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The Best Advertising Medium In Haywood County Published At The Eastern Entrance of The Ureal S
nuk Mountains National Park Head ly Thinkin- People
XiTe-- , .
f. j 1 -"TTffJ
NO 18
TlUUSIcvY. AI'Kli. .V
Floods that 1 1 Hi k nine lives i reeded
ycterday jrivinjr residents of" west.
,13 Wisconsin and -out hea-tern Min-iie.-ot.i
trteir rir.-t i.pi'MH tunny to u,r-u-v
th- heavy damage to pruinri : v.
of i a in that iVH Monday !m
uii.-iii communities hardest. Piv-
vijMtatii'ii :!i'iv i.inciu li'i'in to
four inchv..,
A !'. rtastv of than .-J.".ooii,iu'o
x esterday a- paid to Richard .lo-hiia
i Hick) Reynolds as lie reached ids
LlMh birthday. Young Reynolds is
married and has olio son 1;. .1. Key.
nidil-, d;-d. limn si'Wial .muitlis
The vi!l of the elder Reynolds pro
vided e udi of his four children wuuid
inlie! it a fourth of the estate when
hey reached the aye of 2S. Hick is
tin .': 1st to eoliU' into his.
A. Davidson, former president of
the defunct Cherokee Hank, of Mur
phy, and hi.s son, J. W. Davidson, who
iva- a diiector of the bank, entered
State's prison in Raleigh, Tuesday tv
serve prison terms of live to eight
years for law violations.
Federal guns blazed retort yester
day to gang defiance and cut close to
the trail of the arch-fugitive, .John
llillinger, and reddened it with blood
of one of his gun-toting pals. The
wounded man was Eugene Green, who
admitted he was one of the three
persons who shot their way out of a
police t rap Saturday. ,
' ' r.uward W.-l'ou ill, representative
of the Fourth X. C. District for'. '14
years and dean of the House, 'died in
Washington early Easter morning. He
was buried in Smithfield Tuesday.
Report Made On
Sanitarv Work
Done In Count v'
Total of l;i;( I'mie Uuilt l iuler
LV. Since Lat November. 1
Over ST. .i(MI Spent On
I "ay Hull.
1 !i !"un in i'is f. ,., , ,,,
"L:a.s ' :a!.-:.-h -.h!- week the
Vl ' k d i:e :!! Hitvw.,..i ,-..niiv hv tlv..
jSanita'y I h pat ; nu : ,ir. !v'r CV
I .;! '':'-! pr:-. ie- aac been
J!" v '-'e "unt, w '. :; average
i f .-:!' mate:
e "vV. lurt:. --, ;,,
l-add the ,iio let n iv : e- a: a 'otal
' ' T,.Vc.i;i. ;::-.r, ;..;.' lie r
:!:' " -v'U'.i Sl.T-i". '-!, A tola! of
I'k IL' .uan-iieu: - -a. r, ,,,, the
n oject, tile , i port -':;o , ed.
Tw i-Jv m .in iv". . . t...i
aiel tu , ,-eptte t;:k :t.-:.:'de.l. -
Uti'l f .: I ptr.: 'itieved
and rebuilt.
This project uot v,)i.ivyw;,v ell Xo
vemlier JH, ;,n, elide I .March ;;u.
Seeks Office
.vxs s. "
Father And Son
Banquet Held Here
On Saturday S' :hi
a Am:,
a I
i' : . , .
i 1
diu. OH
' I i,; a rd-
(K, A' :i;t..
;a;ur... ,
i . . :
, . 1 i ; .i
:a - :
a i
Hear-Admiral Richard K. Hyrd has
been left alone for out on tlie Ross
ice barrier .since last Wednesday
starting seven months' absolute i&si,
iaticn in a snow covered hut with
books, a tifamophone, writintr ma
terials and scientific instruments for
Kclipsitr all previous marks th
attendance at the famous Moravian
Easter service at old Salem Easter
' morning was the .greater because of
fair weather. Winston-Salem Jour
nal reported that thousands, unable
t secure accomodations, remained on
the streets all Saturday ni.eht.
