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Published In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
faood Fair
Is Dissolved
,r(ftors Decide To Suspend
Organization, And No Fair
Will Be Held This FaU
At i mfftinjr held here on Saturday
i ie board of directors of the Hay
ti Fair association, it was decided
discontinue the fair, which has
'ht!d annually for the past three
U until the county board of com
pilers feel they can offer some
i.sance in securing permanent fair
. ads.
T.L'Green, president, said: "Since
i sir is a county wide event, and
c ft.nfined to any one locality, the
Ktcrs of the fair association feel
i: it should be backed by the county
W commissioners, and that a
katent site should be secured for
purpose.'1 '
Kfer much discussion the directors
d that the cost of securing a
:Ai temporary site this year, was
Jitivt, and until permanent ar
.tmtnt.s could be made it was best
aeontimie the fair.
ft'. D. Smith, secretary and treas-
r: of the fail' association, was in
:tteJ to pay up all bills of the as
,stkE, and since the movement was
pally sponsored by the American
con, to turn over the amount left
rail indebtedness was cleared up
:tat organization, to be paid on
Legion home.
ptile Mr. Green regretted the ac-
r. taken by the directors on Sat-
-y, k felt that under existing eir- was the wiser course to
r at this time. He hopes that the
"v will eventually see its way
to get behind the fair and make
permanent event.
:e board of directors of the fair
nation serving the group for the
: rear were: T. L. Green, presi
' -5. D. Smith, secretary and
iirer, J. Harden Howell, Tom Lee,
k.v Massie, Medford Leathorwood
A. Bradley. :
Local Stores Are
Urged To Close For
Labor Day Program
Resolutions Adopted Regarding
Planning Commission And
Advertising Schemes
The merchants committee of the
Chamber of Commerce, in special ses
sion Tuesday night, went on record
asking that all merchants close all
day, Monday, September 6th, for the
observance of Labor Day.
The committee is composed of Lester
Burgin, chairman, Chas. E. Ray, Jr.,
W. H. Massie, E. J. Hyatt, E. C.
Moody, W. H. Chandler, W. J. Ray, W.
A. Bradley, with L. N. Davis and J.
Dale Stentz representing the Cham
ber of Commerce in official capacities.
The group also endorsed the move
recently made by the town board in
providing for a city planning com
mission to study the needs of the town
in the streets, building Jines, parks
and residential restrictions. The com
mittee was unanimous in the opinion
that planning for the future must be
made immediately.
The committee adopted a resolution
urging all merchants to co-operate in
the matter of advertising solicitors.
"Refer all schemes to the 'merchant's
committee for a written approval be
fore signing or buying any of the
many advertising ideas that are be
ing constantly presented," the group
Other matters discussed dealt with
subjects that are being worked out
with town officials and attorneys.
Senator Bailey Is Being Pushed
As 1940 Presidential Nominee
l ...lulu 1,11 ,,., m,vvlnim ,.. i,
i -
Senator Josiah V. Bailey, of North
Carolina, was definitely planed in the
race for President in 1!40 by Sena
tor W. H. King, Democrat, of Utah,
last week. Senator King is serving
his third term in the Senate.
Senator King is a ranking Demo
crat on the Senate judiciary commit
tee ami opponent of the President's
court bill, as is Bailey, which Mr.
Roosevelt now says must remain an
issue. The Utah Senator took up tht
challenge thrown down by the chief
Shortage Of Domestic
Help Noted In Town
beral Ferguson
escribes Work Of
fiver Flood Control
fadier General Harley B. Fer
1 told Rotarians and visitors last
ir. brief, of the work now in
"ess to check the Mississippi
irom overflowing each spring
crops on thousands of
North Carolina State Employment
service, office 114 N. Main street,
across from the court house, is having
calls daily for experienced or com
petent housekeepers. These places
pay from $3.00 to $0.00 per week,
including room and board and are in
local homes in Haywood county.
Both white and colored girls and
women available for this type of
work are urged to register at the em
ployment service. Health certificates
are required. The service is render
ed free of charge by the district
health office in the court house.
D. M. Rea Assumes Charge
Of Charlotte WPA Office
M who live in the highlands are
d by the OVerflnui if tho Missis.
t" Realise when crops are ruined,
rwa prices soar, you pay for
femage by not getting the cot-
-avinj. t0 Iiay nlorJ for Cotton
;-. ne said. ' .
