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Till RSDAY. SEPTEM HER 11, l!3i
NO. 11
Grady Welch Is
Bound To Court;
Assault Charged
Hearing Here Tuesday Attracted
Large Crowd. Assault On 14
Year Old Girl, Charged
Grady Welch, 42, was bound over
to Superior Court without bond Tuts,
day afternoon by Magistrate M. E.
Swearingen after a preliminary
hearing at which the defendant was
charged with rape on Susi,. Palmer,
14. of lower Iron Duff township.
The alleged crime was said to have
occurred on Saturday night of Sep
tember first. A warrant was sworn
out by the girl's mother, Mrs. Will
Palmer Tuesday. Welch was appre
hended Saturday and lodged in jail
by Sheriff J. A. Lowe.
DeVoe MeElroy, who was also
arrested, was not held by Magistrate
Sweanngent after the hearing.
The hearing Tuesday morning at
tracted a large crowd, especially from
the community where the act was
committed. Ihe hearing was held
in the main 'court room, with about
19.ri in Attendance.
Th inrl took the stand and testi
fied that Welch met her as she was'
en route home after shopping in
Waynesville that afternoon. He met
her near the Riverside school she said.
He had about a half gallon of liquor,
she testified, and made her take a
drink against her will. When she
continued to refuse he is alleged to
have beat her. bruising her arm and
then pushing her through a barb wire
fence, inflicting a number of scratches
She further testified that he threat
ened to kill her if she screamed. "He
told he had killed two men and would
kill me too," she Continued during
the testimony. She explained that
she was frightened at the threat arid
that he assaulted her.
Court record show that Welch has
on two different times been tried for
killing men in this county. One was
killed while he was deputy sheriff.
He served about three years in the
State Penitentiary for the last hom
icide. The plaintiff testified that later in
the evening after Welch had assaulted
her that she had similar relations
with McElrov, but 'that it was not
Mr Polly Palmer, aunt ot the girl,'
testified that sue saw weicn ue.ii.
the girl, and that Welch was drunk at
the time. ShP admitted on cross ex.
amination that she too had had a
A neighbor of the girl. Mrs. Sam
MeElrov. told of hearing the girl
tell the detailed story of the mei-'.
dent all of which she was vorrott-,
orated by the girl's mother when she ,
took the stand- j
The girl is of medium size . and
weight. She did not show any signs
of being nervous during the -hearing,
and on several occasions while others
were testifying she made .-several re
marks from her seat within the bar.
Groer C Dai- upit-m-ed Me
Elrov, and Ennis Sentelle .appeared
for Welch, although F. E. Alley, Jr ,
is attorney for Welch but ; was called
out of town prior to the trial W al
ter Crawford is attorney for the
Locke Hvatt, of Waynesville, was
oleed present of thHa
Young People's Union of the Meth church at the regular monthb
meeting held in Canton Monday even-
111 Other new officers elected were:
Virgin a Osborne Bethel, vice pres
ulent; Annie Boyd, Jonathan, .ecre
UTy; Myrtle G.llett Lake i Juna t,ska
treasurer; Lois Ball, ( anl""
Martha Way, Wane-ville upuin
tendents of publicity.
This week TWENTV
FIVE families in Haywood
County will receive The
Mountaineer lor the first
time. This group has be
come subscribers during the
past few days, and we trust
they will enjoy reading the
naDer each week along with
hundreds of other families
who have previously sub
scribed. Since September fi r s t
the- e have also been fifteen
families to renew their sub
scription making F o r t y
subscriptions in all in 10
Boy Shatters Plate
Glass With Head;
Escapes Any Injury
A twelve-year-old boy playing
On the street here Tuesday night
ran head long into the large plate
glass window at Burgin's De
partment Store on Main street
and shattered it beyond repair.
The miraculous part of the ac
cident was that th boys' head
was not injured at all. He was
not even scratched by the falling
Otis Burgiu- manager of the
store, estimated that it would
cost about ?5U to replace the glass
and the expensive sign that he
had on the glass.
Civil Court"fo
Convene Monday.
