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NO. 28
THl'KSI) AY, JI NK H, 19;U
Second Primary Called
In Four County Races
Local Boy Wins
Ten Dollar Prize
Hate For Sherifl', Representative,
Chairman 01 Hoard, and t on.
stable To He Voted On
C,vw. od county i- preparing fur
-i nrn-arv, .which will be held
a'dav. June 29th.
" ' . . " . I - 1 . . 1 1 . .? nlllH
mini; yiin me ouuiu
i a .-econd v;k. are:
;.tritl'. Arch ti. Kus.-elb who
-,nd high man against J. '
F r
if X ll.
i r..vfrd is runnirfg against
hailev, there being a dill'el
. i- "7 ' votes between the two
; ::i'e -in .the primary.
i'. Biiuiu;wi'Siii.Ut against
,. Hyatt lur hau man
,' ,,i c iininis.sionerS,
; Much. .nan has called for a
:.: arimary against George Coble
. a - nijrh man before
... ....imrrs of political all'aiis
c u :.;:y ll) -t .indications are
'.- ...ming election will he the
, fought cutest in lh-
...' 'Ju: coual.v With ihe la.cj
'..'l '-i.-w-i to two candidate.- in
.. i, tnv,,- will be much .-peou-:'.
a:: i VampaiKn on the pa.'t of
-::'th!ati. a.- wvll as ii'it-nJs of
. ,: -la- time the official .vote va.
, I. Down last Wednesday there
en considerable talk of a &ec
aiainaiy, but'il was not until late
iay al'tcnioon ' that any e.indi-
r.ia-le a formal step towards eall
All the candidates tiling' for
-i . ! I ' primary tiled with tiie
i ;' elections . within a .short
. ;' e .cli other.
iaoc -a,e three . races that . were
relive.-ted: Boaul of Commission
,hi ige, and Board of. -Education..'
Waynesville Girl
Received Degree
v From Cullowhee
G iklowbee, June 10- (Spcvial to
Wavra-viile .Mountaineer.) Miss,
Mar.-ale: Ashton, of Waynesville, re
ie;vtJ ;:ic bachelor of science, -tic
!.: ii ini Western Carolina leach-u'-adbge
at the recent coninience-nrc:.;-
The :' ilowing Haywood county men
ar.i ,-. Mincii received, 'the two-year
Nerval diploma: Annie Boyd. Way-ra-vale,
cloo Caldwell. Waynes
lvon ( alhey, Canton. Mabel
Clark llepeo. Lucy Fisher. CraJ)
ti't'e Foster Ferguson Cfabtree,
Pitirces I.-aitherwood, . Clyde, and
- : X Ian i, of .S:-ablie.
Mrs. Doyle Alley
, Wins Scholarship
Mt: Doyle D. Alley, who for the
M -'. tew years has been deputy clerk
' Ji enor Court here, has been
granted a leave of absence by Clerk
'- ( .oart W. O. Byers, in ordc .-he ln'V flttpnrt lio fViTNCi-mnnth
fKih-jf.the institute of government
Chapel Hill. Mrs. Alley was re
(tni.y awarded a scholarship to the
. institute;-: - . ...
; -'h-ss Kate -Williams, of Canton, will
oe ;n the clerk's office during the ab-
t1;ce.,0f'Mrs,- Alley. :.' '
Bathing Beauty
Contest Will Be
Plans Completed
By W. C. Allen To
Publish History
Tile Annals of Haywood County, a
new iii.-tory, will !..t. pub!:.-hcd in' the
near fuluic- aeon ding t.. an under-stan-iir.e-
KachvJ at a meeting of
the , f liicc;or on Saturday,
June It is planned f-r tile inanu
ci ipt i., ! placed in the ban N
the printer by epteio;;t-: 1 and UK
book t-. vi. m,. I' '.lie pn v ;.y llle
middle ol .December,
C o-'ipei -arng with the ant boi , V.
