North Carolina Newspapers

The liest Advertising .Medium In H:iyood Count Published At The Eastern Entrance of The Great Smoky .Mountains National Park Head by Thinking People
NO. 10
l!t f
Pari;-To-Park Road ;
impresses. Oiticials
t!l!h Carolina Delegation Asks
That Koad Come Via
Haisams to Park
..' Nor
n i
tiolinu Tues-
ivc .showing
;nl of Public
n Baltimore.
tlio park-to
Headed by
ghaus. Sena.
Uv nUl,e
h "
u - M
Regional Bo;
ministration i
jr a claim foi
i '. U. Klirin
liuvc: !
K rii'vin iKts,
l.ulev. together i
ith mem-
W. 1
c North t arohna mgnway
i, f which Frank Miller,
yiile. Ls a member, the del
s,d their pk-a --lmost en-i
the -Kite's possession of
-eenrv through the Blue
. .w dap at the Virginia
. Cup in the Smoky Moun
Mial Park. Reu'oen B. Rob-(-.intoii.
was also present,
mission heard on Monday ;
; unun:.
ided as
:) vv a .
';i r. ili na
IK ', hod
from V lrg-nua, wno
to where they wanted
delegation from
an entirely dif
sonting their1
iiasion w.i- sys
h and in sharp
1 dv the Yirgin-
io:egatkm was
cuHsulting land-.
t'ter the hearing
1 a jiresentat ion
. -interesting.
lvvtkmal 'advi-or.
nothing definite.
cd the delegation
insnected lie f ore .
i- 'The eommis-
t horoug
that usei
1 ennc.-.-t
:.i et
daid b
was "
c re is
: advis
Id be
t he ;
leanng said they
over th
.routes and get
ia:id ;nto: illation.
i,;!,n a- presenud to .the com
.alls tor the highway to
ie' (im-go, Little Switzerland,
Mitchell. ( ruggies. Mount PLs
Balsams, and on into the
hi svuco - The proposed
"ay would likely follow the old
r.;,: (Hm Balaam Gap to Soco
i this jeouftty.
technical -as. tor the state wa,?
i'.ed i.v ill". Jeffreys and R, G.
i 1
I ir.ih.-
f park
m h -
f "
1 Th.
I Tr-
BiuwmiiL-. location ngineer. who
strewed UK fact that the North Car
eiifia route follows the of the
h!ue Ridffi- and mamtriias a hiph alti
tude for its entire length. whil the
renrres... e route1. whK-h voull leave
the Bhit Ki'ipe at Grandfather .Mountain.-
would necessarily have many
dips ;nt v.iiWvs between peaks.
i' al.o was Ftressed that the
route would invite eom-
nif'reial tr;
nau trial
( . j - i
iffk- and would pas through
center.", while the North
outo would bo .purely, a
ft'i-mc route.
Governor Khnnghaus has bt'en crit
ui2ei :n western North Carolina on
thi pround that he devoted his at
tention tco much to eastern North
( iiiolina, hut he went to bat for west
ern North Carolina, which under the
IVnr.essee route would lose the high
way through the sections of Linville
Gorfre. Little Switzerland, Mount
M.vhe'l and the Bal-am Mountains-
North Carolina's effort was by no
"an sectional. The State was unit.
d and one of the strongest arguments
was jiiiole by Representative Dough
ton, w hose district would be 'served by
'it her route.
A scenic highway without those
mountain. would Ko lileo a fnnnral
ttlOU. the cninso." floflal-nJ Pronl-
'V'U. eall't carrv thd srenet-v trt thp
fad, y.iu must carrv the road to the
enprv." obsei-vod Mr rnr.-hfn
Th'..-e two statements summarized
1 , m-un argument of each speaker,
tJt s.-Tuitor Bailey added another
argument. .
.. . P11'' '-thn'one opportunity of a
'tetmie." said the Senator. "The
i rn.'L; Stato-5 now spending its
billions and anvone who does not
'new is a fool The spending can
not continue nt rvi-cot
n-A '"h 'Carolina doe. not get this
, oot highway
sy now
it will never
t'et it
Anting out that the State 'pays
l'rc than in n'n -ii ii. . .. .
