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The liest Advertising Medium In Haywood County Published At The Eastern Entrance of The tireat Smoky Mountains National I'ark Read liy Thinkii;- lVoU-
NO. 4A
THURSDAY. I'Ll LMHER 27. l'.C'.l
Sson's Greetings Are
Extended In Today 's Paper
uhr Ifxvst (Ehrtstmaii
Sincere Greetings Extended To Jf 0imtaineerS Are
A t. W
ilunity Through Paper
'''.r,. JLWiu and business men
ofcommumtyare today
..Linm throueh the
Sanson t ki' . V" The
:1 V" bnndred
i has oeen uu -
nt. some oi "f .
g in today's issue
had their
jigs in last wtws ,
f thoughts expressed by these
individuals are sincere and
irelyan advertisement. It is
fsire of the publishers of this
that the readers give these ad
(imens careful notice.
e extending greetings this
. are:
tkins Chevrolet Co.
V.'W-N, C Cafe. . .
'Iotas Company, C. V. Bell.
Knka, Inc.
Abel's Garage.
Citiiens Coal Co.
Champion Shoe Shop.
Smoky Mountain Motor Inn.
Waynesville Laundry.
County Officials.
C W Bsv's Sons-
Western Carolina Creamery.
The Mountaineer.
Vv"f L. Hardin, Jr.
Kay's Flower Shop,
l;urgin Brothers.
Fuller's Repair Shop.
tandard Oil Station on Asheville
i ,
. armors Federation.
eCracken's Clothing Co.
rtin Electric Co.
adley-Davis Co.
drst National Bank.
fnoca Radio Shop.
L. Withers & Co.
1 dgland-Walton Co.
;.- and Mrs. Nobel Garrett.
.' fcxar.der's. ,
: ssie Furniture Co.
I yU- & Pilkington Co.
i- inerican Cafe.
1 igle o, 10 and 25c Store.
The Food Store.
Champion Fibre Co.
Hank of Clyde.
Junaluska Supply Co.
V. aynesville Book Store.
Smith's Cut Rate Drug Store.
County Athletic
Club Is Formed Dance For Benefit
recent meeting the Haywood
Athletic Association was
d- Jack Messer was selected as
dent ; S. E. Connatser, vice rpes
, ami W. Thos. Reeves, secre
purpose of the association, as
d by C. E. Weatherby, is to ca
ll more friendly relations among
ch'ools of the county. Also the
Iriatwn is to keep records oi me
:us teams and give proper recog
n to those outstanding. It was
lied to award a trophy to both the
and boys team winning the
ty championship. The winner to
letermined .on a percentage of
is won and lost in a two game
fdulc between teams.
council was formed and is com-
d of the head coaches of the
iis and Mr. Reeves. The council
settle all disputes from which
will be no appeal- All players
meet the State eligibility re-
ments and must be approved by
superintendent of the district.
association will meet twice each
and at anv other time that the
dent shall call a meeting.
e council 'will 'donate a trophy
year to the school within the
iation which shows the superior
J-manship to the visiting team,
if council will select the winning
J'l and the award will be made
laywood County Day. It was de
Jd to charge all visiting students
fen cents. Also a minimum price
decided upon for referees, and
iry S was dpsicnated as the time
all referees to meet for discus-
and demonstration of rules.;
nes Creek nias ronrpspnted bv
fk -'Ferguson; Clyde by 0. C.
Bet-he hv -I. "..-t aDoel
Waynesville -'by C. E. Weatherby.
e games played and recognized by
council are: .'
l'fi. Finos ri 11
: -8
. ' Fines Crppt
28 "Bethel
Ale- ",
15 Bethel
f's Creek- - ' '24
" Wlowincr schedule was an
'iced: . '
fan. 12. Bethel-Clvde.
18. Waynesville-Clyde.
18, Fines Creek-Bethel.
an. 25, Waynesville-Bethel.
i, w aynesvnle-lMnes Creek.
IS ' RotVlpl-Wavnoculilo
far. 1, Clyde-Waynesville.
ine receiving team.
aptain W. J. Hannah. wh0 was
fi j vvtcua ago IS Sllll
Jfined. to his bed for an indefinite
Pod of time. While there has
slight improvement in his condi-
his many friends will be glad
earn that he is able to have visitors
Preparing For A
Hard Cage Season
After completing one of the most
successful seasons of any Mountain
eer football team the local high school
lads have stored their padded pants
and shoulder pads to don the light
equipment of a basketball squad. The
boys have been practicing part of the
afternoons and some of the nights in
order to he ready for their opening
game which has been booked for some
date after the Christmas holidays.
