North Carolina Newspapers

    iiiii viVm:sville jhu Vi .uneeu
M r. i'.)! Watkins wa- hui. iVr a; '
i chaunrng i nt. '.rmal. affair Monday r"ck?
. iL-rn oti when ht :.!-,etm!ed a grouj. A :'
friend f.-r two tabl? i.;' c u.ttaet a: - '-
..-. r i 1 1 j ' i . 0 al the Kirkpairiek Apart -i ' ,
'tient.- :'),,.,
t a bio.- v
Mr ami Mrs. Richaiu Rosrers. fT ;,. .) ..-ill ..t ....1.1
Dr. . L. Kirkpatrick was dis.i U---i.-Uiwn. -New Jersey, .ir,. here the hichest huUe,- for cash the ikd
ttnetly honored on his birthday Sun-' a month viMt and an residing low in- lands and premise.-, to-wit
day when a surpri.-e dinner wrtv was ' a; ' V.ewdl A part mom.-. ! ItKi i I W I c : .... ., -e,i.' i. .......
; ai " nnio at the t. levewill j !. -af t.f new tVuntv i j -aid -tak,
-,p.iwnenis. a. c- rup.,m al .Mr. 1 v ;lur :n V.stherA -de
I 1 ' poem.- were attractively, ar
iangui ,vilh vase of tlower.
'ar.i a delightful dinner was served
I two o'clock. At the conclusion of
the dinner a beautiful birthday take
Spri..g llewers in attractive ar-
V, ' . ...i ... , ,,n ' ! o.-v
. - ;, ! ' "f. were -haul-I 1 - nyuie.i eaew e:t!H1!e- was
I The truest- iiu-iilde.i ill. Illhi't. of
.ntra.-t tin; linyi: .-core
, .'vi- V T I iV The i,iltr'"'k- Win.ston-Salein. Mis. C
' U"n t,,lkT , hlA Havne-. M,ss Emetine Havnes
'kitt :,-: i Mr. Frcv.e-t. tam : ly el tin- .jruest of lienor and
were: Mr and Mrs. Orville Klik-
. . , . Ai i -. i i , i .ill r i n 1 1 i i u 1 i 1 1 . i
-anjrenieti: fo: med a bright .-eUinv; 1 ' K! ' ' 1 1 -evo,-;. Mi.-, t'. 1'. kiikpatri.k Mr. 'linl Mi.
-,,r the aftair and the party appoint- Th ie,en; were' Mi and I -M. T. Met'raeken Mr. and .Mr-. W. 1.
nents were m yellow und Rieen. i . i i i ,,; Mr. K -Vi ..-. vi.a ....I r,.. i,, i.',,i
I'll: b'eeye- attended the mee . mjj of 'en: ran. e t ,-i-ml.!
"'' i' rame, wnen the scores K ! . l'r.v -t. Mr. and Mr-. Hen
a-e IV e united Mrs. Warren (I. Furry, , n,,;, M . .,,,,1 , White
Jr. ua- i'oun,l t huh! high and re- . 1 -i . ..n,' Mi- .1 K M-Cr ek'e-i Mr-
eeived a lovely pi'Ze. As the con- ti,viC,. rd, Mr- C !' Kirk-
ehldinn iVature a alad eour-e ;i, pafn-k. Mr. K. j. Hvail.Mr Va!-
d- !a I'aekwi v. ,;l"i D.',l .h:i Smalil-
.! he Ltuest.- present were: Mr-. , .
Rji-hard Barber. .h .. M r-. Hubert - -
Strvt.her. Mrs. Warren C'. Furry. MASTER FRANK HO'DCKS t'KLE
Mrs. K. I, ( om, Mr,. harle- Hadn't t, 1!U A'l'l'S lilRTHDW
.Mr,-. Tom Fee Jr.- and Mis. S. I'
;,.-ay. Ma-ler Flank Juhii llodue? cele-
'"ited hi- third birthday on Wednes
day, M.auh M. with a p:rty at the
t"!!K' :' hi-- e randna rent-, Mr and
M' - lann K. Theina-, on ('hureh
rat r.cK
tr. :.!!.! Mr-. Oriiie Kikpatue!:
tin i .iauchter. Mi-- .lane kirkp.,triel;,
of Wins'--,.. Salem, -pen: las! week
end ;h ;h. t'.nnier'.- li--lid
ir-. . h. K-'ikpati .e.k. executed by Mrs. Eena M. Cox
(widow ). -dated April , VX, and re-
ordea in Bu.k at paire 112, Reeonl
"' Deed- of Trust el' Havwixtd I'ounty
''- "-.t. da ,.f Man is If'il.
liFn. H. WARD
tri'.in.:, aim -i-,.,,
i u-lee
, 1 1 1 1 n: are i n , -1 , , 5 v i
.! !'" ti'e! I"1
tii. niarvin n;
l and the we-!
