North Carolina Newspapers

The Hest Advertising .Medium In Haywood ( onntj-
Published At The Eat-lein Entrance 01 The Ureat Smoky Mountains National I 'ark Head 1 Thinking' People
Till KSl)AY. I KI'.Kl AkV I. libit
vol.. XI Al
NO. 9
vo Below Zero Is
Official Reading
Here On Tuesday
Vire Department Answers Three j
lirms On Mrsi way ui
Cold Wave. No Damage
,t.t"-'. ll.e
,W out
ami community began
Wednesday afternoon
aioineter started climb
,vc the neezing point
.-.hi n to tvi degrees be
Tuesday morning am!
n a.)ove on Monday
.ling ;o official readings.
ming the official read-"
gutter h iving i
f v
TKntr a.i
jav m
a - 1
ihove, and by noon the
was hovering around .'iO
Wid i
afternoon the
'.ilinir w:
. jtomobiles were reported a-inn-ted"
radiators and sev
t he blocks cracked. Filling
i'd a rushing Business Mon.
Tue.-day in replenishing cars
'!,.(( Plumbers were work-
lii.y am:
yen pipes inrougnoui uie
Several residents ro
ll nine were bursted as a
b. unexnected cold:
i esa.:
I (i
il I'
ll r. ..:
department had a rushing
Mondav. answennp three
'he only damage was a roof i
h,.mc of K. l'revost at
The damage being about
j oil -tove m t-ie Dr. . 11.
, was the cause of the scc-
-iurni and a raise alarm accou'U
.,! -hi third trip of the day for
II,. department.
. .g 'to tf records t. ! H. ,
s.' ..' ip nftVial weather observer.!
Wav'-svi"-- perk-need four below !
rWuarv C:h. The oldest Mr.
WKtf'..r.....i M'-nem-H-rs in rccon-i cais
i v - i'-Jo
Road Location
To Be Discussed
A .-Wi of V.-rtn Carolinians
meet a Baltimore next Tuesday
at ! claims will be made ftj
the (.:n 'h .'.o.jKn k scenic highway ."which
l.l.e tiioial uov.-rn.ment. will build. i;-g:n:a and Iclin-
es-ee "will pi-e.-eiit their claims lx'fo'"e
litia.l vit --i-ion ri.ached as to the lo
i ;;'.'.'. n thi: park -to-park highway.
. The N rth Carolina delegation is
Uv:hu.. their hopes on the fact that
Siyre'.ary K-ke stated when the funds
were a)M)Ht'(l that "a scenic .highway
I'Mst b, bu,!t." This state will main
it. n ;n,,- (':-;:, ( arohna affords more
r. - a -inic nighwav than any
it-r -.r.i- asking for the higliway.
It''' n question but that the
i'l-K -jJ' iiorrties will approve this
:a- down as tne diandfath
i "aiitcn -ertion. It is proposed
i", the. riut!'.' swing hei over inh)
ane--t:.' ar.d then enter. the park at
. .:i'iu:Lr. li. is around this point
i' the tight between Xoith Caro-
I r
.'iH4 Ten in -see will revolve. Since
ufav i- to be a s-'enie route,
e lvpn-seMinjj North Carolina are
'tin;; tlsat the parkway take in the
mci-j around Mount MiU-hcll. Crag
gyin .uiiiams. Ashwilie. Pistrah. and i
I faLsim mountain. i
!i ;h:s route is sele. twl. the high-i
'i'.li in all probability, cross high-1
No. 10 about at The Haywood-
.ack.n vounty line and follow the!
i'.J II-hij -mad into the park.
CShree Are Eligible
ror Postmaster Here
(ivil en-ice commission this
w. mo i,l! II Howtll, H II Mc
imii and R. t. Messer. that each
w-:e eligible for the appoint
postmaster of. the Wavnes
: otTice. ' '
Jj t Anen the appointment would be
1 ' :' - "f, known, but it is the gener
"'v'!"."i,',n 1 Those closely connected
' I r Muiuu that the new po-t
ih be named shortly,
j. J , '-vil .-enicc examination was
1 Aagusti . af -whu-h time, six
'7 examination
-1 i c 1
Three were
'bn nun, ot ( All n
Hazel wood, returned Wed-
!TTi.r e. J l .