C. Allen, in Uie puiiicatinn ,,i' tli
Kugeiie Francis, of Waynesville
Route one- wen third prize in the
"i a re element" contest which was
sponsored by Anglo-Chilean Nitrate
Sales Co., of this state.
The prize was ten dollars in cash.
Young Francis is a member of the
vocational c'.iss of the Waynesville
H'gli School, which is under the
sum rvision of Mr. Morrow.
Must Have Camping
Permits In Park
In ;1 communication to The Moun
taineer from Superinti ndei:'. ,1. K.
Fakin. of the tiieat Smoky Moun
tains National I s. k. ;t was said
that c inpire: p. nnit- will be requir
ed bcf.oe cainptnu wall ie permitted
in the !!::.! t .;'., ( Mig Creek. Haven
fvr.i I Sancres; properl :e.
Fa' i . e.aiation- will be ijoi'oii-ly
vill'otce.l in these iireas. he said.
Formal Opening of Lake
Junaluska Will Be Held
Sunday. Daniels to Speak
Po Speak At Lake
IK t
la 11.
k ar -c W
lark (' :
de; V. .
T. i.
i lie,- 1
i ; D. i. ;..
annah. W
d ( labti-.
Smathers j
(, W
u, Vav!:e-
i ' !
Ah... T. i
and .1.1
I Sa- M. ib
I to. .. f ( ant
auiji ot lie i
tile H.iVW. - i 1
j Ab o.lay aftei n.
I 'y J'T meai-ei ". hou-,
v.. :,t ion
. ti. i
M'IO.1'1 el
o o:a r..
J i:
. iillc.l
f ( an
", wa
i ; at i e coiiim It ti e ol
im. a 1 u moci'at.- hero
'll v. bell anjiroimale-
f the p.'i : ty met HI
- . a! i r annual
n.' .;: i u :r.p.iatv
: . ' . .. n.l !ai...
. t'. Hannah
. I' i-lell HU.
' . ; I ' I . , ailed i,.e
; n.
F , i i'
f the' -
. .in I ;
nam. d i he
.11. V.
1 1
lowuig iitan , tinaiicina t he
ti'ai wa- ae.oed anon - Ad
der-. w.ll i-e taken.-' t he pu i oha-.c " , 'C'', 'C ' o' i'
ouiKniy a aepor-a . - J. . I at iu. ;m,, i jt.
of signi'ng tile order! with the ilea-- Vi
urer. .). I;, lli.iy,-), pivMdent .a ih,-! '
First . National dhvak:. WaMi'ai.-'viile,-1 ' '
wlri -h amount, w III be h, l.d' -m tiai.-t i p
to tin. eiadit. of the piueli..;.- una! 1
the hook is pubii-hed ' and d. livVred. I
in w mi n r J im- too na a-ia-o oi t
is naid oi f ,-: , :: ..,. 1 M, - V,. A. 1 ! , a :, ' F. A
(),,!,,r- aie now beino-'.-olicite'd. Tin-1 !' t'"' !; 1 h lb - i-i.ii.k I'av
author, W. (.:. Allen, has been autlw. ' bina-:, a:-! II. A. ( I, : ,:-.
ized to receive orders and receipt fur " A.i'"'i..-itc aailied by t hairm
the same, and a .. soon as is con- ' -!- ;'' 11 wa e a-, lollow -: -.
venieiit and expedient uther canvas-'.- t' AV. VY. 1'k -.-. j I . . i a. a Ma na'tk y, W
sers will he put into the liehf. j M. ; ( oedin, (In :c, r II. o, i . .(
Mr. Allen began the writing of the I Willi-. T. ('. Alien, i-'.airk Sniathei
book in 1 and planned to have had i ( 'ay Fiynn ('. J Met ra ken, Mr
it out before this time, but for linan- ' J h Stepiieii.-. S. 11. .'JuFiice am
cial reasons the time had not seemed cott-
I -I
Present Crowds At Lake Exceed
1 hoso Ol Last .lulv. Record
Miiakmi- .season hApecled
ih,- i i
el- ell o'
Daniel.- ,1
the .-ea .
liiiiala-Ka will loiniallv ope
--ion Sundav is-uuning .
a k w hen Hoi:, do.-cph.
no- ;hc iii .-i add ivs- ,
I'hl- will ,,l-.o he 1 1 a
I ( llir. Da . ;
n. i iiieni ;i,;.,,.
