North Carolina Newspapers

    The lJet Ad ertisint; . Medium In Haywood County Published At The Eastern Entrance of The (ireat Smoky Mountains National Park Head l Thinking l'eople
NO. 11
nU USDAV. 1 KliUl' AKV i.-,. lb:!l
ikntai Survey To Be
Made In County, Be
ginning Tuesday, 20
five Haywood Dentists Will
Visit Schools of County And
Report Conditions
Average Of 20 Cents Officers Destroy Outfit Of A i0v37 Ier Cent()f
Received For 1290 r tt j nwn Families Of Countv
Pounds Of TobaccoiBra WW HayWOOd Distiller Are Farm Families
Contract To Be Let
Todav For Widening
)lc.iM'i' of the -North Carolina
I j. ntal Society will make a Mouth
kPealth Survey of the public .schools, of
tr.e State on Tuesday, February 20t).
auj Thui.-day, February 22nd. Tnese
jrvntlemci are giving their time-, with
, ut a::y remuneration but as their con
ir.bu'.i'on '.award improving the health
i,.'uiitio,'i- of our children.
Xhis survey 'will be conducted in
tiaywo,.! county school by Doctors S.
aid ." M. Med ford, of AVav-
i!lV; and A. 1'. ('line. Carey Wells ,
Charles llo'.toms, of Canton. j
i- i-xpeeted that TOO dentists will
t e -.-hools on these two days anj
r..: '.hi.- time they will inspect t.h(,
;( .-j at lca-t two thousand rhil-
r'oi dental defect-. This is the
-: Cor: ever to oc undeitaken
w .lay'.- time in the health annals
a- -tate
- lepo'ted that umlernourish
: ..iks lir-i i" th,. physical dc
. ; ..ur -chool children, and ina--
I. , n.l-Jl'll. til i- r.-thi-r.-li
u;h of
the child bv improper
the teeth, the dentist
oon. ir: unity to iind if
HCind to hav'e o H'
out will lie notilied
It is hoped that th
-:,i!-l' :., their re-ul
e .(.-,.. -mdition- e:
(tirand Jury Makes
Report To Court
iteconnnendations Are -Made As
1 1) Repairing several Scjiool
Uuildrngs In This Count v
The Haywood county jL-rand jury i
lu.oie lolluwinjr reKt to Judge
h. A- McKlrov last week, who was i
pre.-idrn&'uvcr tiie February criminal;
N-rrn of Superhir Court'; in part;
The Kl.enientary school,
tia- an over he id heatinp systi-m which !
is loose in on,, room and is very dan-:
Cvrous. It is recommended that this '
he rep tired a- -oon as possible,1
This building ha.- some broken .-witch- !
s on ti.e light system and ip a dan-1
Kerou- ci.'ttdition. Ihvr,, are a lew
uiino- halts on' the water ystetn. It
'i re.-imniended that an outside drink-j
T-c fountain -be. in.-tallod.
H:h -ehool building id good condi
tani .eept ;i few leaks in the roof-
lai-t ayiHvville school m excellent'
V -.'iiiition- -
chool Iki
I- urnai
PUh-.s should
:- covt i
with u-'-ic-to
Rof has
-everal haks.
Canton hifch
chool in excellent
nnsvlvani Avenue school in ex-
e'li-nt condition.
North Canton school has poor water
Clyde school nas no firp system of
any kirl.
Haywood county pri-oii cainp in ex
e edent condition.
.Haywood county hospit d in excel'
'i;t condition. .
ountv home at present has 1; men
and 14 women, tottether with lo chil
dren All comfortable and well cared
for 1-oilowinj)- supplies on hand;
-.1,006 pounds bacon. 700 bushels of
ccirn. la botes. . 1 1 cows, lall chiCiten-a
- nuile-s plenty of feed for all livo
nock ; 1.2." bushels of wheat '125 bush
els of potatoes. 500 caps, of fruits; and
vegetables and other , miscellaneousi
-'.;!'t':;i s
''ur.ty jail a-i-n will ki'it. . ..