- I rea
. Liui-oay ouving trip
. imore where he bought new
t-ndi e f, h .tulc
S3.493.94 Spent For
Relief In December
t - 'I1'"!. l. ffiUal fiPU,CS
Tri I h,-ltif)uarters in Ral-Mr::.-?,""
: "nt fecial to The
!il;r. 1 J" neipinf
f Hi. vuu vecemDer.
f -v "gre for the entire
t- 'pim , --"ie monin snow
.;J.-.-- families were helped
: vf .trr!7 "f"t .
I jjm rrr"i iiiwium
W. r. I.KE
VV. T. Lee Is Back,
But Is Not Pvetir
ing At The Present
Former ( hairman Of ( orporn.
tion Commission Hack In
avnesviHe To Lik After
Musmess Interests
. T. Iai Sr., who for the iu-t. .'!
years h::-- b-rn chairman og thv t'or-pora:;.-T.
c m mission in ILileigh. has
ietr?i'(i Hajwnod county, ajid
win rv?;;t:n in avnesvilh- ' And trvi
to identify himself with the people
lu 'iv although 1 have never j
L'ivvri ur tnv horn,, hi re. n,. mik! in
a i. ir.i.-rview with I he Mount nneer
r'egaril'.ss of his age if 75. Mr.
l.ev : n:'T. ivi.nng. He !-. going i
lo li.;of. ;i"t"!'.h!s interest heiv lor the;
Jireser :-, He owns qtl I ;,. a bit ot prop- '
ert v 4tiwi-.citr.le and will devote most i
(l hij- t me to tiiew. he said. I
The lireen.slvtro Duilv News in an
..rtic.v ii I)ee mtx r, had .-oiw inter- i
i sin-.g fact-, about the work oj Mr.
kin- and '.i- associates down at. Ual
eign la.-tne ivist 2i vears-. i; read:
"Mr, Lie took the oath of ..Hice in
JalHiarv. itlll and Judge denrge
1 ell -:.. vears later.' Mr. Lee liimc
to Kr.ieigh from a big mercantile bus.
in... in Wavnesville. the 'other (iff j
the .'.;;: r - c nu t iK-nch. '
"He 'iv they went out of office their
ilwK- -with whom they have l.K-en as.
siK'i ia-,: U-r years gavt, each a foun-;
tain per.. Iloth the ehkn-s wire emo
tion.':'.!;, urust rung. They never were ,
quiti a"'i'. to work out the attitude
(!" th. general assembly which abol-i-he:
their -oflic,. after each had Ueen
chosen to:' a complete term of six
years. But they went ut in g.od
humor. They are bitter towards- no- ;
"Mr Li' natuially tinds it haul to
saV wnether he will return lo nier- j
ehandising and cattle raising .occupation-
that fascinated him is a man '
or.'-;n to 50. Ik' is now 75 but
as young looking as he was when hej
came to Raleigh 2.s vears ago.
"Mr. Iyee made money and g i e
piles of it to the Democrats. He was i
a business man all over, but he prob
ably enjoyed beating Republicans
He 'came to the general assembly
4 mm ivwMiiit ! m in ih. fusion re- .
giin'. He was lonelv there, but he
made tame bv his tights in that body.
"He worked with the Simmons-( raig
forces in 1908 and was with Mr- Sim
mons until thp ll2S apostasy. There
K no variableness nor shadow of turn
ing m his Democracy. He was many
years a member of the state excutive
committee and was chairman of the
10th district executive committee
when the late AV. T. ( ruvford. father
of all-Amencan I red of Duke, won
the election over James J. Hntt. Mi.