.- ei.oa aianae,
pe,,.:l eaon
' el. I . Iioe , i' t
- ill:' a;.-' ' I he'
iiiaia :,. ,,n an.
dam.- Atkins,
I 'he I. ike.
ete.l t'loni ihe
ennt, will bad
. ' which will
idiioi iiini.
i : : : . a . i :
,'',.. .1 r.-:. h'll"-.
1 A el',, III - . - oil
'. M. Alley. .li.. a
i e an.-' ii. a r.
I. '-:'..!-:, rn. :; ' .11.
K r, I'. I., (.i.w'vi,
M, , . A. II ,a :,
!.. 'Oil. n Tli Vi
HON. .insi'I'lll S D Willi s
quite until now
ih( publication will be in one vol
ume in tvo part-. Part I is histori
cal, embracing the full history of the
county from the time of the first,
settlement until. 1!:(4.: 1'art II ' is
genealogical and contains the history
of more than sixty .of the old families
ia,e cuuiuj, me iwo pacts ma lie a
book of more than five hundred )ages.
. This is the first book ever written
wholly about Haywood county. it
contains information about Haywood
county and Haywood county people
that can be gotten nowhere else- ' The
number of copies for the lirst and.
perhaps, the only edition will De
limited and guided by the nuinbe;- of
advanc,. orders obtained. It will be
necessary for ihose who wish a copy,
or copies, of the book to make ar
rangement at soon as possible to se
cure a copy. Orders may be left
either with Mrs. T. Lenoir Gwyii,
Chamber of Commerce, Waynesville;
or J. R. Boyd. National Bank,
Waynesville. Mr. Allen, the author,
will make a canvass of a portion of
the county and get as many orders as
possible within the next few weeks.
Those who are interested in get
ting a copy among the first that are
t da- ( oart W, G- Byers. in order j
pi intei should .-ee either Mr. Allen,
. i-.cnuir uwyn. or J. it. isoval.
Final arrangements are being made
to get th(, book out in a reasonable
Lowiy Justice, Ralph Moore, Joe I
Michael, I ..uther l'less. ('. V. Moody, j
Mr. Allen, C. F. Brown. J o k West.:
Jerry Rogers, Fullei
M. --, i. ( '. T; Nolan
n U .,
, V...
K . ; i... :. ,'i ' , .,, :
i l"'i.
:'The . .nlr n: u-, a
camp.'.'.-,. ! .-.f D. .1. K
toil, a::d (li'. i' ( .
iepol t of the coll, in
iiiiou -ly ad.-;,!,- I h
i'll" I'esollltlon- we.c
" 1 ..til- c. ill ill i 1 1 '
.The' I! -,':.c
w ill form all v .o
a t I ! :io -:,,',, Ice I. '
Ibn. .lo-e. !ai I i
ll'e .- .
I . i ii' wa.
u. V. . I . Shel
Ikniivv ; d'h,
l .ee , .. Ule. ll'
t ae convent ion
i.- follow.-:
lo. lie.- to make
iraday (In
. n.
i . !:
this issue of The
t,i-itaineor, 'ni be found an. entry
tt- v . patlnng beauty con.
();,,. , . i" tne ..Memorial bta-
p u I';. ihevil)e. at the 'old fashioned
1vr Che .bathing beauty con-
ue- i
A- t
j.- .... ami picnic on July
csv.. 'V';:"('r f,f this contest is .to
of RatW -""Miui cup ana tn
N, n T E(aut' Qen of
Miss May C rawfonl was. among the
I, 400 'students': who were graduated at
Boston Lniver.sity's Cist annual Com
mencement exercises Which were held
in the Boston Arena Monday, Jun(.
