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    1 t I rT ULI .
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NO. 32
THURSDAY, Jl'LY 11, 1935
Violation Of Liquor Laws
Jn This County Termed By
mm A AW
Judge Alley As Alarming
Iking Made In Day Time
nn .Main .nm' "
ville and Canton,
vc- lavii told by reliable citi
hv county that liquor sales
,,'r made in broad day light
Main street, botn in way-
isd Caiuon," said juuge renx
: , i r- A
ill nis cnaise iu uic vjinu
Monday morning on the
f I lav-wood County Su-
tilth'. i
E. A..V.V
Jury r.c-re
(.0111- H'l L HE n ia
L'ina i tl'L wrucii lasetrei uvci o
'C-i't-.i several instances, where
last lew weens several
, u Snails'" had been cap
ivu o to Waynesville. He
. , J. 1 , 1 A J. 1 i
; mtriiticuHil the tact, tnai me wwn
l.if captured oi ganons oniy -s::v
ri'h: here in town.
ft-e information coming to me in
catfi .hat Canton is just as bad
Yi- ....111., .,r,A V10 cmollfir nnTYl-
IJ; l m ill's v ine-, iiiiu y ......
niuti::: nearby. Those who want
tht Viw-i'iitniveii bring me tne iacts
ha: iiqui-r by tne urinK or in tiuan-
Mifv is avanaiue even em uui waui
. a:
streets nr m trio county, ne coiiun-
.Mire -Alley told of one instance
which ha-; been tola mm by a re-
I sph-tal'V law-abiding citizen when
a salt- ;b made on tne vacant, wi
between the bank and the laxi btancl.
The- L'"ixN being delivered, and pay-
men: made
Court Moves Swiftly During
First Three Davs. Sev
eral Sentenced
Local .Man Sub-Lets
His Relief Job At
Profit Of SI Day
ie eou.,i
"in his job
doing any
'-in-law in
tec i t-
jury te
knew there
d(-r- e
I among
I tien- i
in W
en u:
-ight out in the open."
mphasized the fact that, the
iurv investigate for them
"'He pointed out that the law
)u vr 'be solicitor to be de
. but appealed to the grand
art ..-tat tug further that their
being two-fold, as a ludicial
ty and inquisitorial power.
situation is alji.iming' he
t-ii, "and the first thing we
ill he a number of mur
M.un streets and feuds
ootleggers. The viola-iaws--hquor
and traffic
e than a 1,000 deaths
edina during 1934."
oil search warrants to
places, vou can get
e you to do so. And
places are not brok
expect the worse
he' 1
The first three days of criminal
court moved along swiftly, with Judge
Felix E. Alley presiding.
A number of minor eases being dis
posed of during the three days.
There are still a number of cases
on the docket, but no outstanding
Among the cases disposed of until
Wednesday, included:
C, P. Whitson, UVckless driving,
$25.00 and costs,
Cromer Rathbone, non-support of
child, sentenced to 12 months in jail,
suspended sentence on payment of
$300, $10.00 each month for support
of child.
Clifford Manus and Ernest Stroupe,
3 to 5 years in state prison, suspend
ed sentence on good behavior for 5
J. B. Shook, driving drunk, $25,00
and costs.
Ed Hampton, disposing of mort
gaged property, (! months on public
Eil Hampton, forgery, 3 to 5 years
in state prison, judgment suspended
on good behavior for 5 years.
Walter Ketner, driving drunk,
$50.00 fine and costs. Forfeits right
to drive car for ttO days.
Jim Banks, possession and receiv
ing. For possessing, off on 'cosds.
For receiving, .6 months on public
roads. Judgment suspended on good
i behavior for 5 years.
Glenn Clark, driving drunk, $50.00
and costs, (i months on public roads.
Road sentence not to go into effect in
case of good behavior on part of de
fendant, etc.
R. H. Nally,, Quinton Blaylock,
( ha- Spui., V 1) As to N UK
$25.00 and one-third of costs. Blay
lock and Spears, S2,.00 each and costs,
also i; months on public roads. Road
sentences suspended on good beha
vior, etc. .
Manvers hrovvn. A, I). V., and
(( ontinued on back page.)
irate the
atul 1 u
. if the-
! y dwelt more on liquor
tuied (in back page) .