Lee Ferguson Enters
Race For Nomination
As A Commissioner
Fee Ferguson, ni' .lonathan reck,
is a candidate for number i f the hoard
of '.county nmunis-doner-.
i.M r. Ferji'UMfii u well ' known
throughout the county having serv
ed two terms as ( oiiiniis-iiiier. In
I - he was commissioner and in ltr.'K
he serve,! as chairman of the board.
. Mr. . I'Vi-irU-oii -tati'ii when' making
his formal aimounce-mcn't' that, he had
always tried to lock after the tax
payer's' money as if i; were his own.
He is an oatstandinc farmer and
cattle raiser. I
.1. I". HAII.KY'
'Otto II. Kahn, nationally known
nancer and ibanker and patron nf art
and music died suddenly in his New
York office last Thursday.
Mis. Cornelia Vanderbilt ' Ce'-il,
-Vs h i v 1 1 1 e m i 1 1 i o n a i r e ss . c i n 1 y dau'ih'.er
of the late Ceorn'e Vanderbilt,. and
her KiiK'lish husband, John Fra'li is Cecil are seeking, by mu
tual consent, Associated I'ress reports
ay, a divorce in the trench courts.
Walter T. Crawford
Seeking Nomination
As Representative
Walter Crawford, wi ll Lru.u-n Wnv
nesville attornev aimounced this week
mat lie l- a candidate for Repre,
sentative in the coming 1 k-mocrat ic ;
prinrary. Mr. Crawford u- the second!
to announce thus far
i .Mr, Crawford was born and reared i
j in Waynesville. After 'fifiishinjr high1
i school .here he entered Mais Hill Oil-1
i lege and was admitted to the b..r in
l'.i-fi. !
j En,- the last five years he ha been''
actively engaged here ti legal u. act ic 0 i
f He is the son of M -. W, T. Craw- '
i ford of this city and the late t V:'.
. gii. -snian W. T. ('awfoi'd. . .
Nomination For
Sought BvBailev
Formal announcement was made
yesterday, by J. T. Barley, of Canton,
for t he nominal ion of Representative
for Haywood County. Mr. Kailey i.- a
wholesale grocer in Caiiton, and for
thirty years has taken all aclie )no ;
in civic and religious art of the
. oant v.
He was a nuimliei-' of I fie Ivo.-i r,1 ' ,.f
'ilucaiioii of this .count) for two years,
in I mayor of Canton for two ti iiii-.
Fast fall .Mr. Railey was iliauni.iii
'f the clrv 'forces' it' I h , , il,
leil a .successful cani.paign again's't the
tate voting wet.
In a .statement. Mr; Raile) . said,
'.'Now is a time that we must be liberal
with the schools of the state, and at
the same time watch carefully the fi
nancial conditions wf the state." He
is interested in education and always
takes an active part in any move
ment that Ls lor the betterment of t .
u a -
.i ,
I rem
W. II. Williams Is
Seeking Place As
A Commissioner
The first candidate to announce for
county commissioner for' the coming'
primary was W. H. ( Kill) Williams
of Wdiilc Oak.
1 hi : girl- w:
i l i hV ; he
i KidUi: ,. ;
I helped' . ' ,
li'iu u..
lieip th.-,- ;
cur .i.i.i-. ti
l'i icmls.
Tlii' .pivc'
h'l ih.i.uch
nig :.s ti.i
U. C. All,
which soiiu
part of thi e ' e 1 1 tic
lillil ellj. ,)ei th.i
I cyan b. the w i
i a) ioi c iirgu-c: .... ,,;' ; ),,.
ji'ial Agc.ii' hi!'. Wa- loHoued ;
b.V the iiian, -peak, . of th,. .evening.:
Mr. S. C, Cl-.pp S i pc r : in f iiiient of
the Swannanoa ''et Farm '
who made a el .tei-e-t nig talk on '
the gene a! , H, ;,t Swann.'i- i
""11. 1 be follow n "r :(."., u .,s ealleil i
upon for dim ; t ail . . I
Mr. ,!.,,k l. ,-c- s: ... : ... i
of Haywood l ou ii . :. School.-, -M r. M.'i
H . Howie-, Sup, i iic, ...tent ,!f Tow n. !