II. "' ..
( si
Zimeiy McFlioy, (kiylor Baldwin,
Dee (iaik, J.uai- I'almer, Stive
Woody,. ;.nd 'Mack Caldwell.
I.. 11- Bramlett. ('. N Allen, (iiover
C Davis, ( . B. At I-..!:.-..:-, M r,. Marie
Mitchell, Thoma St rmglield, W. It
Francis. J. R. jl:pp-. J. R. B,,y,f
Williani .Medfoi-d, Sam I.. Queen.
William laivir, Me.U'o.d l.eatiier
wood. Robeit R. Boyd. Man.-on M.d
ford, .1 ires Biad.-h.iw, and Fhner
"Any other Haywood County Dem
ocrat, who can K to Rali-igh 'will he
seated iii the 'convention as an oili
delegati-,-'' Chairman' Robinson .-a'd-
Shoit imiioinptu talks werL. made
before the convention while ,-eveiuJ
foil .wing n .-olutioii.-:
FIRST: Thai Ibis Convent ion ,,f
ti.-tice,. Clrady t "aywuoil County DeinH r..l,.s go on
C'harU-; Mc- t nvord as unaniinoiis ly eiidor.-mg on,
'tiVi'S ! a."l'"l.l, 1 . ' e 1 1 1 o e . a I 1 c . . M 1 III 1 1 1 1 1 I a I 1 o ,
undio- the- leadei.-hi p ol Franklin 1 1.
"Silt ( INI); That tli,, Conveii.l io.,
eii.lor-a- heartily the Ad m i nisi rat a n
of our Slate Ciovi rnmcnl, midei tin
ado I, ad, r.-i. p of (oivornoi .1 ('.: !!,
"THIRD: That this luiiv, ni i . 1 1
(it rccoid in pledlng our hearty
support to i v. i y nominee on om
Stat, and ( ..untv lieki-t in (he (o-a-vral
Flection. -
"To this oil 1 we iit'.imini'iiil that
t hi- a'e-olu! ion in- adopted ami spiead
upon the Minute- 'nftlio ( 'onveii'.ion."
(Sionef) D. .1. KFRR,
I . SI I I'll, TON.
li ieiM ,1' li' . l'". aok;
Al. Mi.'. A It ( :
' -;' a;a "al 1 'a :
' d' t .ileal -c,i v : :
!::.,. l:'h tile (lie.,: Sli
X. H I'.., k )" i.a
A ; i,.in -slated i hat
Mi-'le people on 1 I;,.
1 luialn.-'ka ! ban l hia
,. - I la -1 .! nly , a n,l
:. bat tin. wouhl. ...
. b i...- , .ol'
liit.-iao- an.
ill! D.'Roo-o
a- oil.
ii : n : ma'
, Vi'- IV
l.d - a!
re the
ia! ion s
:o, ord
,; men
ii a i'.
. I,.u,
"I I'd I like I ;
Winkle ,,-it ..ft
his lone: sleep,"
bid!, dill in- Ihe
versa ii. .ii rn) a v i
li.'iitnii- lii.p Van
:.e a'A'"i.'.' fiom
ai l .1. B. ( 'amp-'
ami -e of a cou
,t h -re Wedne --
day w hi- h war. bis -i i -t visit I o
Wayne-viHe in Ll-l years.
"Tv.'elity-feiii' ears 'ago- 1 came
heic with Mils. ( :niiibell who was
rccuper it ,nr ;f r o -ni : vvhoo)ing
coiieai': : Wt; ... stopped at M rs.
St i iiigiic'd's. 'I'o.lay when we
came In ie from A-liei ille we were
amazed at the giow.h if the town
and the pi' that has been
made. We wmil.l not lin.e known
t he place." he continued.
