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o increase Board of Co
"TTivn NO. 10
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iilepeeks .
, JI. Long Building $6000
lob House at Golf Course
Lern Club House Will
;av Lockers Showers and
Every Convenience
,i-,.-n betfan first of the
di the $.M( stone cluD bouse
hM Win? frt'rtwl at -the Waynes,
(try Oub golf course by J.
I,onl, owner.
e dub house has been torn
y j tho new two-story modern
'mj will be en the same site as
old'hnujio. '.''''
t jL.iiir said that' dressing rooms
Wtr bl,th men an women
dibe installed, together with
!r oums. A large lobby will be
of the 'main features of the build
nd will be suitable for dancing.
e tuil'ling will bp about thirty
foliy feet and will be at least
stories high and also have a base
t Mf. i-oiiK said it 'was ' possible
the third story would be added
'rejL- linisiml !u' building. With
ral,, weather- conditions' he ex
j have the building complete
nj-ji .jays. Monday morning he
:5it-!)..osi..vng the -old building
pt3Hr. the site for the n"w
linn t" the club house he has
gjttf men wiirking on the golf
eJ .Tik- 'indier on the edge of
coin-e has been grubbed up,, and
ra mi-ti are busily engaged in
.-ttilg ir:a.. .. the old roughs,
e fc iie;iiL! ' used on some of the
n and .Mr. Lung, stated that he
have the finest greens and
bat; all-rnu!id course in the sec
tMs year.
m'v he his nut contracted for
,ttiut is ib-contact with several.
nft every mail brings encour
T$tjvirts about the coming season.
i Jay he received a letter from
,irney general of Florida who
ies himself as being very anx
'4 pit back here and play golf
i this yii :.
r. iLong has sent several states
1 framed group pictures of the
ef and has received considerable
jit from this advertising.
Over $45,000 Taxes
Collected Since 7th
Of Last December
Tax collector D. A. Howell in
his formal report to the board of
commissioners Monday showed
that since the 7th of December
until the fourth of February he
had collected $45,731.59 in "l934
Mr. Howell has given formal
notice that he will exhaust perso
nal property before the real estate
of a taxpayer is sold, lie said:
"I don't want to be hard on any
one, but my job is to collect taxes
and I'm going to fill my job."
New Directors
For Chamber Of
Commerce Named
Brief Reports Given By Different
Committees. President To
Be Named Today
he )ukf Alumni Register of Jan
1 contains an article about Lieu
ntimhorne W. Reed, who Li a
k glut f;;r the U. S. Army Air
"s.fMint" as he is known to .liis
ads' here is.--.the son of Mr. and
Wyies V. R.-ed and the grandson
ie-(. t . and Mrs Minthorne
'Isey of Waynesville and New
Wtkle tells -if Lieutenant Reed's
M record, while flying the mail
spun? firm Ne wark -to Hartford
"'ph.. He made the first flight
' we mad over that route after
Amy .took over the task of carry
tne; mail.
finanr .Reed is now stationed
'eUtt-ce' Re.M, Mt. Clemens, Mich.
marr,fM on last April 29th to
I rs? ry B ra neh Cator of New
s uty who was a member of the
ffi las...rf . Duke. University
;fit(r,ant !ed has to his- credit
' Ulan 1 M-ifi 1 -e :
I Jim nours oi nying lime
At the annual meeting' of the mem
bers of the Waynesville Chamber of
Commerce last Thursday night, the
new directors for the -coming year
were elected.
Those elected were as follows. R.
J. Hvatt, J. M. Long, Guv Massif,
Curtis Russ, E. L. Withers, C, E. Ray,
Jr., L. M. Richeson. J. Harden Howell,
W. A. Bradley and Ralph Prevdst.
The new directors are scheduled to
meet tonight and elect a president for
the coming year, and to make definite
plans for thR program for the coming
The president will be named from
the present membership of the brmrd.
At the meeting last Thursday night,
a brief review of the year's work was
given by E. L. Withers, secretary and
Mrs, T, L. Gwyn, assistant secrftary.
Hugh Massie, chairman of the play
ground and entertainment committee
gave a report of his committee's work,
and W. Curtis Russ reported im the
publicity committee. W. T. Shelton
was chairman of the roads ana park
committee and Frank W. Miller gave
some interesting points on the plans
for this irhmediatp section.