This year's team will have Bridges
and Ross from last season's medicore
rive. To these may be added Frank
lin, Sease, Ben Bridges, Yount, Leath
erwood, and Reeves and the sum of
these would not make a good basket
ball team with a mathematical wizard
'doing the addition. If Coach Carleton
Weatherby can develop a good quin
tet from the above material, miracles
are still the order of the day. There
may be a good high school player in
this group. The writer has not seen
him. Maybe some will develop as they
have in football and the boys can play
in a class with Weathei-by's girls'
From the girls' team some good
players were lost, especially will Un
derwood, all-western forward, be miss
ed. Tate and Gaddis could be used to
a splendid advantage. However, in
Phillips the high's sixtet will bost of
one of the best players to ever per
form on the local court. Welch and
Winkler should be two good guards.
Jo Ann Phillips has returned and is
expected to be valuable to the team.
Reserves will fill in vacant places and
freshmen players, especially Millner
of East Waynesville's undefeated team
will make it interesting for any old
timers. The girls should again have
one of the best teams in the state.
'Coach Weatherby has stated that a
good - schedule will be played after
returning from the holidays, and tour
nament games would be played if in
vitations were received.
Of Library Will Be
Given New Years
A dance in which the entire commu
nity is interested will be given on New
Year's Night at the club house of the
Seven Club which was recently or,
ganized here. The dance hail being
on the Sulphur Springs property. The
dance is for the benefit if the local
library, and indications are that a
large crowd will be in attendance.
Practically every civje organiza
tion in town is behind the movement
and will have a sponsor at the dance.
The sponsor of each organization will
participate in the grand march.
Tickets will be on sale at all drug
The Buccaneers, a ten-piece orches
tra, will furnish the music.
Tickets on sale at all drug stores.
Former Haywood
Citizen Receives
Nice Promotion
Friends here will be interested in
knowing that Miss Victoria Bell,
formerly of this county, and until
reccintly welfare superintendent in
Catawba county, and has been named
as superintendent of the district ERA
welfare work.
The promotion for Miss Bell is sig
nificant of the splendid work .he has
been doing in Catawba county, ac
cording to The Hickory Daily Re
cord. .
In a column editorial, the paper
said: "We feel that Catawba county
loses a woman , who has 'contributed
enormously to our social well-being."
Two From County
To Attend Meeting
The Rev. K. W. Baucum. pastor of
the local Baptist church, and Glenn
D. Brown, local transportation or
ganizer for the Baptist Sunday
School Conference, which is to be held
in Raleigh January 1-4, are anxious
that this community make an excel
lent showing at that meeting.
It is believed that this .will 'be the
greatest Sunday School convocation
held in the world in 1935; if attend
ance exceeds that of the four previous
conferences, it will be the largest.
Sunday .Ichool gathering ever: to
have been held in the world.
D. II. Harris, former city ,' tax
collector of Canton is now employed
by the Champion Fibre Company.
He is heading up the new Hospitali
zation plan being inaugurated by the
company, which is in the nature of
hospital insurance. -
Aiid i; L-iiiVi' to pass in theso days, tiiat
tlu'iv Wfiit out a decree from Caesar Augustus,
that all the would should be taxed. And th;
taxing was lirst made when Cy renins was go
erncr ol' Syria. And all went to be taxed, every
one into his own city.
And Joseph also went up from Galilee, out
of the city of Nazareth, into Judaea unto the
city of David, which is called Bethlehem, to be
taxed with Mary, his espoused wife, being great
with child.
And so it was, that, while they were there,
the days were accomplished that she should be
delivered, and she brought forth her first born
son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes and
laid him in a manger; because there was no
room for them in the inn.
And there were in the same country shep
herds abiding in the field, keeping watch over
their llock by night, and lo, the angel of the
Lord came upon them and the glory of the 1ord
show'n around about them; and they were sore
afraid. The angel said unto them, fear not ;
for 1 bring you good tidings of great joy, which
shall be to all .people.- For unto you is born
this day in the city of David, a Saviour which
is Christ, tit' i.itd. And this sh;dl b a sign
uafi u; Ye si-pli find the Hiabc wrapped n
swaddling clothes lying in a manger.