' Pan of the Flood Control
1, of, which General Ferguson is
is working on the theory
;;g off some of the bends in the
I' r'd Ktting more fall over a
" stance. In that wav the
'finds its
way to the Gulf quicker
Ftaut overflowinir the banks.
P" 5PProximat.i
H Jollars has been set aside for
Jlri of floods on the Mississip
. date something like fortv
K; have een spent, and a total
Ie in fall k , v,
6 CUtS throno-K f
,5? bends in the river. '
:h.7,(!s 'f last winter gave a
rih -T :tt'ork a"d as the lower
- PPi did not overflow, we are
e are irfaHnallu '
: ..' tnat has been snrh o oraw
L,c,tlzhs along the river for
tsmen. . . .
Page of The Moun-
will interest you. . .
up with it every
,ek- .different. . .true
taS. ' .Woi
D. M. Rea, former district engineer of
the WPA in Charlottee, was recently
named to assume full charge of the
office, as district director.
Mr, Rea is the son-in-law of Mr.
T. L. Bramlett, and often visits in
Post Office Shows
Nearly '13? Gain
Over Last - Year
Street Dance To
Be Held Friday
The third cf a seiies of 'stive;
dances will be held Friday night on
Chuirh street, it was announced yes
terday. Much pivparation has been
nniilo to take care of a large crowd.
Plenty of lights, music and fun, is
promised to. triose who at! rid by the
elitei taininent c ''tnniit ' ee of the t'hum
ber (.f ( 'oinnu'ice.
Increased Enroll
ment Recorded In
District Schools
Celebration Chairman
WW I ( tl MI!t Ks
II!.1UUI1 to
v. i l mi t
; v. be
a. -e: t
Photo I
nf l.anor
W stage.! in ihis
ed ves;erd:iv that
-..king, and a pro
iv:::eiu ored a long
in Mi ml i
iv Miorrill s Studio
ni. n
Stores, Schools To
Close Monday For
First Annual Event
Parade, Hall (James, Athletic
Events, Dance, and Water
melon Feast On Program
Official Labor
Dav Program
According to post oflice officials
the receipts for the Waynesville-.
post office for a period beginning
July 1st through August 31st,
there was nearly a thirteen per
cent gain over the same time of
last year.
From August the Ifith to Au
gust 21st, which amounted to five
and a half working days, they
served 4,014 persons at the win
dow, an average of 76.1 persons a
For the same period of last
year they w aited on 2,265 persons,
School Authorities Finding A!
Shortage Of Hooks Asking
For Ixmn Of Some
Bethel Parent-Teacher
Association Holds Meeting
The Bethel parent-Teacher Asso
ciation held a meeting on Monday
night; The following officers were in
stalled for the coming year: President,
Mrs. John Cathey; first vice president;
J. T. Chappel; secretary, Miss Mabel
Clark, and treasurer, R. C. Cannon.
The committees for the coming year
were also appointed at this time by
the president.
The attendance banner, given to the
room having the largest of parents
present for the meeting was won by
the 3rd and 4th grade room, of which
Miss Mabel Clark is teacher,
Judge And Mrs. Smathers
Have Distinguished Guests
Judge and Mrs. Frank Smathers had
as their guests over the week-end
Chief Justice E. H. Ellis and Judge
Armistead Brown, both of Tallahasse,
Fla. Today Col. and Mrs. Robert
Montgomery, prominent citizens of
Miami, will arrive to visit Judge and
Mrs, Smathers.
Mrs. V. C. Nobeck has had as her
guest the past week, Mrs. R. B. Bark
er, of Elizabethton, Tenn.
Mr. and Mrs. James Crisp and son
were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. F.
A. Burgin over the week-end. Mr.
and Mrs. Crisp formerly made their
home in Fender, Ga., but have recent
ly purchased a home in Brevard where
they will reside in the future.
Haywood Farmers
To Meet On Next
Thursday Night
Study Of Proper And Pure Seed
Will Be Discussed By
Farmers of Haywood county have
been invited to meet at the court house
in Waynesville to hear representatives
of the North Carolina Department of
Agriculture and the North Carolina
Improvement Association explain the
benefits of the new State Seed Law.
County Agent R. R. Smithwick has
announced. The meeting will be held
Thursday, September 9th, at 7:30 p. ro.
