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VILLE (Written for last week.)
The marriage of Miss Dorothy Wat
son, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred
eric B. Watson, of Washington Road,
Asheville, to Mr. Hugh Johnson Sloan,
Jr., son of Mr. Hugh J. Sloan, took
place on Sunday afternoon at two
o'clock at the home of the bride's par
ents. The Rev. Walter B. West, presid
ing elder of the Asheville district of
the Methodist Episcopal Church,
South, pronounced the marriage vows.
Miss Elizabeth Webb, pianist, ren
dered Schubert's "Serenade" and the
wedding march from Wagner's "Lo
hengrin" and accompanied Mrs. Paul
Benton who sang "At Dawning."
The nuptial vows were spoken in the
living room where there was a floral
arrangement of pine boughs, coral
gladioli and standards bearing seven
The bride was given in marriage by
her father. She wore a white gaber
dine suit, with all white accessories,
and her shoulder bouquet was of white
Miss Louise Watson, sister of the
bride, was maid of honor and only at
tendant. She wore a tan gaberdine
suit with aqua marine blouse and
matching accessories.
Mr. Hugh J. Sloan was his son's best
Following the ceremony an infor
mal reception was held. Mrs. Edith
Chambers assisted in receiving, and
those serving were: Miss Mary Chris
tian Vaughn, Miss Thelma Grisby,
Miss Monter Taylor, Miss Dorthy
Cole, and .Miss Caroline Sandlin, of
Old Fort.
The bride attended Westmont Upper
Yoder high school in Johnstown, Pa.,
and was graduated from the Laurin
burg high school, of I.aurinburg. She
has been a student nurse in the James
Walker Memorial Hospital in Wil
mington. Mr. Sloan is the son of Mr. Hugh
J. Sloan and the late Mrs. Linda
Stringfield Sloan. He is a member of
the State Highway Patrol, and the
young couple will reside in Wilming
ton, where the groom is stationed.
About seventy guests including the
following from out of town attended
the welding: Mrs. Emma Dronsfield,
ittnd Mr. and Mrs. Edward de Frohan,
.if Johnstown, Pa., Miss Isabelle Mich
ael, of Qunicy, Mass., Mr. and Mrs.
Ben Sloan, of Sylva, from Waynesville
Mr. Hugh J. Sloan, Mr. and Mrs.
James Atkins, Miss Margaret String-
field, .Mr. and Mrs.. Jack Way, Miss
Alice Stringfield, .Miss Mary String
field, Miss Thoniasine Stringfield, Dr.
Thomas 'Stringfield, Mr. James King
Stringfield, Mrs. Jennie MacFayden,
Miss Louise Edwards, Miss Ethel
Craig, Mr. Robert L. Sloan, Mr. Wil
liam Stringfield, Mr. Sam Stringfield,
Jr., Mr. Ben Atkins, and Mr. Joe Jack
Atkins. '
No More Mothers
Helen Greene
Following protests of other en
tries at selection of Helen Greene
as "Miss Washington, D. C," for
the national beauty pageant at
Atlantic City because she was a
divorced mother, judges ruled
that mothers will be barred from
the contest in the future.
Mrs. Lilie Raymond, of New York
i'ity, who has spent . soniy i.imo here
at the 'Gordon. Hotel and -ho v-: sits
Waynesville two or three tun ?s etch
year, returned on Saturday to her
The annual all day picnic, which is
held by the Woman's Missionary So
ciety of the First Methodist church.
will be with Mrs. James Atkins this
year at her home at Lake Junaluska,
on Tuesday, September the 14ih.
Mrs. II. G. West will be in charge
of the program for the day. All wom
en of the church are invited to at
tend and bring lunch with them.
Mrs. Humes Harte and young
daughter, Allen, have returned from
a visit with Mr. Harte in Cincinnati.
They were 'accompanied home by
young Humes Harte, Jr., who has been
spending sometime', in Cincinnati with
his fatherand grandparents.
The Woman's Club will hold the
first meeting of the current club year
on Thursday afternoon, September the
16th, in the assembly rooms of the
American Legion home. Mrs. Dan
Watkins, president, will preside.
The subject of the afternoon, "Or
igin and Source of Mountain Songs,"
will be presented by Mrs. W. H. Davis,
of Asheville. Hostesses of the meet
ing will be, Mrs. N. M, Medford, Mrs
T. L, Bramlett, Mrs. Homer Henry,
Mrs. R. N. Barber, and Mrs. Hugh
ER (Written for last week.)
Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Wells honored
the latter's niece and nephew, Mr. and
Mrs. Hobert Kirkpatrick, formerly of
Woodstown, N. J., but now of Clyde,
with a miscellaneous shower on Sat
urday evening.
The bride was before her marriage
Miss Edith Williams, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. J. L. Williams, of Woods-
The first pa.t of the evening was
featured by various games after
which the bride opened the many
ovely gifts, with which she was
The guest list included, Mr. and
Mrs. Jarvis Campbell, Miss Louise
Campbell, Mrs. Colbert Crawford,
Miss Geraldine Few, of Greer, S. C,
Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Ferguson, Mr. and
Mrs. Grover Bryson, Mr. and Mrs. L.