M r. I 'ainpbell i- president of the
( 'anuiboll Bo an, Ta- ',.., 'of
South Bend, In.!.
Miss Ruth Duckett, who is: a sen
ior nurse at the 'Mission Ho.-pital,
Asheville. is -pending her vaca
tion with her parents, Mr. and .Mrs.
F. T Duckett. ,.
,..'.(. . '
w m w
Mi D ii J t 1. n Mau lc
White, and Kiahe'th Francis return
ed to their homes Saturday: after
.-pending a week at the 4-H camp at
iwaiinaiioa. They were chaperoned
by Mi-s Harriet Boyd. ;..;
'': v.. a , . "..:."
, """mm cup and tne title
h Car
ct -dn . I,nze and t'tle that is
Ji t 'a ' attract attention is the
(a''t.''fAv'ue? to the champion hog
- vUstern North Carolina.
OMEopATHir Piivc in 4 XT
:r!'.. ?.n"?P vPlerce has opened an
Xr'Cr J Z161 Waynesville for
DrraCle of Osteopathy.
vii'e "C.,l"wej r graduate of Kirs
r,r (;f oopathy and Sur-h..,-
pract r!) e P?,st twelve years, he
fc -urg, Fla Bearckreton and St
m Fc're . r fK.Patl?ett fPent Tuesday
eral of i fnd fttended the fun
home" hv hC a, ea 35 accompa
Paditrtt T brpther, Mr. Phil
W.anfo, ,eAr" dha8y-gUe5t 3t the
. dJ.Ivs. har:is Burgin, and Mrs
James Thomas spent . yesterday in
A.-heville and attended " the Rhodo
dendron I'arade.
Mr. T. L. : Green '. attending the
meeiing ""..i- -jie Grand Lodge of
t- .Vf .Pythias.: , being held in
ill" this week. '
Athletic Association ,"M. -Margaret Shackford. Miss
hlizaUtfi K nig. .Miss Dorothy C ald-
Jar.e Fierson. all of
During her four vears at Boston
Lmversity Miss Crawford has taken
an active part in all .school activities,,,
including White , Domino. Retunnic
Club, Southern Club, Tennis Club,
Pi Gama Mu. Water Carnival. Soph
omore Show Committee. Intersection
meet Official. Stunt meet. lUi-'.j r . Rm;
ball. Fistball, Soccer,: Hockev. Boat : -A h
Crew; '.June Iriangular meets (L'nd
place. P inal
Shp received her diploma - f rom the.
department of physical education
Miss Crawford will spend the sum
mer at Peterboro. New Hampshire,
where: she will be assistant director of
a summer camp affiliated with Sar
gent S-chool of Phvsical Education. '
well, and Mi
C harlotte, are 'the. gue.-ts of Miss
Sh-c.kford'rs uncle and aunt. Mr. an'
.Mrs. James Atkins, at Branntr C'ref-
Mrs. b. H. PearM-n. of Nashville
-Tennessee, arrived Sunday to pend
The summer with her sister. Mrs. G
C. Logan. :
Fire Damages Saw
Mill HereTuesda
: I'.'arly Tuesday moiniiig lire destroy
ed the roof, belts and did -ouie uam
aee to I be M . I I, Galloway .-a w nrill
Highway No. 10 within the city limits.
The file w.i' almost .-pent. -before the
alarm vva.s turned in Little lumbi'r
was damaged as it, is stored' some .li -taiice
fiom the mill.
'i he belts we ;t- de-ti oyi ,1 and the
hug,, circiilai .-aw was iuified by the
lie;,t. Tine e-t i mated 'damage is about
I'lioina -
, v. :i ! .id :o no n p. it,
l , I" Mill V ;t til,'
nd 1 1" il ,i t !'.-, 1 i ,:. i
mi' ion. . it i-: " , . a , t hat
William'. K.: Boiah, of Idaho.
anioua'' iho-.. aiiiieaiani: ait -the
. peak
nai ion-
a, It hoc
lake in
will be
n r w it. h I Ii . N i. Iio'.a - M ni ! av
B.i'.ieie pi-e-aleni o 1' I ol ii :ii l.i , I'niver
" n .
