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VOL. XI iv
NO. 38
lit; I
City And County
Vun.oxinu.teIy 6,000 Students
Vte bvpecieu i
I ndcr 143 Teachers
. .c:;. ols in the county with
, ., of the Canton schools
' ... t Wednesday.. August
to mi announcement
Tv , t k by Jack Messer,
.' of education
'' indications now are that
!y i) tJOU children will be
", ':'!, .Unient this year, which
.ut ten per cent more than
,: whin the emollment was
jidreil und forty-three teach
takc over the task of instruct.
C tmo pupils for the next
.-i, tr,,,,... ff th teach-
uiunt. The four are, three
Yi'i'a'all-1 agl ICUlllil al icaviicio i4
::, l.oinc economics teacner. ini
vim 1. A McLean, ol Bryson City.
t agricultural teacher at Bethel,
ana within the next few days an ag
iMiltmal teacher will be named for
!V.- and Fines Creek. Mr. A. .G
Meriew will remain as the vocational
tether in the Waynesville Township
..Jimil. Miss" Louise Edwards will
(each ' hmnc economics in the local
The" same' number of buses will be
u-ul ths year as last, it was learned,
'a 'ttmugii V-.'I,KI has been cut from
r e ha Iget of $!,0Uu for the op-
cr.-'.an ati.i manue.iunce oi uieiu.
n'Liiiij board has turned the
;em i u.i'k of the buses over to the
h.glmay department' and discontin
ue,! ine ii-rul a garage here. This
leiu wnl .-ave some. Mr. Messer said.
The -tale -school officials are trying
i e-'i',-cl the Haywejd County
lH-ik,"l Hoard to use student drivers
a; fT.'iO per month, but as yet the !.ari has not complied with this
leiiuevt and has made arrangements
I- iinp'ov adult drivers at $15 and
V-'ll m.'.ntk
Ti.,- u a.- a matter.' of much debate
ia-' t-ar when . the state tried to
. .vmis. ! the - local board to substitute
Vi-vH .nivei-s. Mr. Messer said,
"tti inuiii have to resort to student
fii. -,!.- la'.ei', but our present inten
t.' ' - are ;ci use experienced adult
Hp i.t Saturday, The first teacher-
aieetiLg will be held in the l.
.-I",::--,- ,l,tiitts. On Saturday- Sop
viiim s, the first county-wide
b -ia - meeting's- will be held. Mr
M. r announced.
I:- i-t of. teachers as published
' paper sometime ago. with the
-.-: t a lew changes, will be-'-i
Iran- duties on next Wednesday
"ara.i.g. The complete list was not
tins week as several slight
were being made by school
Beer Licenses Net
This County $775
." May 1, 1933. Haywood coun
ty ha.- had added to the treasury the
t-urn of $775 from the sale of licenses
to beer within the county, it was
armd yesterday -from Edwin
Hfiyties, register of deeds., ''"
... '( date 33 places have paid $25
each for the licenses to sell beer with
in Haywood.
.The towns collect $15 license and
th,, ftate $5 on each place, while the
federal Government collects a per
centage on the amount of business
done, '.
J. H. Way Assuming
r--.lV 1 '" Tfc i
uuues as roiice
Court Judge Now
' i I y' cashler of 'the- First
- t Bank, has alwavg been con-
. 'hi one of the fastest counters
.' n,erey anywhere, but those who
d-c been brought before him since
' jrned the duties of police court
ar'"'t. hnd that,, hp counts out days
, --J. about as quickly a she does Teed ', at the bank.
' . place as "judge'' is new to
wl av- but from the way those
f,r ;;,v been hauled in before him
o. . r a' talk, he is termed as a
ui V, ? JUfiKC" and has been ac
" ' lt. tting" down hard on the
" j'reaker.a.
. V" :mPMe to get "judge"
v::: ,u" aout his new duties
he thinks that the dignity
a T'i"?e shou,d upheld and not
U 4v-r publlc'ty and that alone
:l "...earn of his "veteran judge"
Whether m years or not.
irgeIjeans are
on display here
- in I', .-.y- of Route 2, brought
str . -v ; ? Week fme beans that
p ''is rd-long-' variety. The
I'l?,? long as 24 inches,
L-Vr in ?!' fiiled with beans.
