North Carolina Newspapers

    The Uest Advertising Medium In Haywood County Published At The Easte.n'l-n.ranee of The Ureat Smoky Mount;,
tins National Park Kead l Thinkino IVi.-ile
NO. 21
Mil KSI)A. MAY 17. HKil
Real Estate Transactions
Show Big Increase Here
Number Of Sales Made. And
Others Are Almost ( omplet.
ed. Massie To IJuild
Funeral Home
Rev. R A. Sentelle SUMMER SCHOOL ! jj o i J 1 !
Laid To Rest Here AT LAKE WILL JM1 dneilieid scheduled
Af.,J.... H'4 1I?V OV r-
10 Liie in Liiair rnday
During the pa-t two week.- then
has been considerali!,. activity in tlu
real f.tate business here, a survey
conducted by The Mountaineer ie
vealed ye.-terday, Besides a total ot
almost a dozen sale.s having already
been made, there are -everal others
that will likely be made before the
end of the week.
Massie Furniture Company pur
chased the V. J. Braddoek property
on Main street here, and are making
plans fur the erection of a two-story
modern brick funeral home. The
property is located just opposite the
Citizen Hank building. The present
building, which Ls the summer home
ot Mr. and Mr.-. Uraddock. wi
torn down soon.
The lot is HI by 22' feet.
Mr. Massie stated . thai ,i,.t-,;i
the building were being worked out
now, but he had no statement to make at this, time, other than
it would 1),, brick and at least two
stories. The deal was handled by
Hradley-Havis Company, local real
estate lirm. The sum paid for the site
was not made public.
c. K
V and Mrs. K. 11. Ill ukwcll sold
lroperty on Haywood street to
. Kay, anil in turn brought from
May th,, lion Air on Main .street '
Mrs. Blackwi'il j, having tlu
Air renovated and will have it
open 1'or summer tourists within th
next few week.-, 'Die Bhukwell home
on Main .-trcot will also tie open for
boai del . ;
W. 1' Smith nought the forme
BlackwcM property on ;' Haywood
street from Mr. Kay this week
Perhaps the jf.reiite.-t scene of real
estate activity has been in . Hazel
uood and community, with a .total of
.-ale- within two week.-. J. M.
Long bought four houses and lot- and
-old two others,
Mr. Long sold John Wyatt a lumse
and lot in Hazehvuod, and also sold
one to '". V. Davis, in I lazclwiMil.
Mr. Long bought ine 'Lloyd .ira.-ty
pi. .iv on tligjiway .No. Id; .a sinafl
larm of 1 or 5 acres and: house from.
Liu l'ajfc on Allen':- ( reek; a house
and three acres limn Herman Wyatt
and a ho.u.-e. and lot front Tom' Allen.
""'Veral other dc .1- ale being
vyo.-i.eij. ,n" at thi' tnii,. but nothing
(lein.-:.:,. to announce. ..Hr. I.nng .-ani.
Two Men Are Gassed
While At Work Sat
in C a n t on
lack West, 2d. m,ii. of X. C. We i.
'V'le, and Ehlx- (iudger, about V
-"ii of Bob Uudgcr, oi' (,'andlcr. ware
a.--o. while at vvoik in an extract
.:ak car at the Champion Fibr,, I om-P-'iiy
in Canton :i o'clock Saturday
1 he two men, .employed in the re
p, '" ..,"'u! alterations department of
the Hare company, were taken to the
Norburn hospital in Ashevii:,. for
treatment- . Although their condition
is. still .serious, they are exerted to re
" cover.
Carbon , monoxide ga.v is believed to
have formed while the men were in
the extract tank car which thev were
relining with nickel. The men were'
u.-mg a metiLlaying machine and the ,
gas is believed to have escaped from
the torch. Both men. were masked
hut in some manner the gas seeped
Feeling f aint, West climbed out of '
the car and "obtained' assistance in
icsctiing Gudger, who wa.s found Iv-ing
I rostra ted on . the . floor of the 'car. i
I he- men had been in the car about
'" hour and a half when the accident i
' curved. a .a I.