COfC ToBerin
:h, 1
ht l
i i
iiui: i
tar.t '
V M.
the Chamlber of
i't i.'n. a' dinner session at
r i 1 uesday night, as
Angus C. Craft.
ii ulii -.tsion va
time it was decided to
re J. ert isn Vi; approprV
napers, and an addi
ar.ottid for radio ad
Jacks(fiviHe4 These
to begin immediately.
r . important . matters
nider consideration, and
"e.iii'ei- of the board are
;R :henr at present,.
present at the meeting were:
K. Ray, president E. L. With
rr;aiyy J. Dale Stent, assis,. Hugh Massie, Curtis
'u.V Massie, J. Harden Howell,
louie-on, E, J. Hyatt, Frank
A 1 Shdton and Ealph
"Soda" Bank
.nuiKe a a da :
'with relief without
work, ac.ouitr.g to :h
given by hi- mot he
court here Tuesday.
Banks, who was on trial in a
liquor case, had a job at $2 a day
with relief. o his mother-in-law
said, but later found a man wil
ling to do the .-ante wuik for a
dollar a day. so "Soda" up and
made the trade collecting 2
for the day's work and giving
the man doing the work ha'.f of
Forward Strides
Being M a d e By
Building And Loan
Report Is The Most Encouraging
In Number Of Years. Many
Loans Reing Made
5-Year-OId Child
Killed By Auto At
Hazelwood Sat.
Funeral .-e:ices for Vivian Cun
ningham, ;'ve. 'aught, r of Mr. and
Mrs. Sam Cunniiie h:: ni, of Hazelwood,
who was f it liy Injured Saturday af
ternoon w
H ighway
ham ho mi
afternoon a:
Allen's (.'reek.
oniciateil. nana
( reeK cemetery.
Besides In r parents the little girl
is survived by a sifter. .Mattie, and
a brother, lluinphrty, 7.
Juke Amnions,, of Jackson . county,
was still in jail Wednesday noon, be
ing held as the driver of the car
which struck the girl. It was under
stood that he would be released mi
a $1,000 bond shortly.
Xo hearing wa- held in the case,
as Solicitor Queen turned the mat
ter over to the grand jury Monday
boar f diiecte'i's the
ll.r.'.dtt.g anil lAan Assoeia-
de the statenieu! ;h: week
treasurer's riport made at the
! -' ri'ieting was :h. m.w. etiour
' ag.r.g -n several years, show ing cash
on liano ot 52!'.Oitti together with
$7.-45t in 1KM.C bonds
The report also showid that ?12.700
had been loaned since ti e April series
opened, and that- 'l
availab'e f Iiv.m-c ;i
("ins are 1 log n aeb
'heat ,!. ai tile el.
ma tor
- that
opened a
i mer yi nr.-,
with July l'u
every Hire
Indications Are That Tax
Rate For Haywood Will Be
Slightly Higher Next Year
00 w as now
it e 'can-. The
as fast as ap-
Oiu- ,.f :he
ri'a''.ial :. r.
year will be
with t w ii ,ii iV
'ii. beginning w
series will open
es ill
series a
From lnw
si, a new
e' mem: lis.
Indians Refuse To
Let Scenic Parkway
Thru Reservation
Indications Are That Road Will
Extend From Soco (Jap To
Taking Over Of Canton Charter
School District Accounts For
The Increase
n -tru.k by a car (n
10 nea r t he Cunning
were c del vie t cm I Sunday
'he !:;'. ist church oil
1 ! e I ( y, I . i.. Allen
was ill .Allen's
James A
'.he diree'tol- ;if
audit recently,
tiim was in ". 1
The directors
to me the olli
tei Use the' clliee
of ;
I). J; Howell Home
Damaged $1,000 By
Blaze Wednesday
A blaze '-believed to
from a spark on the
of the home of D. J.
Wednesday afternoon.
have startoi!
dry shingles
Ilvirti'li .early
caused dan.
10,000 Folders To
Be Off Press Sat.
By the last of this week the
thousand ten-page folder for
Chamber of Commerce will be oil'
The folders are made up lar
of new .pictures and scenes, of
community, several of which
made for the folder. This year's
er is printed, on white paper
brownish ink, making the. pie
show up to the best advantage.
