North Carolina Newspapers

The Best Advertising Medium I Haywood tountv V
'.Wished At The Eastern Entrance of The Ureal Smoky Mount
NO. 20
"ins National Park Head by Thinking People
1 ' tanuLiii A .... .
Q A . v , T7T NH'KSDAV, APRIL in, l'lii
opint ot Uptimism Prevailed At i 00d Askins 2,500 students ex- n z -ruL
r r 1ICV";cum inat ionnKeMadef peded To Attend lommitteemen Are Named To
Lhamber of Commerce Meeting; AVo"iLimimt 1, . ld,"eu 10
KU-ct.ns To Meet April Haywood fount, School Dav To 1 U1 "IUICUC 1 TUf R 311116
And Decide On Making I5e Observed At lliuh School ; VOUIHU J
''H" 1 recincts In Wavnes. ll s,lw.k i.. ' I.
President Hay .Names Commit
tees. Short Keynote Speeches
Indicate Co-operation Hill
He (,'iven Officials
a;ai. school head
Approximately ,1U! hundred citi
zens ot thi.s community were p-esent
at the tn-st public meeting of the
which was a banquet given at the
Mas.viie Temple Tuesday evening
President J W. Ray acted asL
master and th., ........
vi the evening who were chairmen of
la- tourtee,, committees who will
MM- t he responsibility of carrying oul
be diiterent phases of the work of
the o.ganization.
J he committees weie named at the
banquet, following a plea f,-um Pres-
alci:!. K., that the communitv combine
ail loiccs and join whole hoartedlv
1,K' w,nk and carry forward a"t
tins particular time, which he termed
.- most opportune for thus section "
I he central thought ,uig
"through all the tajk.s was most opti.
"ijsUc. Reports were given from
-the.- sections as to the tourist possj.
' - 111. .oniing ue, an i M II
(. uni ty . AKent Smith went into detail ,-,. i nt
. ol He .number, of thing th.-,", ' lK 1,1
." c-tabl,.-hed in Haywood that
"ill assure mort, income from the
Mciiltui-ul- sectin.s of the county.
I . II 1 lily, representative if the
1 amies f ederation from HendeiM.n
Ml.le, m the course .of hi remarks
-;"'.! "lat in all his fifty years of o-l
1 ',, t with 1 miRi and l.nmlimK
,"' , U'slVr".. . -"rth Carolina he '
.had iound that the Miil in Ilavwoo.l
- -a.u.N was ricner and more suitable
' M w ,i gicalci v nitt oi 1 1 uit
and. vegetables than any other county
he knew of. He also remarked that
indications were that the tourists that
wee planning to come to Western
V'lth Carolina this summer would
moie than consume the enV and.
chu-ken.s that were being raised in
t In- section.
lhe chairman of nu,.i. t ..
...... uuiu uuxti'e
"ixu oiaeny a 1
Which his
" 1 ' 1 I
Moie Precincts In Wavnes.
Mile lownshjp
H l , 07Wn'UH -pi i i
, h: 1 um, "U" V tins, 'pel,
h- i-n i llld IUl
, ''I " ' ' 1 Kl" at tlui,
i. na
u'ii Saturd:
Ill older
I-.-, ,
I U ii .
ilw..t.d a votine' nre
l -ls l.u, :iSt l:lv
-'int.eoubi oe granted
4-'ly a p,.mnK- plae,- in
i , , ' ";" ,,aV'' 'o sUidv the
.w, ,"Ur'v' 1,1 nHMd.oit:,
i ",U'iS --een m t,e
'led i-'n ' rU" "" ,,u' l:(-v "-forc
ii .Saturda
' 11 I Hi i 1
n i i , ,
I' " M. ni
" 'th a pel Hum
cit i-th.
- 1 1 - Hi j i
Township IVhcIuts
AreNamod3;or lhe
CominivSdi:))! Year
W'w ( ..myes u. y k UaiK
OfIiu..l Vllolmc, i ,,,
KaleiKh. Ue-iiluibv Minf,
School Piincip il i
tl" l.l pi.aiinient
""). including
'i "t . Mermen, ap
1 1 II l.Uion-,
le'lle.l l. ) .