O. Ferguson, Mrs. T. L. Green, Mr.
and Mrs. W. T. Ferguson, Mr. and
Mrs. Gordon Kinsland, Mr. Tom Kirk
patrick, Mr. and Mrs. 0. P, Kinsland,
Miss Lucile Davis, Miss Hilda Davis,
Miss Lily Whitehouse.
Miss Letha Jolly, Mrs. Kate Noland,
Miss Ann Ferguson, Mr. and Mrs. C.
F. Ferguson, Mrs. Herman Kinsland,
Mrs, Carrie Burrus, Miss Helen Bur-
rus, Mrs. Laura Duckett, Miss Mil
dred Duckett, Miss Marjorie Duckett,
of Florence, Ala., Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Lee Ferguson, Mr. and Mrs. Weaver
Chambers, Mr. Kerniit Walls, and Mr.
Lenoir Burrus.
Mrs. R. D. Jordan and daughter,
Miss Elizabeth Jordan, of Norfolk,
are the guests of the former's motner.
Mrs. G. C. Briggs.
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(Written for last week.) ,
Of interest to friends here is the
announcement of the marriage of Miss
Clara Vines to Z. L. Massey, which
took place on Thursday, August the
Jl'th, at the home of the bride's fath
er, Mr. J. L. Vines, in Thorsby, Ala.
The Rev. M. I. McLeod, pastor of the
Thorsby 'Baptist church officiated.
The living room where the vows
were taken was arranged in quan
tities of flowers. An improvised altar
was made of ferns and plants, with
an arch of English ivy, entertwined
with white althcas.
Prior to the ceremony Miss Mary
Louise Rinehardt, pianist, and Miss
Cora Conatser, soloist, rendered a
musical program.
Serving as bridesmaids were Miss
Jessie Minis and Mary Car Minis, the
latter a niece of the bride. Miss Jessie
Minis was gowned in navey crepe,
with corsage of sweetpeas, while Mary
Car Minis wore blue lace, with ac
cessories to match and a corsage of
orchids sweetpeas.
The bride was given in marriage
by her brother, Mr. David Vines. She
was lovely in a gown of navy blue
embroidered ehjffon over blue taffeta,
with harmonizing accessories. Her
flowers were sweetpeas and lilies of
the valley.
Mr. Massey had as his best man,
his brother, Mr. George Massey, of
Hendersonville. Groomsmen were
Mr.. Luther Vines, of Montgomery,
brother of the bride and Mr. Alton
Connatser, of Thorsby.
The bride is an accomplished musi
cian and a popular teacher in the
schools of her native county.
A number of out of town relatives
and friends attended the marriage.
Mr. and Mrs. Massey are now at then
home on the Dellwood road.
The Rev. and Mrs. F. C. Fountain,
of Avon Park, owners of Camp Foun
tain for Girls, left during the week
for their home in Florida. They were
accompanied by Mrs. R. H. Perrv, of
Jacksonville, Fla.
Rev. and Mrs. Fountain will return
in the early spring and get the camp
completed. It is located on the Mat-
tie Leatherwood property about one
mile from Lake Junaluska, and will
be opened next year for the first sea
son. Final Construction of the camp
will be undertaken in the early spring.
Of wide interest both in North
Carolina and Virginia society is the
announcement by Mr. and Mrs. Jack
Holtzclaw, of Richmond and aynes-
ville, of the engagement and approach
ing marriage of their daughter. Miss
Adora Holtzclaw to Aaron Prevost,
son of Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. R. L.
The marriage is scheduled to take
place in Waynesville with the plans to
be announced in the near future.
The bride-to-be is widely connect
ed both in this state and others and is
prominent in Richmond society, where
she made her debut. She is the grand
daughter of Dr. and Mrs. B. F.
Sniathers, her mother before her mar
riage being Miss Lyda Smathers.
Miss Holtzclaw was educated at
Pine Manor, Wellsley, at Parson's
New York School of Applied and Fine
Arts, and continued her study in the
Paris branch of the School of Applied
and Fine Arts. She has traveled ex
tensively both in this country and
abroad. She has spent much time
with her mother at the Holtzclaw sum
mer home at Balsam and with her
aunt, Mrs. Adora Smathers Kayne
Mr, Prevost is a graduate of the
University of North Carolina in the
class of 19.'U and is a member of the
Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. Since
his graduation he has been connected
with the Unagusta Manufacturing
Company of Hazelwood, of which his
father is president. He now holds the
position of office manager of the com
The marriage will be an. outstanding
social event of the fall season. ,
The initial meeting of the 1937-38
year of the Haywood chapter of the
United Daughters of the Confederacy
was held on Friday afternoon with
Mrs. Thad Howell at her home on
Jonathan Creek. The rooms were ar
ranged in late summer flowers. Mrs.
W. L. McCracken, president, presided,
During the business session dele
gates t the state convention, which
will 'meet in Wilson in October, were
elected, as follows: Mrs. L. M. Kil
lian and Mrs. James R. Boyd, Jr., and
as alternates, Mrs. C. F. Kirkpatrick
and Mrs. James Harden Howell.