I. oe never chased office. He got the
corporation comnnssionership on his
record of nartv service. He thinks
the party should havP . retired him
in the wav it called him.
He said he will be mibittcrcd
against nobody Asked what he would
suv us hi valedictory, he put it heie
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Mountaineers And
Sylva Split Games
The Sylva Ix.vs and girl s basket
ball teams will meet the Mountaineers
on the local cou it Tuesday, Febiwv
6 at 7::J0 o'clock. The Sylva teams
and te Mountaineers clashed
Tuesday night, with the Wajmesville
girls winnine 32-25 and the. local, boys,
loosing l -42.
The Wavnesville girls, held the
Rethel team to a close score la.-t
Saturday night of 22-2h. with Bethel
taking the game. The score was in
fayorof t.ho- Mountaineers at tne hali
with the score 11-0, but during the
last few .minute r.f play the Bethel
Eirls came back for.' the extra points
to tike tie game.
T- B-thel boys nosed "ui thc-M.jur.riineer-
m one of the
clo-- of the season.
Loan For Sanitarium
Here From PWA Hits
I Snag In Washington
little Foo-ihilil v Of ett'ng
S2.V0U0 Loan To Kuild Tuber,
eulosis .sanitarium Here
Turiw additional application. foi
' loans and grants from the North
Carolina tate public advisory board,
including on,, of $25,000 for a tuber
culosis sanitarium at Waynesville.
had been received at close of business
in Washington on January 27.
The-c applications have all arriv
ed sine,, it was announced by the pub.
lie work administrator, that funds
Wei,, exhausted exceut for administra
tion, and that none would be availa
: hie unless such cam,, lrom civil units
tailing to comply with obligation eon
uacts. In that event the money
i would be reallocated, and the appli
cations considered on their merits with
i possibility of .pon-nrs participat
ing in allotments.
Weather Prediction
To Be Made By Mr;
Groundhog Friday
Is wimer
-ix more wi
tion of th
an; ien:, .cus
over, or will there be
rk of it, is t h' ques
lay. and according, to
:om Mr. Croundhog
will on 1' riday. J-ebniarv 2nd. give
-.(.definite answer to the question.
. The belief . is that if Mr.
tiioimdhog ms bis shadow when
he emerges from his winter home,
rival he will immediately scoot
back into his hole and wait for the
remaining six weeks of winter
to pas-. If tr.e sun fails to shin,'
and h,. does not see his shadow
he will conic- out preparatory to
beginning his prjn;j activities.
Farmers Federation,
Federation Head
James (.. h. Mc( lure. Jr.
$241 Received By
McCracken For 1650
Pounds Of Tobacco
Many larmers are complaining
about tobacco prices, but Howell
McCracken seems pretty well sat-i.-Med
with his jinces this.. vear.
i and he h:i.s a right to be. His
I crop was liio'l pounds and he got
When asked how h,. produced
.-uch fine totaeco .when others
only receiving small juices, ho
merely replied: 'Hard work, and
plenty of if for sorry tobacco
you II get sorry prices: for good
stuff vou'll get good prices. '
And from the prices Mr. Mc
; ( racken got h(. must be right:
Patriotic Window
Display Attractive
The window display at the Way
nesville T'harmacy is attracting much
attention thin. week, since H. W. Bur
nette. has placed a picture of Presi
dent Roosevelt in the center of an
elaborate design of red. white and
blue crepe paper, which was cut
twisted and pulled into attractive de
signs and giving the effect of a border
for he tinted picture of the president
Mi. Burnett, worked almost an en
tire dav in getting the desired effects.
The display was put in the window in
commemoration of the president's
birthd iv. !a-t Tuesiav.
pint " - iB
m -r. 1 m
)4 jl
e 4i J M
Modern Quarters
Provided For City
Fire Department
Department Move Into New!
