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. Mium , ,..,.. CnO-miili-M, Al The lo,, HnU,,c, , U, S.M MouNaU,,,,,..-...,,, ,, T ,,,
mi ksday. oiTomcu In. la-n
VOL. X1.1V
no. it;
Clarence Phillips ill He Super
intendent of The Camps of
200 Hovs Each
Conducting Baptist Revival
wiBeiEyr8BiairMiiil mmmm
Clarence I'hillios left during tin )
week for Round Bottom, twelve mile,
beyond Ravonsford where he will be
the superintendent ot two I.. C. C.
Camps with the usual 200 bovs jn each
camp- After the vamps are construct
ed the boys Will be put at the fcnes
try work m the park area- Ihey will
follow the same program ot woik that
has been done by the other group.- .r
that urea. The forest will be cleaned
of the dead timber, roads beautified,
and trails built to interesting ponus.
It i- understood t Kit the boys mak
ing up these two camps will all be
from New York City and vicinity.
Mr Phillips seems to be making
name for himself in his ability to
direct these groups m their work, his
t ,,t thu Rhu-k Can t ami)
HiUiiOj;i-inv in m --.s -
having receive.) much commendation
bv those in autnon.v.
,1 ,
, 4
Grouse Season To
Onen Nov. 20 And
Last Until Dec. 10
Hunting License In County Ex
pected To Reach $1 100 For
The Season, Says Hurnett
w vi..
' si
IhffiSSTS. Commissioners Name
Approved List pLac R Mrfrarv 10
Collect 1934 Taxes
Is One Of i." Hospitals In State
To Retme Keii:nition 1?
National Organization
A.., if
lr Franklin H. Martin t minder
ami director general ot the American
College of Surgeons, in picscnung
the seventeenth annual ..po.t whuh
included the Haywood t ounty Uospi
tnl is one ot" the approved institution
in the I'ned State an,i l anada
! stilted:
! "Hospital care m the I tutetl States
Mini Can oa m-siU.- U V "g -011011111
; conditions ot the la-t live yeai-. ha
' stH.wn ! M-.n-; c::itl!viHsr iinpi.n eiuellt
., .-vice. H ip;' a's ap,ooe,l by t he
A ,...;..... 1 ',. ot Sureeoiu have
-'t. t
1 v A A
(I V. Burnett announced this week
that he had received a ruling J.
I) Chalk, commissioner ot game, that
the grouse season for this section h id
been set from November 2!)th to IV
cember 10th, both dates included, the
bag limit is four a day and twelve, a
I'usent indications are that this
will be the best hunting season in
ve-rs in this se.-tiou, according - to
Mr Bu nott, He said he believed the
hunting license revenue trom Hay
wood alone would .amount to .: !. a. :
S1400 there being over halt ot that
already paid.
The total levenue trom lishing jn
Haywood this -war amoumed to sldo-).
1..- I
The new combination lateot d whuh
giant- the p'lvikge ot h-hmg i" '
hunting all war has been ie.-poiiMt).e
of- an increase 111 revenue, it was
pointed out. The regular license oe
ing ode countv and !J2.1D state lor
each of the sports, unless under the
combination rate.
lie tor tin
' " ! l ines Creek 1 armor Kccciod
Tr'lO lleak Ollt I Appointment Al Special Ses-
23 Window Lights .nin.
Here While Drunk .i:,,,1 I"1;.,,v:k,
five- bv the board ot county .
.-t hnt w 11 h:.;...n iicni. i- tlu- I mi.-M.mers m a -pecial .-.-sM.,n I
a-ti..n loc 1 ollb ials are a-Mi-.c. each early ibis niornnig.
.,!,.., f The aiuioir.'.nu n; .H Mr. Mc( i.