. I . -. HUM
1,1,, I , !, N I'l'lUKt 1H ,s
t ..lileler,
All Schools In Count
I'o Attend
I Mday ha- been set a-ide a, Hay. :
uyed teunty .Vl.o.,1 Hay :,n, all Ihel
.-. la-ols ot the county, eveept f ,i,ten,
will participate mi a general p. ,,-atn '
which wail be featu.ed ,x i
and exhibits thlmiK'lMiit the dav
Mineial helulay u:l . declared at
all schools, ,m .,,( Iu,ru iH, :
'oquired to attei , . l:ll .., ,iu. '
o'Kii s.nooi do re
At least .'...iHlMudiMts ale epe,ted
" attend tne lAerciM-s which will '
:", ""' ocl.H-k All kdiool I
l-osi,-. vv ill operate as usual, but will
11, 1 hl.-l.l , I I 1 i I. . . c i , ,
.... ... ,B sen,,,. I I,,.,-,. ,.
--lead ot the regular schooK r 1(i
CI's Will check .11... a, .i. :
1 1 is as t ie
I he niornine- s.,.s .11 I... .1... ,
llU' a,.v , mn.-Jc and athletic j
ceiit.s tor the elementary boob- '
' 'he a Hern tl. I.,, .a. a. .. i
"'pete in ,.!;,, ainr me of
1 ll.- do. hi i, mi ,,,,, .l( , ,.c!t .
litest" Will I , held ,,, l . ,,r. I
w ill
lei no.
the -
tw 1,
IIU'lll. no ..
Ir.'ln ih,
Welo .e-onu,; ,, , v;
'Mo coin t house and i war
1 t1"' lo ,T,f w,o e ! .In
"''ooni. A ft,.-,-1 Hide
Hi.-- board re- i ch,.
' ': ' : w o ho, ii s. 1 he
1 la. eiU . wait
u I'.-ii the ileei-ioii
ellelal e-vhl.
1 be ehlbll
"lie in .u !,
l- w ill be open all
wdl consist ot
departments ,. -lb.-
pa.-1 .school I
I niak
il i in 1 1
u in
.11 made to
11 nl Hilled on j.
S, I-.....I a
1 1 1 1 1 '. lun, h,
C-II!HI .,-
.be, h appointed to
"I ; a no exhibit . I he
'be III,.. I lluinliei ol
iwa del a tropin,
"'la-- anon, iced that
an be e, uied n the.
If""'"' " ."'""''.'i,i'yiiicii,
r 1 v x
k x ! e N . J
! r. r
II 1 m 1
II V is
t" lol lllabv I
4 ...
.MM'roxinialel.v :'()() rarnieis Vnd
Husiness Men In Meelino
Decide lo Establish
( annerv Here
, aiaiei
" in mi ! .-
a.-t .Sat
:t'0 larni
led, h.
, . CU! ive ...
i.i;(t(,i: t
le lirst , -.-1,1,11, 1,, I.
'nl,"""-'- l.'t. be is a candulat
.....iMn.iiioii mi- ( in, n-niari of the Hoard
"' ' '",i,ii,,,s,oneis. M i . Hay,,,-,, ha-
-' rve, lour Vo:,cs ...I
o ' " "ill ill.-,:- JOIIeJ
- county.
A nione- t he wsitors here I roiu ( 'l abile.-
la.-t week were Messrs, ('
N-M.lker, 1' A. .In ,t,ce. and V . I!
ihJ W .Ml. M'b 1 u.l , Mht
boiu-d on i-,.,1 n . ... ... -.. 1 UK
, , ."".may nmnt nanie,
Ua tLulu 1 ' n th, ,,i,
:t lew of the ;,, u, ...f;' . 1 "'"r wen- mad.
livmiiiu .., ,S I,, "( t'l. in mil k I ,
; towards to .cuaii -1 Tsh U tn s T " K"
the community. Ul,s d'ti ;ct is alloiod ibe speikos -tat.d that the th. 1, " , i , v' ' ,, ,hl ' '
In ii m and up e-cntation of the (tc 1,-t t , , ,, ,k u''
Prietudllj evtiy l.n, of bus,nis at' Hun n s , ' ",nt '
Hon, th, Ii t , i i . 1UVI"
1 1
Men Working Day and Night
Here On $25,000 Creamery
I ( t t 'f i et'H,K- w'a by far the
. ...... iiii.i ever assembled in
,ies vine,
' a- b-mquet was served by the
-mm'Kis of the Ed-tern Star
" mmittws as named by Tres-
"5' and announced Tuesday
H-.'fe as tollows:
' "ut'e Committee J jj n,w
' llush Massic W. A Bradky
utv Committee U c Kuss,
l hAtk,ns E. J JUatt, C L.
