North Carolina Newspapers

    The Best Advertising .Medium In Haywood County Published At The Eastern Entrance of The Great Smoky .Mountains National l'ark-
-Reuri by Thinking lVople
NO. 21
TMl'KSDAV. APRIL -'fi. lit.Jl
Building And Loan
Directors Decide
To Make Loans
At Recent Meeting Board Of I)i
rectors A Feeling 01 Op.
timism Was Show n
Tho din-etui s vt the li..yw,'",i
Building A: Loan A -am-... . .".i. a
last meeting tiiscu.-s. ' : j,.u.. t
vivinjj the activities ,.; the 1;-.
&i Loan Associ,.lii.n. 'I hi, a
ha.s (li'ii-' niiT,, u. build up
villi; and Hazelwood and ai
sections in Waynesv;l!c town I
any other one institution. 1 ' n i-e.i.tvlli-
many ihu.-:ii..:.. .! i
have i a'll Wiled I'M' i.ui:
poses. I'll aeon.'!', of !in:,:
diticns many bun'. vi .-.v p.
able tn meet tin .)' a;. mint .- in
ly ami for sonic time the a
has nut made any n w In.
ilinvrU-! f, huvr cr, iii. n
thry van make con.-vrv. We i it
1 Ih April, ur ihi fti ; h ;u
iu.w iiiicii ami those u:-lni,,' ;
pane,, their loan- s!i. u 1 I j . ti
1 1 ' ; L Stfl'iuv May t'url. A
desirinu- tu secure a loan
J. ii. Hoyd, sis-ivtary. an: i-t.
in i his svrit s. '
In addition tu planning :,, ii ... i a
part ill l lit fund's r--w -I.c.:ng cii-. .
oil. tu" a.-s-'ciatii u a.::' -,ni ier i .,!-:.
(ration iHo matter m ! n,..::. y
iioni the 1 ! uaiv t.l'.v n ,. . 1 .a:i i . n. ..
atinn .'it l ill' pi..' :-,,-, 1 ' ! i ;,. :. i .
' Inall.- t ' li ,'tls ('Win i -.
'Groyer (.'. ii-er
; Seeking ur,-iv Ay ":
A 1 tiVhS ii. siei
To Deliver Baccalaureate
J- ti Jlw toWT
Mi i
59 Graduates To Receive
Diplomas Next Tuesday
Modern Bakery Is
Opening Here On
Or About Mav 1st
Complete Comnieiui .neul I'ro
; gram Is Annciiiiced l Sup
erintendeiit M. II. Bowles
To Deliver Commencement
iv w
I- ! .
I . am. cr.. vnii'ii! rtiii .M's lav till
I W;,,::, ;.lv I'uwn.-lnp lll.ull SihiMlj
; v.ili bfirm hi'r,. Sun-lav i-wiiintr w lu-n '
''.tie '.iavvalavu-i ate .-i i mmi will v ilv j
I l.vvrvii at tlu- Innh s.lun'l aiiililuriuiu i
i a: iiVlu, I In U,'. K. I.. AP van-I
i ill1!'. ul' l.tliill'i'i'tan.
Tiiffil ij iiK'nimt, a! ii a ii'. lnrk, lliv
. , I vlass .lay .Ai-iv..-1'.s w II In lajre-l.
!m,,,o! V'y'-nai Tui-Mlaj vvi'inr,; at s:l.. al,.vk, thv
i i.'ia hr U aynv-- 0,mniK vilivj.t a I ! ;! hv ,k -
" . ' ' ' iiuiv.'i ! i,u u.iit alil
Modern Equipment Being Insta
ed By Henry Vedder, Sl.'VOO
Oven Already Placed
in. i:t !
mlay'.- i - - iii'
i ki i in the
i:i:s . u. i.. i i: mii:k
HooUels Are
Helm Distributed
i i ake OHtnals
in! 'v at i.
:.?. i ilia.l. nl
" a A 1 1 . a iii
' p: I ati'ii Mlv.H--.ful
i a n.ia ri y.
