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NO. 51
Local Choral Club To
Give Candlelighting
Service Next Sunday
Service Will Be Held At First
Baptist Church At 7:30
O'clock, All Churches
Taking Part
On Sunday evening- at 7:3.0 o'clock,
a; ine first ap:ist vhurch, the Way
nesviJle Choral Club will give a
Christmas Candlelight service. This
.-en-ice will be the only one held in
town that night.
The program has been arranged by
Evander PrelVon, and Miss Grace
Crocker will be the accompanist.
The program is as follows:
Organ Prelude Andante Relig
ioso. Processional The March of the
Three Kings.
Prayer, Dr. R. P. Walker.
God Rest Yu Merry, Gentlemen.
Good King Wenceslas.
The First Nowell.
Shepherds! Shake Off Your Drow
sy Sleep.
Scripture, Rev. Albert New.
iHymm Hark the Herald Angels
ing, Congregation.
Violin Solo Ave Maria-Liebes-traum
Schubert-Lizst, Elizabeth
Barber, Jr.
Bring a Toivli, Jeannette, Isabella.
While Shepherds Watched Their
! 'ocks.
We Three Kings of Orient Ale.
A Virgin Unspotted.
Offertory Organ Solo The Shep
herds. .
Solo Cantique de Noel, by Evander
Christmas Message The Genius of
Christmas, by Dr. R. S. Truesdale.
Hymn O Little Town of Bethle
fiem, by the congregation.
t arois:
Draw Nigh, Immanuel.
Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming
The Holly and the Ivy,
Stille Nacht (Silent NicrhM
Recessional The March of
nree jvingff.
Benediction Rev. H. W. Baucom.
Organ Postlude Jubilate Doe,
Formal Opening Of
Baptist Building
Set For Sat, 28th
t Final details are being arranged
,ot the formal opening of the new
Baptkt Sunday School annex here
on Saturday evening, December 28,
which will also mark the twenty fifth
wedding anniversary of Rev. and Mrs.
H, W. Baucom.
.The open house program is in
charge of Mrs. R. N. Barber.
Rev. and Mrs. Baucom have re
quested that their "Silver Anniversa
ry" be celebrated with the giving of
silver towards the debt incurred by
constructing the building.
More complete details of the plans
for the program will appear in this
Paper Sunday morning.
Post Office Is
Expecting A Rush
Christina's, business at the Jojwii
post office is just beginning to make
appearance, but from indications,
according to Postmaster J. H. Howell,
;.nts year's business will exceed that of
''st year,
The usual plea of mail early has
seen issued by postal officials. 'When
"he major part of the mailing is left
until the last two or three days, the
-en-ice is crowded to the extent of
causing a hardship on all concerned.
Woodmen Of World
Elect New Officers
-tw officers for the Rhododendron
Camp of the Woodmen of the World
were elected last Friday night as fol
lows:. .
Past council commander, C. B. Rus
sell. . ; . ,
Council commander, L. C. Davis.
Advisor Lieutenant, J. M. Davis.
Banker, J, C. Helmick.
Secretary, F. E. Leatherwood.
Escort, E. J. Schulhofer.
Sentry, G. P. Troutman.
)? atchman, V. R. McElroy.
. Captain of degree team, L. L.
Physician, Dr. S, L. Stringfield. 1
Janitor, Sheridan Conrad.
Auditors- I T T)A,n V
. -.. . iim u. i a jir i , a. .
iatherwood. and Walter Helmick
'. publicity committee : A. B. Schul
hofer and J. C, Helmick.
. Mrs, L. D. Staples, of 210 North
Main street, won the free permanent
ave recently offered by the Jo Ann
beauty Shop in their special contest.
,,Mr- Richard X. Barber, Jr.. and
-'t!"s- Tom Lee, Jr., were among those
motoring, to Asheville the first of the
Read the Advertisements in This Week's Paper Before Doing Your Christmas Shopping
Haywood County
Bank Organized
From Clyde Bank
New Set-Up Has Capital Stock
Of $40,000. Home Office
To Be In Canton
Officials of the Bank of Clyde an
nounced several changes in the organ
ization yesterday, with the major one
being an expansion, and changing of
the name to the Haywood County
Bank, and an increase in sto.k.
The heme office of the new bank
will be at Canton, with a branch main
tained in Clyde. No chanees were
made in the officers or others con
nected with the bank.
T1 ...
me iormer capital stock was
Ml. 40P. The new bank has $20,000
in t 'union stock; fclO.OOO surplus am
$10,000 in preferred stock. The Re-
construction Finance Corporation tak
ing si u.oou in preferred stock.
