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    cn 4 YSEPTEMBER 9, 1937
anufacturers Win Labor Day Game
fa See Putnam
Fling Curves That
Baffled Brevard
,var(j Tanners Fail To Score
While Hazelwood Gels 6
Farr After Battle
Pv Gordon Hendricks
v.h Putnam's curve ball was
...,. ;,. n last Mnndav as I
ehvood Manufacturers whip
.Brevard Tanners, 6-0 before
,;,r- Day crowd of 2.500. Put
"jnjted the Tanners to five scat
"singli'f and two of them should
'bwn ta.v outs. At the plate,
Wvatt had a perfect day, snar
rr singles in three appearances
. two innings, the teams played
:es ball, but in the last of the
inninir, Glenn and Andy Wyatt
LBarlcv. starting Brevard Hurler,
the mound by successive singles,
the relief pitcher had the pleas
: swing his first pitch bounce off
tat of Wade Clarke for a double
both Wyatts scoring standing
Clarke promptly stole third
Lee forgot his baseball ethics,
wound up for a pitch, and came
when Blalock laid down a per-
sunt. ciaiock caught L,ee wind-
,p again, and stole second ; when
Brevard catcher threw wild to
din an effort to catch him, Bla-
sc: red. '
r.teath completed the devastation
rousing double, and scored when
ion Wyatt lifted a long fly to
Mm blanked the Tanners stead
icing after inning, while Hazel
worked another tally in the
after Lee had been taken out in
b of. Deal, another Brevard right
!(r,V ..
ting stars of the game were
f Wyatt with 3 for 3, and Roger
'ta'.h with a double and single
be trips to the plate. No Bre-
tatter received as many as two
-'ley, Lee and Deal; Carson, Sul
icd Smith.
para and Clarke. :
M and Pittillo, umpires.
Runs Made In One
Regular Baseball Game
baseball game between the Day-
M Tobias, Neb., teams was as
M marathon for the scores as for
ayers. .
: . ot to 2, Scorers kept
of 118 turns at bat, 53
51 runs and 20 errors. And in
s'n inning when the umpire said,
aie pitch," the Daykin team
nrtook him at his word.
1 i
Tommy Farr
This excellent eloseup of Tommy
Fair was 'aken after his bruising bat
tle with Champion Joe Louis in New
York where the Welsh challenger
staged a courageous fight against the
Brown Bomber, lasting the full raunde
but dropping the decision.
Big-Time Wrestlers Due
To Meet Friday Night
Local Golfers
- i.
Aaron I'revost won the annua Way-nesvii-le
Country Club Go'.f Tourna
ment hi-re last week, defeating 'Rob
ert Hendricks, defending chumioi),
Mrs. Cooke Wins
Golf Tournament
Waynesville's football chances ap
pear better ever day . . ... . the boys
are running plays in mid-Season form,
and the spirit is certainly there . .
but the team is going to be woefully
lacking in reserves.
The center position on the team was
thrown wide open again Tuesday when
Wolf" Mehaffey dropped out of
school, but Taylor, second team center
can fill in or some one can always be
P R. Signs Bills;
Uff On 5-Day Cruise
takintr a
r r? 1VI V 11V11
Park home last week Pres-
Koosevtk signed the sugar
f "on and low-cost housing
tagwith many others. :
'J etting this done, he and his
Wt immediately for a 5-day
'? and fishing cruise.
"i.wng An urn
Fade Sued By Customer
State of Slrrxnr TnAJo a
JtWy ,hat the customer so
"k K 1,h mh'th nushed his cheek
J barber's razor, and thereby
. ..disfiguring' wound.. The
fued, but the court ruled, no
7, as the KsA,.. -i.. i
traditional practice of his
And now, back to the boxing show
last Friday night, the only bout that
interested and amused the fans there
was the scrap between the two little
colored boys, "Joe Louis" and "Jack
Johnson" . . . . the wrestling wasn't
bad, but was much slower than that
of last week.
In the feature bout, Kid Massie had
Tommy Powers backed into the ropes
when Powers landed a hard (?) right
to the chin . . . . Massie ought to make
a nice swimmer . . . he drives beautifully.