-J - -fa!1 tht-H- long beans
P .u'a a d -pla3
Open 29th
(By Supt. M. H. Howies.)
The Vaviicsville District Schools
will upen Weilnesday morning. Aug.
. 2tth -at :4."). I'm rents arc requested
to enter their children the first day
of school and to. provide them with the
necessary materials not later than
second Jay of school Each child will
get a list of books and other materials
needed the lirst iay of school.
The History ati'l Civic textbooks are
the only books changed from last
year. The'Se new high school books
may be purchased at the Waynesville
Book Store. Hijrh school textbooks
other than History ami Civics may be
be exchanged through the Home
Room teachers. The ownership re
cord will be kept in each Home Room
of books belonging to students of that
Home Room- Students will please
record all transactions with their
Home Room teacher to save embar
rassment concerning textbook own
ership, There will be. approximately :uu
more students in the Waynesville
schools this year than there were last.
Two additional elementary teachers
hdsn allotted to this district.
The hitrh school students are re
quested to report to the high school
building for their program sheets ami
book lists, on the following days be
tween the hours of 8:30 and 5:UU.
and seniors Thursday and
Friday, August 2:Jrd and August 24th.
Sophomores Monday, August 27th.
Freshmen Tuesday. August 2th. .
New teachers in the Wavnesville
township schools for this year, arc
Miss Daisy Boyd, Hazelwood, replac
ing Miss Freda Kincher. who resign
ed Mr. J. James, of Fines Creek
will replace J Faul Beam, who has
accepted a position at Kutherfordton,
Miss Hilda Haliburton, will replace
Miss Maude Terrell in the Central
Elementary school
Miss Edna Morrow will till on(. of
the extra allotments, and will be
placed at Maggie school.
Miss Margaret Walker will replace
Miss Flora RatUbone. Lake Junu
luska. Miss Louise Arringtoii to till extra
allotment nlaccd ut l'eachtree.
Mrs. Earl Medscv replaces Miss
Doris Messer at Kock Hili. . ,
-A Waynesville District Teachers
meeting is called for Saturday morn
ing, August 25th, at Id o'clock in the
Central Ivlemcntary school building.
The meeting is called for the purpose
of discussing class- room organization
subiect material organization am
general school policies for the school
yer 'l!i;!4-:5. Parents : arc- cordially
invited to attend tbis meeting.
Revised list of Waynesville town
ship teuchers, including vocational
teachers, follows:
C. E. Weatherby. Building Princi
pal, Civics.
K. J. Robeson, Mathematics.
W. C- Allen. History.
Evelyn Underwood, French.
Margaret Ashton, English and His
tory. .
Marv Barber, Biology.
Mrs. J. L. Kellett, Latin. .
Mrs. J- C- Patrick. General Science.
Ethel Craig, Commercial.
Bessie Boyd, English.
Martha J Mock, English.
Louise Edwards. Home Economics.
A. G. Morrow, Agriculture.
Mrs. Lucy Tate Jones, Mathematics.
Jesse James, Principal, seventh
grade. . , ,
Frances Garner, sixth grade.
Mrs. Samuel Knight, fifth grade,
Mary Stringneia, men
Wilda Crawford, fourth grade. .
Daisv Bovd. third and fourth grade.
Eva P. Leatherwood, third grade.
Margaret Burgin, second grade
Mayme Love Leatherwood, second
grade- ,
" i.n.ntnn. first erade.
Mary Rathbonefirst grade.
E W Mease- Pnn. and sevc-ntn
grMr Hilda Haliburton, sixth grade.
Maye Burr Morrow, seventh grade.
Mrs DeBrayda Fisher Liner, sixth
KrMrs. Ova P. Ferguson, fifth grade.
Marv Ruby Davis, fourth grade.
Frances Robeson, third grade.
Lois Harrold, second grade. -
Ann,, Dee K.rkpatmk firt grade.
W. Thomas Reeves, Prm. and sev
enth grade- ,
W L McCracken, uth grade.
Elizabeth Henry, fifth grade. .
Fannie Pearl Felmet, fourth grade.