More Drinking Now
Than A Year Ago
Says Dr. L B. Hayes
"l'liblic ilr.uiikenne.-s a- one
bundled per cent worse in West-'
em Nerth Carolii.,1. than it w as
a y, ;ir ago," Dr . 1. B. Haves
presiding elder, told The Moun
taineer this luck.
"l'.-om my ob.-ei vat ion in tiav
' eling over We-tein .North C ro
lina 1 have -eon about 1 M i , nr. re
puhhr drunkenness on the high
ways and around tilling stations
than I did a year ago."
''('he breaking down of senti
ment against liquor due to re
peal of the 1 St h Amendment, and
the laxity on the part of the of
tieer.s i- what 1 attribute tile in" he continued.
"There -eems to be a greater
need now for odiccis of character
than ever hetor,. i,, this county."
While Dr. Hayes was giving
this paper the above interview a
drunken young man in his o.ily
1 went ics staggered past the ollice.
Dr. Hayes sadly nodded- In- 'head
"...anil. left.
Tark-To-Park Croup
To Begin Second Sur
vey Of Route Friday
. l'lan.- havo I ron in ,de in W'a.-i.'.ug'-ton
for t l i 1'ai kw ay ollicials to nuike
another' ainvcy of tin- iinipo.-ed aouto
of the JfUi.lHMIilKMI route whiclt Will
connect the Sliciiandoah alley and
the tlrc-it Smoky .io;mt diis National
1'aik. tillieial- are making ari ;t:gi-'-ineiits
t..: leave 'v a-!i:i:e!oi, l-'riday.
Tin ,-urey pai'iy - u lib h i- -latad
: ''gin ork next , l-'i idav w ill
coinp'nscd oi , I'ltoinas' 11. McDonald,
chief of the Lmted S'.a.te- bureau. of
Public loails; Tho-, ( ". Vi-irt: cbi,.:
landsciijie aichitect a f tile pai-k !
viie ; S:.inli y All! ,o! : , . a- -i taut, t.o
'ti'ilmoie t 1 rk noted- land.-, -a pi' ai -chiti-it.
wlni is ilou o I ii !-.yi a I . - - tlio
p. ;ik M-iva-r ; nllii ail- i,i i .. ;'i , giina.
-'"1 ' il I aiohu'i all. T 010(0-..-,! 1 ,oi,
w I on") mi ; u i -. 'and. i-i I . r - '
Li,:!- 1;.. I i.a i r ; lie pa.1 : y oi -.di- a
'oil: '.":' t.ha- a ci ..,!!, I'll! i-j'i' ;., b .0
"it,' In : : I; .an; ie a; . ' ,,. :.ia n o; -,
i.l ' K- i uui'i i..o gained.
Vord aoiia- a 1 .".!. Via - ,) i ; yton
.. a .. .thin ;iii''.i!"i l iio ; lay, t In- bet..,
lef eiiaiici- X"' : u I .:e . hna will have
in gel.t !b",; tlia jo . ,p..,o; highway .!
i "Die t a I iv Ii : :a - a' a- In- -.'em ry
'W'd'I liiUiii LicV'-cr th ill it :(.- a. :' w
w-..' ii -'.i;a, ! .mil a' pre'etn .in t he
higher jii'-al,. .
When - lav iiaity a - on then- last
t Ui t f : .- ;.iiji.;ii in U aynesvi; !e a
tew mi mi i s i i-i , ire g.,i ng to So -o Cap,
ami thin lack at'iii ihiough the pa.k
aa New l'oiiiid (lap.