0 - - -v ui-i mm ul an tne taxes
Jr "l- , " f pdeTal government, he
1 V 'o rthnaLNort h Carolina is pay-
f s0Oo0000 of the public works
VjmI.oVa b;isH of population and
IMoonOoO on the bai of actual
n:iand hd ived only
i wh m,o eclusie of "the .monev
;m"- for roads and the CWA."
, 1 im not basing the State's
" n things," asserted the
.orr T i. hu road should be real
'n fha nnd should be located
hJVL m' alonc If we do not
I, v. f u("or .-cener do not give
K "r -j1,03 ' "ut (io not compromise
m rr ir, 5" not a matter for
' WipromiPf.. v tin ,. :
nur r
oute f,r tnu,., nd Wg
V"ur ludgment." "...
lrcad aa Iable S16.000.-
''1 park
"i .k-
btUetn Sha landoah nation-
Virginia and the Great
Mountains national p.ivk,
partly , North Carolina
in Tennessee.
Did Groundhog See
Shadow, Or Did The
Snow Keep Him In?
I' I;!,, anyk-. -. lu'liel' that when
tin v : lundhog -ir- his shadow
on -. i-niul means six
nit'i weeks ul winter is true
ther Hay wood cm my is in for
.-oiih pnoe cold weather Mr.
tiiouiiiiog eould have seen his
. hadow lat Frioay if he had come
(u:. of his hole, but - w hether the
mk.'.v kept him back ot not is not
Si :ne who claim to know say
that ti-e snow kept the animal
weather prophet from coming
out and that we are in for spring
weather instead of six more weeks
i'!' winter. Othei.s who claim to
know just .is much about it ay
that the seven iiK'hcs of snow on
the ground had nothing to do
with the predicting- So there.
Services Are Being
Held Daily At Court
House At Noon Time
Ministerial Association 01 Coun
ty Has Charge Of Services
Oailv At 1:1.)
:ay t-r ices .1 rc. "beinj; hekl
a; one o'clock at the- court
the main court room by the
' 1 Mil 1 it y .M inistei ial . As.-ocia-!.
nieetinus will voiitiniU' for
tlOl ... I'M
'iu- .umt
n ot the present term oj
UM a;:d will In- held by
!' : he ';; sm i it ;on whith i
!' the iniiiisU'is nf the
The .-erviccs ai',. urief, hot being '
iihov tiian forty-live minutes long.
Gene1::) topics are being discussed by
the .-reachers and -regular; sermon
sub.itvts a re. being avoided, it. .-was an-'
noil.;; ij.
The following pastors will have,
charge of the services for the coming ;
nine day.s :
Thursday. Feb. S. Rev. U. ('. kan-
drum. Hardwood. '
Friday, Feb. !, Rev. C. N: Clark,,
Canton. '
Saturday. Feb. 10, Rev- II. C. Free-,
man, Clyde.
Monday, Feb. 12, Rev. Paul Hardin. )
Jr.. Waynesville-
Tuesday, Fb. Hi. Rev. George H. I
Hamaimd. Canton.
Wednesday, Feb. 14, Dr. U- 1'. Walk.
er. waynesxille.
Thursday. Feb. lo. Rev. C (
ton. Canton.
Friday, Feb. Pi, Rev. R. V. Mc-
Craektn. Clyde-
Saturday. Feb. 17. Rev. A.V. Ju
ner. Canton
On Monday, Tuesday and Wednes.
day of thfs week, Rev. H. W. Baucom-
Waynesville, Rev. F. O. Dryman.
I .nlfV .liinAhmka. and Rev. T- J.
Tvineer. Clyde, led the services in 1
the order named.
Franeis Is Now New
Assistant Attorney
'AW -Roy. Francis, local attorney, was
sworn in as senior assistant district
attorney, last Thursday at Asheville
by Marcus Erwin. recently appointed
United States district attorney.