"Avenue I." W lie!',
o t he in e i o.i,l- t rut. 1 :nt , i -e t e.i
1 l !n nee S. ir he::.- teriv t. e-t ,
margin et -a:.i " euue 1." ''.' 1 ' n . u r an ! .. n
l hvr ;,-,' ,.. ., vl:it,. in We,' ..! ; ..i on,! ..,,.. ,. ... '
' ' " V'U' -aid Aeniu- and the Xortheilv maicini
1 " . .i k . i 'i .u:. anu .i r- .VI
:- Ktikpatriek.
i a -1
at u ,lav
-a:o i'niii::
:::ke n
wdn -,,;,! ,iini.
home of M r. r.rK m-. . .. .-
ii. Kein-r. Iiav,. niee.l t
' !'- K : vt t i :o, A part men!.
. Ml- lee Ma
e-'le-l at ti
pr. .vr.'.
Nil cit i; in-' s Al l. of j:f.AE
iiSl'A i h
-Ni'Ull! t !:iil.l.N.,
; 1 1 N i if H Al 'i it ij .
J. M . Me.k let u
. ii. ii,,ne.
"! .tiM I. !'.,!! eel -U
-1 el lit eii t- Je.-..-.
el eturan.i i'-ad tu A-.-embly e:reund-; ' :.:.- an: wife Untie aiU to
then,' Westerly with NoitherK mar 1 I ne KaleiKl! S-iv:iie- Hank al
J" h, v i'-oie tuwe; th-.n , f the .-pa-eoii.
!i,ii-. wh.eie tin- ,!lildren wen'
ell! -.-: ai::, i! w:i Jeroraled with vel
!' -' and ferns. In the din-
i .al; gt eeti and white were
O'o: !;: tin- 'av.!. deeeration.- and
Ml, and Mr-. I.. M. Kieiie.-. u w.-r
Onsts a! a 1 e:, 11' : r il iy apiiein!"
-riiljre- dinner on I::-! Thur ,lay ri, :..
njr. .tertaininy .: the.-r nome ;i
Flow ti avenue.
All ell'e.-tive eoiur - t henie ,,f g-i eeri
and white was used in detail Fi earry
lit the Stt I''.t,i.-1. .1..., l'l,l.'.
hyaekiths in en-en holder- weie ' t''t '"irr'vM.n "''
'liklren till .1 sntit the liwinj:
In , h, y w . 1-e 1're-ell! ed Ltivrn horn
and gio'i! priiper.-. At each plaeo
wa- a I'l'-rn ha-ket tilled with Kieen
n : wi.'te ai nt- and in the eeuter of
the f -bh- -,-,- the lai-,, kirthday eake
with thlee iijchteii vandb.-. lee eivam,
eake ai.d .- kie- were -eied the
,-m.iii irue-ls.
TV , '':'-. l:e ! he a'Tai r were :
Ar ,- Ma-- Ann M --ie Nanev
.-.- -'. T1o i-i a -h-v. .lea,, limlire
M :!-:. r- ( i - Faileeiiv llillv
l!a ii ett. .h- .D'eu-.. and Mark
Hi.uhesl ( ;ish I'rites I'aicl
Old Gold
And Silver
Mail ii., what vim have and cheek
ivil he seni l,v return mail. Il
nut satisfied yi tir shiment will he
returned al nui- t xiH'iise
Mr. Verlin 1 ampiheli. el Mayle,
a isiter in Wayrn: .-ville Moiulav.
