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The Best Advertising Medium In Haywood County Published At The Eastern Entrance of The (Jreat Smoky Mountains National Park Head Iy Thinking People
NO. 2:1
THURSDAY. MAY 10. l.bll
' More Candidates Haywood Farmers ! Hospital Day To
j Seeking Offices Allowed 855 Pounds j Be Observed Here
: Than Ever Before ..Of Tobacco To Acre, Sunday Afternoon
Monday 01 This Week Saw Much
Active Work On The Part
Of C andidates Hre
This :s a. banner yea;- in Haywood i
county for candidates. political observers who have
been un the ground for years reported'
ye.-terday that they do not remember
the time when there were more can-!
eudales seeking offices not lnclueinij: j
towm-hip constables. ;
Asperation fur county cummbssion-,
v. lured 1 to tile, wnile three arc!
seeking the seat ol chairman.
The LHj.ird uf education will bu ft-
leeted from the seven candidates. T he
next lcprescntative from this county'
will cither be J.'T. Bailey, W. i.j
I rawlerel ur Ural L- I'ate.s, 1
In the primary of lV,i2. only 22 .
candidates sought the places which
are now being .-ought after by do
Those who have filed for the 1'ii
niar aie as follows:
Commissioner ( Vote for two)
1ee Ferguson, Astiury Howell. G.' C;
flail, Jams Alli-on. James K. Hen
derson, I has. Hill- Geo. A. Brown, 1'.
V- .Mas.-e.v, John Kinsland. Hill Wil
liams, J. if, Gus.-ett. Mrs, 1.1, 1-'. L'os
tun, C. V. Meelford, Grove.' C.
Roger:-. Clarence T. Medforel. There,
were .-even before.
Chatinian of board of eoininisioiicrs
W.A. Hyatt, incumbent, Geo- C.
llai,es. and V. A Moore- Four
.-ought this place before.
M. . ;:; J.' A. Lowe, incumbent, E
1). Kickm.n, .Ucdloiel l.cathc. wooti,
J. i . Welch. Ralph Moure, and Arch
Ku.-.-cll.: La.-t primary- thefe W"le
two '.candidates. '."
C ounty boarti of education ( vote
lor mice) il. A. Osborne, K. f.
Mcser. and Homer Cagie, incumbents,
(.1. L. 1'lott,' John Howell, f has. C.
Willis, and John Best.
Judge Felix K. Alley, incumbent,
drover C . flavin.
Waynesville township constable
George Buchanan, incumbent, Homer
Uavis and Geo- W. Coble. Deputy
unstable, John Kerley, incumbent, K.
L, Uay. '.".' 1
the otlices of Register ot lJeeeis.
Clerk of Cuurt, Solicitor and Coroner
do not have any opposition m the
A close check revealed that Mon
day saw the most active day for can
didates thus far this year, and some
political leaders .-aid mat . it , was the
most active day they ever remember
four weeks before an election. The
. leaders -uf political activities in Hay
wood county were in town Monday
ever t u.-y with the . large cruwd that
attended court and the first -Monday
s.e-.-,i :' of the county commissioners,
while r.buut 100- farmers .-Were here
t ii'. tend the meeting regarding the
establishment of a .cannery.
Last primary . the total vote ca-st
was about (5. ZOO. Since the large
number of candielate-s are out this
year, the votes are expected to reach
a new iccord mar.k of at least 7,000
with a possibility of nfi ..
As usual there has been much
speculation as to the successful can
didates, but few have made a pre
diction that was convincing enough
to assure any candidate . that tine
..."nomination'' was in the. bag" which
nieai.s that during the coming ' weeks
greater activity than ever will be en
gaged in.
County A .Tent W. P. Smith
ma lv public this week that Hay
VihI i-aiulj fai'mors bad been
alb. wed an average of N"," pounds
1 f tobacco ic the acre for next
Open House Will 15e Held From
' '5 to ") O'clock Sunday Alter.
' noon At Havwood Hospital
me nt
the Agricultuial Adjust-
lia -wood is the only county that
ban m- allotment accepted by gov
irnment olticials. I'he farmers
have leeched their acreage and
l'tt ni that can work cut the pound
i ge for '. he next year.