Mr. At kin,-. , and Ins program com
mittee are woi king on soup, other out
standing events 'for the .-ea.-on, but
are waiting until later lo make dii:i
nite aniiouncement about, t hem.
Tr . Duke Summer. Schoo, opened
l.l-t week with a enrollment
thai'! usual,' there heine' aliout L,' K I hi
t liis -ession, .
Hazel wood To
Present Minslrel
On Friday Niirht
Orphanage Group-"'
To Re Here Monday
Twele immbers of tiie L (). O. "F
flrphanage at ( ioldsboro, vvill give a
concert ai.d i i.tert :, at th,. Fle-
inenfary School here .Monday night at
:: o'clock. :
This gioup of enti rial net'.-: and niu
sicians come n ere umler tlie..auspiees
o trie .la.-ann; ol'ijer- .
,An ailiiii-sion of 15 and 'lio cents
will be i barged.
1 Miss Sara Williams, of Eluford.
i -South Carolina, is spending this week
I m the .ty as the guest of Mb Mary
i Emma Ma-sie- Miss Massie Mso had
as her guest last week-end Miss Mary
Rev. Albert New. M. A.. Rector.
Sundav. June 17, lt34.
10 A. M- The Holv Communion.
10 A. M Church School and In
struction to candidates for Confirm-- .. ' '.', .-; , , ...
atjon . Mrs. hill Eagle and daughters.
, ,, V .. , . ( M.sses Josephine arid Edwina Davis.
11 A Al V imng la ail of Dceatur ( , armed Jestertia for
mon by the Rector. . ' -la ri.nt to the former's sister- Mrs.
On the following Sunday, June 21, Oradv Bovd. and Mr Bovd at-the
which is also thp festival of Sam. W avnesville.,
John Baptist, the Right Reverend ih';
Bishop will preach, and hold Connrm- rr. and Mrs. N". M. Medford left
ation. Tue.-oav for Atlanta. Georgia where
Fvervoodv cordiallv invited to. all they are attending the Georgia State
our services. . I Ciental meeting.
M:.-scs A lora and Josephine Holtz
claw. of Riehniond. Virginia, an ived
.Mond.y to spend the .summer and
are guest.-,' 'of tlnir aunt, Mrs. Adora
... Mrs.. Cniirge Harmon and litt'e
laughter, : Holly . and Mr. Huford
Smith, of -Siivannah, 'Georgia, will
arrive .tomorrow fo,- a few Weeks'
visit to their cousin. Mrs- Francis
Ma.-.-ie. an 1 Mr. Ma.-.-ie.
.Mr. Rjthmond Gray, of Richmond,.
Virginia, is, expected to ai rive tomor
row to spend several days as the guest
ol Mis.s Adoi-a Hotsclaw at the home
of .Mrs. Adora liavne.
.Miss Mary Quinlan left Tuesday for
Chapel Hill where she will take a
three months' cours,. in ;.. Public ' Wt-.
tare at the Lniver.-itv of North Car
olina. Sh-Was a ccompanied to Chap
el Hill hv Mrs. Dovle Alley, who will
attend the Lnivcrsiiy of North Caro
lina for tax weeks studving County
' j lj' "j '"'., 01 npiniuai service, to our summer
who will visit her aunt. Mrs. C. L. Lsitoi.s. We would like for you to
Dickson, and Mr. Dick.son at their! sign our church visitor's register and
home ..n Durham, a the pastor' would like, the opportunity
to become personally acquainted. . .
-Mif. Martin Honaker and daugh.i Our church school begins lat 9:45
.tr. .jrs oiena riairiiiion, ann trill
dren. Hulda and Edwin, of Abingdon
Va., arrived yesterday for a visit to
-Mr.. . A. Jones and family at their
home on Walnut street.
