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no. u
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THI KSDAY. I EMU WHY 11, lit;!."
alley's Bill To Increase Board
Will Be Aired Today In Senate
Set 1 or This Afternoon
1 nuher I'ndecided
4 1:
committee on cities,
::tii will have a heaniiir
(Thursday) cm the
nresentntive J. T. Bailey
st week which provided
n the membership of the
aid of commissioners
. iive members,
.assed the house under
!' the rules, but was de,
Senate' and sent to the
.,- past week there has
:i!k about dividing the
districts ami-having
::ie board of commis
a from tliese districts
i plan was to divide the
- follows:
and Clyde, with two
e and ivy Hill, two
I bit
Lis civ o
j 'While
I :,,.
i Ka-i 1
I Ih.;.- '.
'ii o:i
K' :;
Oak, Jonathan and Cata
,o member.
. iv, t'eciel and Pigeon, one
; give the county a
ners- comprised of
U "
1i". '
ftn iay
:r...;;e Bailey staled that
,ivi all action until later
u v districts, lie said:
... save to be Worked out
any situation . thai may
"... c heal lug. '
al.-o made the .-talc-:.:,al
action on tne inalter
. c immediately-. He gave
.i; as to whom he had in
;..-iivi to be named in the
v,-"ll. Met rucken who was
"one of the two members
b;ll was introduced .some
ago. ' Mr. McCraekeii wired
alive Bailey that he had
plan.- that would hinder him tile place.
Funeial Services
Be Held On Fridav
Well Known V;i iuvs ille l?usi
ness Man Tassfd Away Weil,
nt'xlav Allernoon At
Home Here
Work To Start At
Early Date On The
Cove Creek Road
About l.0 I.otal Moil Will lie
(;ien Work On The Si liU
St reteh Of Road
This is dudi;e ,1. A. liouseau, ol
Xortli W'ilkesboi-o, who is pieielinj:
over the criminal term of court here.
This iV his .-econd time to h"ll cotir't
in Haywood. County this -year.
i.M:. Bailey stated that he intended
tfimg .throuuh with the bill to in-ti;-e
! iiiard of , commissioners-B-.trt
has. iieen. some opposition as
11 a.- af'l'roval to the measure.
JThc Waynesville Chamber of
Commerce notified ' Representative
Ba iley and Senator Ramsey this week
t the (ii'ganization heartily ap
ifm the increase of the member-f-9.
The group, however, has not
ifiMstd any individual for a place
$ the hoard, they are merely inter-
3i!fii in the bill proper. ;
E' Kincher. the other man nam-
w in Mr. Bailey's bill as an additional
ifemlitT to the board of commissioners
tjM The. .Mountainepi- vst,pi-dav that
he had not decided whether he would
p'p: the place or not.
I He said: "I've been away for ten
BVS and linvpn't TnaA a -Vinncp tn dp-
The news came to me like a
qouilbur.-t out of a clear sky, and as
t I don't knnw wViat it ic nil nlvnit '
Ijwt trot hack Sunday and the news
uaamuun.H-cr me.'
iMr Fi'm-her intimated he was in
, !J. to wait until the bill had be-
me a law hefofe he made known his
jraial decision.
Jones Gets 25 To 30
Years For Murder Of
Late Thos. Edwa
. .c- -i!.-
o-l r
'J'Cm '; 1
-day iif!
II. was -
ai iv Tue
seemed to i ai! . On ,
illtl he appeared liiUch
his onilition u a- enc
a tew minutes bel'o
Mr, Massiv was
". 1 St.!J and w:i.n ti
William I.eU0 M..-:
Francis Masie.
1 (eVelnt.H-r 1SNS
:'iom! wiiah !iv
neilay inoi n and
.oura.rnnK' until
' the eiai came.
birn on Aunu-l
son of the late
i k
iiiy . i. . . .ii..:
a i t'ui i l.'iU !.
'.ht-ouh ;lu
ol!:ce lu-re w
.:-. T. i ;..
:;iv t
s: s'jo
e t : .
!a-t w
It it lo : i i.":
c::e empKn
uen ta
lonal iiei mj
. ! t it : :
l-'vaiu an ;
.'I . Masic
and in the
they moved
Ai'te. c
a general
and Mary Anne '
w as marrieil on
to M;.. Mae-L'i,-1
'.hi y lived at t i u-o whei e
wa.- encatroil in I'aimnig .
mer ant:!e inis:ne.- until :
oiir.i .
