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The Best Advertising Medium In Haywood County- Published At The Eastern Entrance of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park Head
ly Thinking People
NO. 49
Farmers And Business Men
To Meet on Friday Night To
Hear Farm Program Discussed
Big Dairying Program Is Being
Launched In County, State
Specialist To Be Principal
Haywood fanners and business
men are to meet at 7:.i0 Friday even
ing; in the dining room of the First
Methodist church to hear a thorough
discussion and detailed plans for a
program that is being launched for
the increase of dairying in the county.
The meeting is being sponsored by
the Wavnesville Rotary Club.
Another important and vital sub
ject will be modern means of market
ing, which will be discussed by Mr. A.
C. .Jackson, of the TV A and Mr. J. E.
Barr, district manager of the coope
rative canneries in this section.
Mr. F. R. tarnham, dairy specialist
of State College Extension Service
will be the principal speaker on the
dairy program, and there is a possi
bility that F. H. Jeter, of the same
department, will be among those pres.
cm at the meeting.
Mr. Farnham has been in the county
some weeks making a thorough studv
of the conditions here, and is interest
ed in bringing into this county some
of the pure-bred cattle that are avail
ble in the drought stricken areas and
which can be bought at a greatly re
duced price at this particular time.
He has outlined on several occasions
why Haywood farmers need to give
more attention to dairying. He re
cently said: "1 know of no county that
affords a better opportunity for dairv
ing on u large scale than does Hay-
woou. mis county nas everything
from climate to grass to make dairy
ing profitable, and it has already been
proven that it can be done on a profi
table basis. The local creamery is
right now begging for cream and milk
in order that they may fill their con
tracted orders. What more could a
county ask for?"
W. I). Smith, county agent, will have
charge of thy program, and stated
that there will not be any long winded
speeches, but everything would be to
the point and short.
Committees are working on the at
tendance, and reports are that at least
100 or more will be present. In fact
more than one hundred plates have
already been reserved, a special price 1
of 25 cents has been placed on the
plates, although a regular fifty cent
meal will be served, but the Rotary
Club is naying for the difference in
the cost of the plates.
It was said that no subscriptions
or money would be raised at the meet
ing, u ueing merely lor the purpose
01 bringing before the farmers and
business men a clear idea of the pos
sibilities ot this county and also of
the present need for development of
certain lines of agriculture.
Modern Bargain
Basement To Be
Opened By Massie
Announcement is made in today's
paper that the Bargain Basement of
Massie's Department Store will be
formally opened Friday morning.
: For weeks workmen have been bus
ily engaged in making the basement
tbe same .size floor space as the up
stairs of the store. New and modern
i fixtures were used throughout the
remodeling, with the work being done
by Jerry Liner, local contractor.
The new floor space gives the store
over 11,000 square feet, which is
about 1,500 more than when the store
m which the firm started some six
years ago-
When the firm started in business
only three clerks were employed, now
a total of nine are working in the
store. Mr. Charles Camp and Miss
Marguerite Massie will have charge
of the Basement.
This firm is the only store in Hay.
wood county claiming an open Bar
gain basement.
This Week Uncle
Abe Writes On:
How we made a witch out
of him. -,
Rip's poetry.
Turnin' down the monkey
Describes himself to the
The local beef market.
And how he celebrated
the fall of the beef prices.
fir Vs
Queen Parn Burns
With A $3500 Loss
Early Monday night fire of an un
determined origin completely de
stroyed the barn of John M. Queen
in the Ratclilf Cove section, together
with a mule, mare, colt, a cow, a
number of hogs and large amount of
farming equipment, such as wagons,
plows, harrows and mowing machines
The barn was also full of feed and
A second mule badly burned by the
blaze is hardly expected to recover.
while a third mule was slightly
Mr. Queen said that the total loss
was at least $.!500 anil that he did
not have anv insurance on the barn.
I he local tire department responded
to the alarm, but could only save the
house in which Mr. Pink Sisk and his
family lived. Mr. Sisk was a tenant
on the farm. The lamily was asleep
and knew nothing of the lire until
the barn root was falling m. The
light from the blaze could be seen as
fa.- as Canton, and a large crowd was
attracted to the scene within a few
New Presiding
Elder Arrives.