Edwin Fincher, Clyde merchant, an
couiry commissioner, is president of
the bunk, and T. H. Haynes, is cashier.
The Bank of Clyde some eight
months ago opened a branch in Can
tun, and maintained the home office in
Clyde. Under the new set-up, the re
verse will be the order, howevei, the
majority ot the stockholder
zens of Clyde.
are eiti-
Officers For 1936
Elected By Baptist
Congregation Sun.
Board Ol Deacons Increased
Nine. Jack Messcr Ite
Elected Sunday School
At the Sunday morning service .Sun
day, the congregation ol the First
Baptist church elected officers tor both
the church and Sunday school for the
coming year. The result of the elec
tion is as follows:
Deacons, three vear term, John L.
Davis, J. R. Morgan and W. II. Burgin.
Two-year term, M. T. McCracken, H.
C. Wilburn and R. T. Messer. One
year term, W. C. Allen, W. (V. Byers
and Jack Messer. I he board wa in
creased to it.
Trustees, W. .1. Hannah, 1. I..
Green and J. R. Morgan.
Enlistment committee, divided into
four groups, John L. Davis, chairman
William Medford, Earl Messer, H. C
Wilburn, J. K. Morgan, J. C. Patrick
J. T. Bridges, J. H. Clarke and Rav
Finance committee: W, 11. Burgin,
chairman, Edwin Haynes, williatr
Medford, W. G. Byers, Jack Messer,
Richard Barber, J. C. Patrick, and
Wayne Rogers.
Church clerk, W. C. Allen; treasurer
local expenses, R. T. Messer; treasur
er building fund, W. G. Byers; treas
urer benevolence, Sylla Davis; finan
cial bookkeeper, Mrs. Edna McGce;
offering committee, M. 1. McCrack
en, J. T. Bridges and H. W. Baucom.
Choir director, Evander Preston,
and Miss Grace Crocker,, organist,
with Mrs. J. N. Tate and Mary Pen?
land 'McCracken, assistants.
Jack Messer was re-elected general
superintendent of the Sunday school,
and John L. Davis, associate .superin
tendent. Miss Stacy Wilburn is sec
retary, and Miss Doris Green, asso
ciate. John L. Davis is choiristcr.
Department superintendents arc:
W. C. Allen, adult; Mrs. II. W. Bau
com, intermediate; Evelyn. Un
derwood, junior; Miss Anna Dee ktrk
patrick, primary; Mrs. J. R. Morgan,
beginners and Mrs. . H. Burgin,
rad'e roll.
Mrs; W. T. Crawford is superinten
dent of the home department..
Edward Cathey, 54,
To Be Buried Today
Funeral services will be conducted
this morning at 11 o'clock from the
Methodist Episcopal Church, South,
of Clyde, for Edward Cathey, 54, who
died at '1 :4i on Tuesday afteroonn at
his home near Clyde. Rev. M. E. Left
wich, pastor of the church, assisted by
Rev. R. P. McCracken, will ofliciate.
The Masonic Lodge of Clyde will have
charge 'of the service at the grave,
and interment will be in the old
Clyde cemetery. - : .
Pallbearers will be members of the
Masonic Lodge of Clyde.
Mr. Cathey was a native of Hay
wood county and was the son of the
late William Kerr and Mary Anne
Edwards Cathey.
Surviving are his widow, Mrs. Eliz
abeth Rogers Cathey, and four sons;
Walter Cathey, of Canton, and Harry,
Glenn' and Mark Cathey of Clyde. 1
The: schools of the township
begin their Christmas holidays
day, and will have untn -vionuay
uary Gth, it was announced
this week.
Mr. and . Mrs. Dewey Stovall had
as'their guests over the week-end the
latter mother and sister,, Mrs. P. W.
Tucker and Miss Janie Tucker, of
Girl Asleep for Three Months
Medical .H-iuico h;i- In n i..''.. ,
of Lyncliburg. i:n ::- hern a-l
t.ttack of infantile ':'.r;.lyM-, a coma
of Chicago's i'r? in an!
Mountaineer To
Be Published On
Sunday Morning
Every ttlort. is being made to
publish this paper on Saturday
night, in ' order that the readers
may. have it early Sunday moiri
ing. This was the policy followed
last year and met with the hearty
approval of the readers.