Mildred Crawford, third grade.
Eula Patterson, second grade.
Mr' Annie Plott Ledbetter, first
J Harlev F a". , I'm 'h ami
seventh grades. . .
' Stephanie Moore, fourth and fifth
grades. .
Louisa Rogers, third grade.
Margaret Walker, second gradu.
Mrs. Sam Queen, first, grade. .--
T T Rrtvd. P.-in-. sixth and .-eventh
RrM'arv Lou Leatherwood. fourth and
fifth grades. , , . ,
Mrs Earle Messer. third grade.
(Continued on h -ck page I
!)K. 11AVNKS
Former Clyde Girl
Now Holds Position
At Elon College
Dr. French Haynes, of Clyde,
Considered Exceptionally
Young To Hold Ph. I).
(Written special for The .Mountain
eer.) Dr. French Haynes, of Clyde, for
many years associate professor and
dean of women at Howard college.
Birmingham- Ala., has been appoint
ee! dean of women and associate
professor of education for Kb.ti col
lege and will assume duties of these
positions September 4, acco.-ding to
announcement by Dr. Leon 10. Smith,
president of Elon college.
Dr. Haynes, who has been connect
ed 'with Howard college since 111121,
leieived her undergraduate training
at Meredith college, Raleigh, N. (.'.
She then instructed English arid Latin
at Wataugu academy, alter which
she -toon the M. A. degree at Cornell
university, Ithaca, X. V.
She was made instructor of Eng
lish literature and dean uf women
at Howard college in 1121'. lUei,
during' a leave of absence, she ob
tained hoi: I'll. 1. .degree fruni Cor
nell. She is considered an exception
ally young woman to possess a Ph.
D. degrie.
. She is ii member of 'the baptist de
nomination .and has been very active
in the affairs of-her church. She ha.
beon active in the Hirniinghanl Little
'Theatre movement and other cultural
organizations in the Alabama city.
She is a member of the American As.
ciation of-; University: Women, the
Alt.rusa club, and several national
No Definite Action
Taken On Home For
County Home Tots
W. T. Denton Suggests That Pub
lic Subscription Be Made
For Home, Offers $50.
During the past week the. has
been much comment on the proposed
children's home at the county home,
but to dste no definite official action
ha been taken. The board of com
missioners had worked up the bud
get some weeks ago and found it not
practical to make changes in it at this
It has been suggested that short
term anticipation notes le issued as
the county will not have any short
term bonds due within the next few
years. It is understood that this
would be permitted by the local
uovernment commission at Raleigh.
V. T. Denton, local hardware deal
er, who is interested in the project,
has made the suggestion that a public
subscription be made from all over
the county in the event that the board
of commissioners did not see their
way clear to erect the home at this
Denton is so interested in the
project that he has offered to give $o0
towards the home. Indications are
that others, will be willing to contrib
ute like amounts.
Those most interested in the matter
are anxious that it get underway as
soon as possible in order that the
labor on the home can be had through
the relief department.
Within a few davs some definite
action is expected from those who
have beer working on the matter for
several years.
The Edwards reunion will . he held
fin Sunday. September 2, at the home
of Ben Edwards in Edwards Cove in
the Eethel section, according to an
announcement made bv "W. F. Sor
rells. president of the organization-
A picnic dinner will be the out
standing feature of the event. Speaker-
will be aniwjnced later.
Local Relief Cut
ting Down On Food
Orders In County
Henry Makes l'lea To Public To
Report All People Who
Ref use To Work
lb iner Henry, local dirictor of
Urelieil ai t.lunced tins week that
heavy curtailments were being made
oil giving eiders for tood to the un
employed who aie now on n i . !' rolls
in Haywood comi'y. "We feci that
if they iiin'l gt sumething to oat
dining August and September that
they ought to go hungry." !h -aid
l-.t' it.- air . inado to get us.
many of tiu i:r.ei:loyil woik a po
m'oIc he !,!, an I teach them to be
.-el:' -uppiV'M'c. ii.uiM we, i'n't
know how : ng li:.- riliei' will lust
and it' t dms .-top ut La-' IT'i fam
ilies would be till our) . Ti the county
lor a living.