ship School-. 1 i t ! I.', 1
chairman .of the school hoardand Mr
7 .iik; la wh.. tided t he place , if
ID'. U . A. Hyatt, . In.. i man of board
of . com II I i -lone
I ''aving the -eii. oi men i i,;l i
were talking al,ul .i-uood and ifs i
')S Mr. Ceoice "Stephe'iis." of the I
I'armcrs l-'ederat iol). New - of A-hc J
me, netd up i!uru'..iiibe couhIa "and ,
also made a splendid talk -allowing
Mr. Stephens was Mr. R I". Mei-i
ser, chairman of the counts board of j
education, cpre-sing hi- delight m I
being present.
Mr. W, 1 1. Smith, who i.- alwavJ
ready to make a good .speech, took up I
about fen minutes of the time in .li
eu sing ihll'ereiil ni-nlili n.- TI,..,, ria I
i lowed our teacher. Mr. A C. Morrow'.
As all the old boy- of agriculture
I were represented hv a speech fromi
I Rufu.s Iiatcliir II.,. f,,.-,
.Aggie Club eve.- had. It wa.s then!
left open for . anyone to -av a word
I who would like. Mr. Wcat h'ei h , Mr.'
j Allen ,-ind Mr. ( harle. FraiH i- v;,)J 1
; a lew words.
Crack Pilot
"fv. sT t
'L. T V,.-
C. Of C. Directors
To Name President
i .-J Lj ...... i 'V 1
New llnard Ol Dii-.-edu-v Kl.i
t'! At Al;i-, Meefinu Here
Last l'riil;i Niylit
.I'1'. , . . ..:!, , .' .. , i .ay
-- I 'e l c:i i: : c . :' i . ,
1 1 1 i, i ' ,ii
-a.... ',. .u
. ; i ' . : ... u c i
1 1 1 1
i . Wilt
. W . Fl.iol. .
I., il ir,.
;,r. da.
I'l'iiviler an
(I'll! I'OU'te.
Oi.'X ill.' l it
'n i
The National Geographic Society on
Saturday presented to Mrs. Charles
A. Lindbergh its honor, the
Hubbard medal, for her share in her
husband's aerial survey. The presen
tation ceremony took place in Wash
ington. The imedal previously had
been awarded only to Col. Lindbergh
and Admiral Richard Hyrd.
National Publication
Carrying Article About
Haywood Apple Orchards
"Ksso Tours and Detours" a publi
cation of Standard Oil Co, is going
to press one. month earlier in order
to carry art article on the apple or
chards of this county, which u-a, pre
rared by Mrs. Helen C. Matthews.
ihroughout the season, the publi
cation will carry one or more articles
prepared by Mrs. Matthews, one be
ing on the golf course and other at
tractions that are offered in thus com
munity. The publications are distribute-,
through stations of the company
ana travel bureaus throughout the
country. .
You Buy
The wise and thrifty shop.
per reads the advertise.
ments before they buy
Mrs;Medford Wins
Prjze For Sending
In Best Answers
The judge awarded the Jl'.ad in
cash to Mrs. W. ('. Medt'oid: i,f Wav.
nesville, for .sending the answers to
the errors found in last, week's page
of advert isinp-. . Mrs : - f Mlfnwl '
answers wwe sent in .in. a' mtvt un
usual manner.
A small basket of Easter eggs, with
eich of the .seven errors printed
on an egg. Each egg was of a dif-
lereni cotor.
The contest created much ; .interest,
with the answers for the fourth week
out numbering all previous weeks. The
Mountaineer extends congratulations
to the four winners; and appreciates
the answers s.n. -n ,- flu cnrc, v.f
Others. Plans arp hflntr mala ts Kiaera
- . - -. - r.-t- v . iwjtc
similar contests in the future..
because in the advertise.
ments they find bargains,
and fashion suggestions
that otherwise they would
'' miss.; ',.' ' '
Pegin today and read the
advertisements regularly.
Death Claims Mrs.
Reuben Robinson
RAihen Robinsor., ' -aVe ,73,
died Wednesday of week at 12
o'clock at her home in Hazel wood.