);ln"y the p:i-t tWl wv.-lw-. lliv
.'inliiiia;' form, r'y rupi, ,j hv foop
' Haki'iy. bu I , ,-" w,,ii.' ,.ut and
ii pamli ,1, and ad niai h .iii-rv ...vit-
'.' I' !:!: well' a the
addil inn t.i so;. a- in ..h i n niuipliienl.
One of the late-l additions i t he
si,oii) avi-i: wh'rh wa-.jn m.-talled this
Mi' Vi-.l.liT -i;,S(r, ;1 i-,,i,ti-.-1 f.M
hi- ,'lienin.u the )elail uf whieh will
he l, mn, I in hi- adverti-enirnt.
Republicans' (r
( To aine
'Ket -aiuraav
lie 1 111 i e iM'I'il i'.-l
llpel 1 1 1! endeiu M . I
ill n.a- i en to t Ii
i: ' a,: na les.
1 lie pi i Kialit i
a- aniioinu'r.i n
II lloulr, I- .... 1
S I ' N I A V I A i :li
I'l la e-'-iniial h i hoir.
Sui:, "All Hail."
liiui' iliuii l'. Iii
A nt in in tiy V .ij i.
Si i i pi ii iv.
Si.!.,, ,1, I hair St.
Srrnioii i;,' . ); ;
llrltedirl lell, UeV.
I'hel', Mill ii,,! .J,,,
li'l' v II! lew II nl h, .
p i ,,e i a in !i u a :, im
I in -,!;, . in, rnii ,
I .la.- - I ';, in ..." in,
1 al.-d. - rile Senna
S lipii-n,'!,, ;.,v.i
Public Invited To
Inspect Third Floor
Oi" Hospital Friday
I'ormei Nurses (Juarters ilive
Been ComerU-d Into Mater.
nil ard At Local
e u til. Illl II
fliati I 111! j .
! ' . i M.S'.
. ' : . 1 1 -a i
. a
i'l I'-
l .
I'.ml llardai, ,h
-1 1 1 !i i Inn r-.
I. W. Ihilnoin.
any .1(111 h siT
I hail t he svliiud
1IU' p'lheAilie;
a he ii-lideivd,
;-oi-rell:. '
i., I Ktihn,.
hi; u. i. MoiiKi-:
Lowell Thomas To
Make Personal Ap
peal ante At Lake
(ii ever ( ', Kiaiei -, -:a . .,'al in
, lianl a s t lyde, lira itin -i-ii pi,-.. ,i ls
that he is. a I'anilida'.e for tin ir-iii-iiiatiiin
as meinper of the l.oanl t-f
romniisieiiei-s in the .- minj p "linai'.-.
Mr. lingers was i.e.n oil l-'i;-
Civek "tl years. ago, and has lived in
IL.ywuuil . ever .since. lie was ti
fnrnier farmer and stock raiser in
the Fines (.'reek eonumtnity. I-'iiv tli.o
jia.-t fuur years he has been in the
iiieic-aiitile lni!wes9 in t 'lyde
Flans. Underway
Foi Spring Flower
Show 41 Earl Date
. iianii-i j ;
-iav al
u ill
U.o. .o i .e. I ,l! -v II . ,,
; Ii,. I... 1 1 i y i i i he"
,' -lie 1-1 o, 1,1.,
sell. .nt in I anion at
W inch t i.tiie -.n-i-iui
!'l'"iic.lil I efiii e t he
o..y nt a; I
I III i o,i 1, ' .-
i.iUiaiy a, I'ii
of Jl.v Hill .
I'i- i i ) 1 - it i n of ( la
I.', eai a V-.i.-i-ii.
I '. i i I i .oil)'..
!.;' I'l.i'i".-!,.
M!:.r i 'III I !1.
' ' v l av. id i;r
;-,,l' -'.,!lel.
:i.o " 1.1. , ;
I - - . Mel- i . l l.
-y d.iiiiio-:
" nl- pi op lam 'I'd.'.;
M.I-.,. o". loi k will he a
l.-'.veil Ih,, ma,
llel p.lpe III. I
and i ao jo , la
made I , I .
Ili.ana;." i ,-l
mi1 ion .
