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NO. 10
Waynesville Township
Divided Into Four Voting
Precincts Instead Of Two
Board of Elections In Meeting
Here Wednesday Make Change
For Convenience Of Voters
At a meeting of the county board
of elections here Wednesday, the two
present voting precincts were di
vided in half, making four voting
precincts in Waynesville instead of
The two additional precincts give
the town of Hazelwood a voting place
at the city hall, and the Lake Junalus
ka community will in the future vote
at the Junaluska Supply Company
The division of the North and
South wards of Waynesville town
ship was started last May when a
group from Hazelwood petitioned
the board to give them a voting place
instead of having to come the Central
instead of having to come to the Cen
tral Elementary school building in
At present approximately 1600
voters have been using the polling
place at South Waynesville. ThP di
vision now makes that number about
K00 in each ward.
Elsewhere in this paper, a legal
notice from the board of elections
gives in detail the boundary of each
of the four voting precincts.
The new division will be Used in
the coming general election.
Young Democrats
To Gather Here
From 11th District
The Young Democrats of the elev
enth district will meet Saturday at
the court house at 3. o'clock for an
executive session, it was announced
by Frank D. Ferguson. Jr., County
In the evening a banquet will be
held at the Masonic Temple at which
time a prominent speaker will ad
dress the group. At least 125 are
expected to attend the banquet and
all those wishing to attend should see
Mrs Ruth Rotha before Friday noon.
Mr John Edwards, district presi
dent, of Franklin, will be in charge
of the afternoon and evening sessions.
The formal program had not been ar
ranged at press time.
Henderson To Speak
At Clyde On Monday
J. T. Henderson, of Knoxville, an
outstanding worker of the Southern
Baptist Convention will speak at the
Clyde Baptist Church Monday morn
ing at 10:30 o'clock.
At this rime the executive-promotion
committee of the Haywood Bap
tist Association will hold their first
meeting, at which time Jtienaer
son will be heard. ' .
W. G. Byres, moderator of the As
sociation stated that a special invi
tation was extended to the women of
the church to attend the meeting.
Garland Haynes In
Serious Condition
Garland Haynes, 30, an employe in
the maintenance department of the
KJiampion Fibre Company is in the
Haywood County Hospital in a criti
cal condition suffering with a broken
back which he sustained when he feJ
out of a tree in Clyde, his home, Mon.
It was learned from the hospital
that it was thought he was dieing
early Wednesday morning.
Mr. Haynes was on a limb about 20
feet above the ground when he fell.
He made his home with his brother
Harry Haynes.
Haywood Pastors
To Meet .Monday
The Haywood County Pastor's As
sociation will resume ther- regular
monthly meetings on next Monday at
ten o'clock in the pastor's study in
the local Methodist church.
Rev. F. O. . Dry man, of Lake Juna
luska, is in charge of the program.
A definite program for the asso
ciation will be worked out at the meet
ing for the fall 'and winter months.
Mrs. Lane Arrington. of Ratcliff
Cove, brought to The Mountaineer last
week seven tomatoes t lat had grown
together from one stem. The toma
toes wei about the size of large
plums, and were perfect in shspe and
color except for their '"close connec
tion" with the others. .
Mrs. Woolsey Laid
To Rest At Green
Hill Last Sunday
Resident Of Waynesville For
Past 30 Years Passed Away
Last Friday Morning
Last rites for Mrs. Minthorne Wool
sey, widow of Colonel M. Woolsey,
were held at the home on North Main
Street here Sunday morning at ten
A large number of friends of the
family attended. The Rev. R. I'. WaU.
er, pastor of the Presbyterian church
offered prayer; and scripture readings
were giVen oy the Rev. J. Thomas
Mangum, a former pastor of the
Methodist church here, now residing
at Mt. Airy.
Dr. Mangum spoke very feelingly
and sympathetically of a life-long
friendship with the Woolsey famih',
lasting more than Itifty years. His
father having officiated at the funeral
of Col. B. M. Woolsey. The deceased,
he said, was his first Sunday Scho-l
teacher in Selma, . Alabama..