Home, Which Is Dig Improve
ment Over Past Quarters
V ..;-:' -Wii,
wei k moved
which is th,,
the post ollicc
s 111 e ilepa 1 I Pile in last
intto their new lionie,
building iu-t opposite
The buihliiii: ha oeeii
remodeled and rep tinted to till the
needs of tin- departiiienf hit h is a
great improvement over am lire de
partment heatltiuaiters ihat Waynes
ville has ever had.
Three oulstandaiir i'etluies of ihe
new depai inieiit are the modem sleep
ing quarters, ihe hot and cold show
ers on the scioml ilooi and the hose
drying racks. Tin- second tloor of
the building al e proviiles a room for
mayor's court which was formerly
held on th' second Moor of the .Masonic
I "tuple
The sleeping quarters on the sec
ond tloor are composed of two rooms,
one for the regul-ir fireman and an
other large enough for two bcdn
which will be used
tirenicn when eviii:ti
The installation
showers on the see.
1 roni tires ut
i n
hot ;ind cold
Moor are an
not available
added feature that .. i
at the former beailt;ii:.i
Five hundred feel t '. new hose were
pin chased recently.' :'.o ! mow th,, total
length oi h,,..,. is L'oon 'cel. with 1000
on the truck .ami icady' for Use at all
times. Th,. ruck, which is a ka-
I' laiui. Was bought in l'.'l'ii and with
the pre.-elit equipment on it is valued
at .1!.immi. Kven at I hi- it was
explained tliat it has mor,. than jiaitl
for itself . because the insurance rat
ing on Waynesville has been raised
from 'third to second chess.
The hiMoiy of the fire depart men!
here i- rather interesting. One of thf.
t headquarters was an old wooden
"(Continued on page .eight)
Inc., Befiins
In This County Todav
Warehouse Here And Al ( anion
Now Merged With Western
Norlh ( arolma )r;a.
Hayw I County
! ion warehouses a t'
ai'liiei Kedei a
iynes ill,- and' a!
i niton t'ii.l."v
Kederati'iii In
joined the 1'ai ii'tt i -.
fat' 1.1 1 eti.tpeaitive
which now operates
Western 'oi th C:,r
in six ciiii n I ies of
'lina, with twelve
and m her fa l ine.
. I 'out la.Iliiii'
.1 i.i e-t
i n I h,. I' a l iner.
eld by farmers
gion who aia
In addit ion to
aimers Kodora.
'tber farm ser
1' ei le; at ion Inc . is
f I he mountain
'common stockholder
farm Mipplie.s. the
tion Inc., ope rate -
vices such -is. -feed mills, a ' marketing
..department, fin tarni products, hatch'
elies for supplying nure bred chick--a
'cannery, a forest products depart
ment a farm magazine, and a Lord's
Acr plan for 'aiding country ( hurcb
.. es.
"It is planned to have the Haywood
County operations n much the same
ba-is as in thei: counties " saiil James
(J. K.. McClure. .Ir., president' and
ot neral manager of the cooperative.
In tiv,. other counties where the
l-edcratiun operates, the larmers have
put un their share ol the capital
needed to opernte: in their county, by
the purchase of common stK-k or. of
notes exchangeable for common stock
if ier ji given date.
' "While the puiehasing powe, of
the .-twelve .warehouses on. farm sup-.
nlies.: will help to keen prices .: at .the
lowest level allowed liv sound Ihisi
nfss practice, what the i-'ederatioii
is especially fnterested in develop
ing is the. marketing of f.irm no
"It is a pleasure to announce that.
H tywood county 'cerlijied seed pta-toe-
will b,, handled through the work
.of county farm agen' W. I), Smith.
and through the cooperation
of Mr.
Smith and the growers the
tatoes will be carried at. th,
and Waynesville warehouse
small handling charg,. to th
seed po
. Canton
with m
.at ion..' and the rest of th,. return goes
to the grower. We urge all Hav
woi,(l :coUnty farmers ' to, buy Hay
wood county certified seed potatoes.