The first fiignt the f.rst annual
ladies' golf tournament at the Way
nesville Country Club was won by
Mrs. Cooke, Who defeated Mrs. Mable
(Jill, of Miami, in the finals. 2-1. Mrs.
Cooke received a golf bag of new oval
design, for the first prize.
In the second flight Mrs. Sharkey,
of Miami, won the final round by de
fault from Mrs. Harry Rector." As
her prize, Mrs. Sharkey received o
new ladies wood clubs.
Mrs. Gill won a set of wood club
head covers, and Mrs. Hector box
of Kolf balls.
J. M. Long, course manager, said
the tournament had been a success,
and plans to continue it next year.
Farmer Jerry Burns, Los Angeles,
2o5 pound son of the former heavy
weight wrestling champion of the
world, and who has wrestled with the
present heavy weight, champion, is
slated to meet Tiger Joe Marsh, a 240
pound Cheyenne, Wyoming Indian, in
a wrestling match hen- Friday night.
The match will go to the winner- of
the two best out of three fulls with a
iHI minute time limit. In another
wrestling match Sam Franklin, of
Waynesville, at 1S5 pounds, is sched
uled to meet Jim Wills, of Cherokee,
1S0 pounds.
In the boxing half of the program,
Hobby Uoliliis. Charlotte, is signed to
meet Baby Miller, of (iieenville, both
at 1 45 pounds, Bobby LaMuir lfttt,
Lynchburg is. slated to appeal- with
Stoopy Wilkinson, a 1 .ri4-pouiuioi ,
Bristol scrapper. Two extra ."-round
bouts arc-also scheduled.
In the last Friday night's program.
Tommy Powers, promoter of the
scraps, backs iirto a coiner and landed
right on Kid Massit 's chin, which was
good for the count.
Lester Potent and "Had" Bill Mc
Call again wrestled to a draw.
By far the most interesting scrap
of the program was the tight between
two little negro boys, "Joe Louis" 'and
"Jack Johnson." Jack Jw.hnson won a
three round decision.
First Football
Game Is On 17th
The Waynesville Moun
taineers will meet the strong
Cherokee Indians, on the
field. Friday September 17,
in the first football same
of the season.
Coach C. E. Weatherby
has a 11-game schedule for
the season about complete,
and the future dates will
be announced soon.
All-Star Team To
Play 3-Game Series
With Enka Nine
First Game Will lie Played Sat
urday, And Double Header
Sunday In Asheville
If Promoter Powers can get the
fighters and wrestlers here that he
has signed up for this week, it will be
a fine card.
Changing scenes a bit now, the La
bor Day program was a success from
every viewpoint, except the weather
in the afternoon.
entertain the customer.
Putnam proved beyond a doubt that
that he was master of the situation
Monday; he fanned 5 and allowed only
three hits, although the books show 5.
2:500 people is some crowd to watch
a ball game ... especially in this sec
tion of the country.
N. C. Supreme Court Now
Has Seven Members
W. B. Rodman, of Washington, N.
C, was the first lawyer to appear be
fore the enlarged Supreme Court of
North Carolina when it convened last
week for its first hearings since two
members were added to the five com
posing the court for generations. The
increase in the size of the Court was
made possible by ratification of an
amendment to the State '"Constitution
in the general election. It was the
first time the new justices M. V. P.arn
hil and J. Wallace Winborne actually
sat on the bench.
Industrial league managers are con
ferring today selecting an all-star
team to meet the pennant-winning
Enka. team in a three-game series on
McCormick Field in Asheville.
The first game will be played Sat
urday at 3:30 and a double-header Will
be played Sunday afternoon, beginning
about 2 o clock.
Hrown of Saylcs or Ward of Iivon
will be called, on to pitch Saturday's
game. The remainder of the players
have not been determined.
kyle, manager of the Hrcvard Irani,
has been named to manage the all-star
team for the three games.
According to information "yesterday
from Iirevard, through The Iiansyl
vama limes, there are seven Hazel
wood men in line for a pla'-e on the
all-star team. They are: Clarke, Fish
er, A. Wyatt, G, Wyatt, Drown, Put
nam and Inman.