.. Records in office of clerk of court
.' 'Hi register of; deeds well kept, ,;,
; The report is Signed by D.A.- Howell.
foii-man of the 'Brand'. jury. V,
Then turn to page 7 and
Read Gee MeGee's Column
undr the Heading, "Nobody's
Tne writer ls recognized as
ne of the outstanding human
mterest writers in the South.
Begin today and read his dev.
er phrases.
H. C. Chambers, of Cove Creek,
(Jets Highest Price Yet Re
ported. Crop Hring-s In
Over Sr00,
I c':t:ary to genera! reparl-,
-oiu,' Haywood county farmcr.
ivcchcd go.d money for their
'. o;ko this year. Last week,
H. C. Chambers, of Cove Creek
.old lL't'll pounds on the (ircelic
vil'e Teim.. market and uv ived
'2r t.i7, or an aver..gc
'-' cents a pound.
Tne remainder of Mr
her-' , rop averaged 1 1 1
if about
. Cham
j celf,..
total for the entire
was more than S-'bOO.
: nan
- lid
f hi
i w a -
W it'll loot
t'O pound
.: tract" of
lan an a en
it. he
a- c
a n. I v.
d 1
I lie
I ew w ei k.-
M.e.i:it linei
j a rim
or th.
k til,, quest!
w a -
John M. Miller, 7",
Passed Awav Fridav
At Ilazehvood Home
Was Retired Lumberman Audi
Had Heen In III Health For
Past r ew .Months
Mi'ler. 7
it his h.
ick last:
) 'retired lumber
me in lltUe! WOoil
111 ill. cr.e
at five o
follow izis
Friday afternoon j
ol si weeks. He i
if. apop!ey la-!
11 II ess
suffered a -strki
Deeemrn r.
ur.eral service
held Sunday,
va.- made at
Shoal Creek'
aftemoosi. Interment
the (. amp d round at
near W nittief.
.Mr. Mdlcr was a .nat
vounty. He -was .born
nlOW-d to HaielWt'od
ve ol .lai
in IMJI..
in litis
in the
tirinp t.y.o j'ears up.'. At : one time,
while li.vins' in Jackson county, he
served .: a school . committeeman
H,, 'was interested in politics- but
nevir aspired to public ollice.
Surviving are his widow, three sons
T. G. of Brevard. .1. K.. of Robbins
ville. and Fred .1 )d' Canton; two
daughter-.- Mrs. I'enrl I oleman. 'if
Anderson, SC.. and .Airs. F. A- Ashe,
of Whirticr; on,, brother. .1. L.. of
Wavnes-villc: two sisters, Mrs. h. T.
WixKi- of Uhittier- and Mrs- taiey
Allison, of Syiva; and several j;ranil
children and great i;-i-andehiliiren.
Grocerymen To
Meet In Asheville
On Next Tuesday
Klection of Administrator ol Na.
tional Food And (.Irocery Dis.
tnhutor's ( ode to be
A R Turn'fuii eh ,n nian of the,
XRA compliance board, announced
vesteroav there would be a meet
nig calk d for. Tuesday. l-ebruPiy 0,
at S o'clock at the Iiattery l'ark: Hotel,:
in Asheville, for the. purpose of elect,
inp jf local food and gTpcery distrib
utor's authority, to be in charge of
th,. administrati..ii: of the cod; in -this
tu-ea. '-':
All wholesale and retail food di.-ti ib
utors and grocery - .'distributors;, are'
covered by the Xational Food and
Grocery liistfibutor's Code Author
ity, and r- is very important that ev -erv
retail and wholesale establish
ments, be represented- Mr. 1 urbull
Bishop To Preach
Here Sunday At 11,
Word was received late Wednesday
n gh t-a.he R ght Rtv R b Onb
bin. newlv elected of the
Western distrKt of the hpiscopal
churcn. will preach at Grace Lpisco
pnl church Sunday morning at 11
o'clock. He will administer the sac
rament of Holv Communion.