Outstandinu Kducator and Min
ister of County Passed Away
1-ate Saturday At His
lb: .hi".,' Tib. th.' .lunaiuska Summer
S.-h-ool will open its ninth ,-es.-ion at
the Mis-ion Inn. lake .lunahiska.
ltiring the preceding .eight session-,'
more than 2000 teachers ami student.-';
,. V ( -Mien ' ta ii'lvailtage of thi- s.-hool,
I' UMcial service- for the Lev R '""L i'U",y " U,v" . U"' ""
1. N. (Jarlur Is To lie In
( liaise. I'lea Made l or
I.arne Enrollment ....1.0.-1 ;i. . i
who dieil at hi.- home at
I'igeon Can on Hiehu-.-.v v i i '-''iuireil by a number of the South-
mile, east of Wavnesvdle, Saturday '. , a ' "" " l,:l.s , K vf Wual
afternoon at 1 o'chuk after an .1 Ins 1 f '' '), 1 "" 'j' lla'"l "n.ty,
t --everal months weie held at the , T""L ,as " h:,s ,Ih' "I'l'orl un it y
lidiiel Lapt, st church Mondav after- ' ' sul""u''' w"' at a very
"t o'chH-k. Interment wa ! "",mal 'M"'-
ror tne past sessions, i. t;
Childs has been director, Hr. fluids
having resigned, Dr. I'auh N. liarlvr
of the I hike School of Keligion, and
the author of a number of outstand
ing books. Ilr. (on! ,. i- ,, i'Ih-ki; ,,,
I gentleman, a vcrv pletismg iier.-oiial-
rviccs had tobuj''' "n, much intcie-te,l m the pro
gress ot Western North Carolina
Here For Cannery
"If we -collect ail I ha: i- .ui,
scntied, we wilt be .ole to put
over t he proposed- aiun i y : , '
Hay w nod count , ' . 1 1 Sim: i-
county agent -a.d esterday
"All per.-ou,- oi linn.- that -u
si a ibed for ,-ti , i in the i annei
aie urged to deposit their money
witli tli,, Khst National liani. ,ai
or befoie June first." he continu
ed. City Garbage Truck
Hauls More Than
oiernor Khrinhaus Keluses
Tuesday To Interl'ere. Doom,
ed .Man Tries To Sae
His Home
Ul Li reel) Hill cellietorc v .,.,. in."
lwo thousand persons attended the
lu-st rites for the widely known tdu-cato.-
and minister. Among those at-
keiiuuig were w min-iter.- of the sev
eral denomination- m ll ii,u,.i ,.,
ty and 5ll school' teacher.-. So 1-arjfo
s nil' ClOWll till
!,..! ...
'" ouiuwis- oi m fsii'iii .North t arolina . ., n ,, . , ,
' w;'rt' by the! There was some doubt at the be- ! and rubbish have been hauled ' b V t he , '", ""' .,1,"':"!t 'm'''
pasto s i,f I,,, th.ree 1, Baptist ' gmning of the yen,- as to whether , i cit v s.-unt a rv ,h., ,, , , ,..: 1 hnh,.,-. .shel itV I.. N
Vi u-'o1'1 Haywood county: The Kev.l not tl,,s Summer S-.-lmol shoul.l ie
,',,r f'0' vi ,l,hL' Fu';st Baplnrt contmucd. and after ns-urance.s of the
hu,ch of Wayne.sville, the Rev. A. V. support of our I,h-:iI teachers and stu
Joyner. of the I'rist Baptist church dents, the -authorities of luke Lni
ot t anion, -and the Rev. li. 1'. Mc- vorsdy agreed to , a, rv on. Sim e tho
. acken o t,t, !;lpt,., ,hurch of life of the .Tunaluska 'Sammer SelHd
Lljde. Lulogus were give,, by these is dependent upon lb. lovaltv of llav
hree niimaers and by t- lb v. A, J.j.wo.,,,,, t uul v people, a p h' s ,
Ju, ice ot Henderson cou:y, ,he liev nia.le for a larger i no I i, from
.i.'..!i-..-,l man e-terda ,ll uhr,
"aid lo -ae hi- mountain honie
f.oni foi
He ua- .lam.- K. Shi lli. 1,1, lla,w,i. ,i
lountv man w h,, k t,,- ,1;,- J-' ri.'iay
the eh ctn,- hair for the ambush til
i.'i of .lame- Miller, ai-o of llavuoo
County. Shetlield, in hi.- Heath K.oi
-icmd Jiapeis asking .S'.ll;i,s.( ) 1
from th,- Home Owuels Loan Corpo-i-'Hion.
to lift a mortgage on the homo
in hu h his w ife and two sons are
now 1: ing.