To Preach Sun.
Mr. T. N M .ss
friends motor, d to
day and attended
e and a party of ;
Atlanta on Satur- I
the Carolina-Tech !
M r. J
end in
W. 1
spent the woek
the guejjt of
L. B. Hayes, former presiding
of the Wavnesville district.
today for his new home in
Charlotte, where he becomes pustor
of the llawthorne Lane Methodist
Rev. W. A. Rollins, the newly ap
pointed presiding elder, i,s expected
to arrive todav- His furniture got
here late Wednesday.
Rev. Mr. iRollins graduated from
Duke University with a high record,
oeing nign nonor man. lie lias serv
ed churches like Andrews, Winston
Salem, College Place, Greensboro and
Haywood Street. Ashcville. and comes
from the M, E. Church South, Lin
colnton. The new presiding elder will fill
the pulpit at the local Methodist
church both morning and evening in
the absence of Paul Hardin, .).' , who
will be in Concord for the week-end.
The Hawthorne Lane church to
which Dr. Hayes goes ranks second
aiming the four Methodist churches
In ( harlolte. l! has a membership
of 1100 members and is. almost en
tirely free of debt. The church li.'o-
sccretarv and besides the
church building .has a large educa
tional plant.
The change Hr Hayes is quite
a prootion.
Democrats of County
Pile Up 2500 Majority
In Every Local Contest
Lawrence Green
Victim Of Auto
Accident Tuesday
Lawrence lv Green,
away at, the Norburn
Ashcville at three o'clock
afternoon as a result of
15, passed
Hospital in
W odnesdnv
injuries rc-
M. C. Green Now
Associated With
Ford Dealer Here
M- C. Green, known as Ponsv. is
now affiliated with, the Champion
Motor I ompany, Ford Dealers for
Haywood county.
Mr. Green is well known in the
automobile business in the county,
having previously been connected
with Mixell Motor Company and later
with Watkins. Chevrolet Company.
Mr. Green will work from Waynes
ville with W. T. Rainer, who is local
representative at Abel's Garage. Mr.
Green-, and Mr. Rainer will work over
the entire county.
Government Engineer Spreads Gladness
In Town While Pulling An 01k Skin Game
marked one ot
fakes the town
when a "Night,
'mushroom over
kly disappeared.
, was not to IX'
The following made up a party mo
toring to Ashcville on Monday even
ing to see the performance of Hamlet-
Mis Jame.s Maio, Mrs. J M.
Kellett- Miss Martha Mock, Miss Vir
ginia Kellett. and Miss. Lleaine -Mas.
Considering the large number of
strangers who are coming into, and
passing through the town from time
to time it is rather .surprising that
there are comparatively few dead
Heats. Last summer
the most, spectacular
has ever oxportcneed,
Club" came up like a
night and just as quic
1 he enisode. however
credited to thi fhimhiioss of the citi-
zens. but rather to their faith in
This week a rather short, blonde
man. covered quite a bit of ground
m a few hours time. He first went
to one of the town's popular 'boarding
places, stating that he was a civil
engineer and wished to engage
board for himself and wife, who was
with him, and ten engineers who
would work under him. Thev would
he in this vicinity for some three or
four months he said. Thev were do
ing some special surveying for the
government. And with the woods
lull ot government employees, now
who wouldn't have .believed' him?
The hostess gave hi ill a rate, which
he said was not' as rhui'h as allowed
by the government for living expens
es, so he would gladly pay 'more.
She 'immediately, got in touch with a
maid who Was. employed only for the
rush summer .season and engaged her
for several months hence. She .says
that she felt so well fixed for t lie
winter and as sne expresses it, in my
mind 1 had married olf half the girls
in Wavnesville to those nice govern
ment engineers."
Hut the .blonde engineer (?) and
his spouse moved down the street and
saw another likelv sign of sleam
bent and well cooked meals and it
was ncuring lunch time. He made
inquiries then positive arrange
mentshad a good luncheon, which
was of course to go on his regular
.hoard bill, then left to return the next,
day. Hcfore taking his departure he
asked permission', to 'buy a good -radiio i
for the pleasure of the hosts and'
.('Continued on back page.) I
ceived early Tuesday night when the
automobile he was driving turned
over alter lining a post on the side
of the highway near the Haywood
Buncombe line.