) N 1 S 1 1 I I III" I
Paul, ilarding. Ji
,,We were delight,- ! to have so iiiany
visitors With us last Sunday -J we hope
that we may . have the, same ones, and
ethers,, with us next, Sunday. It is
our prayer that . our church may he
Mrs. G. B- Braren and con.-Mr-Herbert
Braren, arrived Sundav from
Daytona Beich. Florida, and are
spending this wcck at their' summer
home at La:.-am
Mrs. T. L. Bramlett loft Monday
for Greensboro where she is at
tending the meetincr of the Grand
Chapter of the Order of the Eastern
Star Mrs. Bramlett went as a del
egate from the Waynesville Chapter
No. loo.
a. m. .Mr. Hugh Sloan is the super
intendtm." Ihe church services are
at 11 a. m. and h ji. m. Ihe pastor
will preach at both services Sunday.
The young pople meet at 7:ly p ni.
We are continuing to center our
rafeht services around the congrega
tional singing of old and familiar
hymns- Come and help us sing.
Let our members remember tnat.
June is go to church .month ; ami let
all visitors know that they are more
welcome to every service at A irst
the main lea t or,. .-
we. k's elite. tajiimeiit, prog, nil will
he the min-tre to he 'iven tomorrow'
night at lh,. Hazidwood school;
The ' niin-t'ol, '; Black Itoo-ler
( lub." 'i.- hcing spoiisore,! hv t he Ha
zel wood Minister Club for the 'benefit
of th,. B,.v Scouts and the Haze.Iwood
Ball ('lub.
The piogiain is. full , f humor amd
J enf e ia a i n meni . songs and ilaii.',-.-, .ii'id
.will !, -a treat for tho-e who attend
-A special attraction will; be the.'
east of characters which includes:
I.. M. Riche-ou, Sain Knight.. Rufus
Caddis, Ravmond Scutes, Je try Col
kit t. -Joe Davis, Claud Allen, "Mug"
KuvlCndall: "Dutch" Fisher . George
Bis'chofr. Bill Chambers" 'Rod'' Pro
vost, ('lari'iire Bai re- "Bib Boy".
Hooijer. ' Naiioleo.n" Tioutman, and
"La fayette" Scruggs, : ..
Dr.VRol inson: of Ha7ehvo,u is 'lir.
r, etihg t lii' minstrel and M rs. Geori:"
B1-. h-ot!' will act as. ,'iie'omiianist; .
Admission' will b.(. It), ani 2,a cents,
125 S. S. Children
Enjoy Swim Tn Pool
: (until
.More, than .12."). .: hiidr..
'he SundavaSchool' 'if th
tv- cok adva ntagc: of- the'ft'o.,' i.sT
itig (if ; Belle Meade Playgrounds I
Fri(la,v.and took a.dii) in the .p
Rain tFroughoiit the 'day , inter'f: ;"
with the : crowds., but in .spite f t
Weather.'- th(, young-ters had a g
timf. ...
G. K. Weatlierbv. athleticMiivc!
stated this week that plan
derway to s'aige . a shufflC- ! .,:!'.
tournament at the playgrounds in t'h.
near future. Details will. be arCoiin
c"d later. .. .
A reduction h':s . . - rrade in. ':,
prices nf the nool. he present price
being twenty-five ccht.-a r '. .'
M Wilma Doggett, of Charlotte
arrived Sunday to spend two weeks
with her sister. Mrs, Norman "i oung.
and Mr. Young at their home at the
Clevewill Apartments.
Will Kojrers To Talk
.About Pisfrah Mountain
The Mountai'a'er
W'i-. Ire's day .af'ei'nooii
saying th:it: Will Re
about "the' drive . roc
Pi-crab hv .represent:1
companies . -in- t'tk;
ga-oline in his - week
aild' talk
made' tin

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