And suddenly there was with the angel a
multitude of the heavenly hosts praising God
and saying, Glory to God on the highest, and on
earth peace, good will toward men. And it came
to pass as the angels were gone away from them
into heaven, the shepherds said one to another,
let us now go even unto Bethlehem, and see
this thing which is come to pass, which the
Lord hath made known unto us.
And they came with haste, and found Mary
and Jovseph and the babe lying in a manger and
when they had seen it, they made known abroad
the sayings which were told them concerning
this child. And all they that heard it wondered at
those things which were told them by the shep
herds, but Mary kept all these things, and pon
dered them in her heart.
And the shepherds returned, glorifying and
. praising 'God 'for all the things that they had
heard and seen, as it was told unto them
Luke 2. :
i T V
?! io u
iiity is rrepare
.K 1hik,iN s that t !...-,
n-ady to rt'li'brati' . an
Postmaster ,1. H llowoll said Sat
urday morning that the post oll'uo
I was "covered up" with the heaviest
I overtime in order that the mail will
j not be delayed.
i On Friday 10-1 Ivags of mail left the
I local pastoil'.tre, and the eaiu'elling
l-maehine registered that 4,340 letters
I were stamped. Hundreds of letters
were stamped by hand and no record
season similar
ion years. For
1 1 ui n i v is
- I'ashiotn'd ('hristm.'.s
I to those of p roue pros;
I lie past few days there have been a
immlu-r of social affairs and others
, a.-o ilanpcil for the holidays, l'rae
; tieally every vhureh will stage a iim
gram of some description-
Tjwas nmde of them.
Ti On Thursday 02
lags of mail left
On Thursday
Indications are, according to Post
master Howell, that Saturdays and
Sunday's mail would be equally as
heavy as Friday's.
The in-ioniing mails are equally as
heavy in proportion as those leaving.
The oll'uvs at the court house will
i emaiii open Monday until early af
teriieoii, it was learned, but would
not be open- Tuesday, The sherilV's
oll'iee will not lie closed at all.
A Qlltriisintas iHnaijr
(By Rev. Howard V. Lane, Pastor of
St. John's Chapel.
"And the world was made, fleh
dwelt among us," John 1:14.
It is the dawn at last, after the
long centuries of sin's dark, night. It
is consummation, toward which a
burdened world, fighing for the rev
elation of the sons of God, has wearily
dragged its way. All nations are ex
pectant, for, not only have the pro
phets of the Hebrews in majestic
strains spoken of the events of this
night, but the sages of the Gentiles
have dreamed and spoken of a golden
age to be introduced by one yvho is
to be born a king of the Jews. In
the orient has arisen a star and in
the visions of the night a Voice has
whispered to three kings that the
star is his sign. - ' - ;
"For we have seen His star in the
East." : Matt. 11:2. The children f
Israel are groaning under the iron
heel of Rome, The heathen taunt
them, saying: "Where is now y -,;r
mighty God and where is His l)ea.t
ed power?" Some answer n it. a v. "i'l ;
hut others there are,- like th" aeii
Simon and. Anna, who looked for the
redemption of Israel- Meanwhile, the
Gentiles are about collecting -the trib
ute. How hard it is for-the. rulers
I of the people- to pay it ! , . It 1- the
pr iioi ui isiaei s : su.-jt-t u.n i .
uncircumcised. The piqr of the
people : bow their .heads 'under' the
yoke and .offer up prayers to :h- fiod
of the patriachs who. in Egypt. 'beard
the cry of His people. ,
Juft-'now, in the approach; to Beth
lehem, the city of David, come two of
the lowliest of all the' Hebrew: They
are going up to pav their tribute.
They are both of royal . Idood, but
there is little renown fo- a descend
ant of David in such evil days This
carpenter and his wife are very poor
in, the wealth, of this world, out they
are richly endowed with . heavenly
graces. Joseph, the just man, trudges
along beside the a.s On which rides
Mary, his wife. The toad is rough
and the way has been long, but Joseph
does not complain. He is in medi
tation. Will room for them to lodge
be found in the town. His wife occa
sionally cast a glance in his direction.
realizing that her hour is almost
come, is 'anxious lest they should not
reach the town in time-
Now they have come into the town
and are before the inn- In the court
yard there are several caravans just
settling for the night. The innkeeper
comes out as they halt before the
door. "We have no room," he says,
making a gesture toward the cara
vans, Joseph turns away and
trudges on, leading the ass. His wife
scarcely looks up. Her eyes are
downcast and her hood of blue shad
ows her face- The night is coming
on apace, and they must find some
place for shelter. They take their
way from door, to -door, stopping at
what Joseph thinks are the most
likely places; but one and all return
the same answer. We have no room."
