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Till RSOAY, J AM MIX 1 . I'.t ! !
.. MAT
S . Meade, 67, Was Men And W omen Of Pure, Noble
Found Dead On 'Main I haracter .Needed in This Age,
u,uui Hppp Fridav (inner C. Davis Tells Teachers
lvi - - -
Haywood Farmers
Loaned $78,100 B
II. S. Government
Carried To Niuth ( arolina
x -iturdav l or Burial, ."sum.
V w
lya- '.
oV .ock
Nitor 1 or It) .t ears
M'-ade t, native el' Brook
V.. and prominent summer
i...., o.ed suddenly here
Hi .i elite k r riuay morn-.
i'-j ,
! his h
at'.i rivu
I..-.: , !
ti! "''
V iJ- e
I: . ...
IP a.
i t.e
home at 10
tront ot the
street soon
believed to
left his
i uptown.
Iv lying in
Tel on .nam
Death is
.-.used bv a heart attack.
M,.i.di- had been a summer ra.
W.ivnesville. since Due
.i ndUn of. '.Mr. Meade, who
-;..ulv injured m an automo
ol'ient in Haywood county last
-,' tray had "decided to spend
ut hi re.
,!v was
. Meade
ming ior
CAPa Roll Is
Averaging Over
S8,000 Per Week
Over (i.lO In Count v Are Now
Employed On ( A Projects.
S.iS.OOO Has Been Spent
Children 01 lodav should Be
iiiighf (
. Mtll
ha meter In .schools
As Books, He savs
.Since November 2n. J. ( . 1
shui'sing othcei' tor (A A
ire- has paid out $38,420.49.
'iirned bv The Mountaineer thi:
.u rick,
a was
; week.
ike" to Hagood,
; ri:iT home. Saturn-ral
and burial.
New rector oi i race
.it-:-'., accompanied
ii t 1 i'h nice
em, or. Mrs. Meade
i-o trie !K.Jy.
i ret !.-.-( ta-im-ss man,
r.-'kr.". N. V, Decern-h-
':. survived by his
i - .. M- 1 li
a' Miami F!a.. and one
me-Kv Meade, of I'asa-
Tin ).:' roll in the county last week
for CYVA workers was ' S,ti:U.4S '
whi!,. the week prior it was ..VPvi'O. I
On !ut saiuroav mere were o.l or.
the pay roil of the county exclusive
of tile 100 men who are at Work o-i a
Federal project on N vKies I o: k. and
who receive their checks fr-m the!
Gatlinguurg CW A omco.
The !irt week the pay roll hen was
slightly "er a thousand dollars, and
has steadily increased untii it hi
leached the eight thousand mark
The pre
work wili
1- ci.ruarv
had been
and the
t plans are that the CW
continue until the 22nd
To !a,st .Saturday the wo
under way for seven win
'litrinal plans were ''cr ,
drove:- C. 1 av is delivered an ad
dress to the school teachers in Can
ton Tuesday nipht on "Character Kd-ucatiu'.i-''
In his. Mr. Davis
sit forth some of the facts and prob
lems that aie confronting' the average
American community today. Because
of th,. interest in such matters in this
county- the address P being publi.shed.
h is my understanding that the
question of character education has
i-cen diseussed before the teachers of
Haywood county several times during
the !a-t few months. This being
true. I ..m somewhat at a loss to
know just what I should say her,, to
night. I takt it that one of your
f-lects is to secure the views ol sev
er:.', parties on
A -chc
t nr. . d
t li l-.ui u !i
and Land
This tigu
hist, hk;;;
k i)i in,' :.i .11 itie
nl' P, ,'. v here
Sat ti ' way mat appinix i-
; , s.-ioo na.y been loaiietl
nullity farmers by the
Slates Covi 1 1 1 incut
the Kedeial Land Hank
225 Men To Go To Work
In County Friday Morn
ing On Erosion Project
Hank I'omnii
e is for loan t '
, to Jamiai y tirs
to' Kdwin, Hayii
ister d' deeds of Haywood c
The $T8 400 in loans do
include loans made to bono
ers ol the county !y the
Loan Curpoi :tt ion. it wa
pointed oiit that the $
n .1 uly
, l;i:u.
uunty. i's not
m i 'Wil
li ome
.- also
:7S .4011
1 bpir"
character? T'.
i.-.tai-tr is, thv
'.i ,d in the um
, i- or what ti
hoy h
t-wp!e form
t acts', and de
( -t thev ninv
. "r. t'ht acts, and
:-.- undone.
ipiestion of I'har- actually been received ''.