Alembership Committee; W- V
i,.., ,', ". u utiles AtKins;
, V,u',ln hitne- I,1tost Mi
"-," LonJ N C M-
Sanitation Committee: F. W. Mil
i' r ,,. ; Shelton, Lauriston Hardin,
K uKh?fan7 a"d Park: W. T. Shelton
f - Miller, Tom Strir,rt,.l,l I.-
l nmniiin.. t.
........ u,.hj improvement: Mrs. R
etcher Mrs. W It. Luther H
(j "1S f J- -Keiger, I). S P.
J i.-lat,ve Committee: T. L. Green,
Ir J 1 J- Howell.
m t I ? 1Vor,mi"ee: Ralph Pre
. , JlrVErk- Jerry Colkitt.
Sn f' U T cl. Vmmittee- Ddlton
K hiMi h i ,ton Henry Francis,
'i" Barber, Mr. Kerschoff. 7"nt Committee: Hugh
7 laul Hyatt J. Dale SUntz.
( ' k' i:,mT"l!R-L Prevent,
tu F'oii .,c5?""!;?datwn8 Commit-
- 1 ( P l i "u" 1- H Black
' vnus CrJft.1"1 Dnald DU"
J.a,d.n k-,l aml .Education. Paul
Jack Mo :;; ' '"e "ay- HuKh Sloan
F..,l.,f W b- livwn.
T Ted P pro-nenh
rV, " v,anaiaate
A o Succeed Himself
b or Chairmanship
A. Hvatm.:.. - . .
co-nmi; "u"rm" f the board
U- .1... . "
".si. ..ll-ss,. .'.lit,.,
of the s i ' , v " -operiiiteiiitent
ll w " 1 Hi lb ,Ml, I
JumLtl.,ut u "lhLUl -'-'''' "
Ic "he i I,"' UU u'"'tt.
liatliei .-. tor other .-eh, ml ,,, .
fobiblj I, , m t 1
In the hii'b s. i,,,.., , .. . ,
Hldrttum b
fi 04 .-iu.i l.lillis, .ins. V .
Miss Mnl f"VlKS ' 'iK'aiet
7 May and Miss M lllt
Ashtort. were named to fill the.-e two
vacancies. i". l-' w . . .1 '
, . 1 in 1 ' was
named m-inein.-il : . - -, r
inH -;i, , ." -"( i.-M-'l .-CI100 ,
and will also continue as
. vvaynesvilie H,Kl, S. ho.:! . V. J
end Utll,'. '"'in
tipal. l. , Un ,i,s,,o 1.',...,.,. 1. ,
wood W ( .IknV Vk (r Ash'
Kelkttd'yMarki lr" J''lh
Kelktt Mis J ( Patrick, 1 th, 1
tiWAK."1 Jones,' ,u,s,'
-": ". .i.iiu J. -hock, A. (i. A (u row
Vocational Au ulturc, Louise Ed'
wards. Home Economic
Central Pli,i.c..... t. ...
Maude. TCP'U
fK. p '"" fl"ltl' J-'tui, Mrs
t- i Mary Lou Ledth.rwood
VV t "esvdle-U . 1 hl Recw s,
M.Mr ,M,Craiken Klialxth Hmn
Mildred Crawford Mrs Annie 1'lot
PL-' l'U'a Patterson, J-annn
Bright. l"(- ' ""
Hazolwonz-I r n t . . .
Mars-aret. Kimm,- t'-. , '
I ,i. W' J "oce.s learner.
i,,-i 1 -- --..s. ,a,y nainuone,
Wilda Crawford Mary .StnnKf.cld
Sdunook h rank f ergu.-on, J , , M r,
rauline Noland Davis j kn'e ,',.h(r
Lake Junalu-ka-J Harlty ran, Rogers. recJa r.ncher, Ur-!
bam L. Queen, Stephani P Moore
Mae-cie V v ' x- ,i ,,
H,li 1.7 i, 'en ump
'Supreme Court -'
Renders Decision
In Sheffield Case
A reprieve whidi ixpires Mav
h W,IN lii"K(l luesilav by Gover
nor Hirine, hails to James Sliellield,
ll.iv wood ( mm I. v man under death
sentence lor murder.- II,. was
scheduled (o have been executed
April 21.
