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Till RSDAY, JIT A 19. 1931
Clark Frady Gets
12 To 15 Years For
Slaying M. West
Defendant Submits To Charge
Of Second Degree Murder.
Number of Cases Disposed
The fiily major case scheduled for
the July term of court va disposed
,,f 'lW.iay, when Clack Frady sub
mit'ed'to a charfre of second degree
murder fur the slaying of Monroe
W,..; in Cecil township last March.
Solicitor John -M. Queen accepted
ilii- idea, and Frady was sentencca
i.v j, J. Will l'le.-s, Jr., to .serve
.'roni 1J to 15 years at haul labor,
.'.,., a pica for mercy lu.d Iwil made
ivciovcr C. Davis. attonw.v r the
.v'u :,.i.llit.
liu- -tale's witnesses, among the ill
,i, w w of the slain man, aii prac
V ngree.l upon tile main points,
dint tig two men had (uurrvikV.
.','', ,m liquor that Had been
out chased between them, an. I a flu.
n oaaricl left the honie vi Moiuw
' ; gUhcr. supposedly to .-eltiv
j,, ..r.iUi-r with it, light. U.Ur,
. u, iv .-.line hack with a. title, .an. I in
he meantime West had also return..!
i u! W'-h aura; n. Fr..dy had loft his
, ,,.1 '.ho ollt-idc o the fli-ll t'.
Ai '
r in ins: .at tno noun oi o, cs;
nv time, Frady again felt ami
t tunc afterward tile rep...! of
w..s ht-.vii and V s.i '.
,!:;,; in tho rtid s.,:ae .''
1.;.,. v Vl.icll.'e 1 111 '.111.'! -in:'. ' I
: .idy the liexl . morning .. m .
i h.m-cli'" to ..i he sher.ti '.v.. ' n I't i.nat no '-i-i.'.d . aii'i
W'c-t with a i ll".'. 'i';ii' '. "
,,. it io 'lit; hi'.- ii i.'.
Hi a pica oi -v el-... u
',:..; 1., - case V, ..; IIOU
' io. y t'i-'ieli.-e io.--; inioiiy i-n it l
. .!".,,., !:i ;l W-si w:i- a o i !!-o 1 oils
,!, ! o ; tin-; di aiik liKbliiiii ,. and
-.. i,'.' ;t; It- was sIMWii tiial ho had
.... -cvcr.'il per,-,oii.;- and ' had I 'ecu
ti n .i ixiiic- the community for months.
In po.-i-iii"; se.nience. ." t he coiii't took
nf'i .'iiportunity to oh'ser'N o that- it was
. i-4-)kctim upon tho lomuiun.ty
, hoi e' tile i hoiiViciilo occlirioil in thai
the community hud been ter.'orh'.cd
lor so laiiR a time without hringin'
tne guilty parties to. justice.
To ncKative the plea of self-ilet en-c
the State showed that ih pistol or
linn had been found on the persini of
'or no;;r, tlie dead hian. there heinu;
only a rock in hi- pocket.
Hther cases di.-liosed are as fol
hiws: Wednesday.
I'aul Caldwell, driving auto drunk,
.alied and failed. ;
K'd. Nichols, abandonment, called
Floyd Miller and Don Underwood,
a!v of liquor. Miller called and failed,
and failed.
Ma.'vin Lewis, bigamy, continued.
Weaver Clark, abandonment, judg
ment put into effect-
Howard Mann and Hrycu Mann. A.
I'- W., payment of cost.
Karl Williams, non-suppoi t. 12
months ccunty jail.
Sam Arrington. highway robbery,
Hilliard Sanford, V. P. L., called
and failed.
liutl Irankhn and Dave Parris,
ia.ccny. Parris lemanded to juvenile
court. Franklin guilty.
John Khodarmer, embezzlement, nol
pros with leave- . .
h -iph Leatherwood and b. 1). Fer
KUsuri, called as witnesses and failed.
U-tiu tine, '
..Fred Smith,, driving drunk, pleads
guilty. ;.
.i'aul Caldwell, driving auto drunk,
i'-iU.mj tine and suspension of drivers
license for 12 months. :
- Hob Cook. Steve Redmond and Jack
Redmond, Steve and Jack Redmond,
I months Haywood jail.