Ha.vw'ood i'anier.s. Many other
loans are expecteil to be pr.mtcd
during the next few week-' which
will incrcas,. ihe piesent amount
Plans Underway To
Begin Boy Scout
Work In Community
District ( ommitlec Named. And
Definite Plans Are Beini
Made I o Organize 1 roops
I.Mans I ndei"wa To Add M(!
.More Men lo I Ins (roii
ometinif Next eek
u trip
onst ruction Of
Airport Here To
Be Discussed Fri.
Mrs. Thomas Price
Is Supporting Soup
Kitchen At School
Widow 'Ot roimer Resident Ot
Aliens ( reek Is t ontmuins
Work Of Her Husband
1 '.",!-
.'.rie:'. w.l:
inf.' of ti
muai' yesterday
Board of Alder- i
Tcpvide. Haselwood; ( oun-' ln.-
Ui r
v. V'':
h :h.
1 (
tf.e ri
r! :-Jrv'. . ' i i
W He
of IK;
1 ff
site o- ?
1- :s : ;j.
an :,'
i,.-uiTiers ;.no tne omciai
d rv.-ttirs ot the Wavnesville
i. :;:.tnher ol ( orr.nierce. would
tr.e cmTmi.siorerji room
- Th...m..-i'r,''n-.:
,:k s . -f .-the
hojs Fr.cav evening; at I L r et
s' I I
Price widow o" tw
ce. Who WiS. fc;l;-d
retenxlv noi.ihed ul
Allen s ( rovK .uhool
invention U) vontinue
uppwrtinp the wap
?:nool which Mr.
r t: " purnosfr ol discussing i
r,t -urvi'V made bv a State
hnnneer rtf t.rdmfr the con
1 1 ef an airport in this com-
(.. Mattntws. secretary
: net ( hamtx r of Commerce,
:.: the ertfir.eer that was!
T tne survev stated tne
airpoi" would have to be
r. nenod of nvc years with
to duv.
would, construct ,i
of a
na; ,
vears apo.
. Pf:Vt has already mat:,
u"X-n w.isch assures the s
.'Up kiuhf-T) until the end e
t -cr.K'! terrr...
i.n t.r t.le soup Kr-i-r.t i
ot the estate recer.tlv do
n - .-ihool a oox '.f tntks
;s. tiinretr-t r with a r.ujrd.-er
iticTis to some .f the Vad-
. t ne
if d
it..: :,
tt .
r,-crninnt wouki construct
.tain the aiiTkrt. it was said
: of construction would be
CWA funds. It is under--everal
.ltes are available
I'm meet the requirement of
mont. The principal mat-:-:t.rui
to at this time is the
or providing .the lease and
- the site.
th '
: "tht-i-
: macait iie.s a no
the tiooks -wa..-.
McIoud. wh.
Fideiity fnio
N wrl- t 1.
r:ee e.-tat'.
" dt
.s an
Tru t
:, 1 miLii: a-k. what
lejr . 1 a linilion of
i piity
rour.ity in which he
. peop!i generally
:- i - character,
tr.eii' ojiiions from
eu that the party
term their opinions
deeds that the party
I sometimes think
a j' -rty is est ab
ed, more by the
, - nut do than the
s. A man that doe.i
.'a;-; ' and.-: honest !
not try, to pay j
-! the bad charater '
c'auA- 'he is leaving
riouid oo.
M-d of this aue aie
r pure, and noble
i i ' r c r
.:'. M e need t.nem
.! profession .-. Our :
Lk- well educated, to i
J j i w 1 i
T. L. Gwyn Named
Secretary-Of New
Farmer's Loan Co.