The junior iissistant is William M.
Nicholson, of Lincolnton. The offices
of Mr. Marcus is in the Federal Build-'
ing, in Asheville . Mr. Francis will
maintain his office here as usual.
New Grand Jury
Named For County
At the opening of court here Mon-
day -morning, the following were ,
named on the Haywood county grand
iurv for the cominir vear: !
D. A. Howell, foreman, O. F. Gillis.
M. A. Poteat. O. T Ferguson. W. W.
Lowe. TV. H. Kinsland, Wni, Robin
son. Jess Hardin, D. L. Dean. Orin
Davis. Jas. A- Miller. L, G. Pruett,
O. T- Arrington.' Lester A. Smathers.
Virgle Singleton, G. W. Terrell, and
J. V. Carson.
Legion To Meet
Thursday Night
' The regular meeting of .'the 'Amer
ican Legion will be held tonight.
Thursday, Feb, 8th. at the Masonic
Temple. ' .." ' .
Tom Lee has promised good enter
tainment in addition to an important
business session, and it is hoped that
a large number will be present.
Two Boys Sentenced i
For Stealing In Canton
After pleading guilty to charges of
breaking and entering a sandwich
shop in Canton last Saturfay at mid
night Fred Roper, 20, of Gastonia, and
Paul Warden, 21, of Mui-phy, were
sentenced to the Craggy prison camp
Buncorobe county, for 12 month each
by judge Chester A-,-. Cogburn in' eity
court .Monday morhing.
Citizens Sunday
School Class To
Beirin Here Sun.
It. .Morgan To Teach Class Of
.Men In His OHite Each Sun.
Day. Heginning At 10
l!v-gin'.u'g Sunday 'morning ,it ten
n'ciocK J K Morgan will teach the
newly oignni-.-.eil t'itizens Sunday
School class, which will meet in the
l.iw .llice of Morgan Stanley and
Ward in the building just opposite
'.hi' court hou-e.
Mr. .Vioigan has tx-eri te..ching the
.Men's - liible class at the First Bap
tist church, but the tact that there
were so many men who were not af
filiated with any church, and who
said they were interested in attend
ing a class of this kind without hav
ing to go to church Mr. Morgan, af
ter making a survey of the town, de
cided to begin tile c'as.
M r. .Morgan sa.oi " 1 0
tended to reach men w
tending Sunday S.-i,.
A cordial invitat tmi is
all men to join 111 the
less of church atli :.! '.mi
The class will adjmin
'lie members to attend
Cl i.-s l.s 111-
aio not at
; el ewhei'e.
eteinK'd to
.-la.-s regai il- j
.: tiin,. for i
anv church I
service that they ile.sue, it was said.
Oho of the features of the cla-s
will be the informality. A number
of men who w rk 011 Sundays will
attend in their, working clothe . and.
those who do ir it fee! Iliat tie .';
'dress i- Milli, lent I'm eluuch "..tleii.d.
allce will lind a'c.oidial weleoine at tin.
I'itizmis Sunday - School da. .v i.v
Sunday morning ai u-n o'clock
The b sson t "pic t-r di--. u -siop Sun
day moining wil! ie "Time Uaiir
'ings " A11 article on thi.- slii.lect will .
. e found elsewher,. 111 this pap r
R. L Justice Gets
Average Of 1 8 Cts.
For Tobacco Crop
"Don't Crowd Tobacco, Give It
Plenty Of Room," Is Advic
Given By Local . Farmer.
R. I.. Justice, of Waynesville route
three showed The Mountaineer re
ceipts Tueslay for $208.32 for the
1116 pounds of tobyiicco that he. sold
Monday on the Asheville market.
This is a average of little more than
18 cents a pound.
Mr. Justice received as high as
2o cents a pound for some of hia
load, and the, minimum of fivc cents
trougn ms average uown. ue i iiviru
11 bu".r Bt,hf ,nner re'
a.s Mying that, "This is the ftftest 1
woacco lie cen. . , J. neiwias,
vuvvu x umpwil o f tw. .... i
bought the entire load
The crop was grow-n on land which
for 19 years, with the exception of
three, had been planted in corn.