J' I-arns. Jack Jones. Walter
i ov lei , larceny and receiving, b
"tint us in Haywood jail.
Herhian Fowler, embezzlement, con
tinued, . ..
Oail l 1 ie ley P L contin
heunu Green and John Justice, F.
.anil A., continued-;
.... (-'j.vman Hopkins, B. and L.. con
tinued. . : . .
. Wid Howell, continued by grand
(Continued on page eight)
Does It Pay
To Advertise ... ?
Lat week a certain, business
Wan in. Waynesville inserted a
-mad want ad in The Mountain
er advertising for a stenoprra-.Phi-r
or office assistant. When
"e .tame for his replies, he, was
'."Trised when handed the large
I. 1 ver want to get or sell
annhmg else, I'll know whore
advertise it," he said. "I'm
convinced that it pavA to adver
m The Mountaineer."
..MUNG. . .GIVE TT a trv.
North Carolina Symphony Orchestra to Appear In Concert at Lake Saturday
f f&S&t- M X$r2 Jti'i , - T&$ -OT 1W ? V .1
Laiie Cnmd 01
imv Poonle At
For A YlecA
Scrl li ( ;u ouiiii ."- mph'KiA i
i t'l -li I I 1
( y i i . ! ' . . ; . ! ti 1 - ' ! n' '
nn.i i
ri' 1.1 a 'o ill p'ooi..
iii ,.111 1 ','nil to : 1 '
ca 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 I iial.'' ! 1 'ie. i
hi'iii". i't;;
In the incein :
ere to aticl'i'l lii
nibly. duly -'ki
h'tloll 1
!li'i'l-i. -
1, in ling
I ii:.'. :
young .Mo'l'
I'oung IV ople'- A
I "n.d
the d fleet ion of llle Uvv. '
Nt lsi.ii. of (Vrn'iidioro, a 1
V lutein
varied piogr im of iUudy, lecrvaii hi.
and inspiratioiial ad'irc.-se- lias ':!! .
ai ranged, including lecture by He;-!
Uit Yetioll, and pageaio. il.r.rt.-.l hy ,
Mrs, Cai.l King. ")' ( h .ilo-t. , I
While the young people's assembly j
is headquartered iif the . .'Shiici'J o. d
building, with "sonieihing. doing" ;
everv night superintendent Jaiia-i
Atkins has provided a ,-ei a s of uii-u-ual
otferings in the main audi-j
toriuni where. Junaluski.ns look f ir-
ward to a week of brilliant pr
i Chief among the wei k att ractioii
the North Carolina Symphony
che.tfa. with Lamar,ngaelil
n-cfing. is programmed -for its
Vial concert on Saturday evening at j
S:'M o'clock. J
A request recital, is progn ammed j
for Thursday night, with Hugh
Thomas, Birmingham, Ala,. George)
Allen and Dmitri Blinov. ol Atlanta
Travis Shelton, and
Jean Norman and dlad
Cain, of
Birmingham- Ala , are guest artist
New Car And 49
Gallons Of "Dew"
Captured By Lowe
Disposition Of New Ford -8 Io
lie Settled Uy Jury In Sep
tember Term Of Court
"', Early Thursday night SherifT Low-e,
together with Deputies Dewey Cook..
Berry Plott and Kenneth Iiwe, cap
tured a 42-day-old I ord -h R.oad
ster with 49 . tr-la'r.s of Tennessee
liquor on Cove Creek Mountain.
ThP driver of the .car attemp'-e'd. to
run off the ' embankment when the
officers blocked the road, but the fa.-t
work of Deputv Cook saved ihe tar
while the occupants escaped. .
i -Thp liquor was brought here and
poured out in the. basement of tne
court house- "It Was about as rotten
as anv ever .caught.": said Sheriff
Lowe."' "Just terrible, i that's all.'-
The dispcition of the car was
brought up in cou".t. AVhen Cooper
Denton, of Newport, claimed it was
his car, but denied being in it at the
time of the capture- Solicitor Queen
asked ithat the car be turned over i.