Docket Is Light
Two Cases 01 Interest Scheduled
To He Tried During Second
Week Of Term
.hi din- .1 Will Pless. Jr.. of Marion
will preside at the September term
of Haywood County Superior Court
which will convene Monday, hept-eni
bor 17- The term will lie ucvoted
entirely t,, civil cases and will con
cnm ni net ienllv the entire two week
although the docket is not as crowded
as previous ones.
Th. tu'n cases that will llerhui)
prove most . intflrestiiig during the
Kginn are srhedu ed lor Monday
.September 2-1. The - case '.of Turpi n
vs. Rhitiehait is air outgrowth of ' the
alleged kidnapping-in Jackson county
some months airo-
1 hp other case
same time is the
I.eNeve is suing
the suit LeNeve t
bv a tarantula;
sclieduled lor uie
suit in which Carl
Ail' Tea Co.. In
aims lie was bitten
asking 1'ot
have been
first week:
. 11. Mason.
J. R. Walls;
R. J. Tram-
The following jurors
selected to serve , for the
Waynesville township, E
J.H Beach, II. I,. Wyatt-
Beaverdani, Vv- b. links-
mell, J. 1) Harbin, C. M. Harkins,
Dolph Lanning. C. F. Smathc.s. V.
B. Biamlett, K- (--Mull; Last 1-ork.
J. T. Powell; Jonathan- Creek, Sam
F.vans, Lee Ferguson; Clyde; L. H
fmrlo' .1 "W. Creel). R- L. Penlatid:
Fines Creek T. M. Ledford. Charlie
Duckett; Ciabtrce, C. 1.. Hill, Ji
ll E. Seay ; Pigeon, R. II- Brown: W.
F Cook
'For the second week. -ihe .following
were drawn: .-Beaverdani. S. I.. Alien.
C. D Mott. W, M. Cogdill-, L. C. Reno;
Waynesville- W f. Medford, W. L
Mehatfev Edward Glavick, C A.
MesscrY). W. Ross. R. II. Boone. W,
K.. Mirier, (!. V. Turpin; Pigeon J
B. H ii grove ; Ci abti ee. J. L: kins
i.,.i. L'inoi Cu.ek.. ('. A A rrington ;
Jonathan, J. I'. Caldwell. Marshall
V.esser. .
G. S. Ferguson, Jr.
Reappointed On
Fed. Trade Com.
Reappointment Made Monday By
President Roosevelt While
Mr. Ferguson Was Here
Hon. Garland S. Ferguson, Jr,, for
the past , seven years a. member of
the federal Tade Commission, re
Ifeived a message. Monday while
spending his vacation- in Waynesville
with his si-Hi, Mr- I J. Hobe-on,
President Roosevelt for another term J
on tne Doarg.. . i "v -seven
Mr" Ferguson received hi.s nrst
appointment from President Coolidge
in 192T. There are . five -members, on
the board, coming from all. sections
of th,. United States.
Mr. Ferguson and his . son, ; Gar
III. were joined
Tuesday . by Congres.-man .ebulon
' ui,i W 1 Hardiii fur a fish
ing t:ip west of here. The, partv plans.
to return the latter part .of th0 veek.
Mr. Ferguson and son will .return
to. 'their home -in Washington, about
Mr. Ferguson is a .former Waynes
ville .resident, having been born, and
reared here and. for some : time
assocra ted. with his father: Judge
Garland S.. Ferguson. ."
Clyde Increased
f; .- ' " '
Approximattlv 2oO heal of .cattle
were sold last Thursday at the stock
yards at Clvde, bringing a total of
about S4.000". : '; - : '; '".
Interest: in the stock yards is
steadilv -incTessing. officials of .the-in-corporation
stated. As high as- oOO
people attend thP sales each. week.
The prices- being : paid for steers
range from . V to, ; ?4.0. , : HeiK,,
from .2.r0 -to S8.50; Calves from..??
to S3- -.'.''
Most of the cattle, is shipped to
Spartanburg-. Columbia and eastern
n'tdii-t -wr-ere thev are butchered.- .
