. "Ihe third man
man in lli(. Price purtv threw down
his reins and placed a small .pistol
over his left hand and shot at the
Potters twice.' Mr. Hampton said.
Dewev Potter shot again, he con-
. . ! . I tV . . ..
tinned. At tills point 'ol Uic an ray,
.Mr, Hampton and hi- brother-in-law,
Innian. ran Irom the scene towaidn
Sunburst to summons Andy Summey.
who is a constable there I hey re
turned to the scene later with tho ,
lr Price's horse reared when
ihe shooting began, and fa" for a
number of feet befoi,; .Mr. Price ftll
otr. Virge Williams, UiK' and Charlie
Hllidianan. 'I, were coniianioiis of
Mr. Price when the shooting occured.
Williams wa hit by about 17 shot,
while Buchanan was not bit. -but one
shot went into bis felt bat. Although
shot and in pain, Williams rode buck
to the cabin for help, white Buchanan
lemained with Mr. Price who only
lived about five or ten minutes.
The last, word-. spoken . J.y . M r.
Price, according to Buchanan who
wii . bv his side, were " Kt I a, doll t
take, me north
Mrs Price.
Etta is the name
Buchanan remained with the body
for about two hours : before help
could eet int.. the rugged country.
Williams was treated at the ho.-pital
and was out Monday showing news
papermen the scenes.
The onlv thinir that can be assign
ed as the. mot ive for "1 be -: shooting
imcw out, of a. small lawsuit held
here, last Friday when Clarence Potter
iwas, tried ''for trespassing n ''Mj1-
Price s nronertv. Mr Price had W iL
bums to swear 'but the 'warrant for
Potter's arrest. Potter wn fined $.
. Soon after tin- trial. Dewev Pot lei
told J. C. Church well. . negro, servant
of Mr. Price s to tell Mr. Price ' Not
to .over tret oil '. his .land -.again, and
don't ride the top f of the mount. 'lin)
again. What', fair for -the goose,
is fair - for the gander." The ne
gro said he reiiirried and told Mr.
Prut It
city.: to c-,
morning n
eial deptiT
a body t
charge n
seemed up
. i - 1 1 1 . I to woi ry: Ifini very
night Mr; Price made ar-
J ' 1 i ( of thi3
to hi. catiiri .Monday
in as a spe-
-heriff and also act as
lard. Mr. 1 ;ii' w;is in
he cabin Mondtiy and -told
iiK'n that M r- . Price
-ot and worried over - the
lng quai
cabin to
W. E.
now held
Dewev, t
-ent to him by Potter on
Mr.. Price, moved his sleep
ers from one side of the
the other away from the
Potter, 'il father of the boys
I . in ja:l. 'stated that, his son,
..Id him of the shooting soon
happened Sunday afternoon.
afk'r it
and that Dewev
told him he shot in
self defer: -e.
Dewev and the other members of
the partv came' to W avnesville Sun
day afternoon and gave up to officers.
Wavne was arp'sted sometime later.
Ihe hod v of Mr. Price wa carried
on a stretcher
the ambulance,
so rough that
near th,, scene
Sunday nigh
land conducted
for several miles to
The country being
n car could not get
f the shooting.
( oronor Y est mo re
in autopsy and found
the bullet lodged in Mr. Price : spine.
Mo -inquest was deemed necessary
All day Monday crowds thronged
:'''" '; "'-'." ';'"('' '
A bearing fur
Way n i' Potter ;
now being held
with die slaving
Dewey. Claretic
ind Erie Ledford
in jail in connection
of Thomas Price, will
oe given us atternoon .it
t his
Ma,n.str.,tc K
coin ; house.
attoiiHN toi
od at th.
'. Allev.
.cat herw
Doyle D
tated yesterday that a.
pica of "X,,! guilt. " w ould he made,
' I en; Mi. Alley u the "only law-
'i l . i t he defendants.
i- :h.u."hl til.; S,,i,i:,,i John
w h,
ri elt.
Clay coun
o'lit to at-ii-
not col
i he i- hold:. ;K
be.iriiijt'. Tin -oer.