The application had been in lilc of
1800 Loads Of Trash'-''
months but was ru-he,j here ves-
tcrday uhen it was learned that Slief
ua, t.. -ii.. la ... a ... .
... ... .... ,,, , eio.l .
t tta-li i.a ,i, - v., ,., ...
I - , ,, ,, ui.., .ii,ii ' . .-lioiioi I Ills Mill
he ljev. Dr. L. I', va!h,',- a, J :,:, I iiska. ,,,
tile ir.-l I
Vi ay lie -ville.
i ii ii . , h
nei essitate t hi
gins at si o , lin k . i nlay moniiiig ano
goes (to eeiy -i I'tiou o'f tow n."
lliiring the jia t few months a mini
her of i.ld building.- have been loin
down and vacant lols cleaned oil nil
' out, ay- ol a huge oNpe'n.-e to th,,.-e
v!:o wuii'kl bo , iiiinieli,..l i.. a,,.,....,:. ,i,a.
. ... -.. i-'-"iwjin.-iii-iiii
,,,',' I'al I'carei.- w, ie . g i and.-oii--; "d in older to enfoi-,',- i .jr
bichard AlcLlroy, K,',r Leone, IJiul licnies. Aside t,::,n the educat lo.lal
enli'!le. l-.niiis Sent, lie. Hoia.'c Sen- advantages . nll'.iV.le,l I In- w.a i., -I...
telle, Jr.: and .Lick SeiitePe l.'l.. .-', , b ,., , a. . , , i .. , -"' "' ' , """ v'"'"" : ''""
,,..,.1 ... , i ........... , ,, , ,,, i 1 1 s- .-m iiooi in oui 1 inr ine inri c ion o A r. ,biii Sevc a
K rs f U'r'; fT ' '' ' ",',V:TU!''-M''-i-'r -onomical poua jot he, project,. :,:.::, ,wv in. I
.lusot the l.apti-t ,!!. :u,na;i ot o w.-u. I ls School ba.s .meant to is making plan., to , nl ini.e i hi : w.el
b,i,,r3 m y W,',V -e! 'V,1''-1 "'' 1 '-' u,,d C'oui.ty it, saving and'- in tl.rougli Hie sum.iier
in ... y pallbearer.-. 1 he t ll,,w , ng ,, v,ue ,o,e than' 10,00(1.00 each 'I he e,t ,e,is of WaV.iesvdle wanliu
I c, la, "n-iister- ed - a. In m - yea r, a,l has,ad,, po-sible l ,, liiiili hauled shouhlVaH tad and .
',' 'i'V . , Vi , Taa I'.M .1..,, . ; teacher,, in Haywood Count v.' tnnk will call .on Linlav.
-.r,.. .,,,,!-, .1', nine.. t . ino puisuaiii-e ad the. work neces-aiv
1 'li It v,l y' I v V ' . I, ':' )"' ' riUu" their eertilicate rating. ,
1. Iv. I.oyil. ,. ,, Nolanil , K . I . .Mcs- -I'l,
. VV. '1'. Shell, ,n W. T Denton. (; ''C' C ; -- o be ,,, erroiieou.-- ,m
J KoIh-om, Dr. .1. !' l,. I, ,, I1'1'1'1'1 that allot t he curses ollered
,MaU,lid,. i'-!; K Km- . al'"a '!"""; -ik"" ' ""'' "'
lleniy A. Sn,ath,', s,' Dr.' L ' M Davis' '':'' U",V",V-'. 1,1 '"' 1'' to correct I Ins
' I I - II , , I . I . .