County Fair Will I
Be Held Week Of
October 1 To 6
Arrangements Are Already Un
der Way To Draw Large
Crowds Here For First
Fair In Years
Pl-ms c-Aini7 ftirwarH rflrtidlv
' v - - - I
lor the Haywood County Fair which
will be held Here at tne Band -uiu
(.rounds' the week of October 1 to 6,
All contracts have been siened by
lepresentatives of the local post of tbi
American Legion who are sponsoring
the fan. Mr. and Mrs. Burke ar
rived last week and have established
head quarters next to the W'ayne-
wocid i beatre ivncr,, thev are busily
engaged in making plans lo.r several
outstanding events of the gala ' oc
casion.' Advertisement elsewhere in thi
paper give some idea of the nature
of the events- a popular hoy and girl
contest a baby pageant, -and several
other days.
Mr, Burke announced that during
the fair one day will lie set aside as
Canton Day, and other special days
will probably bt announced later.
Members of the Legion committee
who are promoting the fair are of
fering a prize of $2 to the person
sending in the best slogan for the
lair- 1 hose answers should be given
Torn Lee, Jr., who is commander of
the local Legion post.
A draft of the by-laws of the Hay
wood County Fair association has
hceii sent Secretary of State, with
the following hiving signed it as di
rectors: J. H Howell, W. T. Shel
ton. Charlie Met rurv, F T. Crecn.
. I i.oo .-jr., . n. Mimn, r . rv.
Went., D Reeves' Noland. Mansoii
Medford, and I P. Alley.
06 Births And 29
Deaths Inllaywood
During Past Month
Majority Of Deaths 'Were With
I hildren Under Two Years,
And With Adults Over
There .veie mir . than, twice ;.s
inany '.irlb-. in Haywood comity as
ilealbs .-iiirntir August, acconliiig to
ill oil rial i-tateimiit just made public
Pr ('
A rs ; s k . of t tie muni v
al'ii di
Tbo d
i tot;il 1k
b; i t lis !-
: is as fol-j
1 teatlis.
2 1
.J. I
.5 0
1 1
.7 0
2 C
Hi U
f 1
n 7
r. ,t
3 o
5 0
fifl 29
taled'- CO.
Fines ('nek ;
White Oak. . . . . . r. . ....
Jonathan . ..:......
Iron Huff . . .
Ivy Hill , . . . : . . . . . .
Waynesville . . ... . . .
W a v n e s v i 1 1 e Taw ns h i p
Clyde - .: .,.:....;...
Canton . . . . . . , . . . . . .
Beaverdam Township -East
Fork . .........
Total -.'.. . ....... ..
All births during August, were
white and all legitimate except one.
There were ,'!8 male and 28 female
r,ii-tbs- !YX VL-pro attended bv tlhvsi-
cians, and 8 by midwives. '.Of: -the 29
deaths. 28 were white and 1 colored;
15 were male and 14 female; .10 deaths
Were in children under 2 years of age ;
a deaths from 2 to ,r)0 years ; and 14
deaths were over at) years.
Football Schedule
Announced For '34 j
-Coach C. E. W'eatherby announced
yesterday the following schedule for
this season for the Waynesville
"Township Football team:
'1 earn Hate Place
Huf-vT'i 'pf 21 Htre
-l( Mlh (Pt. 28 Thire
Iilack Mountain Oct " Here
(Fair Week)
'.Christ School Oct, 12 : Here
Asheville .School Oct. 20 There
WfaiiPe f't 2C He-e
1 im S hoo! o 2 Here
Hi n-'ei-rnville Nov 9 There
r,, Nov'. 1f
rwnn- Nov.. 2:1 Here
Thanksgiving ODen . -Nov.. 29
The admission prices this year. will
he "5c and 25c The games for the
first will begin at 3:30 o clock
ornrERs c pti re
1 A . forty-five gallon still and 300
gallons of beer was cantured by of
firer? . in Cecil township last wek.
Those making the raid were: Roy
Reece- BCn Green. . Charlie Moody,
Jo'-.n Kerley-and Elmer Downs.
Later in the week a small still and
inn gallons of - beer was captured
Three n-.en were arreted during this
raid-. ' ':.''' .',--' , ' ..'"-.
Western Cattle
Are Improving On
Haywood Pastures
Uelief Is That Shipping In Of
Cattle From West W ill Make
Farmers Interested In
rIo date approximately d.OOO head
of cattle from the drought stricken
area in the west have been received
at Clyde, where a thorough exami
nation is given them before being
shipped west of here or let out to
pusture in Haywood county.