Mr. ami Mr.- Wilburn I'ail of
A.-iieiKe, w.-ited frnnds here Stindav.
u-!i: . t -ail Hit ram e road 1 I.", feet to ' empany, tiu-lee hi.ii -a:d deed of
the- 1'Ft , I N N 1 t 1. Feme tile a me ' ' us 1- dated Mar. h 1 1 '.! ,.,,
V,M . land ::- t hat . i.nee,l in a died 1're r. ' oi ded :n !.i k Li. pa, ire Ills. ,,f the
" I in- - .a-k ( ii, t...i! 1 i ' 1 1 1 1 ia u 1 1 : i , e, 'i ! t'eunn ke::-:r, default
S -.!::" ami wiie Mar ' h.t ;iit: iven made in the nament of
. .Mil : M - "' i "V . 0:.o d I I, toh I ; l;e'o, tile 111 ii btedue-i- the:,.i ,-e. urei and
.Ui-s Ue!-e' 1 are l4iuailaii ,-p, lit tile and .-,, idea n. h k eii-,- FJ". the , ei'.d : t am- tin.,-!: e,.i!-ed. the
oek-e)!d ..t lieme and lefi Tue-day 1 ;,.,.. ; ,.f Ih-.-.F ,.; 1 1 a a ..,.,1 F, . ml . ; umie' -: e;n, d - i:ht : t at e,i m
';Jol; S.ii'ii Far.'bf.a Sale mad, ) Lit mi n : J e n v er at' -ale j s! :"am,-1 ; ee-rded .:; H k I'o'pae
''- '-il soei:,. -he ::eM twe Weeks. '.eufer.ei , p,n !!:,- . i m e : -1 e u e.l hMiO. Ila,.".i i',, at.:-. Ree:-t:, will
- ivi'ttie .! a ile ,i .1 : u-t ee,uted hy , a. ! :,-- .:.;., V;
''.a, ar, i I : vie-a am! Mi (;,..! !!e M. I!n. and w lie ' Mai e'aret
M rv k rknatiiek : , ; ai ne.i I,, their! M. Kl..,v i .I...I m .,, k. ,. ia-'- -.i
i eror.leo ill I'.eok 11. patte L't'l, Keeeid
of Feeds el' Ti u-r el' lla wood (' -uiily.
Tl':- loth d:i i.f Marrh. I'.kkl, ' j
I i n II. W ARD I
Nn. !vj Mn- :k' ni-, :, f..
1 --e- , : i: IF- e: :,,, i
M, Flare, t, a, !u 1 - ,-:' th. Ue. k
i-hee! spent Saluiea -hepi
Wa iie-vrlle.
i!' a- Mimia v a ! ' . - r a ! u- ' n
! nehhui e ' i ' yi ilia.
. .
Me-- , 'I'm-, Fee. .1 . iF,i i , Da ',
'.ill Venn;: and .I'm t,-d '.etuii:,
Sund.'iv . ft, : a :m . - . 1 ip n 1 1,
tied. Mn-ha-an.
; noi k i oi- n;i si'Firs safi:
All! ,, 1 ,
nr. i n il i w ii'.nain na- aeeejitee a i
Mir. tiei'ie,. . ,,,-d. A-hevdle neiitleii - ra-lller ,'f ! lie A .-die V 1 1 le ! (In A I 1 1 .-1 i : i . , p i 1 1 I o , I '.' ,' i I : i ' e ! e e 1 1
.run .Hiu-i.i.'.r nun ineiiu-in imvn.i aiaiirli el the I hi ilia m File lii-u',,-
" ' em,, ( ' , 1 1 , i , . 1 1 , ..i' l.e.i.,,.,!, .... i ,. a, I
m:nu ia.- m me ,n m- ; le.
.l! ol
a a: :,-:i,i : .,-k :,.- : .r tm urt
lion-e d,,u . a i..-- die, Nurlh
' aiei'iia. , rt'e.. Ike -ah- and -el1 t,,
the highest FuFk r !',-, , a-;; iiw fuF
'i;w mi: pr.'i'ei !;, :
Al, t in -,- i eriam p:,-,:, - ,e j, i-, el.
- ! land, .--t'.i.r.i h. me ami keiiiir in
I l'"'a etdam I' -w i -h,p !l Feun
! ',, N, r'h ik.ielma ml ji.maie thtf
Mi. t.'iMi,:,- F. IF.mpt.m.' , f Canton,
wa- a Wayin - ;!i, i-,,;,,,- la-t week.
M:. F M i
i 1 1 1 . , II ImHII
if ( K,h-
F-miy Uaike, h, i , .,,
ne, t nd, AF.nd.u-.
Mm. Fen lam,
Monday ,-h ppm;
I 1 rabtree -W
M: II. t. ( la-Atord ef Frai.Me,
' a - a ,:) ne-v i 1 le . v i -1 1 , ir Tile -l:'iy .