T'l-o many have arrived before them
on the same mission and Bethlehem is
full. . There is nothing to do but to
go on.
- Happily, they find a stable whie.) i
The Kngland-Waltun Company will
celebrate Christmas by having a large
tree on the lawn of -the Tannery at
six o'clock on Sunday afternoon for
the children of the employees of the
company- The tree is a towering
hemlock more than forty feet in
height- It is lighted by more than 100
large size delectric bulUs, and wilt be
a glitter with countless ornaments.
The !.r0 children of the employees
of the company -will all be remember
ed. (10(1 pounds of candy, GOO pounds
of nuts and 1,200 oranges will be dis
tributed. There will be a Santa
Glaus, and the WaynosviHe Music
Club will render a Christmas pro
gram. Mr. I.. M. Richeson, head of
the local-, plant at Hazelwood, will be
master of ceremonies.'
Another evidence of the thought
fulness and generosity of the com
pany to their employees will be the
Christinas" gift to each man in the.
plant' of a, full dny's pay while he
takes his vacation on ( hrisma.s Day.
The public is invited to the tree on
Sunday afternoon.
'There will be a Christmas .'Tree on
Christmas morning for the patients
on the lirst lloor of the Haywood Coun
ty Hospital and there has been pre
pared a .stocking full of candies and
fruits for each patient in the ihstitu.
The nurses had a 'Christmas tree in
the nurses home on Saturday even
ing. The names were drawn and each
one exchanged gifts. A short Christ
mas program was gigven prior to the
distribution of the gifts.
to ho bett
few years.
as a whole was
t than that of
the past
The Community Christmas tree . -augurated
some years ago by the . -man's
Club has become an annual cus
tom and each year has gained inter,
estod helpers. For several months Mr.
Oscar Briggs has been working
over old toys that now look
new and the.e are live hundred toys
to lie distributed among the 22,r) child
ren whose names have been handed
into him. He has arranged the gifts
in 225 boxes containing from 1 to 5
gifts each. Along with the gifts will
be given 4 bushels of oranges, 4
bushels of apples, 2 bushels- of tan
gerines, To pounds of candy and 75
pounds i( nuts.
Prior to the-distribution of the gifts
on Christmas afternoon at 4 o'clock
a program will lie prc i rd-ud in the
mint riioni of the oCurthouso, which
will be in charge of Miss Grace Crock
er and Mrs. Lucile Foy. Th(, public
is cordially invited.
Dr. Walker, pastor, announces a
service of song and prayer in the
Presbyterian church, Christmas morn
ing 9 to 10 o'clock.
The public at large is 'most cor
dially invited to this service. If you
cannot come for the hour drop in for
20 or HO minute and join with others
in a worship service on Christmas
morning. The pastor will Ik de
lighted to see you.
Baptist Church
Officers Named
The public is invited t attend the
mid-night Mass at Saint John's
Catholic Church.
Special music umloi (he direction
of Mis. Matney with the help of sev
eral friends will be heard.
M ii.-ieal program :
: Hack, the .Herald Angels 'Sing
ll Came upon -the Midnight Clear.
O I.itlle Town of Bethlehem.
Oll'i'i lory A ve M.-u ia.
() Come All Ye Faithful Latin
17th. Cent. .
Communion I Lord I am Not
Wort by Solo.
Recessional O Come All Ye Faithful
Knlire choir.
.The Mass will begin one minute
after twelve o'clock Christmas morn
ing. The little crib which is erected
for this Holy season will remain i,l
the church until January llith. (lur
ing this time the public is invited to
come with their children to see the
crib -during the afternoon -and even
ing until 9 o'clock.
Father Lane wishes to thank all
those who have helped in this pro-
ifrim niit,l,nl,r
The following officers of the First CANTATA AT
Baptist church here were elected Bun-
day: -." ;
Deacons: M. 1. Mccracken, JL C.
Wilburn, R. Ti Messer, W. C. Allen,
W. G. HyerS, J. K. Latham, and J. T.
Bridges; trustees: W. J. Hannah, T.
L. Green, J. R. Morgan; enlistment
committee: J, R .Morgan, A. G, Mor
row, Wayne Rogers, John L. Duvis, J.