Mo.-t of the men who ar,, now re
ceiving work aie paying for the food
and clothing which was issued them
last spring. It was the agreement at
the time that they would work and
pay for these neci -sit ics during the
Mr. Horny made ;i plea ihat any
person who offers m iih- one wor k anil
they refuse to do it ami are receiv
ing relief that they should be report
ed to the relief office and the names of
such persons would be dropped from
the .relief i oils, "r.ik-s.s they are re.
ported to us we have little chance of
finding out about them," he said.
During the month of-July tit)7 fam
ilies received aid through the local
relief agency. Some of the families
are pitiful because of laziness on the
p,,it of tile father and. husband the
cut ii e family suffers.
Some of the investigator, from the
rebel" department found a family
recently where there were ten children
in the family, and there was not a
sheet or mattress on the place. Four
giown people also lived in the house,
making fourteen in all in a small
Mountaineers To
Begin Pratt ice
Next Thursday
Prospects For Winning Team Is
.. KncouriiRinir. Team Will 15e
Liyht And Speedy
T he Waynesville Mountaineers will
engage., in their first font ball practice
of the ,-eason on next. Tlmr-day. ac
coriling to an announcement pride
voterdav bv Coach I'arleton Wiath-
eiliV . An entirely nevv team will I
made this season as the result of 13
regulars being lost M graduation
last year.
The prospects for the team this
year will be letter than som,,.have
anticipated, according' to early rc
port.s. Although the team will be
light, they will be fast ami have al.
ready leamed the fighting spirit from
associating with last year's team who
came through the season with eight
games won, one tied and one hist.
Coach Weatherby expects, to put
the boys through tnree weeks of hard
work preparatory to the first game
which will be played on September
21- Negotiations are being made,
with Brevard, Sylva and Franklin
to get the opening game. On Sep
temlxT 28 the Mountaineers will meet
Asheville high there. Last year
the two teams tied.
Other than the game September
21, the schedule is complete, Coach
Weatherby said.
The following is a partial list that
will be present for the first practice:
Yancey Bridges. Ross, Garland. Seijl,
Ben Bridges, I'oteat. IJurress, Gillett,
Swift. .Gilv-'on, Summerow, Ferguson.
Kiuykenda 1. M oore, Vount, and
Property Will Be
Advertised For
Taxes Sept, 6th
An anouncement is being made in
today's paper that property on which
l!):i:J taxes have not been paid will
be advertised on Thursday, Septem
ber 0th. and sold on Monday, Octo
ber first- '.Thisis provided for by
law. ... ".'
,A warning announcement is being
published in order that all those, who
have not paid their . 1933 taxes to
dfcte will have sufficient time to do so
before the advertising begins..
Those failing to pav before the
advertising starts will be charged
with the cost of the advertising in
addition to the penaUies that have
already been added.
Mi's. James 15- Tugman and daughter,-
liottv J. ne, of - St. Petersburg,
Floiiila pre guests of the formers
parents. Mi and Mrs. J. C. Fergu
son. Mr Tuirrrron is spendine his
vara kn deep, sea fi-'hing jn the Gulf
of Mexico -
Mi-s Rosa lee Morrow, of Frank
lin, 'srent Sundav with relatives in
V--.r. ;-'.;!'. -i .'',. '
County Tax Rate Is
Reduced To $1.33
Carver Lodired In
Jail On Charge
Of .Abducting (Jirl
Jti-Vear Old Man and I. "5-Year
Old dill Found Near (iranite
Falls I5v Sherill I .owe
Kov Carver, !". i bulged with the
abduction of Irene Rogers, I.!, of
Wondrow, was givi'ii a hearing Mon
day afternoon before Magistrate
Flunk Ferguson, and later lodged in
jail awaiting trial in Superior Court
ti, au.-wer the charges.
Carver and the gnl were brought
back to Haywood county early Sat
urday morning by Sheriff l.owe
togetilu r with Kenneth l.'owe
Homer Davis arrested Carver
barn near Granite Falls early
in a
day night.
The tlu'e Haywood officials left
here Friday afternoon after tracing
up clues for several (lays- .They, ar
rived at Granite. Falls about six
o'clock but waited until about nine
before .'driving out in (lie country
several miles to the place where
Carver and the girl wcie.