Some n.'iiuie'. aie having to
w rk out an entiuly new sched
ule, which will leqmre several
months, h was said
The HayweKHl County will
.'bsene National Heispital Day here
on .Mimiay, May
house from to ,"
llosjiital Day i
observance of tin
erue Nightingale'.
British nurse who
eharge of military
The purpose-
jutal Day
, witti an open
'clock in the at'-
J, H. Gossett Out
For Nomination
As Commissioner
J. H. (io.-seU well known e'ontl".lC
tor and real et.-ate man of this coun
ty." announced yesterday that he was
a candidate for Countv Commissioner.
M r,
on t!i
he w
Gos-ett came' to Haywood
'id years ago. and began work
const rue lion of the1 Champion
Company, for about live years
is -iipe'rintenelent of colistruc
n B , i! i.-h ( (dunibia. He re
i to I lay w-iti'.nj and entered the
i.-iale and ..Vobtracting bu-i-
n-'W operating ,i -mall
in conjunction with his
held on Ma.y U! in
birthday of Fer
tile great beloved
in 1.W1 was given
nursing in Crimea,
f .National He's,
s to enlighten the
I citizens of America on the im
port .nee of hospitals. The olkser
vance was -farted i:i years ago and
since that time mmh interest lias
'been shown each year, and the peo
ple are awakened each year more and
more to the importance' that hospitals
play in community life.
Few people leali.e just what the
local hospital i.- doing m the way uf
caring for the' sick and- injured wt'
H .ivwood count : Fast vear llOd pa
tie'iit."; were admitted '.'7 births were
recorded which bring- the total to
1,07:1. This does not include .the -"owl
patients" that received attention or
treatment through the hospital statF
During the past year the $12 000
home has been construct, d
I tloor of the hospital
maternity section with
e trained 'for that woi k
lie- i
e- has ,1
if) VI
'he mueh towards the de
f the' county in that he
several tracts of liind
several year.- ag and sold them in
small tiart.s or Jots. On a number of
these' home.- have be'en i'. voted.
nurse' s
ami the thir
mid,, intei a
a special nurse
m eharge.
ln .Monthly ol
over oO pat lent
w hich liecessil ,-i
care for theni 1'
of assist.tnt-i tt
ext. 'a help, Ml.Tr
t In- w t t'k : lu re w t re'
in the loeal hospital,
te.- eleven nur-i's to
gel lit r wit li a number
I say hot bing of tin'
as ianiloi's, eok and
Sheffield Case
Heard In Raleigh
Bv Parole Board
W. F. Sheffield, younger broth
er id' .lames Sheilield. win) is un
tiei tit a, ii se ntence fiom Haywood
to- muuler. leel a delegation
Tue.-.lay al K.ileigh which ap
pealed to Commi.-sioner of Paroles
F.dwin Gill to snare' James' life.
They presentee) a petition, signed
by Dune than -1,0110 persons, ask
ing that Sheffield's se-ntenc,, be
commuted to life imprisoiiimnt.
The' jury which eoiivictcd Shef
lieltl signed t he pi t it loll.
With V. F. Sheffield were Fu
ge ne Alley. Jr., ami M ti. Stanley,
of Waynesville; Funis Sentelle,
of Canton.-and George H Ward.
of Asheville "The .people of
Haywood county don't want Shef
lielil to die," Stanley told Com
misMoner Gill.
In Mr. Gill's lihv- there' is a let
ter bum Solicitor John M. Queen,
who pro-ecute'd the cast against
Sheffield. It stall-.-, in part:
"He (Sheffield) w s my friend;
1 have been rai.-id with him. I
know his people and they are .my.
friend.- ami 1 am
lug my term as
was called upon i
defendant for t hi
he Was right fully
"The 1..W is Wil li
alio ha- had a la,,
! on, id hi in guilty
Farmers Vote To Continue
PlansFor The Establishment
Of Modern Cannery Here
Mrs, T. L. (iwvn Is
Named Assistant
C. Of (.Secretary
Three, lourl.hs 0 1 Neeessary
Stock Has Iveen Subscribed.
