North Carolina Newspapers

    i I
The Best Advertising .Medium In Hutwoini County Published At The Eastern Entrance of The (ireat Smokv Mountains National Park Head In Thinkinu. People
NO. 6
Till KSDAY. JANFAUY 11, 134
Largest One-Piece Smoke
Stack Ever Erected Was
Set Up Tues. At Tannery Wfij-hs i; Tons And 1 tO-Ki-et
Hisrh. Is Seli'-Sustainintr
nd Part Of New
rj , . j - oiic-pvi'e sir. Kt- - ack
,.v,-..-.--t.) wa put inio jnuve at
ti,.' Kn-hm.; -Walton Tannery Tu-s.
.IV .u....rJ:r,s to J. I.. Hamilton oi
rtriWo'b '.vii" v'f in charge of erect -ir1r
vi. ! T-:o' -!,t-
f;.. ii ii.'irr. of' t h.. l!V IhiiJfl
.ualriiii-"'' wbiih was recently cimi
, v iii tannery. It, b l.JO fee.
hjJ, :.- self-sustaining, which
i:,.', :h.V there are no wire-- from ir
t i- against ' the win').- or to
t,. i. place.
The la. k is -48 inches in diameter
v ,: while the base i.- h feet in
t,v-. -i-. The steel at the oottoiu
'.s , s thick, while thai at the
lop inches thick.
S : i came here t - erect t,!.
vd have oeen on the job about
..,' .i:,v- makirij? preparations, for
tlt. .,..( w lift. The stack wa .-hip.
'i! T-.-'i! -"our .sections, being nvct
, .i ,g. tn ' after received here.
' re.- crowd was on hand to watch
the operation, and again Sunday when
the crew worked on guy wires which
suwvneil the. lifting- device. Tin':
vfurk :,. necessitated ' because of
r'i:'ng hich ten-ion voltage power
Ii:,e- w hi !. H:. f to V cut .'If for :h
T,. '.r -lack v.a.5 raided aboil.
I,-, f. et -.tie ground - and then i
, ah e i .;" nit hat! way altit
lift,-.'- M- i-' here. A -pod ,1 motor
win!:..;-- -' - u.-ed to lift tin- .stack.
TV .. : .10 -tack test'- ol: a con-
die ,,.-k !i!'t.-eu feet in the ground
,! '..-in f.g !! eulne vard- of con
. iv. r, n -.--i iicii 'x'!;.- hold the
-:. th-- base. .
It.i: : g :'rom the oa.-e lor thirty
. iii t ", i: round is a copper wire
whit ''i.; vor-y lightning from the
-a. : !' ...c Jut. A small ladder
rj-K -a-- e: ::re length of the stack.
lh, ,tn..-k i-vas built, .bjf JIedge.s
A - ."iii.1. r "., o! f'liattunooRa.
and ..- a nit S2.5(H erectei).
Mi-.-e nini- here. Mr. Hamilton
h i- , m !. s- ana nlaeed the t wo tif
teer, --... -.)ier- n the new boilev
hoi;"' .
r.'i.. -.. -uu I. replace.- t he old
brick a-.'t which was e recti (J alwtrt
forty year-, ajro ' when l!n' iantiei-y
wa- '':- ;'-;.;
Ladies Night To Be
Held Bv Rotarians
evle tlotary ( ih will
. ttipht and- have :i their
.ives of the ai;-:r.ners )f
the regular Ladies Nitfirt
the club. The meeting
7:00 o'elock.
iittee naioiid io irranK
. i- - Ton, I h, Ji.
f Jl
the :
by t
her. :vv M
- 'i i d i -i i .1 1 1 t'lat an
Jai program nail been arranged
he commute.
Dr. Gay Says Wrong Educational
And Law Enforcing System Cause
Of Crime Wave Throughout Country
.v n.ii taing i.i wrong with our
,tik-HV.onal and law enforcing sys
'em. ' . s.-.ij Dr. S. P. Gay. president
f tr,e Waynesville Rotary Club last
rw.iv at the regular weekly meeting
l)r. (;ify agreed with th,, views of
jam .M. Hotiinson, whose address be
ore tne ( anton Parent-Teachers'
A.ssocition was nrinted last week in
'his paper .
bu.ij.,. (Jf the interest manifest
m tty Uotary Club at the conclusion
ot Ui '.ay's, address, it is being pub
'sned this week. It was ;us follows:
oay,'' . j, H..(;. Wells. "I
r.Mft linger and hate, oppression.