Prisoners Carried
To State Prison i
that all TVA-C WA health project?
Sheriff J. A. Lowe left. W ednesdaj j ire to be closed, effective Thursday
moiTiine carrying three prisoners :to I night, February lath,
the tat..--jjenitentjary in Raleigh. The mesrsagp did not state how long
.- Tv. ..-nt-i ---.ip c-'irr'ed were Daveitne projects would be closed. The
A."rt -Trsntharo
( ior-
W - "
a eel tain Haywood
will be more careful
. he talks, especially
he loth beeaus,. his
him his 40-gallon
Ions of
outfit eight
' merchandise
and a half gal
' and 1SU gallons
of beer.
afternoon in the court
S'.ousc this
around that
him. "' and
Deputy Shi
Canton, an. I
tiller was U'llmj;'
"law was afraid of
wasn't long Jtefore
ritt' ,1. Cronie Cole, oi
I'owriship Constable .1 C.
Kci'lcv got together and made ai
rangcineiit- for the show down.
Tile-day the two otliccrs went to the
vicinity where the bragging distiller
lived and .ftir a. search found 120
gallons of beer on the side of the
Three Schools Are
Closed In County
Because Of Measles
liethel, Cruso ;:nd Cecil Schools
ill He CloM'd Two Weeks
While Kpidemic Is Rasiin
I l rn-
I:.- I.. I
. I: ua
"ill. i-a e
eet Ion
l l-: i-
I.- far a
re ell'e.
The If
f It'll I
, the.
and ,
i tun.
..I 1 11.
I on,
- coll
i If:
,1 b,
it.ii :h.
1 Is :
.lid C
Tiic ,-i
lea.-t two
made up
w eek
at the
Osed fo
t Oil) V. )
te! m.
end ..
1 1.
Ladies Night
Will le Held Fridav
li'. S. 1'. (iay pre sident xi . the
avnesville Rotarv- tin- aunounced
ye.-terd iy that -ladie.i' -nijrht would Ih
observed by the club Friday nipht at
seven o'clock. All mionbers are urged
to'be present and brinj: their wives.
.Vbout 6,000 ( alls Are
In th,. futuie
county distiller
when and wher,
the d.,y be Co i e t
carelcs.-nes .cos:
Over 500 Local Telephones. Other
Interesting 'Phone Facts Revealed
, i
Bvers To Address
P. T A. On Tuesday
At East W. School
W. ;.. flyer-, elelk of
court and iuvenil,. judne
tv. will give, the first b
' .--ii lienor
f t hL- cmiil
ure it the
I uesdav
0 i ilxt
I i t W i
hast Wavnesville school
evening, February 20. at 7
under the auspices of the i
iiesville V T. A.
Mr. liyers will speak mi
I'rotection" arid will d'f-cu.-i
','.1 uvea ife
til -t .-ah
ject in full -:
OMicials of th,. i . 1. eMeiiile.t au
invitation to anv member of a I'. I
A- and alfothers who are not member
of a P. T. A. to he. present and he;'
this vital ipiest ion discussed.
Mrs. Sarah White,
97, Passes Away
Mrs. Sar
Ii Kh.abvth- White,,
p i m rl iw i
She was the
Saturday., l-'ebriia i y -'
widow1 ef the late .'.
The deceased lived to . -ee the
tii.n of twentv-five president-.
She is surviyeo ty 0 children
Brand children; X0 great ' grjnd
(Iren tind. 10 great great grand
: 17
.She was: a nieniber of the Cove
Creek liaptist church. Hurial was
at tiic arimrough' .--eenieterv,. .with
Rev. horest Ferguson- assisted bv
odor Davis and Rev. Kennedy Mes
scr conducting the ,-ei vice-.