The work is being done by
tile he
. ures
Organization Of
Band Is Started
he r
'sa.htauon of a band or
,-r" ."! , the Waynesville High
'i ' being sponsored bv
' and the Chamber of
d''dev-.ihe direction of A.
c 1 "'e Lake Junaluska
H ,t.n -r;' 'Kettinsr .underway.. '
:',''"'' K'rts who are interest
. -n...i. ,iit. gi0Up are aske(i to
n wi;h .Miss Grace Crocker.
c have daily practice for
uii'h'r the direction of Mr.
ra "f ' band director .of
" 11 ind has had many
nee. as an organizer of
u -: r. h(,tras.
.Pend Week-Here
Expect 1,000 At
Lake Conference
lAbout one thousand are expected
to arrive at the Lake Sunday and
Monday I to attend the churehwide
pastor's, conference, which will open
Tuesday evening with an address , of
Bishop Paul Kern.
; Some of the speakers of the
conference will include: Dean Albeit
C. Kundson. Dr. Gains Glenn Atkins
Dr W m S Sadlei , Bi hop W
Ainsworth, and . on Sunday morning,
July 21, Bishop Fid win D. Mouzon
will speak.
Pastors from all. pa its of the South
are expected to attend the conference.
ages amounting to about $1,000, ac
cording to an estimate made last
night by Fire Chief S. H, Stevenson.
.The fire was making good head
way when the' flames were discovered,
but in short oi'ib;, the tire department
had the blaze under con: rl and con
fined the conflagration to the -upstairs.
All furnituie wa - saved, M -. fbuvidl
reported, several tiieres vb'gbt'y dam
aged in moving'.
The hoi.s( is owned by (lenrge H.
Ward, and was formerly occupied by
(". I!. Atkinson and family.;
Just as the lir.- apparatus was lvi'
ing the Howell home the second alarm
of -he day vanie. iii, tluie Ixinir a
small blaze at a house in 1 1 azelwoud
i xaminer, tolel
'tor completing the
that this organi'.a-
recently decide d not
. and will continue
.01 the second tloeii
e Morgan and Ward building,
The' Mountaineer.
the advert: rig columns of to-
elay's paper appears a statement of
the association, g ving in detail the
exact financial .-taals of the organ
ization. The oflieers ,:f the association are:
R. I.. Prevost, pnsident, K. J. Hyatt,
vice-president, and S. H. Bushuell,
secretary treasurer, 1 i reset o i s are :
J. Iv. Bovd, U. L. Prevost, F J, Hyatt,
C. N. Allen. L. M. Kicbeson, W. 11.
Biiigiu, L. M, Killian, .1. W. Kay
11. Bushuell,' and O. II. Sheltoil.
Thirteen Tried In
Mayor's Court For
Drinking Too Much
no ,(
d by
out 'w
a mage
en l".hii ' ruck
This is the. t bird time
few years that the seeum
come in while the truck
another fire.
The blaze
arrived and
in the past
I al.i rm has
was out on
Last Rites Held
For Lonie Green
To Hold Memorial
For Ennis Sentelle
I he weekVeiU -round-up by clt.v
polie'c icsiilted in a tw'odiour sessiem
of mayor's court here Monday after
noon, 1)1 which time thirteen were
faced vith charge s of being drunk, .
The 'iiumder of defendants must
fiave been iinlinkv lor Mavnr J. II.
W ay, as he was only aide to collect
.$11 from the lot, all hough he , gave j
-everal a tew days grae'e to pay .up
or bid tlo ir families good-bye for
::o to do day-.
l.a--.t nr nth few failed to male
I'i'okee Indian.- an.-wcrcei
with an emphatic "no" when qucs
tioiuel abeitil running the Scenic
Parkway through the reservation, and
plans are underway to adopt an al
ternate' i-oute. aevording tei eli.-patch-e-
t rom Washington.
It has been hinted by ollicials of
the park service in Washington that
I the' route will be selected from Soco
j Cap to Black Camp Gap, up Hunches
( reek on to Sni ikeillont . This route
would not touch the liulian area
anywhe-ie (.e-e pt at Senvo Gap.
esterday se'Xeral lure who are fa
miliar with the section which the
new route will puss .-aid thai, the
scenery atfejrded up Bunches Creek
and in the i, in:'. y of IMack Cinnp
Gap could int be .-iii'ivissid anywhere
in the park area. They were of "the
opinion f lint the new route would be
much more satisfactory.