:o. nie
ce u, t,.
it. a i iH-u
o llleiii
-:i t:ie lal-.n.
vecel e.l
.000. Iy
, will i i
'. lle
-ta:.-! that n
to W ayiu-v illc
re I
Defendants Enter. Plea' of (Juiltv
After Venire of 7.") Men
Are Summoned
wity Game And
hre Wardens Are
N amed For County
ms .Made To Combat Forest
fires J', WnrHpn Plot! AnH
His Sixteen Assistants
of the -
ea:-' .
'I'lt.'tt,-' county game and fire
announced this week that the
puty fire and game wardens
unty had been named. The
''"h. deputy will be named at
.'ire as follows: H. L. Rath-
es McElroy, Grady Walker,
rt . - a tt ti n
-.."iiijison, nouerx nuweiii i.
S Uavr- 1-eRoy Willis, Ras Robersori;
&rk r
I' d Stvles. Willip Prfton. .Too
Wd L. R. McAbee.
t7-foot tower on tojp of
's Mountain will be put into
:n a week, and a deputy will
' duty full time for the dura
'.he fire season which will be
' l-'-.h of May. Just who will
it u not kI,own! but there are
applications in, Mr. Plott
J,.,"6; :"'Wer on top of the
-r',.iin attords
ct In.
4. 2 00-foot
view of pvp
M , -V , J " places
it- ' VA tetne oorocr.
st-;a, of ihe deputies have five as
ru. ..:". These are named by the
firL J;.:". themselves, ami in cases of
TLJtsiders are given work.
-las far only two small fires have
reported. One burned fifty acre!
fM p?fek'iWUh a Ta1 damage.
r stated tht there is
1 -n'0d for, nyJe who turns
t 'n f T'le . setting out
h" and the person is convicted. It
W thLT01- that the '"iy two
hm J" thls ieason set
si vet n "rests have been made
After having tlisposeil last Thurs
day of the only ma ior case sched
uletl for this te. in of ciiminal eouit.
a 'number :of small eases were cleared
from the .docket, with Judge J. A.
Rouseau presiding.
Bob Jones, charged with the mur
der of Thomas Edwards, former Way
nesville policeman, entered through
his counsel, W. T, Crawford antl Rnnis
Sentelle a plea of guilty of sect, .A
degree murder. The court gave Jones
2o to ,"0 years in the state peniten
tiary and ordered that he wear stripes.
Magjjie Styles, who was charged
as being an accessory to the crime,
also entered a plea of guilty and was
given a sentence of one to two years
in jail. . A venire of 75 . men. from
Beaverdam reptirtc-tl for jury service
before the plea of guilty was entered.
Other cases, disposed during the
past few days included:
Joe Burnett was given a week in
which to move some dogs from the
City limits of Canton. He was to
pay all costs of case.
D. L. Caldwell, assault with a
deadly weapon, was found guilty of
simple assault and received a 30-day
suspended sentence and paid a $24
fine and cost.
Thelma Burnette was granted. a di
vorce from Frank Burnette. . - . :
Ruby Wilson was granted a. divorce
from V. E. Wilson.
E. A.- Thompson received a 30-day
.-u.!)i'r.ded sentence worthless
' Fi-ed. Mull charged with driving
while drunk was given a -lU-diiy sus
pended sentence and fined 50. and
costs.' , ,'.'',
Dwaine Patton sentenced 4 to o
years in prison wearing stripes for
breaking and entering. Edward Mc
Elroy was given an lS-month sus
pended sentence; .
and then one - n ! 'i ;v
he houo-ht o.i; ;
.Mo.lford in ;li." Mi
Store, the r.:.o:e ,.
I'lianged to Ma--a-pany
Finn: time u
hi:, sons ,ha e ,.;
Imsine-s wit I: h in.
the -linn opt-ne.l
Sylva. '
.hi. -Massif was
business ail'aii s of
many othe,- i nt ore
hi- stoles, an I a
all civic un.lertaka
aide. -man of ih. I
l!2 He w;i, ai-.
lieious i i !i ,-,( i in- v
a. an inlior .-f :
I: Unocal
boeil co:il
o! -ollle ol ! he clll
of town at t he ; in:
service s will be i
u.'i Fi i. iay at t ir.
