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The Best Advertising Medium In Haywood County Published At The Eastern Entrance of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park Head by Thinking People
NO. 29
THURSDAY. Jl'NE 21. 1931
Formal Opening of New
$25,000 Western Carolina
Creamery Will Be Friday
Plant Is Now Spending Over $300
Weekly In Haywood. Amount
To Soon Reach $1,000
Friday will mark the formal open
mr of Havwood's newest industry
the $:25.uuO Western Carolina Cream,
t-rv Inc.
The opening date of the creamery
was .-et for Friday in order that the
farmers of this county could attend
the opening while attending Farmer's
Pay here. VY R. Woodall, manager,
Although the Creamery ha.- not hail
o formal opening, it has been in op
eration fur the past few weeks, and is
now running behind with orders. This
is largely accounted for because of
the lack of milk and cream in the
n.iituy. aiiit also that the products
have .found a ready market.
At prevent approximately .2,000
gail.m-- of i.e cream ar,. made weekly,
and a jut 1,500 pounds of butter.
When running full capacity, this will
he m.-ic i-'eil to about seven thousand
gallon,, ice cream and .4,000 pounds
nf butti r... v
Two 'crearti routes: have been '. es
tablished and in one day 152 gallons
of cream were received. The routes
are being operated by Locke Howell
and .lean Smathers-
Mr. Woodall stated that at pres
ent about $500 is being spent weekly
in .the 'county for milk and cream, and
that within a short time this amount
would be doubled.
The . '.products of the creamery are
U'tng sold in Asheville. Canton,
Waynesville, and Sylva, together with
nil the territory between these places.
Une, truck is now in service and an
other one is being constructed and will
be u.-cd as soon as received. Cury
1'eah, of Sylva, is driver at present
"r. No. 1.
Checks are passed out each Friday
fer the products sold to the creamery.
The three items that are being made
at present are Carolina Grade "A"
he i; .earn, and Carolina butter and
hatter milk. Only grade "A" milk
i- u-o.l in the manufacture of ice
cieain. This is the only plant within
the Carolinas that does this, it was
said. All of the milk going into the
ae etcam passes the inspection of E.
1. Hinton. local sanitary officer.
The Western Carolina Creamery is
the only creamery between Asheville
ami Georgia, and prior to the estab
lishment here, all the creamery pro
duct, were shipped into the county.
Mr. .Woodall has assisting him,
Cnas. I). Ketner. of Maggie, who has
had special training in creamery but
ter making. Mr. Ketner . is in charge
of the manufacture of butter.
Mr. Woodall personally supervises
'all operations in the manufacture of
ice cream and the general manage
ment of the plant. .
Miss Ethel Leopard is bookkeeper
and makes tests in the laboratory,
where each "batch" of cream and but
ter is tested before being placed on
the market.
The creamery is in a new building
built by the owners of the creamery,
and is modern in every respect, and
is equipped with new machinery
th.-'-Jk'i.out. The building is so ar
ranged that a maximum of products
ran be made with the least trouble.
1 he unloading platform on the out
ride is i,n a level with the "balcony"
in ne plant on which the pastuerizing
machine and mixers are located.
"Pes from these machines run to the
ircizers and butter machines on the
mam floor, which eliminates the milk
cram from being carried by hand
Jrom onp machine to the other.
t rom the time the milk enters the
Wra and is placed in the first ma
enine. -,t does not leave eome machine
or J!'PuntiI poured into the cans.
ine freezing room is kept at a
temperature of about twenty degrees
below zero all the time.
' . ln.the basei"nt, there is a boiler
sw, .nei,ats the steam used in
.verilizing. the utensils and machines
wre and after each run of milk.
tL vKe' refrigeration plant is alo in
w t aement , .