The interment was at Green Hill
cemetery. At the grave, the com
mittal service of the Episcopal church
was conducted by the Rev. A be ft
New, rector of- "Grace Church in the
Mountains." Rev. Dr. New being a
devoted friend of the family.
Many beautiful floral offerings 'we' e
banked over the grave.
Active pallbearers were: James L.
Sti'ingfield, E. L. Withers, H, J. Sloan,
O. H. Shelton, W. L. Lanipkm, and
J. II. Way. Honorary: J. R. Boyd,
C .11. Rav, F. W. Miller, Harry M.
Hall, W. T. Denton, J. N. Sohoolbred,
Joseph E, Johnson, E. B. Camp, .
T. Alexander, Jefferson Reeves, Ira
Thackston and H. G. Stone.
Mrs. Woolsev is -survived by one
daughter, Mrs. .1. W. Reed, of .Way
nesvillo, and four grandchildren. Lieu
tenant M. W. Reed,. Selfridgo 1'iei 1.
Mich., James W. Reed, Jr., Charles
ton,' S.'-C, Mrs. E. K. Brimmer, Pana
ma, (anal Zone; and Miss Alden
Howell, of Waynesville.
Mrs. Woolsev was born in Vicks
burg, -Miss., and had made her home
here for 30 years.
When Lieutenant Reed left here
Saturday in an armv plane which he
uses in flying the mail route, he gave
the air corps salute to the dead as he
left for his home in Selfridge, Mich-
Parkway Hering
Set For Sept. 18
In Washington
Secretary Of Interior Ickes Will
Be In Charge Of Meeting
To Determine Route
Secretary Ickes has selected Wash
ington, as the place and September 18
as the date for a hearing on the route
for the southern section of the scenic
parkway to connect the Shenandoah
and Great Smoky Mountains National
The route for the 400-mile highway
already has been determined from the
southern tip of the Shenandoah park
in Virginia to Blowing Rock, N. C,
but North Carolina and Tennessee are
at odds, over the location from that
point to the Great Smoky Park which
is divided ' almost equally between
those two states.
The route proposed by North Caro.
Una would carry the -parkway from
Blowing Rock to Mount Mitchell and
the Craggy and Black Mountain
ranges, entering the Great Smoky
park near the Balsam rat ire
Tennessee wants the highway to
turn north at Blowing Rock, entering
the Great Smoky park at Gatlingburg,
Tenn.. after passing througn ea-t
Tennessee. .
There has been some, suggestions
that -a loop may be provided to give
both states entrances to the park. -
The location from the Shenandoah
park to Blowing Rock was announced
several weeks ago and surveys ; -ha ve
hern started in preparation for the
actual beginning of work.
A total, of .?ij.000,000 in public
works funds has been allocated for
the -parkway whirh it is estimated will
cost more than Sl6.nnn.nnO.- before
com pletion. The road will, be a con
crete r :bbon with ' wide park areas m
either side, -.-
M-y Crawford arrived Satur
day fo- a 'vilt to her. mother, Mrs.
y. T. Crawford- Miss Crawford Has
sT5ent the. past month in the Adri
erdatk? a; a councilor at Camp Red
wing. She graduated at Boston. Uni-A-ersitv's
Sargent School of Physical
Education last spring. .
John N. Ferguson
New U.S. Navy Ship
Former Waynesville Resident
Ycungest Man Ever To He
Named Captain In Navy
On August 17th the U. S. Navy
commissioned the V S. S. Tuscaloosa,
a ship with a displacement of 10.000
and carrying a crew of 718 men. The
captain of the new ship is John N.
Feiguson. a former Waynesville res
ident, who left here to enter the Naval
Academy in 1901.
The official ship paper, "Black
Wairior," had in its first issue th
fcllowing account of their newly ap
pointed captain:
The Ci mimanding Officer of ljie
Tuscaloosa is Captain John Norwood
Ferguson I'. S. Navy. He was born
in Waynesville, North Carolina, on 21
July, 1885, entered the Naval Acad
emy in May. 1 HOI, and graduated with
the class of 1905. His first sea duty
waf in the armored cruiser Pennsyl
vania. ThLs duty followed by
service in the New Hampshire and
North Dakota.