When a-ked to what did he attrib
ute such tine tobHeco, Mr. Justice re
plied: "Careful handling and giving:
it plenty of room in the barn has al
ways paid me," was the reply, "I
use the loft of my barn und allow
plenty of room between the tobacco.
1 never crowd.;"
The crop, was 'grown by Van A-he,
under the supervision of Mr. Justice.
It is .said that Mr. Ashe ha- receiv
ed more money for his crop than any
man in his community. 1
Last week an article was carried
about Howell McCracken, Waynes
ville. receiving an average of over 14
cents for his crop. Is there anyone
who can beat the record set by Mr.
Justice? ; .
Lincoln Day Meet
Plans are being made by several
Republicans of Haywood county to at
tend the annual Lincoln Dinner at
Greensboro next Monday night, which
is one of the main events af the Re
publican party.
Advance notices sent out say that
' Congressman McGugin of Kansas will
be the principal speaker of the occa
I sion and that he will give some "Real
j information about the activities of
j the administration in Washington."
; Guy Hipps. of Canton, is a mem
: ber of the committee of three in the
state that are making final prepar
ations for what It expected to be a
record breaking crowd at the meeting-
J. H. Howell SlaU rl
To Be Postmaster
J. H. Howell received a telegram
from' Congressman Zebulon Weaver
this week that his name had been
submitted to the postmaster general
urging that he be appointed post-ma-ter
of the Waynesville post office.
Mr. Howell's name l scheduled to be
sent to the Senate within the next few
days for confirmation
The general belief is, that the form-1
al appointment will be made within 1
the next few days.
is ei ror ivionaay ong
Only Two Routes
From Waynesville
After March First
Routes One, Two Anil Three Will
lie Consolidated. W. A.
(irahl and T. L. ltram.
let Retiring March
will have (.uily twi
instead of 1 hree a
Grahl aiid T. 1..
Lirsi -.yn, .- ike
lUial mail routes.
at )iecnt. V. A.
Hiainii'tt veteran
mail carriers will utile on tiial n-.te
and a consolidation m the i.'.iUs will
be' matlc with Way -e i jtc-i 111
carrie'' mi
t ransfel red
one and C.
rier mi thi
The Hoi
taiiee of ..t
Clyde 1 ..uie He heiiig
t.i ayii' .- . il'c 1 "lite
W. Minuet!, piescn; cal
i- tal.,ng over loute 1 Wo.
1 1 alt w ill over 1 di -ui!
'..' '11. Ii s eih'h it w a-
The two 1 1 '. 11 in:.' caii:ei clitcio.
th,. mail .-erxice en lKeemlx i 1 ltlel
and are being reined with a pcn.simi
etl'ective Maico !ii-i.
I)i'cailM' .1 iiKmn ' e'e 1 11 1 " 1 mat i m 1
from Wa.-h
:n. a- 1 :
linit,. announce
ic cii ;ng- t ha
t asaiialili .1
will mad
the post ,.tli,',
tori'i'.m'y ;i
will be .1:01
l.a-t y. ..
four w... c
lOUte "I'e . I
three . w iu n
WiH; n .. .ii'
w 1 1 .
1,. evac
e two 1. Ulti
lir.-t, unit.
with Cly.l,.
, ville 1 mite
;giu lelired.
'outes from
. on.lidat.'d
.1:'. .
