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NO. 35
Doyle Alley Is
Named rresiuem
x Of Young Demos.
Phrinfrhaus Pictures
Govt"1 n
state As Having Gotten On
feet Once More
..,.- liemncratic Clubs of
..f .tW ou" u....;
i'Uv. local attorney, was
,. letted
luhna in the closing busk
.ti (IT T lltril aunuui v v .
j51'; ;f :--in Asheville last Saturday..
r V at-tiai jr- -
.,i'th kar
1. 1
w a -
of High feint, retiring
, Alley was vice yicoiucni.
'.'vganization the past year
.' -M;, - t-i I'enny, oi War? county,
Hi--nil vice president.
t aivention adopted numerous
, , - The one oi greatest con
- v ami interest to tne group
-ial advocating "an adequate,
,,,'' ,,i liquor control" for the
c I cht-r resolutions endorsed the
Democratic administration
, iieMdeiit Roosevelt to C'on
..;, representatives, - the gov
,."ar.d the retiring organization
a!Hl auVOLitlfU ouiim
Over a half million dollars worth
of scictntihC instruments were de
stroyed Saturday afternoon when the
stratosphere balloon ripped at tiU.OOu
itet and crashed to earth in a Ne
braska cornfield. The three occu
pants of the gondola "bailed" out in
parachutes alter all efforts to save
the balloon had failed. Neither of
the three men were injured- , All re
cords were lost in the crash.
Golf Tournament
To Begin Sunday
At Country Club
Seven Valuable Trophies Are
Being Given In Fifth Annual
Golf Tournament
John Dillinger. father of the
formcf- notorious bandit, has de
cided to go on the stage in Indianap
olis in order to make some money to
pay for the funeral of his bandit
son. While Dillinger'.- father was
preparing to go on the stage, ru
mors were current in and around
Indianapolis according to some news
paper?, that the man slain for Dil
linger was not the real bandit and that
"public enemy No. one Was still at
'I -, ii
..,.r Ehrintshaus drew a
picture of Aurth Carolina's
..aiing the past two or three
i -.tin mat me Male is now
, feci again and mat. dut,
ales 'tax a Ium' resorttrie
n.ive been bahwired and
. ! the State h.;e been saved
-dig entirely. , , ' ,
early days or VJ ; the
! had reached its most erit--i.v
Governor .. Khnnghaus
j .were closing, .Wth
- .1 '. he j-ecolld h lg lie-t state
:-. .( litediiess in : tile I'nite.i
!v r.h Carolina vas ruimUt-r
. , . ,i ic i tH. annually, there was
V. of .i.",W0 .iiMi,.wo..ved
. ike country l J tio'kuuu and
jvjiig Vix per cent interest on
-, tncre was no money m the
we weiv overdrawn $4,000.
.! highway funds, our notes
;ig called, r.o hope collld be
i .', was a dark day, indeed.
to thank That group oi nu-n
:- up the Legislature tor
. work at that time. They
expense of the government
in -,;u per cent. Throughout
.. there could be heard sug- .
that we cut the schools still I
that we repudiate our debts I
wo let the'. land continue to
tax burden. ...
; these: iiecided. against
..k.i the Legislature if they
I Hjme way other than the
, to do so. They passed the
the day was saved in the
.- at- hand. It was an emer-eii-ure-
Nolle oi us like it,
I- the only way.
.vcrnor spoke feelingly about
rd in which North Carolina
i.- held by the Nation. He
in that the state has paid
nt. it, owes and will continue
Luke Lee, Jr., was given a parole
i nun ine state penitentiary ,aiuiua.
afternoon, when Governor Khringliaus
granted him hi- I'reedoni due to the
tact thai it was thought that I.e..
Sr. led him into cenpliacy to de
fraud the Central Hank and l'ru-i
Co., of Asheville- which resulted in
the conviction of Lea. Sr. and Wal
lace H. Davis. Young Lea was sen
tenced to -five fivni two to six years.