Purpose Of Orj
Bend Money
aiMation Is lo
In 1 aimers
A I Asheville
A committee from the Rotary Club
and the local post, of the American
Legion met in joint session Tuesday
with A-W. Allen. Hoy Scout execu
tive of A.-heville. and formulated
plan:- to establish in this community
an active Buy Scout organization.
.Mr. Allen dictised in detail the
olj!i!!h'. tion of H.iy S, out Work and
the nietliod which the national ui'pi'i
i'alion recoil) mended for communities.
The plan was unanimously
admit oil bv those nreseiit. and a itis-
named to work
Two hundred and ten nun will be
notified today io repoit for work l-'ri
day mm nine on erosion, work in Hay
wood county under the Tennessee
Valley A ut hoi it y 'project . The men
Were selected W d ie.-day afternoon
by the le-empluyment committee of
this county. Pans are underway to
put 210 more men to on the
sanu piojeei next week.
The 21U nioti selected for this work
incluoi.- 'J(HI laborers and ten fore-
tell i
' t
J.:- ,.' hvT- shvu'
b. sun- tnev -
snould navi-- rrnA-. of an is a x
t p Jr, , -t iiri i d li i i
ut hijrn anti kdty.
r iPt tPn1 p-o t 1
rr.y fpiriior., Mit lawyers will.
a, " 1 "ti i r 'i
character; ana we iiix-d in our
(- T1 a"
alsii r-'-vA rr. tisx
A :ew; in
rt iw
and in t
tverage '
-i"n in
profe.s- ,
but. w e
..! men o! criaraeter.
ecal prole.ssjoii who
i "i
not rW-T n finest in. their proie,.-'-l.iv..
not iKtn honest with their
Ls arid with ".he trust that ha
1 1 eii n k ti hi (.J id
That it ri
im i t
proles'- Kr,
the es-
to IlOtll.
e medical
ther pro-
Mountaineers To
Pfav Double Header
Here Friday Night
omplete Schedule For The Seas,
on Announced By Coach
Weatherby. Game Starts
At 7:30
Haywood Students
Elected Officers
w :
H nw
whee Mr
of Wr iver
I 1 u
r .'.eerr.ari. :; ( ivde.
er quarter presiden
t ountv ciuh at
Ttacriers ( oilepe a
reernan is
f'o'iege and
is the
( u lo
-etn ir at
' T.
-'. Rat el iff. of Wavnesville. is
ew vi ff president ot the Hay
; .v.untv t-;ub. and Miss ranees
ht-rw otK! ot l ivtie. is stxiTWii'
lot Viaynpjville Mountaineers; are
..eoaieit to meet the Hendersonville
h'fh f-chool Bear Cat in a double
ltddei here Fridav night, beginning
-t i.uD o'clock- This is the first
ihiiimvd panic for the Mountaineers
d .tinc this season.
.'' Hoy:.
-P. .Hi;
!: Pa
J .r.
j a."
' Keb
. Kennedy, for-
a rent eld and
.".I Weatherbv announced ves
i Pitt the probably line up would
s follows: ' ."''
W1t tl '
Hill at center
at ruard. '' "''.
a. line-up .tor tr.e vrirls will
!'.ps Welch, forwards: Under-
' r.'.tjr. .Mcf rat-Ken. Calhoun,
"f. L'uards.
schedule for the reason has been
t.-i-d and the fobowir.i: jrames
p. a veil:
P'. mes CreeK. nere.
1" f anton, there.
!& Hender.onviiie- here. there.
Bethel. h e
Svlva. there.
tit-i.-U' r. The following compose tne
flub - 'i;v.- program commitiee: Mil
divd .R.-oiman. drand Haven. Mieti;
pa la t W 1 in v f iAli-it rd
Anre B .vd. f Wavnesville.
Sheriff Lowe Finds
Stolen Wedding Ring
t! J.
: f;
at vou and 1 are
i-: the character
The home, the
J the community
that wield the
building of the
on tn
s of the crdl'd
it- church- an
our places
ta?t in tne
. hari.tter of -he chili!.'