( ominissiuner of Paroles Edwin
(ill said tlx- respite was given
that hhelln -Id s altorney rould have
dp rt unity to present further
facts regarding (he case. (Jill said
he not 1 lied the attorney to present
all data immediately.
.Sheflield was one of live men
scheduled to die April 27.
lhe Supreme Court already has
ruled no error in .Sheflield s case.
I'l.iiis Art- lo Open ( it'aiiu'i v
l'l;inl In .Modern Hrirk Huild.
iiik liy May l..lh.
(Vor eC. I lay nes
Seeking ; Nomination
As Hoard Chairman
! 1 "' '. I '"limil anouneemenl to be
111 "'' 1 1 1 " nun I lb, I, , ,
"iiiit i.'Miiiiis-ionoi.s wa.s mad,. Ihj-.-
; week by (,,-,,.,. ( '. .,ves.
1 ' I " N U l, II ,,s ),,
'-'-.'u;" 'he boaul of comiiHs-Min
I '! ''"""s l-aM,,;, : , ,: ,,lmur
1,1 ,.' "' Xl 11 ' I. 1 1 , , , ,
'""'ii and reai-cl ,-, in.s
'guilty and ha.s .vJM.ll( ' j , , . .,
1 11 til.n ., , ,
'.". lest ,n eommiinil y illf in
11 an ardent .-support"
I 111...1 .it ,,- party, haViie.
oted the I lenioi ral I,. jrK- .:
'"''lis aie being jmsi...
1,h' ''-I ibb-linieiii
'11 Haywood c.-iuitv
""".al at a mavs m, .
m day :,t u bid, 1 1 111. . ai..,r
' l s and Inisiu,... .......
. .". ii .t, ,, ,
"caoy l,a, sever.-.
'Hi reported vesie,
I'lan- ar.. beine- ni-,,1,. ,..
..ampa.Kn , the ,,,-a .- "tu! u
to delnntely start the cail,,er
lhe committee a.- appointed
... 111 .ia s meet rag s ,.s 1 .
'ei. rian.-is. n,lVt. ,
-- is. . --, .in,, .111 inn- t isiio, lu.
Since the rn....i...... s , ,
,- 1 1 . h . 1 1 11 1 , 1 a v iiii
following have been named .,'s-,-m
i..uii.sii,p coniiiiutee.- ,11
I'"11111'""'" HI',, lequo.s-e, ., ,,
. , , """'' :i.ur.l..y at tw
; ' ock an, Inrmula.e ,,,, lfl.,iIliu.
plans In.- tu. ea,nicrv.
Wayi.esville; Heiiiy I'ranc,-. J.,,,,..,
..... 1 we. Kaymon,! Suani.-i,,,, ( I,.,..
I 1 in, is s g,,,,,, Ull , , ; ,,
"HI Stiellon
t'.'axer lam: 11 ,
Henderson, I, rover Ivii
So llO I I..
, I at.
an,, I
"IV, (o-
l;. Ki,
I ageoil ; U . A. . I
.v, Kalph, I-
H. Volk:.
I.ecll: ,,-,ek Mini,-.
.1 barbe
I t I , k I ml
(log. in. and .lo.. VI, .-I.