Mrs- Robinson, or "Aunt Jane,'' a
she was known, hari KcptI coriuKli, ill
since Sunday. She was widely re
lated and Well known in this section
of Haywood county. Her radiant
Christian life brightened and cheered
an tnose witn wnom she came in
contact. As a mother she was un
surpas.sed in her motherly love and
interest, not only in her own home,
but in the .homes -' of hpv nf-ic-hKor-
and friends.
Besides her husband Mrs. Robin
son is survived by three .sons, Hector.
Ernest, and Verlin, three daughters,
Mrs. James Holder. Mre. Lee Win
chester, and Mrs. D. A. Winchester.
One sisfpr frs ' Tn-rw,y Ra,.1.- qm
four brothers, J.' P., Will, John, and
EU Scates, also suryive. The former
brother ic iisvn of
Eiehteen eirandchildren nf'.on 'irrpsit
grandchild ako survive.
ine. iunerai was conducted at tne
home at 2 p. m. Thursday with Rev.
K. AHen in charge, a.ssi?ted by Rtv.
Frurii- ar.l Pov V- f
Pruett, both pioneer Baptist ministers.
.tirs. nouinson nan oeen . 9. memDer
nt he hwnfKtl'hlirch fro- vt.ari
Interment was in the Buchanan j
cemetery on. Allen's Creek.
Mr Wifiiams; a pimniiii -v farmer
the lower end of the county stated
wlion making his formal aiimiunci
im nt that ho Wa socking the itli'e
of' conimi.ioiicr because he "wanted
help the 'taxpayers'." 'Thi.- is the
fii.-t oflice u. h,.,.s over sought. He
was '.orn am) reared in this county,
aioi for fifty years has lived on the
farm and devoted all his time to
farming and cattle rabing
"I nave voted, the Iiemocartic t ickef
ever since 1 was old enough to vote,"
he said. And I am asking that the
Voter.s elect me to the office just this
one time, I want to help
them. It is for the interest of the
people of the county that I am run
ning:" .
(o.od ' -111 u - it- un - iciidcii., llir.iin.iii
t he program and I lie moo! mg ad
journeil with cvi-i.yoiiv ha ti I'.Jn:'',.
hi in -el f.
C losing exercises were held at the
James Chapel School on la-t Friday
afternoon. Kay Gibbs, '".teacher
of the .school, presented her pupils
in a program ol one act plays, read
ings, and songs, to which the parents
were invinted.
A special feature of the program
was the presentation of prizes to the
girls and boys having the highest
scholastic .standing for the entire
year. Both prizes went to members
of the fourth grade. Sara James, 10.
was given a doll and Ray Messer was
given a wrisx watcn.
The prizes were donated bv Mrs
J. M. Caldwell,, of Atlanta, Ceorgia,
a sister of Miss Gibbs.
Thirty Sheep In
llaywimd County
Killed By I)os
Thuty sheep, owned by T! (I. Chapi'iii1
were kille.l by d'ogs eaiiy Mondav i
morning on his farm 1111 the l-'a ii vii-'V !
road near here.
.Mr. Chapin, who lives in Wayne s
ville, discovered 'the' dogs in the act
of killing his sheep when he went to
his farm to wfli k . Munday morning.
Arming himself with a giin, he gave
I erase to tne Oogs, (ut could not .got
: within shooting distance. .:
j Th" loss is estimated at around Jl.'.li.
l ast Week, dogs killed two hogs be-
! .longing to Mr, Chapin. Several farm
ers in the Allen's ("reek section near
HazelWfKKl, have lost she'p this year
as a 11 01 raids ly logs.
The regular monthly meeting of the
American Legion will be held Monday
night at 8 o'clock at The Masonic
I I.- M .. . ;. . .. ,
I " ' .'..-.-.. iiwim-i arm operator
. i ine vaynewood I heatr,, here and
1 the Imneria and f'r.loni:,! Thi,(rt
in Canton, will leave ; tomorrow for
iioiiyw'ioit, ( aliforn.ia, where he will
attend a national convention Of mo
tion picture theatre operators. While
in Hollywood Mr. Massie will be en
tertained by Paramount, Mefro-Goldwyn-.Meyers,
and ithe.- outstand
ing, producers "'.;.