He spent so days in prison The
you-ng pri oiier wa- a'-o in ill health
the tin,, oi hi- (.omittance to the
Marie lhe--'e., ('J, veteran -actress
of the -taec- and screen, died at
her home in California'. S .Uirday af
ter a ' illne.-- of seveial
month .. She has no relatives.
The rifth annual golf tournament of
the Waynesville Country Club will
get untler way Sunday and Monday,
August 5th and tth when the quali
fying rounds will be staged, accord
ing to an announcement made yester
day by J M. Long, owner and Ross
Taylor, professional of the local
Match playing will begin on Tues
day, in what is expected to oe the
outstanding golting event of the year.
Three (lights have been arranged and
trophies will be awarded to runners
up and winners in each Might- A
gold medal will be awarded the low
qualifying score.
The seven trophies are on display
at the club house and are .-aid to be
the most beautiful ever seen in this
se.-t-ion-. l-'xtitine care was taken by
the club officials ill selecting Die
The tlmv t'.ckts aie expected to
: e tilled bv Sund v, as a large num
ber of vi-ito.s from here and other
nearby towns hav,. shown much inter
es-t in t In local course this year. L
i- kti.iwn that a number from Uiyson
City and Sylva will b among the
t.-arnaiiu lit nl. eis, w hile Canton
play ei s will be among some ,.' the
.-w -Corel's.
The greens have been given 'special
attention, and ate in pert", cl playine.
.'iid:! ion. The entrance .foe i- s"-!.
Annual Reunion
Held At Haywood
Institute Saturday
Survey Is Being
Made In Park On
Wild Life Habits
Three New Species Of Birds
Found In North Carolina
Area Hy Representative
Of I'ark Service
R. J. KK-etwoiHl. of tho National
Park Service is complftiiij his elev
enth week in the tireat Smoky Moun
tains National I'ark making a study
of the wild life, in preparation of a
wild life program which the' park ser
vice intends to inaugurato in this
area soon.
Mi. Fleet w.,..l
a u cord of 1 in
tin isles hi- -,.i'i
he w 11 have at
kir.d- on n.
Notlii t aiolina
new spec.,.-.
lie has made a
has iilic.tdy made
irds. :,n.i before he
y he i i-: .i-vi's that
a--t 21KI .lllletftlt
. .-hcets. (n the
:. r lie '.'vlinil three
stliilv of the llfo of
M i s Ann
daughter oi
Leosevi'lt . w ti
from t in -lis li.
l;.:o.-eelt- Dall. only
l'reident and Mr.-.
grailted a divorce
Dall, New York 1'iok-
r- in a t n-.niinute heiirmg m Mindcn,
Ne-., en Monday 'The hearing wa
held behind closed doors.
The body of John Tk (iillie. : tvif
; i-uii-i in t he .-Willi m. ng pool ;.t ' - Royal
I dies Tuesday 'Horning hy . life
guard- at file 'place.' It is helieved
that liillio tell in the pool Mond;i
night, as Ik- had bet'n drinking short
ly before being missed,
is between A.-hevilie ai
ville, and is one of tl
developments started
"iiijoin" of "2ii.
lyal I'wie
' re:, I e-tate
during the
Former liovernor Alfred E. Smith
of New York,, returned do the ,' ranks
of Tammany Hall Tuesday when he
attended a rally .of that organization
"Whete my state's honor is at
--take my honor is at stake," he said.
' A- k :g a- I have anything to do
with t:te government of this, state, she
will pay every cent she owes."
"No American may look abroad
today without rejoicing that he is an
Anaiie n citizen," Senator Bailey
s.dil in his address, "Conditions
may appear hard, here compared with
.conditions a few years ago, but com-
pared with conditions abroad we are
so much better off that notwithstand
ing cur tiliL'ht Wo can reioi-ce.