. A M. ai the .o.iit h.mise door
town e t Wki in" 1 1 le, llaeed
i i unit . .Niiit i I ;:i i J 1 1 1 . i , t he iimn-i I
w 1 1 i i , '
s i e in , will -eh a! pii'i! ., eiit , r . : o
Mi. Sam S: niailield .F . who i.- the him : bullm km ,:i-h llie fe! I
.-Im:.:;! at lli. I'ium rst of ,N oil h !o w im; land- and prein i e-. le w:i: I
la,e''i;i, '- -nimdnnr the .-piiniv hnli-l UFlil N N I Nl i oil a -lake in the'
a- w.'.h In patents Dr. a ml M is. I 1 1: i , 1 , 1 1 , e f Hie ioad in Flott'-. eld hue
m Sti -pietu -id Find run alone- the i mid S. ',:J F
i do- to a -lake i e i no , to ehiir, h "
hoe! ,. : t ll.ell.'r w it h it; line.
I -im I,, nm i l,..i ami ..,im- .-mi,! ; . IF P,de- le a -take mi Ik,
! I'm- and 'd:-- 1 a i ntie i 1 1 , Mas-ie. ,, , I,,-,,, ,. mine: of Ft; I hem ,
e.uim-d I.- iiie-r In, im- I ; week'iN )si, .; ,,!,,. ,,, ., ,;,,. .
'.", ;i iuonlld- t-rl ::, Del i .iy -, u ;i , Ull . : t !u-m-e Hi
' .em i.: mid I a t eiia -I- kn nl.i i ,,
S. West Pack Square
Mr, and: Mr- I-'. F. Allev dr.. Mr.
an I Mr- Davie -Filer, and Mr Uv
Flam-:, Were uiiiiiii'' the WaVnesville ' - H''
repie 'ehtativie- at the meeting of Vli'i'd friend In
l oame' Doiiioi'i at is in !ryson I'll y
S.-:tir-;a nipht.
-Mr 1 1, 1. F, Smathel-, nf i lulr- ' ' 1 :
Wa- a ki m -v die isiter Tue.-dai,, I NO'l'Jl K OK I ' I ' I 1 1 A I' I ( I N FOIF!'
- ' ll,(,V ' I
1 II I. ' , . I ,
I In'-m
mi Vi
M r, N . I. . j anie-, ef -'iiie.-. I I , ek
v.a- here en hu-nie-.- Tu,-da.!
ef Adieviile.
v. , ,-k end.
w a
Mr. 11 tuley i
t ;i nt on .M, n.i-lav.
A nmuK tin vi.otm - I,. tw:n
n a - ,1 T. la-er- ,,f I 'rabt i ee.
Mr. M I.; Me- -ei,
-pent Mi unlay in ,nvti,
I ne i 1 1
THiv h RON for young men
1ms stylish new Byron is bound to catch the
young man's discerning eye. Just as you expect,
it stands up under rough and tumble treatment
of daily wear. The Byron holds it original shape
and sheen, and its price appeals to those who
keep a canny hold on their purse strings 3.50.
:;;;k:: jTY&Q-Ny.ry.
ptovicie handsomely for the mature manas well as
the eollesiiate Correct styling for both in quality felts.
$2.95 $1.95 $1.49
Pawn Brokers 69c
Ir. Miiiumm liinis,ai, , f , i. ,e
Fnve. .-pent Saturday -in W , nesvillo.
Mi-.- lila.iyt Dieu-'-wai,' an A-he-
i I le vi-it or la.-t week.
. .
M r -', A. -I u-t iee, ol ( 'rabt ree w as
I'll- on bu-:in s- at week.
-t v
Mr. .1. 1. Walker, nf ( 'rabt fee, -pent
Saturday in Wavilesville
m m m
M r. 11. I'. I.edhettei', )' ripeon wa
il visiter in the eitv Saturday, -
Mr. W. A Moure was anmii(j- the
visitors here from l'ie;ein Saturday,
Mr. S. 11. Jusiiee, of Faiitoii, -pent
Saturday in Wayiiesville.
Mr. ,1 I!. .lanies ef ( rabtree was
heie on liusiiicss Saturday..
Mr. and Mr... Jack WeS, Clyde,
weie Wayiiesville visitors la-t week,
Mr. I.. IFnd.-h iw wa.- here from
i i.aht He Saturday
Mi. and M . ... !Fi i Ft i... i-nen:
Ttie-day 'ii -Mill p'hv a- the utn-ts uf
Mr and Mi-. .1. T. Knmdi!.