AiProof That People
-el J mi n r
Lacia.v Liner, manager' of 'the
reemployment office at th,. court
r?"st;. had a short notice .in
A, Mountaineer last week that
. who registered before De-
:.t- ere required to register:
t?u- tny '-employment of
' I he notice in The Mountain-
jr was .the only published no
" ; Haywood people.
r,',virniFriday 0VlT 100 had'."
,reri r!.nt0 ths oft'Ice anti r-
ad 1 county citizens. Your
Standards Of Liv
ing In Haywood
Hit By Dr. Hayes
"residing Elder Says Standard
Of Li v ins: In County Should
lie Raised
"Tt,. entire nation is in need of a
clean-up campaign in speech, spirits
and physically after the depression,"
Dr. L H. Hayes, presiding elder of
tin- Waynesville district told a con
(irt'iration at the Methodist, church
Sunday night.
"If preachers, teacher.-, doctors,
public officers and other professional
men would themselves stand for a
higher type of civic, and religious
living, it would go a long way in
raising our standards and freeing
this county from having the reputa
tion ot tieing one of the worst coun
ties in the nation and the worst in
the .state in ioint of crime.''
The 'presiding1 elder complimented the
clean-up campaign that is now being
staged here by city officials. "The
appearance of the city is improving,
but much mot-,, should be done to
bring 'Waynesville up to her motto
of Waynesville the Beautiful.' "
"1 havf been alarmed ;it the num
ber nf iix'U throughout the county
who wear the amc dirty clothe.-, on
Sunday a.- they 'do in the week days.
Ot: Sunday they gather in groups
and stay .away from church. This is
an indication that jihyvical lack of
cleanliness will reflect in moral
"Since living hi Vayne iliV 1 hav
heard more, profame languag,. . than
anywhere 1 have ever lived- liven
women use it which is degrading the
sex. The u-e of profane language
indicates ignorance, in a much as
they can't express them-selvov with
out resorting to it."
Dr. Hayes repeated his text ai the
close of his sermon. "He Thou t'kan "
Camp Prisoners
Enjoy Real Feast
.Prisoner..- at. the Hazelwood State
Prison , Camp enjoyed a reiil feast
Monday night- when Superintendent
J. F. Cubo jirovided thent with venison
and mut'.ot .
Last '.summer. Mr. t'aie got -a -deer
which he kept at, .the camp, and on
Sunday the deer broke his leg and
had to bo killed. Mr. l'be also had
a snoop on hand, so h,. killed, that
and served 1 icth of them t the boys
in prison-;
From .ail reuoi'ts, it w.a n real
feast and tin- prisoner.-." enjoyed it
about , as much as Mr. (,'abe and the
guard1, did in seeing them eat it.
Mr. tni, Mrs. M: H. Howie v re
turned Saturday after a. two weeks
visit, to relative.- in irwinton and
Gay, Georgia and Daytona Boieh.
misery and want stui)id anger and
oppression, needless misery and want
the insults and suspicions 01 cue
ignorant men and the inane and
horrible self-s:itisfaction of the well-to-do.
It is a vile' world, because it
is an uneducated world, unreasonably
suspicious, base and furocious."
As 1 look around Waynesville and
Haywood county, I see all. the thing's
that .Wells mentioned plus an enor
mous amount of rri me. America's
worst evil.
And Uu-kin .-ays, The entire ob
ject of true education is to. make
people, net merely do the. right things,
but enjoy the right things; not
merely industrious, but to iove in
dustry; not merely learned, but to
love knowledge; not merely pure, but
to love purity; not merely just, but to
hunger and thirst after justice."
If what he says is time of educa
tion, I am afraid we are many cen
turies away from it and we will
never becomP educated until there is
a radical change in oiir educational
system. It seems to me we should
ie taught more vut tife more
about getting out of life , the things
that, make us happy- .