Leaders Are Conlident
I Of Success
o. tv thai dur
olicitor that 1
i pru-ecule the
. I inn' of which
.onyie ted.
en, t he elcfcnd-
i i i. ii, the jury
.n J the law lixes
.'. n
.all v.
w et
fo i-ie a man
pel soli dly yet
i' my oath 1 i
i ccoiiniu ndat Ion
i 1
might dis-
iv 1 he pcti:
init ially and
innol make
W. A. Moore Is Out
For Chairmanship
Of Commissioners
W". A. .Moore of Pigeon township,
a life long resident of that communi
ty, announced . -today his candidacy
for Chairman of the Haywood County
Ht :i-il Uf ( 'ommi-sioners.
Mr. Mooro was. formerly a member
of this -hoard several years ago and
is well known throughout the entire
county. M' i. M oo re is a member of
the Masonic .lodge,.' chairman of tl
district townrhip high school board
and it present superintendent of the
.Methodist Sunday School at Htthel.
Mr. Moore is a very -successful
farmer 'and ha.- always been .an inter
ested worker in .community ami coun
ty affairs. .
John Howell Seeking
Nomination To Board
Of Countv Education!
John W. Kinsland
Is Candidate For
John V. Kinsland, of the. Pigeon
mmunity, 'announced yesterday
)a: he was a candidate for County
emmissione-r.-' This is the first office
litt .Mr. Kinsland Vtac- otai. crMifrh
wa,s born and reared in Hay-
and alwav-i elfJVnforl Viic firrto
to, farming and cattle raising, Mr.
ccunty. lie 15 a Mason and member
. the Junior Order.
An Added
Feature . .
John Howell, of Jonathan's Creek
community announced this week that
hp is a candidate for nomination as
a member of the ( 'ounty . -Board -oT Kd.
lira! inn.
.Mr, Howell is well known in the
county. He is a native of the County
and taught school for years-. Since
he gave up teaching he has been en
gaged in farming in the community
where' he now lives. .
For: the past twenty -live year
hrs been justice' of. :he peace in
R. T. Messer Seeking
Re-election To T h e
Board Of Education
K. T, Messe'i'. inesent chairman of
the' Haywood ( ounty Board of hdu
eation announced yesterday that he
was a candidate for nomination ami
re-election as a member ot the board.
He is a native of this county, .having
lived mi a firm until about twenty
live years ago when ho came to
Wayne-ville and .entered the- retail
grocery business, which h(. -operated
for .about fifteen year-. About ten
years ago ho -entered the wholesale
groce ry business which hi' now op
elate .Mr. .Me.-.-er stated .two yea..- ago
when elected a.- a member of' the
Board of Mducat ion, '..that! he would
strive t'i 'make the. school -ystem a
larger and better one. He also
st iti'd that in- wa- for 'anything' pro
gressive in -clitMil work but at the
same time believe d in strict, economy
win n
cords' on file indicate' that
plished bis intention.
Mr. .Mes-er is viee-pri'sident and
'general manage)', uf the Haywood
Supply ( fimpany ; an activ,. . worker
in the Ui,ptist irhurch, and a member
of the Junior Order. ,
Sheilield is scheduled to die I' .'i
tlay week. Coiiimissiiiner Gill 'hart'
iiot indicated what action he will
recoiiimend to t li,, governor. 'I'he
Supreme Cuurt already has pars
ed on Sheffield's case.
W. I'i. Sheffield arrived he.e
Vetliiestlay nironing from. the trip
to lialeig. He tobl file Mountain
eer that all the facts were left
with the I'arole ( omniisMon and
that no indication was given as to
when a deck-ion ..would be made
in the case.
Last Rites Held
For A. M. Newton
Here On Saturday
it did: .not interfere with
. functioning ; jiroperly.
in file imlicate that he
2 Withdraw From
Sheriffs Race
Funeral, services for - A. M; Newton,
who tlii-il in tli,. Haywood County
Hospital here, Thui,-day evening ut K
o't.loik, were held ..t the First .Bap
tist .church at II ti'viock Saturday
morning with the Key. II. W. Baueom.
pastor, 'officiating. Buiial vi in
Grt.ii) Hill cemeti'iy. 'file' Waynes
ville Masonic bulge altended 'the service-
in a body ami pel'foi ine'd the
'1st. i iti's at t tit gi a f.
The .following Masons were active
pallbearers: I'aul Walker, I.. M. Kil
i ban. W. A. Bradley.' I- , Davis, S.
111. Steyen.-on, iintl Dr. J. H Smath
ers. Honorary pa 1 1 be . it' is we-re-:- Dr.