Federal officers, while Sheriff Lowe
asked, that it, remain the property of
the countv and sold by ssme.
Judge Plesf ordered' that. Denton
make a $1,000 bond for the car and
return it here for ... the. September
term of court, at which time a jury
would, decide as to how to dispose of
The car wa gh 4J da to
and the speedometer showed it had
been driven 4200 miles. One .set c!
tires had been replaced.. . .
The fire, department responded to a
call Saturday afternoon at the home
of Mts-.J-.M- Kellett. when an oil
tove caught on fire. No damage was
iip Road i o
M 1
- .1' th" .!;!, I. "'riA, I
g U-ed to. the :
.'rusher te I he ,!,'... it. . 1
a'-'inr t'J).."- -road- '
iriii-d tin. mull Fiank 'AM- I
I- 11. 'Ilflll.. o! tile .-tale loghway
1 oiH!in--i.'n. Ilia' vi. rk will .hrgm "1
: !' , t.-n . f hichivay No," '!.
.vhii'il : . i' 1. 'ill So. ii ( ; p I , ( he hik.' e,
jii-i a- soon ," - : 1 il. linite annouii.e
men! j.-; nTa.'l- o-uarjlimr nmtv -i.'f
t he par'iwav. The I'l.ii.i ,, hnil.l I ,i
toad' f m; S ;,' to ( h. ',,ke, ;,...
aJiea'dy. -in the hands ..f th,. ,0:1!
mi--- hoi.
kaKe Jfinaluska Is
Fnjovinjr Best Sea
son In.EiVht Years
A: .-olilteiy tilled up iiild over-
'wnig, .lanies At.kms, superin
tendent of the Souihc.n Assem
bly at the Li.kc said this week. :
"Thi. is the first time in eight
' i a r " ho continued, "that every
thing down at the lake has been
filled "
Two of the high1 -pots of the
sei'son's pri.'gr.'irn will Come this
month. S: .lurday night the North
Carolina Symphony . Orchestra:
will appear in concert :md on
S it unlay night July 2K, Ixiwcll
Thomas, noted author and radio
news reporter, will (lelievT i.ii
address, .
Funeral Services
Held Sundav For
Mrs. A. C. Messer
Funeral .services were held Sunday
afternoon for Mrs. A. C. Messer. "iH,
w ho died Saturday at the home of her
d'.ughUr, .Mrs.. I'lato . Bramlett. at
White Oak,
Mrs.. Messer had been ill for some
time. . .
. Shp had been a .resident of. the
county all her life.;.: and was Well
known. Funeral services were conduct
ed at the Y bite Oak Pre-bvUTian
church,', of. which she was a member.
Rev. O. (. Landrum. pastor, officiat
ed, Interment was made at Teague
he is survived bv one daughter
Mrs. bramlett. Mrs. Messer passed
aw., y abp.ut. 18 months ago.
Highwav workers were called out
Sunday afternoon to clear highway
No. 10 at Saunook of debris follow
ing one of the hardest rains in that
section this year.
A drain pipe under the road be
came clogged, and Lhe -water ran
over the, highway leaving .several
incheis of mud and rocks. .
, At another . place the water had
washed down a side road and covered
ihe highway with mud several inches
deep. The crew of workers worked
until about dark clearing the debris
away. ...
t flu's-
v 'i n S'll
In Wiclil
.' Ml. I l
ll C
I"! HI' li'-i.
'' Sf.
I'" 'l,l
1 1 so-10(1
" ' '.'' . :,,ne. o , i.i o,l',
u," no'o'i'i nt Jn i , .
' III'! ! fill It;.; ' I. ' ! ,
i''"!' i'i here a n-J h :;, , e
ma.l' h) Tinglleldv taieri
iii '' nil oil (he liu iv n n ii r
ii'-t iii :ho I'niteii :.,,(
"!' bringinj,;- b l i , i
'ati' and giving an on
ll 11,(1 l i
aid t.V h,
inn iV t.
'!.' t mil' ician.s of or! h a i o i im,
''! . S' i inglicld has .i,'li,e e, a n.t
."I rejiuiatn.ii 'ji s ., Ijiiti ; ;, ,',
, e-.:-. I h-i ii a I'u!:: ,:. pn,,. ,, inner
' ' I.i.- hehl, while his laiiie :i- eon
in- lor and organizer has lr on o-.n .i life.