Mr. Green was rushed to the hos
pital but never gained consciousness,
lie suffered a fractured skull and
internal injuries.
For t wontv-sovon years Mr. Green
hail been connected with the local
postollioo. and at the time of his
death was money order and postal
savings clerk.
He was active in the Masonic
I'rder and until a lew months ago
was in charge of' the Masonic Temple
j here. For many years he has sorv
I ed as sccrctnry-troajsurer of the or-
ganiznt ion. He was a member of the
First Hapfist church.
Mr, -Green was born and reared in
thi.s county, and waas known through
out this entire section.
I he deleascd married Miss Olive
lioone, daughter of the late J. I.
Hooiie, former editor and publisher
of (his paper. 'There are nine chil
dren, Olive Jane, Ruth, F.mmctt,
Mack. Merrill, Mary Joe, Thomas,
Pat.sie and Johnny- He is survived
by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. L.
Green and two brothers. Arthur, of
Waynesville, and MelCinley, of Clyde;
also three sister, Mrs. K. H- Hal
lontino, of this city. Mrs. Owen Mere
dith, of Kind Okhl.. and Mi's, l.owery
Ferguson, ol Crabt ree.
The fatal accident was the result,
of a quick swerve to avoid hitting a
passing car. it. was said by Mr. Shonff,
who was a passenger-with Mr. -Green
at. the time. The swerve sent, the ear
into the guard rail and then the car
lurried over on Mr. dreen pinning
mm--under it, m r. Shoafl was not
injured. It. was thought that a loose
.steering gear was the cause of the
1 l . r,.i
loss oi coni.roi. i ne t wo men were en
route to Asheville when the accident
Nation (,'oos Democratic And
Gains More Than Major
ity In Senate. House Ma
jority Is ;5i;.
ii i
ii.ijw.hhi county remainei
the lieiuocrati-c party Tuesd
ing all lh nioctalic "candida
joiity id' at least 'J.'(Ht.
total el about i..)0(i
cast and very little ;
twee,, the totals id' the
candidates, which sluiwci
1 ti
been predic
Willi nineti
cilicts hea ril
led the ticket
d p
1 I:.
vot-es were
nation be
1 'eiiuicratic
that little
en ihine as had
to the election,
twenty-two. nre-
wiu llavncs
Only two precincts- i:. the entire
county went, Republican, although
several went Republican for one or
more candidates, but the margin of
about. lioOO votes was never in dan
ger from the time the first results
were reported.
The : election Tuesday brought to
a close one of the hardest fought gen
eral election campaigns in many years
exclusive .'of -the contest.
The voters were quiet all day and
little disturbances were reported- until
after the polls -closed- In town Tues
day night there were some who began
their celebration too soon and as a
result ;!( were lodged in jail until
their -jubilant spirits were under eon-
'') '..',-. ..''
i i ne returns luesday night sev
eral small conflicts, were engaged in
but other than a few bruised eves
Were the.
Inisy all day ;
a. quiet oi'di
i lid
lie p.
SherifT I Reg. Deeds
( h'm. ( dm
( ommiss-nmers
a :
North Waynesville . , ' 88G 155 84G 213 879 210 933 138 895 152 902 859 142 14T9G0 986
South Waynesville 963 84 1006 87 1001 124 10-tt 108Toili 83 1045 77 1029"991 82 79Toi 11047
Hazelwood ....... . 240 55 221 60 239 63 237 68 243 56 238" " 6 1 236 " "227 57 58 24()" 213
Junaluska ........ 167 23 144 39 155 .",0 138 51 168 12 1 55 30 158 159 21 22
Beaverdam No. 1 , . 195 166 209 181 187 202 212 169 202176 199199' 166 169 214 2Ty
Beaverdarn No. 2 .. 204 81 177 77 196 78 163 114 W 72 181 77 185 178 87 73 19r""2)
Beaverdam No. 3 . . 320 151 835 151 298 183 333 Tl) 320 156316 315 150 VT22(; 333
Beaverdarn No. 4 .. 218 189 227 199 183 240 236 11 220 197 228 219 191 181 211 213
Beaverdam No. 5 .. 235 139 196 124 203 138 185 180 216!:;i) 202 126 199 185 138 137 9J6
Beaverdam No. 6 . . 248 146 228 168 191 213 263 J 12 '243 154 211 235 156 1-19 2.;s
Clyde 309 238 303 216 302 250 29? 257 232 229 3om3oT)U2232T32"".;22
Crabtree 252 63 274 72 261 68 279 55 267 61 272 268 59 60
pines Creek 293 49 311 49 .304 64 305 48 301 50 297 307 45 rMlil 304
aim "Dent noses none
worse for the affair,.