( We en. inesem i
l ate l'ue.-da night i w.miu-h
a, a man drove aOoiit aync-ille
and lla-:olwou,l and broke out 01
r window panes. 1 be peculiar p.ii.t
the whole-ale n. caking w a.- that
thev u-vd their oare !l-ls to pound
oil! the glass
Night policeman I'bdl.p.- and IVp
oi v 1 on-iable .l-eihti Kerley gae the:
t , ",, , Chase and alter lour o cbu k
i be two women wcic cauglil. and lodg
t..i in lail- Ulbcei- hao a wanant
i .. . . i .. a ; r. . . 1 1 1 . i in - i ii In i w as
c i,iii. i i - , alio nni- n ii mil IK in. Lin
(plate laboratory and Vra t .n i ht les , .( u (ll h V(, lt,(,,, Ceorgia. Holh
woiiuii a.e well known h i
Dr Casper ' Warren, ol Hanvil.c, Ky., win
revival U the Kir-t Hapn-t i lunch.
i iMiilinwmfiv- -"'
unducting a ten-ila
TTZ i7! Revival At First
Burned Automobile iU church ,s
Proves Io he Some- ('. . ln(erest
whot Of A Mvslerv
Broken Toys Are
fT o"- nimi:vu:i v.
Repaired For Kids jy
what Of A Mysten
Burned Hupmobile Found Near
Haywood-Uuncombe Line.
Sheriff Tryini (o l)e.
termine Owner
Sh. HIT 1 I w. n nm
c tic n w ith Hi i' i K i' '
t(T'av ' -V'ng 'o idcoit tv - he "
it a I'l ,1 , a '-! m c ' 11 i . i
ivliw.Ir liiinied abmr. a :T-i!e :
. l II ..1 T ! 1 n., -ll
ni i ne f ia w i-1 a i il "m
midnight- Monchy.
After an investigation
-ati--fied !nm.-eH that n( one a
! oncl in the llames. 1 he .cit- AOs
... .1. iiivlvox'ei . (- w 4l
Dr. Warren Announces Sermon
Subjects For The ominu
Week. Liirue Crowds
Are Kxpecled M'l')!)'
11 1 III I I
: !, i .nines, . is be pig shown - in
-..v-.- if iiH'i-t nig- that a re being
iu 'ci at- tin- l-'ir.-t llapti-t church
h i pel- i Warren ol lan-
Kv . who i.-. here .r a ten-day
:I J In- i' me .-egatlons are being !,v lev uic -sage- i:nd a gam
it'vn-J.-iiH1" i- bcong made each
1 been -UCC0--1U. in to
It , -1 , I , iimvllU' c-lll, n
sick and inured.
Ur Martin expiamcci thai a Ho
pit.-il to olitain appi o al mn-t comply
with . L-rlain cU-liir-.e reipnrein. iKs laid
down be the Amel .. an 1 ollege ol Sui-gi-ens.
These na! .do pa 1 1 icul .1 rly the
maintenance- o! . i ;.'.. 4 ine,in-al
... ,i . . ..i l, ; ... ... ni in a , oil iilivsl-
S 1 .1 11 S Li l l ll(i.l.i - ' J I .
Clan-; complete m-. icco.d-, -
nni a tlioioiicn i -i . and analy ia
of tlu- cluneal woik ol the hospital
each month, so a- to caret ally check
up th-. lesuit.- . : . the pi-ole-sioiial
activitu - within tiv ho-pital, aiial,c,
nap -eek to mji. -i-e iliem It is the
aim ot t-ne Anno n an ( ollege ol Sm-geen-
to assl-I the medical p .cilessloll
and lai-intal.- ,n ii--iiniii; to patients
the best io-si!;le caie.
Of :i ..a- bo-pital- ol 2o -beds and
over in the I iinol State - and t aiimta
wl'-i-h were iiii-hidi'd this car m tile
-uivey ol the American l ollege oi.
i Surgeon-, J tso.woii a pl.ccc on the
t amu'civcd li.-t.
Two signiticnnt ta ts ol nuicli lin
portance to t he pub-lie Hie revealed 111
ii,,t iu-. .o l ev." -mvs Hi Martin.