'abi rec I. I- llllei- J ,
'a I , ( 1111:1 11 . iiiii,,, i . I,.,, ,
I. H. Kegel,, Hv l.m
1 at hey, and h, I Kuicher
loliathau s ( leek- t ' j c- - I
Loyd. .an t John Mnuell
Ivy Hill; lae :,,, . I
E.trl l-e.giis,,,,,
U ll" ' Oak : - (Ji-oV.-i I I n-I
1'r.lil, and Mill ,11,.-,,, 1-
a :n
'"in liv.n. ,ind
I .11 ill, r,
I ll 1 I
v.i. i;,,i,
in.l ha
of i
a Iwa v
Religious Census
To Be Made Hero
Sunday Afternoon)
VII Churches Of The Community
Are Co-operating To Get In
formation In One Afternoon
Kork-Hill i t u 1
i-i... ii - . "".yu, ria .nave
m ,; .Maie IJurr Morrow, Louisa
Hemphill-Edna Boyd, R. E. Owen,
Dellwood f v 1,. t
rp ,, . . . oonnie
Teaeue, Estel p ITvil
Upper Cove Creek Belle Brad
Waterville Rikh VJifh f.;
The AVaynesviIle school board is
ar J . . ,- ;-' ""T'1""'" ,s
"at hP is ca 'ia 1 I V lnls Tv ' pT-a 01 w' "s- chairman,
u'" r that i;; , e lor wner, secretary, W. F, Swift,
of the DemoP?Ul2ect t0 th. Earl Fergu.on and Medford Leather
vy of th ;"n; zzeubect t
1 1 uiie. primary
'-J Htd,k;dn announcement Mr.
I -auditor. f" t"e record
lone Tunnl it 35 to what had
1 - hv th"rn? ,he. Past eighteen
man: "'VUU"U ot which he Was
in Haywood all his
- has Itved
and hn. "aywo
.11 all n. Ken an active
'"-fttSy: the bet-
S. S. Wllliame nf V, T,. T)
, , s-...s., llIC UVAll 1 1U-
QUCtlOrf dlVKSinn nf tV,n
announced yesterday that all appli
cations for seed loans must be made
on or netore April SOth.
lhe churches of this community
...... J..I1.UJ lane a religious censu1
ot the rnmrnuintif sn,,n.. v-r.
, . uumuo, auei noun.
1 uli Sloan has been named general
chairman of the work. ' Present- plans
... .c w nave at, least (U people
11.11. ianc me census.
The information fathered will be
used by the .Sunday School depart
ments and the pastors of the churcnes
o. tut uiy. r.acn home in the com
munity will he visiteil ami ;n,K.,;,i..i
lecords made for each member of the
, AVith Mr. Sloan as chairman the
following have beTen named to repre-
aci.u- meir respective churches and
help formulate plans for making a
complete census m one afternoon:
Jack Messer, Baptist, R. L. Prevost
I resbytenan, and E. L Wither"
The canva.?spr i!l n.ii-
...... atiu
make the campaign.
Mole than a scire ol workniei, are
nig kept the job dav and night
in an etloit to eoin nle, ,, tl,,. 1,,. :1.1a...
1 - . - , . , . , , , 1 , 1 1 g
t hat will bou.-e i be .fL'a.dllO ere no
cry that is henig establi bed in Way-ne.-viile
by .May lath
W . ll. Wo.idall. ,.l A ii, vibe, man
ager of the plant, told lhe Mouiilain
-.-,- ye.-terday. that with .1 "decent
i. .... ... 1 1 . .
I".... in inn,er the open
ing dale w,nil,t t... ..I.,.,,i .m.... 1 -.1.
woik ,.s being .-ushed in an eirort to
meet the market this summer with
ice cream and butter. The plant will
ban- a capacity lor . making 2,0(10
pounds of butler a week and 1,00 gal-
ions oj ice cream daily,
I reamerv riiti. ,.011 1. ... i..i : ..
j v ..... .(. e.siaill.sN-
i in Haywood, Jackson and p.xsi
b y other counties a.s soon as the
Jilant is opened. 'I he plant is being
built on Hi.'hL-u TV.. 10 ...1 c it
., --- Awwn.riu o. II.
Keller had u wood working plant This
ha.s been torn ,iv f.,- iv...
i., 1 1 vuiii-
try. lhe building will be forty feet
wide and seventy feet long, and will
be provided with a basement- The
ll.jor .spacc, will cover 28,000 square
au lh; ,,ul,,JlnK Wltl he of brick.