: a i
Shehi ill' J
ing his m
A. Lowe
.1 lira! ioi
cut inu
I'.liies.lav 'liielil to
, to any
W , ilnes-
nioi ii:iii:, hut. had n.
make regard in,;' the c
row development-..
V ii go Williams was
da;, morning on Die '
has o ul l he 'Jo shot w h
Sunday in his hodv.
i. i. . .
h he received
pi oseeuiion will
lie I'corcsent-
ed b
v- the lirm o
Ward. Mr
'attorney for
came to W
Morgan. Mamev
I. K. Morgan has
Mr. Price since be
lyncsville several
the (,a roll I'uneral Home to view the
body, M rs.: David West, w ife of the
caretaker of the Price estate, said,
while sobbing over the body, ."Tie
was. the liesi I riend w,, ever had. and
now lie s gone, ' Practically everyone
in Aliens I reek viewed tho body
belore it was carried to Asheville for
the be o'clock train lor Newark
N. W tiarrett. undertaker, and J M
Long, ilust. lrieiul ol the Price fanu
ily acCoiiipHnied the body to Newark.
A number o! friends from here went
Us lar us Aislievtlle with tho body
Mis. Price was not here at the time.
She hud left a lew (lays ago am)
was to return the Inst of this week
Mr. and Mrs. J D- Preston, of New-
aiK. in- .1., arrived bit.. Nuni ne uf.
ternoiin to visit Mr. Price. Thev
wet,, told ol the tragedy when about a
mile Irom the Price cabin. Thev re
turned to Newark, Monday morning.
Air., price wis a special friend of
nil the school children of Allen's
Creek school and Was .known to thi'in
as "the chewing jtuin man," as he
always passed out gum to them when
in 'heir .community. He 'supported
the soup kitchen and each Christmas
gave away boxes ,,f candy to the
children. On a number of occasions
he sent, t he school hi st aol kits and
Mrs. !' rank Ferguson, principal of
the -ihiHil, gave the children a hail
holiday .Monday out. of respect for
Mr. .'Price. During the -past summer
it was said that he spent over $1000
on relief work in the community. Oii0'
of. .'the- families . recently Iieljied iiy
Mr Price was the Potter family! "some
of his servants -aid!. He gave them
about 1 2 w orth of food.
.Mr. Price retired in May iiiui had
been at his cabin since that -time.- He
enjoyed . being in his niountaiti . re
treat,; and loved to ride the many
trails from his cabin. II of teii - rode
until late at night in the moon light.
He open wetil to tile top of tile
.mountain to view the setting sun.
'hi,, of Ihe most striking things of
the typical mountain cabin in which
Mi. Price. .'lived; that just inside
the front door were 2 colored posters
on the wall one of theiii 'reading, "A
friend in heed i!; a f i ietid indeed,"
The 'other-, being, "Why harm Me'.'"
urnler the picture of " two blue birds.
He was a lover of all. wild life and
did everything '.he could to preserve it.
Onlv Sundav ii week. ago. no had
about thirty guests at.his cabin for a
picnic dinner.
I'oin in Wales and iducaicd in
England. Mr. Price firs- i n came ass
soctated with Linton Pacific in 1J')7
as chief clerk and ,a'--i start .''.to the
president. After the deatti of Mr.
Ilarriman, h,, was , ieetcl socretarv
of the Union Pacific.' company, the
position he held until his retirement
last June. In ai. Mr. Price w;is eon-
nected with the.
railroads, public
management of 1!)
utilities; :and other
of which well sub-
companies, most
sidiarns of the
In A pril I;' j i
I r i Ki i
X. .1. They h ol
l. nroii I'aoilic.
... he married M s
n h South ;()ra:n;-e
r- .. children.
.?2, 193 Spent During
August In County
"tficial reports tromRayigii yes
terday showed that during the month
el; August o-11 famines in Havwood
Pj v ' nil i I sj 4 , The ot il
rem f :nT.d:t tires for the entire
stat" .iu'ing the month - were $.02--,'
i J 1 1 1 1 s 1 ) 1 1 i n Us. ban
was spent in July. ,
Hearing Will He Before H.
heath it wood At Three
O'clock Todav

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