-,v van we help the child to form
: si.r.y m" character that it should
r W p n -h juUI iht i uht l
have iir.-i take in the building of the
cnai,.cte,' of the child ? . T t he teacher
u'hfc't' '. a,Ty it pa' . nioral law to help
bui'o f"r for the child that he
t:o'hfs".' How can the readier help
the child with its character education?
T: home is. th,, place where the
thi!.-; rt-ceives. it- first les-on in char
acter education. Th' bettt r homes
w i V f. x e in our enuntv. siaie. -nd na
tion, the 'better citiwus we will have
tomorrtiw. I .-ombt.imes fear that
the homes of our country are: placing
the responsibility that Pit should tea r
i ( 'on: iiojeti t,n back page)
i'. Lenoir (iwyn .lnywood county,
was elected 1" it Pi time seci'etai'y-li'eas-urei'
in Asheville Kriday of the Ashe,
villi- Pi oduct nm t i fit it iisKociatinn
"and will hate ehaige of the headiiuar
u:s olhcv in the Huncombe county
c an t" nt.u'se, 'I ins is a loan oigam-
. .lion tor tni on i s. j
John I Indwell.-, of Heiiilcrsoii coilll-i
ty. was elected president and Harry j
L. Nettles, of Buncombe county. was
eh cted vii c-presidt'iit. Mr. Ciwyn wil! 1
have full chaiKe of the rep-:
resenting live .,.- Buncombe.
Henderson. Haywood. Aladison and
1 : ansy ivaiiia. . .
It was voted to allow: Mr- liwyn,'
tsftl a iiiontii, this ana tin: to hi in- i
. ; ea-ed us Hit .profits '."'Df the a,-socia-tion
grow. Air. lludgcii- named M r. m Buncombe.' and K. K. Rant ,
sey, of .Madison county, as memliers
of the executivi' coniniittie.
(i. H. Tidily, field representative for,'
the Columbia. S. ('., association, hail
charge of .the meeting. The Asheville j
association was launched at a meet- "
ing here Pecember 2(1. incur- :
poiatois from- each, county wer
ed at th,. meeting hist month,
pot atoes ai e:
Buncombe: .1 S. Colrmin
L. Nettles, and li. C. Crowcll.
Htiideisori: John Hudgeu-,
.Iagoon and Van W'.- Lanca-tei.
Haywood: 11. Arthur Osi)'i lie. 'I'.
Lenoir Pivvyli and W.A. Moore.
Hirectois are: Mr. Nettle.-. Mr.
lludgeiis. Mr. '-Ciwyiij .Mr. Kaiiisey and
Mr. Hidden.
The orgiini'aP ion o .... incorporated
with a capital of ' i" ooii. It 'has a
leading '-power of .v2ti(i,(MKl. Of this
amount, the federal,' government.- w ill
s'ubsctibe HO.'tHKI in Class A stk.
The l't'liiaining !flO,(KHI will be secured
by Class H stock, which Uciriower.s
liom the bank will have to post.
Members of the tmard of tlirector
of the association . must be eligible
borrowers, hach bonower must in
vest livp per. cent of the amount of
the loan in Class B .stock at live dollars
per share-.-The Class. V, stock is nonvoting-
Loans will be. granted farm
ers on a basis of the hoard of direc
tors' opinion of the. borrower's capa
bilty to: repay. Security will com.
prise crops, livestock, personal prop
erty and land.
tint contmittei
out the detail:
which calls, for
scout masters.
The district
bv W ( . Kiis-
the Kotart
Messei'. .1.
1 1 ai
I'Oin nil
s who
mi mi! lei
tee a- haineil
- i iiairitiaa ol
were: Jack
V lb Smith.
(' A- (leoige. I.eUov Davis and ! reil
Kerguson. This eoniniiuei w ill meet
aeain Tiiesdav nicilt with Mr. Alb'il
iinil coiiiplet. I he
punitory" to oigini.
in this loiniminitt
ing th
Hi. S.
