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nAY. FEBRUARY 1, 1934 '
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(go in (Hljwrrit miimy
Sunday Sv'.-ool every Sunday 2 p. m. Tov Pllln inno
Pieachinr. first Sunday at 3 p. m. , 1 a V-UIItl IIUIIS
:!.;,! Chapel: i rlllc TVI 1.
Pm.chmg evc.-y second- Sunday :.t J VI 11H 13IU JTlfl IJ
CU j -v fw 1 pc-nscs uic lu'in u
State (Miicials ;
The i-fvi oi eollcctinjr. tnv s.i'c. tax C .it ton growers in Noitn Carolina
, :.- limited in :h,. law lo not more than will receive an a vera pi- of $11.15 an
i - l'e: cent of volleotions and so far the acrc for withholding land from pro
j com of collection, including the c- duction in llf'.l say State "!lfo
iiohm" in me ne:u ion,, ami o: tiie specialist.
onsidei ahlv le.-
WavnwviUe Presbyterian
u i. Walker Pastor.
School f:4S am.
' n m. and T:dO p. m.
--.cce aauy. 10 m-ami
Si . '
U .iMusville First Baptist
u " h W Baucom, Pastor
,f,;V -hool. f:45. Ja Me.sser
-..-shin. 11:00 OCIOCK.
.. v- i 11 nf church meet.
11 u . .
.Sunday night, but will worship
' . .i,(. i!VSo-tenx.n.-.
'Mui--k W -""vice . :.0 W ed-
Wionesvillc First Methodist
I'aul Hardin. Jr.. Pastor
,-nurch at !:4S a.m.. Hugh
fe- supcrintfnt.
P " . 1 -. .V, eivlee at 11
Morning ciium. -- . ,,
acrameni " -
I tvT' wi't 'be no evening church
f fW 'h, Methodist church. We
ih, Presbyterian,
ut at li:4o.
M. E. Church. Canton Circuit
U . H. PW . Pastor
I ir-. Sunday. 11 . .. A.ik-ii
Pla.ns; 7 n. m.. .Morn:: . .
Sunday. 1! a. i.'ri; , p.
M-mr.,; Si,-. T.;r,i Sjr: iuv !1 .
Mo:T:n.' Star; 2:"0 p. m. Hi av dsn!;
7 p. :v.. A.r.on Pla.n.-. ; :!: unday.
11 a. m. Star; 7 p. i'eavef.
dam. Svn.k,y Sc.k: mbU-.- at 10
a. m. Epwor::'. Umi :n- c-.- A'.m.n
Ol'IST Clll Rt 11 , na!, -.!,. . .h..M, who lirv ;u.tIvely
Kc. aii.l Mvs. Ze:.s Bean. Pastor.- (ipsinK the per cent sales tax o.:
.i! sales are te :ng mevehant.s over
J the sta'.e tin' department of revenui
han this .' per cent.
Si::: lay Schoji 1U :Ol a. in.
Prea.-hinir-Ss-i-vicf 11 :00 a. m.
Youj-.p Ptx'ples' S,iv:ce.- T:lHl y in.
Prachi:isr eric- . p. m.
Prayer ' Meetir.p each Thuisday
venin.ii at 7 : 150.
Plant.-. K.iT.iny Stt
Stmd;. ivi'rv,): at
Haeiwood Presbyterian
Uc, (I. (.'. I.andruin. Pa-Ur
.,!ai:.;, Sch oi. H iViovr
M,.: v.n- -r. !0:-io k.
is paying its iiiM deputies a minimum
salary of S17o a month lu-t to cheek
u)i on the sales tax alone, a mei
.hant from Laurel Hill, in Scotland
.our.ty told Directo- Harry McMullin
f the coPeetior.s division of the do-
: partment one day thus week, ami
J asked for accurate information.
Heie is what Director
told the merchant :
1 h in'.
"Vie amount of tne s.ilarie- pa:
to a 1 employes in either the
ii!ision or any othei division of OKTH ( AKOI.INA
the department of revenue is j H A Y W( H)I ('():"r
of public record and can he Ici ikhI IN T 1 1 K S I ' 1 ' I' 1 ! I ) t ;
by any one a; anv time." McMullau'A ( SIMMi)s i
said. "We ale triad to stive any one I '.s. '
any information about salaries md MAKSIK SIMMON'S f
collection citfts at any t'me. A- The defendant aim,. :iaa..,i will
leruu. e utiiin i. lamer Liui.ur -oi taKi notice Thar o ict-.m ..ool....i
as above, has boon commenced a;;.'in-t
her in the Superior Court of Hay
.Jonathan Chariji.. M. E. I htuch
Kev. . M. Iluhbin-. T.i-tor
Shady tii.c.e:
Sunday S.-o ,. ) ... t;l, ii A.