''Democracy still prevails in our
land. Ine people rule. Democracy
put the. Roosevelt administration in
power Democracy m orderly process
.M revolution. We are unde7going
K'Mt chances of Democracy; they
are m tne interest of the people, and
t v rest upon the will of the people-
Anroad the shock of the depres
sa.n n:.s uprooted the governments,
Ku-rseu the processes of democracy
and destroyed liberty.
"A 1 of Europe stands under the
menace .f war. The mind revolts
atra,i,-t the news from Germany and
Ausuna. Russia and Japan exist un
constant threats of war.
thi . the other hand our problems
iit at worst only the problems of, ,-, And our processes are
n,j tne processes of peace, of orders
h exjy-r.ence. of Democracy. We
PHa..c servants generally are working
''. r '-s ai.d with us m the common
t-s.-of human progress.
L us our task to rebuild at home
ar.ti to pursue a course that will never
.f";1? 'aolve us in the controversies
orld nations. We will deal peoples, for the world is
;Q in 'ur market, but we. -will -not
Wo WK tllem as parties to a war.
("e oueht, and I feel sure the Presi
make it -clear that once a
., 1!j darted we will not become in
v l ln lt directly or indirectly.
e know that our policy of supply
'& lne. means- of carrying on war to
. ar m 1914-
'K-d ' ''''B'ea us. iNever again
J,vu Aler'ans be permitted to
;ujlr ta!tn after that manner. We
?"wbefore any war shall start
aw; ..c!ear t0 all at home and
.- nifv. we Wl11 not deliver mu
ar- ,' arn-s to any nation at
or war- ,u r ' vmi u
to xarl' ye ,r'11 sniP no arms
at one, K "atjons. If we put them
'n lne cash and carry basis,
c-onum-ea on page 7)
The two Nazis accused of the kill
ing of Chancellor Kngelbcrt Dollfus
Wfi,, hanged Tuesday ufterirooii aftei
beine- convictet tl court marshal ;n
The killer said the bullet fi rod ac
cidentally, and' later stated that lie
legretted the accident.
bear and deer in the ii.ta. and has
looked for wild turkey- tint -o. fai
has not found any.
The purpose ,f ike park servict i
to ('ventually have all tin wild life
in the paik that wa- lliero when the
lir-t white -ettl.i- .aim- to tbi--t'ction,
due of the iiir.-'. ions Ml.
Fleel woo t- t , y me ' i li n. (hi 1111--w
el' t. ; ", :k wor!. w lift ll' r "' "ot
t here . i , .,11a'.' ! -' in 1 ''' I'-nk
ar.-a !'- -i k:-e. i ai. . r ,! deei
t hi'oiir. m! the cat r.
Ml- .Flee'Woo.j :' ,' : Ind ail . auk
tat ic'lle,.!
First Sale of Cattle Will
Be Held Today at Noon
At Clyde Stock Yards
Over 46,000 Pounds
Of Blackberries
Have Been Canned
Forty to Fifty I'eople Working'
Day and Night To Pack The
llerries. Five Cents Heing
Over -Id. 0(1(1 pound- of blackberries
have been received and canned by the
local, cun no. y during th,, past seven
day.-, it w '...-. leained through IJobe.t
Hiame. manager of .the new eliUl
pnse. A clew of from 10 to all neolde
have betii busily engaged working
unlil kite at uiglit to can the berrie.
that have keen brought m. Monday
was the peak day for tin cannery
when 1 1 Ml pounds We'l'e leceived al
the .aniioM Tuesday a-, soinew lial
Je- whii poling, were de-
Large Number of Cattle Expect
ed to He On Market for Open
ing Sale. Itoyd Is President
Jesse James Is Named President
OI Alumni Association. An
nual Kvent lo lit Held
Skilled labor . working on state
highways '.will be given, an increa.-e
in wages from 4(1 to 00- cents an hour
beginning August 7, it was -announced
in Raleigh this week. .
Unskilled labor will not get an in
crease, but semi-skilled, labor will be
paid 40 cents an hour. .
Mr and Mrs. Wm. Chambers wers
called to McCormkk, S. ( ... last Fri
day on account of the serious condi
tion of the latter s father. Mr. M- L.