I'oultry buying twelve months m
th,.' year isi another marketing ser
vice of the Federal ion which should
help the farmer. Ihe Pederation ,.nf
the only poultry ma rketihg agency
buying in Haywood county all twelve
months of the vear. Of course oth
er buyers come in at the. rush sea
Sop foi- a few months, but the Fed
eration will buy poultry every month
in th,. vcar. Tuesdays ond 'Fridays
will he buying (lavs for poultry at
the ' Waynesville and Canton ware
houses. Kggs will, he;; bought . every
The hatcheries of the 1'cderation
at Sylva and Forest City i.'i. now
in. one ration, and Mr. Met.lore' an
nounced that people who wish to bu
nurP bred federation baby
(Corrtinne.f ,n lack pace)
lloldin Revival
I, i
K e-- .
Ul 1HNK1 I ltKHFI(
Revival Services
At Presbyterian
Church In Progress
Hev. .. L. Karlwr Hrinninj; 1 wo
Messaiies Dailv. .Meeting lo
( ontinue lhroui;h Next
l'l)c i i;,l sen ice-.' at tne 1'ies
iiyterian clulivli Uvan hire Moralay
t y nine at 7 .. . lock with the Uev.
finest I.. I'.ii-Ih'i- of Aberdeen, bring
ing forceful messages twice daily, at
HI o'clock in the inorniiig ami again
at 7 :;tU o'clock each , eniiitr.
The -revival will c.'nil i nu, : hr. ,u;j, ii
Tuesday V i-l,, uai v i!t h. and Dr. K
I'. V ilki'i. paor ,,!' tiie t liuicii, e-
(enihil; an itivimtivn .' tin public
lit a: lend ai : t he service -i
Tentative nhuis aic ihii! the follow -ing
sermon subject's will be us, -d'dur.
ing the coming lew days:
. Thursday irtoi n:ng " What it ni. an
lo I'ollow .lesi)-."
Thursday evi hing. "Si r .,,( w.av ,.;,,(
Narrow' ( iates." , '
Friday iinriiing "Tin- liao r . oi' ,i
l ost 1 1 p unity '
Fritlav '..venine ' I'lu S,,, mji
Facts "
Sunday moi mug. "Th,- I In i -tiaii
Home." .
Sumlav .even tin - ' "Tin - - .M tuie i n 1'i .mI
ie.'i! -
Bonner Ray, 8,-
Buried Monday
I'm I a' - ; Vice... I-,'. i ( narle-. H,.n
n, ! l;,i , .a,:.'e s vcei,. hold ti Altiiiijay
aftei ma n at :i:"li : o'clock fi ami the
Methotlist t hiirch and wei,- coiitlin tt'tl
by the Uev. I'aiil llaidin, Jr.- pa t .1 1
d tin- elttiieli, and 111.' K, v. I. If
II y'l-s :. presiding elder.
K.eai.ling from tile 1 It li ehuptci-' i ,
. Si. Mai-k", ami. tlii' 1Kb chapter of '
St. John, lli, Key. Hardin made a
1 but ...inipi essive talk, full of t
'comfort (o the liereaved family. The
K: v. . u cat as ': his . "scripture
lesson, verses l'i to :) from the IL'th.,
i hapter of 'Jnd Saiuuel. The following
favorite hymns were sung by .the'-:
choii : "Safe in the Alms -of Jesus."
"I Think' When. 1 Uead ..the Sweet
Sim y ,,f Old and "Asleep in Jesus."
h'tiilovvilig. the " services at. the;
churchi internienl wa- in (Ireen Hill,
. i-emetery, with Kev.,. Hardin conclud-i
nig the services at the grave. Fall
bearers' were (he uncles of the dc;
ceased: t li i ries. 10. Kay, .1 a .. ; William 1
Hay. (t'uy Ma-'.-ie,. aiid Fraii(;is Massie. .