'The death r te ill hospitals Is ,ocn
below that ot la-t vear. and tile pel tod
of ho-p:talialioii ha.- -liven shortened
lie-ult- have iinpniveil cle-pite the
Ih,. 111' 1 1 : 1 I I 1 1 1 - eoiiirni'- lo ho-ntt.di .llv arrive Ili a more .-c-iiuUs
state, wiiii a more advanced condition
than in. 1 or niei e .-, bi-i-au n- ul
-I I ii'.geiit ei-iiiiioie eomlu loll--. Moie
elheielit modi, a; and li lll:il so-r ices
ai-,. ev Wi'i,!. a : -o lor ale n a iiki'.oi ia-1
icilucvion in ibe nam or or -Ji: onn. o
l-nciiralile paia lit -.
.l,-di,-a'l aint b" ' vi; c- e
liiakilig cli eulei-l beailwa-,- ur n - Oattle
.ip.'ini-! ili-c-.i -e. aim I- an oiiipi I.- tout
litllv Weill-ii i t nl a-i-nn v i 1 1 i c 1 1 1 in it.-,
Oolei t .nil at I he a nh nappl
lie - nl !ni iiiai lv le I
I on.-tahle Kerlev said that he lound
where thev had stopped then cai at
i-acli place, and louml blood 1 io u the
broken glass to the ci.r, and alter Hie
ai rest lound blood- in -he c -u .
The three were chunk, it vva- -aid.
A ii. illv,- ouestioii vet UllansWlOed Is.
" hat knnf of lapior did it take U
nut them 111 such a name oi .muni.
Sister Of Mrs. E.
15. Camp Died Here
l-uiicial seivico- were held lol M -
Oliver -lucid Storev on .Saturday
morning at the Masste I' uncial .Home
:.iul wen- coriilui led by the Kc-v. Al
bert Ni w . lie, tor ol (,rai e l'.n.-copal
M - Si or, v, vv ho had been v :.-lt nig
Ian- -l.-ti i . M r-. I
Vi. i- I V eell. 1 1
,,,l,vl.i' d;d no! make bond lor t he
,,le,tieil .'I' the l'.'o-i li'N.'- dhe
time given Mr. Welch by the bon d ,o
make bond tor the collcciam ol Ha
I'CIi tae- having expired at inn
oielu e,liie-,lav night.
I'll,. pi:;i i . books will be turned
iiv. r to Mr. Met r.iry al once and In
will bec iii ro,-i-:vmg pav I", lit lot the
I !l."i 1 P. Ms.
The present salary ol the tax cob
lector of this county is s.i.olH) a y ai .
tin- having been lived by the la-t
licncal Assembly. 1 he tinnier sal
;il v .'having been Sl-bb, :
It was pointed out by I' rank. I av is,
member of the loar l o! - .imission-ii-.-i
., .l.ille iioioil will be made
bv Ibe la collector t- thc ati.htot,
and al-o a dailv deposil will be made
of funds collected. A new bookkeep
ing system will be installed; which
will make auditing easier and linn,
mate com pi leal ions, it was .-.lid.
monthly report will be submit
ted to t he board ol com missionel s at.
tliei- regular lilst .Monday session.-,
a,l llien an annual audit will be
made of all the books , to delerinilie
the ex. c-t slat Us by a eertilied liublic
aecounlant .
t'OLLKt TOK Ol l!t:il
lL ... ,:i..i
To date he' .....
the coming
Oscar L. Briggs made a second call
this week for old broken toys which
he will repair to give to unio tunaie
families- this islinstmas
has renaired over 2.i0 1
Last vear Mr. Briggs repaired ami
distributed hundreds of toys to children-
that otherwise would have been
without. .
Mr. Briggs does the work on his
own time when he is on duty at the
ire department at night,
Toys, no matter what condition intj
he- of the car was 101.
cense plate was mimac!' 17
car was a ttra:ght e.ght
ii.. li.
. The
I ndcr
Jii(he Mess Is
Heard Kv Alumni
f University
lo- V..rrin i cached here Monday
.',"'t el ii- '01 ailil Vll eiiiidiii't' the sci-v;ee-
:i--i -!e'l liV lii v II. W . HaUconi,
,i. nl . ill,- church.
lb-vMi'. lliiui-oin, said-. " I ho regret!