. w i r i 1
v 1 1 1 a i
,- a' I .
i.i . .i
i - . -1 . i ' . i
a: In i
niiiie I'or ('ripples
And iiejonned To
Be Held In District
111 1.
peaker h;, W K.
hr. K. 1.. ll.ion',
' Kohes-in
M II. Ho. Irs.
III. I I . ;
A i kin
I ii' im
Ii,, I 'I
ii ; 1. 1. .in-n , i. j,
- .1 li"ll I ,
III. I 1
..Hit lie W.I.-
-I in1 a o.e
1'lan's are heiiiL' finrnuikileil hv til,
ii-iuiu e-iiintiness m v i.viie. -.,.i. ;,.,:.. ... .. . - ..
Although he has been a resident of fa'; , ' '" U . thp .V',n").u,l,,y
the cminty for 50 years, he has never
held a public office, l-'or the past. IM
yie.i'.s he h;us lived in Clyde town
ship, and is iw
the county.
and ii i
nili.iole ann
do later ' ' ,-n
n: ii 'i a i a lie
i ii in; I 1
Baptist To Hold
Fifth Sunday Meet
ing At Cbde 29th
' mat tei
I 'file ineel me hei v will Im helil a
IV the emit house, and ..e,-m-,l i ne- In ! prnicilial.
lll.,,t I......I,,,.. ,1 u I , I,',, I,
""e in. n, in i; , in- ia i i ii'm ui'.s,' " ..',''"""i
a majority ot tho Haywood Kepulilh ;-"Ul'ei ini em lent .
cans are expecti'il i,. lie pie.cnt when I'.'i.'t wen smip', -eniiir clioir.
. 1 .. i : 1 , . i 1 ' -I'l I.. .11 : . . ,' 11 .
Club fur the annual. Mirine tlovver h ""'"- .,. . . ', !'a ' ' L ":',V . w . . .
1()W-; 1 1 i. anion nieeiine; will lie a 1kmi- '"" . n .iiimii:., .hiiiv hut nia-
i.-,o , : ,i, , , I ie i -. niecimp, a. was M..tei . i'"n. uemy i.uineu, nay . mire i u,
fl, ,11,'.. i ....un.ty ; , ..... . ....'.. Ilehn Cale. .Viiima Campbell, Riilh
vnown thruughout',' . ' .' , !; ..... . 1 B 1 W ILJCv..,! . Caldwell, liirhard Ca.'swell . Lillian
' ".- n . i' it'.u i , WW tll'lll III II I I II i'l, . . .. i . m r i i -, an,,.,,, iov,, and ,vr, j ' " ' " " " ! '
i,';r;e;;r.. w,:,h,,,. nr,.-i For Nominatioii :l:tn!' A'"u,r Kl'iim'i" "'ran
11 III this taue there' a,e atleas.! .. AS ( ( I 111 111 I SS1IH1 PI' , ,,' ' A ' "V ' '' 1 'i , V 1 "'" !' ' '''"'l ,
In... For this ,ea,,,n a eh-ne-i. in the.1 UV9 VUIIIIII11UIICI ,-,t llei n,-f . Ahlne fay. Henry,!
-iiiiatioii uf etnraliU will he inada ,. laiw.iiii iiiu, Aa iiaii Hill II irrii'll
ihi;- war . vi: Cmmeicia! and nr..- ' . didleld, pioininent faiinen l"",l11 Huwell. Jain.-, j
u':;l L'-i-iim-i-, iiinl 'im'iii.iii- an, I call;., lai-er ,,f i he I ion 'Dull 1 1 "liter, Helena llyalt Homer .llis-
I I'iizi. will In- offered to both M ' " " "' ' 111 ' ui announced yes- f, VU'tii'-un', .Allien Kuime
I'li'Kiain for 5th Sunday m;'ct;iiK cl is-ae. of .nlrant.. and it i felt that ,r"la-v !,I:U '"' !- '' e uididate for M.-ihel Leal liei w.n,d, ! lane,-.. Liner
to lie . helii With the Clyde Bapti-i j .J,..uvr, t his chaiiKe a.hlei iniei'e-t : " 11 a -, . , u iii y i .1)1 ini o-ioiier ; ),H'e 1 -i nel'- I'al il h I .''IIK.