The meeting voted to make Mr.
Frank Miller and Mr. W. T. Shelton
honorary members of the board.
to date an excellent
oeing followed with in
''tends here.
A!I:!.PHIA.T1. Flying
1 J5 a stiearaline train streaked
an hour in a test run. En-
y jX' t the train to reach a
ihe4 ' ' before final work is
' '' ' " '
S" V VPTVTe rT rpATT n
SM:Q Mr- and Mrs. Dionne
'n i !-'le amous quintruplets,
"..'leatrical career thi week.
' td
rtiern' cities
i rical career this week.
vlC .-i.iir. on .me . stage in
ccuIation Facts
"ne the first of February
he Mountaineer" has received
I 31
' iptions Making a total
. of
nce January First
Over Three Million
In Sales In County
During Year Of '33
'Haywood County is credited with a
total of net sales made in 1933 of $3.
031,000, according to 'figures given out
by the University News -'Letter reoent-
At that time there were 198 .stores
fn the county, and the annual payroll
was given at $292,000.
The total sales for the state wn
$363,111,000 for the 27,652 stores. , .
This county ranked 29th in tb
The authority for the figures havt
estimated that a gain of 3S per cent
oner 1933 figures was noted for the
first seven months in 1934. '
HIGH POINT. The Premier Brew
ing Company approximately a half
million dollar company has- been or
ganized this month here to manufac
ture and distribute beer. J. Berge von
Linde master brewer and foremost
authority on brewing both in Amer
ica and abroad, will serve as presi
dent of the company. : Farmers are
urged toj grow barley and hops commercially..
RALEIGH The Duke Power Com
pany has voluntarily filed a new sched
ule of rates effective March 1, for
power consumers whose primary bus
iness is the resale and distribution of
electricity an d to towns for resale
for municipal power purposes, Stan
ley Winborne. commissioner of public
utilities, announced on Saturday.
RALEIGH. The supreme court
Monday ! denied Dwight Beard an ap
peal from the electric chair. Beard
is from Burke county and was found
guilty of killing a Valdese merchant
about three years ago. He is senten
ced to die February 15.
Fifty-one other casea ' were handed
down by the court. i
Proposed Bill To Increase Board
On January ;!lst House Bill No. 2 Hi was introdtu'ed
by Representative J, T. .Bailey "To increase the members
of the Board of Commissioners of Haywood County from
three to five." The bill passed three readings in, the House.
The bill would appoint two new commissioners to
serve until the first Monday in December. lihUi. At the
general election in 193G, five members of the Hoard would
be elected and one of these, so designated, on the ballot,
would be chairman.
The bill appointed the two members to servo until the
first Monday in December, llWli, naming Edwin Fincher,
of Clyde, and Weaver' McCracken, of Waynesville Route
Haywood Representative Said
Last Night He Was Determined
To SeejJill PassThe Assembly
Proposed Bill Is The Bill To Remain in the
Cause of Consider- Committee of Sena c
able Comment Here; Until Senator Gets up
Criminal Court
Convened Monday
Big Crowd Here
Sentences Handed Out 15y Judge
J. A. Rouseau.- (irand Jury-Named
The February term of criminal court
got underway .-here- Monday tnorninir
with .ludge J. A. Rouseau presiding
A mmilier of minor matters were
disposed of on Monday after the selec
tion and charge of the grand jury was
Those named to serve on the grand
jurv for l'.l.'if) are as follows: Carl
Medford, R. H. Meser, Reeves Kath
hone, (ili-nn Tate, Charlie l'axton, J.
B. Hill, John Russell, J. X. Teague,
F. M. Byers, R. C. A. Campbell. Oas
ton Burnett, W. A. Moore, Joe Howell,
D. II. Turpin, Fred Gibson, G. G.
I.eatherwood, C. Z. Noland and James
Among the cases heard and dispos
ed of Wednesday ''included:
Roy Dills, 92 days on the road,
J. M. Keener, eijrht months suspend
ed sentence for having contrivances
that might be used in making liquor
Hugh h. Wright, ifined $"' and cost
for driving automobile while drunk.