The Waynesville Chapter O. K. S No.
65 will hold its regular meeting
cms evening (inurBday) at the
Masonic Temple, Worthy Matron
Burgin, requests all members to be
present. '
All M ason-s are in ha
present at the regular Communication
of Waynesvj lip lodge No. 259, to be
held in the Masonic Temple Friday
night, April 6th, 8 p. m., as there
is very important business to come
before the lodge,
The following degree will be con
ferred in form Tuesay night, April
10. 8 d. m.
You are cordially invited.
Among those morotoring to Ashe
ville for the Easter Sunrise service
Sunday were I Roy Davis and Hor
ace Keener. It was- estimated that
between two and three thousand at
tended the service which was said
to have been the most impressive ever
held in Western North Carolina.
Local Roy Is Now A
Crack Army Pilot
A nali ! of Wax nc-viKc, laculcn
an! Minthorne WHolscy Kccd. 1- one
ol' 'la' 1'iai-k A rill iiilots to xxl'ioni the
'x cMinlclit lias t-nt ra-lo,l I lie a ' ry - 1
ing. ol' air mail.
laeiltelianl Heed, wh.i.'xva-- . Ilo en i
!'rm anioiifr 1 !, niriiiiici' ol" lino- In'
i ; 1 j 1 1 Im. mail' ' botwvii ' exv. Yirk '
nu, Kii-lnii, was born and reared lieie.j
the s,,ii ,,' Mr. and Mr.-, .lame- Won, I
Uei'd He 1- a grands.011 of .Mrs.
I li"iiia-iii' II. o.dox and I ho lalei
Col Mini home V....No of New V01 k.
I 'loi hla. and U a nesville. I
Hi; as-ijrnmen: on (he mail loiiie,'!
ai i'oi .ling t . mii' 111 Im i s ol' I he fanidx
inaikeil the .11 1 1.11 1 hat ion of an ,1 1 1 1 '.
lotion he ha.- bad sinn' he as a inall'
box lo be "a real aviator."
Ills dream became a delinile .lan
a fter. )ie llcxx over th.' devastated 10
rion'-s of t'rance and Germany .xvit h
In- grundniother Mrs. Woolscy, fol
lowing the World War so, upon his-:
gradual hui .- from Huke rnixcrsity m j
1 i'-'S, he took Ihe mceSsarx -.e.p.-. lo 1
ward 1 1 a loll. 1
At 'lei several pi eliiuina 1 v lests . Io l
began In- course in aviation at liiook,
ld!y lield al San Anlonio, Tea.-, in j
Oi-loheT, I'.lliS. This Held, now KlloxMi '
a- liaii.lolnh field. Is tile "West I'uin' i
ol' 1 he an " and il .was' here that ( n'
rharle A. , Lindbergh .was trained.
II iaie. -icliie-,s a ie old at Kelh :
lie'd . -iliilc K'ei'il a . , "in li 1 - 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 . i
- " "d I 'cm naiil m l'.r'i an,) xxi-nl I ,
'Sell ralg). Held. Ml,' Clemens. Mirhig.v: '
Alii-, ic .'hi and 1 i : 1 i;;cii.-.i ve Irani
ill;'- hi- a.m. :'i-.i-n a !el acli inen.f of V-i
iron il 1 iglit.- l-'i. :.l, ia, I. 11, Din.,.
All a in- v dl -, pai I n id irly hi- ,l ,
.1 'loiolniale- al the II ie h ' . hnul hele.r
ha- followed hi.- raieer il IV llllere-1 . -
! 1 lei.iil. have noted thai In ahilit v '
has .'esulled' often ,js being, given
1 III I m . il ail I duties and re-poll ibi It ie
Ibat called for skilled leadership.-' .
He made his init iiil I . ii, leith t l.,.
air 11 ail .March ID. The Host in Trav
elec has the following. to say regard
ing that trip:
"Lt. .Minthorne W. Keed, Of W ay
nesvilb', one of the crack army pilot's,
reached the. Htiston airport this morn
ing (March lit) with the first -..Too
pounds of airmail to be received .here
since the service was discontinued.. A
large crowd awaited him at t he land
ing field. He left Newark airport at
fi:15, reached Hartford for gas, and
started from there for Boston at 7:1.".
arriving here at H::;;."