From 1! 11 to P.tKt Captain Fer
guson served ashore at the Navtl
Torpedo Station, Newport, Rhode
Island, where he Was connected with
experimental work in. mines and ex
plosives. The results of tests per
formed during his tour of duty at the
Torpedo1 'Station led directly to the
adoption of TNT by the Navy
Returning to sea duty. Captain
Feiguson served as fla lieutenant on
the staff of Rear Admiral Caperfon
in Mexican and West Indian ' water
from 191-1 to 1!Mti. During th,. World
War he performed duty as Inspector
or Ordinance in charge of ammuni
tion depots in the New York area,
including Iona Island, Fort Lefayette.
New York and Lake Denmark New
Jersey. For efficient performance of
this responsible -duty he was awarded
the Navy Cross-
From Pl! to If'JO Captain Fer
guson was Hag secretary on the staff
of Battleship Division 7. In 1-1)21 he
commanded the U. S. S- Stoddort and
De.-trover Division :i:i. The follow-
ing three
planning :
the Naval
D. C
years he spent .ashore
mill proVluctio.n otl'fer at
Gun Factory, Washington.
Ferguson's next, sea cruise
ilutv in eomand of the U.
S. Sclfridtro and Destroyer DiVl-
-:. ii 25, executive' officer of the IJ. S.
S; Tennessee., and command of the
V: S- S. Arctic' In 1120 he went to
the Naval Academy as head oi the
Department of Electrical Engineering
and I'hv.-i. - where he spent three
years. 'This followed by more
duty in destioyers a- division com
mander and duty as captain of the
va-'d. Charleston, South Carolina.
' From ' Charleston ('..plain Fergu
son went to the Naval War College
for instruction and during. I.i.'i:!-I4
was Assistant Superintendent of the
Naval Observatory, from which duty
he was detached this spring to com
mand the Tuscaloosa.
Captain Ferguson is the son of
the late Judge Garland S. Ferguson
and Sarah Norwood Ferguson. He
is a brother of Garland S. Ferguson,
Jr. who is now chairman of the
Federal Trade Board in Washington.
At the time Captain Ferguson was
named Captain he was acclaimed to
be the youngest man ever to receive
that post. He is married and has
1href, children. The oldest son is
now a student at the Naval Academy
in Annapolis.
Perry's Purchase
The Palmer House
Mr. and Mrs. I). 'Drayton Perry
bought 'this-week the Palmer House,
on Pigeon Street, and will assume
management on Saturday morning. .
The deal was made with J, R. Mor
gan, executor of the Lena Palmer
The house has 15 bed', rooms 'arid, is
rated as one of the leading boarding
houses in the community. During th'
past several seasons it has been ope
rated by Mrs. N. W. Garrett.
For the past two and a half years
Mr. arid Mrs. Perry have been mana
gers of Poinsett Hotel and Grill in
Sylva, Prior to going to Sylva they
operated the dinning room of the Le
F'aine Hotel.
The lot is- 100 by 140. The pur
chase price was hot made public.
Erwin A. Holt Is
Visitor In City
Erwin A. Holt, of Burlington, was
a Waynesville visitor last week,
coming over from Asheville where he
is spending a few weeks.
Mr. Holt is much intere.fl'd in
this section, and has donP much to
wards distributing advertising
throughout' the country about the
scenery and climate here.
It was Mr. Holt's original plan
to return to his home this week, but
in view of the fact that Secretary
of th. Interior Ickes is - to be in
Asheville on1 the tenth to decide on the
decided to remain over for the hearing-
He firt came to Wayriesvi.ll.
forty years ago. . . .