Mi.-..- i'e it' Wi avm and Mi- Jane
Sullivan, nf A.-heville, were Inie on
kusine-- 'Monday..
Sir. Tii.eodoie Me-eei wa- aiimntj
rk.e vi-itots here, friiiii (''rahtreeMen-d-.v.
Net I,,' . i - in. i e'.iy e i en thai i lie
under-11:111 ,1 wdl apply for llie inirdmi
it' Charles Woniiw. id who wa- .en
I' need ir.ii, moiit h- fn.1 a --.nil! w il-lt
a deadly weapon. All peii-eiis eppn
nie -aid pa i i.l i ii wdl ' ( nrw a i d I hei i
i hjeet i..n- t n the I omini -simi of Fa r
k n-, al Raleigh. ,N. ( '
I'lii- the l'1-l d:,v of M.iivb, ihdl.
Ne. IS I Mar. lid
III K 1 1 1 IH IS II ilv'S S VI Ik
(imMoihlay, ApnFlC. IddF at ei-vi-n
ok k, A. Al. at the court lime e dooi
in the town uf Wayne- die. 1 1 ay w uud
Founlv, Noi.Ui Cai nl nil, the under
. lu a i In:.: t n ul en a nice;
. dO1 ' . " I peie tu a M.ike
I -nh ; I hem e N. I 1 U . !
u a 1 1 1 s- e i h- I 1 1 iii mil - ale ef
Iw-iiii down lull. N. la F. 'd
p. le'. ;k, :t take' in t he le am h ami in
F ' h n S" i ei :- 1 1 m : I ':em e ilow il brani h
did ki- lie,. S. l;k III pule- tu a
Ml, : I i n -1 ' i ;, ki I I ; pule ; I hem e
k S", k "Ii i:ol,-: In a - fake on Wed
jk nie ul 1 1 ia neb, Ruber-mi':, luiiu-r;
th j;, iboi son '- line, S. 7d
land- ul ,k. i:, Ik Mann. .1. hi: Mot
Ftt. J. it. W.Ik- Fee urk Webb
Mann., ami , . U :k:- a',,'.,;', foiir
niile- N.edkwi.! t -.-. Cantei:, North
I 'ill'"! :: , am: ka mr -in ': .- haped.
enri i- e - and d -1 . m e a - v kl 1 mure
I'uMj .'j'i'ca i h i ,dk ia met, a plat
U'.eivo!" m id- by .1. I '. Fa wn . Survey-,
t . 1' ekruti i' . 1 1'.-'ii. from ;, , niaile
I Ik i ' I n h-uii. m M.i F.'Fi and
l',iek, .: , :1m ak-iae: en tile
' th t ' At Ian; n- ,h n", s;,., k Land
F ink ,. kali'itt-h, Ni : I i: C r-'limi and
i , ti.. .am,, land d , im , . i in Ule
t ekow inn di e.i- ; No., . Fva: -, and
iiu- ii in, I ,u .1. F. ilk . dated March
1, Ike1- n -n, paue
.:! U.V. Willis .in. i wife I,- ,)e-.-v
Ik 1 1 1 1 , ,-i .fed Mar. h do. 'it'M 7 iv
, .' ded in I! It' prn-i- I. Minnie
II'1', ai nm hii-haml le ,1.1k WlllU.
1 'a : ed . a ml i er: i , t nr.- , n Ruvk
i'a.i'.o h i'. C. 1 i.i ,:nd w ife
to les-e I. dim, .ial.-d . M ireli
10 , 1 ' i ' 1 . am! icivi t, r, i in Ituok btj,
mii;e .' I, I '. vcept em ,, mi die -fil'tli
aenck ..-Id. t W . ". W dli- by deed,
iccuided m ikiui, ;., p. me ;,::.'. Ail .f
llie forepMllif deed- licihe,- recorded in
Haywood ('utility. Nurth Carolina, and
t he -11 id I I del - uf I . n,f . ,,,,!, in- ......