( har.les l,onner liav was .born- in
W avnesville on March : 2K. I'.W,. and
wa - the son of Mrs. Myrtle Massie
I! ay and t he late, I!oi:ner Itay, whosC'
untimely death', occurred less .than a
vear ago'.' I he i-lder Kav was a
member of the lifni of ('has. ' F. Ray
and Soils and allied in the est iblish
ing of tliat He was a Jeail
er in all the civic and religious activi
ties' of the town. ('baric-- lioiiner
Ray vvas. the grandson of Mr. and
.Mr,- Charles Kav aiid Mr. and Mrs
T ,. Massie. :
When he wa.s scarcely two vears of
age the tleceatised was taken ill and
for the past year has been constantly ;
Confined to his '.bed.'.' During his years '
of. suffering. - his patience and forti
tude, his leautif.ul spirit and atti
tude toward family and friends Were i
marked by a , maturity far beyond j
his years, The memory of his brief i,
life to tho-c who knew him will ever !
linger us a -tiniulus to courage and i v in' facing life's problems. -
Legion To Have Special
Meeting Tonight At 1 :M)
A call meeting of the American Le.
gion has been set for tonight (Thurs
day) at 7:.(J o'clock at the oflice oil
Bradley-Davis- on Main .street. 1m-,
portant matters will be discussed,!
one of which will le Boy Scout work I
in the community. All members arei
urged to attend.
Criminal Court
Convenes Here On
Monday Morning1
l ightest Docket In l our Vear
W ill I'rohahlv I5e Complet.
ed In One Week
" I'm- i'gf.te-t , , , :
'ai, yea i s." ; - i he replv W-. li. Uyei -del
k' o -upeiior court ga,- when
.sketl h tvv heavy the docket lor '.he
ta'"a:: g teiin of ciini'iia! court wa-.
which w II coin, nc here Monday nioin
;r.V. will .liltlge IV A. MtFirov of
A! .; r :ia ' ;. pre.-iiliiig.
Thi't :s only one aiajo, case :.
'"im u at the coining term ol eouit
and ;l',i: i the .:! in winch Albeit
Ti .ni is , li .1 ge, w jih Wiling
Cli!T al Svvang,.' a school boy on
highway Number In near C-iy.loii la. :
Nov inber
S nie ot the curt officials expia.;
th: : the wnu; will complete the dock.
t within one vvtH'k, or at. any rate
it will not tak, tin I wo weeks il w a
said. Follow. ng are j ti Isms who will seive
through: in lei in; Waj nesville town--ai.p:
.1. II. huvkindall. (bear Knigb',
la. .1. Sbulhofer Orm Davus. I). I..
Dean. D. 1-. Smalhi rs. M A IWat.
,1 Frank l-dwaials. li. 1. l'ullirigh?
J si iniev. Swan Hendrix, D. A
Howell J. ( Willams, wcorge A.
Hrovvti, ,lr, I) 1. Arrington. 1 N.
.Mas-:,. .1. .1. Fanning. .1. I'. S ate .
A.'iniii Shehari Hub Camp. John '
Nolan. 1.
Ileaverdani township; Paul A.
Slnathers 1, C. l'ruetl, Williaui II
Fotimsoii J. M. I numbers. .1. . Car
-il, . F Cillis. W. . I .owe. .1 M
llai.nn. I; M. avi-. A. It. Moore. J
S. ,1 neks, in, lliibart Hardin, 1 ester .1
Sniiithei -, 1,. J. Tiitham DimC.Tiar
kins .1. C. Koliins,,!!, '),,'ck liurre
W: 1' W U:ah.-..:i Jr.
Ci abt ia ,- t"W n - hip: I. It 1 1 row n. .
II. Ivndiin i C. T. Feign-on, III ike
McCracken. I.. F. Dot' 'on. II. W. Ko--(
lyiit : C, W. T. . I, U Ceorge C. Jen-kin-
: l , e il ; James A Miller; Pigeon:
11, 11. Qui a, F. , Uwgeis. Virgil Sin
glettin. Aloert I leu-on,. S. K. Free;
Ivv Hi'l; C. Il livans. Frank Turkei ;
lion Due.: lio! ni t ( , re n : hiue ( reek:
II. I., (.reen : F.a-i Fork: W . I . Shar.:
Joii.atbiin Creek Favv:e::co Foiu;,
Farmers Loan Co.