' i-l- f ir that -ii many who need , h,. a ,o .a I ,l;o n - on
-1,,, : iiiihi" at tile nieeting have i . irii r.iiv n! Nuiili I
-..,' .1 ,l,.,.,i 1ii-s, .nrVU'C'S. One of I i li,. , ,i,v,ila ,- iru.i i.,,o lv hit
ll' ,.i-i Li.-.. ...... .... .... .... .. . ' ' : . , ... . .
th" mw things is th it so many i ,,t,.t .,.-aiiie on i-ridav night, .m
,,,,,, pl,i -p, en' si-e-iii to feel their need i ibi- ; im time i:nib; - gut bi-i.-ni' -,-li,i-i,
until trouble or distress l. ,'e held all ova- - tin- -tatc- m
:,l,s,-i-v.-, n nl 1Ih- 1 d allliivei -in y oi
past i hia-i' iniiiitli.-, ha- bin n erit u n-l iv
ill fn, moii than a month Willi Ilea ii
c, implicit nni- ..ii.'l di a: h c ame e.u Iv
I' lnlav inoriiine'. I hiring Ine ia.-t
week nl ll, I I lllli--- -he Wil. Jollied bv
an Im-' .and and b I two d " ug lit e i .-,
M. . .. ,-, .-i ,-d vva- a unlive ol
I v ken-, I' ..'. but Inn I oi""n H- '
I. lei, ai .. I"i' I he pad l.w. n:-.v I b-i ee
.'..,)' d ' - Stal e v had o 1 ..ii- oi ell
I he em---: id' bei -1 -tei hen . She bad
a I eaiita I nl ' "lit rail. i v mei- and I "i
HeliK v i a i . had .-iiih' m. I : iM-d ;
- v, no.e' Ulb- a ehol II- ol -too m-Ii , t
ed ,a,-e in i -liua-go. Mi" h''bl a
i ,. n.-iii aide po- it.iiiu vv "t b t be- ' lin-.u'o
i iv. ;, -ni. and T. a t ' oiiiiaiiv , until
d! heallli had n-n'ii'lv I ore.-. I h-i m
I bin ic - II. Mel rai
1! Carnp. I'm- the the ines t ieek .
a laiinei ot
i i v , w ho w as
named las collector-ol I'.h.l tax.- by
t he boai d ol .'iilllilv com in I -Mom-i .
early tin- morning. .-is vv',11 known
phroiiehoii! the -colllltV- He 11
ulellt llle.l hllll-ell VV 1 1 1 1 I lie .iiei ,o,i, ,L
, hiireh of hi- eoiiiinuini , -Hid .lia
bie'ii active ill civi- allait-e -i- ivill
. n
Ahimni of
lli.lll.II lic-ld
1 me- : ' the
im;,i-i ii-Pin mizzled, as how '. he
..... a....... to,..., i-n-hMtiKmcnt as
thcie wile no ttacK- lwhrcitbltl )( ,.s ,,,-ing
highway numU'i' ten. y,.u .lire invited to come and hung
V,ur meims.
j In V;rnii -has announced the fol
hovviiiK -iMiium subjects fur the next
1 tc-.v ll.'l
Funeral For Mrs.
Lorena Rogers, 85,
'PiHfslav evening " that are
.T':.'t.-.v ..! t-rnaon-" The' Halfway
IT.. . 1 r.ii.n-j Riiiriirn. acre lieil
are i nin should be taken to. the nrt I at her home in the .( sec.ion r; : .
department and left for Mr. brings, 1 (jn Fn(liJV n,ght at 7 o clock. dlu.. y,.j,.d afternoon "Demonstration
oatini.i.nirumv, u ii,, .. . . n Kmir K,nl i!U,,i ng."
Election Books , - ", ' " L"-"....
... the 'am amain -v..i i-'-'-'' . (i.,iui w.t..
the (iauirhte.r of S- M. IaviF and An- j, ,n. ii i in-df. '
Onpn Satnrdavs
Officials Named
The registration books we;-e openecl
at all polls , on last Saturday, and.
will ' ba open again for the next two
Saturdavs- it was announced by M.
G- Stamev, chairman of the bom(l cit
elections, ' Saturday, November thn d
will be challenge day.
Mr. Stamev announced that Mis.