and interment w
Surviving are 1
following twciv
Jessie McCrackeii,
Mrs. Bonner Rav
in l'.tOT
tirst opene.i
ay ne v i i !e
e:, ' lu 1!22
of Boone
linn being
F urn it lire t'oin
tilue several of
i-.-.'ciatt d in the
few years ago
i. ranch stole m
pionliiieiit in the
t lu- town- having
t. hc-ido that of
a.,-o a iea ler in
V. He eived as
t' u n fioiu. U2S .to
mi act ive in re-
'i Hill 111 II 0 ! y all y ;.:
.Mi'! h. n'ilt ell 11 IV i .
ai l autii ii:.- ii;.- nave not
! e.l, aw '. i 1 1 ng t he an ival
he e 1 1 i 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 who -. (. .l
of hi.- ilea Ih. The
duet il -olilet line
dot hoilist cluireh
he in Creeiihill
FERA Urged To Build
Park And Beautify City
i an-.
1 a'
s 'widow and the
children: .Mrs.
Mr.-. J C. Ueece,
Miss Marguerite
Massie, ami Miss Mary Emma Mas
sie. antl the following sons: James E.
Massie, Thos Uuy Massie, Ixdlo Mas
sk'i W. Hugh Massie, T. N. Massie,
Jr., Francis Massie. and Harrold
Massie; thirteen .grandchildren, and
the following brothers and sisters:
Mrs. Mamlv Henson. of (JainesVille,
Fla.; Mrs. Ellie Shook and Mrs.
Mtdlie Smather.s of Canton; Wesley
Massie, of Crusti; Will and Talmadge
Massie, of Hominev.
Bailev-s JWI Would'
Of .Colledinj!; Taxes
Ta . ( dliei tor Mut
Ti Tn ( oiled
Mefore Sellin
i (hit
v"n .-.- nt at iv.
e.l in I be- tli-n.
itle.i. "Ail acl
llaywond ( 'oiinty ,
a better system I'
deylllllellt taxes
.1, ! :
lal A,
It - Hit l
a l
i i c
Miss Anne Peck Is
Winner Of Contest
Miss Anne Peck, daughter' of Mrs.
Helen Peek, of Lake Junaluska, Was
elected last week as the winner in
the citizenship contest - sponsored by
the Daughters nf the American Rev
Hition. In each '.town of the 'United
States where there is a chapter of
the D. A -R. a girl is being elected
under the supervision of the chapter.
Three girls Were elected by the
Home Rooms of the High School anil
from the three the teachers had the
privilege of the final election.
. AH girls '.winning in the local, con
tests will be enteYed in the state citi
zenship contest and the winner will be
given a free trip with all .expenses
paid to Washington, L, C, during the
week of the annual congress of the
organization. Many courtesies will
he extended the forty-tight girls
among which will be a party -for. -them
te the White House.
County Dry Forces
Organized Monday
County organization of the dry
fores in Haywood county were perfect
ed on last Monday night when. Ir.
J. C. Owen of Asheville- associate
of . Kale Burgess, of , Raleigh, head of
the dry ftm-es in . North Carolina,
made a talk on temperance and its
related problems.
'. The following officers were elected:
Chairman, Mrs. J. Dale Stentz, asso
ciate chairman. J. T. Bailey, secre
tary. Homer Henry, and treasurer,
John L. Davis. Three members at
large elected to serve as the execu
tive .committee were Paul Hyatt, of
Woodrow, Glenn Palmer, of Crab
tr and Clyde, H- Hoey. Jr., of Can
ton .' '."-.."'
No definite plans were made by the
hewdy elected group as their line of
work will be determined by the action
of the statelegislature regarding -the,
bill pending realtive to the regit. a
tion 0f beverages in North Carolina.
Airship Macon plunged into the ( -:ean
110 miles South of here tpnigh1: and
'navy "vessels responded to frantic
SOS calls rushed through fog a"'1
rain tn n nt nn I nmmfl nnpr 1 1 1 ' o- -
V. Wiley and the other survive
the crew of SO.
Former Resident Of
County Passes Away
Funeral services were held on Feb.
the second at her home near Stuart's
Hiaft, 'a., for Mfs. Jane Howell: '''.
who passed away on January.
after a, lingering. illnes.. She wn
stricken on - Christmas Day: and he r
condition hail been critical since that
Mrs. Howell was. the daughter of
the late Lafayette Moody anT.MjV.