We have, made wonderful strides
in the physical sciences. Just think
of the inventions' that research'1 has
n-iven us in the last few years elec
tricity, automobiles, radio-, airplanes,
etc , and in medical science we have
' ad discoveries just as startling as
as ones just mentioned. They have
"ome so fast the average persoti
-loesn't know what it is all about.
Wp people as a whole have to
. . (Continued on paPo 5)
City Fire Depart
ment To Move Into
Mew Quarters, First
Building On Main Street Oppo.
site Post Office Being lie.
modled For Department
Waynesville's fire department will
move into new quarters about the
first of February, it was learned yes
terday. Workmen are now busily
engaged in remodling th- front of the
store room across the street from the
post office and adjoining the lot of
the present fire station.
The new quarters will provide more
liveable rooms for thf firemen than
what is now afforded at the present
station. The rooms on the secoad
story will used as sleeping quar
ters, and .i .slide pole will be built in
order that the firemen can pet fioni
the second to tht. first floor easily.
The front of the building has been
torn away and a series of doors will
be built, includi' jr a large glass door
which will prov.
of the
hre truck from
The board of
last Thursday n
tin- change as V
in much nerd
erable amount
oeen spent or.
quarter-. The
"' :n .session
,jx . ten to make
eser lr.:ilding is
i' : consid-
.... i have to
iiah.e adequate
bu'biing will !
-t',. of cilv
used a-
shop :
j trucks at
Mrs. E. S. Harrold
Buried Here Tues.
Hud Been Resident Of This Com.
munity For Past Twenty-
Five Years
I' um-t.i. rvio-,- n r.. o. id I a, -
day afternoon at the ri-sidetice on Hay
wood street for Mrs. K, S Harrold
who died at il o'clock Monday morning,
tollowing ail illn-es.--, ot several months
Her condition iM'camo critical .several
days before her death
Dr. K. IV Walker, pastor of the
Presbyterian t hurch, and Jt"V. Albert
'New. ret'toi' of Urate'" 'Episcopal
church conducted th" servic'. InU-r-ment
wa- made at (IreeM Hill ceni
etery. :
J'allhearers weleV H. 1. I'rcvo.-t J.
H. HoweL., Ernest. WitWrs. W. A.
Hyatt, 11. I.'. LinJsl, y and James
The deceasea cam,- t . Waynesvillo
about- 25 years ago from Sanfoni,
Fla. During her re.sidence here she
has been identified with the social,
religious and Civic life of the com
munity. She was a charter mem'ier
of the Woman's Club -and past presi
dent of tbi; ' WomanV Auxiliary of
the Presbyterian church, :md was at
all times interested in the be! rmein
of the community.
She U-survived by bet nuspatel. K
S, Harrold, and live daughers: Mrs.
ItUV Withers, fjf Washington, P. ('.;
Mrs.. Ward Boring, of Durham ; Mm,
SUtitlev Wood, of Ls .A.ngele-, (VI.;
Mrs. J.;. (J..L,.V, of Asheville, and ,M iss
I. oi.s Harrold, of Waynesville, and art
adopted -or.. Fnderick Marsh, of
.Way!H:--Vi!.e. .-and .seve-aa . -mnd-child'-e:,.
Coming for the. fur.erat wen. : Mrs
Cuy Withers Mr. and Mr--. Ward
Hoi-ing, of Durham, and Mr. and Mrs.
F.. ;. of Asheville.
W.T.Tate Dies At
Lake Junaluska
Fu.j'-; at -i rviees f or W . T. Tate. T2.
who dii-d at his home at l.ak Juna
luska Tuc.sday morning- at 7:i!() o'clix k,
following a:, extended illness, will in'
conduct! (1 at Iong's. ("hapel Meth
odist church, Lake .1 unaluska. this
morning at 11' Vcloefc, vith the jias
tor, the Rev. F. C). Drytnan, (dfi. iating.
Burial will b,. in tt- V'-a'a! Hi'i
cemetery at Clyde.
Activo tri!lbearer-.: John. lone... Zaek
15 row n , S a r. t : R.-it h N i ." B il i . I te y Ti ( 1 1 d,-' .