J'oyd. Sai't
MoniiiW twsiip at 11 a. m. every.
Sunday ex., )'. -e'.,ni Sundays.
thos0 who are opposing the sal,'- ta
to misrepresent the facts ami to tell
.... ,, i..i.,nK imk"-i wooo i ounty lor in,- purpo.M .t -i
or salaries than we really aiy and curing an absoluU divoVe,. tin
that our field deuutie- devotv their nh.intiff from th.- .Ief..,,,l-i.., ....
e).c. -c'ice, o;4 . I Th,. dep.ittment of levenue has t.2 -'iunv time to eoitec.inn the sales tax., utorv (rroutnl.s ; and the -aid defend
I .:,i, nee-.i-'.i: W '. -d.-.y I tield deptltv collector who not' .'illy en thev eol'ect :!! the other taxe- 1 - r. t will furthei take r.otice that -h.
" ' - j hut aK.. Iicev. -e tax .it-
T;.,. Sc 't. '.-.rr.AV. h: i i'a!:or. into the
ut P., ar.d uhi'.e .-wininiini; around in
it W .-houtcl to his c:fe. She cinie
u-'Ki.- to h::n ..R.i said: "111 call the
a't:. ! r :n tho field, and they will
tax, I
'. . y. :i o-.r.
W": ..: :- it . " he n'.p"!'d.
(-' a -. i thirty."
We:! :, m :- mind " he -aid. l'i ;,:..r.,l until dinner time,"
-".ate tax,- vv:t:i t n,.
::.iiei itance tax
t : ni. :.. i:e ot . :
is n ullil-ed to appear at tiie ollice of
the ('Itl'k .i!' the Slinellor ('on'T O;
., ,, ;i. One of the women tourist- to a' Ya ne- iKe "ii th. 1 -la'. Keh
. . i . : . I ' .
I't ot their iisiei:i ie-eiauon was a innnan i ua: y, i'.'.-l ami an-w.r
:.. fix
i :
. n,y : i
:.K-cr 1
mucK .
th- 'i .
ai'iU.i) saiarv.
0. ;::: c .avtoi's ' cene
s '.i : i s 1 ''." a nioiit ') in sal
-o w ho hav,, pi . ioush
i '.no department uet'.iim a
1 L'o a niont h . N. i mon
' t't,. deputies We' : h max.
m o,-
.-ticstionairre. and at Inquiry N'..u, ,v,,I;,ll:: j,: .;,,;,(
l oon een tn loilK-sutti-ntiir Kunle pia::!tl will ,pp; t-, the i.uit
was la-init his patienc". "Oh tell th,, e!uf demande.l , th. aid c.
i- . " she cried, "who is that great t dl plaint.
Indian standing ovei there by mm-; He- '-th -lar.uaiy li''M.
-i'i"" "Madam." an-wered the weary W. (';. P,Y KKS,
it;iiidc "that is Sitti c Pull. He i- flerk of the Superior four:
ii his acat ion." N, I a(i -Ian, 1 I -1 S-2o-h'.-b. 1
11 .wor-Mip
t. Johns Catholic Waynesvilk-
;v. Michael . i j
U Sunday.
.... oa- at 7:':i a. m.
H:iclwood Haptist
I M Woodward. Pasto,
1 -
a- ; . . o il,, ;
K. I huiih. Smith
.'. I ia r 1. . I '.1st or
v . . . '.!.(.. Sai
: . i:tUiio.
. la - pi:.
"Slifi'u! i
P. i
i.a-to. . i
i ;' : lii.-ii'au' : ' i I J -
" " " i
M. E. Church,
I i,slor
io - at I O a. in..
;:' ' ! 1 a. Ml.. I.oiii'.s
( . . . . p. m. Second
. ! r ... n,.. ;e-thi:l 7:;d j
tav. : 1 . .:.. ' 1 1 a. :m.,
' NU'idav : J .on it's
I'o thel 7::'n.
it) '
, w
n.. a.:.