B- Sturkey, who suffered a fall down
a flight of steps two weeks ago, hit
ting his head on the pavement. He
died Saturday -afternoon, never re
gaining complete .consciousness.
Mr Sturkey was always interested
in anv good cause, and he. with an
other' man from McCormuk. Mr J
H. Harmon, were two of the original
stockholders in the Southern Assem-
Mir at Lake . UnalUSKa, v.. '
though he had planned several times
to visit this part oi tne coumi );
never saw thP spot that ne nau neijieu
to promote. .
Dairy Specialist
To Give Demonstra
tions Next Week
Mr- Farnham, dairy specialist of
the extension department of 'State
College, will 1 in this community
from Monday, August fi. to Augus
10 according to an announcement
made bv County Agent Smith.
Mr. Smith said that a number of
farmers have told h.m that they
wanted assistance n fyntt
starting their trench s.Ios, a in tM
connection Mr Smith -aid Ve nt
um nt lPact ten meetings next
" T nH if vou want to us
Thovel dirt see us not later than sa,
urday: August 4th, ... and. make, a.,
rangements." . ',
The Haywood Institute Alumni As
soei ,tion held its first meeting Satur
day. July US. at tin obi Haywood
" u'.c jj; . ..iitiil- at ( l do. Many
t'oi nn r .-ttnleiit- and frieird- of the
ins 'I: lit in W'.'ie pre-sentv Ainoim
the a.-i.t i - ware Mrs. W'.iodall I'rol'
...lohp Harnett, -and .Mi.-s Martha
(.)-borne. "
Sam Hobiiisoii. Canton attorney,
was the principal speaker Other
- peal-'crs were Je.-se James, who deliv
ied an addre.-- of -memory tu 1'lof.
K. A Seiitelle,. who was for so long
teacher ;it the institution, and Mr.
Frank Hay lies, who delivered an ad
dress of w el oine.
Th(. banquet held at T:-'IH wa.- Weil
attended. Pcisofis appearing on the
dinner program were': I'aul (Irogan,
Mr. W (I. Hyer.-, Mrs. Mor-e. and
(irace Plott. Group singing of "We're
Tt nting ' Toil i ght... ' " A ii Id Lang Sylie,''
and " H,, the Tie," led by I'auliiie
Seiitelle. Frances p. Justice wa
It was decided tu make the event an
annual one to be held th,. last Sat
urday in July- The following officers
for i lie as-oeiation were named: Pres
ident. .It sse James. ( lyde ; .-ecretai y,
Ilessie M,( lure, ( lyde, and treasurer,
QiH'iUin Plumblee. Hurhngton. Mr.
Plumbic, is chairman of the finance
committee. The following comittees
were named: Publicity, Mrs. Jessie
Osborne -More, chairman, with tar
lisle Havnej-, Mrs. Sally Byers Green,
Judge T. L. Johnson, Joe M. Ford,
Jack Messer. and ( arter Osborne;
Social, Frances P. Justice, chairman,
with Mrs. Jimmie Bolt and Paul Gro
gan: Program, Mrs. Gerald Fish
chairman. Other members of the
War In Emme Is
i.nmst Impossible
Sass L: ell Thomas
Soled Author, I ia 'ler And
Newspaperman lle:utl l
Large ( iowd Al Lake
Lowell llioinas, lain. hi- radio eoin
nu n'.atoi, author, new.-:i.i-r.. cu re
-poiidelit, and world lr avelcr, .-aid
Saturday night, in an iiit. rcicw thai
war is .'almost ilupo-sikh- in Ian-ope.
"simply because none ..f t lie omul l ie,
1 1 .-1 - anything to gain; -.oxei-pl i--r
M r. Tbonias com mi nle, I out he- 1'ki
i opean situation prior to t be ik t.i vei
ol a -lecture on "Advent u i e A.roiu'id.