chtli'cll,. Silillday, April 2'J, l'.fol: j will he I iniiil ,!e,i a,- it has eome to-1" -,U,M' plinney' ' (litis Mas,--le, KuK-lt(. ' MiCiiiekeii
... i.i., o.... , i 1. . .1 . . ' - . ; : . i. . ,i , , . ell.. I I ' ' i ' i . i i i ... -...'.. .,
m. ,., uuii.i. .n i,.. i. ( t m- a iieiu 'on in ine )!;micii rum In it tee "' ' '-'' " ' ' 1 "'e ' .- -'"'o i"i'i .... no o. !'., n-. n ."" i -1 1 ion o In-, prai I ice he, ,,.,: m ,ir li
10:4.) to 11:00 Devotional, .1. V.ltiiat nianv ainateu.- K'.'ii'deiiers have li:l" '' Vl'' -'-''t' I'l -.a n '.Hi' e, .alt houuh be ey I'all'ii, Ihn I'hillips, Na nil ie j Carol, na he i , a mein her ,f t h,'. p, ,
Davis. 1 fell in lhe o.l ilo.i il.ev ,.t i '- llxr'' in 1 1 ,-i w I a ! I hi., Ii fe. a lei I i 'h- :ti liion . ( a-rt I ude I 'lot I . .I n-eiih i no I , ,r r., ,. i; - o.. ...-.' k
.' e - ...... . , ' - , ,., ....' . . ' " '.' i "ii,. ..lie, .o.iie . vi. e, Ilia.
n'K'iii ami S-.iith Ca-o
I ... . i , .. i '.
ll:.;o to 12:00 Sermon, (). V. liur- ( I in- '.mr-nmuty Club appreciate ; '. p v" " C '-".' 11 .ann upneiu ii:-l inini lyr- . .Heine luieri-.. - - Vl. ,,,.,) ,-,.,. ,,,,,,. -..,- , i,,.i;,(j prae."
neu. i.'a- c .'-'nil ai ;..n w ni, Ii lies Ie ,-ii eiven e" .,.,,i ..,.,,,,,, ,,,, i , , , , ,,,nu ni i.i , i ,. riii an. criniin.'i
Judge Felix Alle
Announces He Is
Out For Reelection
.lude;e Foii L. Alley ha., announced
Ih ,1 he I- a c.-llldldale lo Mlcee, ,1
Ililll.M'll : s .ludl-'e of the. Twelllli III
lild"; al Hr Ui,e, and lias entered ill:
name a , - ueli with he Slate I ;.;'. nl
of I'd,', t, ne .-, ie,pille, !,y law.
I' .'- I hil ly years .1 udpe AM. y v, a
.'-, I i. l; enp.::.,-e,l in I he pra.-i lee .if hi -inif,
, ion li, lhe 'I'wentieMi .judicial
I'l-' i.-l , and I'l i i'm ' I i me io I i hi
.-ei'vicee Uoto Mine-lit and -feu led .n,
iinpi.i taiit lit :p;:ilioii Hi maii'v oilier
,-t ion. of I he Slate, a - well as m
1 1 hit .-.ia!,',-. Hie 1 lie ma im Hon
Senior Pia To Be
Presented Friday
'! -he Cha: m Seho.,,1 I he lieliht ful
" a" iiy I'.v An, e Dili r hiler, w ill he
,...- i- l-'i'iifay t'e.'i,i): al. s : 1 ii lock.
Ihi . play '...:, i.i- -i'ai- ,, h.-'ine. ,iit of
1 1 i.i. , n'ln.liiie'; ev. n: ,.,. i In- -chool
; ' n l,-,. , n - :: i - u.- 'i an ii'l i ac
live pia'. Hi i ,-y' ,h tail, keMi;'; riear,
v- ' ,, ' ' 'In . a ie , ' M ii.e a ..Mil i n-e-'nt
.!, yei ,-f.
ii-liriK "iii'
" I la te.