Alonzo Seay and 'J'ye (Jossett Hon
orary piijlhearers: A. K. Ward, Wade
Noland, J. C. Welch; Jim SwaVr.gim.
Rill By. r-. Ji.:. Boyd. I'. V. Ma--ey.
Ray Morgan, (Marenc Phi'll-ip--:-' and
Dr. N. M. Med ford
SurvKing are five crnidrej.: J W.
Tate. A-h.'vilb-: K. D. Tate, c.f Lake
land, Fla;. J. M. Tate, of. Canton.
Mrs. D. H i lark, of Cant't:, and
Mrs. L; C. R,binson, of Asheville. and
three si.-ters, .Mrs, I- B. Periland. of
Clyde, Mrs- Baxter Turpin. and Mrs,
Sophia Brown, of Dills-bore. Twelve
grandchildren and five great-grandchildren
also survive.:
199 Marriage License
fire Sold In 13 Months
A c'nieck up revealed that during th(
past 13 months 199 marriage icense.
were issue by Fildwin Hayes, register
of deeds of Haywood County. The
state received $597 from the license
and Haywood County is $199 richer
by the work of Dan. Cupid.
'it was stated that if each coun'tv in
the state had turned in wh'it Hay
wood did that the F'-U Treisury
would have received P.r:!.700 during
that period
Formal Opening Of
Nurses Home Is Set
For Fridav, Jan. 12
Miss McClelland Succeeds Mis
Hampton As Superinten
dent Of Institution
Forma! opening of the $12,000
Nurses Home will be held on Friday.
January VI. T!v hours have been
set for receiving from three to five
o clock in the afternoon and from
seven to nine in the evening. Re
freshments will be served by the
wives of members of the board and of
physicians of the county.
It Ls expected that a large attend
ance will be had at the "house wann
ing" as much interest has been shown
by the citizens of the county since
the first announcement was made
that the home would he built-
The at the Haywood County
Hospital moved into the new home
about a week ago. The moving of
the nurses from the third floor of
tht. hospital made available il addi
tional rooms in the main building.
Of interest to the many friend of
the hospital will be ta,. announcement
.that Miss Kliabeth McClelland has
been named superintendent of the in.
stitution .sine,. Mi.s? Ituth Hampton
Resigned (because of '-erioiis illrtc-s
and an operation. I .'.,. manv friends
of Mis.-i Hampton w, I, glad to
know that she i.- get: ig along nicety
after hev major oji ration in Vho
vi!te. Mi.-- M--Clelland :- : loiil Keid-ville
and came to the Haywood Hospital
highly recommended hy Duke Hos
pital authorities-
Last Rites Held
For Albert Harris
l une.'.i! .-el'viecs for Aliwrt ' W
Il.iirri.-. who died while working in the
W'aynesvill,. Milling company plant
Saturday about 1(1 o'clock of heart
disease, were hi ! i Monday afternoon
at 12 o'clock nt the First Baptist
church, the Itev. H. W. Baucom. pas
tor, -oillciatiioj.. Iiiti rtnent w;ks ' in
Green Hill cemetery.
Active pallbearer.s were Tloi'doie
Mct'racken. J. R. Morgan, R. T. Me-s-ser.
James Atkins, W. (,'. Jlyer" ; hon
orary. J. K.. BoVd, M. J. McCracken,
Kimsev Howell, J. T. Bridges. C. 11.
Kav. R. H. BlackweM. C B. Atkitioii.
M. M. Noland D. V. Phillips. J 1,.
Morgan. H. .1. Sloan- K. J llvat'.., S.
H. BiLslinell. W. T SheltorW. A.
Surviving av hi;- widow ami the
following .sons and daughter-: Will
Harris. Rufus Harris, md Albvt
Harris, Jr., all of Waynesville; M rs.
Shuford Howell, of Wavnc.svillo : Mrs
,W. H. Hill, St. IVter-dmrg, Flu,; Mrs.
Charles, Shrang San Francisco; .i:id
Mr-, ijuince Potvat, ol" V .lyievv i;,'e.
