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i . I i
... ,.,n Missionary Society of
rfjl;. September 13, with
.. at 7:30 o clock.
8. .. . r..u.; ..;-..l.
. 0f the tieien Daju),
One will be hostess and the
Woman's circle will have
'"i ,he nroirram.
L-t'-r "- -
, jjrs Charles Lee, of At
the week-end guests of
' parents. Mr. and Mrs.
'l'rn ,.f.nntrv home on
at incii .
, Mary Love Mitchell,
been the guest of her grand
M Maria Mitchell, for the
I'onth. returned on Monday to
;- ' ' v- ,..f Vows va.
. Anne Aisiea , -
i, the ?uest ot ner aunts,
' . Miae Parn inp
L. StI'lllgncm, v-
and Mrs. Hugn a. wve.
t lee, '
rvrview rc
i...nJttfl Soooner. of New York
who has Been uie Kucbl ui -i.
Sauemnig. returned to her home
i North on Saturday.
jr. Fredrick Love, who is now lo-
J in Aheville, spent me weeh.-euu
. . . u v. t
phis mother, -urs. nugu -i.
Mr. Harry W hisennunt nas an iveu
:penti a month witn nis parents a i
f home -in Hazelwood, after which
iU! return to Seattle, Wash., where
till enter the State University ot
'55 Henrietta Love, who has spent
hacatum with ner moiner nere ten
today for her home in Raleign.
Kr. J. E. hisenhunt, Jr., ot .Ha
noi; leaves this week for Brevard
Lre he will be a student for the
big year at Brevard College.
fes Muy Crawford arrived on
rsday from Camp Red Wing in ,
Adriondaeks, where she has been I
asellor for the past two months, j
left Tuesday for Sumter, S. C,
lie she will resume her work with
litis -high .school of that place.
.a Helen Sisk had as her guest
the past week Miss Betty Joe
cf H.irh Point.
r. and Mrs. R. R. Pittmari and
paters. Betty Joe and Martha Pitt-
L-, of Lumberton, were the guests
the week of the Rev. and Mrs.
Baueom. They were accom-
Lid to town by Mrs.' L, E. Tyner,
of Lumberton, mother of Mrs,
pom, who will make an extended
i'. her '.with her daughter and son-
"5, Joe Liner is spending several
with her sister, Mrs. Ed Maxey,
r home in Asheville;
Fred Corn returned te her
in Johnsnm City, Tenn., on Sun
der spending a week with her
Is. Dr. and. Mrs. W. H. Liner.
s Martha Way and Miss Hilda
t have gone to Greensboro where
ill attend the Greensboro Col
The former will be a member
junior class, while the latter
ter the freshman class. They
accompanied to the college by
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Way.
Mud Mrs. R, H. Stretcher had as
K Wests' during the week the
! mother, Mrs. Lula Uzzell and
i;ster, Mrs. E. C. Stretcher, of
"' Jhn Shackford left during
y for i:ir)kford, S. D., where
o:au tne English department
-: v-ouege ot South Dakota.
accompanied by his sister,
tlia Shackford. whn hp a
st at the college. '
. ..
W(i Mrs. Joe Howell had as
Wests over the week-end the
s sister. Mi TUm n.a;n
L A UJllia lCL V IViiiO,
Hyatt, Mr. James
tT00d' Mr. Victor Nobeck, and
Wwin T ii. . .......
b L.itinerwood lett thi3
wt Mars Hill. will
at the college there this
Mrs. V. C. Xobeck had as
fcs. t ,r lne wek-end, Mr.
V. Smvtho
. 'n, and Mr. W. B. Curtis,
" ienn. ; .. . '
f'd Mrs xr it t . :.'
to t-, n- iutner nave
ianl?" ? where they will visit
i: and Oveido.
ic a 'Z; Abel attended a luncheon
Nertr1"6 on Tuday by Mrs.
ifthVn . revard' district chair
l0e u- A. R. of tho Otfo
fe rZ " ,ana Mr- Paul Camp-
'VeralT tHamilton' 0hio
Parent tys "sit with the lat-
Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Stovall had as
their guests during the past week
the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.
H. Stovall and an aunt, Mrs. Anna
Zimmerman, of Cleveland, Ga., and
Mr. Harold Tucker, brother of Mrs.
Stovall, of Marion.
Mr. and Mrs. Allen McLean, of Fort
Myers Fla., who have been visiting
the latter's parents had as their
guests last week, Mrs. Harry Mont
gomery and Miss Margaret Mickle, of
Fort Myers, Fla. Miss Mickle is the
society editor of the Fort Myers Press.
Mrs. Robert C. Trammell, of Green
ville, S. C, was the guest during the
week of her mother, Mrs. Lee Fisher.
Mr. Fred Crawford, who has been
visiting his mother, Mrs. W. T. Craw
ford, has returned to his work at
Newport News, Va.
Mr. Everett, Camp, graduate of the
North Carolina school for the deaf,
was among those attending the fifth
home-coming reunion which was held
at the school in Morganton for three
days during the past week. Much of
the program was devoted to the mem
ory of Dr. McGoodwin, founder and
so long superintendent. A pilgrim
age was made to the grave of the
beloved benefactor, by those attend
ing. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Massie and young
son, Bobby, left on Sunday for a stay
at Myrtle Beach.