Dr. Harold W. Foglit, iiseivation
.superintendent, said (lie action of the
Cherokeos in declining (o accept the
right-of-way proposal was a .justified
one. in that Ii'iOO acres of their best
land would be used in the Scenic
"In addition," Dr. Foght -aiel, "re-(uirenieiit-
were made for casements
nil lirai'tically all the tillable lands
from So o (lap to the approaches to
the national park lands. ,.
."Kurt he rip ore, t he p lire ha sis Would
have included the 'Cherokee boarding
school'-' tillable land-:, the
island in the Ui'nnaluftee river, and
the nimroacbi
Likewise, en :
I lie are:
ist hotel
the pail
tor Die
: ban i In
to tie boarding sclnml.
easement's, were a-ked on
sc. aside for 1 he tine t oiir:
idaniKil for the reservation.
I ho proposed budget for Haywood
county as will be presented to the
Board of Commissioners, probably oil
Monday, will call for a tax rate for
the coming year ranging from lfl.25
to $1.40. 1'his will be slightly higher
than the present rate which is
The' budget estimates have -ecu
worked up by T. J. Cat hey,- co-a.y
auditor, who explained that the l .v
ing over of the Canton Charter school
district by the county neces-siUited
the increase in rate. The former
(.'anion Charter district has a debt
of ;il!VNKt;, and this coming year
f-.'.i O.Ol.S in interest and priiie'ipal
must be paid.
Another item which held up the
late was the .school building pro
gram. It has been proposed thai
JoO.000 be spent for new schools
during the year but it is not likely that
this amount, will be spent, accord
ing to some of those in authority. H
is probable that Hie Jonathan's Creek
school will be built .
Mr. Cathey hajd not gotten the
ro'Iiiiretl budge t lio.ii school au
thorities this week, and'wa's unable
to make an accurate calculation, but
did not believe the rate Would vary
much from the estimate of JfL.'iS to
$1.40. The rate' is. based on a valua
tion of $22,400,(100.
The rate for Catalooehce township,
as was the case last year, Will have
an extra ten cent tax, which will he
.used' in retiring some road bonds
which the township voted several
years ago.
The itemized budget as will be pre-,
sealed to the , oiiimissiuiiei s . will call
for: the following cstim ited expendi
tures :
!f!.'iK,2',-.xr.. with the
i Ins be:ing I he saint
i a
ami f.i
hi.- w
di link
I- the
d -.
ee rm
ay ment , whii h net ted a
: i.i. J-o ( i a-l liel able : i
d t h , r - out on t he ': i !
t lie lb ji ti en up before
.M'in..i.V, only tin ve w ie n
.eh ' .whites including a im.n and
haiged with boilig
;e given Ll I I i i u i; -:'
: X t v d'iv- in j .-1 1 1 - -
thai sill' '-.
-nt.- have ii i ii up
, and 'face t'evel a I
. higinvav
I'l'y laier
iii t o ilo
lnllais, ee
ccesslt V
of the
be e ause
I mi ia ii -i
a ill pie.
av ti:ii
' fi
In, I
nn i
,r this act ion
a n e 'ii"i ;1 :- r
body re'iilize- In
; of lir :.l'li,
t hi nifolv i
with llii:
Ueh ' I he '
slim of moii.
Liu n,lr, d's
nil hav e ho
i i r nn I a ri
uiiinit' ot
: i al ion
i inining
liu.ii-.'.i.iid, :
his ve:
iet at .I I
iii rate.
The rat,
bopped a
I final ively
1 -. li
ft he d,
' V' a r ! h
at tie
i .
elO ,
is been
th the
same five -
p , I -V,
I St.-1 V i,
I ale- In,
I he
liae inj'
at I
n ,. li.i
fui .
been tie
on' to
' W C"
ill -'. :
I.e.' Iinlh ,
On- gill,
: 'own oi
M''i.;. Is ru
ral del-'Iit
! tinif .he for
. i n ill.
,f In.
i!l .
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -iclu,
and a
I ),. , : -el at oil ,-i ill, . 'file
hiiii;.' t;.i i ai l ' in ii f i ,r i. ii.' c
V. air i v;'"-.:et. it :it SI til ,2oHo.
Siii.-e I Ii. .-cI'mi.tI mil horn i,..