Lt. lined has received', much recog
nition from all New York and Boston
papers. The "Koston Traveler" sent
the flyer's mother a large photograph
xv.hieh she prizes very much. :
Funeral .services were held Fri
day aftiertioon at the Cullowhec
Baptist church for Kelley L. Ives,
Jr., three and a half months old son
of Mr. and Mrs. Kellev Ives, who
died here at 2:10 a. m. Friday.
T. Ralph Moore Is
Candidate For The
Office Of Sheriff
T. Kaliili' Mra.r.. ,if Pi,,,., -r..Jn
shin, announced thit tr,.,, 1,,.
is a candidate for sheriff in the
June primary,
Mr. Aloore is a ilntivo .f IT , ,.,,..,1
county, having lived in the Pigeon j
sveuun an nis me., lie is the son of
James W. Moore. He is an outstand
ing farmer and eattl,, raiser, ",.'
This is the first time Mr. Moore has '
ever sought any political office and!
fce said that hiu nlntfr.i-, - tv, 1
. - ...... ,j iu.i ..I ,11 ... 1 ,j . ,hi;
oflice which he is now seeking is
"flerie'ai enforcement of the law.''
. He is a prominent Mason, having
been Master of the Sonama lodge.
He is a junior and a member of the
Methodist church.
. -I. Hard, 1: 1!,
i'-. and If. I., l'i,
l '"e.!.g u.i- a.ldie.-'.s. d .y
' l:a1'" l:- lil. -It , W. . Ku, -. and
W . I Shcllon.
1 Uax in 1 h,. , ,,U--,. ,!t 1U
marks s i e-sei the fact t li ,t iu- ,K-1
oigamzal ion w as for hr entire com
munity and not ju-l mr the b.-nctit
id' UaxnesXille, , Ha '.eKxi.oil. or
Lake .I unaluska aloiii . r .-tated in
detail, the purpose of the meeting
which wa presided over by AV. C.
Hyers, clerk of Superior Court, Mr.
Uax said thai Way nesx ill,, first had
a chamber of conimcivi' s,,nie thirty
years ago, and named al- oil : , ' the
1 '-' 1 'ei liu'inliei - U) :vu, lu
llie community at this lime.
ne looiarks ii , t . Ku.-s
were tin 1 1 j 1 . - Hl;lt ,',,),,.
cli.-.inlier.s nf ,. liii-lci- 111 linirisl-
! ie.s iu'Iv doing meet with
..-ilcre-.s. Several see .'eta 1 it s l'lom oth
or towns -er(. ,u,., , a-' ,, o c. : "The
I'lea of opcralihg a : ihamher of
commerce with -committer-' ami on
business like methods is 'the only
way lo as.suie sUici--." (i,u. ,1Uota'.
Hon lieing. 'The day'.:., o.a-scd when
you can. run a chaiulici cl dniiniercc
xyith hot air ni..t l,,K "
W .T. Slielton talk.',! U11 thv value :
of .1 he pa rk to I hi , -.illinium'. y. ('(.
spending many years in park ' areas '
in the west, Mr. Slielton s,,,,. ;l .,
authority .011 the park ami it .elation
to the immedinfi- territory adjoining
He slated that within, a shorf tim,,
alter Ihe opening of the Croat Smoky
Mountains National Tail, that be exr
prcted lo see highway No. Ill to A-hc-villc
widened, as w i ll a.s 'o her roads
thai . lead- direct ly into 1 lie uark.
"Flour live to leu 1 h,,n-.-. 0,1 ..,,1.11..
Inn -e.- w (II he t. . 1 1 j j n- I ., meet, the
nerd'- of the nmnd,. win the pa.k
: I - "fii'iii'd" lie 1 Il.rtl. :l "W heif -'lie
pa rk 1 opi'ii I .iii"i ! will ha ve lo he
Inpfn 'l niio Hay xx'd. d ,.. ai.t y a great
d'-i'-l Hi"H Oiall i; o-- I v, g, -acies
1 li .il ' a 1 . - u.iw g-i '-.yn hi i I M l ai !
r'ea H'l iionpii . ''li'lld : I. ' -a ha ' p ..,v
ini-aii l o 1 In - 1 .-'' a in."