All new, and modern machinery will
be installed in the 11b. nf. 'tUfi-i. lo....
compresfers will provide the refriger
ation. .1
The establishment of the creamery
here .s. the result of several months
of negotiation bid ween the creamery
oflieials and County Agent VV. I)
-Smith and the Chamber of Commerce"
Arch (, Russell
Is CnnrlirI:iJt tun
Sheriff Nomination 1
I -urccss
Dr. Stretcher Is
Named President
Of Rotary Club
. II. Latham Named Secretary
or Coming Year. New Hoard
Of Directors Elected
At ting, upon innumerable -.:igK, ..
lions vo,ced recently by - bis rnanv
fiiend.s tbrougliout. this and other
.-.-cons 01 11 aywood count v and fob
low ing due delihcral i,, .1... .
t . . IMV .-ui
JV l w- Kus-HI, Canton's
nf in. l, ;.. 1
, 1,S W ' ' ti I, .11
nouncmg his candidacy fr the ollice
of sluiiir of Haywood .ounty whh
will be found s(wii, , , Moun
u.i 1 1 .rt
hief Kussell, who is lo.iay only :ih
years of age, ,s the officer j
iajwood (ounty , ,)0int of -( rva.
Having suvi',1 a- an olliur in this
wuoiy lm past , , conttutlvc
years, At. I he t mw. t, . .. .
I chief of poliu , ( cll,l()n , wa,
I". iin,"K ' Polui in the
-tate o( North ( ,,ol,na He has
n-rvtd a, chief of ( anion polu. reg
ularly since VJU w,th markt.,j-
Probably no other, ollicer f Ifay
w..l county i.s as familia- with thi--stK-tion
ol the Stiii.-, ....
: 1, - -s .s .. . . . 1 1 1 c , ivus-
' - 1 nrouirh lim . .iiin . a
i- ,r 1 - - -' '""-."kiu,ii, fin.
VacUut activities many .,u.zliiW
- nave neen .sol Veil ,u
career as an ollicer of the law
- nier Kussell s
. 1 .-eek : I lias. Met 'im,-
nay (iieen, and .Norman .l.ii,i, -
Iron Mull : Lee Stow-fon 1 1 -. rl..N
j 1 ,, si,,,, ami ( fee, I ,-,-,
1 l alalooe,,,-,. : Jar vis 1 ai,iu-i 11 M.-,,l,
H amah, and ,lai vi- i',),,,, .,
t'"- meeting. Saturdav. ( oiinly
, Aca-ni Sniith pie-i,,.,i, .;.,, ,., .,
- geii.-i al diseu. -ion wind, -,i .-, . , . t 1 -d
. into l.y I'.'tli larnieK an, I l,:,ni. .s
I Ha-1, .egar, llllg lhe e.-l.ihl.,h,n, ,1, '(
a cann-i-ry her.-. It via.- painted ,.i,i
lli .t lietween .S 1 oil., Hit, :,M,- s:-i .,, nil,,
ml ol the count, animal I -. lor t hat c'.aihi l,e , .-huh ,1
ully i,g bt h. ie in llavw-.d
en 11 lit v.
I liel e yet r.-iiiains, suthciont t lino
to, the lariner.s to planl tomatoes and
see,al other crops that the ... nnerv
could US,, -til:.- seas.,,,. - .Some of -'the
high Salur.ljiv s meeting will
" " "ii 1 1 (v. Ull- I I'hM,.- w , ' u I .'11 1 MIIV'UU I
.('Union s chief' 'K found in aiiotfitr column in th
Says Me Will Support Aims Of
Itoosevelt In .Making Mis
..-Congressman- ebulon Weaver, if
A.-heville, who has represented, the
11th district for eight terms in the
lower hous of congress, has an
nounced that be will l,e , 1 ...
to succeed himself in th.
Dr. R. If Strntef,,,. ,. ; '., . .:.
;,inr,t ,.r "iir'.:" ""u pres.
, - - - .--j ... .... .iiC ivotaiy IjlUu
oy the new v u j . r ...
,- , wmiu 01 uirec-
tor.s .Monday night, J. R. Latham was
named secretary.
Last J"Vui!n, tu ...
,.l,,n ....uers.-oi tne
p V xV IT 1 ?ay J- 1- Latham
1 1.
" j ,,iui..i 1 ir - ...s.. ,., . ii.,... , ii,-.. ..
d during ,is I"i'iiai'.v m June.
,. 1 I In mill-tiur l,... ...v,,.,,,.. ......
... i.ivv. "f. .."".."uiiceiiieiit , 011-
... . . . ...... .-.. -.i' , .. .
...s.. ...y.vm a meniiier of the ""-''"""1 iveaver oeciares ne serve. I
iiuernatioiiii Aii,.i.,i :..- , r um li.r u -u , ,,.. iv:i.... ..:.