1 140 Teachers Will
i Be In Session Here
Saturday Morning
Dr. John Calfree, of Asheville
Will He Ti intipal Speaker
At Eleven O'clock
The tirsl county-wide teachers'
niettun is ict for Saturday morning
al ten o clock :.t th
tary school here,
Centra! K'emen
Jack Mcsser. su
dueaticn has an
perinteiuU-jit of
The principal speaker of the meet
ing will be Dr. John Calfrec. presi
dent of Asheville Normal school.
Other speaktis will include Dr. C. N.
Sisk, Count Agent. W. D, Smith, and
perhaps (tin:- Dr. Cali'ee will
r peak at eleven i clock
Mr. Mcsser v.. II hr.v-e charge of the
meeting and is expect tig the entire
140 ttacliers to Ic present The gen.
era! tin me for the meeting and study
for the teicheii throughout the year
will he "New Courses of Study in
North Carolina Schools."
Girl Is Fatally
Wounded When
Gun 'Discharges
Miss F:.iy Grocan, 20, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. 1. .M. Gmgan, of ("ruso,
was fatally wounded at ti o'clock Tues
day evening at her home when a pistol
said to have been held by Roy Bur
nett, 25, ' also of (.' uso, was discharged
accident :illy. . '
Roy 'Burnet.', s-mii . of- Mr. and Mrs.
Willie Burnett, accompainod by Moody
1'less had been hunting. , Upon re
turning Burnett popped at the Gro
ea.n home to talk with Miss Grogan,
with whom he bad long lx-on acquaint
i d. - Bui net t is said to have playfully
pointed his -'12 calibre revolver at
Miss Grogran, wlui was milking. The
revolver discharged and the Ibullet
penetrated the stomach. Miss Grogan
died in an automobile en mute to the
hospital in Waynesville, .
Paul Grogan, princinal of the i'ruso
high school, and a brother of Mis.
Grogan, said the family wuld not
ask for. an itaiuest as the shooting was
definitely due to an accident. Wit
nesses 'to the shooting 'were Nliss Gro
gan's brother, Vance, 12, liei- sister.
Mayhurf, and a brother Frank, All
said the shooting was accidental.
.Miss .Grogan graduated from the
Bethel high school ill P.m. She i
survived -by. her parents, three sisters.
Blanche',; who is a .-member of the Cru.
-o school faculty; Maybu.rr and Mario,
.in. I three brothers," Paul, frank and
funeral services will be held Tlni'S
day morning at 11 o'clock at the Cm
so 'Ba;st church with burial in the
Gwyn cemetery near the church. . The
Kev.' ). 1''. Burnett, .pastor,! 'offi
ciate, assisted by the Hev. 'I'lioiila -Erwin
and the Rev. ('. '. Grogan.
1,000 Witness The
Presentation Of
Flags To County
Between 1)00 and 1,000 people at
tended the impressive ceremony last
Saturday afternoon at the courthouse
when the State and United States
flags were presented to '.he County by
Champion Fibre Company. .
The program began With a parade
which was seen by a crowd estimated
to have been over 3,000. The parnd
was participated in-by the Ghamnio
Fibre Band; Waynesville Machine
Gun -Company, the ,30th Signal Co.,
of Canton; representatives of the
American Legion of both Canton and
Waynesville and Boy Scouts from the
two t.wns.
'-.Upon a i rival at the courthouse,, the
Viand gav" a short musical program
after which Dr. R"r P Walker gave the
W. J. Damtoft. assistant treasurer
of the -Champion Fibre. Company pre
sented the flat's to the county, and at
the conclusion of his remarks the
band, played "The Star. Spangled Ban
ner" whereupon two representatives
of -the National Guards carried the
flags forward and placed them in the
stands back of the judge's berieh.
The flags were accepted by W. O.
Byers on behalf of the county com
missioners. - - '
John M. Ou'en accepted them in
behalf 'of the Haywood Bar. Associa
tion. Sam M. Robinson, . president of the
bar, association, and who! had, charge
of arranging the program presided
and called upon K. F. Went z, of Can
ton, whose idea it was to present the
county with the flags.: Mr. Robinson
also presented the, different units that
took part in the parade.