W. P. LeatherwoOd had. been., n.-mecl
regist"ar at Lake Junaluska- and.J. T.
Coman and A K. Ward, judges. Foi
Hazelwood. the other new precinct
recently made: tmni. tne ouuui- .-ne-ville
waid, I. B Hoyle was named
registrar and the judges being Aaron
Prevost and L. N. Davis.
With less than three' .-weeks,, until
the election, there is but little inter
est being shown.
T,pe Davis Honored
Bv Duke Varsity
U the melting of the Vars.ty Club
of Duke I' held la-t
dav niovninsT on "Home Coming I'av
V T 'n lira rtiTV . 1 11 Durham. Lee
rt L l I i t." . l. 1 I I V I i I l t ' "
Davu-. popular captain, of the foot-.
ball team of -1930,- wari elected pres-
i f tVia nT)-ani-7ntvnrrY The lIUO
L composed of both student?, and
alumni and. it is consuterea nunc an
honor to be chosen .for the office.
Fn route home Mr. Davis was the
guest of friends' m Burlington.
6-i.l Feriruson Davis., Sine had n
vv de i m Iv ornctt n n the count i
Mrs Koge - is survived by two
('aught' in Mi" Fliza icth R"gtis of
,!a m-.i Mrs.. John R- Kirkpat-
,,ck, cf Kents Store, a., and thiee
son- Jhr. Ribcrt, rfnd lloojii , a 1 ,'
( ialut T'liitv-stun g'-anc chil
dren --nil ten great grand child.! en
Fuii'o-al services were held on Sun
day morning at the Mount Zion Meth.-.
ndist church at 11 O clock with the pas
tor, Riv T. C, Highhll and Rev R
I' McC a ken. pastor ,t the. Baptist
church at Clyde, in cnarge
.1 ...-,nn-nv " he -NOW
Sunday' morning- "V, hat. will you
do with '.le-us ; .' ,
sjnU.v uiiiv-' I'1' Riaftn ser
pen. M.-r.b V afternoon "Some People
'he Church Can't Get Along W ithout.
Moinuty ( n-nK "I'l-rtga ding
Tuc'sdav aft-i noon "The Maned
-ut'sdav evening "Drift:el." -. .
Wi-ilnesclav aftc-rnc.n " 1 he Holy
Q.ic--.." - -,' .
iIa-v .M-eiiing (rod s- Cn-
The nail, bearers were the jtrapdsns . .,-...;... r;;V(i r:n A Sinner,
.1 1-1- , . il(,rs "iiiii'P'.-s. - - - ... - -i, ,
of the deceased, ine ki ".-.
bad chajge of the flrrwei-.
Large Potatoes Are
0 Vs. W-V
Grown By b. C. Davis
All .. -rttivnrir.n MTVICes Will bf-gin at
3 -1 5 o'cl-ock and all. evening services
Will start at
the est bli.sbnn-nt ,.t t!ie t ni ver:-it y.
Iliniier w-'h -ei'vc -I (roni cme. long
taiile- l'.'iiiiUet stvle and the deeoia
llons were the Ulnvel -ltv colols of
blue' and white-. illim Medrord,
. ,- !,-! of the oi loll, piesid
cd (I've I tlie inciting which fullovved
t he dinneri
Judge .1. Will I'h -- '! was
the prmc pal sjie ker. He made -a
s.,l,.n,li,l. Miliiri-ss in which lo gave
much nl' the earlv hKtoi v.. ol the .uni
versitv and ' si ressi-il the : conni c't i m
between the- .history of the- s' at a ml
'that (if the uniVeisitv tic- dse.issc-d
,n .,,,.s,.iit riHo-nb- ot the fieullv and
student-- lie urged th.t everv nn-iu-ber
oe-( lit lend inlluenc e in behalf
of a larger aniiron.iiition bv the state
f'or the univeisity and outlined the
necessitv. for the increase in fund-.