Appeal To Court
Gives Sheffield
Stay Of Execution
.lame-, .Sheffield Haywood cuaf.ty
man, convicted at tin' December term
of court (if first degree murder in
tho .slaying of Jann's Miller and .sen
tenced to die in th,; electric chair. 0:;
January 12, hi.- autimatically ln'eii
granted a stay of execution, by filing
of-au appeal, by defense coun-el.
Siletliehl vvas I'olivhted .if f-hooting
Aliiler to death on t he night, of "Aug-
U-t K. lit.:;;. Testimony by .-tate's wit
nc.sso.s at the trial also was that. Shef
field shot James Welch in the jaw at
the same time ho i-. alleged bv have
-lain Miller.
George ..Ward-., of A-:hcil! and
Felix K. Alley. Jr.. of Wayi,. -v ''
are member- of del'i-n-e eoiiii-e;.
Mrs. Bradley Smith
Dies In Oklahoma
Mr.-. Sarah Bradley Smith, wife of
A. Burder Smith, fonin-riv of Hay
Wood county, died at her horn, in Dia
mond. Mis-ouri on Dec. :;ii. j ):',::. Mr.
and .Mrs, Smith left Haywood county
about twenty year- ag" and have
iiv'd in .Missoji-; (.ver .since. They
have a large riumb'-r -,f r bxtivt .-- ar d
f liends here who wiil i'-arr, with "e
gret of Mrs. . Smith's death.
Sheriff J A. Lowe captured a Ford
touring car Tue.-day night at Dell
wood with a ease-' liquor. The
driver of the eir e.seaiied after :. hot
The ear and liquor were t-roiigfit V
the sheirff's office here.
Kenneth Lowe and John Kerley
were with Sheriff I-Xjwe at th- time
the capture was made.
URDAY Miss Frances Ray, , Mrs- J. , M.
Long, Mr, Charles Ray, Mr. R. L,
Prevost and Mr, Aaron Prevost will
leave Saturday for New York. , Miss
Ray and Mr. Ray will buy spring
merchandise for C. Ray's Sons.
Sirs. -'Long will buy merchandise for
J. M. Long's Store. Messrs. Prevost
are going n business for lTnagusta
Manufacturing Company.
Haywood Farmers Federation
Combines With Organization
That Serves Five Counties
300 Have Signed
Tobacco Agreement
In Haywood County
Attitude Of Farmers Seems To
Be "Sipn Fp Or No Plants
Will (irow"
"It" he diH-.-n"t sign, there will I: i; !
any plants to grow on his place iu i
year." was the remark madt by a
certain group of farmers Wednesday
morning regiirding the sign-up for
tobacco growers. The statement
gives a vivid idea of the attitude
mo-t of the farmers have towards
signing up.
t.a,-.; night W. D. Smith, countv
agent, reported that alxnit ."0(1 of the
approximately JKHI growers in this
county had .signed. I'lans are under
way to sign the remaining fartner
within the next few days.
Committees have been named in
each community and are working with
Mr. Smith in getting the farmer- to
sign. Karh day Mr. Smith is ineet
inc tin .schedule at different, points in
the county when h signs up tin
farmers and make.- an explanation
where the propuMtion i- not. under
stood j Hi- -chedulo for the remaiiuh C of
, the sien-up period i-. a- follow; :
j Crabtree 1 1th. It a. m.
, Iron Huff. 1 1th 1 p. m.
I Fine- Creel.. . 1 1 . 1 While Dak IL'tli.
ti a. in at . school
Jonathan'-. Creek. loth !' a. m
ll.k k Hill,
1V Hill. loth. " p. 111., t'el'CU oil''
Fa-t Fork ITili. '.' a. in., a! ru-o.
rY. (i. Morrow Named
fo Succeed S m i t h
New Vocational Agricultural
Teacher Secured From Tenn.
essee. Two Teachers Added
A. G. Morrow, of .lohn.son ( ity,
Tenn., was elected teacher of voca
tional agriculture of the Waynesville
Township M-hools liy the .school board
.Monday. Mr. Morrow is to -ucc I
W. .. Smith who wa- named County
Farm Agent on January first.
