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-r- : ' lii - i .nmv. ci iiH v uurM 1 1
oca Girfe Win The Cullowhee Tournament
Fines Creek Had
34-Inches Of Snow,
And Drifts As Deep
As Ten Feet
112 Children On Bus Forced To
Spend Four Days With Citi
zens In Community
Digging Out Of Drifts
Covered with a S4-hioh blanket of
oioiv. and without contact with the
outride world for three days, was the
plight of the bines Greek community
last Wednesday. itiursday, and Fri
day, following' Tuesday's snow storm
Late Friday afternoon Coman
Francis, man carrier, of Clyde Route
.Onf, pot into the community by horse
back, and at 11:30 o'clock Saturday
the first car was able to Ret through
the highway.
At Saturday noon, 81 convicts were
incased in dippinp away a 10-foot
nnow drift in the Kush fork Oap on
IIiL'hwav zmi, accormnp to Miss Mil
dfi'd Kooiman, teacher in the Fines
Oeek schools, who was a passenger
in the first car pettinp through.
The deep drift "was near the home
of (Jradv Walker.
Fred L. Safford, superintendent of
the Fines Creek school, measured the
snow to he 34 inches deep in several
places where drifts were not piled
from four to ten feet deep.
Telephone communication was in
terrupted by the storm on Tuesday
and Was still down Saturday.
Thirty-two children from the White
Oak section, were compelled1 to re
mam in the Fines Creek community,
after the bus stalled in a deep snow
drift. 1 he children remained in the
homes of Fines Creek citizens until
Saturday, as the road from White
Oak to Fines Creek remained blocked
Most of the children forced to spend
the three days away from home were
from the first and second grades. The
trroup was divided up and about six
remained in each home. An average
of till make the trip in the bus, but
on luesday the attendance had d'ropp'
to ;.L'.
The Fines Creek school remained
closed during the entire month of
rrliruary, and plans were made to
teach on Saturdays in order to make
up lost time. With the closing last
weeK. it is expected the closing date
wm tie about the tenth of May.
An epidemic of measles, mumns and
flu fias cut down the attendance of
many of the high: school students. The
epidemic caused the basketball teams
to drop out of the Cullowhee tourna
An interesting incident coming from
luesday s storm is that of Dr. R. L,
Walker, who made a call on Wilk
ms ( reek, and was snow-bound. He
reached his home about 18 miles
away, about .Saturday at noon, ac
cording to the reports getting here.
His car was abandoned, and horses
were used for the remainder of the
Horses and mules in the comma
1't.y.were at a premium for travel all
during the week-end
Keliable reports coming from all
sections of the county show that
rines ..Creek had1 the deepest drifts
anil trie heavipst . snow-fall
News coming from Fines Creek
e.-terday was that school work was
rfr-.imicil on Monday morning.
Keal Estate
( A tteoordort to Monday Noon
of lliis Week).
.. Beaverdam Township
. w, Cogburn, et ux. to L J. Tat-
ilon, ...
KoWnson to B. Wise,
)V )se to H. a Mills.
il- ' Mills to J. L. Westmoreland.
f'Kvto TV,.-r.,u;
. z- V. Ferguson, et ux, to Hershel
Annie and Addie Rhodarmer to II. J.
T. . w
tT 1 J?0rK lownship
T if 'Priy to James Heatherly.
(xipourn to J. L. Tatham.
Ero,rnaS M Coffburn to Yendell O.
Mrs. A v.! McGee to C. S. Peebles.
p "aynesviUe Township
"-Jtrpuson to Newton Caddy,
w U borrow to Carroll Morrow.
i; '' Mitchell to Wnlto PoaH
for " Stamey. tr, to Taylor Med-
t.fei'rtfrage Bond Corp. Tr.
f irst More Relt "
J w.
Elephant Emblem
Belongs To G.0 P.
Jor teT' N" Y Whether of Af ri
elephant can origin. an elephant is an
3is C. "Pr?me Court Justice Wil
A Ulette has ruled.