In appealing to the loyalty of the
alumni he spoke oi the prestige that
time alone gives a great university
arid of the matured atmosphere, of
cultun' of the ( aicbna. ! ni-vcrsity-
Following Judge I 'less, a general
ibs(-uson . (if the conditions , of tbe
ineent time, and the influence, ol the
univer-i'" w s eniereci imu nv seveio,
of the members. Ways and means of
meeting the changing times also came
in for considerable comment. 1-hr
next meeting of the HavvvooibJ.K k
.,. ';n.i:i vi!l be held during, the
fhr:tma.-' holidays in Syiva. . ..
.. ,1,, ! i- 1 I, in i - oil .lit IV e o
ine part in the .-itlini oi the I'c ni
, el ot i part V
Mi l.-t i.-iiv w-..- Oi-iii and u-iml
I r rbe e oinlv. and- i- H"' '"" '" A1 1 '
:,il Mis. VV. 1' . M' l ra. v. '
l, n,,-,l rlvde high ,vli,,l and Wc-avei
I ,.,i A I iei i'l I "On
, , ,J- -m he took a on me- s e uin-e just
,-Mt .-1 i.iiLr tin- Wiol. I U -I'- I'''
.--( i-ve,- -,-a- oii'l vva.s vvii h I In
i i !,,, ,,' .-, iiii.-il oil - Her t be arniL--i e
.'"" 1 u::- -i-ll.-.l lie- Visiled -ev,-n,l lon-iini
I-oilnvv mg tin- -.. i :- h- : be In. I '" in,,,, u-fure i et,ii i nine; to tin.
, inpinuil I v a i hu 1 m I Mi ' u
Stot.-y. a I id bi'i- d lUgli.lei -. Ml-- !-, ; e,,iee-lni tins alvV .y.-
1 -Im -I M Mimii, Mom , 1 " , . v m, ,. vv'is
' 'dcntitb, inter, im , J )iiiim ( ( ,,,, , ,, ,
ni iletaii anrieni -iiiki "" "
pe.-iii history-
I -In Ihtv lir-m.HTatic ..)riiu...i-y. '-.
lie WO- see.iiiil lllgll Willi I.n '-he i a (;
lol' Uegl.-tel' o! Heeds.
e is :;,s ver-rs old. ir stevvard i ri
lire Fines ( reek McUiodi.U church and
ah active: member of the American
(irades Of Eating
Places Given I5y
Health Official
Dr C Sisk, of (lie Health I'l
Vliet, : aiu.ouni eel this vveek the fol
lowing rating tor hotels and cales m
t Ins count v i .
aynesville .
(.i.idc II ib 1-, I I a in , 'to
Palmer House !MI.
(irade P. Hotels- The Parkway, h".
(,i..dc ( af. - ' . 'I
l i-I''aine ( eillee Shopn , '.t-b-r. Amet-ic:-
Cafe- Hd.
(,raie C Cafes-.Th- battle 'l.b
71. -V The Roval ale, 70.
Grade A . Hotels Imperial, !i2.
(irade -A Cafe's Sanitary. Si ndwich
S,,,p, td Hoke's afe, '.I-"). KuK-ka
Cafe "M o Daisy1- l.'otTei- Shun. ill.
f.iadi I! ( afe s- I I an I- ( tli . M "
Dr Sisk s-t ited -that a survey and
grading would be. given each month
and that the grades Wol'ld be published.-.
legion b'o a num! or ol. ye. is in
ha been 1'hairm.aii ol the, I- .nes
Creek irecinet committee.
Hi mannd Mi- emu Md ' t km.
and thev have inre.e. ehlldl ell.
Off On Bear Hunt
1 In t 1 1 ov iv p ti 'it loiv ii on
i , I l r i 1' i u k - c iion
ob u- i.ear. -hunt '-v,-:e Jo,iu
td ill ! U e t M Igg i bv
s, ( , ,1 th. l W I IU
Al M.-i!io-,l 1.1 r. J," I'. Aoel, Hill
Howell (.roigt P.i iv n H i an ,o ,!,
I iw ., l , i' ' J i. 1 tien . . t
( anion.
Ti'inhcrs To Altt'iul .MocliiiK
T?nad flnsed At
i New Found Gap For
r- i. - .