' '' 'in- of" ' lie 1 'n'ig . '.'.'. ;:..i,..' !a !li.-i,i
oo.xx 11 ' hi a - a- c. oil :i"i ; . y r, : in-. . 11
'oierat ion g l'. ( a 1 in- ;.a , k ;li.-i.,'. . ','
. boiild h- a !it;b-'- 'o'.':i' t'r.n -lady' ".'.- '
xva'i'd I In" 111," h... cjiP . 1 ; j d
A pjil-'iN llliati'l.v ,-r i: a Miireil pi
idteMiled t'!n- in;--- inii'l'l:g.
Crom K. Cole Is
Now In Race For
Sheriff Nomination
(')ion Is Ciile ,il' Heaveldiim
ship, .'inn-oun -ed ' I b i.- iti-il that
a candid.'ite tor Shrrdl 111 the
In iiini-i al primal y. . I 'p tiiit il
Weeks hl'.i Mr. Cole was Ih-iiiilx-
in .HeViyerdaur. .- Mr baniied in h
ignation in. order to ''-wage. In
paign for. Sheriff.,
'For -th" last ,' loa i ' een year-'-,
been cnip'ox e,i at '". i La iiiiinn.
Company and ;s io i-.-ci:' . fy,
of a.f t lie dona ' t men's.
' : In.. -Hi:l 'Mr. ( idi- wa- :i r
for -she riff, and receive a i.."
Votes., ': VeM'-rday :'. sod. ."
votes 1, ic-eived in I'iclo, ' ad
perience I have !,ad -;'i.ri : ' '
.with law enfii.rci'non- I v..i
''aged to make c"
I ! r .. 1. . . a r . .: ; . r.
1 1 t i c. oij .1 .. , 1 111
th" sei vii-e they x 1 ' ' t'i
sheriff's xiince," lie ...'oiif iiiu''d.
.Mr. fV.le is a. native !'
and is .'! I years old..
he is
urn in
a few
s canw.;
i... ha
i ':!.. -iienian;-
: many
i'h th'
tie' e-
" '.iiiuc
IH I' ur:
.nee pie :
il the .
si-.kv t.u A 1 15UU.S1 Kit CLUB
The Ha7eln.nnd R,t(, ri,,l. ' .;n
entertain the teacher- of the ll:.ze
xvood Elementary' School Thursday
night, April 12. at the' Town Hall.
1 ror several years tnis has' been an
j annua! 'affair. All Boosters are ex
1 pected to attend.
Friends here will be sorrv to hear
of the death of Rev. R.7L, Telford. D.
lb, of Richmond, Ky.. a brother of
Mrs. H. C. Lindslev of this citv.
Rev. Mr- Telford died last week. lie
w is pastor of the Presbyterian church
;n Richmond for about twenty years.
He was well known here, having
made . several visits to Waynesville.
Minstrel Will Be
Given April 12-1:1
For Boy Scouts
; Rehearsals have al;-aily svai ted for'
the Cotton !:'-.- 'ii .III' which wrll .
be given a: ' th-: Mi irh Sehdol au.l:--torium
on April J 1". i"..i. r the a.:s
niees i-.f til,. .-n. , M T ,r I, ,e nl 'n,-i
i Legion Auxiliary, '-!' - he; benelt ef ;
trr- boy Scuuts.
'. The entertainment is lnong dircyt- .
ed by .Miss Ketsy Lane Qu niaii, xx hu
has-;-succc-fuliy: diia-ctrd - hf j-anse :
j'eiformance in a nu-iilxi :;. of other...
towns, and i itiL's t hK:ighut the south. ',
-.Snannv minstrel i:c,- i dances .
wi!) be given . by . a h . al ia-t if about
To. ' One -of .the f.ea:;i'r.- the mins
trel will le a, regi e area h of promise
suit: in the. second a'.'.. '
More de'.a.'t i ' a'.i n w'iil be
c iv. ; next week. . . :

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