, S. I.. St l ineliebl Dr. Thiiinas String-
liebl. W. T. Kenton,' M. T. .McCrack
( ii. I . L- Green, lv B. W ithers, (). B.
Briggs., Clifton .Motidv. It. D. Lew, (.'.
1 I Ba, II Hi, Hi W H 1 mi .
Sam Freeman. If J. Sloan. W. II
I ut'it -, J dm I (ne Bll B, ii k
well. nd J. M, 1'almer.
Surviving, are the v.itlow, two
daughters. .M i - l-'lur
Newiibrt Nf.v , Va.. Mr
C. Commissioner p. V. Massey Out
For Nomination
As Commissioner
Beginning in this week's
Issue of The Mountaineer,
there will appear each week
a column of news from the
Haywood County Hospital.
It is througjh the co-ope.
ration of the Superintendent
and Staff of the Hospital
"'at we are able
this news.
V. Massey announced this week
he is a candidate for nomina
as. county commissioner. Mr.
Massey is a native of Haywood, and
son of" 1). A. v and Mary Med
ford Massey. and has lived in the
county al! his life. .
-'F6f three terms he was treasurer
of this county, and has served one
term .as-.commissioner. For twenty
two years- he hfiJi been a. barber, and
IDrior to tnat time ne was a iauin-i
and a xodhcco raisei. i oi ik
23 years he has. been in business in
VavnesvilIe. :
Mr. Massey ha,s made for . himself
a reputation of alway.s being one of
the biggest vote getters in any elec
tion, having led the ticket on several
to give
I.aui eni e Walker and
h. ive withdrawn from
rate, leaving live can
r. Walker, -has a
i t h" coluiiin-.
: : M r
in the r t
I might n:
thank my'
given me,
I withdraw
( rome I-,,
the sher
lidates in
r m a
II ii .
(l ,
. lie
stiid There are too many
at present, anil some day
ake the ra'-e- I want to
friendis for the support
ut feel that it is. best that
it this time.''
of A kroii.
one si t
A -hcVille
li ha i t , .1 r
lia, .'a' re I'
Newton,' i
If. G. Kuhn
i-r, VI r-. -
and .- i grand
.. Alfred, frank
Arm Kubne, all
dm ie-.atige-She
Tlie boarel of tlireci
lii'.syilb' Chamber .of Commerce'
icutive session la.-t Thursday
electeil Mrs. T. 1. Gwyn as as
sicretary of the ore.aiii.atitm.
Mrs. Gwyn is to assume her
Monday, according to the ar
meiit,- made by the tbrectors
will devote full time to the
which is bleated in the' building oc
cupied by F. L. Withers ev Ct.
(lie of the major tluties of Mr.-.
Gwyn will ly mailing to e t h board
ing bouse and hotel thai are mem
bers of the Chamber ol l oniiuee a
li-t of iiHpiirre.s ree'ei vttl i'loiu pros
pective tourists. A folder noil Hilling
th,, names, address, -number of room's
and rates of all bo.,rdnig hoii-e nieiii
bers of tile organization will be iriiil,
ed within a few days ami -ttit mil in
all mail leaving 1 'lie ( ham ' r t
( 'oinmorco ollice.
The Kill fanner,
men that attendetl
nig hei
to t
lie .i
anil few busint s
the ealllliiv niee
Men, lay afternoon at th
lioil.-e voieil to eontiiiue wit.,
to e-ial'li - h a c , iinerv in a
uitl sui's, iibe, iso,;, i atltl
1 1 that had previously been
brought the' total
u liu Ii
Eajrlo 5 & 10 To
Open In New Store
Saturday Morning
The'- t'iagle ,'t. 1 II, ami '.!.ie Store
will iinen Saturday moiuiiii' at. S'fliO
in their ni'W ailtl largi'i' budding, ami I
tillering to the public a larger v;i
riety of', jii-cordiug to :in
iiniiouncemeiil by Mr. Wallace, gen
eral manager for the company.
H. C McBride, local manage')-, to
gether, with managers from other
Mores.' in tin' chain spent the greater
part of the week hi're helping to ar
range, thi' stock in th,. new location
w 111
bu h
I be
was formerly occup
Department SltHe
new stiiii' not only
p.ii'e-. but is ai rangeil in
way, and
..ti by
a mo t
1 ve
St i
Funeral For Mrs,
Crymes, 99, Will He
Held Here ioda
to afoul . I, HUH
"We haw enough ill sight to go
ahead, and when the- committees that
aie now canvassing the . county make
thei. report-, we feel that every cent
will be Mib-cribcd," County Agent
W. 1 1 Smith told- The Mountaineer
Tin -.lav.