( it'orge. I
chili i man of
Jack Messei
rganr.a.tio:! pre-
-cvel-al tri
iudins: 11 '
Tin i.iboiers will b,. paid l"'
per hour, and the foremen will
S'Jil hm- week,
e eeirity has . n-i'n divided into.
. ts anil in., men will work in
ivws throughout, the county
men ol the 200 were selected
Wavnesville. HavieKvood and
Sauriook. This is tin- tirst time that
anv number id men have been se
leeteil n om these t onimuioties.
Tilt work '.idl b(. that m' pl.intirig
Hit-, vine.s and gra.s on wasnmc
hillsides and the tiding in of gullies
that are washing out, it was ex
plained This work is under the', direction
the K-dcral got ernnii iit anil does nm
illett the ipioto oi oOd men allotted
this county under the ( WA aiiinin
istration several months ago. When
in i" eat T,
set on with Mr. A lie
P. (Pit . Tom Leo: .1 r . . A
pi ed Pcrgusoii. i.. IP.;, I P. .
the' Legion- eoinmittie
:uid W. C. il.i.-s.
tn. !
1 1 re
I of men.
tt or
P in :1 county. "
.- tin- inimlMT of prujoi-'
elect -I
Hai ry
C. II.
.Money Sent Here To Bury Widow
Used By Daughter To Get Married
Building And Loan
Directors Elected
The stockholders of the Haywood
Home Building and Loan asocial ion
met on Tursday night for then an
nual meeting and the election ' of
.ili.ei-s ;
The report of tin secret a i t siiotvcl
that t he organiaion ha- S27-t:.'('':-l I in
cash on band and in haul..'. Moivey
Ioani'd to b;iii.hii'iieV- for the pur
pose, o!' i nV.liii'j '.lieiii to ''ow; '.heir
hollies., -each loan sectreiP iiy first
liiintgagr' on local im U iiveil real es
tate aniounts to $:i2ii,ii(M; and real
'estate ow:.i d P t allied .-ir $'17,07(1.20.
making the assets of the building-'..r.d
loan total almost a half million dol
were: IP I
K. ovd. C
Bali New
P.' Wither-
Shelton, W
': rretl. '
The directors will iilect next .M..n
day night for the purpose of elect inr
th,, ollicc!.-.
re-elected Tue.-day night
..- Privet. ;. .1. llvatt. .1.
N. Allen, and .1. H. Mor
dr lectors elected were: K.
W W. Blackwell. r I. II.
. II. lJingili. and N. W.
ij g
and Mrs
l l
noon xvh
lis enteu-d the home of Mr.
H (L Stone on Kagle- Ne-;
ut o o'clock Tuesday after
,e tnev were m town. I pn
wheiv. a
iff. was
t "e
to 1
we w:
w 1 T
:: . . j
um about 4 '()
tr.e kitchen they at orue s:iwi
-.vindow nad been openeo and
.made. Quite- a tew .n.r.g,-
aken. ur Lowe, t no .-ner-e
phoned and he nr.o h.s.
John Kerlev. were unon -i:e
'1,,-j than ;;0 minute-. .Mr.
remarked that as long a- .i.
tif.j net turnish K.ood hou.'-'-'
have to no our own tracking--r.v
o-d t" good effect, and .r.
-c a.! :r.p stoler, iir.idi:
Voumj Nejirro dirl (.ets Married
While Dead Mother Waits
for Casket Tn lie Houghl
r it
M (
f.-'b. 0. Syha. lu re.
ro- 10.. Asheville. -"nere-
l, anton here
eb. 17. Asheville. here
-'. 2 !. BiTson Citv. there.
(,u -Massie Is Attending
t urniture Show In High Point
t-.- :
Mu-ie. oi .Massip Furniture
O- left this week for High
. U.ere he is attentling the an
'"ciuure Miow.- While at the
Jrp market Mr. Masvsie will
--iBe .iock. tn latest furni-
'(! f- to.eiVu.
2( ' tib .