Judge Felix E. Alley was scheduled
to address the meeting, but was unable
to attend. ' " '. '
Mr. and Mrs. H, J. Burke arrived
here Wednesday afternoon to begin
actual work on the ''promotion of '; the
fair for HaV wood County. Plans are
being made to . make definite announ-
cement soon of the location, together
with the premium list. '-.-
Contract For Building
Soco Gap Road Extension
To Cherokee To Be Let
Mountaineers To
Have Heavy, Fast
Team This Season
First Scrimmage Of Year Is Set
For Tomorrow. Weatherby
Optimistic For Successful
The Mountaineers will engage in
the first .scrimmage of the season Fri
day afternoon in preparation for the
first game which is tentatively sche
duled with llayesville on Friday, Sep
tember 21.
Coach Weatherby said yesterday
that he hail issued ;,r uniforms to the
squad and that indications are that
the line will be heavy, while the back
field will be fast and light. The entire
team will bo lacking in experience,
but the enthusiasm shown thus far
indicates that they are ready to dupli.
cate the records of past teams by
"bringing home the bacon."
In summing up the team Coach
Weatherby spoke of them as being
"full of pep and' ginger and 'rearing
to go." 'I'lio prospects for a winning
team are most encouraging.
A complete schedule for the season
will be announced probably next week,
Coach Weatherby said.
iSixly-tive prospective players have
been given a physical examination by
Dr. ('. N. Sisk, and 'only two were
recalled for a second examination.
Outstanding Hay
wood Man Returns
Will Preach Sunda
After being awav for almost fori v
years, Kev. William II. Rich, of El
hertoii. (la., has returned to .Haywood
County', lor a brief visit, and at. the
request id' many . friend will return
to the pulp'it in the-community where
he' was. reared and conduct the moi'ti
ing services at Mt, Olivet. Church
which is in the Maggie Community,
-'Rev. Mr. Rieh has 'held some of the
largest pastorates in the slate. He
was for a number of years at Thonias
yille and Lexington. Later ho went
tu Waycross, (!a., where he erected a
large church. Later be moved to
Elbertan, (i;i., and after serving as
pastor in that town retired from ac
tive preaching.
, .Many friends of Rev. Mr: Rich have
'indicated' they intend attending I be
services Sunday..
Insurance Head
Addressed Local
Rotary Club Fri.
The local Rotary Club members and
12 visitors on hist Friday heard Whit
ney Speigel, vice president and gen
eral manager of the American Fire
and Casulty .: liiHu.rance Company, of
Orlando, Fla.. discuss, "salesmanship."
Mr, Speigel went into detail of the
qualification! of an -ideal salesman
and stressed the fact that, the best of
salesman possesses courage, knowl
edge and enthusiasm. . .
Visiting . Florida . Rotarians had
chargeof the meeting which included
hesiiles the principal address the sing
ing of songs and competitive , singing
between W'ajtovilleites, and Flor
idians. .
Haywood Singing
Convention Meets
Here On Sunday
The Haywood County Singing Con
vention will meet Sunday. Sept. 8 at
the Haywood county court house. A
very interesting day is being planned,
beginning at 10 o'clock. 'Mr. William
West, of Canton, i.e president of the
organization and Mr, Ray Parker, of
Canton. , is secretary. There will be
a real treat at this meeting by having
the Dewey Hyatt and Simmona
Quartet of Leni',- )ire.-ent.! Ot'n r
choirs will he present . and a , Very
good program is expected.
Unemployed Teachers Are
Freed To See .Mr. .Messer
S.upc l intondcnt of Educat ion. Jack
Messer, an noiiiiceil . yesterday that he
would like for all unemployed teach
ers in Haywood county Who hold
North Carolina certificate. to see him
at . his - office on Mornlay m.oniing oi' i
next week,'- ' I
. "If will lip to the advantage , of all j
in this group to see me as .-(n as'
ji-.s-:''!e," he -aid.