Ready To Accept
Loan Applications
I. I, ( M'cutaiv Ol (hs:i
mation, Kvplains l'ro t edui c
01 M,ik)n Appliral ion.
''l!'" ' ' .! i'lt-Otl, I ol, , ,;,n
X- " ' a' Iv , ;. in,., J ,,,
H.'ivw. . 1. Iliiii -oinl. -:v K ai,a,
"t ail, i ia ...nd Madi: on cuiniie-a ha.s
been' . ' ot ii.aaz. , to ,jo r.ii ine oc-
, ' lim; t"ai . -tatelie lit mad,, "la T.
t I ' l't-ia- (iwyii, ,e, retai v of Ihe ",'e,,,. .'
ei':'i'.''a. Til'- ni.'lili oll'lce of Ml,, as.sli '"II i ! Jt ati',1 in the Hlincolil'bo
i count y court house room .VIC,;
. Arrangi Hu nts liave l,e n mail,' for
Haywood county farmer-- u tile app
i lilical ion w ith Counly Agen-FW, ).
Smith t the: eoilit lion.-,- here Aiiy
fa ' no i -: - w , ' i-h to . aoply '-;r' eeil
'.'ititl fc'i t ilier ;f. i-'ii : oi ' for liv, "stock '
loans should net in touch with M r.
; Smith a- ,-aion a- oii.-sible and till ' out-:
(he application hi a tits -that ' he . lia
oil hand for this ptirpo.-e..
.Mr. Cwyn aiinouneed in a
st;it aement he gaye out. tile folio wine
information for tho-c desiring loan
aiid the prove, dure as f,low,:
ill 1' li,' out your ' application blii-nk
in dtivlicate.: All parties, intei eta-t!
in the :. pplicat ion : nin-1 -ign this
.blank. , :
( ) Ilaiui thi- ' 'application ' -- the
Jn-pictoi for voiii" eouiitv. who
Mr. ( niter Osborne, of ( Ivne waj
will visit, you anil make' , an .appra
sal of 'the ei;uri!"y agi e,.i f.Vr vur l"a"
Or you liifiy leave, 'your anil:va' a h.
with Mr. ..Smith ait diis oflit;?:
CI ) Il.'ive . your ai pid ;ca ion ja;i - -e l
upon bv vuir county loan a i u i it ; '.t -Mr.
II A , O-bi.rnr, .of Canton, .ri l
Mr. W A Mooia. of Pigeon, 'i "ii
application .will then' ti,.'- re.t,urm d. "
the . A she.ville oflice and nt, f, n ap- .
proval "to Cofumbia,
If. your. 'loan .is alfowei'l. ti:e . neC; .-.
sary mortgage or notes; will be ei
you. and when the same is; puipei i.. ,
executed the association will f n w ' "'
you a check for. the amount.
To otda:n a loan through the ii--;"'. '
eiation it is necessory to .-uh-ei ihe f"'
5 per cent of the loan in -lock in. the ,
as.soi'i.ation, with a minimum of So. OP
and is also necessary for the -applicant
to pay the inspector's .fee, J-.L111.
and for recording the n:.'!".g;ig"
These amounts, may "be inclu'led in
the loan applied for. F.yery lxu-row-er
. must he a stockhohier but the
stock :su"bseribed for may . 'ie trans-. .
ferred to another ..borrower., win n the
applicant ha- paid hi- loar ivvl does
not wish to make anotheri-me.
.. It is ilesirable Jhat .al!- Jo-Vswili ex
pecting to borrow , va- ney ;t , t '"'"." '
producion or to 'i i:'chase !:Vi -''-'
get in their a pli fa: a.- s -:'. ''-,

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