I!. Siler, J. C. I'atrie'k, Marion-Bridges,
Karl Messer, J. H. Clark. -
Finance committee: J. R. Latham,
Kdwin Hayne.s, J. C. Patrick, William
Medford, W. G.. Byers, Jack ' Messer,
Richard Barber, ,, M. Dicus; ushers:
S I 1 I ... L. ... I ' 'l ' II I .
i: iv. i.jKiain. r.uwiri iiuvnes, J, t .
wrapperl in swaddling clothes and laid
upon the straw.,: Joseph covered Him
with his mantle.. And the world did
not know! There were no press
agents near to telepraph the news
around the globe. Kven the little
town of Bethlehem settled down into
slumber, unaware of the stupedons
event of the night, without knowing
that God had shaken the heavens
and the sea and the dry land and
that the Desired of all nations had
come.'"'-. -
But there .were others, some lowly
shepherds, in the neighborhood of
Bethlehem, to whom heaven bent near
that memorable night; They were
abiding in the fields and keeping
watch over their flocks. Upon their
startled and almost paralyzed senses
heaven opened its secrets. The veil
dissolved and t.hpv beheld the stories
Her looks are full of affection, how, ascensions of the snirit-world. Their
be it also of concern. And Joseph, j (Continued on back page) :
a;n;ui-cave on me ouisKins or me I'-ntiieL- WilliM.,, ti,,,!!',,,-,! i:iri.
to.wn, .-There are a few animals there; i ( ampi. Jenson- Rim-' -'" '
but space: is found, to tether and feed ! V. C.r Allen, . church clerk ; treas-
the. ass and also provide a couch; for Ur(,,. ,)f oca t.xp(,nM... jj. T. Meser
M;'.iy. . It :was .small space indeed, Ureasurer of benevolence, Miss Sylla
Imt ,t was all this world had to offer. ; ,.lvis. fman,-iar secretary William
It was little, but , it- was enough- ; Jl.edford; organist-Miss Grace Crock
Here the King , was born, while the assistants, Mrs. J. N. -Tate and
stars looked down and the ox and y jss .Mary .. McCracken
ass warmed Him .with their breath- , Sunday school officers; Jack Messer
As- -soon as lie was oorn ne -was .general -sunerinlendeht: E( win Tfai
pes, a s s o c i a t e s u p e r in t e n d e n t ; . - J ef f r i e
Freeman, general secretary; Roy
Walls.s associate secretary; Mrs. Edna
MeGoc, , corresponding secretary; John
L. D;:vis-, chorister; Mrs. W. L.dlarris
pianist. -'-.'.'
Bushnell Heads
"Seven Club
Sam Bushnell, Jr., was re-elected
president of the "Seven Club," which
is a group of young men of town who
meet each week and are working to
wards promoting civic mide and other
interest among the young people.
Harrold Haynes was named secre
tary and Bill Prevost is treasurer.
This Club is snomsorintr tho dan
that will be eiven New Ypnr'a nio-Vi
at the dance hall at Sulphur Springs.
The choir of the First Baptist
church will present a beautiful Can
tata Sunday evening, December 2IS
This work lV "The Star Divine,"
by A. W. Lansing, with text by
K. an ... V. Hublai-i. It is the Na
tivity St i!y in song, from the proph
ecy of the coming of. Christ to 'I be
Adoration of toe Infant King.- The is most unusual in style-tbe
oriental atmosphere introduced in the
prelude, is ea.Vied throiighout the
whole . by t he t nem of t he ';s..
Man in Huest of the -Star, and ibis
theme, "The -March of he; M;igi,"' i
interwoven, throiigli the. Cant-ata . in
such a way thai audiences' are made
to feel the: . fiaveling I .tun :;fa,- of
tin- ..l,-,).-i :. pay homage to the
born Bale, and tin ulorl td nr.i.-i
ail i motional appeal i'.-s well :i;i
spi i at lonal, . ''. . .
At dive o'clock Sunday .aitenei-'n
a , Ciiristmas play under the direction
of .Miss Helen Medford will be givt-n
at the First .Methodist church bet,;.
The play "Where -Lies The .Child:";;-;,
boinir given under the au
.the Epworth League- " ...
n w
' in-
Peaches 23 Years
Old Had Good Tas
. There are. some things that a1
helps.' There are others tha! grc'.v- vve;
with age, but with canned pea. '::('
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. V:xU, r lim"
age doesn't hurt them a, all Las: ..
day they enjoyed some peaches th:i
Mrs. Palmer canned in tho summer c
111 ju:-:t 23 years ago. j. .

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