State Highway Commission To
Let Contract Next Wednes.
day. Will Cost About
$130,000 For 11 Miles
The State Highway Commit n
will on next Wednesday let the c ..
tract for the completion of the S
tiap road into Cheiokee Indian Ki
ervation. The contract Us expecte.i
to he near the $4M) Odd figure. The
Soco Cap Road forms North Caro
lina's eastern entrance into the park
The Mountaineer learned from
Frank W Miller yesterday that the
Highway Commission would let two
contracts on the building of the ro.ol.
Kach contractor getting five and a
half miles. Work will begin on both
ends of the road within a few days
after the contracts are awarded.
Mr. Miller stated further that pre
ent plans are to have the road com
plete by July first of next year. That
will give the contractors a little over
nine months, and with an even break
in the weather it is felt that tho
work can be done in tlu.t time.
The road will lv built through some
of the most rugged country in this sec
tion of the state and will pass wtihin a
short distance of the famous Soco
Cap falls.
'1'he construction of the road was
authorized at the last session of the
lieiieral Assembly, when other new
const ructVim with state fumfs was
prohibited. The road is now includ
ed in the Federal program.
Work on the project was delayed
due to uncertainty concerning- the point
where the proposed Scenic Parkway
will enter the (ileal Smokies, but the
commission decided the route was
ni'cessa.y regardless of where the
parkway goes.
Actual construction on the road
from Dellwood to Soco Cap began in
Mai ih, l'.l.'lo. and is now comple'.e. I he
road to Soco Cap is miles, while
tile road from Sucu Cap to Cherokee
will bo 1 1 miles.
On a number ol occasions .Major
.1. Ross Kakin, superintendent of the
park, has stated that Sovo Cap Road
into the park was a key road, and
saw no reason for its di lay in ex
tending it. to ( hoi'ok" e.
The road when completed.' to. Cher
okee will put Bryson City 'a! our
miles nearer Wayne-vilb' than the
piosent route via No. 10 now :i(Vord-
Florida Doctor
Is A Waynesville
Booster At Home
Dr. E. (. Piorct. osteopathic phy
sician, who has had an office at the
Hotel-, Waynesville for the sea.on,
1(i ft Wednesday for Chicago wher
he will attend' the World's Fair be
fore returning to St Potershurjf
where he will open bis office' for chm
Dr. Pierce is veiy much impressed
with W'Vynesvillo and 1he Great
'8ni()ky Mountains National Park, and
highly recommends this section for
summer visitors.
He plans to return here next sum
mer and during the white', says he
is going to boost Waynesville among
the Florida cities.
.New York, Inability to -pay a $!!
hotel bill, nolice said, was responsible
for the suicide of 17-year-old I- bee
Wilson, daughter of a wealthy New.
York rr-Ut'le. '! jumped fro.ui: the
F 1-
. Lake ("itv, S. C:.-Three inen.robbed
the. Palmetto Bank of Lake f'ity'of
approximately. : 100 000 yesterday
after kidnaping J. If. Carter, the bank
president and his wife from - their
home and tieing Carter's three, child-'
ren to their feds. farter and his wife
were forced to accompany : the rob
bers to the bank w:here the leader ;o!d
Carter thev were taking him . to 'open
the vault. At the b;nk, they 'found
Fred Stalvey, the cashier had already
arrived and the vault Was uiilo. ked..
Taking what -money' was in the vault
the, for.cel . the two bankers
and .Mrs. Carter into their car and
left. Mrs. Carter was reb ated, a'n'.ut ..
three miles from town -and'. the others
about iO miies froni here. . .
. Charlotte A-ri .'independent stii v -yi
of the two Car...';nas yesterday, .indi
cated (,f the area's approxi-.
irately 1 '.' '"I cidton -textile wos kei s
had-.joined, -the general strike; c:'::n:t
L'To . i e .iiiproximately 4"io -.'tt i
an-) s:';i .tunning "mii'ls w!
(n oi L'e . A, Brown, Jr.,: in:fr.;irire.r
Fa!t1:erV Federation rctinricd Monday
KgrJ ,a"ter -spending- -'five du;. s :' in
; 'v-Z n .on . business. ,.'".'

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