Elizabeth . Mootly, and was born .On
Jonathan's Creek on. June -the
1868. and has a wide family- .;on
necf ion in Haywood county. She was
married to B. P- Howell in !"" -'
she and her -husband reside' in th;s
county, until, twelve years at' when
they . moyed to Stuart s lira t '., a.
wheri tbef have sine male their
home. For years Mr. H ': wa
one. of the leading stxx-k fa.rmr in
this section and Mir-5. HowdF was
actively identified with, the life- of
her community. '
' She is" survived, by her 'J.irs'nand, B
P. Howell, one son, Benjamin L.
Howell, of Stuart's Draft and the
following step children: Paul and
Ethel Howell, of Stuart's Draft- Mr.
Jarvis T.. Comarli of Lak- Juna-luska,
and' Mrs. J. B, Mauney.: of .Birming
ham, Ala: Those attending the fun
eral from here were: Mrs. J. T- Co
man, and her daughter-:. Mr.s. . Ken
neth Ferguson and Mr- Charles Fer
guson;,':., '.,,;,"
Mrs. Kenneth Fers:
Felix Stovall were
spending the day m
Monday. , .... ''"'
-on and Mrs.
among those
Asheville oh
for the.
ami to pr
oi- t hi' colleet ion of
in t he count v and
municipal cot porat ions therein:"
Sc tion I. That the sale of all lands
for taxes" and tax., sales certificates
issueu pursuant t Hereto, lor tin. yours
prior to l'.:U of -the County of Hay
wood, or any municipal -corporation
therein, be and the same arc 'each
expressly validated as i f the same
had been sold in accordaiife with all
statutory provisions. .
Section 2. That t lie delinquent iax
ollector of Haywood Coimty, rmd
the tieliiKiuent , tax collectors of any
municipal . corporations therein, . or
other person '.-executing the dut ies of
that office, be and they are hereby au
thorized and directed', lit sell for taxes
on the first 'Monday 'of any 'month
hereafter, any and all lands'- which
for any reason have not heretofore
ot-en soiti prior lo, t lie year I'.i.f 1, on or
before September 1, i;i:!.ri. and after
due advertisement ami sale." to issue
tax t-ertifi ates t hercfor, : in accord
ance with the pt'iieral' laws applicable
Section .'i. That all tax lien notes
executed by thi tax payers (if Hay
wood County t,., said Ctiunty. iinil to
any municipal' corporation therein, be,
and the -ame are hereby expressly
validated , :
Section, 4 ' That before the tax- col
li tor of Hay wood County or the. tax
ealle tor- of any municipal corpora
tion therein ha"tl be allowed credit in
his settlement, for the taxes of any
insolvent. -person; he. shall file an' affi
davit. with tht1 Ron id of ( 'ommi.ssiori
!ei s of .Haywood .('ounly or (he govern
ing board of any . municipal corpora
tion thereof, (hat he or his deputy has
pei'soriaHy visited the residence of
said insolvent tax. payer in an effort
to cojleet the taxes due to the County
or .municipal corpiirat ion thereof.
Section 5. That this act, shall hot ' he
ci.n-trued to, relieve any former tax
colli etor or surety, enrnpany (in the
iHind .of any .tax collector for any de
faulter, error relating to any taxes
hereU'fere placed in the, haiiils. Of
such tax" Collector.
Section That, no tax collector of
the. County of Haywood or , of . any
muni(;iiat corporation therein, shall,
he entitled to any fees or 'other, coni
VpenSation other than the salary ior':
.(oiTimi-siiirrs of such tax (;ollectors.
Section -7. That that part, of- Sec
tion 2 of Chapter 22X of the PubliC
Local, Laws of H).'i.'!, beginning with
the wold, "ami" In line 1. '5 thereof,
and . ending with the word, ''taxes" in
line.-lo- thereof,, be and the same; is
hereby expressly repealed:
. Section K. Thiit the Poarrl "of Com
missioners of Haywood," County be,
and they are hereby authorized -if in
their , (liscretion it is advisable, to
employ such assistants as' in ' their
judgment may: be deemed . to he . nec
essary to assist the Tax Supervisor
and delinquent tax' collector of said
County in the performance of: his
duties, and to: pay such assistant out
of the general fund of said County.
Section 9. That all laws and clauses
of laws in conflict with this Act are
herebv repealed.
Section 10. That, this,: Act '.'shall be
in full force from and, after its ratification.
I- -.'
I . V.' V r,
:iS 1
Plans Are Hein Made ti Tear
Down u in her of Old
limldipo's m ( it
rnit n p i i
.tli, :
tret her
s four
e ,1c.