Fairly ( ertain That
Park Will He Open
By The First Of July
AVa.shin.nton Newspaper man Sees
Possibility Of (ireat Smoky
Park IJeiny In Operation
Bv Julv
"It Hiiv. seems fairly certain, thai
the tirvat. Smoky Mountains National
I'ark wil! be in full fledged opera
tion as a national park J-ty July 1.
thua tnding seven years of effort
which tejran with the appropriation
of two million dollars by the State
of North Carolina in 1 127. together
with similar action by the State n
Tenncwee and the raising of one mil
lion dollars -by private .subscriptions
in th,. two States, the entire .sum be
ing matched by a five million gift
from Laura .Spxdlmun RcH-kefJT
Foundation " writes KoUrt K Will
liams for the Raleigh News and Ob.
server from that paper bureau 111
ir,, v,,v(
Th,. article continues:
Tho stt.u. of North Carolina; re
t, abanck,n(.(1 iu .,pp,.ul from 1
! II ,m,.iim u, ,w.iiiiitv !M.
perior court Mwai-ding Jl.057.000 lor
the 112,000 acre Ravensford lumber,
tract and there also remains to be
paid ?;500,000 for thr 'Suherest Lum
ber Company trail of the siime Risse.
Funds are available to pay for these
tract.--, which together with small i
tracts yet to be acquired in Tennes-j
see will give the 428000 acres r- j
quired as a minimum for the nation-,
J park. ;
A delegation from North Carolina!
was here today, composed of AV. W.
Neal, chairman of the park commis
sion; T. W. Raoul. a member; Harry
Saunders, secretary and J. Wallace
Winborne and A. Hall Johnston, at
torneys for the commission.
Together with Representative Zeb
ullon Weaver they conferred with of
ficials of th inberior .department.
The only hitch now in the way is pas
sage of a bill introduced by- Mr. Weav-
r. which would clarify the right to
use lunas aireaoy unoiieu jor inai
purpose for the national park
;ress Passed A
Bill For Cattlemen
Appropriation of $200,000,000
Provided. Low Producing
Cattle Would lie Purchased
. Haywood County farmers will be
interesting in knowing that Congress
on Monday passed a bill which made
cattle a basic commodity and provid-!
ed an appropriation of 200,000.000
with an agreement that not more than
60 nercent of that amount shall be
expended for either beef or dairy
It is understood that a portion of
the money will be used to carry out
the plan presented to the Agricul
tural Adjustment Administration by
Representative Hancock and which or
iginated with Robert M. Cox, of For
syth. Under the plan the government
will through the surplus corporation
buy up' low producing cattle and dis
tribute them through the relief orga
nization to needy farmers, thus put
ting the dairy cattle where they are
nteded and keeping them off the beef
cattle market. More cattle than be-i
I fore are being raised in eastern North
Carolina and the industry has- always
been important in the mountain coun. i
ties. ,
Wins O. Henry Prize
ii'.-.v J
Mi-- Niiny lliiie. a :;i auoilaugbt 1
ol I dw.iiil Kverelt I lale and daughter
'J l.'bi'ip Hue. painter, is Un winner
. I 1 '.e .-'. ial prize of Slixi for the
lie-l -lory "I Ibe jmr. fliis is
one 01 1 lie three o. Henry Memorial
!-ie. Miss Mule's slory is "To the
Invailm," pnblished in .Modern Vmilli.
she 1 11 u . 1 11 wrilinu a few years ago
ami is .m ;i -soi i.'ile eililor ol Vogue.
Hijh Milk-Sanitation
Ratings Are Given To
Waynesville - Canton
Canton Is Third In Slate, And
Waynesville Is Hanked At
fifth .Place Of Twenty,
r our
out ot tile t VSellly-l our vltje- ill
North Carolina .with milk-sanitation
rat ings of :mi jwreeiit or. more, Canton
mid Waynesville were third and fifth
respect ivdy, it was learned yesterday
from K. L llinton county saniUiry
ofllcer, who luis just received the re
port ffonv The United States Public
Health Service in Washington.
Canton has, a rating- of tS percent,
while WiayiicsviHe's rating was set at
!Hi percent. Hope .Mills and Mt. Airy
were first and second, rcsortivcly.
Iu a letter to Mr. Hinton, Ir. M. V,
Zeigler, of R.'ilMgh. and State ll:-ilth
Officer said, in pari : "1 wish , to take
this' .opportunity.-to congratulate you
on the splendid ratings for the -ities
of Canton and Waynesville, both of
which: are .under your supervision.'