The girl was held m Jail until the
hearing Monday afternoon, but would
not discuss the case. After the hear
ing she was returned to her mother.
Th., Kogors gnl was described as
being small and thin and only F
years of age She' left home about
ten days ago uiiib'r the pretention of
going to. spend the. night with a
friend; The girl's mother swore out
th,. warrant dunging Caiver w.ith
abduct ion. .
Carver told tnoniliiis of the s-hevill'V
department that his intentions were
to leave G.alnte tails early Saturday
morning'-for 'Oklahoma and was tak
ing the girl with him.
Sheriff .1, ". Tolhe.rt. ' of i "aldw i-U
e. unit v eaVe the Haywood .officers a--
.-i.-taine in locating t he eoupl
the local iii' ii made the al rest.
Married Man And
Young (iirl Find
Larking Dillicult
'I her,, i - a certain young girl in
Haywood county who -will be iino,
caielul Ihe neSt tune be "-ti ps -'Ut
at night"
SeVi l al lilglli,-, ago she -dec.'di'd' a
lit tle out iiig- w-i.l b a m i tain inarrivd
man w ould b-. . pei nns-alile if i he
world never knew any better, but
they; hadn't hgured on .Slieutf l,owc
making a search for a itiur car in
the same vicinity.
it so happened that the couple
drove past til,, jdace wheie Sheiifl
Lowe hail e)ijiect.ed tiie liquor .'.car to
pass. Not knowing the.. difference at
the time, : the -couple was halted, and
a search made of the car : No l-aiuor
was found, but thl; young girl started
in. begging -for mercy and of all the
pleading that could have been done,
she did it. 'The married man was ner
vous and prepared for the worst..
The young girl said that if the fact
was reported that she was. merely
riding with a married man out in that
vicinity at that hour of the night that
she would lose her job.
Sheriff Lowe got their names and
promised that he would keep an eye
on them from now on, but indications
are that this won't bt. necessary, as
they were .determined not . to take
chances. '..'-.
Eighty Rotarians
Attend Inter-City
Meeting At Balsam
I. st Friday night about 0 Ro
tarians from all the clubs, west of
Asheville. assembled at 1 he Balsam
Springs Hotel for a .-dinner and gen
eraT inter-city meeting at which time
John . Arringtoii, - of Greenville, . dis
trict governor of ..this district,; Was:
the .principal speaker.
This is the first inter-city, 'meeting
that has . been held in a number of
years, and those in .charge of the
program were grat;lii.-c at the re
sponse. '
The cluns represented wre: Svlva,
Brvson City, F ranklin- Andrews, and
W avnesvnl'e.
Little Miss Bettv Latham. laugi
ter of Mr. and Mrs. J. R Latham,
gave several ' specialty numbers, am!
was accornnamed bv Miss -Grace
Crocker iind his sister, who eu
a musical iirog'rani, throughout the
evening. . .
Mrs. William .Young, - of Ashcvibt
js spending several days here as th
guest of her .si.-terrMrs. I- 'Mix ?
and Mr. Stovall. . .
11 1
Twenty-Four Cents. Slashed
From Last Year's Kate. Re.
duct ion In Debt Service
The l'.i.;j :r budget lor Haywood
county as ad, pud bv tiu- bouitl of
c.miu'.-Miiia-i m their luular thn I
Moii, lay .-ession tin.- week all- I',
a led'Jctien ill the tax rate of - I ,ellts.
making the late 1. '. as eoiupaieo
with $1.."7 lat eai.
The change in rate cann with the
Uilin'ioii of tile debt ,-ervice fund
fioni SI to f7 cents.
The ho.-iital fund wa- iihie.a-ed
one cent, " making the- new late sis
cent-, while the poor fuml was cut
otic cent making 'it live cent.- for the
coining year.
The si Ii,h,1 rate remain- at l- cents,
the buil ling fund at live cents and the
general fund of 1.1 cent- remains un
changed. The compari.-on of the rates are as
. . (1.1
. ..-1.1
. . . 1 .1
. ..IK')
. . or.
.(Ki. . . .