The cattle are kept at ( lvde lor 72
hours befoie being chipped else
where, or turned over to Idywood
farmers. Several tests are made and
all symptom- of the examinations are
carefully vw.l, ;'.cd Hot ore- these in
charge give the fin 1 approval for
It was learned that as a general
rule the cattle are arrivimr in fair
condition, and a check up on some of
the cattle that have been on pasture
f,,r it weeks show 1 hat UliS isec-
t ion of the country is agreeing With
them, as all ot them show a maioua
gain in weight as well as looks.
Tim Mnllntnmeer nliest iolle'd SOVOT
al who have been in close contact with
thP work since the cattle began ar
riving here and found that these men
believe that th. shipping of all the
cattle into this area will get the
farmers more interested in stock and
...ill .vontllll'v ie the IlleailS of 0011-
veriing Western North ( arolina into
on,, of the largest -cattle raising sec
tions in the Cnited States.
ti,., ,...,tt,.r-M ,.!iHl,. will have a ten
.1 , ,,,,inrii,n, heller stock, that!
tie I n . - vvi v ii ... w ... ,
I) ,ving the opposite effect, it was Saul,
No (lel'niite: statement lias been
..,,! ,JU 1,1 th. Lrovernnient in
tends to do with the cattle, after it
ijs fittened on local pastures,
Republicans Of
County To Meet
At Clyde Saturday
II. . Leavitt, of Asjieville, Will
He Frincipal Speaker of The
Kally At 2 O'clock
The Republican executive ("o'nimit
,,f eoiuitv will'. meet ut lb-
Clyde H igh School " at . two o'clock
Satuiilay, according .to an ainiouiice
ni! lit made by Iiairuiaii (..leiin A
1'! ... :;i lie made lor the coming
eli-ctioii- and also . till varaiu'ie.s nil
the IU-publican ticket At this tune
there is only the place .of clerk ol
court to till tin the ticket a:- Mr. lio.vd
ilecided liol to Ciller Uje . ai'C-
Tl,.. iiriiiciDle sneaker iir Ule ineei-
ing will be Mr. 11. B. 1-cavitt. of
Ashevilh', an outstanding woiKer in
t.:,- KcjU-ioc party in lids .-tate.
The meeting will 'be to all, and
Mr Boyd is anxious that all . Repub
iica'n.s of the county attend the i ally.
Th,, complete ticket for the ( ounty
Republicans will le made public
Saturday afternoon, Mr. lioyd said.
Phillips Elected
Captain Of Team
Jack Phillips was elected captain
of Georgia Tech's football team for
the coming season last week.
Phillips will, again play full bacn
for the Yellow Jackets. Jt was at
this position last year that he made
ko many sensational plays. It. was
i :...,,V.. -j.. PWi-itihe that Geortria
Tech was able to defeat Duke last
Last year Phillips received honor
II American teams
im alt Southern teams. This yearf
he is slated to get a place on tnese,
teams fristiad of just, honorable men
tion. Fd Davis Jailed In
Lenoir On Charge Of
Poisoning Daughter
The Associated Press, on last Sat
urday carried the following ' article
under a Lenoir date line:
L'd E- Davis, furniture workerwas
jailed in . Lenoir .. early . , Saturday
charged .with murdering .his four-year-old
daughter, Dorothy who died
Friday, night of what physicians, said
was poisoning: ,
The pronouncement and arrest was
a, ie a::.e;- an autopsy. .
Twin girls, aged, six, were critically
;o K.jiihvinv'
l.l .JCvu..,,", ...
lm.h.,iiii.s - -nied tne nenei
that the. poison was' taken in candy or'' s;mdv;(-hes t-arlv FridaV night.
The child w.s bu led in Waynts-
V-ille- Sunday .'afternoon. .- :
Haywood's first: woman iracticin'
physician- filed Iicen:'" v:t-h the clerk
of court here. -Jonday. : She is. Dr.
J'a-garet Elizabeth .. L'neberry Owen.
r;d will practice in cantol witn ner
1"' . Hvi risori Owen.