Mr. .Morrow i- a graduate of the
I'riivcr.-ity of Ti'imtN (.,. and took
four year- in vocational work at the
I'liivei-ity in Klioxville. lie ha- had
two years teaching in thi- depait
iiu nt and conies t o Wavne'sv ill,, high-
!' 1 '-cominended.
II,. i.s married
and has one child.
He was expected t
move here r--tor-
day afternoon.
Two additional members of.. the.
'faculty have lu'eii added to the W'ay
ne.sie high school under the ('WA.
Mr-, lioj Campbell has been named
librarian and. Miss Itet-y l.uie Quii.
laii wa- i. .on 'I teacher of oral Kng-
Sieve Has "Keen" Competition
When It Comes To Tellinu Yarns.
Rabbit Story Is Told Bv Reader
"Whiie i Steve's rabbit -tory that
.Vol wer going t publish,'' has buTi
the burying question since the ap
nea: an -o' of the squirrel storv in The
i loiintaineer two Weeks ago a- told
' iiy Steve Nichols, at Which lime nien
i I. on -was made of the fact that Steve
Vol a rabbit, story that went, the
I - 'tuirrel story one better,
j The day tne squirrel -tory was pub-,
j Ibhed. Stvve was; called from hi.s
bii.-ine-..- a dozen tinie- to answer the
"phone to vouch for the truthfulness
of the Mory; while manv called in
person to di.sru.-s tii,. article appear
ing in this paper in which Steve Was
quoted as saying that he fell a' Jeep
while .squrrcl bunting ami that a
squirrel played with hi- gun. When
Steve was awakened by .the shaking
of th gun be .saw the squirrel look
ing down the- barrel o fthe gun,
whereupon' he' pulled the trigger, thus
;hootirig off the head of the squirrel.
Steve told The Mountaineer a r ib
bit story that out did the on,, referred
to above and which really out eid the
squirrel yarn, ...
. A reader of this p:,- ;,. a Su-ve's
squirn I st H'y and pr - - .ed f.u fell a
raiilet story whieh wis related to
Stt. - aer. After hearing the other
riiati'- laoldt .story Steve requestW!
pilblieation of his story be withheld
until he could think up some new fea
tures for his as the other rabbit
torv was so far ahead of his th it he
did not feel that he could equal it
without giving it more time and
His has been granted. This
is the yarn that caused Stve to ak
for more time to work out , his .."tall
story." The reader ar.d originator
of the story requested that his name
be' withheld as he did not want to
Anntiuncement Made By 11. A.
Oslwrne And James Mc.
Clure, Jr., Iast Night
Ftl'ectivo February hi the Hay
wood County Farmers Federation
will combine with the Farmers Fed
eration. Inc., farm cooperative .serv
ing five other Western North Caro
lint, counties. The Farmers Feder
ation. Inc., has wid,, marketing eon
nections on farm products, and oper
ates various other departments serv
ing farm needs. The Haywood Fed
eration operate, warehouses at Way
nesville and ( i ton.
The annottiiei aicnt w is made last
night by Janie . G. K. McClure, Jr..
president and genera! managey f
the Farmers I'cderation. Inc.. and H.
A. O.sborne, pn sident of t.h( Haywood
County Farmers Federation, Inc. Mr.
Osborne will become a director of
the combined organization.
C. F. lvhiiiehart. of the Haywood
Federation, will cotitinu,, a.s sales
manager for Haywood county, while
directors of the Haywood Federation
w ill become' member of the Haywood
county committee lor the Farmer.;
Federation. Inc . th,, combined organ
ization. These men are: H. A. O
b: o . (',..-;' c; I,'. o ii iir ,w.i. Way
nesville; Z. ('. I)ai.-. Waynosvijli
It 2; Glenn C. 'Palmer.. Crabtree U
J ; K. T. Bovd W'avnesville K. 2;
Glenn A. It,,d. Waync-villo R 2; and
1. Reeve.-. Noland, Crabtree 11. 1
Other Ha iti n r.- w ill in added to the
c' i . .