16 Haywood Men On
TVA-CWA Work Are
Given Stop Order
Mr. McDaruel, assistant district .su.
ptrvisor of TVA-CWA sanitary pro
jects while in Waynesvrlle Wednesday
afternoon received a wire from TVA
headquarter? in Knoxville. stating
will eiTect,
s:teen men in Hay-
mountain. A contain, i -. a,c:i ie.
sealed another lot " gallon- a
short .distance : w ."
After tle-tio ing the nee; the ollic, i -searched
the man'- house and found
the -nil together with eight and a iialf
pall'"- of ljii'uor all of which wa
brought to tile court house.
Whil,. th,. otlicers were m the house
the owner of the beer, still and lupioi
appeared on the scene, but when he
.-aw the otticers h,. immediately "took
to the till timber.-" one of the raid
ois said. All tin- took pi:;--.- on the
Katies No t Koad.
Friday the loth is geliciaUy looked
upon as unlucky but no doubt tlu.
particular distiller will lizard Tiic
day the 1 -'dh 1 i n .iu-t a- unlucky-
it' not more -o
Trantham Sentenced
7 To 10 Years For
Killing School B o y
Man Filler;
of Killiii''
Plea Of
M anger At
Fast I
II f-raeti.a:.
( anion
i i
he Hi II -
if nuiily
I t olll1.
with the
of Wi .o
lift a
I 'anto
ndei . AI.
si. line -1 - i-i t
'from .-eveii
y of Alar
I . Trant ha in
10 years at
on. Unlcinh
the plea of
JudHc AI.--se
- . hcfoiv
w itiic-ses-
I .-. I Ve
ml lab)
o in Stat
l'l i--
l'l at lia in nleroil
:ii il t h i ee w itm
.-entence. Thesi
, cu.ity ,e
it i Kli iiv la
all schi
Sw injj'ei'
I t i 11
i- tii I i rt'ii . were.: (ilc.nn
llier of Clifton SwaPtfi'i' ;
ami Alma 'Robinson,
witnesses testified they
The three
waie waikiiiK' with Clifton Svanj;ei
on a sidewalk near the West Canton;
.-ehool last October 1 when a truck i
drove up. They -aid tint Trantham.1
who was sitting' on the -eat "H thel:
truck,, reached out ailil seized Clifton
Swantfvr by the arm and shoulder j
ami pulled him under the truck, i
The boy. va- killed instantly.
Made Daily
Wavnesville Onlv Had One Tele,
phone . I ears Ao. Opera
tors Handle As Hiuh As
L'0 ( alls An Hour
'I'hiily fiiui years ag tiler,, wa.-:
only "in' teli',h',ne in Wnyiie.-ville-Today
-there- .are 'approximately 500,
with eaia: phone averaging twelv,,
iix'al calis da.ily about C (Kill times :!
day that the six operators, say -"number,
please.;"" The long distane,. .calls
are, sepai ate, but necessitate th,. operators-
completing about -1 . iMtli -urh
calls; per mouths.
The nvi'rage pel sm does nut. i-ealize
just what, takes place when they tike
the rer-eivt r from the hook, i Little tlo
they think of the many operations that
mush lie completed before their line
is connected with, the party to whom
they wi h to speak.
It is only after a visit to the ' hical
tele)ihi)iii' exehangei which is maii igeLi
by- W. I,. Lampkiii, who for the past
2 years ha- li-en With .Southei u Hell
Tcleiihar.e t'oiunany. Mnd. for 1st years
in. Waynesville, that oin,, can get ;i
clear conception of, what takes plac.
to riiaki! a jihone call.
It Would be almost . impo.-.vibie lo
desi-i'ibe tne switch board and the
manner in which it work-i : . Aftci.