''The Value of Using Seed of Known
Origin" will be the theme of the
meeting and plans are to show a mo
tion picture illustrating the necessity
of using pure seed. "Similar meet
ings will be held in 39 Counties be
tween now and September 11, and
growers interested in better farming
practices will find these meetings of
vital importance," the county agent
In addition to explaining the new
law and brief talks on the prevention
of seed dumping in North Carolina,
the Services offered the farmers by the
department of agriculture's seed lab
oratory free of charge will be out
lined,. Under the present law, any farmer
may send seed to the department at
Raleigh and obtain correct information
as to purity and germination without
COSt. v-
"The program for the department
of agriculture calls for the elimina
tion of impure seed in North Carolina,
insofar as possible, and the individual
complaints of the seed purchasers and
seed growers will be aired at the meet
ing and the co-operation of all farm
ers will be asked, looking toward the
betterment of agriculture in North
Carolina," D. S. Coltrane, assistant to
Commissioner of Agriculture W. Kerr
Scott, said.
The Waynesville district schools
opened (in Monday .morning, August
the. 30th 'for the lt.:7-.'!H school year,
with an increase in enrollment both in
the high . schools and t ho. elementary
grades, according to a statement 'made
: by M. H. Bowles, supei inteiidt nt.
j The' enrollment for the high school
I was 550 and for the junior high liOO,
which to date represents an increase
of 25 students over the total enroll
ment of both schools last year. How
ever, it is expected that, more-than
'35 .pupils', who for various reasons
have not enrolled during the first few
days, will enter the school at -periods
during the coming year. This is based
on a record made for the past; several
Definite figures have rmt been
given out regarding the enrollment
of the students in the elementary
schools of the diVtrict which include
the following: Central Elementary,
East Waynesville, Hazel Wood, Allen's
Creek, Maggie, Dellwood, Lake Juna
luska, Rock Hill and Saunook, It
has been estimated, however, that
an approximate enrollment of 2,100
had been made in these schools, in
the grades from the first through the
On the opening day there were 17
enrolled in the colored elementary
school. Due to poor attendance of
last year the high school teacher was
dropped and the high school discon
tinued. However an effort is being
made to have the school re-established.-With
reference to some of the books
to be used in the first and through the
seventh grades, Mr. Bowles stated that
the state school commission is plan
ning to adopt a new language and a
new health book for another year, and
because of this fact the state com
mission is not furnishing these books
this year.
Mr. Bowles is asking that any per
son in the community owning copies
of these books, which have been used
in these first, seven grades, donate
them to the district schools. As it
will no doubt be impossible to secure
sufficient Copies to supply each child,
the books will of necessity have to be
used as reference books, with a work
book taking the place of the book in
the language course.
At present there are not enough of
the regular text books on hand to
supply the students, but these are
being sent into the county superin
tendent's office by the state school
commission, and are at once being disr
tributed by the class room teachers,
as they receive them. Children who
have not been supplied with the regu
lar text books, as prescribed by the
authorities for the classes, they will
be as soon as the schools get therft.
For several years the class room
teachers have needed instructional
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The following is tlie ollicial program
for the Labor Day cvlebration, here
next Monday:
,!:1S Parade, led by Spruce Pine
high school bund, -starting at the Ho
tel Cordon. .
10:00 Seini-pi'ofessiolial baseball
game. Manufacturers vs. Brevard
."1:30--Hundred yard dash
iiges 15-21.)
1:35 -100 yard dash, ( boys, age-
2:00 - 50 yard t hi ee-legged raci
for boys.
Hid whistle race f.oi
( lioys,
;lu Cracl
-Shoe -race for boys.
Shoe race for girls.
-Tug o war -A. ('. Lawrence
Co. vs. Unagusta, Hill Billies
2:40 -Lea
the I
vs. Koyle Pilkmgton Co., Krkratt In
dustries VS. ('lit -Sole.
3:0(1- I'as.eball tlirown for distance
3:15 Ufdling pin contest,) mar
ried women (inly.)
3:30 Watermelon steal.
3:45 (Jreased pig race.
3:50 -'-Soft ball game professional
men of .Waynesville and Lake Juna
luska vs. professional men of Hazel
wood; '
5:00 - Exhibition by six colored
5:30 Watermelon cutting (free
8:30 Street dance. Music: Soco
(Jap band and Hazelwood band. Call
ers: Sam Queen, Pug Kuykendall,
Rankin Ferguson and Frank Hattle.
"Loud speaker system by courtesy
of Andy Moody.
Cash prizes will be awarded for all
Cold drinks, sandwiches, hot dogs,
etc., may be bought on grounds.