!be Woi Id and on the A n:" kcl iM t.' a
large audience composed . C .limalu-k
nn- and. pt-r.-olis from Wkiyiiesville
( anton, Sylva, A.-hevilie-, ami nlhei
W t'stern North Carolina coiiimiui it ics.
'Hie address was delivered in tin'
Junaluska auditoriuiii uiid.-r auspice,
ol i he .Mel htHlist asseinlily .
In coiiinieliting. tluiiiiii the mlei
view oil Ike Ikuropeiii! .-.rtualioii Mr
Thomas said, "many ol" t lie ( it-r mans
would like to have .u-l. ia .as a part
of their, empire. Hut l-'iance, l'
and Italy are tin, powerful to
-ee this come about. There :.- lit) pros-,
ptct of war in EuroU'. There 'might
have been war had llullfu-s' foilowei.
been much weaker than they turned
out to be.
"It is rather diflk'ult to say- that
the events that are taking p;ico m
Austria point to a striking defeat fur
Chancellor Adolph Hitler, id Nazi,
Germany. We can not tell because we
are not thoroughly acquainted with
the situation-
'''Possibly omo of Hitler's men got
out of control Wednesday when they
made their 'putsch' on the Austrian
Chancellor, which resulted in the
death of Dollfuss. And Hitler's Nazi
leaders in- Austria (lid. their work
Wednesday probably Without the Ger
man chancellor's knowle'ige.
"The fast nlace-takintr event in
Austria todav are being viewed by the
I'ntil Wc.jfie -day
of ii,l"H ,o. Ill can,
auav'. The large -
I a r.
I he pi .0
live colli -
1 1 1 : 1 1 b.ue In
morning, a tot d
bad In en pa, ke 1
ire can,; a i e '! In
en canned t hit
in. m
i k i in ii
v. ha h t ii
on 1 1
ol l l .1 I!
Lei i.ail'
Tile ll
I be ',,,,-1
.liiiv -
d' bin, kin i i ii--. ii
potllill, w lie ll -l-
ii dd i'eiit a e,al
.'i. e now in la I.! 1 1
w ill aid o
and ot li, i
al the
1.1 r'.i
i i
IV cpi p
, ;, w a i
111.- . ea
pa . t : ii,'
the- ial
A ilea
I be c
t l l h
w h d
Into a
he -a
u d.l eel iiii. ioi
if Ml,', week- ' '
acl 1 ii r r ie - I CO', eil d u i i ne
e en d cy a i. a follow - :
. klbk; rat, p; ; s;, V 111;
r;o: ) I ; .11. Jl ,
a t. ..tioin l.iioil poandv.
I'lic inade I he slalemeiil ! hat
lo deh e. in oilucc at
iioiild I if I f.i-l In toticll
I lea i ii ju-t win ll. and
pr.iilu. e wa- Wanted,
would save time and
The first Miction .sale of the Hay
wood Mutual Stock Yards. Inc., of
Clyde, will be held today at noo.
The sales will be conducted in lb
$'' (Kill .stock yard . pens which ai,
located, near the Southern Kailwav in
Date Wedne.-day afternoon it was
stated by ellicial- that sevi ral truck
loads of cattle were already on hand
for the sale, Mid it i.s expected that
be for,, noon today that all of the 17
catl le pen- will be Idled. In addi
tion to the IT cattle pen- there are
lo hoy pell-.
Wo'i knieii wele completing
coll-1 1 11. ', ,On of t he pell- i due
and everything
the I'll - t - de.
At a meeting1.
,!-, e
I hi,- w ei k,
oli'Mili ill ;
pi i -idenl
- . 1 . a, :
Oli o, lor-We-I
Ck I.i... M, -!:., I
t.k lim i. Sa nl n' d
, 'iiinl.y . i e. I. lent
qua n I i , I w lib 1
, Glenn
and T
ii,d W,
il Ihe ol
T. , k
d tl
le -lockholders
d ,wa-- elect.. I
Aledlord vice
Mcl'iackeii, is
: ;- ai,,
a: ion : I loim r
I'. 1' X-'kiii'l.