If c l' 11
i rave left tne country.
t t. tl- n-ui rf
Thev first found Mrs
,-i'iove a stream a-:out
vP hcu e Ti JP
who did the 'teahr.g
Th Tr t
- N v.
omi--ii town
o .bmp car.
w - w tn Jt drat t u
r,i wor nor.e - the
i-raitx- &r. tnev- tracKe.I
. . r .
a over some nick ki,j
eave no shoe rtcir...-.
the family . had Soil cash in their pos
session, yet he had not figured every
thing.' ' The (laughter here ; was , somewhat
Unset over .Mr. Davis attitude, but
' -.' ' : went, oh - with '-h'-r original plans 'which
i' is nothing new under the !u..K,(j out. p. lie to take: unto herself
.-uii. i.s an oiii atiage inai inigiu nave a KUliril;l.n ?W(; her mother hail He
betiri correct sometime ago. but J- rank pa) ted.
I lavis, member of the ioa rd of ' '-inty Th,. next cein- - is w here Lihviii
c-ommissiiinei;. come.- forth with a Haynes. legi.-ti r of deeds- is. issuing
story that is not i.i c napetitioit with J-.nia'rr-ia'ge- ilioeiise at a cost of ?' to
any ranbit Or squirrel stiii-y, but one i tne cOUp,. applying.. aind '"within a few
-h is actuallv true in every les.pect. miputes: .Magistrate- R M.Leatherwood
I p fact- the ret-ords prove it. : . is : proiiouncing the. couple man wife-
r the past sevei-a; months the while the mother of the ninle lies
. .. i i - ' i l . . . ,.i n,.i.h..-4
v nas ueen neiping an oiii negio m an unoenaKiiig esuionsiuiieiii. M.
v htrc in town, Ret-entlv he ied til hnal : ai rangi-mets cun be -.mafle
'eighlMrs applied to the county tor the purchase of a 'casket l n w inch
.j' i:d expenses, or at least to to bin v her.
f lavis,. . Instead of giving his ap, : After the '.; -wedding'' ceremony was
-:i )m irampfliatfiv found that tho i eomnleteil the bride and gloom le-
.- r-d woman had a living daughter in turned to the undertaking'
vivama and i.r,(. witn w Mom she ment to 'select a casket for the
-f. : .ived here. mother-
wire was . -ent to the i'enn -vl-: No accurate check could be made
t--a dautrhtei- for money to cover i as to what amount was spent for the
'-e burial expenses. Snortlv !s0 : wedding, but it. was learned that $2.
tta.s received via Western Pnion ; was .spent for the burinl of the woman
w'ch Mr- Davis thought , Fumcient : and about S' spent for the official
-o T-eet the urgent needs, but. he had ; requirement" of the, wcdiling ut the
(.' i-.rured evervthinir tne (laugh-: court house.
-tv nf-ro must hav.i. ci'ttkes -and it
xvoa.d taKC a
-i j re-nt '
Mrs. Vaughn Is
Buried Here Sun.
Kuiieial services were held Monday
afternoon at the homo for Mrs. Hertha
Mae Bullman Vaughn. I, who 'bed
at the lionie of her piirents.Oii Sunday
morning following an illness of ,'ioout
a vear. -
The -(-i vices weie Conducled. , i y
Rev. II W. Ilaucom.
, Burial Was mad,, at Turpin s. C.ha-p-
t ti
ii n 1 1
to meet
ir W
ths- ;
-1 r V
- X ' e e
:30 the sno
r-w fa.l was
. .
-ten . - -' "- :
the '-""
1- r a T
turr.ed ;Ktc
V the:
a XK-e
z s2.i it tn?
.--i t-.ii-i U
f wav, wbere--t
J ' -
" t 1 rt
Sovoral of the town's most promi-
rtnt citif win pit ci' vxhtn th(
ceremoiiv was performed and report
ed that it xvas "a.- happy a couple as
t.'n'v ever saw.
I u n a1 it (
v.eiv Ptld tlii' afleiHoo
ding.- '..''.'
ii i'icis t I
the wed-
Weaver To Speak At
Wake Forest Alumni
I i ii Wi iw i tl It
f uot'b 1 11 'coach. ''will be the tu 'st sneak
er at a banquet for t he W- ake oil's .
Alumm.'. to be held next 1 ue.-ilav even
ing ut K o'clock at the Hotel Lol-aino.