. : w". , ; as
i , '. - i i ' : Lr
', a:,'l de-
,.-' . . . i 'en, in i ne niai i my w ere noi ' ,. ..,.,,,, , . .. ,e, ,,,.-,,,,,,,., o-,,,,, , ,,e , ,,, ,,,,. Mi.roiinilin"- .Male
1 1 :II0 to 1 1 :.j(l ( hristianity m ( lvic aidp I -I i.-mpcte with the 'larger ' ai" v '''' A '"' ' h,rnp, i at -ie ticket . I I hit t Ivieh.i , i tt'ueen Ihelina liny, j ' emu 'see, ( teorp'ia ami S
Life. Sam Robinson. 1 j::i'"w ei ,"' " ''''-' taken an active part I William's' XY- I lay, Ha I Lh.i,, hac,' :, :: . iv,,, ' , A ,
; hi li" n , t ' y iiie professinnal ki'hw-
i.'f.-. i ire.i I a.'i a-ipation lias serve.
! and, of . Mi'. Mciford -aid that ! K"he:i Sloan,: l.ewi
n ways delijrhte,! in helping tho,
12:00 to 12:45 Dinner on Kiound
1:45 to '2-00- I' (
Hieks. las an iinp'.ntii.n to Hi,, . ani;,teui-' wh" were less fortunate that he. and
2:00 to 2:30 Christianity in Social I nardem i ami.' -as H result, each ,-irv hei-ausiyof t his, he has inany frieinls.
Life. Jack Me.sser. : cessi ve , how has shown tnai ked im- 1 t mly m lLiywood, hut in. ..II iiarts
the pi'ovemetit. However, the ami of the 1 ' (. .. .-: su -. n .,nin (iiioiina..
2:.M to 3:00 Christiiuiit v
Home. Rev. Paul Hardin.
3:00 Open Discussion..
Lord's Acre Plan
To Be Given Here
Rev. Dumont Clark, head of the
Lord s Acre work with the I armors
redcration. will be here at the First
Baptist church on Monday night
May 7th. at S o'clock, and will ,how
.-lides repardinjr the work that has
been successfully put on in Western
North Carolina.
The pastors and isundav school
workers of the county as well as th
Public is invited to attend.
Seeking 0 f f i c e
As Commissioner
Norman IMott, of Bethel- winner of
the- declamation contest Tecently
staged here, and sponsored by the
Luildinjr and Loan Associations of
the- state, was declared winner in this
district recently.
; 'i oung Plott is now one of the men
-n the state that will compete in
Elizabeth City in June for the first
prize of $225 whfth is being offered
b the state association.
I'arilen ilena rl llleilt U- In nisik-o file I ' : -' "
spring show of. lim -one in which I I KV flnnrloruntl It!
i-A'KKY Ih.wir grower in llavwood J' I V IlUi I Ull . 1
county may feel that he or she may j
compete ;in,l it is hoped that , many .
who have net had exhibits- in pre-,'
vious shows will be exhibitors this
On Sunday '.'preceding the flowe.-i :
show gardens ol W aynesville will be James r., Henderson, son of: the
i. pen to the public- hue . II . .Heiiiierson. is a candidate
JJate or .show and list of prizes will i lor the nomination a, member of
appear in this paper in the near l u-i the board of commissioners Mr
ture, i Henderson is a native of H;ivwK.rl
I and is a farmer and prominent dairy
i man in Keavedani township
I Viir sixteen vear.s he' wah nuperin
i M-ndent of lhe - Cherokee. Indian
i .-chool, and for eight vears supcrin-
i . ....... . r . i . I l r, . " ,
f T-k . . """'"i oi me arusie ftrnofil in
LOmmiSSIOner POSti 1,"n;.vlyaia. While away from the
i county he .ent his earnings home to
. . ... invest in farm land- and other real
Iaiw Mil on will known duivman , t ,t Im the pi t ixviarhhcha
and general farmer, announced him-1 .heen farming and operating his
.-elf tni. week as a candidate for norn- , rar-v near font.,-. M- -,...--.w :..