"Ih, o
're i:p .- :u
w : : h ; n : .1. .
ge-ted 1 h 11 M, M i -
i i 1 -
: 1 1 1 ! -
'e.l i.- 1 hi
and bare
It wa
ce'tivatei icr u n i.
f ( "onini,
k In .-I In
lile .,
i- la l
.1, W ill'
iiral Ion.
Oil Kay , a- head
(lias. K . Ray, Jr..
Named President
Ol' Local ( V01' (
Tentative I'lans
I'd- Work Ol
'Mil in
Vie IJeino Mad,
Oryanial ion
Co in iii" War
ia :ii)r of lb
.--,-!i.!o . !,, ih,
I: i.- undersl
lla.'.-lwoo.l i .
t.: ei t t' l ,i 1 1
ac e'. -: ion made -
... - : ; lie i it v pa-t k - .:
"-a:- Hrigg-i, of the
' i ,-. : department w as
"I .. iln-, work.
w .. ! -taged, as the
o ti-.eiinr ilewii old
: : t -1 thai a i now
a. . o - .( . 'I'hc material
' 1 .- u ill hkrly bo
- .a a ' - oi of a . ga .'bag,-l.-i
! iie city.
fourth l'i op-. ! bti ,1 w as the
t rt-et by t be high
1 1 ai iu nod cit y limits,
oo.l I hat the town- of
ml i-re- ted in paving tb,"
the Waynesville city
o a.- ".i.a t he town
I' omo oi buildings;
I . 1 1 lii ii t be next few
a III ) .
. I. II.
.1 .i::dp
Chailes ;. Rat i Jr..
president 'of" t he: Way nesi
of Coniinerce at I lie firs
the lieu .board of di recti
w a . n:t iiioii
.'lie "( ba'lllM-i:
iiitiet-ing of
s !a-l Week
lu-lph I ievo-t was naiiie.l tii - l ic-pi'esi,i-nt
and (iuy Massie' wa- elect
ed Second vice president. I-.'. 1,, With
ers Was elected secretary of ihe or
ganization. The directors received t he rcsign-i
tion of J. M. Iing, who: found it' wouli:
not be able tit serve on board.
'In his place W. I,. Hardin, Jr., wa
named. A number f nloje, (' and.- plan,
were discussed at. length by I he board,
and one of lli,. principal'.- local pro
jects being the en-operation with llii
FFKA in securing free labor t,, beau
Bill Would Allow
Towns To Build
New Sewer System
A l ee of ( enfs I'er Thousand
(ia lions Would He I-evied
To I 'av I 'or Costs.
.f 111,
node for the
I ime formal
niembi-r- hip
the oniinn
t ify some of Ihe
Teutat ive -idaiis.- were' i
annual banquet at which
plans will be y ivt n In I hi
of the organ izat ion for
President Kay is expected to. an
nounce the different ci.inni it U-es w i . H
in the next few days.
Lastweek he 'named Kalph Prevost,
J. II. Howell. . Curtis Ru ss and I'..
I.. Withers to niake suggestions, to
present to FERA .-officials; - to. scciiie
in e labor to inake certain inipi'ove-ment,-.
in the town's appearance, The
commit!,,, . has made several recom
mendations, several of which include
t;h'e: tea ring down of old buildintr, from
the principal streets of the town.
. bill
a I
Home For Children
Needed In County,
Says Grand Jury
Few Keeonunendutions Are .Made
By (irand Jury In He-ular
Report To ( our I
I- III' i-o,
H:. lev I
of Way lie-, ,1!,-
a I e a j, .jilt t , Ve
enerale iio-nd-- ;
1 1 V t'. - to let
ilb -- ih
tii-s a !lio(.i.-a
be eh. I I'l'i-.f t Ii,
to pay for t lie
system, win
beyond l ake
evious est imates s
.L2.'i,(l(MI ;,, coin
II- f
e s e w , -1
Olid be.
1 .1, 1 Ii, g, neral
lte ti-sent.a-
on Id give the
and llaelwunif:
:' V'-li 'll, and to
ind t,, low tie.
-re th. lion I--,
a I. a fee of Iif
n I (lallons , o-f
consumers in
const rii"t ion of
ch is siigtr, sted
how t hat it. will
t ) ue t he line..
. In l.hei r report t tlje
week, the grand jui y i,
that . a s tiaiafe home be .
coliuty home for 1 he 2H c
are now retmired t.,. .)jv
e-rill ft lll-t
(lixun, HilciJ
iiilt- at' the
ildrcn that
'. with : the
and officials here have, been trying
to work on' some s.v : factory ar
ra liir' ment s whereby p' F It A labor
could In-.ii ,i-i on flu- jo'n.