All new.s and advertisements
should be in the office not later'
than ten o'clock Saturday morn
ing. 1 he: paper will again feature
Christinas greetings Irom the
various tirms in the community,
and also contain a special section
about the opening of the new
-0frr Pirk T!h a u
Whereas, the President of the Unit
ed Mates, ha called on the people
to unite in a . national effort to cut
down the. rising tide of.
desti uction on the streets
ways of the .nation ;
hereas, the Governor
Carolina has pledged thi
lion uf this state : in ih
leath and
and high
ot Noi l h
Whereas, the Law.' Enforcing Offi
eel's of '. North Carolina, have inaugU'
rated through The ..Institute of Gov
eminent a systeiiiatic anil continuous
program of Accident Prevention and
Motor Vehicle . ' Law Enforcement
thiough the distribution of 000,000
copies of "Guides to Highway Safety,"
Now, therefore. I, J. II. Way, Mayor
of Waynesvllle, call upon all high
school authorities, all local officials
anil employees, all citizens' organiza
tions ami autunnimie drivers, ana uie
heads of all business enterprises, to
procure and study "Guides to Highway
Safety", without delay, and. to devote
the first; meetings of their respective
Organizations in January, !;! to, a
program, of accident prcyentioh iind
motor vehicle law enforcement as the
starting point ol a larger program
of crime prevention
and criminal law
Tennessee People
Buy American Cafe
Announcement is being made in
this week's paper of the change of
ownership of the American Cafe, one
of the oldest cafes in town. ,
The new owners, and managers, are
Mis Ida Welch, of Etowah, Tenn.,
formerly manager of a cafe in Clin
ton, and J. R. Richardson, of Knox
villc, formerly in the real estate bus
iness. The owners have taken charge of
the cafe and announce that the policy
of "delicious home-cooked food" would
be retained bv the cafe. No imme
diate plans for . making any. changes
were announced.
The afe is located on Main street,
across the street from the First Na
tional Bank.
J A Turpm was former owner of
the business.
Cojntv Ac-enit. W. D. Smith, and his
assistant, R. H. (rouse and S. R.
Mitchiner, are m Raleigh this week
attendmc the State Conferen-e for Agents.
" c
b the case
of Lucille Hartleys. 13.
i p tor three months since an
which promises to rival that
". Patricia Maguire.
Laboratory Is
Opened Here By
Special Funds
Through a .special appropriation of
the United States Public Health Ser
vice, giving to the health unit, of
which Haywood county is a part the
stun ol .VJ..i0(l ironi .November 1, P.l.'tf)
tn Janiiaiy ,11,, it is again possi
ble to have-the laboratory in connec
tion with the .office,- whi.h has been
closed for several months, open for
This '.financial assistance to the
health work at this time will mime it
possible to carry on certain work tem
porarily ilisioniinueO, until money
may be obtained from the Social Secu
rity Act. Miss Elizabeth Kitchen has
returned and is- again in charge ol
the laboratory, and Miss Hurte Oli
ver, the Iormer pulihc health nurse in
the county, has been called back to
The ic-opcning ot the laboratory
has brought lorth much lavorable
comment lroni the medical profession
a.s the doctors had greatly appre
ciated the convenience and expediency
of a local laboratory against thp form,
er neiessity of obtaining such service
from the laboratory of the public
health department ur Raleigh,
Paul Underwood
Buried On Dec. 5
Funeral services were held Thurs
day, December ,'S, at two o'clock at the
Rat-cliff Cove .Methodist church "for
Paul .Samuel Underwood, young son
of : Mi-, and M r.s. Rufu.s Underwood,
who passed away on Dec. 4, folluwing
an illness of several weeks. ..
Services were conducted by K- . II.
1). Jcssiip. ,
Paul Samuel wa.s the youngest miii
of M r. a nd .M i s. Undei'Wdod. . He, was
born .March 1!, I'.IL':;. He. is survived
by his iiarents, two. sisters, Sai-.a" ,and
.Margaret and two brothers. Hugh and
Interment, was in the Ratchir
cemetery. Tlu flower . girls'
members of his class at school.
pallbeareis were: Ben Smith,
underwood. Lrnosi Mc( racken.
Lnderwood. (ail Jones . anil Hilliar
Rotarians To Move
To Baptist Jan. 1
Beginning the first of the year, the
local Rotary ( lub will meet in the
new Sunday School annex ot the t irst
Baptist church instead of the Mcth
odist where they have been meeting
for the oast several years.
Tentative plans are to alternate
between the two places annually.
The ladies of the Methodist church
have extended an invitation to the
club and all former members of the
clun to be tneir guests on Friday,
December 27. Plans are to make this
a big meeting.
Mr. Freddie Crawford arrived Sun
day from Chicago, where he has spent
the past several month.s playing pro
fessional football with the Chicago
Bears. Mr. Crawford will spend the
Christmas holidays here with his
mother, Mrs. W. T. Crawford.