Uon of r) "n Pomcai organiza
t0 find moatwu,ociin' hav
i-ant,. but Justine :
sha-""?'- Elephants of all sizes.
Pron"a "aturewere politicaly the
Win Cullowhee Tournament
l:Kt wei
lllfi Ihe
Dt-S his0 tn" ahiivc wi re quite rommoa in llayuxiod County
'k, when highway forces-were rt-quiivd 1-0 work ditvs in olear
"U(,h f'lnlts. some of whu-h juloii l.-ji to tiflta-n feet liiltJU
Wnston-Salem. Vinrii a v;it,
local chairiniin, .said headquarters of
the "committee for McDonald pro
gram" here had loen
lists of Dr. Ralnh W. Mr-nonnl-r, .i.n.
porters in ti va&Sor governor seized.
Two Electrocuted
Friday In Raleigh
A lf-ymjiT-old wiiite bov fnim'Gas
tonin, nnd u negro from liridsville,
ftcre el'trocutel nt State Prison, in
Kaleigh, last Friftiy. The -w'nite boy
pays with his life for taking the liveis
of two jnen in -GnKtoniu. Tne nogm
1 Utf
l nil
I" t
For the second time in two weeks, t ho local tvaski'I liall team of Ihe liili
M-l-iool brought home a touniJimeiit trophy. Week before last (hey won the
lllue Ri.Im! Tournament, ami l;usf Sat.urdav nljht wnn out over Hethel In an
eMia period contest to win lite Cullowhee match. Heailin from left to
vinhl. Mattic Mae Messer, lkr.e V Inkier, l.onlse Kaines. Jo Ann Phillips,
Uuh. Hurress, I let soy -Milliner, Captain Sarah Welch, Clara Wyutt. Helen
Houei.N. and Kvelyn Jones, a member ol the team was absent when Ho
''holograph was made. . I'hoto 15y lloim-r Havis
was put to death for an assnuVi tn a
ivhite school teacher.
Italy is said to be trying to blend
; ,i u,j u iiwim ir.r.M mat a slot maenine i not a lotiery
forces. We have tried tht nvir bore Th.,i i,i.i,r, l,.,-.. i..m.,i ..!,( .i;n
- - - - ' ' l J tW, I jf 111 J V U U .1 IV , lllt.L 11 H V
Latest news from the Orient would
seem to indicate that the .lap bull is
in the china shop again.
A high court in Florida lias ruled
mat a slot machine it not u lottery
cm.i '
OAv . . V ' ,c.l- .-.C 1 3
v-x,e -i 3
Vo- . t:- v - " v
v . v,e cO'v
( ft! i
Captain Sarah Welch
Outstanding Player.
Was Hard Contest
(iame Went To Extra Period
With liethd In rial (Jamo.
IJoth Teams (JimxI
Hy Tom He ves,
('ouch Carleton VVeathcrby's .Moun
taineer sixtet, playing ,m top of their
tranie, won die annual Western Caro
lina Teachers College tournament hel
at Cullowhee Thursday, Friday, and
Hal unlay of last week.
The winners of the annual lilue
Hidire Conference tunnin mi-nt ,m,l
runners-up for the county champion
ship, displayed a splendid brand o
basketlmll to repulse their old time
rival ly defeating Hetlnvl 1 1 ih School
m the linal Kanie by the score of li7-2ii
The outstanding tournament
Western North (Carolina, under tin
direction of Couch Charlie I'oindexter
wiiti played Ix'fore one ol iAw lare;es
crowils to witness panics in this sec
t ion of the slate.
The Wayncsville anl Bethel pirls
as well as the Cherokee and Edney
ville Iniys, won their way into tin
ii rials by defeating some o the bes
bitrh school oullils produced in West
ci'ii North Carolina-, and the lival tfii'l
won ihe trophy by downing one of tin
smoothest ni.'K'hiiies to ever iilav oi
a hi.rli school hnskctlKill court.