'The next thing towards establish
ing the tannery will be collecting the
-ub-i i ipt ion.-. 'This money must be
in the fink by'Jum' first. Tlii'n vc
-hall continue:' negotiation with XV A
to . eciire fulfils, for operating; rx
ne'n e.-." Mi. Smith 'c.'it in:., o.
As soon as tin' collecting is complet
ed and the constitution and by-laws
vent ten. the common .slock holders
w dl elect, a hoard of directors. There
i.' seven members eT the boarti,
pie'st ut plan- are changed ami
e named,
or any reason'- plans are' not
'!eil' i t-rry person: who pays
ni': ei iption to the cannery will
!' ( liinl, it was. pointed out,
TV A li :s show it much, interest,
i -I aiili; bnii'iit of t he' caiinerv.
and lho.-e here who are heading the
work feel loiilidenl. t hat. TV A will pro-,
yule fund-; which will be -used fer
ojieiating ' capital. The money paid,
in by local stockhohlers will be used
ill erecting or renliitieling a suitablii
building and the installation of inoiU
irrn cannery machineiy. The TV'A
w ill not in any w ay have any... claim
on the building or the machinery, but
only mi the goods that are can nod
by I he establishment.
Another I'ml tint was ,stre-seil it
Moielay-V nieeling was 1 lv fact that
common .-toeklioblers, which are loll
ta.mei.-, will be given preference' in
.-.oiling .their pioduce to the cannery
if "Hp
get a
ill lie
proililct'i who ;i re
eeiat I ,
,11 ).: t,
i int I - ami nil.-1 tH's iiieu
inei-l ijig t i . i n I I i their
ei i pt I'.n. Soiii,. farnn'i s
iii'Mint iiig to a - .in iiclr
w ill
'U li ':
in Id
lion a
bo 111
it . Mm
Macni'b -ul ii
n h
f'.r l'llol;e .
coming here .1 ro mi ni-
('., w hei e - h.' was i,D7i
I t lived will' y-a r. .a',
vania cour.'y. -
For a number of yi
c i n t r a c t o r a n d b u i b 1 e r
n a ii'.-ideiit (if
t ban In years
;en- 'county, S
To vi 'ars ago
b o ill Ti ail -yl
ars he - a
lit re.
The Hay wood County Hospital
Funeral -services will be
three o clock tin.- -afternoon ehiirch for Mr
Cryines, i)U. oldo l worn. in ri'-.i'i
Haywood county, who jia.s-eil aw
the home of her grantbl .ugliti. r
Hubert: Boone, in Francis ( ove,
nay mglit. btie liatl lieen ill
IIKUlt b.
A total of I.VS tleseeiniant-,
prising live generations, .survive
survivor- incHnleir three cni
Mis L II W.ilkt i, i I (i ibiin
J. M- Mootlv.: of Wavnesville
yelllgUs Cryme.s, of ' - ciicis ;'(. 'o'.e.
Mis. ('rvinew was tlie tiaugbti ,' of
Wayne Battle, owner and pi oi. i iel or
f the old Battle HoU.-e. the fir. 1
hot I built in. Waynesvilb', and tin
gialidilaugbter of llollyinan , Jtatl le,
who was :i commi-sioner appniiitid
by ' the Legislature in . 1 0. ti,. locaiv
the Count v seiit of Ha.ywtiod.
,i I bit I
1 b.
l ,t :
rig 1 1
t , -,l
,li, 'bill' . Owl
d. t h. '
bail ie vol
i i t ion.--.