Mack Caldwell, fined $25 and costs
for operating slot machines.
James Chapman two years on the
roads wearing stripes for larceny and
"Will '.Ford, 60 days suspended sen
tence for false pretense.
Ernest Early, nine months in jail
for violation of prohibition law.
Lewis Camisli, two to five years in
stat,. prison for house breaking nd
.Sam McAbee, eighteen months -on
road wearing stripes for breaking and
Dewey Mucker given 15 to 18 months
on r"d and Maggie Be.t eight months
in jail for adultery.
A true b'H was returned against
Bob Jones by the grand jury for mur
der in the case of Thomas Edwards.
This bill was returned in open court
by the entire body Tuesday afternoon
It was unofficially said that the
grand jory will probably complete
their work either late Thursday or
early Friday morning.
The usual large crowd of spectator
were in attendance at court. The fact
that there is much flu and sicKness
did not decrease thl attendance.
This Year's Crop
Of Tobacco Was
Best In History
Average l'lice Paid Haywood
Iarmers Was IS Cents A
Tound For ..).I,),S;M) Pounds
Ofli ial ligunV given out yesterday
by tin- cuiiiity aecnt'.s ullice here
.-howid (hat llavwiHiil farnier.s re
ceived over twice as much per pound
avciage for tlieir lil.'U hurley tobacco
.'op as t hoy did in l'.i:;:;
Last year the average price per
acre y.-is $lili.,V.. This year it reach
ed a figure of $liMI.'.lS.
In summing up the tigiiu-s as sliowii
lielow, Mr. '.Smith ' stated that from
these facts we know that 1H:(4 i rop
was the best quality ... hurley ever
marketed out of Haywood county.
Our contract producers are convinced
1'hat the old statement of "-produce less
and' get more'" is certainly' true,
ni Rl.KV ( R()P:
Tiilihacco acreage grown under con
tra, t, fflO ut n s.
. Total pounds sold under ltl.'fl tax
exempt warrants, ,.ril"i.s:ti; puiinds-
N'et 'sales if'n.7,. :(!!'. 51.'
Average price per pound, IS cents.
Average price.: per acre, $1 '.in,
Averagi- poundage per' a re I .(170,2.
Poundage sold by tax paid war
rants, 25.76f.
Gross salt's bv tax paid warrants,
Tax paid total, $!52..'2.
;riss minus tax paid, .1(M(l.!l'2
Average price per iKiund 12 cents.
Total Atreauc grown liy lK.M con
tract sigrif-rs, 1,442.
Total' s:il-s for iiXV crop, $'.)7,02H.4:i
..Total pounds sold., 1,070. (144
Average price per acre, !?'!(!. .!'.
A yi-ragp pri, e per pound, .091!.
Number Wire In Protests, While
Others Send Railey And
Ramsey Their Approval
Few, if any, official acts in thi.s
county has ever caused as much cont
ent among the general' public as the
bill which was intivduced by Repre
sentative ,1. T. IlaiU-y last week in the
(general Assembly, which proposed to
increase the membership.' of the board
of coiiiniis.sioners from three to live
The news first became known hen
last Saturday and since that time the
interest n the hill lias been getting
keener and keeper all the while.
A number of long distance (-alls
were put in for Mr. liailey and Sena
lor Ralph Ramsey; and nine separate
telegrams left here on the matter.
On,, of the. wires, 'had .seveiit y I wo
individual names protesting; tile in.
crease, while two others carried
names, the most 'of which wete loisi
lie-s firms here.
It is unilerstood that Avin-s both pin
and con wer,. .-.cut. from other ;ila. es
in the county.
Weaver McCracken, one of the nun
named in the bill, w:ircd Mr. liailey
that it. would he impossible for him
to serve as it conllicted with other
Reiriesentative Ibiiley Seeking
Someone To Take Place
Of W. McCracken
Kcprcsentlitivc J. T Hailey told The
Mountaini-4-r over long distance tele
phone from Raleigh late Wednesday
night that he had no intention what
soever of giving up the task of put
ting the bill through the Legislature
wliob he introduced last, week Hiiich
provides that the memhersh.i of the
Haywood County Hoard of. Commis
sioners.' lie miTo.-.-cd r -om t hree mem
bers to live, lie named in his bill
Weaver 11 McCracken, former regis
ter of deeds. of this county, and Fdwin
Fincher, prominent business man of
I iiiiueilia! ly after learning of bin
Paine being one of the two new meirl
it would
TVe ,s ' lice
In r
I.AIil", DO, Texas Rafael A veley ra .