.spendiug thirty .-.'minutes at the ex
change -,one is impressed with the ease
and systematic Way in which'the woi k
is; handled. W'heii the - customer' lifts
the receiver, 'a" .small light indicates
on the board who is calling. I he
operator promptly connects her beau
phone with the customers number
and receives thP call. The caller and
the party wanted arc connected and
the operator does the ringing herself,
this being one of the few things that
is ' not done automatically. 1
IJesides the local switch board- there i
is- the long distance panel, w hich is I
perhaps, the most interesting of the!
entire outfit, that is from the stund-1
point ol the operator. It was cx
plained how accurate time is kept on
long distance calls. When the call
is placed, a time clock stamps the
time on the slip, and when the call
is completed another clock check is
made and the time consumed is
easily checked,
One of the longest long distance con
versations ever held through the local
exchange took place several months
ago when a local party talked to New
York- for U0 Minutes. . The charged
(Continued on nage eight)
Statistics Reveal That No Negro
Farmers Own Their Farms
In Count v
Haywood county i
three counties in tin
,Ik , not have a hcr
ily ownini;- their tar
to th,. I'nivm sit , :
I in jt -News l.ettei.
The same sonic,
'.ion reveals that i.'.'.,
one of tin
state which
i f 1 1 in fa in
1 a. .r.hlie
t '.,! o-
: he k Into faun
ow n their ow a
ll .I1C; Oil 1,
i ail th,
1 w .
taim l.i:
ll -,
1 ili-
a.i:k ,
ban 1
tie low
'.' I ai m
. el ac,
r in t he
- h u h
ine am
i not h
ow in
in. I
a w .'.
:.'! f.
Criminal Court
Adjourned Tuesday
Many Cases Heard
Smallest Number ol ( ases On
Dot kel in N ears Does No'
( onsume I wo eeks mil l
I till I v
' "ii i '.
I 1 ll 1 1 ii a I
ol i a U I lie
I h ill' d
;k'- lerin
1 lalllilx
: lllillllii
i 'I II
:'N - '
W i
I I.
mi I In
inc. of
It p.
1 lie
k. 1
wa- a i
di fend
l a 'pie
tr. i.i or
Ti an
w hich
case a ml t h
lhani- ente
i a-
a n
lal not llece-sit
time to hear tin
to tu
trial, i
iii-uming ot
The l erin oi' couit
Iiv Judge I' A Mel
The ea-e di-oo-i
res id
of AI
i ,11
1 1"
,nd t'
icnce-: ;, i ( a- follovv-s :
Carter Itooiic abaialainn,
' teii.ced nin,. ni)'ii:h- in jail.
I-Toyi'i Hightowei-, violat.ioi
I hit ion . law. Iiol puis -e,l.
laiva lien .mi, a -a
".Weilpnn l ulil illUcl.
Tom .--.Just ice, ;ii,
lit with ileadlv
dollDH'll! .
Te I Kill Ion iVd i I .
latjoii of pi .'hi let ioa
A 1 1 nil T . a ii: ha in
tellred .-.even lu tell
! i oil.
Milliard Kaniett
Kill in It. a-sault with
arid i e,-i-l ing i Mice .
In ille If. ad haw,,
nion: h- I'm unlaw fill
Chili lie Woodward
rk I- ,i-
,H. Vol
III 11 I'd
.; a I -
iii stale
deadly w
sent' lice
po.-is.- ion
. .a-; :
ounty .
.1 ed
it and
deadly. Weapon. sentenced to
nine '.months umli idinetion of (
I'miani-. loner-. ;
.'., Howard C'liildcis ;,il l';:ul
foul, '.affray, one third of the co.-
Mll tach.
Fr ank Si ay- iiKaaking and . entei
ng, lai'ceny and receiving. 16 uroliths
on road, :
Dorothea Wilson gi.anted. ahsolii.te
divorce from Solomon Wilson.
liilj .M ull. . assault wit h deadly Weap
def eiidaiit to pay co.-t and n-poi t j
July lei m ,.f eour t. . I
" A lg ie.
solute ,
C'lure. :
'llV i,t
i-li vul '(.