Farmer s Day To Be Staged Here Friday
$5,500 In Tobacco Checks
Will Be Distributed Here
By County Agent Smith
Speakers On Farmer's Day Program
Passes Away
hi. 'I
Ml yN
W. 1). SMITH
Mr. Smith has made final plans-fur
Fanners Hay which will be held here
I-1 iriay. He has brought to this ( oun-
ly some of the most prominent sneak
its' in 'the state for the daw
1)K AN I. (). SCHAFI1
It is expec ted that I lean Nrhaub will
be among those present at the I' a rul
er's I av program lie re F riday. He
David J. Kerr, 61,
Dies Suddenly On
Train In Raleiirh
An Appreciation
The Mountaineer is indebted
a ' ,H- JeW editor of the
Agricultural Intension Service
- S Tflle iOT applying
thi the Pares used in
a 's .itjon. and also for the
of tv6 W some of the heads
StatP rVOUs departments at
ye College.
wer ler and associates
in JT- ctmeous and prompt
&",f e terial wliich
the fttL U of mu"h help to
farmers of Haywood County.
Superintendent Ol Champion
Fibre Company Plant Was
Enroute To .state Demo
cratic -Meeting
David J. Kerr, of I anion, superin
tendent of the Champion Fibre Com
pany's huge paper plant, was found
dead in his berth on a train en route
to Raleigh early Wednesday.-.
Mr. Kerr, for many years a leading
citizen of western North .Carolina,
was en route to Raleigh to attend
the state Democratic, convention in
Raleigh Thursday. His body was
found bv a porter. Coroner I.. M
Waring, of ake. county, following an
investigation, attributed the death to
heart trouble and expressed the opin
ion Mr. Ke.-r, died shortly alter re
tiring Tuesday night. :
Prominent in busjne.-s. civic and
political circles ior vears. Mr. Kerr
was elected .mayor of Canton in 1923
and was re-elected four times, serving
until 1 t;.j.i. He was 01 vears old.
Tuesday night h(. was seen prepar
ing to. retire about 10 o clock, after he
had been talking with J. Wallace
Winborne, of Marion, state Demo
cratic chairman, and I'lato D. Kbts
of Asheville-
Mr. Winborne. and Mr. Kbbs, ac
cording to the Associated Tress, left
the Pullman car Wednesday morning
and went to their hotel. They were
notified there that a man had been
found dead in the railroad car. The
two returned to the station and as
certained that it was Mr. Kerr.
All of the passengers except Mr.
Kerr and P. . Cook, of C harlotte,
had left the Pullman when the porter
went to awaken Mr. Kerr. The man
reported to the conductor that he be
lieved Mr. Kerr was dead and exam
ination showed this was true.
J. M- Wells, undertaker of Canton,
left for the body about nine o clock
yesterday morning. He was expected
back in Canton about midnight. At
that time no definite funeral arrange
ments had been made.
CAME TO W. N. C. IN 1907
Mr. Kerr came to western North
Carolina to begin his term of service
with the fibre concern in 1907 and
was placed in charge of the electrical
work in construction and operations.
Later Mr. Kerr was made superinten
dent of power, and in 1925 wes ap
pointed to the position he held at
death general operating superintend
He wa.5 a past president of the
Canton Civitan duo and served two
terms as chairman of the Greenville
section of the American Society of
Mechanical Eng.noers. He a
member of the Southern Methodi.-t
church and had been active in church
circles for years-
Alwavs a pj'r.l:c-pp:rited citizen,
Mr. Ke'rr Was in.ariardy called upon
when a man to "do things ' was need
ed During the World War he made
exceptional records in putti-ne Canton
many times over the top m Red Cross
and Liberty Loan drives-.
He was eiecieu niaoi vl v....... ..
in 192'J and was re-elected m 192.,
is oean ot agricutuiiH- at Mate toll
i - t r rjiin.i-jkit
Prof. UufTner, of State College, will
be one of the principal speakers here
I ridav on the 1-aiMers Day Program.
He is one of the outstanding speak
ers in the state on subjects of interest
to farmers.