A recent survey made of 'the dairies
of th- county showed the following
otHcial ratings ' as mad-e public by Mr.
' Hinton.
Waynesville, grade A.
Swift's Dairy
Ferguson's Dairy
Moody 's Dairy
Allison's Dai'-y.
Grade "15": .
McCiaeken's Da,ir.y
Canton. Grade. A. -Osborne's
Smathers' Dairy'
Mann's Dairy
Henderson's Dairy
Seller's Dairy
Worlcy's Dairy.
Plans Underway To
Begin Boy Scout
Movement Soon
Three Civic Clubs To Sponsor
Troops In, This Community
Under District Organization
Present nlans are that work will
begin within the next few weeks with
the organizing of several lioy Scout
troops in this 'community', under . the
general supervision of a district scout
committee together with the National
Hoy Scout Organization which is rep.
resented in this section by '-A.' ' W.Allen,--of
Th,., American lycgiori and Rotary
Club have formerly accepted the prop
osition and together. -with the Booster
Iub ol HazelWood, who are to vote
i the matter tonight, it is expected
jthat the organization will get under
.way at an eany oate
it. is i ne man oi tne district commit
tee to begin with abtmt four troops,
with ."2 boys to each '-troop 'Tor -the
present and then as the troops get to
where they are functioning properly
other 1 1 oops will be organized.
By joining in with the national and
district group, the local scouts would
have the use of 'the council camp in
Pisgah Forest and the leaders here
would be given a special training
course before taking over a group of
the Ikivs.
Presilent Roosevelt will .spt'ak over
the radio Satuiylay at noon to the Roy
Scouts of the nation.
Mr- and Mrs- L. B. Haves and son.
Leon. left Friday to spend a month
visiting in various citie.s in Florida.
Many Cases Disposed
Of In Court. Albert
Trantham Is Caught.
Defendant In Murder Case Is
Captured After 12 Hum
Chase bv Officers
Albeit T 1 ant ham. charge. I w :th tin
m.t'd'i- of Clill'or, Swanger. l'-ye.u
obi Canton school boy u'as brouit'nt
back to- the Haywood County jai'
:ib: ut J o'clock Wednesday morninc
:;l':let being capturel by SbCrill' l.,ni.
-ml his .ieputie- after .1 twelve limn
1'iaiitham wa out mi bond, ar I
when hi.-; ;ise w:;- ialle, for m lb
Superior Con it here Tue-day about
1 noon, which is being presided over by
j.ludge 1". A. McMlrny, it was said that
iTiantha.m was ill and not able to at
tend. Thi' court instructed Sheril!
I. owe to lake the county phy.-iciaii
to see the defendant. I'pon reachin.e
the place w here . Trantham was .stay
inc.. it was sai, that he tied, taking
Ito the woods. He was caught neai
.Cove Cieek. Hi- wa- ui: on a .1.(H)H
, bond.
lit is likely that in.- .;;i.m' will lii
.alled sometime today.
, According to testimony at the heai
j ing. Trantham, was riding in a truck
and when he pai"scd the Swanger boy
h,, reached, out and grabbed the boy
I by the shoulder as he was 'walking
along the highway and pulle I him
le, .n ath t iie . mov mg 1 1 u k which
jua- loaded with wood em oute to Can .
1 1 "ii. A'oiiii"; Swanger was. instant lv
I'mmv Ol-pii-e.l
In our!. I'lie.- day
illiain Kaiiie.-',
id by I lie four!
night included:
public d i-uiikioii" .- ..
,cnti ined days,
William' (Coot : Raines, pubhi
li iinkeiines- senteii.-.ed ;!0 days.-
Clove: ' Trail! ham, juiblic diiinlon
lles's, i o-l .
Charli,. Kaiiie- p'liidic .Ii uu-kr-mies.-.
two ihai'fM.-. . 'ill days each.
Marie Wright an, Sluder l-'ui nit to e
I ( 'oliioany. I.n .. ()f Canton, comnromis.
eil on .-i dtumige -ui". Tor $.1 ,2aU,l() for
damages all'eged. to have been loceiv
tl when a truck driyen by the fumi
t in tsimpariy struck M iss Wright on
December 17, HVW.