Miss Harte OI
v ' t j-'aiiii. ueaiiii
nurse of Haywood county, has return
ed after spending her vacation with
her family in Winston-Saletti.
Andrew Moore left Monday
a::er tig a week here with Mrs.
M..: ..; X::,-hell. She goes to Wellford,
S. i : r a week's visit after which
return to Waynesville for an
extendi visit.
Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Woodward had
as their guests during the week at the
Adger House Mr. and Mrs. George
Fisher and two young daughters,
Cynthia and Georgiana, of Cincinna
ti. Mrs. Fisher is the sister of Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert O'Donnell, of
Raleigh, have been the guests of the
latter's mother, Mrs. L. E. Perry, dur
ing the week. Mr. O'Donnell has re
turned, but Mrs. O'Donnell is remain- i
ing over for a longer visit.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ware have re
turned to Washington, D. C, after a
ten days' visit to the latter's mother,
Mrs. G. C. Briggs.
Mrs. Felix Stovall had as her guest
over the week-end Miss Mildred Can
dler, of Candler.
Mrs. Charles Burgin and daughter,
Betty Burgin, spent the week-end
with relatives in Murphy.
Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Campbell spent
the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. J.
Frank Hodges at Hiwassee Dam, N. C.
Dr. N. F. Lancaster has joined Mrs.
Lancaster in Richmond, Va., where
they are the guests of the latter's par
ents. Mrs. Lancaster prior to her visit
to Richmond had spent a fortnight in
New York City.
Legion's Choice
f -ss"?kss f '"'v .SF
Y j
x J
Elaine Russell
Chosen "Miss American Legion"
at the last national beauty con
test of the organization, pretty
Elaine Russell of Oxford, Miss.,
will head the veterans' parade
when the national convention
opens In New York. Mississippi
-won the right to head the line of
march by winning the recent na
tional membership drive.
Mr. William Stringfiold has gone to
Rome, Ga., where he has entered the
Darlington School for Hoye. He was
accompanied to Rome by his parents,
Dr. and Mrs. Sam L. Stringrield.
Mrs. Kvander Preston is visiting
relatives in New York City and other
points in the North.
On Friday pfternoon little Miss
'Frances Cunningham celebrated her
seventh birthday anniversary by as
sembling a group of her young friends
at the home of her parents. She was
I assisted in receiving her guests by her
' mother. The guest list included, Ruth
! Bradley, Betty Bradley, Edith Palmer,
; Carolyn Palmer, Peggy Burgin, Marie
i Burgin, Joyce Moody, Valeria Shelton,
Irene Shelton, Geneva Shelton, Mar
garet Shelton, Olene Shelton, Mary
i Ruth Sizemore, Betty Underwood, J.
i L. Underwood, Virgil Hoglen, Earl
' Hoglen, Mark Hoglen, Billy Owen,
, Bobby Owen, Ned Burress, Ralph
Phillips. Raymond Phillips, Phil Sut
ton, J. S. Cunningham, and R. L. Cun-
Mr. and Mrs. Millard Howell an
nounce the marriage of their daugh
ter, Miss Robena Howell, to Jack
Snyder, which took place at the par
sonage of the Calvary Baptist church,
of West Asheville on Friday, Septem
ber the third, with the pastor, the
Rev. Grice, officiating.
Both the bride and groom are grad
uates of the Waynesville Township
High School. At present the groom is
employed by the A. C. Lawrence
Leather Company.
The young couple spent weveral
days in Blowing Rick, and are niw at
home to their friends here.
Dr. Julius C. Welch, Jr., arrived on
Thursday to spend ten days with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. ,1. C. Welch.
Dr. Welch is the house officer in the
Harriet Lane Hospital for invalid
children, which is the pediatric hos
pital of Johns Hopkins. 'Dr. 'Welch
has been in Baltimore since July.
He went to Johns Hopkins from
serving interneship in Barnes Hospital,
St, Louis. Dt. Welch was educated in
University of North Carolina and did
graduate work in chemistry in the
University of Indiana, California and
Purdue. He received his formal med
ical education at Lelaml Stanford
On Monday at noon Mrs. J,ahn
Shackford entertained with a lunch
eon as a courtesy to Miss Belli?
Bagley and Miss Ethel Bagley, of
Washington, D. C, sisters of Mrs.
Josephus Daniels, who are spending
a few weeks at the Daniels summer
home at Lake Junaluska after which
they will continue their visit here, as
guests at Sunset Cottage.
The table was covered with a lace
cloth and centered with a bowl of
gladioli. The guest list included
besides the Misses Bagley, Miss Au
gusta Semmes, of Memphis, Mrs. Mal
colm Serrett and Miss Marie Serrett,
of Orlando, Mrs. R. D. Gilmer, Mr.
H. B. Atkins and Mr. Atkins Shack
ford. Mr. ami Mrs. E. T. Duckett as
their guests over the week end, Mi.
and Mrs. Edgar Duckett and small
daughter, of Sylva.
The nurses and other employes of
the Haywood County Hospital wish
to thank Mr. Ralph Prevost and Mr.
Joe Davis anil other members of the.
Labor Day committee on arrange
ments for the watermelons sent to
Nurses and Other Employes
Haywood County Hospital.
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