Mexican co.Un.sul herP announceU : m
bad received a dispatch, saying that
President Roo.sevel-t planned to vu-it
president LaSaro Cardenas of Mexico
in July. He says the announcfnient
was niadp. by (U-neral Abelardo liod
r';n frnr Mexican president who
visited President
ingt'-n. and was
White House.
Roosevelt in Wash
entertained at th
J. It. Latham Sent
To Larger Field
Mr. and Mrs. J. It. Ivitham and
family will move the latter part of
next week to. Gasfonia, where Mr.
Ijitham has been given a larger ter
ritory with th,. Standard Oil Company.'
Mr Huff, of Asheville. will take
Dvi-r the place here as genera! sales
manager for thi.s district.
Mr. arid Mrs. Latham came here
uv'f five year? ago from Greenville,
S . .and have affiliated themselves
vnir the different civic organizations
i.f the community, and have been ac
tive in the work of he First Baptist
rhurrh. .'
For th,. past year Mr. Itham has
hoen secretary of the Rotary f lub
her'-. ..
'.lie hoard of commissioners in rcgu
session, slated iiiroiign ( nairman
A... Hvatt, regarding the .bill:
"This board is working in h:.ii'inoiiv
iii 'every .-way, and we . an work w ith
t wo additional mvnibeis or twenty t'
it is inmaterial to u-."
The member. of tin- board al-o lal
ed that they knew nothing of the
bill ulilil after it had been iiassed by
the House. It was also int imated that
they knew of no reason for such a
measure- being put through.
Temperance Meet
Will Be Held On
Monday Night Here
Dr. J. C. Owen, of Asheville, Will
He Principal Speaker Of
The Evening;
Hailey that
for him to
diii'--da.v night Mr.
signified whether h
plac - hi- ii'-t, Mi
' i lit her.
I !;i i ley
On Monday night at 7::iO o'clock :i
county wide Temperance. "meeting.: will
be .held in the courthouse. It will be
for th(, purpose of reorganization and
for discussion 'if the temperance prob
lems existing in North .Carolina today.
The leaders for the dry forec.s in the
Vcounty : feel that since definite efforts
are being made to loosen t lie b;irners
of temperance . in the state that, t he
meeting should have a vei v n rt iiH-pt
meaning to the jieople of Haywood
Dr. J. ('. Owen of Ashi-ville.. repre
sentative of the l)ry- movement i,:
North Carolina and associated, w ill)
Kale liUriress. of Riileigh, the head
si -lit at iv-
bad -ol her
I -a:.- w ,
had not
:l i. -pi ihe
.-i!. .
"Siin e M : .. McCracken saw !il not to
.'!.- i ii! th. ilini' oii tin- board, l'v- got
U dind -someone to take the . place,
and will ,t hen proceed wilh the bill
when Senator Ralph' Ramsey , is 'dde
to be up and at. his desk." fteplv.sen
tllt i e I! ;b- -aid.
Si liafo.- 'Ramsey . ha.-., he- n i. the
hospital, ami is now'- confined l i hix
ho I roiiiii. and a cording to l!"tire-M-nlat
i've Hailey it might l.e a week
or, t'-ii days l-efo-e S' ri I ' j- Riinu-ey
will :be. nut again
Tin inll will he kept :n the s nate
cummitlee on citie-. town.-- and coun
ties he said. Il has been m thi.s com
mittee ever since il lof1 llie. House,
after i;r sillg I hi" c i).)d( r I 'ie su,-pell-.'
s ion nf t he rules
There has .been considerable p're-vun-
brought to bear opposing the
bill, while those favoring the bill
have also pill up strong nrgunientK,
it was lea rni'il from authoritative
m. Hires from the caiitol Wednesday
It was lea. lied that the oppo
sition, to the hill is asking for a com
niittee hearing- Whether this bill vvill
he giiinfed has not been (lei ided.