Rotariiins Ile.-ir Cha Hay
r-,.,...,. (' riMvis. lof.-il a-.toMiey, I . . WWT . . -m w il. ..
h" on display -.x G-en Mountain! W inter .HOninS
potatoe that weigh seven and a. halt J , , '-'
pounds.. ... i A(f:i u-r,rd recfive'l 'thvu week
tihzer was useci on. p""- i';. rj-ffa, Tliihwav. on the
Tenne-ee side would he closed at. er
Ndvpmber firt until early next
sriring- beeaue of heavy grading on
the :oad.
The mad -on the North Carolina
tide of the park, will be kept open, . it
( was sain.
they were - grown.
("apt m W I. HaTrfh a- upvt
ed a's being much improved at his
heme late Wednesday: afternoon. He
was taken ill while at his. office Tuesday.
l 1, - I'-ie . li.K lll.-i'l of the. VI)
rational- committee ot the Rot.a.iy
(Tub wa - tie- .-jiealier on lust t nlay
preigram. and during which., time he
(Uthnid th n in' nh - of the commit
tee and the nlans. for it -s woi-a foi the
coming -a. .
Air Rav gavo 'lefinite plans of
bnngng bffof-tht clu, at
tirr-es s(j( 1c- Toi difTcient subject -that
would be. of interest and benefi
cial to the members.
On th" 'Hiiiiii,,o vvit'iMr Rav ari
W p. Watkins and V. R- Woodall.
S'tcen members were -present.- :
Havwood Hull Wins
National Recognition
A- HavwMid . count v (Juernsey bull-Sultan-
of Carcb n ( eek 1 1 -"4-!. hrecl
bv II. Arthur Oso'irne of ( anion- has
just won national reeogmtio -
This bull, having two daughters
which h ive made creditable -.official
'-ni- 1 -. has-, been entered in the Ai.l
v ,n -,. Tfecrister of the . Ameri.'in
Cuernsev CaUle C lull. Sultan of
(iarrlen f -'eek will be known hereaf
i..v ... . lil. uii,-,,,! !)i..ri.tcr sire. .Only
Cueriisevs which meet high prdduct.ion a-ylun
The seiroob-, of: the county wil. vc
a half (lav sCss on on . I' in lay i.u I
tli it tl i ' ai he is m t v i i he
Pith .annual meet i ng .ol me Vw-- i.-in
o h ( a' dm I a no o la-ficm-
which will convene on p ri-iay a',
2 '-!) -o'clock in A.-heviile.
On Friday -Dr- V -ai.k (.raham Will
be the p,r:nic,pal spe iker and cm Sat
urday. Mr, Julian M:l:er. aociate
iduol ol the ( hill ;t i ( c-c'Vc ' will
a-blress the nleetmg.
I OI ls; II1I. K v M - Alice
Spied Stoll who was Kidnape.i about
a week . L-o. we s ret uriied . to her home
safely -bv J - -S. b ederal agents ia.o
I uc da 'tli o .u- stai b n lot
T! ,,:)-:, - .Roiniiso.n. Jr.- nr . Nash.
,-;n.. Tom. .-i tormev inmate ot i-.n
A ranson of
,,.iiii.nlj :irr- ellilbb' for 6tlti,V
The t wo clatighters - which have com
pleted official records a e ( lieii: (it
Milton Lodge. :125s2:; produ . ing 74!l l-.O
pounds of milk and ,;.. 7 pounds of
c.i- :.. J,. :.,CI1 .,n,l Hiiltnn'; M.1VI?
lai 111 eias.s inn in"' I -
cf Milton lodge k-24 w h a p"- 1 1 ; j-crc
. .. . -. -, .: -l. ..,,.11 . , . h.. -
, ,,,.,s r.f i, , J llil n. K OT I fill ilH I i,'. .'.'.i i-is
" ' :..''.-" , - .
al 1 ti 1 h I V til n.
oti.tiiio was
on tht
a 4 0 pounds of fat m class Fill,
nit ,,t , 1 re ,s on 'u -h P M tio
( . -s-1, wh i.b 'uitcd o'r the Ne
Jei-s.-v coat and caused tne de;uh:of
was tiie-P. m the re-a'-
irqiifrv board this
i ..k
.'. i ' ' t 1.
, . r mn- i ni i -

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