I t lit
le abf i
1 capm ry, m
and car
t bat . .joobcr.-
a .j ii (. I
j.abt th" iuaiity
I' b'.s and fruit.s that can 1h'.
i re and begin taking orders
l ie- dm put-' of next year's i'i'o.p..
i. tjiti ,-i'iifiiii is so niMir at. hand:
; o iii" 1 lie. e ' y ill p i i l.i ; bly not lie
ijiiin. four' to six week's of actual
l ilt ! I'
-III fill
Traffic Lights
Are Working Again
City workmen completed the ta?k
yesterday of. installing the traffic
lights on Main street here that wre
discontinued last winter. The bghes
are at each intersection on Mam
street from the court houe to the
i postofRce. The addition oaiTisrni
! at the corner of Hnvwood and Church
streets , was made last winter-
Of inestimable worth to the citi
yens of the -countv is our own insti
tution, the Ha v wood Countv Hospital,
which on December .'il, V.Ki-i completed
six vears of service since admitting
it- first patient on the first (lav uf
January, ll'J.
Doubtless, comparatively few people
in the count V' have anv conception of
the work that nas been donet dunng
that time, and in the belief that some
authentic information compiled from
the annual reports will be . of profound
interest to every thinking person in
the county- this article is published.
The . building of the hospital was
made possible through the following:
1. A bond issue of Haywood Coun
ty for .$100,000.00.
. 2. Financial aid from the fluke Kn
dowment. .
d. Donations from firms and individual.-.
The present investment in the in
stitution being as follows: : .:
I -and and 1
nienUs . . . :
Hospital buibnng
Nurses l.oim b:i:i
V u rn 1 1 u re
fJiher F'luipment .
7 !') 1-
. v.yiy.o
21 ".71 1
,17') "i '
2 ',,(! 1 1
Total investment ....... ,Ji:M, 12.2.".
The success of the hospital during
this six year period ha.s been- out
standing in every respect. This can
be confirmcnd bv any one who will
take the time to compare its averages,
such as its low mortality rates and
the number of recoveries from des
perate . illnesses, the number of pat
ients treated, the average daily cost
of care to patients, which is far below
the average for the State, the ability
of the hospital tv take care of in
digent patients of the county especial
ly during the last lour years financial
stress and to keep the cost to th
(Continued on. page. 5),.
Clarence C. Med ford
Is A Candidate for
C. Co mm is si o ner
Clarence ('., .Metlford, who has Ix-en
in the mercantile business for ' the
past 18 years, and a native (if Hav
Wood, announced yesterday that he
was a candidate for nomination', of
(ounty ( ommi.ssioner-
M.-, Medford was born in Wavnes
ille townrihip, and has alwav lived
in Haywood. -This is his first polit
ical race.
He is a member of the First Bap.
tist church of Canton, a member of
the Canton Junior Order and also
the Knights of Pythias
-1: i
ne major
tor ope i'
show ii i.
. the met t ing
oil the lender
be ei.itVii.gli: su'
,- forward and
i rif solie'i t nig -
C. C. Hanson Named
On Committee To
Draft New Studv
' C. C ' Ha'i-oi;. .
Bethel !!'!, Sd,.
last' week by .M iss
on 'i-ecbi)mi(.inla'j.,
liiincipal of the'
I, was appointed
-Nancy C. llevi'.s,
of .1 Henry H iirh-
smith, as a member of the committee
to work, out t -late course of stutly
in character education. . ' :
The work i-'.. . under the (supervision
of the State Board cf Kducation.
Waynesville ha.s been designated a
headquarters for clearance of con
hog contracts. W. I). Smith, Hay
wood county farm agent, ha.s an
nounced. The office of the countv farm aereiit
here will be headquarters for hand
ling contracts and .sending them tt)
the State office in Raleigh for the
counties in this district.
I he closing date on the contracts
is May V. All contracts in this dis
trict must be closed bv that time and
tax. cleare'l through the Haywood countv
: . Cifhee. .'"'.
Mr. Hanson
that the. coinit
gethei- within
over the -"work ;
the greate.- part of . th
cation in preparing hi?
tibtod that; he '.expected.;
W'U.'d be called to
a short time- and go
id that he wouli! spend
summer va-
iillotment oi .
the work for the course-. :
. This is quite an honor, ...and: the
many f rienii - of .Mr. Hanson in Hay
wooil .will ':!,,. triad to know of his
appoiiitn.i ' . His on the com
mittee will :n U'1 way.- interfere with
his school wt.'.rk.
Hnyw(Ntd ( ifizens
Paid Income T;i In
171 pevpV in
pan! income
In lib,.! t ne re -Avert
Haywood countv w!:
taxes. The total number in the state
was 27.!'!t wh. ch was 2.t77 more than
.were, required: to pay in 1932.

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