Most accidents happen when some
one does not care enough..
. An empty
caused manv
train of
a wreck.
thought has
Local Woman Finds
mat uut-Ut -Town
rnces Are iiigner
Survey Shows That 95 Per Cent
Of Merchandise Used In
Community Available
One of the chief topics of conversa
lon the-.e days in thi.s community is
trading at home." Business men are
talking it, the sthool children are talk
ing it, and the women are discussing
it. In fact, its in tlv air.
For the past six weeks the Chamber
of Commerce has run a series of ad
vertisement. on "trading at home, '
and have also staged programs at the
high school for thiee win-ks, with 1..
M. Rkheson, V. ;. Byers r.nd V. C.
Russ making the addresses.
A number of people have mentioned
the fai. that they are spending
"exclusively" at home thi.s year, in-
Meau oi going to other towns,
using the mail order house
ouying i rum pvitdiers.
line Haywood county woman last
week visited a local merchant after
having spent a day ou: of town, and
found that the nationally advertise,!
brand of underwear she paid Ti' cents
no in a nearby city was being utV
Jil ayiicsvil,,. tor f.N cents
same goods, same .sii'.es, and the
merchandise was shipped from
mill just a few weeks ago.
I he Woman expressed
iM'ing sick of the trip." And
oni j hant asked, " Why shouldn't
oe? She iiaid L'l cents more foi
garment, ami the sad part is
bought ten, and then had to asi
to excliange two pa l r.s for her."
A thorough check on the merchan
dise offered in this community showed
iliat ;, per cent ot tin' merchandise
used ill the homes of the community
can be bought right here in the com
munity, and often at a much lower
price i ban elsewhere- as was the Un
derwear instance.
Confederate Vet
erans And Widows
Receive Pensions
Ranks Are (irowinp Thin, Onlv
13. Veterans Left In Count v.
II I). C. Served Lunch.
i 9
On Monday the ( onlederate Veter
ans and widows of veterans received
their semi-annual pension from W
(.. Hyeis, clerk of the court, in his
ofh.e at tile court house- Vcrv lew
oi mem came in person, tli
oeing represented bv some
the family.
r nun the
ranks of
tlie veterans two
from the list of
t settlement was
cweri'd the : final
names were mi.ssed
last June when the la
in :de; and have all
i 'oil call since . the'ii,-
-- West and
I'hi'i'o were niiss
of the willows -
laiiies M. Stanley."
ing from the nanie
Mrs, Margaret
Owen, and Mr
Sha if),
Mrs. I.
aiso have -passed away.
1 hose who were able to come were
given a cordial welcome in the clerk's
office, and treated with every Con
sideration by Mr. Byers. After hand
ing thenv their checks he passed them
over to a committee from the Haywood
Chapter of the Daughters of the Con
federacy compo.sed. of ' Mrs. John M.
Queen, .Mrs. Leon Killian, and Mr-.
W. L. Kirkpatrick, who .served them a
lunch ami presented each a gift and
some fruit. .
. Knjoying ;ihe. dVliiictjon of -being
the ohlesL Veteran in the county is
J. W. Caldwell, age 1)7. and the oldest
1 widow
K Mrs Ra hid M tssi, I t w is.
.igi ')! - stt, ol Mi 1 i bo MasM
father of the late I. . Massie
I he veterans leceiving checks now
number onlv thirteen and are: J. A
Collins, J. W. Cal.lwidl, Alden Howell
who now makes his home in Los An.
gtks. (alii L Mas i. I) I ii
Matthis, J. H. Paxton. V. 11. Rath
bone. James L. Swayngim, Mcrntt
Irantham, R. T. Underwood, of Ashe
ville. J. M. Wood. J. B. Wvatt. and W
'A Yarborough
The widows who are classed accord
ing to age in two grouos, class A re
ceivmg annually $.100. and class B
receiving $100, are as follows: Mrs.
M. L. Birchfield, Mrs. Lucinda Hratb
shaw, Mrs. Jlarthanev Cnbe. Mrs. Cor
delia Clark, Mrs. Rachel Clark, Mrs.
Laura Curtis, .Mrs. Sarah I'crguson.
Mrs. W. R. Ferguson. Mrs. M. C. Hog
len. Mr.'. Martha Ann Hovle, Mrs.
L. Y. Jolly, Mrs. Hassie Killian. Mrs.
Rachel M. Lewis. Mrs. Jane Robinson.
Mrs. Jessie Rogers, Mrs. Ixiuisa
SV'ott, Mrs. M. A. Thompson. Mrs. N.