,- Saiifoid 'an.'r
1, llavwood
a i
I b
I he !
i 1 1 , i
! , , '.
II f'
d i , I v
d at t
n. t' 1.1
, :la 1 '.- Ill 1 lie
l.'be le w
ail why
he- -,,: k.
lit WlM)
nl in a
.-at 1
iinplily nialler.-. lot all uncoiii'd.
Rally Of Sunday
Schools Will Be
Held Next Sunday
iMe.elinj. Will I5e Held At Pleas
ant lialsam lunch At 2 :.'!().
Program Announced
rnmittci, havp not heen named- The
history eomittee i.s comnoised of Mrs. l world in t'cnf-ral throuirh the pre-ns
Pe.ssie M'se, chairman, with Itay 1 an,i thereby we are analyzing the sit-
Morgan, Mrs. C. M. tseall, w. J,,uation fiom that point.
"There will be no c-fleet on tne
whole of F:urope if Italy invades Aus
tria, as they plan if the Austrian gov
ernment fails to conquer its foes. The
effect will be onlv temporary at k-a-t.
It will be electrical on the press of
the; world should Italy, invade ; Austria.
Czechoslovakia would be tne oniy
Francis. Ir C. A. Pless. Mrs. Mark
Havnes. Theodore McC racken, Mrs.
Rosa Robinson, and Mrs. Frank P'er-guson-
Beans Are Wanted
For Shipping To
Tennessee Market
Tile comity-wide Sunday S . hool As
sociation Rally of this county will he
held .- t the Pleasant - Balsam. P.apC-1
t-li (ii (-li on Sunday, AugU.-t. oth, at
rr:,'!d o 'do -li.' according tu an an
nou'nceiiienl made by (ileim Brown,
cupel iriteiideiit of the organization.
Ihe general theme of t he program
will lie ".More Dike th(. .-Master."'.'
The program for the meeting is a,
follow-: ',.'.".
2:l!0 Soiig and praise service.
Talk. "More Like 1be Mas
ter. ".'''''
I Would Kver Be." by Kev. P
J:0() Roll call of ciiur. hes.
1:15 "More I.ik,. the Master
'J caching,'' by T. H. Rogers.
d:2.r "Mon; Dike the Master
Bring His kingdom In
I- ergason.
i ii "More Lik( tht
Ministering to Children,
lyn Underwood.
y:4.r) "More Like the
Kvangelism," by '1 . T. .No-land
4:00 Announcements.
.1:40 Song, "More Like the Mas
ter." 1). 11 Harris is secretary; Jerry
Robinson, .chorister and Mrs. A. J.
J he I'lea.sant Balsam chun h is lo;
1 h ' i. ec" g- i."i iiii
Tin v i two ,..eiaraic a
mil lib-.
'I'be lak-iiie men of' ( 1
('pet at lllg "lie liuinired pe
th.' -lock yard oilieial-,
sieeial page' of this w - :;'
is u ins.' an in it ,,t ion In
rai ser ; of I he count y' i
Moek at the ('lih' lllal'kef, 'Ihe of
liclak of the in ganizai aai . vpn - ed
deep a pp rt cial loll foi . I In i i a! 1 1' ade
1,912 People Have
Been Vaccinated
Against Typhoid
Tuhcrculosis ( lime W ill lie Meld
In Count v. Week, ol Autfust
1 .5 liv Health Depailmenl
1 meat . bad
le in H y-In-id'h
l of !''. '
- been
id Dal
va, id-
health "de.-.-'
hmi.-e. ; I he
Miusfer in
Miss Km-
Ma-ter in
Cji until Tue ilay'-ol
typlned vacclnatioii ' t r
been given f.i I,!' V-i p
wood county I lirotigh -t
n.-irfiiit nt. under the dn
( '. N. Si. I..
The diphtheria ticntriieht
atimini.Merecl to s i I p. -dm
have received the ,mali I
Anv 'i.m ve.iiil ilic tu be varc'hated
for --anv of the above dotal
anidv ;tt the office of tin
nartment at the court
serviees are 1 1 ce.