Approximately a half dozen from
thi.s county have been to Raleigh since
the bill was I'lrsl introduced wl.r b
was last Thursday, ' .: .
Songster of Derby, Per.n., wa the
nostman chosen , to deliver to., t.he
President tne o pounu uinnua.v k;
in? card since his birthday anniv
sarv coincided with that
president. : ,
BUDF.PEST, Hungary. Mrs. Jul
ianne Nagy, 73 year old gran-i 'moth
er adiudged the principal in a plot oi
"mass murder of relatives." -to -acquire
- their property was sentenced
to hang. The poison was adminis
tered by arsenic taken from fly paper-
NEW YORK. Admiral Pyrd and
Ivs party of antartic explorer. left
Little America this week for hon1'
after spending two years in tne re
gion of the South Pole.
Washington It. has recently been
.. mated that about one-half of . the
''ouor" drunk, in the. United . States
is still contraband. This means that
the Federal Government lost an esti-
mated 13fi billions in revenue during
the calendar vear. lMl. The total
ederal revenue from all pot's of drink
ables during trip year was nearly Ai-
millions, which includes the tax on
beer and wines. These have not been
extensively bootlegggd since repeal.
Raleigh Mrs. Charles Hutchins a
Democrat and choice of the majority
rif Yancey County's 14,468 inhabitants
to represent them in the 1935 Gene
ral Assembly of North Carolina doesn't
feel out of place because she is the
onlv woman member. She has mixed
with business and politics so long
that she says "its just as easy to deal
with men as with women." She took
the seat occupied in 1933 by her hus
band, a Burnsville attorney.
of. the dry forces, will b(. the .speaker the services
of the evening.
Every person in Haywood, ffiunty
who is inU-ri-sted in the cause of tem
perance ;is invileil . and urged to be
present for. the, meeting on Monday
night. ,-'
Special Service
For Scouts Sun.
Following the annual custom of the
a:l :. t roup of the Boy Scouts t hey
w-ill nave a sjiecial Sunday service,
tin- chiin ii select tnl this var for the
i iori being the Met Cuurch.
The regular Sunday morn nig ser
vice Will be for. the" benefit of the
t went y or more Scout s who w i 1 1 a t- .
ti'nd church in a hudy. Rev, Paul
Hardin wjll take ns his- .subject "Loy
alty" and as a scriptural background
will tell the fife of Joseph.
All mothers and fathers ot l!ov
Scouts are especially invited to atleti'ii
The' Citizen's Bible C'ass which
meets every Sunday morning at 10
o'clock in the-offices of Morgan, Stanl
ey and Ward is steadily growing in
membf-rship and interest. Ist Sun
day thirty men were present for the
lesson;. '''','.
Thursday night the class will meet
for a special song service at 7 o'clock
to which all intertrfed persons are
Officers of the class are teacher
J. R. Morgan, president Jarvis Alli
son, and secretary Rufus Leming, with
H. B. Freeman director of the music.
St. Louis. Because somebody tickl
ed James Blane, 70, his employer had
to pay $8,000. A jury returned the
verdict when Blane said that the tickle
caused him to jump back and throw
Ijis right arm into moving machinery.
Ftineial servii-e.s for Mrs. Emma:
Ferguson, HI, who died Monday at
th home of her son in W'hittier were
held on W'elnesday afternoon at 2"'.
o'clock at the Shoal Creek '.Methodist.
Church. Rev. C. W, Clay conducted
the. .services and burial .was. in the
Thomas .Cemetery. .' - : ' .
Mrs. I'erguson is survived by two
sons Glenn and Paul Ferguson, ten
grandchildren and several nieces and
nephews-.. She . was a sister of the
late Mr.s. S. J. Shelton of Waynesville.
Attending the funeral from here were
Mrs. Charles Ray, W". T. Shelton. J.
W'ilford Ray,. Mrs. E. J. Hyatt and,
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Shelton.
Date . Max. Min.
I : '' .'-.-.-4.1 -.'-.' ;'":.; 19
2" -''." '. - '44.. " . -'.21
'3'" -'' -: 44 ' ' -..2iJ
4 - "' "-.' 57 ':''' : ' 27
5 :i.i is
6 ''.- ''! . .'."" - : 23

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