M r. Fai iiham is
in W'e-tern Nn'r'tl
State ( oJU'ge l:x
is an authority
milk and cream for sale I
to milk, plants and cm amen
field worker
ina for Ihc
ens'ion S'rviie. He
n the -production oi
fai mors
Daniels Returned
To Raleigh After
Week-End Here
Uefore A -'..'.Oil Audience.
Took Trio into Park
Waynesville Is
Being Advertised
Newspapers Are J5ein I'sed To
Get -Message 'Across To
Prospective Tourists
Two thousand folders Containing the
names of all the boarding nouses,
hotels and rooming places in this
community, are now rieing distributed
by the local Cnamber ot Commerce.
The matter is being sent (tut with all
inquiries received by the local organ
ization,' ;
Last Sunday a series of advertise
ments were started in seven Southern
papers. Papers were selected by the
advertising committee in South Car
olina. Georgia, Florida, and Alabama.
Advertisments will be used in addi
tional papers during the coming three
week-- The total circulation of the
papers used will lie over half million.
Answers are beginning to come in as
a result of the advertisements.
The committee has prepared a ten-
page folder which contains a large
number of scenes of this country.
This, is ready for the press and will
be ready for distribution the first of
the week- The folder ls being print
ed on a tinted enamel paper in blue
Workmen Begin
Remodeling Of
Burgin Building
Several 'I housand Dollars Will
He Spent In Putting In
Modern I ront
Creamery Receives
Government Orders
(Continued on
t-k nage)
The Western Carolina C reamery ha
been awarded the contract by govern
ment officials to furnish the C. C.
Camps in this area with butter, butter
milk and ice cream.
The award of the contract was
made this week when the health "in
spector for the camps mad? a per
sonal inspection of the plant here and
was more than ple.-.std with sanitary
The camps will use about loO
pounds of butter in each amp each
week. The amount if icP cream will
jun into a number of gallons.
Workmen began Wedne-iiay morn
ing remodeling the front of the build
ing recently purchased by F. A.
Burgiii and others on Main -.street here
and -formerly occupied by J. C. Rose.
Home Grocery.
A new front will be built, and sev
eral major changes liiadi- on the in
side, mP of! Which, will, be the removal
of a partition now cutting the stair
steps from the store room, Ihc
stairs will be built In the rear of the
store. "
A modern front will be built. Mr.
Burgin announced. Several thousand
dollars .will i-,. spent in making the
As sin as. the iiuildir.g is, eomplete,
a stock of. goods will be put into the
store. -
J. C- Rose, former occupant of the
building, has moved his. .store to the
liildinig .' opposite .. I be Wayne -wofid
1 heat re.
Veterans Receive
Pension Checks
Pen.-K.n checks for 19 Confeder
tte 'veterans were distributed Satur.
day at the office -of W. G. Byers, clerk
of the Haywod county superior court.
Some of the veterans appeared in
person, but the larger number were
sent to the pensioners, : When checks
were distributed last, there were 21
on the roll; but this year 19 are on
the roll,, two having died within: the
past six montns.
The following received checks; J. II,
Allison J. W. Caldwell, J. A. Collins,
W". R. Ferguson, Alden Howell, W. L.
Massev. David Levi Matthis; J- W,
D. Moody. J. H. Paxton, H. (;. Kobin
son, A. ('. Singleton, James M. Stanl
ey. James E.- Swayngim, Merritt Tran
tbam. R. T Underwood. Andy West,
J. M. Woo:i, J. B- Wyatt, and W. A.
Ambassador and Mr.-. .l.is4plm.
Daniels left their summer home at
Lake Junahi.-ka Monday altenumn t',n
Raleigh, where Mr. DanicL- had been
called, on Inisine-s.