To ojion the scoring, Stanley, a (jrreut,
athlete, .slipped in a Held jroal, and
then another before Welch, oulsliind
iti player of the totirnanK'nt, jrot a
free throw for the Mountaineers.
Hotliel pot two more points to make
the score the preatest marpin dur
inp the enti.i'e pa me.- W lh addi-d a
lii'ld pool; Harprove of Ik'thel pot
two points from the court, and soon
afterwards Hurress, tall Mountaineer
center, pot an overhead shot. Welch
made pood two free throws. The
quarter soon ended with ' Captain
Welch nassinir to Roireru -from the
Soon after the second quarter start
ed, with Bethel leadinp 8-7, Burres.s
tied the s'-ore with a free shot, Har
prove then made twi. points over
.Jones' shoulder. Stanley pot a lielil
LVOnl hilt W.'ls :i)lll rllllHimr ,nil
IJopers of Waynesville made a
.effort pood. Al, this, sLaw of
pame the passmp of the Mountaineers
ivocaine erratic- M.amey pot, a beau
tiful held poal and Welch equaled thi
i or i ne locals. A tectinwal was
on Slaniev and Welch -continued
make all yif t shots po throu-ph the
hoop. Bethel's forward were com
pletely doiniiiatinp the play a.s they
continued -to do throuphoufc the entire
panic, oassinp the ball with rhythmic
precision. The half ended with riiil
li)s passinp from the lower court to
It-urress of VVa vnesville. The scores;
Bethel still- Iciidinu- M-l,'(
As the half olieiicd Welch missed
an easy shot. Soon afterwards liar
prove of Bethel look a beautiful shot
lor two nointf.-. Kopers and Wel
each missed a foul for Waynesvill
but W(ich made a field poal.' Hcnsn
added two points for Bethel.
pot. a free throw as Stamey reach
oyer the line to foul Roper's. Waynes
v!lh'- continued In miss wiv ch.ds
Milner fou-led Stamey but sh- mi
ooiri au.empis. Hero the quarter end
ed with the score lH.M m . Bethel's
favor and with their puards. in pos
session (it t he .
he. filial quarter.-found ITn
.".mi -Ht-nwin- pcthnp points to match
inose oi wor n arid Koirers Wuvno
id h
If It Is For Sale, It Will Pay to Advertise in
yillo called time out with Bethel 'lead-
-mp and three minute-' left
play. As play was resumed WaVrre
ville tied the score-when Burres.s shot
after receivinp an excellent, pass from
Phillips. Welch pot one of. two and
the ; Mountaineers took the- lead at
2.'!-22. . Stamey pot a field poal and
Welch tied the score, by taktnp one of
two pift offers, and the repular pame
ended at 211. -
After a -five minute nisi rwvrl.l
W!k resumed for three minutes. Cap
tain W'eleh made a free throw pood,
and .sent her most beautiful shot of
the pame archinp throuph the rim
from the center of the court. Bethel
called time out,. Harprove pot a field
poal and soon the pame ended with
the Mountaineers in possession of the
hall, the tournament tropby, and the
first victorv over Bethel ll'io-1, tv,
Cullowhee tournament in seven years.
This play by play account sounds
like the forwards did all the playinp,
but it was the Waynesville g-uards of
Jones, Milner, and Phillips who won
for the Mountaineers.--. Their splendid
playinp held the preatest forward
combination in the tournament to a
medium as time and time apain they
fed the hall to Iiurress to Welch
Waynesville's crack-shootinp forward'
j,ioc-uis ana summary or 'Waynes-'-ville's
play in the tournament:
Mills River (20) Waynesville (29)
P,a"ln,? ? Welch 10
ivici,au t. Ropers
jA.osuii o Hurres
"r,"am Phillips
Henrien t
... .rones
McKinney Milner
- Wyatt
Waynesville (52)
Welch 18
Ropers 9
Durrees 21
Messer 2
Weaverville (13)
McCurry 5
-Penland 8
" oi tne (jr. O. P.
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