- i ' i:g Mr. Stringli.'hl in ( ondini
-atin.ia.v night's pioeiain will be
I" . h He Nardo of Adleville. Tlie
I' hosfi i includes till j i m -': . ' i : 1 1 froiii
""''1 andina, all -anti.--Is ,,n 'wind
lid iriirg -instruments. Tho pioginiii
i- ' o iiichiile nnislei'ino e - fi oni : t he
! ( Heethoven, T - .ha ko ,v-k y,
Il'iiiiott, and othci-. no:.-, coiiipoor.. ,
i; . iidilig both the old in. I nioeioiii
ma -1 oi-s.
The Saturday night't pioniise
('. d i ;;w a large attendam o fioin every
' ' oii of ' Haywood and l-luii. umbo
'i.ntics anl elaborate pre ia rations
.lie being niade here to in-ure its sue-
.''i-.-i: since the assemblv inanagciiien
il -ires to aiii in the attainineiit :
the crehestra's objectives of iia reused
inisiial appreciation and recognition
of native talent. The JMortli Carolina
Symphony Orchestra is said to he the
only, organization of the kind stafo
wido in its .scope, similar organiza
: 'on- in other .states being for the
:ro-t part restricted to the larger
In order to make the concert availa
ble to as lai-ge a number as possible.
.Mr. Atkins, sujierintendent, haw se
cured a special .'admission price of 50
cents, and announces there will .be no
additional gate fee to those attending outside the .grounds.'
Smith Completes
4-HCIub Surve
Tho countv agent ha.s 'i'Us't com
plett d a che- k of the 4-II clubs of
the county. From reports it looks as
if mif' of the ixiys are planning to
fitt.end the eliib cam p at Swannanoa
in Augu.-t. ..The date will he an
nounced definitely , at once. Kaeh
club boy .wiil be sent a card soon
giving details. .It is very g-.-atifying
that the iriys di; responding. so Well
with Their in o p ct.s and thut a genuine
inli.rr.if ..n.lj "urn. li .. I.-07- Wo
are expecting to take a group to
Raleigh the. 2oth to stay until the
the .'iiith.' This is the regular state
short course , for boys, Any boy is
fortunite to get attend. 1 his counT
ty has bet-n notified to bring a-s many
bev- as we can..
. During the storm last Sunday,
three poles belonging to the; Carolina
laght and Power fompanv were set
on fire in Hazelwood. Lightning ran
along the wires and then down the
ground wirevs on the poles and set
the poles on fire. Little damage was
It was neeessarv to turn the lights
of Waynesville off about eight o clock ble for vour product. Plan ahead , urdav. Julv If. -'i. L'l . s' was an
for a few minutes while a burned with. us. Co-operation will bring re- ' r.ounced . this week by. Mrs. .. Chas.
wire was replaced. I suits. . . : Mease- secrer-.rv of the ircaniz.u:on..
Cannery Will Be
Finished Friday;
15 Men At Work
.1. 11. lios.-ctt, contiaclor of the Can
nery, said Tuesday mornine; that ho
epected to have the building com
plete by Friday. Work of pouring the
concrete door is expected !o be fin
ished by that time, and is the biggest
1 work to lie done. It look
.11 vards of dirt to ti
11, .or.'
Tuesday .there ucio
on t he eorislruct ion p.i i t
iiig, and M'Veial u.-ie
installing the'oine.
t'fi in for the
il'.vn busy
i the ouild
i ngaged in
,i: : on- .
Tile building i
do of .li
ami b.e
met al,
i it li a coiici ol
i :u. lows and cooj e ; , , . :o,; e; ,u
i'.g- niaiw up '. ii'' -idf '
I isi-.. l oii noa l .. n of t he v;n !. .! .
i... In on laid, but I !io I i anieu oi k n.i
, ; i.oell ore, ti d. l! e- t llo.ll ll : thai
. ' . I o ;, t !le I o WlU be .1 i llillll'i' ma.ii-
i. I'm- , on i i.. I .on o I t he w.irci. a . .