Special Train
day Carrying Tar Heels
To The Parkway Hearing
Plans Are Heing Made Tor 200
l,V,,n, iT,. Amw.irln llo.
half Of North Carolina
I e.l liv (ioveinor J. ( . 11 Fhllllg-
haus of North I ..roluia, several hun
dred citizens of the Old North State
will journey to Washington by spe
cial train. September IT, to attend a
hearing which will ilevule tne route
of the projected National l'ark to
Park Highway which is intended to
link th,i Shenandoah National l'ark
in Virginia with the liieat MiioKy
Mountains National l'ark in North
l arohna and lennessee.
The special train to he known ag
the "(lovernor's Special. ' will leavt
Ashevill,. at about 7:00 1 M. Moii
Im. stentemliiT 17. nii'ivinir in Wash
ington early on the morning of Tueu-
lav, September 1. the nay 01 ue
bearing. Ihe train will leav,, Wash
ington on the return trip at atioul
Ki.'itl I'. M . September IN arriving in
Asheville at alniut !):tl(l A. M. Wed
nesday, September ID.
Citizen- from all parts ol Westvin
North Cit.olina and fixtni niairy
other sections of the state are ex
pected to board the special tram and
make the trip in the interest of se
curing for North I arolina the soutn
eru terminus of the projected high
way. At least 200, it is believed will
niak.. the W ashinirtoil trip. The
hearing which will bo held in Wash
ington hotoro Secretary ol the In
tenor Harold I. lckes, will result
in a decision us to whether the new
l'ark to l'ark Highway will enter the
Great Smoky .Mountains National
Park on the: North Carolina or the
Tennessee side of th,, great national
playground, with : resulting greatly
increased tourist revenue to the area
chosen as a terminus.
Western North ( arohnians are
urging interested North Carolin
ians in all parts of the state to take
part in the expedition which will at
tempt to prevent tlie diversion of
tourist traffic via the Parkway from
North Carolina to Tennessee. The
special train may be boarded at any
iininl aloiig the route ami the regular
I.Vday found' trip rates will prevail.
Thos,, 'making (he trip no the special
train may leinain in W'a.-hi nglon "i
t ravel idsewhe.e liming the la-day
period, it was poinled mil . 'before the
return t rip is made.
A large North "Carolina delegation
jr. needeil as .is- indicated by the fa, t
that Teniiesseiins ulan" to h ive at
least ;;(HI delegates in W'a--hi iigtmi -to
plead the cans,, of that. .-tale. Round,
trip fares mi the spool':-.! Asbo
ville are $ti ,.r.r for lowe,- berth and
$ki.ri.0.Ji with Ujipei berth. Wythe M
Peyton. A.shevdle pc-tma-ter, is in
charg,, of the ilelegat ion as chairman,
Season Football
Ticket Offered
Free To Students
It's Football Weather And the
Waynesville Mountaineers are work
ing hard under ( oach Weatherby to
get in condition for the opening game
here on 1" nday, September 21. with
Interest in football this year is
just -as keen as ever, and an effort as
beinir made to. have the -entire 'student
body as well as town peode attend
the games. In view of the fact: that
many of the students will not have
the opportunity to attend, this paper
in co-operation with school otticiais,
will giv,, to each student, a season
ticket : for . bri ngihg into this . office
two one year subst. riptions. The tick
et will admit them, to all six of the
game.- played here at home- Four
Six months subscriptions will be con
sidered as two one year subscriptions
just so there is $2 in cash.
The regular price of the six tickets
is $1 ..",il as students will lie admitted
for $250 this year as usual: !
The best .-of' th season will
be idaved . : here., according to the .
schedule as announced by Coach
W'eathe.-by: , The -schedulf includes j
Black Mountain, Canton,: W'eaveiville
iind . .Other strong teams that always
furnish plenty of competition to the
1 o a 1 team a n d e x ci t e rri en t . t o t h e fans.
: School officials have : nnoumed that
the class room selling the: most sub-,
fcriptions will b( given a half holiday
for th,. Carton game. .
. No "advance price will ! charged
for subscriptions- ju.-f ONE I I'll. -I
AR a (ar Rii'ifi- wi'l Y maiV 1
from: the offi- e of The Mountaineer
direct to the subscribers.-1 . . . -
There ,is: no .limit to the number
of season tickets that will be awarded,
i nor is therev any limit to any grade
or class in school. .