' I ' 1 "iii a ii i ua
le.i-e.'itly ie.eiM-,1 li',,,,, . ),.. 'ai
1 ' on! Hilled on pag,. ii)
citv s.-uiitarv il -i ,i..:' , ., . .neiill I.. A. Slletliehl of
past year, according to Sam 11 .1,.,,, s , " , l"K U'w i;,,u,"-' "
.'Itairmanof . he ( 'y Sam.arv lUnV'T M"r ,lV',
nient. 'slii. ill .-aid he "went to Kaleigh a.- .1
i'oph. v!ou,,r.m,y da :;';a,e o,,1;: it z ',mrr ,h"
a. ul Place the,, garl,:,Ke on . he cm b ,. i t " - - 'Tir 1
late ThuiMiay afternoon , time tm- t
' I"' D uck eaily Lrnlav nnumng I, ,, - , , ' '' '- a iiiur-
..s inuiossible for ii s i go ,n,o the '' ' l",,lk"U b"1 ""tin.y.
b. ck lots and behind bu it, I in,. . , . ,a Ui,h She. ill Shelli,-l, ware two of
I.MIgmer-. I . e.ille, on l ', .
takes too milch tl
The truck I,
' 1 of Lai. aes LaUviii Dill and
i- Lliriiicliaii-. The ( iov ein,,i .
ii'i Inn ng to inii'ia cue in Slief -a-e
t.olil 1 1 n in, " am rrv for
l "leiii.aii ! i.iii, a... A ( . Walker
C.-i roo A, Lmwii ; ;.' MediVird W
'' iCiiuaih, T I '.. Wa-1!.-, I i. 11, Lless
Moodv. Lranh V.- , W
A- 'I-forn,-' and W,
-H : 1 li'ia
ii r i-1 1
- la i- a
I,. : Ami':
a I,
lie ui'b.iw wl
lini,. ! ho. i
w a
Summer Residents
Operating Success
i u I School In Flu
Haywood Fanner
Makes Money By
Selling 1 I a n t s
.Ilia- lo
I ... i i I
III' ii I II
I a l,l'
you. ,,u- t a , :-oi i v as I ,-an bei" "
1 '" '''' "' '"'I- men, M ilo Sia!,niiil
and L- L. K.a. !,. -,-ouuciod . I' the uiiii.
'I(''' "' a hanK ii Ii hi- in a I a Ioi.-mII,
Jol'laay, and .lohn
"aid,.- liarlotl.o. Necio c.un arlaai ol
! 111 'i-i':. of a i-'hai bu . : ' , .
!l,-:n o. a lioMiifi:. are . -hed'ii.', .1
'" !' I' M day. Ni-M,- h.v,,. ,,,,, .iVu:
' u " men .In en , ; j , i , , ,,, i-, , , ;
a u:
in lb
li-- ai. . In,
,'I ii,
I , n, I
W 1 i
Unemployed Must
Register Again At
Courthouse Here
Lucius Line, manager of J,,, re
enijd.oymeitt olliai' here, , annoum cd
yesterday that lie. had received in
structions tiom' Raleigh that every
person seeking employment through
the reemjiloymenl ollice 'would have to
register again -before June tir.-t .
".No matter vvhen they registered
before, they must come in "'and regis
ter again.'' Mr. Liner ,-tated.
The., local " ollice has re gistereif . a
total of -"ii'iUd. " At pres-en't. tin- number
listed is only 2.'!."0. as "many have
found employment and others moved
A number have been placed in
homos to do general vork and ii have,
been placetl on farms of the coutity.
-i m a: ..b.i,,. I ,; , ,.,
"' ' - ! bnilia, v. , - !;,,a,a.
I'i-I im:g 1',:.; Ai - Wi K Siu-pheid
Denver, I oiii ; Horace S:. il:, ',i, I li,!,,
iC K. Sell!, ale Sollta i, -a" ; ,. ' f Sen
telle Wayi,e- iHe'; A I i i 1 1. I h.a'n
bi.e. Kal.'ie-h; Ml,, .ibi..; 'drblij'y
U ayiiia-v ille, nd i . Will. I ,. ,i ,",
Fa i i vie w.