Workers remained
did their work in
M. M. Nolaild, chairman of
Democratic Executive committee,
he was well pleased with the results.
Glenn Hoyd. chairman of the Re
publicaii Fxecutive committee, said
the results were just about what he
had expected.
Shortly after seven o'clock Tues
day night the first returns were re
ceived, and given on the huge bulle
tin board suspended from the second
floor -of the courthouse. A itood light
installed by S. II. Stevenson enabled .
the board to be read for many yards
It was estimated as many as 1,000
people were' -watching the ' board at
one time. The returns were received
in the courthouse and compiled by
Kilwin Mayns and The Mountaineer.
The public speaking outfit .of Martin
Kleetrie Company was used in an
nouncing the returns as they were
received, and also for giving state
and national returns as well as music.
The: bulletin 'board was operated by
Joe Liner. -
WASHINGTON. For the Must time
since the War Between the States the
Democratic party holds a two-thirds
majority in the Senate. The indica
tions are that a majority of 21G will
be had in the House when the final
Votes are reported.
Republicans were elected in Cali
fornia, Dele ware, Vermont and
Michigan. Even -with those victories
the Republicans will only occupy 27
seats in the Senate.
Massie Is Head
Of Legion Here
A group
Monday nil
1- i a';c
White Oak
Dig Creek ........ 33 19 30 21 29 . 21 37 16 29 20 28 22
Jonathan's Creek . . 200 151 188 149 197 159 183 jl69 208 T43 200 153
Iy Hill
290 151 294 160 282 180 304 119 305 140
20 r
29 20 23
201 152" 15f
ers elected to serve for
301 141 114 309 301
Iron Duff
Pig-eon ... . . . .
Kist Fork 116"
190 106
134 75"
208 2 13
283 201
227 279 278 212 212 275
116 186 10D 195
130 70 136 74 131 77 129 71 133
TOTALS . . . . .1461 840 5423 2 106 5173
188 190 111
75 129 130 76 76
2917 5771 2295 5546 2127 5618 5144 2368 2357 479 1 5191
t ex-service men met. last,
lit ir the office of W R
for ..the purpose of electing
ior the new vear and di i-nj
ir:ii.s for building up a . real, live
.The Offic
j I , are-
T. Guy Massie CornniaiKler.
uewey Nolaiid, Vic
vv. xji miin, Aug.
Prsnk. Leatherwood, Chaplain: -J.
H. Howell, .Service Officer
;.t, C Hatrick,. Publicity Officer.
('- A- Sergeant-at-Arnis.
AH men present, pledged' them -.elye;s
to get behind the new- omeers
arid work for a great Legion Post for
the coming .year and to start a drive,
for membership at once.
: Next, Monday night. Nov. ll'th; was .
.selected as installation nigiit fur the"
new , officers, and membership night.
Come on: buddies, let's go to. the Le- .
gion -and make.,' it,-, a real live post. '
Let's, show Guy 'Massie .land' Dalton .
Smith, that we. can wurk jarol ' make' a
sure enough po.i hei'e. Let all
i-enieniber MoiKlay, riight,:, 1:30 ,
fit. the court' house. , Ku excuse for
iny A. W. O L 's
Publicity Officer. ,
,'' Mrs.. Sydia. r.ay and dau.nrhter Tl-
1- lu klh Kay, h ue 1 1 e J , icir
house-' this week for the w-nter ei
s"n nd have taken, an apartmotitlin
the C k'vevvill. .

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