,i,i '.it . (, "I unking ll of - ii ,
I : ha! brick i r 1 . Ie will be i.
( i .mis Ag. in V. . I i. Sinn Ii i. red
, c I. i i! i j l Mat plan .11 11110. 1 u .1
. I ...a e . 1 ,. ! o.i, II IllerV .1.! -( ! .1 ii .: 1 i'
1 1, n i y T in . o.: . l b . how
, I ,! p, 11,1 . II U III 1 ilel . lie; ,llol ll.
. .no I hi
I .1 I I I o.l ' i !
U h,. , If,
I I ... I . : .. :: i
lii 1;. 10.
10.0 ll I li. a e 1 1 I i . 1 ', e
.1 U-.i' V. a oil 1 I'e. I 111 1
', k II, III l...lh'.i;'h .I I '
ig hi 11 a .11 lei! i he 1 1 ac
I, . cl 11.1 el m '
loiriii 0 1 liiliii' i 1 -' ,0
'I lie e.,IIO.e.A ho !,ll., ' i HI l I' l
:, 1 1.... I; I , 'j.., at-i d in 'ii f- l;:.i..:l.:'
,. i'le io.l, o' 111. tin elu..;d.'"
U iiii li'ijie-Miih
Fire (Yatker Mu,
ii ii
play i .lie; cv.ilode.t
t ie 'l JU t ..M l' .1 Ire
'I'll,, in, . I a I i t
th: II VW'lli. o I !
I he' I. .'.Ill . " I i '.a
not i.oell lor ll i l.i.l.i
in. I
on- iiii'.
il' ii'- had
il Would
!ia e g olio i n to I he In a rt .
The liov wa i u lio.l i I
win re the object was removed.
The hoy : ,,l t he neighborhood wei
i".l i act ing I lie powder and . hot. I rum
gilii shell , and thou hilling tho cap
With a look ..fur i uui. e-iuaki'. . I!
soenis that young, (ireeii wa. binning,
hi . "noi e- maker ' w hon il out oil'
a lid I lijili ed blni.
Kotarians Hear
Discussion ly
Dr. V i. Sisk
Mr, .('. N. Sisk, inaltli .dlicer. of
this district, Wis.tlie principal speak
er at the Ivotary ( lub ia I Friday.
He gave :i geni ial. sin yey ,f the wo. k
that lead beeii accuiiipli. bed and some
of the pi ills w Inch he expects will ho
made within file next few months,
Olie of the niost recent accompli.-h-ineiits
of the health organization ha.-,
been vaccinating some ..3.00(1 persons
in each of the .three counties which
compose the district--II ay wood, .lack
son, and Swain. .,;
In the neai' future a tun-il clinic
will be held, and also other clinics',
.1. N. Shoolbred, was awarded a
fiilver sandwich' .tray for having the
host 'attendance reco.'d in ; the club for
the past year.
Four visitors were guests of the
Waynesville Has
Temperature Of 87
. The oflin ial , weather oepbi for
Waynesville for Tue-day was XT'.. with
the lowest reading of the day being
(10. According to the oflicial reports
of both places, Way in svil'e was four
degrees cooler than Asheville. ,
V. Il- Smith i.s . ollu-ial weather
observer, for this . coiiini.tnity, with
the instruments located . on the lawn
of :i,e court hOu-e.'
Farmers Warned
About Cabbage
There is enough acreage ' al.-oady
sPt ill pnVihnrrn tn 11 rv,.l v- . t U..
market this fail- V.',. do ir advise
farmers to set more. It not not t'-
late , to plant Stringless Green Pod
beans. I his varietv planted now and
until the 5th. of August should bring
good results. W,, are now short on
snap; beans and .with light plantings
in .sight it looks as if the market is
going to be good until frost. We
have, worked hard, to find a: market
for snap beans through this week.
Beginning July 25 all snan beans
should be sent to the cannery. Buv.
ers will be sent to the cannery to get
what they want. Keep in touch with j
us ami the. manager of. the cannery !
and 111" Will trn the bn.-t nri rvo;i. '
Will He A Cooperaliw Concern.