: The: subscriptions- can - be new or
i-enewal the publishers, agreed: to
give, a season ticket for each ?2 'turn,
ed in. .-,
The students' thist begin fi:t w i:,'
have the easiest chanre of .'Ut-.'
them-- oulckly. ' "
Leaves Mon
Number Of Delegates From
lllivuood ( OUntV l lan lO
Make Trip To Washington
As The Mountaineer went to pies
it was impossible to dcteimuie . . -.
how many from here would be ao .. 1
the special train next Monday ! -when
it leaves Asheville
Washington to carry Iar Heels 1). -fur
Secretary kikes to present claims
tor U"' Parkway route in this state.
Some hftccn or twenty from tan
ton intend to make the trip, and
sevevjil f-nm here. Tentative plans
mail,, at last week's Rotary meeting
will likely develop in sending a dele
gate from that club; the local Cham
ber ot I onimcrcc will also have ;i
Ihe city ol Waynesville will have
:.n official representative among the
group. Ihe County Hoard ot t om
niissioners will be on board, repre
senting the county.
Several business men ar known to
be making plans to make the trip.
The District nucUng of Young
Democrats here last week adopted
and sent resolutions to Secretary
lckes urging that he seriously con
sider North Carolina's claims beforu
his decision
It i.s understood that Mr. Will Shel
inn will mill.. th trin.!inil Mr Frank
Miller will go in the capacity of mem
ber of the State Highway Commission-
The Rotary Club adopted the fol
lowing resolutions and these togeth
er with similar resolutions ; from
other North . Carolina clubs welo
bound and sent to Secretary lckes-
WHEREAS the location of the
Southern Appalachian Parkway in it
southern portion, is a matter of mo
mentous concern to North Carolina
and to all potential visitors to the
Great Smoky Mountains National
Park, and
WHEREAS the seem, v along tho
proposed North 'Carolina route, id
incomparable; the region travensed
alro'idy is dedicated to serving the
tourist public; has made very con
siderable investment's; and by its very
nature, the region is peculiarly bail
ed to tourist purpose's, and
U'llE'REAS the W'ayiie.-vilie ioin
nnmity joins with all of North ( ar
olina in believing .strongly thai the
Parkway Coin Hluwinir Rock South-'
Ward, -fmuld follow ''the reciirnnieiida-tion.-
!' tin- Noi't b --Ca r'ol iiia Iligbway
( i. inn, iision ahd a.-.-o iated groups:
IM; II' RESill.'VED' that '..Hie Ro
t.ry I 'hlb of Waynesvill,, endol.-e ;
completely and boa. lily., the recoin
Hielidatioli.s of th' State Highway
Commissioii as to location of the
P.iikway; and strongly urges fa
vorable action thereon by the federal
Ch Com.
Does Waynesville
Want A Library?
(By Publicity Oommitte.)
It is with gieat regret that the,
(lirectors of the Waynesville- Library :
announce that the doors must b,,
closed on October first. For several
years the roroipt.s and circulation :
have been steadily decliriing anl for
the past season the decrease has been
For forty-three years the library
has been supported by lenefits of one
kind and another.' -With occasional,
gift from clubs ami individuals., until
the public is weary of su :h appeals.
The day of ,-.u.bseriptio!i libraries is
past, most of them having been made
free. After : mature deliberation, it
seenls evident th ut the W'ayne.sville
Library must fall into line if it is t
survive. The loss to the public of use
, of six thousand volume.s would be de
. ploi able when they should be free to -
every man, woman and child in the
I town. -
j : . To give the puioi an idea of t he
cost of maintaining.' the.-; liiirary- the
budget for the yt';r J2h is submitted : .
I.:irari1n s saiar.v- .irshi-l
Janitors . .. . . .. . . . . '?
i: h- - 22
Magazine.' . .. . . . . .. : : - .'. . 1'!
P O. Bo . 3
lu.l 1
Supplies . . 26
Ripai- H
House ( So: mtlir : : ' 17 -
.an. on . Bucks & Building -. 58
i xpen iitures :
jr. -perous- ye st
h W. En-it v has been : con
,,i his home -for tile past . two
en.' account of illness. - ' .
Miss Nellie Mehaffey is ill ;at her
t: on tee I- a:rv:ew R u-

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