II o J I -1 1 t r d : lie . ! I IN)o:T , 1 til
n. .' I" 'ii- e ,,i'i-.,',l ,..ii : . 1 a - t e , ;
-.--', .ot fund 1:1! , d I'ot .a I ' Vent
I a - l.
I this
na ve
i' : ho
in a:-!',
A memorial service Will be held for
the late . Funis SetiCff.e, Ilayvvood
lawyer, who passed, away on May
25th. The service will be held at t he
convening of court: next 'Monday
morning... . '
. William T. Hannah is in chaige of
the program. Th1 Haywood Bar As
sociation will sponsor the pi'pgranH
S. C. Liquor Law
Is Step Towards
Control, (irimhall
"I'rom ail api araiiee, it looks a
if the South. . C.irolina liouor law
which Went: '.'into ' effect about a oton.t h
ago .is going to -be about, as -at i.
as any liquor law fan' be,
Judte W. II. Grimball. of
toil, who arrived 'here .this
i "spend about two month-,
law is a Corn iiro in isii beivveeu
IV, t
v a-k.
,vi,!,', '
i .:it- nil
i.-b id.
I to, tile I lloll'- -Hid
if -MM ad'b
. - hii-liW
lA lii, ii in
'I Ii
i-r i.i I
feel ,,
el I :i il
to I
nil ii Ie I a I i' ,11.
Cannery-Ready. For
('aiming Berries
i .v
vvei k t
ii n i
step t.O-
not have
r.,i;,ot,i ,.i ... e,,,ii
Latt rites for Lonme Green, ---. -,,,.,:, Vn1 i.n,,.. f,. .i1ir,f.
who died in the Hayvvo,,,i I .-unty j..- w;iJ ,;.-,,.;,, ,.,.;,.,.,..,! to'
Hospital, Waynesville, .unaay .nioin... 4S r,02'' .f01,;junr, i:i;m. or a gain of
:12.: per ee::t. A traffic count taken
u'f "ere yesterday from
.-ertlOil tit.,. T n - .
n 111 'um f Jimison,
M "ar- iW nar'iotte Aews,
. ,. -"inia.y 10 spena
tim, a- .rson spend most
y-'isi- !ura:-V.lara''ito:r s conference
KEt-af1? ?re t0 have binl as
n j-...! rkr at the- Rotary
ing irom injuries sustained
weeks ago, when he was allegedly
struck in the head with a rock by
Buster Caldwell were conducted at
the Micadale .Episcopal church on
Allen's Creek Monday afternoon.
Rurial was on Allen's Creek. The
Rev. Albert New, rector of the Way
nesville Episcopal: church, ' officiated,
assisted by Rev. C. L. Allen.
Besides his widow, Mr. Green is
inAA- 'Kir Am hiMvpn. Dennis,
Alvin, Ralph, Thomasine, and 'ba
Jean; a brother, Lawrence; four sis
ters, Mrs. Baxter Paines, of Ashe
ville; Mrs. Robinson, of Georgia; and
Mi Will Mcdforu ard Mr- Gtoige
Mull, of Canton.
(Approximately $20 was raised from
the barbecue held at the city park on
East ctreet on the afternoon , of the
Fourth. The funds will be used m
providing p'lumibt'ng "equipment lor
the vest rooms at me ram. ... j
of .17.100 au:omnhi!es carry ing 54,19.1
people. Estimating that 20 ..per cent
additional. people came into the park
at the .five other entrances, a total
.iravef figure of ;'l!5,0.'14. is estimated. .
Automobiles from forty-four states,
the. District of Columbia, and one for
eign possession, vvei counted. ; Twenty-seven
per cent of the visitor's were
from states other than. North Caro
lina, and Tennessee.
There were more cars from I
than from North Carolina;
Ohio running, almost 400 .-..more.
i not?'
t he. two fact ions," . In
though not .perfect, it.
wards ('orilrol which vve
.The South Carolina, Jaw. known a
the na- kage law, iirovides that li
quor be, sold only from licoli.-e-d
s n.vr'es in packages. The stores open
at sunrise arid close at sunset. Have
only one door, and are closed on all
holidays.. . '.i drinking is permitted
on the premises.
A twenty-cent per I'liart V receiv
ed by the state-
A, eoi ding lb
I'roin the .illi. e .