Workmen Ilae Already
Started Huildinu Tens
And Stalls
W.ilc.iiii ;n e n..w bus i ! , ncraKed
in .,a::.iii .In- ii) and stalk .. the
Mill. i.i I Moikvauk at I'l.vdo, which
is a co-ope . a 1 1 c oi ga ni; :on.
I'!ie oi a-:;.. a: ii n i- i in pi .-niotod
ai.d oi -.i: y U. C. Sann .,ml
(I H. Sani'oi i! 1. ,1 in-1 u i; ), ,, i;uin-
oi of lo.idinu' , ,i! ; ),. i a i - e i in i !
1 1111: '. .
Th' ,:. cl
a. .'- ' lie 1
1' ici a
. h-iM
1 '.In
1 . , . 1,
A i-,
in! , ,. ,1 ,! 01, .11
! ! 1 1 y
he i i 1 1 e I !,, i air' ag'
1. '11.11 1 lie - 1 . ... i.
llillil'. 'he i.l.llh .id
Vvi manent v ks
.1 I
or . . ;ol !' 1 1, ili ' e. I : ll-!
I'ap. h i oi oo..'.l oil w"'
..I .!iiiii:n: -;.'i and !.;
i'i' lor-, ,lo pi even) tin
1 1 net ion by wear.
' 'l pubi:'.' biiiMinc -:
anil found to bo ,n' .',"'..'
n port Mild.
, . ! the county' lloilli:
jporled I oa .i'i i" oi' Iiii"
hleiil y -of grain and
I'hei e ;n e :sv inni.'i'e .
ijiiidiiii. A now now
In i .i '
tin li.
l'i'W 1111
or ;,. "
Ih wl,
ham i"
ri.'W '
Th. g'alld i'l ry :il .'". j id:
lit : he I lo-piia'l, ! hel' ' A I .' i . .1! p I! H'lll
111 of w hu ll a re . i,a i it y I'i1' :i'll! -
Midi IJ.'i.v w.'i- i- oi i li m i.i 1 1 I for h
., i vi. e- :i a ( iraini -III;, i hlh or.
2,(0,000 Allotted
To Parkway By Sec.
fcKes On Saturday
Washington'. - -Si'd'-taiy Mm'- Sat-
unlay allotted i..i.lloh,iHiil' I ' A 'funds'
for. the (ire .t Smoky- national park ,
vviav which w, 11 extend f - our' Sheiia it
doali national park iii Viigiinia- to tlw.
(Jreal, Siiiolvy .M in' a in- Nation d
jiark ".in'.; North ; Ca.'olina and
r.ennessee. a"-distance of .Idp in.ile..
The parkway joute has nut ln'ci
agree'! upon -definitely- but will fol
low in gene.ral.-'the southern Appa
lachian mountain rdnge The statu -
of Virginia., 1 t'i:m --ee aiid 'North
Carolina through . whi.-h the d-iv.
will pas.-, . have agr ed to. co-operate
by . providing a 2io-foot right -of-w iy
except where; it lies within 'natiotial
park area-.
I'ublir . win ks (liliciais- -saiil t he d riv'e
will make e jsily ai'Ce-sil.l'.' to m'l'i i
ists some of the most gorgeou- i -ery
in. the oa.-!e.n pail, of " ho -v'-'ir..' : .' .
They pointed out th," Shi.nan-i' ;i;i
national park with . it - pe; t:u . :' i-r '.
-kyline drive,; makes it -n.-. of
most popular recre .lion an a- 'in,;'.:.t
part of the couiitry .'i:id- likeiw i-.e ' ' ;";;
(ifeat Hinoky park i- stead, !y. .i'i r e
ing. more arid more visitors, ;
Original plans c .11 fo.- the C.j ' i'!
Sniuky parkway to join .tlie .-kyi-ie;,
drive .'ati some point in : het.atid'i -
national park.
Reunion On Sunday
b . Th' I'atton-Kii kpa
reunion- : i
I'Y.nv.'t' vi
'"' held at the I
1i I i i n - i I i
Aibconnection- of both fabjilieV J'
invited do' at'.end .and; br.iiig' da-ks
lunch, according to an an.notmceiiii V
made yesterday by Koy 11: 1 ' i '-: '
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