'. . 1 .1 . . . .
(1.1 ....
.(1.1. ...
..17 . . . .
Inn hi mg
Pel it Serviie
. .$1.1'
While in session last Monday the
board of commissioners made the
following older:
"It appearing to the board that: the
State 1 li partnient of Conservation of
North' Carolina has failed to comply
with .ill agreement made- with t he
(oiinty 1 ' and refused
to co-operate, with the County Coni-mis-ioner.-,
it is Iheiefore oi'ilereiT.
that the appropriation -et out: in the
1'inigc.t Ctimateil be strii-keii .from
' I , I'liilgel and no allow ance lie made
for future co-opei at ion with said de
ia rt n-i'iit i'o.- the year I 'X I r',,1."
Th. board of i onini: .-muer- have
, o-,,iei:itcd with the Mate board, but
at the .-aim- time. xi etcil to IniVe
local :..-upera; ion from .'the men to
whom the money' was t'ling pml il
ua -! at ci I furthi r, Noi all member
l tile Con.-el vat ion'.- -tall' in the
cmUHI.V was object ionalili- to the com-mi.-sioiier-,
but the ..'department.- has
:c iioi-i-.i ci. 1 : II n - ugee ! i"ii - whereby
iiaiie:e- m the pciMiiiiiel would have
ineii for- the ln'st mleie.-1 of the
coiiniy as well -a., tlie 'ih'' i-'Hiii-1y
i.Hi.-ial explailH d.
"Al'lei ileallllg Willi "ll'.e -late do
part mi ni in 'I niaiiiii of friend
ship and t lien failing v' a-;t .
We took a ill a. e .fVi 1 ,. -tep a II I de.
fiiaiided i el lain change- wmeh would
bine In c -n beiietici -I for l he -tate as.
we!l;.i.. the county, and when tin- wa-
ignoiV.d 'i.-vvn to ! lie eMelll ut' lalllllg
: " a II. el ' .1 1 letter- , we de ided to
I.. way vi' h. ' ! he a i : opi 'a I ion 'on -1
1 1 e!v'." -the comiiiin: ina.'.e.'
Hugh Sloan Named
Manager Of Hay
wood Auto Ass'n-
. Hugh .1. Sloan was thi.s week ap
poiiited nianagei. -of tlie Haywood
County Auto Club, which is affiliated
with the North Caiol.n . State. Au
tomobile A.-so lation. In, . with bead,
(juar teis at. Charlotte.
The association is imw- ( ntering into
its sixth year, and according to Mr.
Jilin .1. t r ..ier. Jr., ii e.-idetit. it . is
probably the only automobile club in
the United States that has shown a
net gain each mouth, during the past
five years. The member.-hip of the
club is incieasing more rapidly than
officials had .aiitr ipated.
During two (lays beie- l.i- week
there: were sold 27 memberships into
the club Woike.s are !; this
week and in ( anton making .. drive,
and e.xpect t') atbi several -' -
fore the end of the week
To date th,. association l.a- a per
fect record for recovering . -to'i ti cars,
as they offer a ifl reward and pu-u
all agencies to recover ttie cars.
M r. William Medf d ha s bei n em-'
ployx'd as legal rejire.-enta' ive of the
Havwood A.-?otia;ioii, .Mi. -.Sioan a-.-n-iiin-c'l
' The tinea- garage- i'r: t'a . cour.ty
that have .i-een olfieially i: triiiii
Abels (.,;,:age Waviif-oi 1' i' ' -at
1 W Vrvui i'ii
and Champion Motor Coorsuny t'aii
ton. Tin aixAe gaiagi . -. '' -!'
unlimited' free, ro ai . : mem--hers-an
v where m tne c -i:. .
Oil" of the .fvatur.e.-r; :' t '-,e c'al :.
the Sl.'iV'f poena! in-u apce , ;.!;..';.
that goo--vvith e.!i :;:-ov'-) ie rh:-h-
' !!', is , '-. e-:;.-. uf. t : VI tc,:- .
t'.l e- Of -i' I V '. e. ' ti 5 1-'!) i it--
ir- m n ' :o!-. .- - ,. .-:' w:. a,! is c: - -
M- .
W V.

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