Jane Town.send. Mrs. Sail v Trull, anil
Mrs. Martha White.
A meeting of the Townsend
Age Pension advocates is called
Saturday 21st at 2 o'clock. Mr. W
Lowe will address the meeting.
subject to be, "Seek Ye the Truth.
W. A. Bradley Buys
I J. M. Long s Part
Of Merchandise
Mr. Long Also Makes Three Sale
Of Real Estate. Will De
vote Time To Course
And Farming
During the week J. M. Long has
sold to hi.s partner, V. A. Ilradley, his
half inteies. in Long's Store in Ha
zelwood on the Balsam Road. About
a year ago Mr. Long took Mr. Bradley
in as a partner, selling him at that
time a half interest in the business.
The last transaction of this week
makes Mr. Bradley the sole owner of
the store.
I'wcnty-i igln years ago Mr. and Mrs.
Long moved here from Jackson county,
wheic the former was engaged in the
iumber business, having at one time
been employed in the woods depart,
ment of the Champion Fibre Company.
They bought the .site of the store,
their resilience and other property in
the neighborhood and established the
siu cesst ul business that has grown
fioni a small place to the present
large department store.
During his residence here Mr. Long
has had extensive lumber interest!..
,.,1 ue'iiing irom time to : ime in the man
I ufaclure of wood products and lumber.
,,.ai ' Hi' ha.s been om of the largest and
lICCcssI ul
as been I
i s in real estate,
eais i. ue ol the
of . this section.
Ii ive been prom
: only with the
this section, but
pari in the re-
and Ik
i in I .Mrs. 1
! iiicntly
act ivit it
have taken a I
ligious, social and civi allairs ol the
communit v. Mr. Long lias always
been one of th.' leaders in any pro
gressive movement for the develop
ment, ul this section. Mrs. Long has
I o: il active in the work of the Daugh
ters ot the American Revolution and
is a former president ot the Communi
ty Club.
J lie past year Mr. Long has built
the avnesvillc ( otintry t tub house,
on the edge ot the goll ionise of which
he is the owner. He plans to devote
his time to the operation ot the goll
course, ti uh house, and his various
farming interests which are located in
Haywood and several other western
Other transfers ot property made
bv Mr. Long during the week are as
follow.s: I he sale ill a !! adjoining
the goll course to Aaron I'revost; a
house and lot: on Allen's ( reck pur
chased by Mrs. Luther Allen, and an
other house and lot m Vinegar Valley
sold to Charles M.-.Manus.
Fred L. Safford Is
Named Head Of
Local Duke Alumni
Fred I.. . Sall'onl,
Fines 'reek high '
piTsidi n of t he
principal of the
.hool. was elected
Haywood county
it Duke Universi-
aluniiii association
ty at the Duke 'Day baniiuet here by
the association in the LeFaine Hotel
here Wednesday night.
VY. Thomas Reeves, of Wayncsyille,
was elected secretarv t. .lie associa
tion and .Mrs. DeBrada Liner, of Way
nesville, .was chosen counselor.
The nomination committee was Von
IHised ol C. L. VVeatherbv, Dr. I nomas
Stringtieid, and V. Thomas Reeves. ,
Twenty-live . men and women, all
f(, ririer Mudcnts of Duke Lnivei'.sity,
attended 'hi-baniiuet which was pre- ;
sided over by Frank ..Ferguson, Jr., of
Waynesville.. ..Mui-u: was furnished by
the Stentz iUai;e: of Lake. Junaluska.
accompanied on the piano bv Mrs. J.
Dale Sentz.
Hersche! .'.Caldwell:, head" coach of.
freshnien football, .basket-ball, . nd
baseball ;it the university, was the
guest ot honor and principal speaker.
Mr. Caldwell described the growth of
the university and told ot the work
now being done there,;. The student
body, he. said, represents . 40 states-,
and the faculty members, number 300.
He spoke at some length on the ath
letics program at Duke, stating that
football is only one of 11 kinds
sports being emphasized.
Miss Webster, And
Miss Wilburn Win
In Essav Contest
Miss Mu r
Webster won first
place in the essav
contest lor the ad-
units, which was
taged by the Cham
I he prize oing live
ber of ( ommorcc.
Miss Stacy Wilburn won the five dol
lar prize for the best high school essav-
Both es.sav.s appear on the back
paee of this section ot the paper.
1 he essat contest was part of the
"Trade at Home Campaign'' staged
bv the ( hamoer of Commerce,
There a Sock Supper given
by tho P. T. A. of Rock Hill school
Friday night, December 20, at 7:30
o'clock. Everyone is cordially invited.

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