. t 1, -'-'"""i, 01 e.nieis . ' ' .."""" . . .m..i ..on su ,fi
Ol I'o 11 e :. ,,,, I., . . ,. .1 .,, I h e ...a:..-. .:., , . u....
and I olitc Olhcrs Assoiation. and
an u ,vc. m ml.i r of th, J-J,ec OH.
J . f Association He holds a
c.ilficate fiom the Umvc ,ty of
rw,rth Caro m:. 1'oti,... ...a.. , ;
, . . . - - via v, v. . ,t. h ri rn 1
Isk'rK du,Ua with high
eo nis poi.icie.-, and that he is now
seiv-mg under h.-anklin Koos.-v, it na
will support h,m in hi.s economic
policies. .
Mr. U eaver declares that he .!,es
not come to the: people with spec: ms
I, ri ,m 1 s-,,t- ...i.l .1,... .... .1 ,1 .
, - j ...uyurtii-a Willi nigh ' . i iii.iL ,,e. snail noi un
honorg. Chief linssi.ll ,..... ...:.,. dertake . t., ,t-l I th... 1.. ,1,.,, a,..
Id Was us- .will do things which he kmivvs are am .
possible of JiccomplL-hhient.
. Should Mr. Weaver bt, nominated
in the Democratic . primary for his
ninth . term 1 he will be opposed by a
fellow citizen of Asheville, Halsey B-
i.eavitr, who has teen nominated
' . ""w. serven Willi
distinction during . the World War as
' the Mexican troubl, ,n l'Ub
' '.th Inst Noith (aiolma
brrVf,,? -vemem-
th,. am '"'"'"" region ana of
the Vetran.s of Loieign Uai,
DOm in Cinf,,.. 11.,.. r ....... . . .
n.: ,, , " .i.w. l hiet
i.uasui n;i cr,,.ii u;.. . . .0. ...
in Havwnod , r 1 ,UJL M IS 10O9 TI V
adult .,fe ha; leen sn ntT It " ' M 1UMllU UP
laws. In i tv,.. ,
by the Republicans a--. their candidate
for .congress-, from this district.
F r vr,th ' r ."iam
Alley ad R ll StuC m?m? Seon f
hr (), v.. 1 -. . .. """ ul ing one -of--thn -mnn .h..,.:. .
w uv uvaiu Ul UlTPCUirs n tho ..f HI...... H'O'V.UIIS
Glenn A. -RovH a
that the Republicans of Hay-wood
n.vuiii-v wt;uHi 11 if 01. ar t ro nnii-fhA.inn
Annlimfmn C a,J " "'V' APri1 to name a
office of the County AgenC " 1 ZuTe gnen next 'weTk.
, . "'".-wucr as mem
bers of the board of directors for the
wining year.
JJr. Stretcher succeeds Dr- S P
Cay .a.president; Mr, Latham suc
ceeds Dr .Stn,ti,.- ,
t- 1 t, as .secretary
Under Rotarv rules, rir r!o ,;n u'
j uuj win ux;-
come vice president for the next year.
nt ciuo lecorus snow n momhA...
ship of 21. Plarus are underway for
a majority of the members to attend
the district meet in Hickory early in
r iv. V x' ' ("oneer ,pnyicians
7" North tarolma and was
Vnrth r runest members of the
u- d t.arollna regiment during the
War Between the States. His mo'h!
er. who wns- hif.-.- 1 ...
. . "-o ner marriage. .Miss
Louisa KniMthr,- h "-!!
th c.nnu iioni one of
the pioneer families in this vtttl0
h il flp fc,tat0- Chltf Kucll 1, the
brothers of Dr J Milton Ru.scll, prom
inent Canton -.physician and surgeon
.nK1- ussel- is -also .a .32nd degree
Mason and a Shnner
Worth S125.000 To
Havwood Farmers
County Agent W. I). Smith, an
nounced yt-slerday that the tohao
; raised in Haywood tountv in
1U.JJ, totaled 1.2."0,0(KI pounds, and
(hat a conservative estimate show
ed that it brought $125,000. in
cash to the farmers of the count v.
Ihese figures, together with
other data, have been compiled at
the office of the county agent here.

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