I eel til
l iice -Met lure, grantor ah-
liviioee from II. a man Ale- '
. J'lessley
froin V In,
r, (iineii:
f I'ljin Dollii
U ulutt
ill i
gi aiiie I ali
(Jill. t..
on, maiirlau
two years. In
in pri.-on
letting out
Dave II. Clark, m;
teheed four t six ye
Itobcr t ("aldweii
payment of cost.
(In d Mi dt id
Claud -Movie.; sale
and halt of cost
.-ale of i,
of li.pioi , lined
I. L
Council'..- embezzlement, corr-
Messer ; and Albert Me.
ear drunk, conti nued.
Green, assault with
continued .
linger- and Lear! I
absolute divorce.
Special Prayer Ser
vice To Be Observed!
World Day of IVayer for I'eace.
will be observed here Friday afternoon
at .r o'clock at the Episcopal church
with Rector, Albert New. assisted bv
the pastors of the .'community taking
part. i
This is an interdenominational!
event, and the public. is. invited to I
attend and take pin t in this service. I
It was announced that the service 1
would not be long. ;
Sidewalks To le P.uilt I'.etween
Wax nesville And Ilaelwood.
Curve T I5e Fliniinttted
I Me .-tate higl.v;n e l ''.!--ieii ..
oay wi! let th,. ioir.1 ;e on w i .U ,i 1 1 1 ;
of highway No. 10 i. c.vcou Way.te
vili. I Hazelw .si an.: th i.ui'l l n
e. a sidewalk i.e.nieii 'I... t",,, i .v n.-
I in' highway will le widened to the
same width as Main tleet at the
cemetery entiaiice The sharp curve
on thai palticulai slreUeiof .oarl will
al.-o b,. eliminated. The . . t ,'.i- t cai.
for I' 1)2 miles of p .vinj;,
I'he heavy tialh. between a., la -,
villi- and ila.eiw.iiiil and the narrow
highway tlk-e two pom;.,
ni.ikcs tiaclin; rathe- danc..'roii- ,-.
I"'eiali lor pedes! nap-. Several
'"H o: accident- have occiiiied n i:ia,
t la i i a I i . -a - i d a i : ; 'i. pa a f . w
' ; , pe, :, , : ,
l-'iaak , 1 : 1 ; , - ne.,,1,, r ,.f tin
h:c!;u ;.y , U,ia;.:-Me:. .. f ., , .e) da.
''' :l 1 'IP.' "!' 1, e boar. I 1 I Kalcio-ll
' ' w op a t one . out rai t - w II ly let .
He local plojei I ., oil., ef I wilier.
;l!' b lei. The , .-timated co-t for
! he ! ) project.- j- aOolIt Sa,,l.l OHO,
ll ll i E F
1 T E M S
N"' ' 'i ( arolui ; poliliciait. .'lou :n
W a-hiii.'toii think ther,.. will Ii,- ,',-,
'delini!,. line up la I lie- .-j;a in;,
' !". an; d t i d,. i; .,
Shell. iin. -i w li.-l h.-. - ... i a '; n,
"ill ne a candidate
Co! .-Charles A. I.and-at.-i nu- Suliilav
liir ht telegraphed I're.-ideiiL I! lose .
velt th it "th,. coiiileinnafion of coin
itiercial aviation by .ian.cllat ion of
mail contracts and the u.-e ,.f the
Army on eonnnercial a r lines will
unnecessarily and greatly ,1 linage all
American aviation.'1 The telegram
added that "vour oi.lei. f caiiiella
"1 all air- ni d , .iin.uic.l-' eon
dii, ill.- the larget portion ,
c'liiniei cial aviation' uuhout ., ju: I
tiial," arid "your pres. n: a, 'ion ,oe.