Mr. Sentelle Was e-I.e'')' the ua- :
i emarkaidi no n t hat ( liv,.,'! an
i i , :. , , i i a li II i ! a f I in , . e , :, , a i, l.,.,i, - 1. , , ,
a I - ' '. 'i ii'i - - --"hi.m-1 OO si-ii.ini. W II lill
-.00", ' n e v i e i ,,w-r- a i Having, it- - coinmeiieement a
C t'.t ':t':"""' t"1"i"u' - The -ehool i, a on,seclariai,.
i;!i r;,t;'::t
' - ' -ii 1 1 1 1 1 1 . pi t ill i 1 1 iii ( n ( i i i i r f, .. 1 1 i . ., i .
the Soul ho. ?V A - -nciation witi, a.- hirh
' and Mr .' II. I'; Caipeilel,
-lnhi veaoV, Kb, . w ill ban, lo. Way
-'- ;!!'''. : biO i j;, ,(,1,,,, j', f,',
their summer bom, H.,,.- whole in, i
w ill I - it:, i n 1 1 1 1 r j 1. Sepl', nibi'V The!
a i I- i.ii I, ii . ., i . . , , ,
'"'' 11 lir-liiiineiilal i h;i in,' -everal 1 '"K f ' 1 ' 1 E " - and ' each i via
liti i-i'. - "I'tiivb.i- i- b. me- be ,-' '' ; pbe- iiiost of t In - e, i f ii, li e:i
Di.'' I 'a : oeii I . ,- i- ore i l', ' r . , W !i peeia ho I be,i ,
ploiiuces lili-m.
'''v He hail a mere ;;n oim ,
ednesday mm lung..
Totntoes! I'olatoei ! and lino,- i ,
; I at oi' ! hat':" w h a I 1 ia. e I a a, w : a I
bai' I. if all liie " hp ' : ha: ,. .'(a,,!
; bi icbi: ,, ay.,'. v ;,!,. !,,,,:,, is.;, i a .' ' ,
'; and in . I u , nei i,dl ', :,u ,, (,,,
'-"'O IIOII ,,f ) u , ' - :
I Not alloy' will On: i 1 - be .,,), :l i a! ;
I bio a hi i e u 1 1 1 In' a :; a lapb " .bop, -. . '
t onial of'-- i,' ; h,. hat. i p'.ii-a b, , :
I f :-.Voii don t QIC 1 1 , i poial"! .-,,.' '
I , oi'- , pel I : I 1 1... ! 1 1, ... I i ' I -I a j 1 111 , ,
i ! a:-'" pl.a nl .- w ounl p", 1 , nie i;-1, '
. l.o, i you girinn, t.-aelhis ui'ii tli
; HI (11)11 wel'l pi-ppoi- 'p al
Ml' Ktllbliotll- lieeiab,, i,, ,.,,,S " '
'i I ii i 1 lis h
! Il-a .'-.!,,
i a !,,.', i
ill", :i,' ,ye i i , . , 1 1 1 i
more I aa.ii mi, ,a
Oa- I t iil.i.! .
lin il I.
Young Democrats Father Of Mrs.
redder Passes
I He was superintendent of :tfie. lountv
puida- school system I'm :;i year- and
; a leai-her (.,. years. ; During .all
those years With t lie, except ion of the
period of bis .'.active career a- adeaidier
j-bet o.e-' i'litertng t:hi: ministry, he was-
a iniaidier of the.tiospel and actively
engaged m pa.-fo'al wmk
Richard Alvah Sentelle, lonspicu-pu-
among the school nii iran,! .'wi'nnen
J" Hay wood (oiiiity. and the State of
irt K. ( -arolina, wats imrn jn Hender
son i'ointy Decembi f 2;;, lsp). When
a boy hi had iibnr i-durational- advan
tage.-, attending school only: a few
month-: in, the year for' two' or three
yeat - before: the War , lietween the
States came on-' Duaihg the four yi-irs
of strife his advantage- of be'teV
prepiualiOn. for hs life work Were des
ultory. ' a; . ..