Farm Property Is
Sold For A Good
Price At Auction
One hundred and twenty-five acres
on the Soco Cap road, owned by Jarvis
Palnier, brought $fi,C92 at auction last
Friday, when sold by Penny Brothers,
famous twin auctioneers.
-The Kenmore Hotel property was
bid in at about $10,000 by a Mr. Pace,
summer resident. Later ,it was learn
ed, that an offer of $11,000 had been
made by out-of-town real estate men
to Mr. Shuford, owner, of Ashevillc.
The auction sale was held pending
confirmation of any bids. It was not i
learned whether Mr. Shuford took the
$11,000 offer or not.
A 25-acre tract on the Balsam road,
opposite Lyle's Service Station, be
longing to W. T. Lee, was sold for
$1,000. Mr. Lyle bought this tract.
The other property advertised to. be
sold at Balsam was not offered be
cause if a down pour of rain at the
sale hour.
A full day of celebrating.
That is the order of the day for
Monday, Septmber sixth, when all of
Waynesville, Hazelwood and Lake
Junaluska, together with citizens from
all over the county, join in for the
first annual Labor Day event in this,
end of the county,
Chairman Bill Chambers and his
committees have been putting in long
hours to get every point worked out
.ind the details have all been cared
for and "with an even break in tho
weather, we'll have a full day of full,'
Mr. Chambers said.
The big day will start with a pa
rade, led by the crack, prize-winning;
5(i piece band from Spruce Pine. The.
band will remain here throughout tho
day. The parade is scheduled to move
at '.1:15 Irom the Hotel Cordon, and
going up Main street to the 'Baptist
church,' then across ..Academy 'street
to llavwood, then mi haywood to
Boyd Avenue and dow ti B.iyd Avenue
and over liroun to the 1 l.i::elw ood ball
park, which will be the .-cone of the."
remainder' of the daylight .events.
A baseball game at ten-o'clock will,
be played between Brevard and tho
Hazelwood .Manul actio ci s, both teams
being members- of the Industrial
League. After the game, a series of
athletic events will be staged until
3:50, when a soft ball game between
professional men of Waynesville and
Lake .lunaluska meet a similar group
from Hazelwood.
The big outing event of tlie day will
begin at 5:30 w hen i!,50O pounds of ice
cold watermelon, or 1,000 to he exact,
will be cut and served to everyone
present at the ball park.
According to the formal program,;,
there will be three hours allowed to
do away with the 0,5(10 pounds of mel
on belore I he street dance gets un
derway on Church street. Two string
bands, the Soco (Jap band and - the
Hazelwood band will play. Callers
will be Sam (jueen, "Bug" Kuykendall,
Kaiikin Ferguson and Frank Hattle.
Through the courtesy of Andy,
a loudspeaker will be installed an-l
there will be ample of light on the
In the athletic events, cash prizes
will be awarded to all winners.
Mr. Chambers stated that WPA haf
cleared the lot of all grass, and water-
lines had been laid for drinking water.
Comfort rooms have also been pro
vided at the scene of the day's t-ctiv-ities.
Boy Scouts and .'Girl Scouts will
take an active part in the parade, and
all will be in uniform. The troops
from Waynesville and Hazelwood will
participate. Workmen from all indus
trial plants in the community are be
ing Airged to take pari; also.
All stores have been urged to close
for the day. Public offices will ob
serve the holiday. ,
The Waynesville district schools will,
close for the day, in order that fami
lies in the district can enjoy the dav.
Those working- with Mr. Chambers
in various capacities, are as follows:
M. H. Bowles, marshal! of the pa
Italph Prevost, financial chairmun.
Publicity committee, Claude Allen,
chairman, C. E. English and J. Dale
Stentz. .
Baseball game, Elmer Shields.
Soft ball game, LeKoy Davis and
Lawrence Davis.
Athletic events, C. E. Weatherby
and Chas. Underwood.
Street dance, Chas. E. Ray, Jr., and
R. L. Prevost.
Cutting and serving watermelons,.
L. N. Davis and selected committee.
Forma! program will be found on
page one under the picture of Mr.
Chambers. .
Property For Count v
Taxes Will lie Sold
W. II. McCracken, tax collector and
tax supervisor of Haywood county,
will sell at the court house door on
Monday morning, the list of delin
quent taxes as have been advertised
for the past three weeks. Today's,
paper is carrying the list, and the
property will be sold on Monday,

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