ination for member of the board of i first' ran,li,lan. from T?.avr,io ' M. Di'-us, owner "if operator of
county commissioners. '-! r.nnounce for commissioner. I Belle.. Meade, announc .his week that
iii. .-.oisoii iihs 5-eie,i as ("iiniu-. . i wie aniusemeiii eeruer would open on
sioner before. He was on the ixiard i T r . iir j 1 j : ! May fifth for the. Week-ends, and be-
when tne new. court house was built. J. j, TT OlCn IS A ginning Jun,. first will reamm open
Jarvis H. Allison
Is Candidate For
A nine
Tat e. ; l''r . m , .. Thompson, Corel t a
Thivlkehl, Sybil I .'' nd, i, KoIh-i I
W iigenfeld, ti'iirdiiii W.yatt, IJIliai;
Kev. R. L. Alexander, the . speaker
for Sunday night. will be i-emeiiibe. ed
heie as having held 'a 'revival al the
I'l eshyteriiin -buich several years
ago. He is now pastor of the First
I'l eshyteiian church, in Lumbcrton,
having bi-en pa-tor in Hieva:-d before
going to LuinlM-rton. " . "Hefore entering
the' mini.Ktery, hi was coach at North..
western (,'ollege which is rated as ope
of the leading. .schools , of the 'nation-'
Dr.. R. L. Moore is ju-t cbmpleting
his ,37th year at Mars Hill, an insti
tution where a numH-.- of Haywood
citiy.ens received their cducatioh.,
; Those who .have heard'.-both of the
ahove -peake.s, consider the. school
officials , most fortunatoA in 'etliiv;
them here, as they are both interest
ing and able speakers.
minion l.
George V. Call is
After Nomination
As Commit Oilier
(h iii-.-e C.:
of ii,,-. ,.:,
week ' that - he wa. 'a , a:.',; ;;a:,, -i'o
ci'iiim'issioni'r in tin- i-'ini'hc,'N
I- or the ' p;i, t "1 hl'ee.' , ;,!.. lie ha
I ecu ju : :e,. of t he p, ai e, ami da
lis rin is until Itio;.'- H, ha- ,. i, i a
wood ';ii:ii 11 Yh
to Havw: i- ,-',;'i!i:
1' rum " ' Kc a: Li'-h:. -.. h .
Belle Meade To
Open Ma Fifth
la no -. 11,
35 yean- fig.
native state.
.' This i, .tills
ever sought.
C. A. George, owner of W. A?V. . N.
C has installed new booth partitions
in his cafe here, which not only add
to the appearance of the place of
business, but also affords privacy for
tnosp not wanting to eat out on the
center tables.
-Mi.-ss Rena Weaver, of Canton, is
f pending several davs in town visit
ing Mrs. Walter Crawford and Mrs.
Joe Howell-
for a number of vears has U'i-n
secretarv and treasurer of the
nesville National farm Loan
He was one of the first in the county
to have a model dairy and to receive
a grade -A"' rating on his milk. He
is a native of this county and taught
school for a number of years, i or
four years he was county welfare of
ficer. When making his announcement
he said:
"This is a time to pav debts in
stead of making them. It is impossi
ble to state the exact policies of government-
for there are continually
arising new and changing situations,
However, where county money is ex
pended, it should be so expended, and
in fuch a manner and with such care
nH fnr-.ciirri, that the neome and
'countv will be financially .richer." ,
ly-1 Candidate Seeking
bhenll Nomination
J. C. Welch is a candidate for the
nomination of sheriff in the coming
Mr. Welch has been in public hf
in Haywood countv for many yearn,
and is known to evc-rv Ha wood voter
He is at present tax collector, and
has been sheriff
Mr. Welch has been mentioned often
as being a candidate, but hP had no
statement to make until late Wed.
ne-dav when he made his formal announcement.
full time
A number of added attractions will
he offered. Mr. Dicus announced, such
a.s .shuffle boards and horse shoe
pitching courts. C. L. Weatherby
will have charge of amusements and
Miss Maud Dew, of St- Petersburg,
will be swimming and diving instruc
tor. .'