Announcement was made of the win
ners in the scrap book contest made up
of Confederacy material, which was
sponsored among the girls of the ele
mentary schools of the township dur
ing the past year. The winners were,
first prize, Betty Jean Alley, second
prize, Ruth Turner, and third prize,
Ruby Frances Brown.
Owing to the keen interest in the
contest it was decided to have this
made an annual feature of the histor
ical committee, of which Mrs. Frank
Ferguson is chairman.
Mrs. Nobel Garrett, who could not
be present, was scheduled to have the
paper of the afternoon on "The Found
er of the United Daughters of the
Confederacy." In her place Miss Ro
bena Miller made an informal tajk
on the founding and early history of
the organization.
Mr. and Mrs. Hiram McCracken had
as their guests on Sunday, the follow
ing: Miss Collie Garner, of Asheville,
Mrs. Ellie Garner, Mr. and Mrs.
Moody Farmer and sons, of Canton,
Mr. and Mrs. V. P. McCracken, of
Clyde, Mr. Jack McCracken, of New
port News, Va., and Mr. Eugene Mc
Cracken of Smokemont. The occa
sion marked the birthday anniversary
of Mr. McCracken.
(Written for last week.)
. Mr. .and Mrs. Lester L. Bliss an
nounce the marriage of their daugh
ter, Miss Dorothy Mae Bliss, to Dan
J. Casey, Jr., which was sol
emnized on Saturday afternoon at
4 o clock, August thte 28th, at Bliss
House, the home of the bride's par
ents. The ceremony was performed
by Dr. R. S. Truesdale, pastor of the
f irst Methodist church.
Mrs., Austin E. Hayes, of Chicago,
attended her sister as matron of
honor. ' .'.'''
The bride was attired in a blue and
grey tail ensemble and her flowers
were a corsage of lilies and gypso-
pnna. bhe formerly resided in Chi
cago, but has made her home in Way
nesville with her family for the past
year, and is a popular member of the
younger set.
iur.-.tasey is the son of Mr. and
Mrs. Dan J. Casey, of Stoney Brook,
L,ong island. He had Austin E. Hayes,
of Chicago, brother-in-law of the
bride, as best man.
The ceremony was attended by
members of the bride's' family, in
cluding her parents, and Mr. and Mr
Austin Hayes and son, Fred, of Chi
cago, and the following friends: Miss
Drama Lampkin, Miss Dollee Marsh.
W y1 '
miss lorinne W agenfeld and Mrs.
Kenneth Stahl.
Following the ceremony Mr. and
Mrs. Bliss entertained with a dinner
party, afterj which the young couple
left by motor for a wedding trip.
From their trip they will go to Stoney
Brook, Long Island, New York, where
they will reside.
TAIN I). A. R.
Mrs. J. F. Abel, regent of the Dorcaa
Bell Love chapter of the Daughters I
ot tne American Revolution, will be
hostess to the chapter members r.n
the occasion of the first neetinr of
the year, which will be y. ecY.iscuy
the 15th. Mrs. R. P. Walker will have
In a ceremony of dignity and im
pressiveness Miss Geraldine Few,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Few,
of Greer, S. C. was united in mar
riage with Mr. Marshall H. Kirk
patrick, of Clyde, on Saturday at the
home of her uncle, Mr. M. H. Fergu
son, near Clyde. The wedding took
place in the same room in which her
mother and father had been married.
The Rev. A. F. Phibbs, pastor of the
Methodist church, of Crabtree, officiat
ed. The vows were taken before an
improvised altar of ferns and other
greenery. The nuptial music was
rend ered bv Mrs. L. 0. Ferguson, with
the march from Lohengrin as a proces
The bride was given in marriage J
by her uncle, Mr, M. H. rerguson.
Th oroom had as his best man his
brother, Mr. Francis Kirkpatrick, of
The bride wore a royal blue crepe
dress with high fitted collar, and har
monizinsr accessories. Her flowers
were a corsage of deep pink roses.
She wore a large cameo pin encir
cled with peat-Is which had been in
hur fnmilv for manv vears.
Following the wedding a reception !
was held. In the dining room a motii
of pink and white marked all tne ap
pointments. The cent-a- .
room was covpru.i .
Assisting in servi 'tt.8 4 1
aunt. Mm . Wer tr Kl
H. Ferguson, an,. v n'-p!:' Mr.
The bride is a trr.,,i, .""" Fc-"2
tain iew c , :c utV
-.,6u OLT,..,.'
View, S. C. She i. a
of the late Mr. ani ,. '-r'-J
guson, of this r,v ' -ir" I
ular member r,f ,J"
of Greer.
The groom is tv
Mrs. W C. Kirkpatrick.';;;,
Institute and is , ,"'rhi: J
farmers in the count',
The couple left af"rt
for a motor ti'in . ,.
elude a visit with iCh-WZ
upon their return thrv w n
the Kirkpatrick farm ',. ;,;?
On Tuesday Mr. ar.j yr
Bramlett entertaine.i A -b ' '
party. The guests lRl-;uV;
Mrs. Bill Brown and tw,,Jr
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