Final selections of the all-star team
will be completed by tonight, by wan.
agers of teams from Hazelwood Can
ton, Brevard, Tryon, Beacon Sayles
and Green River.,
Son Wat Alio Pert
The author of ''Trie . Ancient Mar
iner,": Samuel Taylor i ric, was
one poet with a son, Hartley, also a
Rood poet. :
Hanes Chairman Of N. C.
Unit Of New York Fair
May I add my word of praise and
appreciation to that already heaped
2) La LQ ffi
Robert M. Haynes, president of the
Wachovia Bank and Trust Company,
has been appointed chairman of the
North Carolina unit of the National
advisory committee of the New York
World's Fair of 1 !!"!'. it has been an
nounced by G rover Whalen, president
of the fair corporation. Mr. Hanes
will serve as "liasion office" between
the New York fair corporation and
the North Carolina unit of TOO prom
inent citizens, formed to represent
the legislative, civic, Commercial and
professional gr '-;p- of the state. ;
Tried At 9, Convicted
At 11, Executed At 2
In Graz, St yi ia, in Austria, one
Johann Fuchs. accused of killing a
woman of who-e child he was the
father, came to trial at !) a. m. in one
of the Austrian emergency courts,
originally established in l.l.'i4 to com
bat political terrorism and pleaded
guilty. He was sentenced at 11 a. m.
and was executed at 2 p. m.
upon Bill Chambers and his co-workers
for their splendid job Monday . . .
and also to Coaches Weatherby and
Ratcliff for the way they handled the
sports events in the afternoon. ;
onAnu lit Htm..
12 ounces
In Price
Ben McCracken
Sales Manager
U. S. Tennis Queen
-rS,ff,uit Allc Marble "r '
Team Is Working
Hard And Running
Fine; Spirit Good
Present Indications Are That
The Team Will He Heavy.
Few Reserves
By Gordon Hendricks
Hopes for another successful foot
ball campaign for the Waynesville
Mountaineers mounted last week, as
I the boys worked out each afternoon
I with increased pep and smoothness.
I Coaches Weatherby and Ratcliff
have been sending the boys through
i blocking and tackling practice, black-
board and signal drills.
It is almost certain that the first
team will be fairly heavy, and in thu
case of the backfiled, fast. The boys
have shown a marked amount of pep
and spirit, and despite the obvious
lack of reserves, appear headed for a
good record.
Wilford Mehaffey, who had been
running at first team center last week
dropped out of school Tuesday, with
out giving any reason but his place
can be tilled by either Taylor, who
has been working on Second string, or
if necessary, one of the other linemen
can be shifted.
Willie Messer, one of last year's re
serve ends, is showing up Well in prac
tice, along with Smith and Saunders,
backfield men. It is too early to pro
diet a starting line-up. but in the line,
Chalin and -Messer ends, Davis and
Handcock tackles, Collins and Mil
ner, guards, and either Taylor, or
whomsoever Weatherby and Ratcliff
decide upon are leading the parade
for starting positions. Pktt, end,
Iloyle Hancock, tackle, and Jimmie
Stringtield are still in the fight, however.
It wai case of putting little
Mme Jacqueline Horner in cor
ner when the Trench tennu ltie
met Alice Marble, defending cham
pion, tn the worn on national ten
nis matches at Forest Hills. L. I.
For Miss Marble, from California,
defeated Mme Horner In short
S. Collecting 70 Cents
For Kach Dollar Spent
The United States Treasury reveal
ed this week that during the first two
months of the new fiscal year that
cents in taxes had been collected
for every dollar spent.
Gan People really appreciate
the Costlier Tobaccos in Camels ?
Bobby Dobbins vs.
Charlotte. S C.. M lh. KOI IK
Baby Miller
(':. Ur. lbs
Bobby LaMarr
r.vnrhhurjr. Va., 150 lh.
vs. Stoopy Wilkerson
6 KOI NIK Krivtol. Va . 1'.4 lb.
Two Extra Three Round Bouts
Jerry Burns
ls'Angele. 235 lh.
vs. Joe Marsh
jtfl Minute Time Limit Cheyenne. Wyo.. 210 lbs.
Jim Wills
Cherokee.' -1S5 lb
Sam Franklin
Waynesville. lbs.
Tommy Powers, Referee
Five Negroes
Admission 25c
Ringside 40c

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