W. nolei; lo astakivat l.aim nr IMott : i,u,pre,l liftv thrkc am, ( wctitv liv.e
,': ,',M'":''' I'.iFv.v'. S' U-. 11 one humhedth- (ifiddk.) a,-r,v, more
pole. ,i tli, HKOI l Nil, i , 1 1 1 1 a 1 1 1 1 1 1 1' I t , j i,,.,s
S,'V IUl"v '"' ,''s' e ''''ion ,.f -,h- ca-l, and , i m-toc Will
h''in" '"l"' t'.'ol or i:ip-,.-.. ,,l ,.,,,,,, iJejie.-ii f ltnkuf th, amount
" I':"!i"- ', ,, V ''',"' INf. and, m: th,. bid a- evid..nce of ,;e..:l faith,
v. lie lellie Fail to Delia M Co by T,is the PTil, ilav of March. I'll I.
deed dale, F Mai ell ne, 1 ! 1 ... and.ieJ J( ISKl'll I, COCK I'l I! 1 1 AM .
ei.rdeil ni !opk I I, pae '.! 1 1, lie, m d Siib-I it ute, Trustee.
ol D"''.h ol llayw I ( 'onnty ; Nk C. 1 Fuke,! W'ein -Im,, and Victor WV
'd" made pnn inint t u iiowe,. of 'Idiomp-uu Attuiiievs, l!aiei..h : N.C.
.-ile .uiil'erii'd upon i;e by ,h e, i,f N,k sp Miir. ---i" A p I. .VI J.
v ' . ? ' - - --..''s s. ...3 ,. .llL-A. i. . . . ,tj.t , J
r, ,
- IS) y
33c to $1.50
Fine Clothes ..for ; in en' and boys. ' Furnishings
in the best of itu:iit and price- Shop itt
Waynes'. ilie first.
G. E. Ray's Sons
Mr. IF i Jiaym - and Mr.
';'h;i! man Hayt oi' Tvde. were vis-
'ter in Wayne-yille Tuesday.
Mr. I'n 1 F. SufVnrd 'principal .of
of the Fin. s ( reek Hiirh Schonl, wa -
a W'ayne-ville visit or la-Fwet-kk .-.
A mi mf the -. i - i 1 1 .1 .- lieie la-t week
froni Flmie Wa- Mr. Jame K,' Hi'-ti-de;is.m.
. .....
.Mr. Homer West and Mr. (Fe!ii,
Brown Were amimc the vi it' t here
from !v,t,. l-'rtdav.
Mr. .lull,. ' lie,- ami Mr.UuRh
Host were he!" froin (rabtree Fri
day, k
A mi ng th.- vi-itors here from Clyde
last vvek were;. Messr.s. ClifHord
lirown and Jei tv and fJeoro-e-' Rogers.
,':'" 1
Mr-.: Felix Stoyall. Mr km. 1, :.
Ferjrusr.n, ;ih,( Mik.s Alice St i intrfi.-ld
wore A-hev;;1 vi-ltor- t't - dtiv.
-tils, .Mat pu rit'.. i!a 1. ,;i )-;urned
Monday after a , niont iiF a ii i'" f .. rel
atives j-; I'hiladoljihia, F- r.tev Ivania-
Mi.--.-- K.i;.:, i J. 1, , .:': - am!
Miss Fr-nces; F'urc't-i nei-:!. Tue-dav
in ,;a viile. - .. .'.-:-. "
Bssscsw iy
'tti ml - ei;. AMU I
W.t ',JL- 4
rMr. andMrs. M. T. fiF k -iires
wee k - i n d. - : vvi t h ' -r e 1 a ' :t
G-eenvillm. Snuth ('aro!imi: a. re
turned Sunday nv..,i:.,ai n.-l ' . thf'ir
cousin., Mi.s fiertrude
will Ik- tbr-ir p-ues '
Do yon i.hink that till iiitnm.ttic ice tray release. . .the in; small nrtir les . . ..-ldjiist.ihle
electric refrigerators are trays slide out at a touch of your shelves. v.mui h greater hdra
rioisv and expensive t. finuer! It has ''automatic defrost- tor capacity . . .uenerous ice-
17 ope rate:. ;-. I)o you inc. , .turns itself tin alter de- freein capacity . . .(he oiit-
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Then visit our Spring Show- Sliding Utility Basket which is pJav;Iearn W hy thousands hoast.
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Our special Spring Shotting
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: Haywood, Swain. ., fa .Jackson
counties, Waynesv;,'-. Reliable
hustler should .-tait eaininp $25
weekly and increase ranidly. Write
, immediately. Rawleigh Co. Dept.
NC-5-S.. Richmond, V a. 8-15-22-29
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F'HONE 31 -
artin Electric Compaiiy
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