, During the week of A ug.u-t I
tuberculosis clinic will be. heb
1 Vi i - f1 1 1 1 1 t.'v with the time div
between Wavne.-vila- ; tid ( anttm. Dr. stated .
Those who have, item exposed to
tubercubi.-is. and are losing weignt
or have a cough and have reason t.i
believe that they kre in the stage el
eontra -tinL' the disease, should get an
mil. cat on from their
sician to be
dibit-. .
."There '-' no cost, to ..haying 'hi
amination inade.
- family ph
.examined nui i
County Agent Smith received word
th:.s week from Knoxville that pro
duce houses there are anxious to get
a truck load of snap beans- As there
are not that manv ready in the county
that he could get in time, Mr. Smith
requests that all farmers having
beans ready to get in touch with him
not later than Saturday
Plans are being madp to meet the
market demands with both snap and
field beans. Before definite plans can
be made, however, it will be nece.-.
sarv that Mr. Smith know what to.
depend on.
Judge Grimball
And Family Here
The plav, "The Path Across The
Hill," will be given at the Ratcliff
Cove club house Saturday. August
4. at 8 o'clock. The play is for the
purpose of raising funds to apply on
the psrsonage- An admission of 1
and 20 cents will be made.
country arou.-ed bv the invasion and cated on Highway No. 10 at Saunook.
wf uld at once mass their lorces on tne
border ready to await the first sign
of war to their country.
"What ltalv wants." Mr. Thoma.
faid "is a buffer state between them
and Germany- But Italy doesn't want
to see little Austria gobbled up. that s
the reason Mussolini is looking out for
the Austnans.
"It w as a master stroke on the part
of Hitler in appointing: Vice Chan
cellor von Papen minister to Austria.
I think he is the one man who can
beal the breach between Austria and
"If von Papen niccts with succese
in hi' effort to bring- about peace
with Au-Mria and Nazi Germany he
will go tack to Germany amid great
"P,ecaue he is -an ardent Cathobc
and a non-Nazi, he will meet the sit
.,t;., in Austria with a firm and
leading hand that will no doubt bring
aboutVace between the two coun-
tries, n on i pni "u -. -,
; . (Continued on page a)
Golfers Swarming
On Local Course
Are the tourists playing g-.l
year :
That question wa.- a
I.or.g, owner of the AV'ayti
Course this . week,, and
d d'
.-g-t .
; (I:.- ' fi
Juilge W m. H. Grimball and fam-1 iinswer was simplv
ilv, of .Charleston, .S. C.. hav(, arrived per cent mor'j than
to spend about a month here- are tne golt ; pJ.a
Several weeks ago Judge Grimball i year I ever .-aw.
had the misfortune of spraining his ! ed to stay a weeh . ng.
knee, but is able to walk around i hail planned just t.i .-play ?"'-'.
again U-t wintf Mi I - l ' 1
'. Friends here will , aLo be intere.--ted , crew: of men wrw wtrked .at.
in learning that the law. suit which j 18-hole course nvei atv; Ws
was Ki-nntrht here from h:. district I it into the be-t contli'.l. tl ..
and heard bv him durinir his vaca-i ever been, .-od thi
Don last vear which involved $40(1,
000 in cash has been practically set
tled. The SupremP Court upholding
Judge GnmhallV decision in the case.
Mis Margaret Reed and Miss
Lucille Pavelec . returned to their
finnips in Omaha. Nebraska. Frmav
after a two. weeks' visit to Mr. audi to come here an...
Mrs- Colin Mclnnes. ." and play err '.-' '
large patn.;iage-
,-' "As -high- as' t'o petd'k
on the- local , course - in.
A number .'-'of -vrrftcvi
'oir 'he cour-e- every da
pt hnitted,; and scver.-tl
friend ;in other p'krt- '
ivi: ; ten ry '
mm "tcr

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