10 'I 'li-cl'imiiiate iM juee'i i nnocci;, ,
an I guilt ... rui place.- ro premium "n
boll, -t Ijll.-llles-.
l'ii iiiii-1 (..i. ton I lotinii i ; ii,- a--iir, ii
tin wr.UI ih:- w,-,-K ihai ill, re wa.
dang! ) o r- y .union ai l-'iancr.
II' 'led.,, o that he wa cm, ideal I hj
f lencl) prop!- would pi. he .the Re
I'll 'be'- ", iiii.iion nncre,- i a in i a ev
il t Mini; ,1 -,.' I loiiim rem called
1 l oin i el 1 1 1 mi nt in the .-, .iitli i,;
I ran i th,. einnilij'.- "-iiotir. man "
t'.i w llnlll the people i oiiid t U' ll for
conlidein-e and good goveunii, nt -aal
h,' w a.- ci-itaii, ili,- w.iul.l , lai!
line nun.
I lepar', lllent ol"- .1 u.-t 1 j i .-. t Iga.t'h .
..lo w ..Iclniie. foi I M. hand ui khhia!
ei.- ii-,pon ihh - for tin- ; ,n ,. ..;
Kduaril A',, liieiiii-r to .-tail l.inu
down a': trail .-.,( lis, Kit) c)ui ;- tin--L'liiMiiiii
i..,n-oin 'paid lo, hi- r eiea-e.
Adolf l!i en hi 1..- aiding .the niljienn .
mg panel cl.a -. ;lat nlay re-ult in
appieh. iisioii ot tile -outlaw-. Tin-Ha-yeai
-old brewer-, ciinvinced no hi hi -or-
.ioi quaitcr ,-hould , b, extended
, r iniiiials, made it no. sible f..i th
feiieial agent.- to diiiain the -e-i iab
numheis of all the tel Ita I,- a nil s I o
bills in the 1 1 ..ii si im . '':"'
W II " bilge , il , U I loll l'l llg ill !"'
I a i I l oad cai s. , io.-oiu. il l e-, ein i (in ri ;-.
and lad-, and -tead .-upport l oi'thN
iiing fioiii autnniolide tai.t"! - ';
steet iiidu try Hell WctiD-i" , f,
AiiDo lean .!! fia- .(iKIeri'd " -;. ! eiWwi! "" i"!).- '-wsuu.
The -onibir,e,i r.;i 1 road. . ..; i'-' .Cr,:.d..
li'-.-eived and ! in ,-e j ni-t ' ait ' 'a.' 1 a
virtually, riiutiiie aiipioVah a;-: e-"
inaieil at than -Sail oon ,iii,n. ii
tin., w ide-iri ad inthieiae ui, t la y r.
er d "steel improVemehi iiuin, lha
mills aii- iiiciejlsing oper..iTon
Dol ls Duke, w rdelv punliczena - ran
"Tuchest girl in the w"tad- i- n- i:.: .
annoyed by kidnaping threat.- . Mi:-.-Duke
is closelv guardi'o i.e-'prvv.-ir..-possiuiiv
(if her being kinnape.;. I'
day -he is almost a -self-exiled pri,-j
otK-r dii her ."i,0O(l-acre: csUite a'
Somei yille, X. J.. ar.d the ";' ; ht:!.':
rich girl'' has n't. been aide to a.'"
alKiut ineiignito as she u- ) to.' .,
Sp .In. one of the laige.-t vi:o - ': '
ducing countries, is .-nioyir.g. a r. .
ticeablc boom in viticulture-; due 'c
anticipated ., large. eNp'-'i t incr' as.
with the re-openir.g ,of "it- ).l.l I n ' ."
Suites market.
Play To Ite Given At
Clvde Tridav Night. 7: '
The .Civile Chant) i' or - Ii---;;1;"
Star will . -pfe'serrt a', "'a - .". '
'lave- of I..,ve" at tiv .-' : iv,; --t i e" ;.
v 1 h I- I v 1

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