Tlie iiil that M r Itadey int ''oducod
i!l,'-ildei :
- "'I'bat jn order to -pay i he cost of the '
co(ist,uct ion and maintenance of sai l
u at'-r v- toni ami o.- sewerage line
or .(!i..p..i,,-it plain the municipal cor
li'ialion.,' ;.ire hoiohy given righ; ''
lo .fix and; (.-labli-i a , hai'ge as may''
lo. agi.ei-, u it, .it between, the t'oviM-niiiir
' J,-... Ii,., ,-,( said municipalities' against
j a!) per-oMs, lirm.s or corpora : ons
! wit bin .-aid municipal cornorai inns
! for t he Use of said water ami or s,-w..,-
line of disposal plaiit. s'.l' h i ba' ', to
Tn- in proportion" to ': the amouii! of
i water used by eaeh person, firm o:
Jeor porat ion and disposal plaiit , . which
; rate for sai l sewer line or disposal
t-jdarit, in-addition to charges for water,
shall, .not exceed t he. .'rat ( 'T fil'teen
1..", ) ceiit s lie, thousand gallons of
water s,, u-. d and di-posed, of and
after the .'-oitipl, tion of the tia vnient ,.'
,o! her of, the honie, some of
w h.oni a i-e diseased and air- d
1'his w-as si miliar -to a report turned
in by a previous: grand jury, .
A modern barn, is being built at
the county home, and other than re
c'mm(.nding a honie for the children
no .other changes- were made, by the
body. '
AVASHIXGTOX, I) , C Feb. 12.
Senator Huey : Long today in a, two
hour speech poured forth man v com
nlaihts , against Postmaster General
Farley to which Senator J. W, Bailey,
of North Carolina, challenged him to
produce more than hearsay evidence.
grand hiry also suggest.-!.
rhriols have." regular fire
orth Canton school put
lemonstratinn for the
on a
fire drill
ni'-n. A switch hoard was in nee.-j r,f
re'pair.-at the elementary s hool hert-,
find new;' ba iii -hers neede'l: on. the
stH-'rs, the report suggested.,
,' It was the recommendation that the
small (court -.' room on the third floor
of the courthouse be used as a court
Com and not for relief headquarters.
No- other courthouse changes were
made except that certain records in
the Roadster of Deeds office prior to
the 1923 records be recopied on per
manent: sheets and placed in durable
binders to prevent loss.
F. M. Byers. is foreman of the
grand jury for this year. , :
: Mrs., W. F. Swift Miss; Haseltine
Swift. Miss, Martha ..Way, Miss Nan
Hardin and Miss Emily Sile- made
un a party motoring to Asheville dur
ing the week. .
the co-t (, said .-.ewer, i fie i.r ilisi.
plant the said municipal r.-rpor'at :
niay contiiuie to charge such . r,-a
aid,, amount iiot, to . --. .-'-ed the.
J h'''''.'in'.ef',re spci-ilicd :.f ' r . 1 hi' o-.-- ..f
-;iid se'w-er line on (liso'-.-al plant,
. - "That the 'charge or rent's 'niad.'
for the use of said sewer, line oroi!--posar
plan'. shall be; a lien; uiion uhe
property served, and if. any: 'such
charge or relit shall not he paid .,-i'th,
ill la (lays after the same l.ieeoriies
payable, it. may bo collected as; !.i:-f'' "in
(dherwise '.provided, or by. suit, in the
name of the municipal corporation,. n,
the property sdbject. to the lien ' hi"-e-:
of may be sold by the m'ini,:ipa!:'y
under the same rules,: regulations, of
redemption and savings as are now:,
or may thereafter be prescribe I by
law for the sab; of. .land for unpaid
The measure also would enable the.
town or towns entering into the. n'o
ject : to serve outside consumers, in
cluding indusfrial'planis.
Feb. 12.
Raleigh, . N. C
legislative activity centered a
the !ia--;u'- by' the .-e.late. n:
second reading .of- th,- state
drivers Ik-ch-e-'-biH and subm
to the joint firian-e. committee 1
anti sales tn x Moo , of -t vx pro;
to replace the sales tax an.,1 ra:
estimated .I2..Til ,n'.' i. .
-To lav'-
' an
if' t' .

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