Sky Murual A
vvh ieh t he I laze
rat es; t he plan.'
handle anywhere
t oris of berries..
Tit, y vvijl pay
a pootnl for I'd.
eipiival.'nt f
llerekb berrii
infof niat ion lecelv cd
,f the "Land ()' Th.
ocialioii. Inc.," wit h
Iwoot! ( 'aiiniry !
i - . : now ready to
from t Iii i:'y to forty
ind a
fifteen cents
will' be I
vvhieh is
. a gallon,
ought for
:' a ri in lint -
ie.) u Menu ii ;
lie w.iri'd
L' tn lb,1 tig
In red to b,
it Wil .-
V o l I-,.
-ented '
the In
Titles To 57.000
.Acres Being. Made
if l it I
. Sided
' ily. a i
know n
I I.
ng fei yv a i ll on it lie ah-
itbs lor, the land-', m-
Slierwood Forest prop
Scot t ish land s, u: lierw ise
! when
t I.i re o cen'is a Hound, vvh I
to tweiii y cents a g-al'oh.
.'Ilio ( int' ii'-ted in selling heriie
to the eailri"iy are asked to gef in
tnuilr with the idalil, -o- that-they
may be furrii:.s In d with t he fo.ur ijliari
li;i-ket , ' vvhieh ai.' being: iirnvided
in which to pick arid
us, thereby adding to
of handling and the.
fiesher condition of
fur the picker-,
illi liver t he belt
t he eon vi iiienee
I'o'airimeri't of ;
the berries. -'.'.
In Auditor's Office Speaal Music At
Dr. Thomas Ak-xander, head, of New
College, of Columbia University, New
ioik Civ an 1 Di Ag-(- nvdrr,
also . of . the University, spent the
wppk-end at the New College Com
munity Center , at : the Springdale
Farms. .
The personnel of the; auditor's of
fice in the court 'house- are now en
gaged in inaugurating . a new ."record
system, which will simplify the book
keeping to a great degree... ' .
A posting machine has beer- added,
aid evcrv a.count will be kept in a
system similar to thoje. of banking
houses. Each budget reouirement
being, made , up into the different departments.-
T. J. Cathey. auditor, explained
that this Would eliminate the old
way of making entries with pen and
ink by hand in large books. The
balance? . of each department : will be
known a: all times. It is a much
faster method than the one now used.
It was. announced yesterday .that
Gounod's ''Gallia" would be s'-ingat the
Me: bod ist church .,, Sunday n j', Mrs.
Fred; Martin will do the," solo -.part
and the loeal chorus will be augmi nted
bv voices from the Lake and New
College. . Mr. Lawrence Ni!--on, director f
music at , the Lake, will direct and
also play the organ accompaniment.
In addition Air. Allen, tenor from
the Lake, will sing, a solo, using the
Twen v Third Psalm in an original
composition of Mr. Nilson's.
Music lovers are assured of a splen
did performance Sundav evening.
The service begins at 8 o'clock.
thf Haywood I. ami and
in e t , i h a t. w j I e ve ti t ua 1 1 y
part of the Pisgah National
The option has been, an-
. . by govei hnif tit (iflieial. ar.d
t ran -fei red to 1 he . giivernnieli' ,
V'.il! be .'used for general forest service-.
The aeieage of Shi'rW'.ood Forest js
at' lev lir- 'y ."O.oiiO n-J i , whitf-'
the Scot 1 1 h lands' are in the n: igh
borh'iod of 21,0(10. The wmk 1- be
ing done under the siinorvis.jon of
the U. S. Ilepartinfnt (if Agricult u re.
stractor f(ir . : he
property and R. (),
working On the Sen
be several months
I. Alexand
S'bervvbod .
rtish lands,
before -.the
I i
who' !.
il will
will legally
be t'lirned .over . to tin.
The first ripe tomatoes, of . the,
son to be brought in w'as by Dr.
H. Liner on July I-ourth.
The, tomatoes were as large as
average, and were fully ripe.
. i
Date i Max. ... Mm.,
4 . '-':8f '" 10
5 "' ' S2 :" . 51
t, -, 42
7 ' - S4 , , 4H
8 75 41
!) -.'.-' ' . ;'02 . i,. '. " -40
10 K7 04
''Eleven Months In The Big Bend" by Miss Odnm, Begins Exclusively In This Paper Today

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