.Mrs. Harold lekes, wife 'of the see
red a ry of the Interior who accompani
ed Mr. and Mrs. Daniel.- t,, Wo.-i in
North Carolina. la--.f Thui-.-day, left
oii' Sunday l'..r, Iter loom- .n Wa-liinr-ton
The party lirst i.-itod l:; .w ,!...
Rock and lloono, and then ,-.iyed in
A-bcvill,, until Saturd.iv , The 'gi eat
er, .pari of Sat ui day w;i- -)eiil in
lo'iiring Hie park. VI. 'pon tlioiv jti iival
liei i Satui ilay a iliniior wVs, '.givt n . in
t hei.' lion,,r ai the Co dun lintel .here.
This uas an i ii f i oana I t! i n ne i-,- a 10 ! a
few l'i s nlont- al tcnded.
. Anilia.-sadoi' Daniel- was. the pi in
cipal ,-peaker at Lake .hinalu-ki Sun
day vv i i i - j marked the fonnal open
ing of the A.-seiniily (iHiunds for the
I-!'-'M -ea'sotl. ' .Sunday w-.s also .'lay
wood County Day. it was estimated
that a c rowil . . I 2, olio at!onde, the
services, id the day and heard Daniel.-.
Sunday afternoon .Mr. Daniel- to
gether with .lames Alkin.-. nianagei
vi the l ake, ami ot he. s visited the
'. '. : '.unp N. ' P 17 at IMack
Cainfi Gap on tli,..cdgc of the (ireat
Smoky .Mountain.- National Park. Mr.
Daniels -puke to the Imys for about
'HI minutes.
When commenting on his trip to the
camp. . M i Daniels .-aid Monday that
he was -pleased lo see that the lxy.s
in eamp were doing som,. permanent
const ruet ion work. "They are a line
group up there, and doing a splendid
piece :f work.''
One il the bicf iinU- of interest
in this section, to Mr- Daniels is Soco
(lap. Several -years ago In- wrote sev
eral long articles for his paper in
which he jiiaised the heaiity of the
'uiuntiy suiroumling the gap, and lie
was one cf the first, to advocate the
const met ion of a highway through the
gap into the park. Sunday lie walked-
around that 'territory' and stated
late- that he wis glad to see what
be had long Irojied for come to pa-s.
lie spent the greater part of Mon
day morning in visiting around at the
court .house and different places in
Waynesville that he has marie friends
since establishing his- summer. : home
at Lake Junaluska. , ; Among the
places vi.-ited was I he 'Mountaineer,
office, .which he says ''seems like home
with the' smell of printer's ink "
Mr. and Mrs. Daniels: were .luncheon;
guests 'Monday at the Jones farm j
near Lake Junaluska. I hose pre-scnt
at the lurichefift included Mr. Jack
son. Mr. Atkins, ami Miss Catherine
Rav, of Lake Junaluska.
Mr. D'anicls said he would remain
in Raleigh until the latter , part of
Jurie wheri he Will, return to Mexico
to resume his official duties.
I-irge Number Of Farmers OI
County Exoeded To Attend
Program Which Hegins
At 10 O'clock
Pinal plans have been made for
the 1-armors Day here Friday, and
hundreds, a re. expected to be present
and participate in the program -which
. D. Smith and others have arrang
ed for the day.
The morning session will Ue devoted
to a formal meeting m the court room
at the court house, beginning at ten
o'clock. On this program will he ail-riio-sos
by Dean I. O. Srh.v.ib, of
Stale College; I'rol. Kull'ne., also of
Stat,' College; F. R. Farnham, dairy
lield worker of the extension service,
of State College; S. C Clapp, of the
-late te-t farm and Coiinlv Agent
W . I Smith. The speakers' w ill dis-cii-.-
problem.- of Haywood fanner-.