"We believ,. that tin ..ervic,. to thi
f.H iner-, "of llawoo, entity will In
-t lelll'. Oell'd 1 I III- new COIllbilia
lion." aid Mi. M.-Chjii. "The Faim
ets 1 do a I i"ii, Inc. ha- a markiliiie.
d'-p.'i' t uu I:' for farm product.-' w ill;
t'l ob - i el .He, t i'.ii- w hit li -liould be to
tin .eiail'ag, i' .Haywood farnii rs
doing on-i in--.- itii'.iiii'l. the combined
eg in, .a', iuli
"lb tail . '.oh - .'i V-iieviile- am
oiler S, , ut In rn ci' o - ... - well as large
!: u uiioii 1 my iln'oiigb the mark
e'ing ilep i it nielli. Dining the height
of tlie sca-on the Fai'tner.s Federation
niake up -bipiiients ,,f Western-No rtb
Carolina farm product- for distan:
market- a.- for i'e-tain'e, Jackson
ville I'll., when i. I, pt a repre:-tn
tative during the , , n hcan and
tomato -ea p, last -iiminer."
.Mr McClure ha - In ade.l the lalni.
rrs Federation, In.-, iiine its hfgin
niiig thirteen year.- ago. ,'ind many
other officers and directors have beer
with the organi.'.at i"ii ince its ciiriv
day... U, C. Cr..weH .if t'andler i..
vice president ,, I, din A. Itudgens o'
II. nder-onville i.- -ccn tary.trea.sui'ei
and other director.-!- av: S. ('. Clapji
uf Swaniiaiui.'i, Allan (.'oggins id' Ue
Tree. Harrv ,M. Uoberts of Fletvhei,
and 11 V I'altoj, of A heville.
I ''.:' a recent anii'iidnient 'to ' n
clw.rfi r , v'.i,'kholdei' ; in each c .tinty
where the Fanner?- Federation, Inc..
ha;, operation.-- are to be: represented
by twi im m ;!.. of. the board of di
rector.-, cloc'.o i by -to 'kholders '' : he
county, and : even' di'.e. !r.s arc .o V
elected";!- large'
'I'be I- acini I .-. ; .; In '. I
I Contiuiii i, or ha- : page)
,-t! I' , I V. li'
o .:
i:i.bbi," ta ;. . '..
-"One .ff..; -v. ;;i! - i i" ho .ir'.
j I w a- . 1 ' ,o; n a ' i.cli resting w het
-aw 'a . ab ii; ; r,:iing do -' the
trail so'a-- G.V -. ifd, ir tlav. 'Mil
I to get n i. ' o sit u n ' f t. .
! Not bill iligW'',.'.' ;" . I. Silt . '.Vc;;.
J.i:i.).wiie!:. :hi -..-a '. :" nased oi. -,' I
leached j.iio g.-.i'i d hi in. Th;
rab ii- c-.- c-g..-.. :;-t that iv ;i. i . I
ciiaht lii- 'i'0-; i o ! .-i t tn
k:n ;r.ii io n' '. .-; ;g; T ,.-i'.- I u
left; f,-ii-l .: j;e- ' t .. ' i'kilf- i
lool.e.i f. ,l 'i' .1 i" - ' t . ' ' 1 . ; i . t b .. -Uu'e.'.'
rab'Vi' lei, ,,rLy.-'- up alt. '
t I a- ki g billi t'.'!." "-';' 'II . i c
W I. ' a;. ',.a'ii, -; f.l-'no' ;i aa'
i.ig to M -nfpet,. w it:, '. 'Kit ' one '
"- "'It vri V all;
jilvrr.i-,- it .;':
M.ij.'iiain, t r.'' -
Alley l.'u-t Acek.
"The W ant ail I vut
in tne n
brollirht i-t.milr- rJ:'.rt fh "l,
. 7'hurMlay." .-ne v-optihaed. .
'. Moai.t.i.'.e. r Want Ads ar
ei'Tiom-ivo . tirtive.
minim iwi c,,s: j-, only -o'
you hav- any'.hi'i i" t-- se
. v. . in: t- i . buv something . ;
w.' nt ad in this pa; er-
V VVVVV V V i Vi .
i IF
- - - - )'.- . : ?,

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