Killesf West, "violation prohibition
law. nteied plea of guilty. .ludg
ment .-u-)ended n payment of cost.
Roy. Phillips and Arthur Warren,
di.-tiliing. Plead guilty. Kach to pav
half of io-t. :
Harry Snyder. .sentenced lotn
montbs for violation (irohibition kiw.
Wo.idrf'.w Smith, entcilced to roads
I'm , twelve iliont lis for violation pro
hibition' law.
laude Hoyie. sentenced s: month -.
en r.iails I'.o-, sale of liuor.
John 1'. Kiirdarid, . , entenred .-i.v'
months I'll ro .1 fur iolat ion jn ohi -bition
law- '
J. H. I ll:,hl ) Clark. i m.mth
on read- for sal,, of liquor.
Hairy .bihii on. foi.ii moinh.- mi
I 'i.i'i- 1 or -oiling Hipinl
. R. K. Taylor, '.driving auto drunk:
tilled lo ..i.d cost.
Cbirenci' Wither.-, to '.remain . put
of North Curolin . for v iolation f
prohibition law. '
Paul ('tirtis violation piohibition
!Siw,.. 'continued.'
Thurnian" .lone.-, assault, continued:
,les., Vatts. distilling, .continued.
' David Ily,.tt, inari.-1 i.lighter, con
tii.ued. .1. F. l-'ieshour, '-('Uing in-uraiue
Without license. '.continued..
N'ornian and Charlie Pi e--ley as
sault, continued,
John Kvans and Joe. Kvaiis.-etting
out tire, continued.
J. D. Heatherly, Inez lie .1 h rly,
and Les Cox. continued.
Fred Tipton., nol prosscd.
W. G, Ford, worthle. ehei k; - cntr
t in ued-
(ieorge Love, as auit with intent :
to kill, continued.
Charli,. Rose, Jr.. l-'ittiik KeatoiV
R. S. Lenoir. William I'attou, .-iinl
Jim Pat toil, accessoi y a Iter the f ct .
murder. X. P. W. L.
Hugh Russell, reekle.-s. clr;l v iny, cull
Vaughn I'.'ott.. assault with deadly-
weapon, etintinued.
. .Sevier Anders 'and' -I. -.- ':det
fal e iireti rise,, continiied.
J. K- Dot-on. w
tinued. .
. F.rwin I'biflips
Vrtllle-.; cm.rk, c.'ili
i eckle.-.- iirivimr
. IC. K. t ailipbell 'piosecu-
l.milieii.ii.i- ' pi
tion, continued.
("has, , Oswald., hou.-eli, e.tijug, ril-tinued-
Lp.-tei' Cox, a.-sault e'm.tinue.'l.
Steve. Suttle . ill ivli : ; u' di ''.ink':.
continued. ; , '' ''.'.' ;
Mrs. Roosevelt .loiie.. perjury, c'irr,
Hugh Wan en. iio-ault wit h liieadiy
weapon, eoritiilued . .
Audrey Bowen -violatiiei proh'iyi;
tiiin law,, continued. ;
Ralph Ilightower and -I, A. I lied I
Anderson, ,,.s-ault, eoiitiiuiel;- . ..
F. A We-t, cai ryirig ,'; voncetilci;
W'eaponl c lit itiU' d. ' ;
Ci-"V( r .Tov.'!- i: i '..!:,
eiiness. continued- ' 1.:
- Ui'onson Hall. 1 levvlin. 'C.a.'-'v, , atld
(ilen HJlaekb I W. !' ;'sn,!'!:;;i! ' con
tinued. . ,'
' Arthur' Ai'rintoii - laM'er.y 'at!.!,' :ti;'';
eeiving. continued.. .' ....
Fred .Miithtws, as-. iiil; -v'. :! '';'.:;..'
weipon, continued,,
; . fCftntitmed om .1'' 1- ; ':' 1 "-

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