A! Dovvton. graudate ni.anager of
athletics will accompany '.Mr. Weaver
anil will be present at the affair.
, All former Wake Forest student?
lire asked to be present ruesdav
I 1( LNsi: I i,s s VI Ls
NOW 101 L 277 (.')2
the otluM- 2(H1 me.!-, .
it will bring : he pre.
at work under the fi
men! program t" i"."
Veiln.".P aft.-:
plot men; cn.mmir ti e
I'm-n for -ariitaiy wo
This new 'Ptiita bi in;
men working' oil thi
up to 7o,
Reemplovment Staff
Worker Heard Mon
day By Local Board
.Ml'-. I'ivan- of ;hn- reri!!)iot':!ieiit
blirean "f Kali-it-h it a- lit W .yies
vil'e Mon, lay of 'thi- wok r-ru-4iiir
With . Illi-illber.- ..f tiie !'li'!l.;)'loyIllen!
conimittee and offn'i latP t"e dil!"!'
I ent .a'igli s e.f . xt oil;.
: A round labli -d-i-. h. -m,', was
with Mr-. .Kuni a'.-tveri'.u' o'li-stions
(if th,. coininittie and tii"-e employ
. ed in tin- I'llie - Mr-, lit n-. .'.ingr it
iiliiti d tl:.- rommittee and , taff f't
tlieii- woil-i ami for -In1 manner in
; which 'it had bi-en eai'i b.d on
j Set. ra1 'iiattei-- of import a-'O'''
;.,-,',: liiscn -vii. :oiie oi tben.i a. -ill,!
j that undi r the ii :it ruliiiir nn-n
1 could be :i anseri ( d rrun im' nniject
j to a-nothei' bv the CWA aitmiuistr.i.
I tor. Homer Henry.
D. 0. K. Official
To Be In Canton
i I'U!".,-;.,V ,'.f r'-i,, I) (). It h. Lodge.
announced that- Hs.rry A. Si'!ie:rth
Impi ii il l'i v' " K h
would mitt witii t 'r.i m ';n t .antoti ml
Friday. 2("itli. He wa' seheiluli il ."
nmt with in ' li i win to l
but wa.- unavoidably detfiiiwd.
The meeting: !'"' Fi .di.t- 2';th. is a
call nveting. and all ineioU'i- "t t n;
organization il'e exi""-;el to be roe .
Rav W. GilTord Was
Buried Here Sa.
lie sale of '. Stat,-, automobile
license tags for d9.4 vestcrdav
biought to 277 f).-2 the number sold
since sales were opened Deeemlwr 1..
Thi-- cnmp iies with 194.74 sold a
of January 1H. .1933.-v.
This vears sales have lccn divideo
i follow M ul oi di i , 2 R i'
eigh bureau. 1 8.70; : branch urines.
Finieral's' i't ii - '
alt. veiei an ; of
lii i! at hi - iioiii- bet e
niornint''- wi.i - hi 'd : '
odi-t. ciiuieii a; M: -''
moi::inu- the PP.- -- !'
iMsted by :h,; IP '
ofliciatinp- Ip;! nj.7
II ul cenieterv.
Mr. '.(iiffofd. vt a -
1 ; Ml'! . !U1'1.' . 'pi'"'"
W aviiesv;;:,, -H i" . .'
member '"ftii,. Me'1; '
Pe:-ame i"i' ! '
With i ';:' .i-'i'J'' ri:'' ; -f
: r ' Wa oiii
:.". P:i -ia
p, "-Fi -t MP'-;
',, l. Sat i-'ia
t I '
Business Directory
Beinu Published
:. Uii iai'i e.i'ht'-i f I
eer this Peck. yi ') -,vi
lie-.- "rt -, ' -ii;t
ii'iir busine-s Pi'iir- in
itv. W (. surge-; u thi- f Vip
beeails,, . . !cp ; ".ta-' -k. '
'.a-r art VP- .' -. ; ;
In. the F'nited States navy the rank
of reair admiral is the highest ln-iana-nent
rank an. officer can attain.

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