At 12:1." recognition will bo made
of the dill'erent com 111 it tee- of the
county faun work and announcement -
ni.-olo l o;;a l il in
tenia I in n-g- pio;
At. l'J:;;0.''tli(
llotlse. will adj
will not be a fo
those who bring
benches ii,, the
Creamery, whicl
for this purpose,
A n hour will l
.-pectloll of .the
I i cautery from
1 u tu.
ram fc
' the
meeting' at
urn for lun
r has
l"he re
uic. but all
lie- will li tnl
it .- lie:.!' til.'
devoted to
e.-t ern ( '
''At to -2::;o.
11 oiiipt I v at 2:.'lll the athle
ainl contests of the .lay will b
conte.-.ts will be staged at K
liesville near the Creamery
The following schedule ol
will be staged, with a valua
being offered to each winnin
t no 111
arolina events
in. The
: Way-
cam :
i ug-ol -w a r
. Francis
C. (
men led by J . M. 1.
2. lieel callli- m
tiwvn vs. dairymen
:i. Bethel -1 11 Club v.-.
ma rrie.l ineii led liy.
Hazeluood mai l ied
Long- r
by Lenoir
Kail i ei
il l.y
1 II
L 1- llies ( reek 1-11
ncsvillc Vocational Bo
After the tug
pony race will b
open to any boy
A fter the pony
-id-war ec
f held an
ami hi- p
race, and tl
nte-ls, a
I will be
,11' o'
Eight Workers Are
Added At Laundry j
l ive Hundred Square Feet Of i
J Joor Space Is Added, Jo
gether With Modern Dry
Cleaning Machine
Eight 'additional workers have been
added at the Waynesville Laundry, it
was learned Tuesday. The present
number employed is the same as at the
peak during the boom.
An additional r()() .-(.uare feet of
flK;r sfiace has. bwjn added to the
laundry and a new filtering mttchine
added m . the dry eleaning depart
ment. The addition of the machine
will assure work that cannot be sur
passed anywhere, Mr- Killian man
ager, said.
The local laundry is now doing the
laundry work for four of the CCC
Camps that are located in thus area.
participated' m the. tug-ot-vvar
test have had time to "blow," an
fashioned hog calling .-'contest, will be
staged- Anyone that can call or
"holler": can join in this group
Sinjpe. a' larire crowd, of women -is
expected to be present, a rolling pin.
throwing conte-t will be' staged for
them, with a 21-pound bag of , Flavo
Flour, donated by , Jonathan Holler .
Mill going to the winner. A
dummy will be. set up. and the Woman
hitting it the most tunes, and in tin
most vital spots will be declared
winner. . (One of the rules is that the
women- cannot participate who prac
tice that morning on their htu-bamls.) .
After the contests have been held,
the management ot the I reaniciy wih
furnish ail present with a generous
helping (if Carolina Grade "A" lo-
(ream Mr. Smith stated
be ..-'necessary.-' to furnish y
sp.Kin and - dish.
.: The community having
citizens present at
afternoon session-wil
bred Guernsey calf by Arthur
borne, of Canton. The luckv com
munity will annoint a committee whV
will Consult with Mr. Smith and de
cide on what nerson in the
community given the caif to,
raise. The count will be ba-e-i on
population, which . makes .. it p-
lor .the: smaller one to win- as
as the larger communities.
One of the most mtere
of the day will be. the dis
$5,500 in tobacco checks
Smith has in hi
over 400 Havwix
checks have to be signed, f.
farmers themselves,., he. -aid
office of the county agent wiT.
open from 10 to 1 UiO V: xk i;. ca
the program in the cou": j fo'ii,.
tbe morning an-
.given a pure
( Is
L I- .
ting event.
ribution of
which Mr.
li. e waittrig
. farmers.
M. O. Galloway, owner of the saw
mill damaged by fire last week, had I
made all -repair this week and was I
about ready to resume operations. i
It Was our inten
i.-.-ue of The Moun
paper, in. -.carrying
color scnemc. and
the time we went
would- have :t, bu:
Utc-we found that :;
gtt it this -ide. Ol
though we tr
, i 1
-.i: we
t niin
' e to
k ai

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