In 1 Mid,, he came to Haywood coun.
ty and worked on the farm of W. W.,
(Continued on page eight):
I'm i.
a ratmg l-he associal-ion gives.' Its
Jige, limit - .are " from- ejgb't . yea iv
t brougli Itiglr scboiil, ahrlusive, jii'iiL its
1-igni is "T 1. 1 in ing -Ilea id ; Jleail ami
M a.ipl. '" It, ha.,- been di-ignated a's the
school vvliicb i"-e. -..ii :,n with Mail,"
s. it allow:- i,l j 'st udi'nts to work "out
half their' expenses.
The sc'li on) lias ' a 1 all acre eainpti-,
an apiary from which more than two.
tons of h-oiiey have', already lieen I .ken
and coiisiniied in the dining room this
year, cit.u- irrovfs n nil: -hoo- Tin
boys care far all these, . working about
Two Dairy Meetings
Held In County Ml.AmS Urs j,.lck.
well Own !()!! Air
Two gon dairy meeting- Weie.boa.l
ip ILiyvvoorl on Monday aiol :Tiii,,alay:' .
of 1 hia W'eek, alid wi.-re attended d.y a :
large group of I inao. and tboir ;,
w ives:. . ; i
-Monday night a meeting vrt,: hold '.' p't op,
at .Lock Spribg rnnl Tuesday after-1 alb a
noon . oho : waa held, at 1 Ik- Karl Ken j '-a.i' ...
giison l.lai.ry. o,j the Soco (Ian Roi.d a,i a
-i r. ! ;i i' in in: st al .. i a n v
A i
r r- a. n.-i in . -a a i . i oi , i i- . tii -
o- v ia ,,.,,,,,.... ia... , ... i a ., - .,
'!.. 1,..,, . .. a,. ,, ..a. 1 1., . i a .a . I I ,a.l, t .. '. . . , . . ' ' '' a : I ' - f a
- ii'im.- o oo.v , ! ioie i ne gi lis a r e .! i'oi oiiiii!(,v ami i ouniy ;geni
lor i hi' i-td in a.rv di'biirl anenl .- tcorkiio,-1 Sniit It irrisw'i'red the nari' oin-at i,,ri-; . . . - .' '.
I C . hi.u'r.s a day:-. The - school isa that wer a.-ked by the l'arniers: "-a'ud Ik ICR 1)1:111 if lfll!lVH
a. , , f ' . ' I . ' t - i. i 1 " M 1 1 va 11 ' '
, .(iniiir, oim- lllii'l": a
Wa - -shown in t be new- creamery which
wdll ojieii about .June first. ' .
Ml, Smith stat-, that otie-
Ia. I'. R-iaiinii!
riot undcr thi' ilirection ,,f a.ny c;h u ri b,
but: it all student'.-; to take ii
'H:bIe:-ciiurso, 'ln-l b-vi iig 1 i vest -'will be
;,.i i -1 . . : i..: . ..:. . i , . a
eniiiue.i ,,y ill'-aiiiiii i I', I ac IC - -" e. .aFoilll -1.1 (I'l I I ol le ' -ei-
ngs oft hose who have .had. a inoubL 1 'ions wanting to. have similar dairy
From Sheriffs Race
ing.intbii tic upon the ent ire, world. . j meetings should arrange Avilh him
, ?:-v a-'-nded the meeting of the
- .,ui ui iiit uanquet a1
.u. t -.v"'"it au me oanquci ai a. no .nt i. r-:.i - ti - it rw , . .
n -,,-u;.u 1- lXV last i iuay iiigni, . -.urs. Henry f . ; Vedtlcr r
ti,,v, .' c uiuceis ,01 tne loung
m ratio club of this county were
' anted for the coming year.
rr4'-1n K Fe,r&uson, Jr., was elected
President. a' Mrs. Chester Cogburn, of
pon- Vlce president and Mrs. Ruth
J'Otha. secretarv. Hollnr,,! rii rnr,-
"v- treasurer. . ,'
'?J- Mll "meeting t-f the org.mi
fa inn., will, be, held one week after
-'- June primary. . . ..
f :rrri'trt.a'-ment for th evening wjus
and by ,the Hazelwood string
' and and a colored quartette.