Square dances, with music furnished
by hte Soco Gap string band will be
held three nights a week.
More complete information will be
given later, although the entire sum
mer program has not been arranged
by the operator.
I lie eel mm Lawyers and judge- -evi'iy
wljei-e v, i I h iw hoiti Judge ' A 1 ley :
i n- come in' coiilact, aiti'rl (he f :Y
th'.t he has been a elove' and untiring
.student uf the law, and . that he na.
made himself muster of its. funda-
mentac p. ineiples and. rules of pro
cedure. .
Since coining of age he has always
taken an active part in politics. He
U'.-IS fieri, of 11, '...,,( ... i. ...i.
Couniy . from 1K!H until 1!)()2, aii.dYf'"li;','M1YV '" 1az'
represented that, county iii the Leg
islature of Liu.',. In 1 910 he was ,
elected Solicitor of this -district, .-erv-ing
one term, but did not a.-k for a
second nomination.
.beginning, with the campaign of r , ,, .,. . ...
Judfe Alley has responded to Lot'a' lioy I (, ''
m. ill of hi putv iua, Liunsboio loi (onul
on the Wilson ticket he made an ag-
gressive; c;ini)aign in (ivery countv in - ,., . ,
the old Tenth. Congressional District, j L,tw, l otea: I.lav d S-ei -.: v.;
an,) in 1920 he was Klectbr on the Cox ! yesterday for Cia , nssiiin wae. i '.hey
electoi ial ticket and again campaigned I , rel'i . Wayia -vi:;, !i :k
the: entire district. . Following 'that "?hxdYHi lhe ; State. ' )la-- !,'.r.;-'.-;
his services as a Democratic speaker ! "I",n""",'l ".v '-ne Woman - ;
have been sought from everv section I-1'"-' L niversny ..i ."i ; n i ,n:.a::i
of the State. It is claimed by his Jot .it ..goes as ; a harrVone -.-. -'
friends that he has made a : greater ' lin,t .xtl"nt7-. soluisf: ;n 'fh.- unca:irf-ed
liUmher of sneeches in l.ii-hnlf ,!' t P,. I hoys, voice gi out). ,'J ii, ,.,! , ' ::, : ' ;."
(Continued on ia k piie; 1(fr " t n W
Charlie L. Hill I 'l , ' ' ,
Mr. Charle Ray. Jr. left Sundav
for Chapel Hill to spend a few davs
with Mrs. Ray.
Mrs. Thurman Havnes and Mrs.
R. P. McCracken- bf Civile, were
Wavnesville visitors yesterday.
Mrs. Hubert Liner spent last week
end with friends m Hickory.
Is Candidate For
C, Commissioner
( harhe L. Hill announced this week
that he . is. a candidate for nomi
nation for county commissioner sub
ject to the voters in the Democratic
primary in June
Mr. Hill is a well known farmer
and ..stock -raiser in C rabtree. This is
the first time that hP has ever sought
a public office,, although he has been
active in all the Democratic cam
paigns since he has been old enough to
vote, . ' :
i -li'i'i
Rev. L: BY Hayes and Mr. J.,ii:es
Atkins left yestenkiy for. ,laeki-:,
M:s-i.,ippi . to atleiid the to :ai
Conference of th(. Southern M.-h-i-di.-t
church. Air. Have.- gees. as a
ck-rieal Vie'egatp and Mr At kin.- as
a lay di. legate : from the We-tcrn
North ( aroljna (.'ot. fi-renee. " Tney
were i lectc-l at the annua! ivnce
in -Charkitte last fall. .
Beginning . May first, the W.ynos
ville Library will ho o!vn each week
Although never . an officp holder. I bav tie,:n three-thirtv unti1 rive--Mr.
Hill has taken an interest in his I thirty.
community, especially school affairs. . I ibr:. ry pat - r.s will 1 e gki : to know
He served at different times on com- that f rom now, en mere win in; some
mittees to better the schools of his
community. One of his chief inter
ests is the study of taxation. ,.:
new hooks plac'd o-i the shelves every-
ef caving
niont h, atjd th.
the latest ;he..i

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