I ,'n;
i ( ,
to .
CO' ,
1 M
( ITfKfll
i i i i t
i i ' 1 .i
1 i ,' K H I
S.iix rirt. tin. lit.
1' i i 1 it 1 1 HO
i. m.
.,,r .a' V....'- - 1
p. !1..
P '
d .. in
I'd i.
Mcet ini; each
Meet 1 1 it;- c"l
etimj stlDject
a I ! lendiv spirit here.
Iv worship. Hoth the
'd the minister wel-
I .'anion Presbyterian
j florae It. Hammond. Pallor
1 Si.L.lay nionnnir at 11.
Sinaiav evening at Ti.'lO.
Weiine-dny evening at ".:30.
ndav NchiHl .
, JSuri.Jav tiioiniiig at 10.
-.CUir.mji Kndeavor
Sri.ii .-.-venintr at .:4.Y
(.ffi K ( llf KfH IN TH1-: MOCN'-
. I Wavne-ville. N. ('.
, h- Amen New. M. A.. Rit-tor. .
iJ0 A. M. f'hureh School,
f y l A. .M, Morning .servieeand sermon
I Canton First M. E.
N faiii,l M., ('. ('. Benton. . Pastor
1 'i .neit, at H a. m
: 0:Ti:nLr WlJlshl!-, II V,'..,.l. ..irnnnrik
X . v .... n,
it (.:.!(). livening- wor-
ioi k. A genuine welcome
I ( anton First Itoptist
J V- Jovner, Pastor
A':l'!:"" s.hool meets at 10:00
. Morninp worship at 11 o'clock.
P., h meets at 7:00 o'clock.
'n..,i.. worship -at 7:30 o'clock.
n-eting rdne-alav exening
M l .all e dock.
North Canton -Baptist '
P. .. Hicks, Pastor
:-'.e . school at 10 o'clock, every-
'f-'Vi1' A ! Lint'''. superinten.
i bk- eiass everfy Wednesday.
. "-aching each 2nd Sunday
( harjre M. E. Church,
'" ' rreeman, l'astor
: . t w' v . . v
Rrs- , "":' 'eets ac io a. m. i
' n m i0Ahuh 11 a ni
"o . , lcor'd Sur"ias Clark's
,n Jk , ' ''hi1. 3 p. m.; Har
Q i, ,, ' '' 11 Third Sundays
-1 ii. dn,i 00 P m- Fourth
i 31 - r uT-"r:" 11 m ; Liberty.
'H-u"-v i CH p
t wt at Clyde,
L v3in.a. -.;.)fny' --'ach Sunday
a- -J0 o'clock.
f I
! u4nW '-' m Willi ' J) '.x
b-w9'44vtK ' I f ill! pwvj-
t" s i s?' A s , V'tJ ' - ' X y lD - ! M ,f if . rJili If'tf 36 4 i Vs..1fj, tr V
Msfeea;fefe .J?i.c :VH': f i
., j v-.- - ...... . ... j . i "!. H c"
i .
i fe VVlf
ft I ?;p felsA
v. .J".::: --;ve -'. .. i '
I w v- J W UJ M,N;:!fe3S yTvr f-j
I Kl : Bl 'II W W
..... . . OBHBoWl P'M K ' Jf r .. M-Mr- . m
,1 .'!;f':w-;.v
;;rvrt '14;?
Tnw-ri-iiiniSw4iMni'Mlli-lf' iff- 'y S t '
ll's here now, for llie lir.-l I line: I In- ear 1 hat all ineriea lias lieen -lainlino
liv lo see and drive Clii'i rnlrt for Vhii! And if you aren't anions llic first
to attend thr pala introdueli,rv Fliowirij;. vonV "lonifi lo miss one of llie liip-sl, moM
c-ifiD cvent-i of llic u hole motor ear vear. I lier- never lias Jiern a new (.hexrolel
model Mitll fto manv hasic and sweepm" advanecu as thlK one. lis different fitallv
unlike anvtlunp von'-ir n-rn or anvlhiri'; von ti-tll se- in motor cars for 10.11!
- ' ' v
CUEVBOLET MO TOH COMPANY, UKlKOll, M I C H I (', A N . Un.wm tf.x.M-v
Watkins Chevrolet Co.
and youll never
satisfied with c
low-priced cc

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