I flivV B,f Scouts of the American
f;f eton rneet over the W. W. N. C
f- - l'. ' :30 :lock Friday night- to
b' v , v. "'Ka,,lzea tneir troop. All
. wno are internti .
the tronr , tt.?.,Jn,erested m Jomtng
dbu-ii ; . u Present.' LeRoy
Brtf!' ; t"u ."lastr and Marion T.
is asistarit.
Sunday, .'from- Davtona He.-i. h Kla..
where .-he attended, the funeral of
her father, J. E. Xicholson, 72. who
passed away .Wednesday following A
stroke, ' :: a :
Mrs. V'edder was .tailed to the -bedside
of her father a few dav: be
fore his death. He was a summer
visitor, in this .section for the Past
five or six years, and stayed with Mr.
and Mrs. Vedder at Ral.-am.
The deceased is survived by his
wddow and seven children; all live in
Florida except Mrs. Vedder, who came
here several weeks ago with Mr.
Vedder and opened the Waynesville
Baking Co.
Dr. L. B. Hayes, presiding elder
of ' the Waynesville district, will
preach thP commencement sermon ati
Granite Falls this Sunday. This is
the former home of Dr. Hayes:
ttiat - tie mid wa! i
-heriirV ' . a ''. : ;!:: '".
stateillell ' :M r; J; a-1
waa-'do;ng- :t,,f. - V:'.
and :d-o b'aca:i.,a-- a
ne-- interest.-.-' -
Mr, 'liiefcnn'rr i., :.
lli-r of tb,. i,i,a . j i
; ' p-!oi)e'v ;,n I o
1 ',: ('. I'i'ot!.. well known W o-. ... diu-anas mehioi -ia-
! viil,. man,, announced .that he "is a
inilii ate lor nomination a-- a mem-
G. C. PJott Seeking
Place On Board Of
Education In June i
If you are .'K,, you may, expect 17,000,000 more
minutes of life. : To 'save one little, minute some:
drivers wi 11 gamble and take chances on losing
the 17,000.000 minutes. They, do this every, time
they jump a traffic light,, when they cut. in' when
they stubbornly refuse to yield the' right of way
They, take a dtath-lefying chance to save a min- :
ute. It's, the- poorest gamble yet figured out.
Highway Safety Committee Carolina' Motor
. Club..
I In-- wtt.ndvawa :
eaves li v.' in-, ia.
bf:- Of the luaafrl .,f ,...V;,..i
Mr. lio' served four year,, a- a FORMER' L0( F; I. )
memner ol . tne . board, and has also j
served four avoirs as, -a member of j
I ow n lioard of Ablermen. '
'He :- a native of HaywH.. and is
At ti ;ent engager! in farming and !
Mrs. Jo- t'i..r,c U ji ",
T..I-. .. I, TS . ,
': -1 t '' ' - ' H i "'',1'iJii,!;,, i'ltii 'iiin ;'ftJi:
lumiiei .una ne was general manager i and,, Mr-. .1 R. Thmi:ai
of the I'lott Hrothon! T iiml.,, c.
pany, at Dellwood, for a number of
years- -
was tiit', re- dent Ihas-es... --a
the Santa Barbara' "ounty. !'
Oonimittiie. Mrs, H':ed 'ha
of the ' program w-h'ich :.:ir:oi::.
of the I.- ,.: rg f) !::,',,'r:i:-' :':';
as speakers. .
C. J. RfffP hac "in fit afnmnlfit,l d
five-room buTijralow on the bank off
l ti:.. 1
me i ieon river near laruso. ine
bungalow, will, be used, as a camp ir.
the summer: and the site on which it i -built
affords an idofl fiTiino- crt
. ne location is at the . foot of Mt'.!for. the c -sot' en or a'v';' Ju
Tisgah.--,:;. ' : ;t wa- lea:xe-l here' th:s week
Mr. 'and Mr-. V H- Mara',- h.;v
leased. Vim i ars: .ir,! : w '

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